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This is Ruth my slut slave for the last 15 years. Now wanting her to slut for single and groups of black men, contact us for possible meeting.

This is Tammy from Raleigh NC. She is 32 and not quite ready to go all the way with black yet. She loves her black dildo, have submitted to Dildo Dreams and plan on sending in more. Would love to hear from females and couples with suggestions on how to get her over her fear. Will be sending in more as time permits.. Enjoy..

My wife playing in the park.


Wife squirting pussy juice on a big black cock.


My wife Donna at my suggestion and with me watching experienced what it was like to have sex with a Black man for the first time. We were in Chicago on business and went to this bar in the evening. Donna is 42 very attractive and very sexy and in her sexual prime and I simply can't keep up with her. A black man started paying attention to her so I invited him to join us for a drink. They danced a lot and I noticed he was feeling her up on the dance floor. Donna went to the bathroom so I told Gary, that was his name, that she is most likely going to wipe herself as she must be awful wet from him feeling her up. He apologized said he got carried away. I told him don't apologize keep it up it is turning me and her on and that she has fantasised about black men for so long. He not only kept it it up but started kising her and she was responding so I invited him back to our hotel and once there they were at it in no time and went at it all nite. For a shy woman Donna after five minutes acted like I was not there. At one point I pretended to be asleep and she became very vocal telling him she had never felt a man in her like that in her life and that if she realized black men were that good she would have tried it long ago and was going to make up for lost time. The next day I had to leave early for business and they went at it all morning. Donna now would like to meet more black men, she would like to make up for lost time and god knows I can't satisfy her. So please email her if you are interested in her with me watching or with her alone. She would be open to more than one as well. We both travel a lot together but often on our own. The cities we go to are Tampa, Chicago, New York, Miami, L.A. Detroit and Baltimore just to mention a few. If you are black the darker the better and well hung contact Donna. Send photos of yourself. Hope to hear from you.

My wife is 36 years old, 5' 9" tall and a school teacher. She loves Black cock.

Hi, my name is Chrissy, here are some pics that I would like you to post on DC . I am a mwf that loves to do blk. guys and girls. I am very bi. Hope your members like the pics.

When we meet a nice black guy, I like to take care of him... Central Ohio.

My little woman, on her way. Please help by telling her what would happen. She gets off on stories of being tied in a chair (displayed as a slut for all to see), glory holes and adult theatres.

These are pics of my hot wife enjoying her black lover. She loves nothing more than performing for the camera and me. She has told me that she thinks of Black cock on a daily basis now and who am I to tell her no.

What do you think, do you really find me desireable at age 50? Please be honest, and tell me what you would like to do with me had you been there with me in these photos. See my ad in the Kentucky Section. Please add me to your address book so that you can send new messages without showing my replies as it overloads my mailbox as reply is used and the message and pics become larger and larger files.

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