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Looking for wife to cuckold me. Any bulls out there - is my 47 year old wife appealing to you?


My Website

I am a 43 your old housewife from Somerset that's bored and looking for fun. Comments from black guys only please.

I am into older black men, but not into being a slave or anything. I'm in Toronto. Jessica

Big cock craver. She needs big cocks, she has only ever fucked me and I've only got 4". I think she will enjoy it.


I'm 27yo, white, married, with a husband who does not appreciate my fantasies about black men. I'm not here to cheat, but to chat, read, post, and learn... to feed my fantasies. I'd love PMs or whatever, but am not looking to meet, even if you're local. Though, if you are, be sure to say hi!!!

Mature Mom wonders if she still has what it takes. Been talking about wife taking a lover for some time now and she is ready but she doesn't believe that she is still desirable.

My wife fantasizes about being with black men.

My hot little wife. She has been with a couple black men, but I have a fantasy of her being in a gangbang, it would have to be spontaneous.

She would never agree to it, but if it was like we ran into some men out and the drinks were flowing good, it could happen.

Here is my lovely wife.....all dressed and ready to go out... then after she returned and all ready for me to serve her with my tongue.

Mary from Massachusetts

Mrs Commish

French wife. She loves anal - I mean really loves it - light bondage and spanking and the idea of having several cocks at once. So far I haven't managed to convince her to try a BBC but she's open to the idea of being blindfolded so she can't see who is fucking her.

Sacramento Wife loves BBC. She is extremely hot, very nice natural 34DDs with big nipples, awesome ass, and if you know what your doing, she will squirt like a fountain. Note that her snatch is shaved completely now.

I am a married 40 ish female who lives on the Outer Banks. Yes husband knows and allows me to see other men. My preference is black men who are well endowed and thick, the thicker the better.


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My name is Conni.


Mrs Commish

My mature wife. She still turns me on.

Shy, mature, Filipina wife. I'm trying to convince her to date.


More of my wife. Let her know what you think!

My Website

Mrs Commish

My White Wife went for black guy number 7. My wife seems to be succeeding in becoming a married white slut. She is meeting a new black guy tonight, someone who we have not met before, while I wait for her at home. He is her 7th different black guy and third black guy in October. Can't wait to see her pussy when she comes home and tells me about the fun.

47 y/o VA wife.

Cherri is back gents! After an absence of several years Cherri, formerly of CherriGoesBlack, is back seeking hung black gentlemen to party naked with often. Older voyeur husband still likes to watch and video so you cant be camera shy. We live in NEVADA now close to Vegas and seek local black guys or men visiting Vegas for fun.

47 y/o VA wife.

Breed my mature bitch. Any bulls out there who want a piece of this? We are in Michigan.