I've seen Tetra in all of her black-dick-loving glory for some time now adorning the pages of Dark Cavern. She is so sexy and there is something about her that stirs me. She always looks so classy and yet so casual in her black-loving ways. She's burnt such an image in my brain that I've easily been able to spot her pics on multitudes of Yahoo sites, Mom's Interracial, My Slut Wife and elsewhere. I wrote her asking for an e-mail interview, and when she approved I jumped at the chance. Here's what went on:

Q: How long have you been doing black?

Tetra: My first blacking was August 2000.

Q: And how many since then?

I guess you could say that have been serviced, or serviced, depending upon the point of view, 40 times. This may sound like a lot, so let me put this into perspective. I'm not (yet anyway) claiming I've spread my legs for 40 different black guys.

Q: So, what are you saying?

According to my husband's score keeping, I've only played with 26 different guys. Fourteen guys were one-time "meats" and 12 of my studs are what I call repeat friends. Essentially, my mouth has been used by black meat 40 times and I've gotten black-fucked 30 times…so far!

Q: How'd you get into "it"?

Hubby had wanted me to do black guys for a long time. I remained hesitant until we discovered that the couple that we regularly had played with also had the same desires. At that point, hubby placed an ad in DC that got a tremendous response. The four of us ended up meeting a black guy that the other wife and I enjoyed. We've been into the IR scene every since.

Q: How many white guys have you done? Do you still do white?

Not counting hubby, I've done four different white guys… no, wait! One of those guys was Mexican. So, I guess I've done three white guys in my life. I haven't done white since back in 2001. I probably wouldn't turn down one, but I'm not going to go out of my way for a white guy, either.

Q: Wow! So only about 10% of your dickings have been from white guys?!

Yea, I guess so!

Q: Are black guys really bigger and better?

Yes! And, Yes! I've found that they tend to have bigger dicks and are otherwise great performers. They have always been respectful, attentive and just like me, horny for giving and receiving attention. I can honestly say that my best kisses, sucker bites, pussy-eatings, fuckings and orgasms have come from black guys.

I've played with guys that are built tall, skinny, big, short, fat, young and old. Even the smallest black dicks that I've had are at least as big as the common white man's dick. And they go up to "WOW" and even "OH MY GOD" size. All of them are definitely bigger than hubby's, and I remind him of it regularly!

Q: So, what's the biggest you've had?

One guy that we're particularly fond of happens to have an honest 11-inch, uncircumcised horse-dick on him. Even if his dick were smaller, he'd still be a favorite. Great kisser, pussy eater, handsome, clean, romantic, wonderful smile, intelligent, forceful, agile… I could go on with the adjectives. By the way, he's plowed my cunt more than any other black bull. (Excuse me while I find my vibrator!)

Q: Do you eat black cum?

Nosey, aren't you! Several years ago I gave up tasting cum after trying hubby's once. I never tried it again, nor will I ever!

However, (you knew this was cumming, didn't you!), I had taken some tastes of the cum of some of my black donors. I found that I couldn't forget the taste. As I mentioned in my last DC submission, one of my bull-friends pumped his load into my mouth and down my throat. Not only was it delicious, but also the sensation of being orally connected to him while his fluids drained into my head made me a convert. Getting a black bull excited enough to deposit his sperm into my mouth is downright flattering to me!

Q: Do you fuck on a "first date"?

I've never NOT fucked on a first date!

Q: What did you do about any black guys you might not have liked?

I suck their dicks and fuck them anyway. There's only a couple of guys that I've asked hubby not to invite to fuck me again.

Q: Do you have any favorite sayings?

My favorite comes from Blazing Saddles when Lili Von Shtupp (Madeline Kahn) says to Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little), "Is it twu what they say about you boyz?" Reaching into his pants, she suddenly exclaims, "It's Twu!!, It's Twu!!"

Q: Anything else you want to add?

Yes, there is. A lot of the stories and stuff out there regarding IR sex often puts the lady in the submissive-servant-slut role while the black guys forcefully use her for their own pleasure.

That theme is kind of overused. The sex-slave role can be fun and invigorating, and out there if you want it. I'd like to stress that I don't think this is the norm. As a rule, I'm not the totally submissive type. I give, but I take also. I think I've even intimidated a few guys. I tend to treat all by black lovers as an equal lover. My guys have always been like any of us. They can be shy, outgoing, bubbly, hesitant, quiet, loud, funny, etc.

So, ladies who may be reading this interview don't hesitate or deny yourself of something that is such a simple pleasure. IR sex may sound kinky, but like many things, it is only kinky the first time. After that, inhibitions are replaced by familiarity and friends and just good fucking.