1. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?

Yes, we had been together with other couples and I had also been with others with and without my husband.

2. How did your first black experience occur?

I had gone out to a bar with a female friend and met a black guy and a few days later he came over and we ended up fucking twice that day before he left.

3. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the Woman.)

Just the fact that I had been anticipating being with a black guy for quite a while and then when I saw it, it really turned me on because it was really thick like none I had been with before. Also, even though my husband and I had planned to both be there, I think I was more at ease being by myself not having to wonder what he was thinking.

4. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the man.)

She finally did it.

5. What are the things you enjoy doing most with black guys (and why?)

I enjoy pleasing them by doing whatever it seems they want. Because they always bring out the best in me.

6. Are you into domination/humiliation? (This question is for both of you.)

Wife - I like to be dominated by my black lover but not all of the studs I am with are into that.

Husband - I like to be totally submissive to my wife and her black lovers. I will gladly do anything they say in order to help her get the true enjoyment she deserves and can only get from superior black men.

7. Do you prefer hubby to just watch or join in? (and why?)

I love for him to watch whenever possible, but there really is no room for him to join in. I mean what could he add to the moment that is as good or better than what my black lover can do.

8. As hubby, do you prefer to watch or join in?

I like to watch and clean up after he finishes.

9. Rough estimate - how many black guys have you been with (and how many white?)

Black- been with 19, fucked 17 of them. White- 35 but most of them were before black guys and now I am only with black men.

10. Do you use condoms or do you prefer unprotected sex?

I definitely prefer no condoms but a couple of times the guy has insisted.

11. If you have used both methods, which does hubby prefer (and why?)

He prefers for me to not use condoms or else he would not have cream pies to suck out of me, also he enjoys the risk factor.

12. Is there anything you wouldn't do with black guys?

I do not like anal sex, but I might give in during the right situation and at least let him try.

13. Does hubby like clean up duties? If so, on you only or the lovers too?

He loves to be told to do clean up duties and he would clean up my lovers too if told to.