CC and TC

1. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?

Yes we have done 3-somes with other white guys, as well as 4-somes with other white couples; both before and after I became turned on to black. And would do it again - race is not necessarily the issue with us - though it does seem to be easier finding well hung black men (no offense to any white guys - I do still enjoy your attentions, as well).

2. How did your first black experience occur?

My first black experience was on hubby's birthday. We had already planned to visit one of the swinger clubs in the area and he told me he wanted to see me with a black guy. I was really nervous about it at first, but after having a few drinks at the club I started to relax with the idea. After a trip to the ladies room, hubby pointed out that there was an attractive black gentleman really eyeing me. So I made eye contact and gave him my biggest, brightest, come-on smile. Almost immediately after, hubby got up and left for his own trip to the men's room. I think it was his little plan to leave me alone for a few minutes and see what happened. Sure enough, the gentleman walked up to our table and invited me to dance. We danced a couple of fast songs and then the dj put on something we could dance really sexy to - and sexy is an understatement to what we ended up doing on that dance floor LOL - good thing it was a swingers club or we might have gotten kicked out. Needless to say, it didn't take us long to decide to go back to our motel room from there.

3. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the Woman.)

The most exciting thing for me that night was watching how excited hubby was getting. The whole way back to our room he kept "adjusting" his - ahem - pants. I loved it!!! To know I was going to be with what I already knew was a well-hung black stud and the fact that hubby was just as excited (if not more) as I was - it was all very arousing.

4. What was the most exciting thing about this experience? (For the man.)

Well, it was a totally new experience being that the gentleman was black and something new always has a certain amount of charm. Also the fact that it had been a fantasy of mine for quite some time, to see CC having sex with a black man and suddenly it was coming true. As with most men I am very visual, I enjoy watching x-rated movies and looking through men's magazines. However there is no bigger visual thrill for me than seeing CC in action! (I tease her about being my little porn princess). So, once at the room, things of course went into motion and I could really tell from CC's facial expressions and body language that she was extremely excited! Seeing her so was a huge thrill for me! Next we all removed our clothing, and we both saw what CC would have to play with. It was 11" of thick black meat, not only was this cock black but it was huge! CC had never had a cock so large up until this point, and that excited me even more! CC went into action and those of you who know her from our other submissions know she's a cock-sucking fanatic. Now we get to what I supposed was the most exciting part for me. CC was going down on this massive black cock trying her damnedest to swallow the whole thing. The guy really started squirming and tensing up, which told us both his climax was imminent. At this point he asked CC to stop, well that only intensified her efforts. Soon the guy actually begged her to stop and this sent her into a frenzied effort to take him to completion! Soon he bellowed and started jerking wildly! CC kept bobbing, gulping, and sucking down a huge load of sperm, which it seems, completely emptied his balls into her stomach, with traces of cum coating her lips and dribbling down her chin and out of the corners of her mouth. Talk about excitement, my cock was so hard a cat couldn't have scratched it! The bad part was the reason the guy begged her to stop. It turns out he was much older than he appeared and was actually spent after that one blowjob.

5. What are the things you enjoy doing most with black guys (and why?)

Tough question - I enjoy it all. I really enjoy giving head - but I also enjoy the feeling of having my tight little pussy stretched to its limits with one of their huge cocks - and when they fill me up with their hot cum its AWESOME - I can feel every pulse of their cock as they load me up.

6. Are you into domination/humiliation? (This question is for both of you.)

NO!! We are only into having a good time - neither of us dominant, nor do we enjoy being humiliated or humiliating anyone else. During our encounters we treat everyone involved as an equal and expect the same from them. As you can tell from our references in this and other submissions, we refer to the men in these encounters as gentlemen. If they don't conduct themselves as a gentleman they won't be playing with us. CC is probably more in control than anyone else involved being she's the center of attention. Which means she has final say as to what she will allow done to her and what just won't happen. That doesn't mean she's controlling the whole situation, we let things flow until a suggestion or act is tried and she refuses or agrees.

7. Do you prefer hubby to just watch or join in? (and why?)

Always prefer he join in - usually because I prefer the attention that 2 (or more) men can give me at once. He used to be more adamant about getting his, too - now he's more into filming the action and getting his later. But he is always very excited and very ready for me either way - I love that!! And, of course, I do enjoy watching the excitement in his eyes as he's watching me get it on with one of my black lovers.

8. As hubby, do you prefer to watch or join in?

I enjoy both watching and joining in. As I mentioned there is no greater visual excitement for me than seeing CC in action. During an encounter I usually end up watching more than participating because I do photograph and video most of our sexual encounters involving single men. However typically in the beginning of a sexual tryst I lick CC's pussy as she gives her other partner head. That insures she is wet and ready for their penetration. Most times after CC has given the other man or men her attention, they usually need a rest break before she does. That is another opportunity for me to take a turn with her, and at times I just set the cameras aside to take advantage of her willing and inviting mouth or pussy dependant on which is available at the time. Or I will perform oral on her if she needs a little more lubrication. Some guys have an issue with performing oral on a woman after she's been penetrated and intercourse has taken place. I don't have that problem myself. What a few people tend to forget is CC comes home with me, and we have a very healthy sex life at home. It is literally impossible for anyone to have more sex with CC than I have had and continue to have. So, it doesn't bother me that when we are with other men they get more physical attention from my loving wife than I at that particular time.

9. Rough estimate - how many black guys have you been with (and how many white?)

Ummmm - probably about 13 white guys, about 10 black guys, 2 Hispanic guys and 1 Amerasian guy- but have been with the black guys more often - they don't seem to be as much into a "one time thing" as most of the white guys that we've met.

10. Do you use condoms or do you prefer unprotected sex?

As much as we know we should probably use protection - we much prefer unprotected. I have never liked the feel of condoms - they take too much away from the sensation. Besides hubby likes to see (and feel) me filled up. Of course, this makes us even more particular as to whom we choose to be with; though, I am pretty particular to start with.

11. If you have used both methods, which does hubby prefer (and why?)

I prefer CC to go bareback. As you and several others have expressed, there's nothing quite as exciting as the sight of a fresh cream pie, and slipping my cock into that creamy hole is almost heaven! Also I know how much she hates the feel of a cock wrapped in rubber, and have you ever sucked a woman's pussy after she's been fucked with the use of a condom? It doesn't have a very pleasant taste. Of course because of this fact we have to be very, very particular with those we involve ourselves with.

12. Is there anything you wouldn't do with black guys?

I have not allowed anal sex with a black guy - yet - but then I don't do it with the white guys either - hubby has not even enjoyed that but a very few times during our 20 yr marriage. However, I am trying to "work up the courage" to go there in the future with my black lovers (G). I guess the first step there is to start letting hubby have it a little more to get me accustomed to the "feel" of it a little better.

13. Does hubby like clean up duties? If so, on you only or the lovers too?

Coco, yes I do enjoy licking CC's pussy after she's been filled! Her pussy tastes totally different after she's been filled with cum than it does before, but it's a mixture of her female juices and the man's. Which leads me to believe that cum this way must be a completely different taste than coming directly from the tap so to speak. CC's pussy tastes great either way! As I mentioned earlier some guys have a problem with oral sex with a woman after she's had intercourse and I said I don't. It applies here. No I have never cleaned one of CC's lover's tools. Some might think I have Bi tendencies because I express willingness and enjoyment from eating her pussy filled up. I suppose there's little differential between the two, but I just don't have any urge to suck another man's cock, that's CC's pleasure and I leave that to her. Most times she will clean them and I will clean her.

Any additional things to add?

As a lot of the Dark Cavern followers already know, we film almost all of our adventures. We actually have some of those videos for sale. If you enjoy our stories, pics and video clips here at Dark Cavern, and are interested in purchasing a video, please contact us for further information. Thanks to everyone who has "followed" our adventures here on Coco's wonderful site; and for all of your encouragement - without it I probably would not have continued as far in this lifestyle as I have. And thanks to you, Coco, for your great site - it's a wonderful outlet for us and all those folks like us who really enjoy this lifestyle - and for those who only dream of enjoying it. WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR SITE!!!