1. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?

Yes. My husband and I have been swingers for over 7 years. I discovered black love about 3 years ago.

2. How did your first black experience occur?

It was sort of an accident. Hubby was always putting together something for me/us. One night, coincidently it happened to be two black guys with hubby and me. I enjoyed it a lot.

3. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the Woman.)

Well you know what they say about black guys being hung Ė in this case it was ESPECIALLY true. They were both monsters. They were very nice end respectful of my wants but they were also VERY nasty talking and that turns me on tremendously.

4. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the man.)

Watching the Blond Slut get so hot and turned on is always exciting for me. By the time these two guys got done with her she was dripping cum from her mouth and pussy and had it on her chest, back and ass. She looks great covered with cum.

5. What are the things you enjoy doing most with black guys (and why?)

I LOVE sucking dick and swallowing cum. Iím not sure why that turns me on so much but it does. I have a VERY deep throat and hubby says I look great with a black dick in my mouth. After a black guy cums in my pussy I always catch it as it runs out and eat it.

6. Are you into domination/humiliation? (This question is for both of you.)

Yes. I like to be the white slut in a room full of black men. I get so turned on when they start calling me things like dick sucking whore and spanking me and telling me that they are going to fuck me like the white bitch I am. I also like to be blindfolded, tied down and gangfucked by several black men at once. The most black guys I have ever done at one time is 7 but I did do a mixed race gangbang several years ago where there were 13 guys.

7. Do you prefer hubby to just watch or join in? (and why?)

Hubby likes to watch first so he usually does that until most of the guys are done having their way with me. He almost always joins in eventually though and I like that too.

8. As hubby, do you prefer to watch or join in?

I like to join - after I have watched.

9. Rough estimate - how many black guys have you been with (and how many white?)

We started doing gangbangs several years ago and have only been doing all black gangbangs for about 3 years so I have been with more white than black. We did keep track of the number for several months once and we figured that I do about 150 guys a year. Iíll let you do the math.

10. Do you use condoms or do you prefer unprotected sex?

White men use condoms. Only black men get to ride me bareback.

11. If you have used both methods, which does hubby prefer (and why?)

He likes to see the cum running out of me.

12. Is there anything you wouldn't do with black guys?

Anal. I do not to anal with anyone at all. I have tried it and I just canít. If I was going to though it would be with a black guy. I also donít do real pain but I love to have a nasty talking black stud put me on my hands and knees and spank me while he fucks me doggy style. Damn!! Iím getting wet just thinking about it.

13. Does hubby like clean up duties? If so, on you only or the lovers too?

Hubby makes me clean myself. Thatís another big turn on for me.

14. Anything you want to add?

I am very exhibitionistic and love being naked in a room full of men. We recently had the idea of making videos and this REALLY appeals to the exhibitionist in me.

We are located in Houston so if any one reading this happens to be a well hung black guy LIVING IN HOUSTON then feel free to email us about our next gangbang/slutfuck/video party. Honestly, if you are not living IN Houston please donít waste your time. We just donít have the time to coordinate our schedule with out-of-towners and we never party on weekends which is when most visitors are in town anyway.

To be considered you must send explicit pics. You see my explicit pics right here and fair is fair. Photo collectors will be sorely disappointed. We are too experienced to fall for the tricks.