Dark Desires in poetic form.
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The first time I saw'er in the back of a the car,
Doing a spade she picked up in the bar,
I knew I'd found the black cock whore I'd wanted for my whole life.
Watching her suck that black guy's dick
Got me off good and quick.
And, after a brief coutship, I made that sexy honky whore my wife.

After we'd finished saying I do,
Right away she started to screw.
She fucked the limo driver while still in her wedding dress.
That was really something to see.
He fucked her right in front of me.
And, when he finshed shooting off, I cleaned up the mess.

Since then, its been quite a ride.
Everybody in town is fucking my bride.
Every night it seems she's got another black dick in her jaw.
But I'm not complaining - not a bit.
In fact, I'm getting off on it.
My new wife is taking more black cocks than anyone I ever saw.

And now, as far as I can see,
She likes it just as much as me.
She gets off like she's crazy when she gets a blackman's cum.
I know our marriage was meant to be.
She's loves fucking blacks in front of me.
And, after they get thru fucking her, she always gives me some.



As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.
That musta been what happened to me
The day I got home early from school for acting up in class.
My 3 to 11 dad was at his job,
And, in our house, the milkman Bob
Was upstairs kissing my mom,with his hands all over her ass.

I couldn't do nothing but listen and watch
As he pawed her titties and fingered her crotch.
I couldn't believe a blackman was touching'er like Bob did.
Then he hauled out a big, black dick,
Longer than my dad's and twice as thick,
He told my mom to suck it. And, that's what my mom did.

I don't know if it was good or not,
But watching her suck it made me hot.
I stroked myself and ejaculated watching her blow that spade.
Then he spread my mother's thighs
And, after a couple hasty tries,
He got his black dick in'er and took his payment out in trade

In and out he rammed his cock
Big and black and hard as rock
Calling my mom his honky bitch and fucking her like a whore
Then I heard her softly moan
Lifting up to get Bob's bone
Telling him his big, black dick was making her pussy sore

It felt like I was getting some
When Bob the milkman started to cum
I ejaculated, watching him fuck'er and wishing it was me.
Ashamed and guilty and really confused,
I still got off watching mom get used,
Adding the thrill of black and white to my son/mom fantasy.

I hide as Bob went on his way,
But I'll remember to my dying day.
Blackmen fucking women I love has become my way of life.
Mother, like memories, is dead and gone
But I'm carrying our tradition on
By watching big black strangers take advantage of my wife.

She's a hot bodied country lass
With big old titties and a onion ass.
And, like my mom before her, she really likes the bucks.
So I'm still wanking and hiding,
Watching the guys she's riding,
I'm shooting off and loving every big, black dick she sucks.



I couldn't believe my fucking eyes.
But, personal experience never lies.
My wife was in our bedroom and she was doing another man.
It was her alright, the pride of the South,
Down on her knees with a dick in her mouth,
A blackman's dick! So big she could hardly hold in her hand

I felt betrayed, belittled and shamed.
But, it wasn't him or her I blamed.
I never should have told her all the fantasies I had.
She was doing it for me.
She wanted me to see.
So, as I watched her suck his cock, I wasn't even mad.

I quickly grew excited, aroused and hot as heck,
Watching him paw her titties and nibble on her neck.
My white dick got hard as his, though his was a whole lot bigger.
She opened her legs like greedy slut,
Then wrapped'em around his hairy butt,
And I got off like crazy watching her fuck that big dicked nigger.

Now we do it all the time.
She gets hers and I get mine.
3way sex with blackmen has become our favorite thing in life.
Nothing else even comes close.
And, I don't think its vile or gross
Nothing gets me off like watching a blackman fuck my wife.



The human need for anything foridden,
Fueled by even stronger needs to know,
Unleashes secret passions lying hidden,
Like seeds beneath the frozen Winter snow.

With passions born of social impositions;
Rumors, lies, envy, hate and fear.
We're haunted by confining superstitions
And all the naughty words we like to hear.

"Married, hot-assed, nigger dick cocksucker!"
"White trash, cum dump, nympho, honky whore!!"
Blackmen talking dirty while they fuck'er
Makes a white girl like it even more.

The "N" word's not demeaning or degrading
When used to heighten interracial sex.
A sexy white girl moaning, "Fuck me, nigger!!!"
Is exactly what the fantasy expects.

Its every married white girl's secret craving
To have a big, black dick between her legs.
She gives up all that pussy she's been saving
While her sissy husband masturbates and begs.

It only makes her pussy that much wetter
To hear the dirty talk and racial slurs.
She always likes a big, hard, black dick better
When the pussy that its buried in is hers.

Talk shit to married white girls when you screw'em.
That's the way to make that pussy yours.
Everytime you put that black dick to'em
Tell'em you're a nigger and call'em sluts and whores!



The snow moon's full.
I feel the pull...
Opening doors probably better left closed.
I lust anew, in sordid pride,
Aching to see my lovely bride
In a motel with her clothes off, getting hosed.

Fucking strangers isn't a crime.
Its really is good the first time.
Watching her get it always makes me harder than a rock.
The stranger between her thighs
Is only me in my disguise,
And its the first time everytime she takes a stranger's cock.

The pull is strong.
But what if I'm wrong?
What if she doesn't want a horny stranger in our life?
So now I sit and wonder why
He's the man and I'm the guy
Masturbating like crazy while he's having sex with my wife.

Something learned on our own,
And often practiced while alone,
Takes us places and shows us things we all need to know.
Fucking him or fucking me
Is all the same, don't you see.
We're all just mating monkeys in someone else's show.



Me and 8 other white guys,
With our wives dressed to kill,
Went to an interracial party
To mingle, if you will?

Mingling, and fuck like rabbits.
Never saw nothing like it in my life..
Black studs fucking white women,
Including my dick loving wife.

We saw our wives touching black guys.
We saw'em kneel and suck'em.
Then we saw'em spread their thighs
And let those black guys fuck'em.

7 or 8 different pairs of hands
Spread my woman's legs that night.
It was a black/white fantasyland;
A wife watching voyeur's delight.

I'll never forget how sexy she was,
Or the blissful look on her face
When one black stud dismounted
And another one took his place.

I liked seeing other guys get cucked,
Watching and stroking just like me,
Seeing their wives and mine get fucked,
And getting off on it repeatedly.



I just feel helpless and stupid
she kneels beside him whispering into his ear
It's okay baby, you're all right.
Nobody thinks bad things about you
They're just grateful you let them have a good time while you do what you can
you know I can't help it
oh give it up already wtih that lame excuse nobody cares how you get your jollies as long as you're not hurting anybody else or yourself I guess...
that's where I worry
are you hurting yourself?
Am I?

Does it hurt me to eat my own cum? To fantasize about my past and people who I'll never have sex with again? Does it hurt me to compare myself unfavourably with others?
Honey, you love to feel small because it makes you feel like a child again and mommy will take care of you and daddy will take care of mommy okay?
Now you be good and put that soother back in your mouth...now bend over...mommy's going to take your temperature for a good long time.
Oh look at that your little cute penis is all hard. Wouldn't you just love to put that in mommy?
Wouldn't you just love mommy to touch that? Well daddy wants mommy just now... and daddy is even showing off just how much he's got over you... it's quite a lot.
Maybe one day you'll grow up and then you'll be the biggest and you'll get to fuck mommy...
in the meantime... let's play whoever has the biggest cock gets to be the man while whomever has the smallest cock gets to say yes dear and no dear and nothing else while he's used and abused like a cheap slut.

OH look how hard your cock is... don't worry, I'm just kidding.
All you'll get to do is sit in the corner and watch..
oh and you can take pictures too.
Make sure you get some nice shots up close and I've got some ideas for you too.

Good boy that's a good boy.

Mommy? I want to be like you. I want to be wanted like that.
Daddy? I want to be like you. I want to want like that.

One day I"ll figure out that I'm a daddy and maybe I'll find a woman who wants me as much as mommy wants daddy.



Sex is a fun place to visit;
A respite from everyday life;
A playground of dopamine rushes,
Delighting both husband and wife.

But sex is not self sufficient.
At least, it isn't with guys.
Its triggered by external forces,
And what we see with our eyes.

New is always exciting to us,
But spouses stop being new.
Sex becomes routine and dull.
You blame her and she blames you.

It all adds up to trouble
If you don't step up to the plate.
Tell her your fantasies - tell'er true!
You owe that much to your mate.

That first time sex excitement,
And that surge of raw desire,
Are vital to the bond you share.
And, NEW's what feeds the fire.

When I first mentioned interest
In casual sex with strangers,
My wife avoided the issue
And focused on the dangers.

I told her secret fantasies,
Hoping she'd understand.
She did, and, after haggling some.
She took me by the hand.

She loved and wanted to please me
. She wanted to be a good wife.
She was eager to try new things.
"Variety's the spice of life!"

Our marriage has never been stronger
Since we brought the NEWness in.
I stay hard and last even longer
When she entertains other men.

She's new to them and NEW to me
And I'm a truly a fortunate guy,
With one parting piece of advice
For those of you ready to try.

You gotta do it together,
However you choose to share.
Its not the same for either one
Unless the other's there.



A sexaholic since the day I was born,
I've always had a lot of fantasy porn,
So I asked my sexy wife if we could make my fantasies real.
She'd been with guys before we met
(More than she ever told me, I bet),
And, for her, having sex with strangers was really no big deal.

She liked being helpless, with no escape
And fantasized about black gang rape,
So I decided to help her make her own little fantasy real.
I found some blacks on the internet
Fucking any white girls they could get,
And they agreed to show her how a gangrape really feels.

I set it all up, how and where,
And they agreed to be there,
Assuring me my wife would never know it wasn't really rape.
I knew! But, I was still surprised
When we looked up and saw those guys.
They tied me up and grabbed my wife before she could escape.

Swarming like flies, trying to get at'er,
One after another, they all 3 had'er,
Making her suck their big black dicks and fucking her like a whore.
By the time the 2nd one started to screw'er,
Those strange black cocks were getting to'er,
And when Clyde got his big dick in'er, I could see she wanted more.

He looked at us both with a merciless grin,
saying they was ALL gonna fuck'er her again.
Then he told told me if I had the blue balls to go ahead and masturbate.
When my wife saw my rigid cock,
Swollen and full and hard as a rock,
She smiled and reached for Willie's big dick like she could hardly wait.

She sucked him off and swallowed his cum,
Then started giving "Big" Buster some,
While Clyde was busy greasing his cock and playing with her naked ass.
In spite of myself, I started to cum
As he forced his big cock up her bum
And reamed her tiny butthole quicker'n Boone's Farm gives you gas.

With me jerking off and watching him do'er,
Clyde held her down and really stuck it to'er
Calling her names like 'married white bitch' and 'blackcock honky whore'
I got off 'til my dick was numb
Watching'em fill her up with cum.
Those 3 'rapists' fucked my wife like she's never been fucked before.

Giving her the fucking she'd dreamed about,
They used my wife and turned her out,
Fucking her so much even I lost track of how many fuckings she got.
Her pussy and thighs were covered with cum,
Her ass was aching and her tits were numb,
But, she'd never looked more beautiful to me...or sexier....or HOT!

As I wiped off the cum and scented grease,
We agreed to forget about police,
And she put it all together while I was busy wiping off her crotch.
She giggled, fondly - thanking me
For showing her her fantasy,
And told me the best part of all, for her, was me being there to watch.



It hurt me when she started dating,
But I loved her and swallowed my pride.
Now I'm at home, masturbating
While she's getting dicked on the side.

She tells me her lover is bigger
And better at fucking than me.
I knew she was fucking a nigger.
And, she knew I wanted to see.

"He knows I'm married," she told me,
"And I know he likes rubbing it in.
He might even let you help hold me
When he fucks my white pussy again."

I showed her how hard her talk made me.
How anxious I was to see him do'er.
She said she would mock and degrade me
If I wanked while I watched him screw'er.

The nigger in every white girl's dreams?
He was all of that and more,
Stretching her pussy at the seams,
Fucking her hard, and calling her "whore".

I was wanking to beat the band
When she moaned, "Ohhh Fuck me, nigger!"
I shot off all over my hand
Watching that black cock trip her trigger.

He made her suck his long, black dick,
And fucked her over and over again.
I couldn't help getting off too quick...
It was my wife's pussy his cock was in!

She even lets'em fuck'er here at the house.
She likes giving hot white pussy away.
And now that I'm her cuckold spouse,
I watch and do whatever they say.



I'm into watching so I guess it figures
There'd be other men in my married life.
Including my favorite: BIG DICKED NIGGERS.
I love watching blackmen fuck my wife.

Call me a wimp, a geek, or a sucker;
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
I get my nut when black guys fuck'er.
Thats how it is! What can I say?

Besides, she likes doing black guys,
Especially with me there to see.
She pulls'em down between her thighs
And fucks'em right in front of me!

She sucks'em 'til her lips are sore
And swallows every drop of the cum.
She rides'em like a blackcock whore.
And loves to take it up the bum.

White pussy is every black stud's desire.
The ultimate test of his sexual worth.
Sticking black dick in a white woman's pussy's
Got to be the greatest feeling on earth!

Soon as they see that in their mind,
They can't wait to join our sex lives.
Willing black studs are easy to find.
They like fucking whitemen's wives.

When I see the look on my wife's face,
I share his joy as he sticks it in.
Like him, I cum all over the place.
And, like her, I want'em to fuck'er again.

The second fuck's always better to me...
Watching her give'em all the pussy she's got.
White pussy fucking like it oughtta be:
Slower...and longer...and hotter than hot!

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
One man's fruit's another man's candy.
And, once you get your cock inside it,
My wife's white pussy cums in handy.



Married white pussy ain't made outta glass,
And a stiff, black cock won't break it.
My wife loves it in the pussy or the ass,
Especially if you hold'er down and take it.

She spreads them legs in nothing flat
When a black man wants to score.
Big ones, little ones; skinny, or fat,
She loves being a blackcock whore.

1st you, then you, then all the rest
One right after another.
She always does her very best
To please every one of the brothers.

She knows how to quench my thirst
For the kind of sex I wanna see.
But, she's always gonna be my whore 1st.
You wouldn't be fucking'er if not for me.



My wife likes her 3way lovers young, well hung, and black.
She loves sucking their cocks and taking'em up her crack;
Especially with me there watching her give that good white pussy to him.
I suppose it seems like I was getting cucked,
Taking pictures and wanking while she got fucked,
But, for some reason, I got really turned on and masturbated watching them.

Watching my wife sucking black dick;
Watching'em fucking'er her, deep and quick;
It arouses me so, I can't help stroking myself and wanking like a little kid.
Watching her lift up for it, anticipating his thrust;
Giving him all the pussy and wallowing in her lust...
Watching her being used and abused, and, loving it more'n the guy doing her did.

Why we like having sex with others,
Especially with...well, the bruthas,
We don't know. Its just a fantasy kind of sex that works for me and my wife.
We might be traumatized, or just plain dumb,
But when my wife's giving a black guy some,
We both have more (and better) orgasms, than we've ever had in our life.



It got me hotter than cajun fries
Watching my wife screw that nigger.
He fucked her right before my eyes,
And his cock was a whole lot bigger.

I just stood there, hard as a rock
Wanking as he pounded my wife...
Watching her take every incha that cock
Like she wanted it all her life.

Long and thick, it stretched her out.
And filled her like never before.
I watched him ramming it in and out,
And calling her a hot white whore.

I marveled at the way she climaxed,
Quivering with whorish delight.
The sex was so good, we all relaxed
And he fucked her half the night.

I wanked and watched and watched and wanked
And couldn't wait to do it again.
I love watching my wife get skanked,
Especially by big, blackmen.



Its fantasy sex, par excellence;
And, truly a joy for each;
Taboos, No-no's, carnal lust,
And, its all within your reach.

You white wives like it 'cause it's bad,
Wicked, whorish, and a sin!
And, once you do it, you're always glad
You decided to screw blackmen.

You black guys want white pussy
More than anything else in life.
Especially if her husband's wanking
And watching you fuck his wife.

Its more than just the male desire
For lips you've never kissed,
There's something about white pussy
You black guys can't resist.

You get hard just thinking about it.
And, for some reason, I do too!
I really like watching and wanking
When my wife's fucking one of you.

Its a fantasy you can have for real;
A white woman letting you screw'er.
And a hubby, like me, who loves it
When you're putting that black dick to'er!



Its hard to describe how sexy she was,
Half dressed and down on her knees,
Hesitating, then reaching right out
To give his black cock a squeeze.

"Suck it, bitch!," the black fellow said,
Rubbing his cock against her chin.
She looked at me as she opened her mouth
And let him slide that black dick in.

At first she sucked it gentle and slow,
Like a dignified lady of the South.
Then she sucked it hard and fast,
Like she wanted him to cum in her mouth.

He watched my wife going down on his cock
Mocking me in silent laughter
But it wasn't her mouth he wanted to fuck,
It was married white pussy he was after

"Come here, bitch!," he told her then
Forcing her down in the bed on her back.
He promised to give her the fucking of her life
And told me white women never went back"

He ripped away her panties, uncontested
And forced himself between her sexy thighs.
I watched her spread her legs, still uncertain
If she could really take a cock that size.

I watched her pussy stretch, permitting entry,
And stretch again as she was penetrated.
In no time flat, she was taking every inch,
Making me so hot, I masturbated.

Fucking him doggie, spread, and flat,
Standing up and girl on top...
She got hotter than a 10th St. whore
And begged that nigger not to stop.

I musta got off 3 or 4 times.
And him just as many or more.
We both liked making my innocent wife
A dick-sucking, black-cock whore.

A role she seemed to enjoy, as well,
Judging by her satisfied smile.
And, when blackcock said he had to go,
She begged him to stay awhile.

So, stay he did..., all night long...
Much to dick loving wife's delight.
He fucked'er so good, she invited him back.
He's cumming over Saturday night!



I've been playing with my dick my whole life.
I'm doing it even when I'm fucking my wife.
I often think of her naked and wet in the arms of a big, blackman.
That's when she looks HOT to me,
Sexier than anything sexy can be.
And, thats when everything's perfect for me and my right hand.

The hotter the stimulation -
The better the masturbation.
And, nothing makes my dick as hard as watching her fucking a black.
While he's screwing her in my bed,
I'm fucking with him in my head.
Cumming myself as he shoots off deep inside her hairy crack.

At first, she wouldn't hear of it.
But, if I start, I never quit.
So, she finally agreed,"just for me", to give black dick a try.
Searching for the magic of black on white,
She gave it everything she had that night.
And, we ended up cumming like crazy everytime she fucked the guy.

I sort of went into orgasmic shock
Watching her suck his big, black cock...
Looking sexier (with his dick in'er mouth) than she ever looked before.
Undaunted by his penis size,
Wet and eager to spread her thighs,
She whispered, "Stick it in me, baby. What are you waiting for?"

Well, thats exactly what he did
Making her squeal like a little kid
Stretching and filling her pussy in a way I never could.
She rolled her eyes and quivered
With each cum load he delivered,
And told him no one else had ever fucked her half that good.

"I wish you would have spanked me"
She teased, as she thanked me,
For showing her the kind of sex she never thought she'd see.
From that day on, she wanted more.
She liked being a blackman's whore.
Especially when she could suck and fuck him right in front of me.

A lot of guys have fucked her since
And, even now, in the present tense
For cocks of the ebony persausion, she still has quite a thirst
We both think sex with blacks is fun
Especially when there's more than one
But, of all the guys who've fucked my wife, none was like the first.



I took my little sweetie
For a weekend in Tahiti
To celebrate her willingness to become a blackcock whore.
In a smokey tourist tavern,
I met a black stud from the CAVERN
I told him my wife liked blackmen but I liked watching more.

He said he wanted me to see
Her fucking him instead of me
He liked fucking married white women more than anything in life.
It sounded like a plan
So as I shook his hand
I told him if he wanted to go upstairs, I'd let him fuck my wife.

He was so horny and excited
I really was delighted
And I knew I was gonna like watching him fuck my wife all night.
His head, no doubt, was spinning
But you should have seen him grinning
As we left the bar, he thanked me and promised to do'er up right.

My wife was more than ready
In a sexy see-thru teddy
Compared to Calvin's blackness, her skin looked as white as snow
He started feeling up my Misses
And he smothered her with kisses
And soon as my wife touched his cock, it really started to grow.

When her slim white fingers found it
She could barely reach around it
And she looked outrageously sexy with a black dick in her hand.
It wasn't a "monster" bone
Not much longer than my own
But it was really thick and about as big around as a diet soda can.

Before she started to fuck him
She let me watch her suck him
Wrapping her bright red married lips around his big, black pole
I watched her red hair bob
As she mouthed his rigid knob
And thought about how that dick would look deep in'er pussy hole.

I didn't have long to wait,
And I started to masturbate,
When he spread her legs and asked me if he could stick'er.
When she saw my great desire,
She raised her legs up higher,
And had a blissful climax as that black stud started to dick'er.

His black cock stretched her pussy wide,
Filling her up everywhere inside,
As, again and again, his hairy balls flopped up against her pink.
And everytime he shoved it,
My wife and I both loved it...
Interracial sex and married white folks is BIGGER than you think!



I watch my wife with blackmen,
From behind a one way glass.
I see'em ram their big cocks in
Her pussy and her ass.

To them, she just a white thing...
A married blackcock whore.
But she who proudly wears my ring
Is that, and so much more.

She's the perfect wife for me -
A woman who thrives on screwing.
And regardless of how it seems to be,
He's just something we're doing.

He's getting laid, just like he planned...
White pussy between white thighs.
He doesn't want to understand
Or know about the "whys."

He just came to bust a nut
Deep in my wife's pussy.
After all, she's just a slut
And I'm justa dickless wussy.

His point of view in all of this
Is a win-win all the way.
And, ignorance is truly bliss
Just like the old ones say.

He won't be here tomorrow.
He is, but he isn't, there.
He'sa big, black dick, we borrow
For the fantasy we share.

As she's moaning and giving him some,
I feel it everytime he screws her.
His black cock makes all 3 of us cum
And nobody goes home a loser.

But she's whored with me half her life.
Its always HIM that leaves alone.
He might fuck'er but she's my wife,
And will be after he's gone.



Next to the bar, at a table close by,
Hubby was giving us both the eye,
Excited about the black stud tryin'to get in my pants.
The guy was cute, with laughing eyes,
And I got that tingle between my thighs
When he looked right at hubby as he asked ME to dance.

He said he'd often dreamed in Haiti
About a sexy married lady
With a husband who liked to watch blackmen fuck his wife.
He said, "You're her, I think...
So sexy, white and pink,
And I've been dreaming about this day all my fucking life."

As his hands explored my body,
He told me I was a hottie,
Pressing his growing erection against the softness of my crotch.
He said, despite my wedding ring,
He knew BLACK was really my thing,
And he said if I joined him in his room, he'd even let hubby watch.

He sorta swept me off my feet,
And I was blushing red as a beet,
Embarassed by the sudden lust that flared inside if me.
He said his name was Clay,
And I was horny anyway,
So I decided to show my husband what he wanted to see.

When Clay spread me out wide,
And inched his big, black dick inside,
I had the kind of orgasm I'd only dreamed of having before.
I lifted my legs, wanting it again....
Urging him to fuck me...to ram it in,
While hubby wanked and watched him fuck and use me like a whore.

With wanking hubby there to see,
That kid climbed all over me,
Making me hot and saying things like fucking a blackcock whore.
He really stretched my tunnel wide,
Filling me all the way up inside
He fucked so deep and hard that night, he made my pussy sore.

"Here it cums!", he shouted,
And my husband never doubted,
That Clay's black dick was spraying cum deep inside of me.
"Fuck that bitch!", hubby said,
"Drive her white ass through the bed!
Make her cum all over your cock! That's what I wanta see!"

I clung to his smooth ebony skin,
Cumming hard, again and again,
Experiencing a level of pleasure I've rarely, if ever known.
In that darkened motel room,
With his black dick in my womb,
I knew from that day forward, I'd want black guys on my own.

I wanted Clay to fuck me,
I moaned everytime he stuck me,
Orgasmically in sync with every thrust of his black dick.
And, the harder I got hammered,
The more hubby got enamored,
Watching us fuck and jerking off like a kid at a porno flick.

Several hours later,
My exhausted masturbator
Collapsed beside us on the bed and soon was fast asleep.
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She said, "Just forget'im,"
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He pulled out a cock like a baseball bat
And started sticking it into my wife.

He stretched her pussy all out of shape
And fucked'er deep and hard,
Making her cum and beg like a whore
As soon as she lowered her guard.

I watched her giving that pussy away.
She loved it and I don't mean maybe.
Even I got off when he started to cum
And she said she wanted his baby!

After we left about 5 am,
All the way home in the car,
She touched herself and told me
Nobody had ever been in'er that far.

His cum was still seeping out of her crack
When I spread her out down there.
Her stretched pussy easily sheathed my cock
With plenty of room to spare.

Knowing what made her hole bigger,
And looser than ever before,
I screwed'er her and thought about the nigger
I'd watched fucking her like a whore.

I shot my cum in her pussy too,
Reliving it and fanning the fires;
And, to this day, spreading for blacks
Is the thing she most desires.



It was I who made it happen!
It was all by my design.
I was half asleep and napping
When it popped up in my mind.

I needed someone to see with...
Someone to watch and sing along.
And, she needed someone to be with...
Someone dominate and strong.

She always cried and stammered,
"Hon, I doing this for you!,"
As I watched her getting hammered
By a man she hardly knew.

But, it was I who led her to it,
Oft' demanding she comply.
If you wonder why she'd do it,
Look not further - It was I.



I watched my wife and the stranger,
Second guessing, as I'm prone to do.
But she wasn't in any real danger
And I could see she wanted it too.

I saw him open his trousers
And pull out a rigid black cock
Just like it looks on our browsers
BIG! and as hard as a rock

I'm just a creature of habit.
I do what I do what I do.
So, watching her reach out and grab it,
Was perfect from my point of view.

She fondled it ever so lightly,
As if in awe of it's girth.
Then she gripped more tightly
And stroked it for all she was worth.

"Oh baby...I can't wait to fuck it,"
He said, as he pulled up a chair.
"But first, "I want you to suck it!"
Then he grabbed her by the hair

He pulled her to her stockinged knees
Between his outspread thighs.
"All you had to say was PLEASE,"
She said. "I like it with sexy black guys!"

Grinning at me like I sent it
And wiggling her ass and her hips,
She immediately proved she meant it
By lifting his cock to her lips.

She sucked his big dick from stem to stern
Getting all of us hotter than HOT.
Then opened her legs and said, "Your turn!
Come see what Momma's got!"

He tongued her pussy until she came
And then they sixty-nined.
That's when old big dick what's his name
Took over and blew her mind.

I felt the itch she wanted to scratch
By the "DO-IT-TO-ME" look in her eyes.
And as soon as his big cock touched her snatch,
She moaned and opened her thighs.

As I watched him hammer her like a whore.
Stretching and bruising her hole.
I started cumming all over the floor.
Getting off way down in my soul.

"Oh my godddd!" I heard her moan.
"I've never had one this thick!"
"You like-it, don't you?" I heard him groan,
As he filled her with his big, black dick.

"Get that white pussy...," I daydreamed,
Imagining myself in his place.
I really liked how we all three creamed
With the pleasure and not the disgrace.

He did her twice more before leaving.
And he mentioned he might tell a friend.
Thereafter, we started receiving
Inquiries from other blackmen.

My wife has a wife's intuition,
So she picks who she wants to do.
She looks for a man with ambition,
Who wants her like she wants him to.

She's into earth signs: Taurus the bull;
And guys who are trying to share.
She likes it when all of our cups are full
And we all want all of us there.

She talks sometimes in whorish terms.
When strange guys start to ride her.
She loves it when their sticky sperms
Are spurting deep inside her.

How that works for me, as well
Is a mystery un-resolved
But we both like it. I can tell.
So, I guess the mystery's solved.

I know when my wife's really screwing
And not just turning a trick
That's why I like what we're doing.
Its all about pussy and dick.

A stranger's a new way to do her.
And a pleasure for him, I might say.
I know while I'm watching him screw her
That we all really like it that way.

I share him w/her. She shares him w/me.
And he gets what he's wanted all his life.
Nobody's getting cheated as far as I can see.
Not every guy'll let you fuck his wife.

So forget about me when you stab it.
It's perfect from my point of view.
I'm just a creature of habit.
I do what I do what I do.



The party was perfect...my kind of mix,
Lottsa black studs and married white chicks.
Aroused and anxious, I nursed a watery scotch,
And waited with the others who only came to watch.

My wife went to mingle, in search of romance.
I watched as blackmen asked her to dance.
I saw the desire and lust in her eyes
As she flirted and teased a couple-a-guys.

Rubbing up against'em and letting'em touch...
Hugging and kissing and tonguing and such.
Sending them signals of her consent,
Then the guys took over and away they went.

I lost'em in the crowd and wandered around
Watching other blacks laying white women down.
Then I opened the door to a room in the back
And I almost had a damn heart attack

There my wife was with her legs all spread,
Giving one pussy and the other one head.
They took turns fucking my wife like a whore,
While I jerked off all over the floor.

She took every inch of their thick black meat.
Panting and moaning like a bitch in heat.
Then a couple other black studs strolled in
So I watched'er get fucked all over again.

When they were finished, she needed a break
So I fetched her a drink and some coffe cake.
I told her I watched'er and wanked my dick,
And she told me their cocks were really thick.

She said she got so hot, she lost control
And couldn't help cumming as they pounded her hole.
She asked me if I thought it would be alright
If she wanted to stay and fuck'em all night.

Wondering how many guys might want to try'er,
I showed'er my cock, still stiff with desire.
I rubbed it slowly, with my stroking hand
And told'er her wish was my command.

After that, she fucked more'n a dozen guys
In front of my own and other men's eyes.
Panting and moaning and going non-stop;
She let anybody who wanted her cop.

Knowing she was hotter with me watching'em do'er
I wanked and watched everyone of'em screw'er.
And it couldn't have been better from where I sat
She's never been as horny, or, as hot as that.

It felt like I was fucking too everytime a black dick hit it.
And, I came so much, so many times, I almost overdid it.
Her pussy was sore for several days but she stayed smoking hot.
And we'll still share the memory of those big, black dicks she got.



Sex defines my whole being.
I've loved it all my life.
My favorite thing is seeing
Total strangers fuck my wife.

How can I describe the thrill
I get watching other guys do'er?
Black guys make it hotter still.
I freak watching blackmen screw'er.

Its like he's the 1st string humper
And I'm just one of the fans.
I sit and watch him pump'er
And jerk off in the stands.

He fucks her like I wish I could
Making her squeal and moan
And when he's sticking it to her good
I sit and cum alone

But watching is better than doing
If you want be something you ain't.
I love it when the guy she's screwing
Is giving her something I can't.

Unless there's a blackman deep in her crack
Being what I want to be,
My cock can't ever really be black,
And there's no "white pussy" for me!



Cleavon's a drug dealer hearabouts with a cock I wish I had.
He's her type without a doubt and he wants to fuck her bad.
But we don't party with local guys, especially here in town
If any of our friends ever got wise, they'd all be putting us down

I fussed and acted all offended, but I didn't actually say "NO"
When he offered me an 8-ball to let him give my wife a go,
The idea kinda aroused me. I'd thought of her fucking the guy.
And he never knew we gave others what he wanted so much to buy.

I talked to the wife about the deal and she knew I was eager to trade.
She knows how watching her makes me feel, especially if she's banging a spade.
"Sounds like free cocaine to me." she said, with a gleam in her eye.
"And you've always wanted to see me get it on with a local guy!"

We decided he deserved a shot, considering the size of his fee
And black guys always made her hot when I was there to see
He came over that very night...Smiling, anxious to screw her.
I made him swear he'd never tell before I let him do'er..

In record time he shed his clothes... Proud of his thick, black cock
As soon as my wife touched it, it got stiff and hard as rock!
I'd once bragged she gave good head. He wanted to know how good
So he told her to go ahead and suck it. "Suck it like he said you would."

She told him to say "pretty please" as she crawled across the floor.
When he said it, she started stroking his cock and sucking it like a whore.
Cleavon said it felt so good he night let her suck it all day
There was no way hide my erection so I flaunted it and wanked away

"I'm cumming!" Cleavon hollored when he started letting his goo go
And while she choked and swallowed, he said, "Get that black cum, 'ho!"
With practiced ease, she drained his spout, sucking like she'd never stop.
When Cleavon himself finally pulled it out, you shoulda heard the pop.

"Now I wanna fuck you,baby" he told my wife and me,
Insisting I move up closer where I could really see.
Making sure I'd see his black dick when he stuck it in my wife's crack,
He put her on her hands and knees and fucked her from the back.

"Whatever you want," she whispered, anxiously wiggling her bum
As I watched him fucking her pussy, I couldn't help but cum.
"Gimme that tight white pussy" he said, ramming all the way in.
"Shake that fat ass, baby. Daddy wants to cum again!"

While Cleavon rammed it to her, deep, with all his might.
She squealed and started cumming as she quivered with delight
"Does she cum like that when you fuck her?" Cleavon taunted me
Never knowing his big, black dick was where I wanted it to be.

After he drained his balls again and shot another load
I thanked him for the cocaine and told him to hit the road
I told him i was a one time thing but he hasn't given up hope
I know he'll want to fuck'er again as soon as he gets some dope.