1. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?

I started with blackmen at the beginning because that is what my fantasy was. I had always wanted to know what it was like to screw a blackman.

2. How did your first black experience occur?

It started one day when my husband and I were talking about our fantasies. He told me first and said he would like to watch as I got fucked by a real dark blackman. Than I told him my fantasy was to be fucked by a blackman. The next thing we did was run an ad in one of the swingers magazines.

3. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the Woman.)

I was very excited, trembling and very excited. The man was 6'4" and built like a boxer and very dark. I couldn't wait to see how big he was and to feel him inside me. It was everything I had expected and more. This guy really knew how to take his time and he knew how to fuck.

4. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the man.)

My husband was really turned on, he had decided he was going to video tape this meeting so he would have it to watch over and over again. That's also how we got started doing the amateur videos. Why not since both of us enjoyed what we were doing so much and it was a plus for our own sex life.

5. What are the things you enjoy doing most with black guys (and why?)

As I was growing up, I was brought up in an all white neighborhood and always had that wonder since I was a teenager what it might be like to hold hands or be hugged and held by a tall blackman. This first meeting made all those dreams come true. I love to have the guy lean up so I can watch his cock as it slides in and out of my pussy. I love the contrast of my pale white skin to a very dark blackman. Its a real turn on for me.

6. Are you into domination/humiliation? (This question is for both of you.)

I can be, either way if I like to play out a fantasy. Have not found the right black male that could be dominate yet but would love to try and find one. Hubby loves to play the passive role and lets the blackmen I meet take control.

7. Do you prefer hubby to just watch or join in? (and why?)

Yes, I love having my husband watch. I like to make sure he is happy too since this is for both of us. If a black guy turns me on, I make sure my husband knows it. My husband also loves to eat creampie which he almost always does when we meet someone. I also go out with a handful of blackmen that I can trust. Love to come home and tell my husband about it and we fuck like rabbits.

8. As hubby, do you prefer to watch or join in?

My husband prefers to watch me rather than join. He'll join in at the end or help getting me wet at the start and tells the guys what turns me on.

9. Rough estimate - how many black guys have you been with (and how many white?)

I've fucked over 150 blackmen since I've been married. White guys I think 5 just because they turned me on and were very well endowed.

10. Do you use condoms or do you prefer unprotected sex?

I never use condoms. All the guys I have sex with have to prove they have had aids test. It slows down the process but its well worth it. If I meet a guy in a club, I'll always tell him its not going to happen that first night. Not until he gets that test. Its just not worth it, but I love to feel a man inside me without protection. Thats all part of my fantasy.

11. If you have used both methods, which does hubby prefer (and why?)

We prefer without a condom, its just not the same. I love to feel a man cum inside me and it can trigger an orgasm with me.

12. Is there anything you wouldn't do with black guys?

I do most anything, I love sex and even had it in public places. Alot of the guys like to cum in my mouth but my biggest thrill is to have them cum in my pussy. The second round I'll suck them off.

13. Does hubby like clean up duties? If so, on you only or the lovers too?

My husband loves cleaning up. Even if I go on dates I'll come home and set on his face. He has cleaned 2 blackmen over the years. Most don't care for it and we do not push it.