1. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?

No, Actually, I have not. My husband is all the "white guy" that I will ever need!! First of all, let me say "thank you" to Coco for giving me the opportunity to do this "DC Interview". Actually, I should clarify some things to begin with, or otherwise, I'm sure my interview may not make much sense to some of the readers. Let me first begin by clarifying that what we (my husband and I) do is Amateur Interracial video shoots for my website, What we do is not something that we consider to be a “lifestyle” to us. It is more like what we would refer to as a “fantasy world” that we sometimes escape to, but we value our "real life" very much!! This is why so much discussion and thought process went into it, before we ever made the decision to give this a try. Neither of us would have agreed to do it, without the other one being involved and in full approval. We only meet with BM(s) to shoot video footage, for the purpose of gathering content for my website. All of our meetings are PRIVATELY ARRANGED meetings. We are not swingers, and have never attended any of the group settings, such as meet and greets. We just do not have any desire to do that, I guess we all have our preferences.

2. How did your first black experience occur?

Actually, it all started when my husband brought home some IR videos that he had rented, but it is a loooonnng story. So, To be able to answer that in the way that the question actually deserves to be answered… it would take up wayyyyyyy too much of our Interview space here. But if anyone who is reading this, would like specifics about how I became involved in the IR niche…. I would suggest that you visit our online video store at : Once there, on the left click on “vhs”, follow the link to VIEW my Very First Interracial Video (DLV-01), which happened to also be, My Very First Interracial Experience, as well!!! At the moment, it is only available on VHS, but if you want to know ALL OF THE DETAILS of how I got involved in the Amateur IR White Wife scene, this video will tell you the WHOLE STORY (in detail)!!! The video is a very UNIQUE “tell all” video, that leads up to all of the little things that happened and went on for about a year, which eventually leads up to (3) things, all of which were FIRST TIME EXPERIENCES FOR ME.
All of this, from the very beginning is on the video (over 90 minutes in length), Including the entire action footage of my first actual experience, which was filmed by my hubby.

3. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the Woman.)

As I stated before, we only meet with BM's for the purpose of shooting video footage. My husband arranges all video meets, CHOOSES the BM’s that participate in my shoots, as well as videotaping the meets. We do not hold these types of meets unless it is for the purpose of video taping them. My husband knows me better than anyone, probably including myself…. so therefore, he has been able to pick-up on what type of qualities a BLACK MALE PARTICIPANT would need to possess, in order to provide the biggest turn on to me, both physically and visually!!! I tend to be very turned on by the “visual” aspect …. the whole “black-on-white” thing…. The contrast of that is soooo Taboo!! So, here are some of the features and characteristics of Black Male co-stars, that would tend to provide the highest level of turn on for me:

1. The Security in knowing that he (the BM) fully understands his purpose for the shoot, which is to help provide some hot IR footage for my site. He MUST HAVE the ability to understand and stay within any confines or limitations (which are always discussed and agreed upon, prior to scheduling the shoot). Also, he cannot be camera shy, because we try very hard for our shoots to provide a relaxed and laid back environment, so the participants can relax and actually enjoy the Physical aspect of the shoot!!

2. A Black Male that can stay focused on the task at hand, yet still be able to really enjoy it and get into it physically. Previous experience usually helps in this area, but is not a MANDATORY requirement. I just completed a shoot with a guy who was doing the video thing for the first time, and he did a GREAT JOB and was very fun to work with, and we hope to work with him again VERY SOON.

3. A Black Male that understands that the shoot, is just that…. a video shoot. A business arrangement, and not the beginning of some sort of “love affair”. My love affair is with my husband…. so they need to understand that the video shoot is purely, “a physical thing”…. with no emotional aspect involved, whatsoever.

4. I prefer BM’s 30ish to 50ish. Of course they must be clean D/D free, and conduct themselves in a professional , friendly and respectful manner. They need to be able to effectively communicate through email and messenger, on a consistent basis. This is an absolute necessity for arranging shoots and working out the details. “G” (hubby) and owner of DLV Productions, does a great job co-coordinating things between the participants, and working out the details and arrangements of the shoot.

5. My biggest VISUAL TURN ON IS THE “CONTRAST” of skin colors….. which probably explains the fact that I definitely prefer DARK SKINNED BLACK MALES…. (Actually, THE BLACKER….. THE BETTER!!!!!) That is a definite turn-on for me!! Especially during the late fall and winter months and early spring months, when I do not did any tanning. My light complexion against a Dark Skinned Black Co-Star!! Now, that most definitely gets Secret all worked up!!

6. I DO NOT REQUIRE that each BM participant must have a MONSTER DICK, but I do prefer well endowed Black Male participants 7 inches and UP (not too far up though!!!) LOL 7? to 11? might be a good target range.

7. Some may not understand this one, but I actually am turned on by UN-Cut Black Cocks, too!!! Seriously, I really am!! It is not a requirement that a participant be un-cut, BUT LETS JUST SAY THAT THEY WOULD PROBABLY RECEIVE SOME EXTRA CONSIDERATION if they happened to have all the other qualities and were also …. UN-cut!!!!! *giggle*

8. A Black male who is good at ROLE PLAY, and can be Very Verbal during a shoot, if requested. In other words he has no problems providing dirty talk, or playing the role of BLACK MASTER OR BLACK DOM, as I play the role of submissive white wife. (Example: Would be a black male who would have no problems during the shoot looking down at me and saying ………” I said suck that mutha-fuckin’ Black Dick, Slut!!!” or “Yeh, back that Sweet white ass up on this black dick , Bitch!!” ) This ability is also a big +++++++ I like some dirty talk incorporated into my shoots.

9. A Black male who tends to deliver large cumshots is something I enjoy very much also!!

10. A Black Male who enjoys receiving ORAL as much as I ENJOY GIVING it!!!

4. Are you into domination/humiliation? (This question is for both of you.)

Again, when I am in my role as "Secret", YES, I enjoy portraying the Submissive white wife, to a straight forward and more dominant black male!! I love to be talked dirty to, called dirty little names, by a black male co-star that don't mind saying what it is that he likes and prefers throughout the shoot. Just don't come up to me while I am in the frozen foods section of the supermarket and say "Suck this black cock, Slut" , or you may find out what it's like to get my shin planted firmly in your crotch, like I'm kicking a football!! *LOL*

As for my husband, "G"....... No, he is not "into" that personally, but has a very high level of the things that people who view IR video tapes like to see, so he often includes a little bit of Black Dom / White Sub Wife theme, into the overall flavor of our video shoots, through the outlined Script content for each video shoot.

I feel the scene by itself gives plenty of domin/submission. I don't like being bound and gagged and restrained but, I do like a nice strong black man to let me know he is boss. Also hubby likes some humiliation as he always eats my creampie.. he likes it when I make him.

5. Do you prefer hubby to just watch or join in? (and why?)

Hubby does not participate in the shoots, other than to direct them and do the video work. Hubby is 110% straight, and no desire for any type of bi contact, whatsoever.

6. As hubby, do you prefer to watch or join in?

Again, hubby does not join in at all... and yes he watches, through a video camera screen. But all of his "joining in" is when I am in my regular, everyday wife "mode"............... and he JOINS IN.... REALLLY GOOOOOOD... nearly EVERY NIGHT, to be exact!! *giggle*

7. Rough estimate - how many black guys have you been with (and how many white?)

Since my husband and I have been married, I have not been with any other men, except for the black males who have been participants in our shoots.... which is (7), I think!!

8. Do you use condoms or do you prefer unprotected sex?

All of our participants must be d/d free, as all of our shoots are "bareback" and include allot of oral cumshots as well as internal cumshots.

9. Is there anything you wouldn't do with black guys?

OF COURSE there are MANY THINGS that I would not do with black guys. I would not go to dinner, date, bring to my family reunion, etc... LOL..... Remember? I am married... happily married.

Now when I am in the role of Secret, the Slut wife who is starved for black cock and cum, I do not have that many Limitations. My limits are : Nothing that is painful, and I do not want anything that would give the shoot a feeling of intimacy, such as Kissing on the mouth, too much whispering and slow soft caressing............ Nah, I am not there for romance, all of that is in my day to day life......... for the shoots, I want it to be purely Physical and with a down and dirty type of feel. White wife meeting black stud in cheap roadside motel for no other reason than to Serve and Worship his Big Black Cock!!! Yep, That set-up works for me!! :)

10. Is there anything else you would like to comment on?

But, of course, I always have PLENTY to talk about. In all seriousness, there are a few things that I would like for each of your members who reads my interview, to have a better understanding of.

Since I have VERY CLEARLY EXPRESSED the fact that when I enter into my "fantasy world" (where I become "Secret" The Slut Wife starved for Black Cock) this is totally separate from my "Real Everyday Life" as a Wife, Mother and Business woman. I just did not want that fact to be misconstrued, or the fact that we only meet for the purpose of shooting video tape, to be misinterpreted that I somehow do not really enjoy the video shoots on a personal basis.......... Because I VERY MUCH DO!!! I am a business woman, a quite accomplished based on the opinions of many others, as well as having a Masters Degree (not that I think that determines a person's self-worth or value, because I DO NOT think that in the least). My point is, a woman does not accomplish goals of being successful, by going around and continuously doing things that she does not enjoy, or are against her will. Being a strong minded and strong willed female, If I did not want to do the video shoots, or no longer enjoyed them, I would simply tell my husband this, and I would be done with it. This is not something that I plan to do FOREVER, it is simply a phase in my life, ONE THAT I AM VERY MUCH ENJOYING AT THE TIME... but it is not something that will be long-term , or indefinite, this I can guarantee.

Also, if you would seriously like to be considered to do a video shoot with me, please go online and fill out our little participants online application at : This Page. No previous experience is necessary.

Thanks again for the opportunity,