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A fantasy my wife Sara and I share.
She is 42 5'7 145 38b brown hair, green eyes, pale skin.

Following the Revolution, my family are slaves to Ebenezer and Charita Gooding a prominent Afro-American family. Ebenezer and his 3 sons have often taken Sara, but discreetly. This afternoon Ebenezer is gone for 2 weeks on business. Their son Jamal is a 6'2 267 lb college student, two of his Afro-American friends enter with him. His mother Charita, returns in her van. To my surprise, she has brought with her Sara's mother, brother and sister-in-law who are slaves on the next black farm. Mrs Gooding looks a lot like the singer, Macy Gray.

My wife Sara is on her hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor. As typical she wears a ratty, tattered brown dress, which comes to mid thigh. Her brown hair is swept up in a bun, nicely baring her shoulders and sexy neck. She is bra-less, panty-less and barefoot. Sara hasn't had shoes on her feet for the 2 years she has been a slave.

We are all called into the huge Great Room. Mrs Gooding is giggling. in the room are Jamal, his two friends, Mrs Gooding, Sara's mother, her brother, his wife, and our two kids. Jamal says to me, "What you got for me man?" On arrangement I go over to Sara, and pull the tattered dress clumsily over her sweat head. First her thighs, then her nice little belly, then her tits flop out, lastly her pretty face. Sara stares down modestly at her bare toes. I put my hands on her shoulders and push down, Sara, still eyes down cast sinks to her knees in front of her family. "Master Jamal, I am happy to offer up to you the cunt of the mother of my children" He pushes my out of the way, "Scram white shit" Jamal says to Sara "Nice tits you got there girl" Sara cups her tits up towards Jamal, "For your pleasure, Master" For the first time Sara is about to be used in front of her family.

I see her lip trembling, and tears of humiliation are running down her cute little, upturned nose. And yet........I notice that her fine dark brown nipples are rock hard. Jamal unzips his pants, pulls out his cock and motions the kneeling Sara to it. She eagerly starts to suck and lick him. His uncircumcized cock is growing to a full 9". "You know Sara, your white shit husband let me in on a little secret....... today and tommorrow you are at the most fertile of your cycle..... me and my friends are going to give your cunt a little black present." Always before some birth control had been used. This is how Sara's WASP middle class family learned of her upcoming black pregnancy.

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She is a business professional that does very well for herself and is married with a big
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after briefing the mail to change into a t-shirt and shorts. She walks into her bedroom and
begins unbuttoning her jacket when she is grabbed from behind. He covers her mouth so she
can't scream and tells her to shut up and she won't get hurt. He begins to rub her tits
through her bra and she starts squirming and rubbing her ass on his rock hard dick. He
throws her on the bed and goes to her lingerie drawer and grabs several pair of pantyhose.
He stuffs one pair in her mouth and ties her arms to the bedpost. He leaves her legs free
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My Fantasy

My fantasy is that my wife has a black lover and she is now 8 months pregnant by him. We have a 16 yr old daughter who wife wants to give her virginty to black lover. Daughter agrees and gives up her cherry at a bar with all black men watching.

PayBackTime II

With a few licks and kisses from my wife Sara, Jamal's cock was rock hard. (Isn't sex always best for both man and woman when you know you may be making a baby?). He had no desire to cum in her pretty mouth, but dragged her over to a mattress in the corner of the great room.

Sara's brother, aghast tried to intervene. One of Jamal's college friends intercepted him, kneed him in the groin and said, "One more thing out of you white slave and we will castrate you right here" Charita Gooding broke out in a fit of laughter. On the room's fine stereo system was playing a CD by "Black UHURU". As Jamal mounted Sara, they were playing "Puff She Puff". So wet was my formally middle-class, professional wife that he entered her in just 3 strokes.

Jamal was a fine fucker, but the heat of the situation lead him to cum very quickly. Sara was 100% concentrated on her fucking. All she wore was a cross knecklace, a leather anklet and our wedding ring. It was just a moment before Sam, Jamal's fraternity brother pulled Sara to her feet and draped her over the back of a couch. It had been agreed that Jamal would father Sara's first black baby. Sam and Isaiah would limit themselves to exploring her ass and mouth. Jamal sank naked and laughing into a deep chair as Sam greased his 8" rod and pulled apart my sweet wife's buttocks. I had never had Sara's ass. Good, professional, white middle class women didn't fuck there, according to Sara. In her first week of slavery after the Revolution, Jamal's father had taken Sara's cherry asshole. She still didn't like it but accepted it (any resistance would have meant that Sara's ass would have had a long date with a riding crop or leather strap.) Sam greased his equipment and slowly sank it into her puckered ass. His big hands reached forward and cruelly pinched her fine, dark brown nipples. Sara looked me in the eye over the sofa, and as the black cock entered her bowels mouthed the words, "Honey I love you!"

Sam had great staying power, fucking Sara seemingly forever, pulling nearly out of her ass, then sinking deep into her again. He finally came, fucking her mercilessly, giving NO consideration that it was her ass. He was fond of saying "Since the REVOLUTION white girls are for our pleasure only." When he finally pulled out with a POP! He then gave her 3 hard slaps on each ass cheeck. Tears ran down her pretty face.

Isaiah, who looked a lot like Malcolm X now motioned my wife to his cock. She knelt in from of him, pretty, submissive. Giving his not long, but very thick black cock a good sucking. He let her go for a couple of moments, before pulling up her pretty face, staring straight into her green eyes and saying. "French kiss my asshole, white cunt!" What Sara would have thought way too perverse for a whore 2 years ago was now eagerly accepted, as Isaiah turned around and her Dutch face disappeared into his ass. Her tongue doing its best.

At this time Anne arrived. We had known Anne for years. A bright, intellectual girl at the time of the Revolution, Anne was engaged to a rich industrialists son. (He had been killed during the Revolution). She had been in her second year of Medical School. She had light, long brown hair and a very fair 36-25-36 body. She was a slave of the black Spencer family about a mile away. Of course she was immediately expelled from Medical School to make way for Afro-American entrants. A year after the Revolution she had borne her first black baby. She recently had had her second and was nursing him now. Our local Revolutionary command had had Anne make a public speech in our town, shortly after her first black baby. Wearing only rags Anne had said that it was a sin for whites to be educated. She has found her true natural role as a slave girl. Education was a distraction to her role as a hard worker in the fields, a mother to black babies and a sex toy to black men. "I wish I was illiterate! Education is just a barrier! What I need is to respect and work harder for the Superior African Race. My true education is to be gotten on my knees, barefoot and black pregnant!"

Submissive Little Whore

Hi guys, I'm a submissive little whore who lives in the mountains of North Carolina. I'm looking for a group of aggressive black men for an early Christmas present in November. I would like to have at least 4 but would love more to force me to serve them in any way they wish while my husband watches.

Horny Little White Pussy

Hello all you horny Mature Black Males. I am a horny little white pussy that needs to be humiliated and fucked thoroughly by older black cock. NUDE PHOTOS a MUST.

PayBackTime III

Anne had entered the Gooding's great room just as Sara had completed tonguing Isaiah's asshole, and she began to suck his black cock. She bowed to Mrs Gooding and asked permission to set on floor and watch her friend Sara. With Anne was her new born black daughter. Anne gracefully sat on the wood floor in a lotus like position. She wore a thin white "peasant" blouse, cut low over her fine, swollen breasts.

With a practiced move she pulled down the blouse, exposing her outstanding breasts, heavy with sweet milk. Her black new born greedily went to her nipples and started to suck. The expression on Anne's face could only be called heavenly. As the brown baby suckled, Anne watched her older friend, my wife giving Isaiah a lustly cock suck.

It must be said that "after the Revolution, there were many adjustments to be made in American society. There were a number of high profile demonstrations of black supremacy that heralded the advent of the New Black Republik, as it became known. In the area of the performing arts the singer Macy Gray caused a sensation that even surpassed her vocal talents as she led on a leash, a naked and subdued Britney Spears on stage at an awards ceremony. The irony of the gag in Britney's mouth was not lost on the black audience.

The boxer Mike Tyson incongruously took teen diva Charlotte Church and her manager/mother as slaves and gave them a public outing in the ring at an exhibition match at Madison Square Garden. They were jeered by the fans as they carried the Boards between each round.

The event which became the defining moment in the development of post-revolutionary America, however, occured across the ocean in Africa. Before the camaras of the global TV, at a reconstructed slave town on the West Coast, ironically paid for by US loans two women were auctioned to an infamous black dictator in prime time. Before a deafening crowd, the ex first and her tall slim daughter were exhibited naked. The camara close ups showed the daughter to be pregnant with what later proved to be a black child and whip marks on the figure of the mother. The two women were obviously terrified as they were led off in chains by the black dictator.

Later he would produce his 'purchases' to entertain visiting politicians and statesmen of all nations, who would be invited to make use of them without restraint.

(thanks to sub-ed Jenny)

PayBackTime IV

By way of background, Sara did in February 2001 (before the Revolution) attend in Cannes, France a conference for her company. She had the good fortune to meet at the conference a handsome African from the Camaroons called Jacques. She was quite taken with him. The conference ended Friday afternoon and her flight back wasnt until Monday morning. The agreed to a dinner date at her hotel. It was a very long, romantic French dinner with three bottles of wine. Sara invited Jacques to her room. There they spent Friday night, all day Saturday and most of Sunday. Nude the entire time. Love making, sleeping and time in the mini hot tub.

Sara could not believe how good the handsome, very black African was. Saturday afternoon Jacques called room service to bring up dinner. When the door bell rang he told Sara to let in the waiter. But to do it nude. She protested but he said, "No Sara, listen to me: I said nude,NOW!" And she did, much to the surprise of the French waiter.

She told me she opened the door with one hand, and the other arm between her tits, hand over her cunt. Jacques smirked and said, "Modest American wife, put your hands behind your head!" She did, turned beet red, and was truly turned on. Sunday evening Jacques told her to call her company, call her husband and take a week of vacation and return with him for a holiday in Camaroon. How she wanted to: to visit his country, to let his heavenly loving continue for another week........but the risk of going into an African country where she knew no one? With sadness she came home. Sara told me a lot about her weekend with him. I even had heard one of their fuck sessions over a very expensive trans Atlantic phone hook-up. But I was so glad my wife hadnt taken the risk of his invitation. Two years later Sara was visiting England on business, and was staying with her friend Jenny. I got the following email:

Dearest Zack, I have postponed sending you this letter so many times dearest one, please forgive and excuse the contents. Firstly I want to assure you of my undying love and affection for you, my husband, soulmate and the father of my children. This love for you will always live in my heart.

When I returned from that fateful time in Cannes where I fell for darling Jacques, you were so understanding, not only of my infatuation but of his superiority as a lover. I shared with you the events and even the time with the room service waiter. You were, as always accomodating to my pleasures.

However, due to shyness and embarassment on my part, I did not reveal all. I even now hesitate to do so. Suffice it to say, I refused Jacques nothing (you will know what I mean by that, I am sure)and have kept in touch with him by mail & phone since that time.

Darling, I cannot keep this to myself any longer. I have in my hand an aeroplane ticket for the Camaroons that he has sent to me. This time I must go to be with him, but there is more.

Could you find it in your heart to accompany me? Jacques has made a proposal that I urge you to accept. He will spend some time on vacation with us in the city but wants me to become his wife! Multiple marriages are accepted in the tribal lands of his country. He already has two native wives. As his third wife I would be subordinate, but Zack, I want him so much.

I realize it will mean living as a native in a village of the interior, without possessions and dependent on his family. I willingly accept this, could you possibly agree? I would remain married to you but obviously this would not have equal status as a native marriage. I love you dearly that is not in doubt. I also love Jacques and want to belong to him.

He has asked me to join him and knows that I am writing this to you. He says that provided you treat him with due respect, he has no objection to your presence. Would you, could you, find it in your heart to do this?

I have one more thing to tell, and I have promised Jacques that I will do this. Oh Zack dear, I want his babies so badly. At his request I am not taking any precaustions until I join him and he is able to fill men with his black seed. I hope that you can find the love for me to cope with this. I hope that you will remain my husband and continue to express your love in the physical sense. But please I beg you to use condoms from this time on. With deepest affection, Sara xxx*

thanks to sub-editor Jen

After The Dare

After the dare "Out on the Town" my girlfriend mentioned how exciting it would be to get her clothes ripped off by a black man who was a stranger. I told my friend about it and he got all excited. First he thought it was a setup to get a black man arrested. He trusts me as a friend and said let's do it.

I went to a Goodwill store and bought a very cheap dress. Then I invited her out. She didn't want to hurt my feelings but later on told me that was the most disgusting dress. I went out there earlier and hid a camera. I told my friend to hide in the dark. Well when we got there that night he was waiting.

When I acted like I was going to get something he ran out and ripped her dress, she screamed at first, I couldn't help from laughing and when she saw the flash she knew what was going on, so she went along with it but still will not let a different man screw her. I will be up to no good again soon. Enjoy the pictures.

PayBackTime V

Cover Letter:
Jenny, I understand that Sara is staying with you while she is in England on business. You understand her so well. Please see that she gets my letter. She needs all our support so badly now.

My most wonderful wife Sara,

How can I describe to you my feelings on receipt of your last letter? At once my stomach turned, my cock grew hard and your angel-like face appeared to me.


When you place those calls to me from Cannes, I knew that the black man you were with thrilled you far, far more than any you had dated before. I knew that he had emotionally, physically and spiritually taken you to a new plane in life.

You were both so reluctant and so eager to tell me about Jacques calling room service and making you answer the door nude. He is proud of you Sara, and the wants you to lose what remains of your mid-America prudishness. In an odd way being sub to him frees you, doesn't it? You say in your letter "I have refused him nothing" be proud of that my sweetheart. I believe that you refused him nothing. I thank God you did not. I can imagine some of the things he wanted from you. I look forward to you telling me as you think the time ripe. I know he wanted you to call your company and take a week off and visit him in Cameroon. I know what a terrible choice you had. I worried for you. Think of the risks. You made the correct decision. Maybe he isn't the gentle man you think.

But you have come to know him better. I suspected you were in regular contact with him. Was he mad that you didn't accept his invitation after the Cannes conference? You seem to have totally made up your mind. How can I get you to rethink one part of me says. Another part says "let Sara find her destiny as a productive wife of a black man whose people we whites have treated so badly for so long."

My stomach turns. Do you have any idea how different life will be like as the third wife of a black man in a third world country? The risks?

And yet I hear your sweet voice saying, "Oh Zack dear, I want his babies so badly........" I will support you in this Sara. It seems so righteous, so righteous. Sara I want to fuck you so hard tonight, but fuck you with a condom. I want to fuck you and see Jacques make love to you. I see tears running down your cute little nose as you read this and your thick lips (so beautiful around a black cock) tremble. I CAN FIND IT IN MY HEART TO DO THIS. To offer you up to your rightful FIRST HUSBAND, JACQUES. What he must have done to open up your body and soul!

PS The situation continues to deteriorate here in the USA. I suspect reports in Europe don't have the half of it. Nearly every day a white leader resigns as more and more comes out of the most foul deeds done against our Black brothers and sisters. The guerilla army is more and more open. Many whites are either supporting them or just neutral. The moral high ground has shifted entirely to the Blacks..... at the beginning most Blacks were pro US or neutral. Now they have all gone over to the Rebellion. They are starting to call it "The New Black Republik"

With all my love.

PayBackTime VI

Dearest Zack,

Thank you for your beautiful letter, it was typical of your dear heart to be so understanding. I am hearing such terrible things about the US that I have reluctantly decided that Jacques must wait once more. I have told him that I must fly home to be by your side and with my family in these difficult times. He is NOT happy about this. I have begged him to be patient but he will not be put off.

What is happening there? We saw on TV the newswoman on "WolfTV" forced to apologize on her knees on camera to that Black Militant she was interviewing. It was reported that her producer had her provide unprotected sex for him even though she is married just to keep her job. My friend Jen and I read about the heavily pregnant white woman in Detroit who was forced off the bus to make room for black passengers. Not only was she groped in full view of the passengers, but left in a bad area in darkness. She was robbed and stripped before she managed to reach safety. The authorities responded by forbidding whites to use public transport!

I have received a letter from my employers inviting me to re-apply for my position at work! My new boss is Mr Adams who used to work in the factory. You may remember him. He is Black, late 20's and arrogant.

He advises me that I should report for "loyalty testing" with a complete medical report. It says that if approved I will work for 20% of my old salary and work 60 hours a week.

My friend Jen has advised me to keep no secrets from you. This is embarrassing for me (and you) but here goes.......In my wardrobe in the tan valise are several items: a black dildo Jacques gave me, photos of him, letters from him, and several items I am too embarrassed to list.

Many is the time when you have made sweet love to me that I have thought of him fucking me. I want his babies at my breast. Dont misunderstand, me Zack, I still love you, ...........its just that I LOVE HIM!

I will see you in a few days.


courtesy Jen xxx

PayBackTime VII

.......note left for my attention on Sara's arrival from England

Dear Zack,

I was sorry to have missed you. I have been stuck in that cursed airport for 8 hours! What the hell is going on? Do you know that they have designated gates for blacks and whites there? The black people were waved through customs while we had to queue for hours for the priviledge of having our trunks emptied by a rude official. THEN many of us were selected for strip searches!!! I had to stand in line holding my clothes before being examined in a stirrup type examination contraption by a creepy looking black man (who was not too gentle).

When I got back, I found that my credit cards do not work?? Also that there is an official looking document that says something about our assetts being "sequestered"? by some people named "Gooding" on behalf of the state and natiional authorities? What does this mean?

There is no word from Jacques yet.....I know he was very cross that I had to return here. Thank you for being so understanding about this. If he gets in touch, please reassure him.

Your loving wife Sara.

Days after reading her note we were all arrested and delivered to the Goodings farm. Our training began. Our family was placed in our new home , a one room shack. Our clothes were taken and replaced with cast-off rags. On two occasions I was taken aside, placed in hand cuffs and severely beaten by Mr Gooding and his son Jamal. Just to show me my place. They knocked out a tooth, broke one of my fingers and blackened both my eyes. In the space of 6 weeks we and numerous other whites were taken to the city center to watch the public execution of 10 whites who dared rise up against the new Black Republik. We got used to hard manual work on their farm. Our food, while certainly adequate was simple and given our hard labor, such that we all lost some weight. Sara looked the better for loosing 5 to 7 pounds in a month. Late one after noon after a month of slavery Sara's brother and I were clearing brush. Mr Gooding and Jamal arrived.

And commanded us both to strip off the ragged t-shirts and shorts we wore. We were then forced to our knees and tied, knelling to posts. We were left in the hot sun for over half an hour. The Goodings returned leading Sara. I have to admit that the month of slavery had done wonders for her. She was tanned, wore only a ragged dress, her brown hair was wild and free. I mentioned her weight loss. I could tell that her feet were sore. Often Sara had gone barefoot around our house, but rarely outside. I sometimes wished her to be barefoot more, for her feet are cute. All of us for the last month had been kept barefoot. The field was very isolated. Ebeneezer ordered her to strip. Sara briefly looked over at her brother and me, and pulled off her dress. She feel to her knees and stuck her fine ass into the air.

Her body looked mighty fine. I could smell the womanly aroma of her unwashed body. A body that had labored in the summer fields and been fucked daily. The Goodings had forbidden us to bathe. My sweet wife extended her hands backward to pull apart her ass cheeks. Ebeneezer Gooding, a virle black man of 50 had stripped and was lubing his substantial dick. Sara's brother and I watched it disappear into her asshole. Gooding was not gentle with her. All she was wearing was a string around her neck with a cross between her fine bare tits. I saw her eyes roll. Her body glistened with sweat.

She called out endearments to her "Black Master" to use her "hard". A new world was opening for her. After 10 minutes of vigorous fucking, Ebeneezer came. I could see the cum run from her violated asshole. But she had no rest, for Jamal calling her "rich white slut" slapped her ass and entered her ass He was an even bigger man than his father. He came quicker and Sara was almost in a trance in the dust. "What grade you give this white trash ho in butt fucking ?" Ebeneezer asked his son as they pulled on their clothes. Jamal thought for a second "Shit I dont know, "B minus"? Ebeneezer burst out laughing, "God, you are easy to please........this bitch aint made much progress in a month at all....... I give her D minus.......get the cuffs" Jamal put hand cuffs on Sara, and attached a short rope to them.

I saw Sara's eyes get big as Ebeneezer pulled out a well oiled leather strap. Between the two black men I heard my white wife say, "Black Masters I so want to please you, I deserve a beating, but as a Christian have some mercy on me!?" And on that hot July day I saw the black leather strap rise and fall hard on her ass. He was a stong man. The red band that appeared on her ass was erotic to my eyes. I had a huge hard on. Jamal held on to the rope. I saw my bride's eyes after the 6 lash. They were red and filled with tears. After the 11th lash (4 on her thighs) Sara fell to her knees. Jamal forced her to lay on the ground and his fathers beating continued. Sara was shaking all over after 20 lashes. She was truly beautiful.

Rape Us Please

This is Donna. She was out at the park this morning and was teasing some black guys who were playing basketball. They followed her home and you know the rest. I was tied to a chair and forced to watch as 3 of them did her. When they were done I was made to clean up.


Yes; if I had a criminal mind, I would be a rapist. However, I would be the rapist that would probably not get reported. As I would make sure every white whore bitch I raped came over and over again, before I dumped my hot black dick nut into her deep white cunt.

Then, with the handcuffs I placed on her, before ripping her cunt stained panties off, after waking her up in the middle of a deep sleep, still tight around her wrist, I would pull her by her hair into the bathtub, drench her in my hot black dick piss, and tell her what a filthy white whore she was.

After being turned on again, by the total humiliation of the object of desire of the white men I don't like, I would then turn her around and rape her up her white butthole, and nut one more time.

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