Hello, readers !! Since we started posting on Dark Cavern a few years ago, we've met a LOT of great guys, great girls, and great couples. We party just about every week in one form or another, here in the South Florida area, and most of the "core" contacts we've made are due to Dark Cavern, so we're indebted.

We've also received lots of emails of support, and thousands of questions from people: some from really cool people that we end up hooking up and partying with; from some that might not fit our profile/tastes; and from some that are too far away to come party with us in Miami, much as we'd all love to!!! We really try to get back to everyone, but sometimes we can't, so apologies all around, we really appreciate all the comments/questions!! And we'll keep replying to all that we can !!!

But, to try to answer the most in the easiest fashion, we thought "let's contact our friend Coco and put together one of the infamous Dark Cavern Interviews", to try to answer a bunch of the questions we get. So, in addition to the normal "Interview" questions, we've added and changed a lot of questions and answers, so that they fit our lifestyle more closely. If there are any additional questions, drop us an email and we'll build it into our next "Interview" !!! I know we're no sooner going to finish the Interview than we remember a bunch of other questions we should have answered. We're not going anyplace, we'll be here, so drop us a note with your questions so that we can build them all into the next Interview. yours, George and Bambi

1. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?

Bambi: (lighting her cigarette) Well, yes, as part of having fun with other couples. We host couples swing parties. Plus, George has whored me out a few times to some of his white friends. The couples parties are great, and I'm bi-sexual, so there's that benefit too. But the couples parties aren't as much of the hard-core all-out fucking that I love, and that I get at the black-on-white parties. And at the black-on-white parties, my mouth, pussy and asshole DEFINITELY stay 100% all-black. That's one of the rules. I'm not into fucking other attending white girls' husbands. Been there, done that, didn't turn out so well. You know what's funny about that is, some of the white husbands that attend want to fuck me, but their WIVES don't want them, when I tell the husband "no," they think I'm being a bitch or whatever, when it's actually that I just don't want to piss off the guy's wife, you know? Oh, you can't win sometimes, right? And, anyway, black cock is all that I'm allowed to fuck/suck when I go out solo to party, or when I want to pick someone up. But that's certainly a rule that I LOVE, because it's what I want anyway. Kind of sets me free, you know, not even having to worry about sleeping with single white guys anymore. Now, I've got the freedom and the permission to fuck exactly what I wanted all along: black !!!!

2. You said that black cock is all you're allowed when you go solo, or when you pick someone up. What do you mean by that? What is the "rule," and how does this "permission" work?

Bambi: (laughing), I think my husband should answer that !!!

George: I guess you'd have to know the roots of it. When I met bambi for the first time, I could tell she was a slut from the get-go. Now, when I use the word "slut," i'm not using it in the sense of trying to turn people on, or to try to be funny. I mean it in the LITERAL sense, the same way that I would say that she's got blue eyes, or that she likes to drink rum-and-coke, you know? I mean, LITERALLY, a slut, a girl that likes to fuck and suck around, is easily talked into bed, can't keep her panties on, etc. So, of course, ahem, having a soft-spot for sluts and whores myself, I had to start fucking her.

Bambi: Well, it was easy, you didn't have to work too hard. I think it went something like this on the day we met: "hey, I'd really like to get together with you, so do you want to get a hotel room tonight when I get out of work?"

George: I know, I'm a romantic bastard. So anyway, back to the question: soon thereafter, not only was I able to confirm that she had ALWAYS been a slut, but that's she's also a submissive. Well, that sounded like a match made in heaven, a slut, a slave, a whore, and then my wife.

Bambi: Wow, you ARE a romantic bastard !!!

George: Yeah, well.......but now back to the bit about her being only "allowed" to fuck and suck black cock: The answer to that actually ties into the next question, so let's move on to it.

3. OK, how did your first black experience occur?

Bambi: Back when we were still dating, we went to a swing club, called Trapeze, here in the Miami area. There were a few black guys there, single guys, and a bunch of couples. I don't really remember "how," (must have been the rum-and-coke, huh?) but about an hour or so after we got there, I found myself on a couch getting gang-banged by the group of black guys. What an orgasmic experience, especially for the first time with black guys !!! It was DEFINITELY a fantasy come true...and an addiction to black was born, let me put it that way.

George: Yes, and THAT'S exactly the time that I realized and decided that I was going to make her an all-black slut. My thinking was "hey, look at her fucking, look what a great time she's having being a white whore for all the black men." And since it was obvious that she was going to FIND a way, one way or the other, to keep her pussy and mouth full of cock, why not make her my sex slave and toy for others to enjoy? But, to take it a step further, I decided that she would only be "allowed" to be a slave and a slut to black men. You know, a way to really make her feel like a slut and a whore.

Bambi: I actually always loved black guys, and i certainly love having sex with them, so this is perfect for me. Like I said, no more single white guys. Only black for me. It's more like a reward and an honor, rather than a "rule."

4. Has Bambi always followed the "rules"?

George: Almost always (laughing). Born a slut, going to always be a slut. If she breaks any of the rules, I cuff her to our ladder, then whip her ass.

5. Do you have a lot of rules for Bambi?

George: A few, nothing too difficult. Be on time. Be dressed in a school-girl outfit. Don't wear panties unless it's something schoolgirl-cute. Fuck and suck all the black guys that want to fuck you. Don't fuck any of the attending white husbands/boyfriends. Talk like a fuckhole whore. Tell them what you are and what you love, and what you are there for (as if it were a secret?). Tell them where you want them to dump their cum. Go home with cum on your face. We also have some other rules, things around the house, things that don't specifically pertain to her slutting around with black men. Nothing severe, just fun.

Bambi: Coco, that's funny, because I don't really consider them "rules" per se anymore, because those things are exactly what I WANT anyway. For instance, you know I have a HUGE facial cum-shot fetish. I love the feel, the taste of cum. I love to blow bubbles with it !!!! I love it all over me, really. And if you come in your condom, don't let it go to waste, pour it out on my face !!!!! And I then love when the next guy starts fucking me, when I still have cum dripping from my face. You can't imagine how good that makes me feel, what it makes me feel like.

George: That's the spirit, baby, that's the spirit (laughing) !!!!

6. OK, but now let's go back again to what you meant about when you go "solo" or when you "pick someone up."

Bambi: Oh yeah, I was supposed to be answering that, wasn't I? Sorry, getting turned on over here (laughing)!!! Alright, the answer is, when I need a hard fucking and my husband isn't around, or if it's just time for me to have someone other than my husband fuck me hard, I'm allowed to hook up with the guys that I party with frequently. Or, if I want to meet someone new, there is a place close to where we live that has a killer happy-hour (ah, those darn rum-and-cokes again, always getting me into fun trouble!!) and has a lot of well-dressed, well-groomed black guys that go there. know, I've been there a bunch of times and now know the bouncers and the bartenders, and they pretty much understand "my deal," so it's not hard for them to send guys my way. So, that's what I mean by going solo, or going to pick someone up. I only go solo when I'm going to meet black guys, or to go solo to a black guys-on-white girl party, or when I go on a "date," etc, just as long as I just keep it all black and as long as I get fucked and cum on before the night is over. I don't really have to pick-up stangers anymore because we have a great group of guys that fuck me on a regular basis. But every once in a while, you certainly wasn't variety that killed the cat. Isn't variety the spice-of-life?

7. The bouncer-and-bartender thing sounds like what a "lady of the evening" does, yes?

Bambi: (laughing) That's funny !!! My husband calls me his cheap whore, anyway. But I just really love to fuck, can't get enough black cock!!!

George: In fact, she spends a small fortune on the school-girl clothes and hoisery that her guys like. Of course, that just happens to be the outfits I expect her to wear, is definitely my favorite too.

8. You mentioned "dating." Then that is something you are also into?

Bambi: Oh, absolutely!!! But trust me, I'm not your typical movie-and-a-dinner date (laughing). I can play that game, but I think I'm more like the kind you might want to be slutting it up all night, the type of girl that you might want to go take out for your friends to see you with (laughing). "Trophy-slut," they call it, right? That's all very cool with me. I'm a VERY cheap date !!! I like some drinks, strip clubs, porn videos. Oh, I like fucking and sucking too (laughing) !!!! I just enjoy spending my free time with black guys, what's wrong with that (laughing)??!!? It makes me feel like a sexy white slut, which is a feeling I love. I love it when other people see me, and i can imagine what they're thinking, especially when I'm "dressed to fuck." It sure beats doing laundry or cleaning a toilet bowl. Of course, if any studs out there need any work done around the house, we can negotiate (laughing), that might be interesting. Probably hard to do in high heels and mini-skirt, but hey, trying new things is an enriching experience. Oh, that reminds me of something: I have always wanted to be a party-slave for a group of black guys. You know, a group of black guys, a fraternity or team or just friends, are all getting together on a Saturday night or whatever, to watch a game or a movie on television, and I'm hired to be the "white party-slave" for the night. Serve them drinks, get their food, wipe their mouths (laughing). Walk around cleaning up after them all in my schoolgirl slut outfit, of course, with my ass hanging out, bending over a lot, letting them see, letting them grab me and finger me while I do my thing. Then, they make me go around the room, giving them all a slutty blowjob while they watch their game or whatever. THEN, of course, they lead, or carry, or drag me (laughing) to the bedroom where they all take turns fucking the shit out of me. Wow, that would be fun. George, can we do that soon, please?

George: (laughing) No problem, when we get an opportunity, of course. You know how I like sharing that pussy of yours.

Bambi: And my mouth and face too !!! Wow, another thing I'd love is to be tied up and put into a corner on my knees, so that all the guys at a party can just come over and face-fuck me whenever they want, and then jack their cum all over my face. Yummy.

9. So, husband has no problem with you dating, or of the possibility of living out your party-slut fantasies?

George: (really laughing) I don't just condone it and encourage it, that would be an understatement; I demand it, I expect it. I want Bambi to enjoy her sexuality and addictions to the absolute fullest. A bottled-up wife or girlfriend will eventually prove to be a tempest. That's my philosophical thought for the day (laughing). Bambi, will you get me another beer now? (laughing)

10. What is the most exciting thing about the experience of sleeping with black men? (For Bambi.)

Bambi: There a few "most exciting things." I love the whole experience. It's like a porn movie for me, and I get to be the actress (is anyone out there in pornland listening? that would be fun!!). I love getting ready and thinking about what's in store, I love dressing up like a slut for the guys, I love showing up at the party, I love showing off in my outfit. I love feeling their hands as they start to explore me, running up my legs, fingering my pussy. I love looking at their black hands on my tits and in my pussy. I love getting down on my knees and pulling their cocks out so that they have NO doubt about whether I'm "for real" or not. I love deep throating. I love drooling. I call it "worshipping black cock," treating it like it's my god. I love looking up at my lovers when I'm deep throating them, and seeing their black cock fucking my face. I love sucking on black guys' balls. I guess the BEST of all of it is being held down and pounded, getting cum on, and then being spun around so that the next guy can hold me down and pound me. That's it, that's my favorite: being pounded by black cock.

11. What is the most exciting thing about this experience? (For George.)

George: Letting my baby act like a whore and a slut for her lovers, and knowing how happy she is doing it. Simply letting her be what she is. Plus, it fits into one of my OTHER rules, which is that I only like to fuck well stretched-out and well-fucked pussy. It's good to be the King, or the Master, as the case may be.

12. But then what do you do when you want to fuck her but you don't have the opportunity to have her "pre-fucked and stretched," if you will?

Bambi: (laughing) He have some BIG toys at home. And he has a nice fist.

13. Are you into domination/humiliation? (This question is for both of you.)

Bambi: I've never felt humiliated, though I'm always willing to learn (laughing). I love beig called a slut, a white whore, I love being made to feel like a naughty little girl that all black guys can fuck whenever they want, any time, any place. I love hearing them tell me that I'm their whore now, that I'm their slave now, that they're going to use my pussy and mouth for their cocks and for their other black friends, that they're going to treat me like a white-trash bitch that is only good for one-thing, that I was born to fuck black cock !!!! Is that humiliation? Actually, my lifestyle makes me feel strong and proud, makes me feel sexy and attractive. As far as domination goes, well, my husband and I have a master-and-slave, with me being his slave. So yes, S/M and B/D are part of what we are. And that relates to how I love it when my black lovers are forceful and aggressive, to take what they want, to talk dirty to me, call me their whore, spank my ass, pull my hair, spank my face with their cocks, and so on. Sometimes, when I'm meeting a guy for the first time, I sort of have to actually take the lead, to let him (or them) know what I'm there for and what I want, and then nature usually takes over (laughing). I always say "don't worry, you're not going to hurt or break me, so go ahead and use and abuse me" (laughing). The good ones take the hint from there. Some guys don't catch on, and quite frankly, I don't have a lot of time to "tutor" them, so my favorite fucks are the guys that understand the hints I'm giving them (of course, i don't know if it's a "hint" when I just frankly say "i like to be dominated," that's pretty crystal clear, isn't it?) and take it from there.

George: She described our relationship perfectly, as well as her relationships with others, so I'll let it go at that.

14. Do you prefer hubby to just watch or join in? (and why?)

Bambi: As I talked about earlier, we also have couples parties, so there is opportunity for us all to have our fun. But at our interracial parties, it's usually just for us (the white girls) to get fucked by the black guys that are there. It's not a "rule," just happens to be the way it usually works out. And at my gang-bangs, which are always all-black, that's just my time to enjoy all that great cock, all black the whole night. My husband always participates in one way or the other, even if it's just shoving a fist up me or showing my lovers how hard my like my ass to be spanked (laughing).

15. As husband, do you prefer to watch or join in?

George: Bambi did a good job of answering that question for both of us too. Good job, little girl (laughing). We don't have a rule about that, but for the most part, I let her do her thing, and then I get her pussy later just the way I like it, well-fucked and stretched out. It's all good, as they say.

16. Rough estimate - how many black guys have you been with (and how many white?)

Bambi: White guys, well, probably as many as most over-sexed horny sluts!!! Before I got married, probobly 25 or so. Since I've got married, a handful at the couples parties and swing clubs. As for black guys, before I met my husband, none !! Since I've met my husband, we actually stopped counting a while ago, but it's probably about 200 or so different guys.

George: But she's not a slut, really (laughing out loud) !!!! On her way to 1000 !!!

Bambi: But don't forget that I also have a regular group of about 4 or 5 same guys that fuck me regularly these days, so as far as actual # of TIMES I've been fucked by black men, that's a different question, and the total would obviously be way higher.

17. Do you use condoms or do you prefer unprotected sex?

Bambi: I don't think anyone PREFERS condoms, I certainly don't; but the world being what it is, and me being realistic, safe sex is the sensible way to go for sure.

18. If you have used both methods, which does hubby prefer (and why?)

George: Exactly as she said. It's not the Woodstock generation anymore, unfortunately.

19. Is there anything you wouldn't do with black lovers?

Bambi: Yes. I won't lie or be dishonest. I won't kiss-and-tell. I won't make plans with you and then not show up. I won't put you in any compromising situations with any of your friends or significant others. I'm not interested in causing scenes at home or trying to mess up anyone's life, not interested in stealing any guy from any girl. All i want to do is fuck (laughing!!!), no strings attached. And other than that, we should all be cool with each other and be friendly. As far as sex goes, no, pretty much nothing I won't do (or try), as long as "no means no," and we all go home with smiles on our faces in addition to a lot of cum on my face!!!

20. Do you do anal and double-penetration with your black lovers?

Bambi: I do now !!! Two of my regular lovers recently gave me my first all-black d.p., and it was fabulous !! That's DEFINITELY on my list of "favorites" from now on. I won't let just anyone fuck my ass, of course. It comes with trust and a comfort level, which is why I like to have a group of guys that fuck me on a regular basis. But I'm certainly now "officially" a 3-hole slut, right?

21. What about gang-bangs, which you've mentioned. Is that your preference? What about one-on-one and so on?

Bambi: We'll include some pictures of all of it, one-on-one's and gangs. Trust me, I love it ALL. As long as I'm sucking and fucking black, I don't think you'll hear me ever complain. And usually, you wouldn't be able to hear me anyway, because I'd have black cock in my mouth (laughing). One-on-ones, 3-sums, 4-sums, all-out gang-bangs, they are all different, but I love them all. Sometimes, some guys prefer a one-on-one because it's easier for them to get freaky with me, which is great, rather than in a big group setting. Other guys are cool with gang-bangs and get off on that too, which is great too. I'm good with all of it, whatever gets my lovers off and lets them feel comfortable enough to just go nuts on me. I love the gang-bangs, because I love having a black cock in every hole. But I also love the more intimate affairs, when we can really get into each other's minds and get each other off. Did I answer that question? (laughing) Answer is: Give me black cock, one or 100, or give me death.

George: With apologies to Thomas Paine.

Bambi: Who?

George: Never mind, just keep fucking.

22. What's the greatest number of black guys you've fucked in one night or party?

Bambi: I've actually been to more than one party in the same night, so I guess the greatest "total" number of black guys that have fucked me in a one-night time period is, what, about 40 or so? At one of my gang-bangs, we had about 15 guys there, so that'd be the single-party record, I guess. But I wouldn't mind breaking my own personal records, of course, so let's get it on !!!!

23. Does hubby like clean up duties? If so, on you only or the lovers too?

Bambi: As my husband said earlier, nothing about clean-up or cuckold-type or bi/gay-male activity does anything for either of us.

George: Indeed. Not our scene.

24. Do you have a website?

Bambi: No, we get asked this all the time !!!! I don't have a website, we don't sell or trade videos, I'm not an "industry girl," we don't swing or do any of this for money. We do it for fun, and because I love black !!! We swing because we love kinky sex, and we love making and keeping party friends that like the same things.

George: We just got a request from a couple guys that want to buy panties too.

Bambi: Yeah, I get a lot of emails, "do you sell videos (answer: no), do you trade videos (answer: no), do you sell pic collections or have a website (answer: no), and do you sell used panties? We just started tinkering with thought of selling panties that I use, to pose in, that I go out in, play sports in, etc, you know hell, whatever turns people on, right? Or of course that I fuck in, etc. But I just don't like the people that advertise "used panties" when you know damn well that the girls in the pics have never even SEEN the panties they are selling, let alone actually USED them. They're just models and the panties are shipped from a warehouse somewhere !!!! More commercial bullshit. I mean, we're just not into that part of it. We are REAL !!! If we do it, would be along the lines of: you get my panties, you get a picture via email of me IN the SAME panties that you'll get in the mail, actually using them, rather than some off-the-retail-shelf stuff that no-one actually really wore. I'll be amazed if anyone actually is interested !!! Let us know !!!

25. Anything else you'd like to say that we haven't covered in the above questions?

Husband: Ah, my turn to talk: I want to answer this one. These are things that we get asked about, so this is probably good place to answer. First, we are always interested in meeting other fun party people, couples and of course, more black men for bambi to fuck !!! That's what she's here for. And having another woman for her to slut with is great, she loves cum swapping and licking with other sluts. So other couples with party sluts are definitely invited. So please write us. If you are for real, a real-time party person/couple, we will ALWAYS reply !!!

Bambi: Yes!!!!!

George: Just be sure to be real, safe, sane, adult, and drugs, no thugs, no kiddies, no pic collectors. And when you write us, don't just write one of those one-liner "bambi, i want to fuck you" emails without any further thoughts or information. Not sure why that turns guys on to write those emails, but hey, to each their own. But anyway, we don't answer to those inane emails.

We also get emails from guys that are travelling to our area and that want to hook up and fuck bambi. That's great, and we do all we can to have her accomodate. Like I said, that's what she's here for !!! And I need to make sure her pussy stays well-fucked and stretched. Need to keep her black craving satisfied.

But be sure to email us a couple weeks before you are going to be in our area, so that we can look at our schedules, see what we've got going on, etc. It's next to impossible for bambi to go party with only a one-or-two day heads-up. We have "real jobs," school, family, all the rest, so we have to plan ahead.

When you DO email us, send us ALL your info on one email. That is, your first name, your age, your description, your location, the dates that you're thinking of getting together, any other information related to your writing us, and of course, your picture.

The more pussy, the more better, so couples with wives/girlfriends that like to party are wonderful, we love making and keeping new party friends. And black men with party pussy to share go to the HEAD OF THE CLASS !!!

We also travel quite a bit, so if there are any hellacious parties out there in the good ole' USA where a party pussy like Bambi could be of service, drop us a note with the info, location/date/etc.

Neither of us is much on small talk and standing around all night nursing a beer. Bambi is all about "down on your knees right away, and start sucking." So, when you get together with her/us, just come ready to rock n' roll right away.

STRAIGHT GUYS ONLY, please. But bi-girls ALWAYS welcomed, of course (laughing).

You've got to be friendly, and legal. No drugs at our parties.

We're always willing to have bambi accomodate any groups/gangs/teams/parties that might be happening here in town, NO CHARGE, as long as we can make the schedules work, so once again, just drop us a note with the info. Like Bambi said, she doesn't fuck for money, she just fucks because she loves to fuck and is addicted to being a slut-for-black.

We reply to all adult/reasonable party opportunities and emails.

I (george) handle all the logistical/planning stuff, other than when she picks someone up on her own. So, guys, don't write emails or leave voicemails thinking that you're going to be so "smooth" as to convince bambi to meet you without my knowing about it. That's another tactic that cracks us up. Bambi can and does go solo and on dates, but let's all be cool and upfront about things.

Also, bambi and I are both experienced in the ways of the world/web, so we realize that a lot of the things/stories/pics you all see on the web are bullshit. So, i want to stress that we're 100% real, totally "real time only," and ready to party if you are too. Don't write us or call us with bullshit party info invites, or requests for email relationships or phone sex. We simply don't have time for that. When you're ready for real-time, with a real slut, here we are. We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. We moved to South Florida in order to party, you see.

That's about it. Bambi's pussy is always good for a good hard fuck, so if any South Florida studs out there or guys travelling to South Florida haven't met her yet but want to, don't be shy. She sucks and she fucks hard, but she doesn't bite, not even when deep-throating. And to all the guys that we have partied with, and that we still party with on a regular basis, thanks for keeping my baby's cunt well-used and abused. Let's do it again !!!!!

Bambi: Thanks to everyone for all the support and nice comments. And a BIG wet "thank you" to Coco and Dark Cavern for letting so much of this come true for me. We've enjoyed making contact with many of you, and hope we can all have a Dark Cavern party soon !!!! Can we do it tonight? :) Drop us a note if you want to party, or if you have more questions that we can answer in next Interview !!!!