1. Master “G” I guess you are the first husband to do a DC Interview solo, without your wife’s input, or as a couple?

Yeh, that is pretty cool!! She is probably worried that I will tell all of her “Secrets” here! LOL! I can assure you that I know A TON of them, too!!

2. What is it like being married to a hot IR web girl and slut wife, like “Secret”? I would have to say that it is absolutely fantastic!! It is probably nothing like what most people would think. We don’t live some sort of outrageous porn star / producer lifestyles, and we are not swingers, so neither of us view what we do with the Amateur IR white wife video shoots, as a “way of life”. We both separate that part of our lives, from the everyday part of our lives, which is filled with many normal activities, just as anyone else would normally do.

3. What do you enjoy most about being able to watch so many white wife motel encounters with Black Males?

Well, my answer may sound kind of different, but I assure you, it will be an honest answer, and not just trying to say what it is that I think would get the DC readers all worked up! I think the members here, by and large, appreciate honesty more than someone who is not being honest in what they are saying, but just trying to write something they thing will be appealing to everyone and make them want to jack off!! LOL But anyhow, Having done this sort of stuff for a living for 2 or 3 years, I have video taped and photographed many white wives and girlfriends. This may not be the most popular answer, but I cannot say that I truly enjoyed watching the large majority of the different females I have taped. On the other hand, I can say that I have ALWAYS enjoyed Secret’s video shoots, although they are ALWAYS enjoyed WAYYYY MORE, once we are able to watch them together on the TV at home!!

4. What excites you most about being right there as Secret is Fucking and sucking Black Cock?

Again, I have did this sort of thing many times, and if I was running around the room during her shoots, with my dick hard enough to carve diamonds, I would be the first to say so, but that is not the case (at least not DURING THE SHOOT). We both take great pride in trying to get the best possible footage that we can, so naturally, concentrating on doing a good job of capturing angles, working with making adjustments (without any help, I do all of the video work myself with no assistant) and trying to coordinate everything, I can honestly say that I have NEVER GOTTEN THE FULL EFFECT of the shoot, while the shoot was going on “live”. I mean there are sometimes brief moments where I may stick the camera on a tripod for a minute or so while I adjust a light or move something around, and the action is still going on and I am looking right at it, without looking at it thru a view finder on a camera, and that kind of gives me this “Rush” like “hey, this shit is really real & that is really my wife taking black cock right there” LOL But again, it is NOTHING compared to when I am able to view the raw footage in the privacy of our bedroom, after it is all done and we are back home. I ALWAYS SEE SO MANY THINGS that I could never notice when I was in working mode, during the actual shoot. So, without a doubt, that is the biggest TURN-ON FOR ME, personally, is to get to view it as just as a normal viewer who has purchased a DVD, and like I said, this is when I REALIZE ALL SORTS OF THINGS that I never seen or knew while the shoot was taking place!!!

5. G, Can you give us an example of the things you see afterwards that you never seen or knew during the actual filming process?

Sure, that is simple and I will put it in simple terms here. I never have failed to be amazed at how hot my wife is while she is fucking and sucking black cock in front of my camera!! She is very at ease in front of the camera, and that is because she is truly HOT and actually enjoying servicing black cock!!

6. Some might question if she really is actually enjoys it, because Secret has stated many times, that she has NEVER FUCKED or Sucked Black cock, unless it was on tape, so some might wonder if she really does get into it, or she is just a really good actor, what would you say to someone that questioned that, “G”?

First thing I would do is ask them if they have ever seen any of her videos!!! LOL Because if they HAVE and they cannot see for themselves her level of personal excitement throughout the shoots, then I would seriously have to wonder if they had ever had any real sexual encounters, other than jacking off while looking at Coco’s updates on the Cavern!! (Which BTW there is nothing wrong with!!) But personally, I believe that most of the folks here who have seen her in action, would agree that “NO ONE IS THAT GOOD OF AN ACTOR!!!” And, I could also provide them with HUNDREDS of emails from people who are repeat buyers of her videos, some even own all of them, and that is one of the first things that they state, is the fact that they truly enjoy seeing a white wife, who is a true amateur and not in “actress mode” . That is one of the constant themes that we receive from folks who have purchased multiple videos of hers. They all make a point to state that it is OBVIOUS TO THEM THAT SHE IS A WHITE WIFE THAT truly enjoys playing with and pleasing BBC!

7. Do you ever join in, “G”?

If holding her foot in the air while she is taking black cock in her pussy, so I can have the proper light or angle to capture better footage Qualifies as “joining in” then Yeh, I join in every single shoot. But I will assume that the question is do I personally join in the sexual acts as a participant, the answer is NO!! I do not have any desire to join into the video shoots as a participant. I am not the cuck type of husband, but please don’t take that to mean that I do not enjoy our sex life J Whewwwwwww-weeeeeeeeee, that would be a total understatement, and I am fairly confident that if you would like to email her and ask her the same thing, that she would verify that our sex life is off the charts!! We have some Unbelievably hot sex and it is pretty much on a daily basis, too!!! No complaints on this end, that is for damn sure!!!

8. I understand that you have did video work for several white wives and girlfriends Amateur Interracial video projects, is this true?

I guess that everyone’s interpretation of “Several” would vary a little bit, but yeh, you could say that, I suppose. I would estimate that maybe 20 white females (wives or girlfriends-- going black) where the shoots were exclusively Black Male(s) on White female.

9. Of all the white wives that you have video taped in action with Black Studs, how would you say that your wife (Secret) would stack up to the others, in terms of her ability to pleasure and service Black Cock?

That is a damn good question, and I will be the first to admit, that I am very partial to my wife. Even if she were not my wife, I would rate her #1 in that category, hands down. However, I will not exactly answer that question based on MY OPIONIONS AND OBSERVATIONS, but rather, I will just provide you some examples, based on factual things, and conversations with the Black Male participants that have personally, experienced her. Secret requests that I handle the entire process for of selecting which applicants are chosen to participate with her, as well as making all of the arrangements and pretty much handling everything, in terms of coordinating the meets. So, because of this, I end up communicating with the BM participants on a regular basis, once they have been chosen to do a shoot with her. So, basically, we end up emailing, instant messaging, and phone conversations. It is actually very time consuming to coordinate everything, especially when it is a first time participant. So anyhow, I end up having open communications with the BM participants, and I can honestly say that all of them have verbally expressed how much they enjoy doing the shoots with her, and how much they are turned on by her. Every single one of them are quick to acknowledge her oral talents, with probably 75% of them saying that they have never had anyone suck their dick the way she does!! But, words are a dime a dozen, but this is the main evidence that makes me know that they are not lying. It has been my experience, that in general, a large percentage of black males, express a concern that they have a difficult time being able to Cum, while receiving oral. And I have seen several of these Black Males who expressed before the shoot that they probably would not be able to cum just from a blowjob………then after about 5 minutes into the first scene, with her on her knees in front of them and sucking dick, the same guys that were worried about being able to cum just from oral…are SIGNALING FOR “TIME OUTS” and shit, because they are on the verge of letting loose in her mouth!!! So, I would say that is a pretty good indicator of her skill for sucking Black Cock!!

10. You said that you make all the decisions about which black males are selected to meet with her?

Yes that is correct. She insists that I handle that part,entirely. Her job requires her to work very long and crazy hours, and like I said before, it is a process that requires clear and consistent communication between myself, and the BM participant(s). If I feel that they do not understand that this is a process, and they are so shallow that they think we are just gonna say ‘yeh sure, read your application, you are IN !!” …Be there at 8 pm on Saturday night, and that is IT?????? Well, that is far from correct, and if a BM applicant is not willing or able to openly communicate in order to make the arrangements and exchange information leading up to the shoot, then it is simple, THEY WILL NOT GET SELECTED. If a participant is not able or willing to check their email each day, or at least every 2 days, and willing to acknowledge they have received the email info by replying to the each email, then if they are not able or willing to have reasonable communication with me, then They will not be selected, because that is probably the one thing that is the most annoying to me and that is something that can be very frustrating, sitting and wondering if someone is really gonna show up, because of lack of communication. So, yeh, I do that, but it is not that enjoyable. On the other hand, I don’t want to sound like that one just has to sit by their computer all the time in order to work it out, that is not the case at all. When I say “reasonable communication” I am just saying that they should be able to access their email regularly and reply to all emails in a timely fashion, so I am able to get it all lined up and be able to be assured that everyone is on the same page.

11. So she does not have any personal preferences in terms of which Black Males are chosen? Has she ever refused any of your selections?

Will answer the second part first…….NO, That has Never happened. To answer the question pertaining to her personal preferences, Yes of course she has certain things that she prefers, visually and physically. But I am very much aware of what types of things she is visually turned on by, in terms of Black Males. Of course it is a plus if they not only appeal to her personal preferences, visually, but they also have certain other non-visual qualities that are quite important to her as well.

12. So what are some of those personal preferences of Secret’s visually……… well as the non-visual qualities that you mentioned?

Like I said, I am very much aware of what she is turned on by in terms of Black Male participants. Here are some of her personal preferences which rate highest in terms of what turns her on Visually speaking: Dark Skinned black males (The Darker, the better), Well endowed 7+ Inches, Clean, D&D free (those are no brainers). She also is intrigued by Black UN-Cut Cocks, and prefers Black males that are in the age range of 30’s to 50’s. Of the other (non-visual) qualities that are also appealing to her, at the top of that list would be: Black males who are not camera shy, confident & able to take charge. One of the most important factors is that the BM participants understand that our shoots are not about making any sort of EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS, and we do not wish for our shoots to portray anything that would be considered intimate, like kissing, candlelight, romance, etc. Our videos feature White wife and Black cock, meeting in a kinky sort of setting (cheap roadside motel), for the sole purpose of physical enjoyment, hot sex, with lots of fucking and sucking! In fact, that is one of Secret’s “off limits” items for the shoots. She does not do kissing (at least Mouth to mouth kind). She say’s that the “purely physical” with no personal feelings involved, just hot-n-nasty interracial sex, is the thing that is a Huge turn-on for her. So naturally, Black Males who are able to follow along with that theme, are going to be something that she appreciates and prefers, also, Especially if they are able to throw a little bit of VERBAL stuff in there (Dirty Talk), too. Making verbal references to Black and White, is something that she is turned on by, too. (Example: “Damn baby, that Black dick looks good in that pretty white mouth”).

13. Have either of you regretted your decision for Secret to “Go Black”?

Nope! We had all of that ironed out a year before she actually had her first IR experience. I would suggest that couples that are considering such a thing, open discuss it for a good while, before making the final decision. Make sure that both of you are committed to one another, completely and are unwilling to allow it to have an negative effect on your marriage or relationship. It should be a joint decision, 50/50, and if either of you have any doubts about whether it might cause any negative effects, then DON’T DO IT! Only the strongest of the strong, in terms of the relationship between couples should ever do it, in my opinion.

14. So Secret Going Black…and continuing to Go Black, with her own Amateur IR website, has not caused ANY CHANGES AT ALL???

Well, Yes, of course there has been “Changes”……but none that has had a negative affect on our relationship!!

15. You note there has been “changes”………what do you feel is the most noticeable change from the time that she first went black, until now?

Her pussy is bigger than it was before, from being stretched by some very large Black Cocks!!

16. Wow, well G, thanks for taking the time to participate in our interview section and share a little of your time with us.

It was my pleasure, we enjoy the site allot. Coco does so much for everyone else, and works very hard to make DC an enjoyable site for everyone. So, it is my pleasure to make whatever small contribution that I can, to try to help out with content submissions, for someone who does so much, for everybody else.

Master “G”