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I am new to the lifestyle and just recently experienced black for the first time and a couple more times as well.. I will say it was eye opening and wow.. yeah.. so as I have learned, never say never!

My husband tried for about 8 years to get me to try it... I resisted for quite a while as you can see. I live in St. Louis. My name is Melissa, 31. I am 5'8" 139lbs. Natural Blonde w/blue eyes.

My girlfriend Dany. Hey, first hi to everyone. As you can guess I have this fantasy of watching my girlfriend cheating on me with a black man. Her name is Dany. She has told me many times how she finds other guys attractive, including some black actors and musicians (Will Smith, 50 Cent, Akon). Can you give me an advice how to approach her with my fantasy? Here are a few pictures of her. Do you think black guys would find her attractive?

Is my shy good girl wife worth bbc attention? This is my 34 yo wife and mother. She talks about attractive blackmen on tv that she sees but says she does not want them sexually. She is a very 'good girl'. She thinks she is too fat to attract other men. What do the BBCs think of my wife? We are in Atlanta, Ga.

If the other soccer moms only knew her interest in bbc.

My asian wife getting wet.

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My mature wife Mary.

A fun loving housewife in Mumbai who loves to enjoy life to its fullest. Sexy indian housewife for u all.

Some pics of whore Bamby.

Nicole from Ohio


Frustrated MWF. 36, 5'4", 100#, blond, green eyes. Richmond, Indiana. Interests: Cheating on my husband.

Want Blacks to see my girl. I'm a 32 y/o male and it's one of my fantasies for Black men to see my white 25 y/o girlfriend's pics. I would love to be cuckolded (shes hooked up with 4 guys since we've been together, does that count?) by a superior Black with a huge cock. And for him to humiliate and degrade both myself and my girlfriend. Make fun of my little white penis and tell her she's a pig and such.

I just thought I would send u a couple of pics of my white princess to be included for everyone to see.

My wife on our honeymoon. Wish you were there.

This is my 32 y/o wife.

What does this pic say about my wife? Love to hear what everyone thinks about my wife posing like this? Does she look like a common slut?