1. How did you get started in this lifestyle?

We have been swinging now for 18 months.  Our MFM adventures began with my husband and I sharing fantasies. During lovemaking he would always try to push my buttons to see if there was interest with certain things. I finally confessed that being with two males at one time was a big turn on for me, and he responded very well. In fact, what turns him on is sharing his wife with another male. He is 45, straight, enjoys watching, taking pictures and joining in. Our Web Site just kind of evolved, we both like sharing pics of the fun times we have had. We have had so many nice comments about the pictures and the true stories that it encouraged us to post more. So we did!

2. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?

With who?  Our first experience was everything that I had hoped it would be. An email came in from a gent named "Drew", he had a lean build and was tall and very clean cut. We corresponded thru email and chatted on the phone live before actually meeting in real life.

3. How did your first black experience occur?

My first black experience occured when my husband set up a threesome for us. It was a hot experience! We met him for dinner and drinks. And then he invited us back to his house. The evening was very sexy. You can read about our story in the Dark Desires Section. The story is called
Our First Interracial Threesome.

4. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the Woman.)

The most exciting thing about my first experience was the fact that I was doing such a taboo thing. He was a body builder and was in great shape. I really enjoyed him taking his clothes off for the first time.

5. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the man.)

It is always sexy watching my wife drive another male crazy. I know it seems strange for me to enjoy seeing that, but we have a great relationship with no jealousy and she is not giving anything away that I lose. So for us its great and we have had some very erotic encounters!

6. What are the things you enjoy doing most with black guys (and why?)

I have been very lucky, all of the black guys I have been with have been excellent lovers. Plus rather well endowed! As for what I like to do, I love to explore every inch of my partner's body. I absolutely love to drive my partner crazy orally and when they are very clean I love to run my tongue everywhere, not leaving a single inch unturned! One of my favorite turn ons is rimming my black lover's ass and stroking him at the same time.  I know how it feels to have a tongue back there myself, it drives me crazy. That is one of the reasons I like to do that so much. I know what kind of pleasure it brings.

7. Are you into domination/humiliation? (This question is for both of you.)

No neither of us are into domination or humiliation. We are both easy going and enjoy our sensuality. But in no way do we like to dominate or be humiliated or to dominate someone else.

8. Do you prefer hubby to just watch or join in? (and why?)

I prefer my husband to join in. Because I like to please him as well as our new friend. He likes to do both, he enjoys watching and taking pics.. But he always joins in before its over.

9. As hubby, do you prefer to watch or join in?

Well I enjoy it all. I love to watch but after a short time I can't help getting invoved. My wife is a very sexy lady and it drives me crazy seeing her in action!

10. Rough estimate - how many black guys have you been with (and how many white?)

To date we have probably been with 6 or 7 Black Gents and 4 or 5 white gents.

11. Do you use condoms or do you prefer unprotected sex?

We use condoms. Of course I would prefer unprotected sex but in todays day and age that is not safe.

12. If you have used both methods, which does hubby prefer (and why?)

He would only agree to protected sex. We enjoy our fun but its not worth the risk to do otherwise.

13. Is there anything you wouldn't do with black guys?

Sexually not much! I enjoy it all except for pain. I love to try lots of new things and love to get my partner into new positions so I can explore everything!

14. Does hubby like clean up duties? If so, on you only or the lovers too?

No he is totally straight  that does not have any appeal for him.

15.  What is the highest number of people who you have had sex with in one night?

That would be 3 gents plus my husband, but that will be changing soon. We have a date set in April with the Gentle Giants.