1. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?

Except for my husband I've only had sex with black guys. It was and still is my ass that brings them.

2. How did your first black experience occur?

While being married? Well I met my hubby from my family and I was drawn to him because he was wild and very erotic and he loved the fact that I liked black men. In the end he told me he wanted to be a cuckold in the worst way. So it didnt take long to bring in black men. Anyway his name was Frank and I say was because he was killed overseas last year. He was awesome, he had a 10 inch cut cock that was pure heaven and he had a great funny personality. Hubby had no problem with stepping aside for him.

3. What are the things you enjoy doing most with black guys (and why?)

I enjoy being controlled and abused in a way only black men can, they know what they want and they take it. They're not into games and bullshit.

4. Are you into domination/humiliation? (This question is for both of you.)

I love to be humiliated in public. I always have my lover expose me in public whenever we can and to take hubby along to restaurants and tell the waitress whats up. To see the look on her face is priceless.

5. Do you prefer hubby to just watch or join in? (and why?)

Hubby just watches. I have no desire to fuck him and he knows this and understands fully, since I want only black children.

6. As hubby, do you prefer to watch or join in?

He likes watching and jerking off later.

7. Rough estimate - how many black guys have you been with (and how many white?)

I would have to say around 25 or so. I like to keep the same ones coming back.

10. Do you use condoms or do you prefer unprotected sex?

Bareback only. I have five black children and I want a total of ten so at least five more times then its snip snip for me.

12. Is there anything you wouldn't do with black guys?

There's nothing I dont love about black men, they are just pure as heaven and I believe my sole purpose in life is to breed black children into this world. If I have to be a black slut for this then so be it.