Dark Desires in poetic form.
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Some adult websites only want money.
But, I know one that'll thrill you, honey.
Its about blackmen screwing white wives.
And, how the need to HAVE IT survives.

It's a website different from all the others,
Its about white couples and the black bruthas!
There's a lot of white wives willing to share,
And well hung black guys are everywhere.

We all know blacks like to fuck white chix...
That married white sluts like big, black dicks.
So to make sure black guys find their way,
White wives are giving white pussy away!

While their husbands are wanking beside the beds,
With visions of "wives getting fucked" in their heads,
The wives are busy laughing and smoking that weed,
And giving all the black guys everything they need.

We got wives who risk it all, despite the social dangers,
And wives who like the thrill they get from fucking strangers.
Wives who really like it black....and long....and hard...and thick
Wives who can't stop thinking about a big, black dick.

We got husbands who whack off and think about life
While horny black strangers are fucking their wife.
And husband's driven by fantasy, lust and curiosity,
Letting blackmen fuck their wives just so they can see.

So, if you're a wife watcher who likes to wank,
Then Coconut's definitely THE MAN to thank.
And, if you wanna set up an interracial three,
DARK CAVERN.com is the place to be!

There's no guarantees but, I'll tell you what.
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My wife and a black man's all I see.
He's fucking her right in front of me.
And, I can't explain how hot and horny just watching it makes me feel.
My pee-pee's hard as a TV dinner,
Watching HIM stick that black dick in'er,
And, I get off on fantasy fucks, especially when the fantasy's REAL!

SHE's so soft, so pure, sooo WHITE!
HE's sooo HARD, so dark, so NIGHT!
Together - they're the fantasy fuck I've always wanted to see.
I stare at his big, black cock
So stiff and hard as rock
Then, watch him stick it in my wife's pussy just like he was me.

I'd fuck'er myself if I wasn't so white.
But, you gotta be BLACK to do it right.
So, I just stand back wanking while I'm watching her getting fucked.
It turns me on just being there.
It curls my toes and kinks my hair.
It's the perfect place to be when you wanna get off on being cucked!

She lifts, and bends, her knees,
Giving his muscled ass a squeeze,
Trying to get his lengthy cock balls deep inside her muff.
She moans with whorish delight
When he tells'er the pussy's tight,
And, starts to writhe beneath him like she can't get enough

Like a rabid fan at a playoff game,
I urge him on and call his name,
Delighted to see HIM fucking my woman the way I think he should.
Seeing'em kissing and cumming and flirting
Gets me so hot, I start spurting
And telling him to "FUCK'ER HARDER!"...to "FUCK THAT PUSSY GOOD!"

Watching him ram his black cock in
Makes my little dick HARD again
And I start stroking so fast you'd think I was getting me some.
Then, as he stiffens up inside'er,
I just wank and watch him ride her.
And, listen to her urging him to fill her tight, white pussy fulla CUM.

Black guys always fuck her twice,
Sometimes more if it's really nice,
And they all like fucking my wife's pussy with me right there to see.
They say I'm pussy...a fucking whimp;
With dick no bigger'n a baby shrimp!
And, claim my wife likes fucking them much more than she likes me.

And black guys always share with friends
So the sucking and fucking never ends
'Til everybody everybody knows gets to stick a black dick in my wife!
Long as I watch'em all go at'er...
How many fucks'er doesn't matter.
I just wanna see her to ride black cocks for the rest of our married life!



We tried dildos, sex tapes, and all that other shit
But, we never got the BIG ONE we always wanted to get.
So, I got innovative and devised a master plan.
I told my wife I thought we oughtta try another man.

She asked me what I meant? Then, who?and where?and when?
And, she got me real excited when she asked about blackmen.
My fucking dick betrayed me, getting hard for her to see...
So, I didn't lie. I told her fucking black guys worked for me.

Both anticipating what had been our secret dream,
We planned the big adventure, together - like a team.
His name was Hal. He worked at Sears. We met him at the mall.
He was charming, flirty and sexy - athletic and 6 feet tall.

He sized us up in an instant and started right into his pitch.
He said my wife was hittin'...that he wanted to fuck the bitch!
His bluntness was disarming but his goal was my goal's twin.
And, frankly, I was more than ready to see him stick it in.

Equally excited, though reserved and more subdued,
My wife was clearly willing, even anxious, to get screwed.
Sporting a lengthy hardon even trousers couldn't hide,
Hal said he had a room and asked us both to take a ride.

A seedy southside motel was truly apropos...
The perfect place to see the Hal and Wendy show.
And, what a show it was. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Hal's cock was big and black and, twice my weinie's size!

First he made her suck it, on her knees in the fucking floor.
And when she stopped, he told her "keep on sucking, whore!"
His rough talk made me horny and Wendy musta liked it, too
She didn't flinch when he got off, she just swallowed his goo.

With no attempt to hide the lust and longing in her eyes,
My wife got naked on the bed and spread her trembling thighs.
She said, "fuck me, nigger - FUCK ME!", urging him to do'er.
As Hal took his big black dick and tried to stick it through her.

As his cock stretched her pussy and disappeared from sight,
I'll never forget the way she gasped and squealed in pure delight.
And, as soon as Hal got it all in'er, he slowly pulled it back,
Then buried it again, fucking her deep, getting me ready to jack.

I stroked my stiffy like a horny kid with a Playboy magazine,
Watching my wife give up the pussy like nothing I ever seen.
She fell in love with Hal's big cock right in front of my eyes,
Probably wishing my dick was that big, instead of half that size!

He musta fucked her 4 or 5 times...(I lost count at three).
I knew Wendy liked fucking him better'n she liked fucking me.
But I got off when they did. Their triumph was my triumph, too.
Nobody liked it anymore than I did so fantasies can come true!

Hal even moved in for awhile - (just 'til he got on his feet).
And everytime I worked late, he'd slip my wife the meat.
And Connie admitted, me there watching made her pussy wetter."
And Hal said me watching'em just made fucking her "better!"

When I wasn't there, Hal was different...bolder than before...
He treated Wendy like a slave and fucked her like a whore.
Sometimes, he fucked'er for hours talking alotta shit.
Other times, he'd pull up'er dress, fuck'er, and then just split!

Even in sanctioned adultery, the carnal fixation always ends.
Connie stopped seeing Hal when he started bringing friends.
She never knew about the cameras or the video tapes I made...
Or the hours I spent wanking and watching her fuck that spade.



I guess our marital goose was cooked
The 1st time we partied with a black guy.
I knew by the way my slut-wife looked
She wanted to give black peter a try!

I watched her suck him like a whore...
Watched his dark cock stretch her jaw..
I got so horny, I wanked on the floor.
It was the sexiest sucking I ever saw!

His big cock glistened with my wife's spit
As she sucked him with whorish delight.
I could tell the bitch was loving it
And thought she'd suck it all night!

But the guy said he wanted to fuck her...
That he'd waited as long as he could!
And, that's when I felt my asshole pucker...
And, my dick getting hard as a sticka wood!

FUCK her, he did - like never before...
Filling the void between her thighs...
Making her cum like a blackcock whore
Right in front of husband's eyes!!!

She laid in his arms, her blue eyes glowing...
Cuddling, kissing, and wallowing in sin!
And, soon'as she got his black dick growing,
She opened her legs and fucked him again!

He got off 3 or 4 times in a row,
Flooding her pussy with a river of jizz...
Fucking her, and fuckin'er, and fucking'er some mo'...
Driving her crazy with that dick of his!!!

After he left, we fucked like newly-weds...
Thinking about him and the way he'd been!
His big, black dick filled both our heads,
And we got off on it again and again!

Now, doing blacks is our way of life.
We cum together like never before!
I love watching blackmen pleasure my wife
While I'm jerking off all over the floor!



I'm lying in the tall grass at midnight.
The moon is full, making it's way across the cloudy sky.
The clouds are backlit, their edges silver with moonlight.
The summer air is warm, the grass cool and prickly against my naked backside.

My mind is filled with thoughts of you, I came here to try to clear it.
Lying here, in the tall grass, at midnight, eyes closed, imagining a man kneeling beside me, kissing,
tonguing my belly and my breasts, his breath hot and moist and ragged.
I can feel his fingers tracing patterns on my skin, hands squeezing my soft flesh.

I hear a soft moan escape me.
Every inch of my skin is alive and wanting.
My heart is pounding, surging my life force, heating my skin from the inside out, swelling my clit, making me ready.
I gasp as he takes my nipple into his mouth, sucking hard and pulling with his teeth, directly effecting ‘down there'.

My body moves up to meet his touch, pleading for more.
His hand has found that delicious wetness, one finger takes a taste to his mouth, and I can feel him smile.
Gently parting my legs, I know what comes next.
My breathing is hard and loud now, as I feel his mouth press to my clit.

He has his face buried between my legs, tongue and lips working in concert, biting, teasing, licking, pressing.
My eyes have rolled back into my head, my hands are clutching the earth as if I might fall off.
My breathing has become shallow and quiet.
I am very still.

I don't want to miss a single movement, I want to feel everything.
I can feel the grass, warm now, making tiny impressions in my soft skin.
I can feel the clouds passing over the moon.
I can feel that my nipples are erect and delightfully aching.

I can feel my muscles straining, tense with anticipation.
I can feel his warm, damp mouth kissing my wetness.
I can feel the building intensity of my climax.
I can feel that my skin is moist with perspiration.

I can feel him slowly slip a finger inside of me, and the intensity increase.
I am in another place now, that place that I constantly crave, bucking and moaning and writhing.
I can feel juice trickle down the crack of my ass.
He moves up my body, kissing and licking and sucking and biting my aching nipples, and I think I might cum again just from that.

My eyes still closed, he enters me while I'm throbbing and swollen inside, and I can feel every inch that he travels.
The first thrust is my favorite, I exhale a moan, grab his ass and pull him to me, pushing my hips up to meet him.
We're wet and our bodies slide against one another.
As he pulls back from his thrusts, I squeeze inside, and twist my hips in small circles to work every inch of him.

We're both hot to the touch now, breath coming hard and I know that he's in his own world.
When he cums, he bucks hard against my body, and I can feel him pulsing inside of me.
We lay spent in the tall grass, waiting for our hearts to stop racing, for our breathing to become normal.
The weight of him on top of me feels indescribably good, I want it to last forever.

He still hasn't spoken, but I know that it's you.
I know your smell, the feel of your mouth, your skin, I know you like I know myself.
You fill my mind, my soul, every inch of me.
I'm lying in the tall grass at midnight.

The moon is full, making it's way across the cloudy sky.
The clouds are backlit, their edges silver with moonlight.
The summer air is warm, the grass cool and prickly against my naked backside.
My mind is filled with thoughts of you, I came here to try to clear it.



I've spent quite a bit of my life
Watching other men enjoy my wife.
I guess 'watching' is my 'thing', as they say.
But, the joy I always feel
when the dick she sucks is real
thrills me in an intimate and very special way.

I struggle to believe
the pleasure I receive
Watching as my lovely wife gives a stranger some.
Everytime she's used,
I'm conflicted and confused,
but always feeling soooo excited I can't help but cum.

When I see his big dick in'er,
Just like him, I'm a winner.
And, together, we'll give my wife a night she won't forget.
I can somehow watch and do
and, HE's the way I screw
The way I choose to fuck my sexy wife, without regret.

Whore/wife - wife/whore
Merely this and nothing more
Live a little, partner. Watch a stranger do your wife
I'm a wannabe spectator
And Sideline masturbator
But, I've never felt such awesome pleasure in my life.



When he said watching me screwing
Was what he wanted to see,
I didn't know what he was doing,
Or what his problem could be'

I resisted it from the very start.
Sometimes, even refusing to talk.
Until the day he broke my heart
And said, "Do it, or I'm gonna walk!"

Unwilling, and, trying to hide it,
I finally gave up and said "screw it"
Convinced that soon as we tried it,
He'd no longer want me to do it.

My marriage was really in danger.
I was frightened like never before.
So, I spread my legs for stranger
And fucked him just like a whore.

My husband got very elated,
His own dick hard in his hand,
As he watched me being degraded,
And used by that other man.

"Fuck'er!, he urged "Fuck'er good!"
Getting off on that guy's fun,
Saying he'd fuck me soon'as he could,
Right after his buddy was done.

I didn't know what he was doing.
I just knew he liked it alot.
So, I moaned and kept on screwing,
Making it good and keeping him hot.

When it was over I held my breath,
Hoping it was like he wanted it to be;
Ashamed, confused and scared to death,
And worried he'd blame it all on me.

He said he'd never been so pleased,
Said he really liked watching me whore.
We hugged and kissed and laughed and teased,
And then made love like never before.

He asked if I like fucking strange men.
Said nothing else made him that hot.
And he was very eager to do it again
So, we did - the first chance we got.

The 2nd time, I wasn't frightened.
I got aroused and I didn't know why
All of my senses were heightened
And I couldn't help liking the guy.

He was kind and thoughtful and formal
(I'd never been with a black).
His cock was bigger than normal,
And, I ended up fucking him back.

I worried hubby would be irate
When he saw me liking it too,
But all he did was masturbate,
And tell that blackman what to do.

He was having the time of his life
As I listened in total shock
"Fuck'er," he said, "Fuck my wife!"
"Give her that big, black cock!"

And the black guy really fucked me, too,
Taking me places I'd never been,
He told my husband, when he got through,
That I'd be wanting that dick again.

I tried to deny it with all my might.
But, there wasn't anything I could do.
Despite my shame, I knew he was right.
His big, black dick was a dream come true.

Three more times he fucked me,
And, three more times I hid.
Afraid my horny husband would see
Me cumming everytime he did.

The 3rd time when we all connected
I knew what my husband was doing.
Who would have ever suspected?...
We were all simultaneously screwing.

I was fucking'em both, unilaterally,
Delighted that I finally knew why.
And, black dick meant no more to me
Than white pussy meant to the guy.

The man between us, (the other guy),
Was a big black dick and nothing more.
All I really had to do was identify
And be a good wife as well as a whore.

In the stranger's eyes I was just a fuck...
A cum loving black/white fantasy.
But, with hubby's help and a little luck
I can whore while he makes love to me.

You have to be there to understand
How great fucking another man is.
I stay with my husband - hand in hand,
Making love to that big, black dick of his.



She thinks I'm afflicted,
And, tells me I'm addicted
To sex and porn and drugs and other nasty stuff.
Though I respect her views,
The woman has to choose
What she wants to do 'cause big daddy's had enough.

I love the whore she hates,
And, no matter what it takes.
She better let herself go, or the shit's gonna hit the fan.
I'm sorry she's confused,
And feels she's being used,
But she's my wife and she's gotta learn how to trust her man.

Watching ain't a crime.
I do it all the time.
Giving each other pleasure has to be our only goal.
I know she likes it too!
What the bitch should do
Is just relax and let her whorish nature take control.

Fucking strangers free
Is just like fucking me.
Every stranger I let fuck her's just a spousal booty call.
Its only sex and nothing more.
She's my wife - not his whore.
The cock thats in between us shouldn't matter to her at all.

The guilt she claims to feel
Is never quite as real
As the pleasure she enjoys while she's going through it.
If it really pains her so,
Why doesn't she say "No!"
Instead of cumming like a whore everytime we do it

I think she's a phony,
Serving up balogna,
Insisting she don't like it while I watch her getting hot.
I see her writhe and moan
When she takes another bone,
Why can't she just admit that she likes it more than not.

And, when it comes to blacks,
She distorts the facts,
Concealing her depraved desires from them, as well as me.
I wish she'd just suck'em
And admit she loves to fuck'em
Don't I admit her screwing blacks is a big turn-on for me?

When I see blackmen screw'er,
They really sock it to'er,
They gratify and satisy all her cravings right before my eyes.
I'm not ashamed to say,
It really makes my day
Everytime I see a blackman's hairy ass between her thighs

And, after they depart,
It always breaks my heart,
When she withdraws in silence and acts like I'm not there.
While I'm celebrating,
And busy masturbating,
She's alone, refusing to acknowledge the joys we could share.

I hate her trying to hide
What I know she feels inside.
I only love her more because its blacks she loves to screw!
I really want her then,
But, she won't let me in.
She somehow just can't trust me when I say I love it too.

Our mutual need to cop
Is just too strong to stop,
And I can't get her to do with me to save my life.
So, together, we're alone,
Getting pleasure on our own,
Grasping individually what we can't as man and wife.



He's a real photo freak.
A camera bug, so to speak
And he took plenty of pictures the night I fucked his wife.
He likes looking at pics
Of her riding other men's dicks.
And he told me he's been like that all his freaking life.

His wife was quite a looker.
Big ole ass and eyes like a hooker.
The same kind of girl we used to fuck on the locker room floor.
Give'em half a chance
And they're ready to drop their pants.
I wanted to fuck her white ass as soon as she opened the door.

But shutterbug run the show.
She was HIS WIFE, you know.
So I just chilled at first and let old sissy-boy set the pace.
When he broke out cocaine,
I wasn't feeling no pain.
So, I suggested he tell his wife to give me some of that face.

He really liked that a lot.
Watching'er got him hot.
As soon as I said it, his little cock got hard as a fucking brick.
When he told his wife to do it,.
She got right down to it
And, he started taking pictures and watched her suck my dick.

With a mouth like a suction cup,
She gobbled my black dick up.
Sucking it good like any other black dick sucker.
When I started to explode
She swallowed all of my load
And he got so hot, he told me to go ahead and fuck'er.

She said a deal's a deal
And let me cop a feel
With him taking pictures and urging me to screw'er.
She gave me all that crack,
Didn't hold nothing back,
Grinning at her husband while I was sticking it to'er.

I turned out that whore,
Making her pussy sore,
Smoking her phat white ass like Big Mac all beef patty.
I reamed that pussy good.
Like a big dicked nigger should.
And made her cum so much she was calling my black ass "daddy"

I stayed in that pussy all night.
Fucking her left and right.
While shutterbug watched me do it and told me to fuck her harder!
When I got ready to split,
I squeezed the bitches tit,
And told'er I might come back if she'd give me a souvenir garter.

Its still hanging on my rear view,
Reminding me and maybe you,
That married white women don't mean all the nasty things they say.
Most of'em love a big, black dick,
Especially when its long and thick.
When it comes to niggers, white women all wanna give that pussy away!



The thought of my black meat
Kinda swept her off her feet
She liked when I caught her ass checking out my "willie"
She's wasn't really whoring
And, seemed a little boring
But when she took me home that, she fucked my black ass silly.

She wanted to play
But, only, her way.
She said she'd gimme the pussy if I'd let her husband watch.
"He watches - I do
He films - I screw,"
How could I say NO while she was fondling my crotch?

Blow me in the car?
She didn't live that far
So I settled for finger-fucking and fondling her some more.
If he was, I didn't know it
If she cared, she didn't show it
If anything, at home, she seemed even hotter than before.

Sensing he was there,
I grabbed her by the hair
Asking her if he had ever watched her suck black dick?
Licking lips,
Moving hips
"No, he hasn't" she grinnned, "but we're gonna show him, Slick".

On her knees, unzipping
Her nervous fingers slipping
Fumbling in her haste to get her hands on my big cock.
Then her fingers found it,
Wrapped themselves around it,
And she told her listening husband I was "harder than a rock!"

She didn't try to duck it
When I told her to "suck it"
She just opened up her mouth and sucked the darkness in,
Sucking slowly, then with speed
Trying to satisfy my need
Taking my black cock down her throat time and time again.

Trying not to show it.
I didn't wanna blow it.
If it was just a one shot deal, I wanted mine inside her womb.
I got'er off my dick,
Striped her pretty quick.
And followed her sexy, naked ass upstairs to their bedroom.

A little more head
Then up on the bed
The wife, all wet and spreading, like the whore she seemed to be
"Fuck'er!" someone said
In the darkness by the bed
Caught unawares, his outbust scared the daylights outta me.

Gone too far to stop
And, just about to pop
I gladly did exactly what her husband in the darkness told me to
I slowly pushed it in
Then out and in again,
As the wife expressed her pleasure, giggling, "Hon - This Bud's For You!"

Just enjoying life
Fucking his sexy wife
And pounding her married white pussy like he won''t there at all.
Kinda slummin
But mostly cummin'
"cause fucking a married white woman makes me feel ten feet tall.

You night say - "ho"
I don't know...
Married white women that fuck like "ho's" don't have to be whores for real.
No "do's" and "don't's"
Or "will's" and "won't's"
Just sexy white girls fucking blacks...enjoying the way it makes'em feel.

God - I like to bed'em
To lay'em down and spread'em
Alll them married white girls want a blackman's dick to serve.
A different game
But still the same
And you can fuck some good ones if you gotta a little nerve.

At any rate,
Its getting late,
Thats all I got except to say: you'll like it if you if you try.
Couples are sleasey
But the pussy's easy
And the best pussy's always the pussy you don't have to buy!



Frankly speaking,
I like peeking.
And, watching other men pleasure my sexy wife.
It may be sick,
But my little dick's
Been hard and cumming everyday of my twisted life.

She likes to fuck
And loves to suck
And she was banging other guys long before I knew'er
Married, or not
Her pussy's hot
And I really like watching when black guys do'er.

It was our thing
When I gave'er the ring
She knew I loved beating off and watching from afar
A week before we wed
She gave a guy some head
And fucked him, like a floozie, in the backseat of my car.

When a new guy
Catches her eye
And she wants to see whats he's got hidden behind his crotch,
She confesses
Our transgresses
Then, brings him back to our house and fucks him while I watch.

Blacks find it thrilling
That I'm so willing
To stand aside and watch them while they're putting it to my wife.
We never met one
Who didn't have fun
And, take home sexy memories he could cherish his whole life.

So, I'm no sucker
Letting you fuck'er.
I want your big cock deep in her pussy just as much as you do.
She might whore,
And, you might score,
But, I'll be right there, watching... and, cumming....just like you.



Married, divorced or just swinging?
It really don't matter to me.
I just wanna stick my long black dick
In some nice, tight, white PUSSeee.

I started fucking white girls
Playing tailback at school.
It was mostly touchdowns...

White girls itching to know about
My forbidden ebony spike,
Willing to give that pussy up
Just to find out what it's like!

Showing'em got so good to me,
I sorta got hooked for life.
Now, its 3-way white folks
And a warm and willing wife.

There's something about white women.
The late 20's to early 40's class.
Mature, field tested, man pleasers,
With nice tits and a big, pretty ass.

Its working out like before...
Just like back in school.
Give'em what they wanna see...

They all call it 3-ways
And, I guess thats what it is.
I'm still getting alla the pussy
And the pussy I'm getting is his.

Where that leaves him, I don't know
And I could care about it even less
All was wanted from jump street
Was a hand under his wife's dress

'Cause whites have got desires too.
Like the white pussy thing I've got.
White women'll give you the pussy
Whether hubby's watching or not.

Married women do it 'cause they like it.
They don't wonder - they already know.
And, once they get a good, black, dick in'em
They don't want a white one anymo'.

They let you fuck'em any way...
In the ass, in the pussy, or the face;
In the car, in the park, at the motel;
They just wanna get a little taste.

I don't have to understand him.
Or know why he's like he is.
I just stay in that pussy
And long-dick that wife of his.

Fair exchanges ain't no robberies
As far as I can see.
I get off, his wife gets off,
And, so the hell does he!

A black dick in married white pussy...
And the joys that pairing can bring!
That's what makes it perfect for me!
What makes it...well, makes it my thing.

So, here's to tight, white pussies, lads
And, the pleasures they give to me;
Ain't nothing fucking a white man's wife
With his dumb ass a-watchin' me.



Watching, for him is thrilling...
A way to give fantasies life.
He likes it so much he's willing
To let othermen have his wife!

He sits there, clandestinly stroking.
Envisioning things he wants to see.
His dick is so hard, it's smoking
As he watches his wife and me.

He's already aroused and excited
Just watching the two of us dance,
Staring, like a man near sighted,
And, pawing at the front of his pants,

We all feel the same vibrations,
The beat of the same primal drum.
Our simulated sexual gyrations,
Mere hints of the pleasures to come.

A final slow dance, tightly pressed
Kissing, touching, and lighting fires
Then the rush to get undressed...
To gratify the wild desires.

I showed his lady my big, hard dick
Urging her to give it a little squeeze.
She lovingly caressed it, even took a lick,
As she got down before me on her knees.

Ignoring prejudices born of the South,
And filled with fantasies about black guys,
She took my dark cock deep in'er mouth
And sucked it right in fronta his eyes.

As he watched her inspired sucking
And urged her to lick my dick and balls
He was thinking about her and me fucking
And wishing his cock wasn't so damn small.

He kept on wanking, just like a sucker,
While his wife was drinking my cum!
Urging me to "go ahead and fuck'er!"
So he could see her giving me some.

From that moment on, he didn't matter
I focused on the lust in his lady's eyes
She was on fire and couldn'ta been gladder
When I got up between'er soft white thighs.

He urged me on with an anxious nod,
Giving his own little cock a shake.
And, as I put it in'er, she moaned "ohhh Godddd!
You might have more than I can take".

Her married white pussy sure was tight
But I still got the whole thing in.
That's when she said, "he was right!
Right about me screwing blackmen!"

She spread even wider, lifting her hips
Eager to feel my every thrust
Opening her mouth to my tongue and lips,
And cumming in waves of whorish lust.

I fucked'er real good, like a man on a mission,
Making her tremble and moan and quiver...
With her wimp ass husband watching and wishing
He had a cock like mine to giv'er.

We both grinned and shared a giggle
As her wanking hubby started to squirt,
Then she started to withe and wriggle,
Urging me to fuck'er 'til'er pussy hurt!

She liked me being sooo BIG and HARD...
Said she'd never been fucked so good before
And, after that, it was no-holds-barred.
Just a big, black dick and hot, white whore!

When she wanted me to cum, I made her wait.
Pussy like that has gotta be savored!
Besides, I loved her saying I was so great...
And how much she liked chocolate flavored!

In and out with practiced ease,
I fucked her pussy down to the core;
Ignoring her wildly flailing knees
Until I couldn't hold back no more.

I rammed my cock all the way in,
And told'er I was gonna explode,
With hubby's little dick spurting again
As he watched his wife taking my load.

I was really shooting off inside'er
And she was loving every spurt
With'er hubby watching me ride'er
And wanking so hard it hurt.

He loved his wife sucking me.
It made all his fantasies real.
And she just couldn't stop fucking me
She loved how my dick made her feel.

Finally, I couldn't get hard no more.
And, I had to get home to my wife.
So, I left him his black-fucked whore
And returned to my regular life.

But, if I wanna tap that pussy again
I can always visit them two.
Its hard not to like timid white men
Who give you their wives to screw?



Two spirits here within me dwell
One, night; the other, day.
In between's a living hell
That I must face each day.

Reality and heartbreak;
A vicious, brutal crime.
A psyche split asunder
By death before it's time.

Ignored and somehow guilty;
Abandoned and to blame.
Consumed by grief and terror;
Overcome with shame.

The pain might well have killed me,
Had not the other come.
He faced the world and got us thru
When I was all but numb.

It took years to lose the pain.
The other learned and grew.
When I returned he REFUSED
To teach me what he knew.

He gave no thought to others,
Except by keeping score;
Probing all for weakness,
And always wanting more.

Greedy like a baby,
As if only he exists,
Yet lovable and favored
By every arm he twists.

I long to say "NO I WON'T!"
When he's gratification bound,
But mostly I just tag along
And fill the air with sound.

I always dream of changing things,
But cowards never do.
I rarely even show myself
Except when I'm with you.

Hope is my ambrosia.
I'll make you proud one day.
Unless you judge by what I do
Instead of what I say.

The years have dulled my ardor,
While his remains the same,
But peace is not an option:
Death is still the game.



A newlywed husband named Euwing
Liked watching alot more than doing,
So he took his new bride
To a blackman named Clyde,
And let him give her a good screwing.



Pussy! Pussy! Gotta mate!
Always on the run!
Intercourse or masturbate
Both or either one.

Required, not elective
Older than the sky
Nature's Prime directive:
Reproduce or die!

Biologically Driven
To go whenever called
As sure as you are livin'
The ashes gotta be hauled.



Why is it some guys like to watch
Some other guy adding a notch
More than they like adding a notch of their own?
It could be envy, of course...
A need to be hung like a horse,
Or a fantasy that just won't leave them alone.

Whatever it is, it knocked me flat
When my husband told me he was like that.
To tell you the truth, I thought he was going sappy.
It made him hard just thinking it.
He begged and begged and wouldn't quit.
So, finally, I said I'd do it just to make him happy.

He almost had a heart attack
When the guy I chose was big and black,
But I had urges too, and desires I'd hidden away.
Instead of being in hot water,
My choice only made him hotter.
And, we'll remember that 1st time until our dying day.

The black guy's name was Bob.
He was more than up for the job
He had the biggest, blackest dick I ever saw before.
And, when it finally struck me
That he was about to fuck me,
I got so hot and wet down there, I felt just like a whore.

I'd never sucked a blackman's cock.
And, doing it was quite a shock;
Especially with my husband there dying to see me do it.
So, whorishly, I sucked and sucked,
Hot and anxious to get fucked,
Wanting it so bad I didn't even care that hubby knew it.

I wish you all coulda been me
When he stuck that black dick in me.
I've never felt a rush like that in my entire life.
I had a huge orgasm,
And saw my husband spasm
As he jerked off watching a blackman fuck his wife.

And Bobby fucked me several times,
Making me cum and ringing my chimes,
Using and abusing me and making me want it more.
Why it thrilled me, I don't know.
But, hubby really loved the show.
He got off on watching Bobby fuck me like a whore.

After that, the die was cast,
Last was first and first was last,
And having sex with blackmen became our way our life.
They all know what to do.
And they all want it too.
Blacks are always ready to screw a whiteman's wife.

So, what seemed so vile, at first,
Has gratified a bigger thirst;
And I hold back until my loving huband begs and begs.
He may just be a wussy
But black guys love white pussy
When I see them wanting me, I always spread my legs.



I'd needed her to want it too,
Like birds of a sexual feather.
I wanted us to make it new..
To do it with strangers - TOGETHER.

She got right into the sexy stuff,
Especially the black and white taboo.
She likes the way blacks do it rough
And just walk out after they're through.

So, when I wanted, she was ready
To suck off blacks...on her knees.
To fuck every Tom, Dick and Eddie
And do it all with whorish ease.

With her pussy filled with hard black meat
She was a porn star, sure as I'm living,
Cumming like a dick loving bitch in heat,
And taking everything he was giving.

Still, she insisted it was all for show...
That it was for me and not for "him"
Sincere, as if believing I didn't know
That I hadn't seen her give it to them.

So I let'er pretend and I play my part
Getting off on everything I see,
And even if she loved it from the start,
I still let'er tell me, it's all for me.

I'm not sad she's fucking black guys.
In fact, I hope she never quits.
Watching it makes my pecker rise,
And I like seeing black hands on her tits.

The way we are's the way we were,
Everytime I watch her fucking them.
If only I could fuck him with her,
The way I'm fucking her with him.

But count your blessings, I always say.
Whatever will be - will be.
And who cares at the end of the day
Is she's only doing it for me?



Everybody's looking to get some strange...
Looking to get in a stranger's jeans.
Its cold blooded lust - pre-arranged.
That's what swinging really means.

But I'm horny, black and 23;
And I'm always looking for some trim.
Cold blooded pussy's okay with me.
So, I started swinging just like them.

Husbands who wanna watch you screw it,
Willing wives who think it's great.
A man'd be crazy not to do it.
To tell you the truth, I couldn't wait.

Telling him how good wife's pussy feels
And how much she likes a cock my size.
Living out the fantasy...making it real.
Fucking his wife in fronta his eyes.

She tells him mine is bigger than his...
That mine is the one she'd take.
As I bury it all and fill her with jizz
He watches her quiver and shake.

I knew what he really wanted to see,
So I told her to give my cock a lick
And as he watched his wife go down on me,
He got busy playing with his own little dick.

White women love sucking off black guys.
They swallow all the cum that pours.
They're hot for the color as well as the size.
And they like getting fucked like whores.

So as long as they've got pussy for me
I'm gonna be among the first in line
Pussy's always better when it absolutely FREE
And married white girls do it all the time.

I know swinging's much maligned,
But I'm getting alotta good white ass.
This doctor's wife comes to mind...
Now there's a white girl with class.

She drains my hose 'til my balls are numb,
And rides my cock 'til her pussy's sore.
She sucks my dick and swallows my cum,
And begs me to make'er a blackcock whore.

So now she's giving pussy to all my horny friends
And fucking guys she's never seen before.
And when she's got black dicks buried in both ends
Her hubby's chanting. "Fuck'er! Fuck that whore!"

Who cares about the fantasies the sissy doctor's got,
As long as I'm putting black dick in his wife?
The sex is good - hassle free and always plenty hot!
What more could a horny blackman want in life?



I was having the time of my life
Watching a black dude screw my wife,
His ebony cock was simply awesome...biggest black dick I ever saw.
Pulling back out, then hittin'er again...
Ramming that black cock all the way in.
The fucking he put on my wife's pussy shoulda been against the law.

With a mocking, signifying stare,
As if he saw me standing there
He slid his black dick in'er, s-l-o-w, making it disappear with ease.
Lifting up her ass up offa the bed,
"Fuck me harder" my wife said,
And she started giving him pussy like pussy was growing on trees.

He came balls deep in'er hole.
And, she came all over his pole.
And I ejaculated, with none of the black/white build up I'd expected
Perhaps it was a week of waiting...
Or so much hype and masturbating...
Whatever it was, we all started cumming as soon as they connected.

Once is not enough for "them."
And it certainly wasn't for him
He "oohed" and "aahed" and urged my wife to give his cock a suck.
Like the cum-loving she really is,
She sucked that big, black dick of his
'Til he pushed'er off, and told us both it was time for her to fuck.

Brandishing a cock twice my size,
He got between my lady's thighs
And parked his long, black trouser snake where none had ever been
Despite my own cum showers,
He fucked my wife for hours
And he had us both suspecting he might not ever cum again.

When he finally unloaded
And his big cock exploded
I thought my wife was gonna have a god-damn heart attack
"Shoot me, daddy - shoot me full!"
Breed me like breeding bull!"
She squealed, proclaiming further, "I ain't ever going back!"

Now, she's fucking like a mink
Letting all of'em have some pink
Niggers are tearing up my wife's pussy every night of the week.
Black's the only color I see
There's no pussy at all for me
But, I am allowed to watch and wank...(as long as I don't speak).

Samey? Sometimes, sure it is.
But everybody likes the jizz
And for some damn reason I get off when other guys screw my wife.
So her white pussy belongs to "them"
To him, and him, and him, and him
And I'll be watching you niggers fuck her the rest of my god damn life!



"We all like breaking the rules
And defying our social taboos
But that don't make us fools
Or decide if we win or lose

We go because we're driven
To find...to see...to know
If life is for the livin'
You gotta join the show."

That's what my husband told me
The night he clued me in
Admitting he was hot to see
His "wife" in bed with other men.

He was persuasive, as well as kind
And his arguements were strong
He waltzed his way right into my mind
And talked me into going along.

The first time drove me crazy
But I did the best I could
I was drunk so details are hazy
But the sex was definitely good.

So we tried it again with other men
And hubby just couldn't get enough
He liked watching strangers cum on in
And wanking and pictures and stuff

I'm hooked myself. I gotta admit it.
I really get off more often than not
I like total strangers wanting to get it
And thinking of a new one gets me hot.

So when hubby brought up blackmen
And bared the desire in his heart,
I told him he could count me in
I'd wanted it black from the start.

I knew the talk about black guys
So aggressive and horny and hot
All that stuff about their size
And those big, black cocks they've got

Well, Im here to tell you - its all true
I've never cum so much in my life.
And my husband gets off watching it, too
So, I kinda like being a black cock loving wife.

I spread my legs every chance I get.
Lotsa horny niggers in the hood.
The sight of a black dick makes me wet.
And, the sex is unbelievably good!!!!

Hubby watches and hubby wanks...
While I'm getting fucked like a whore.
But, I really owe him a vote of thanks
For giving me love and so much more.

Why do I keep on dropping my slacks?
There ain't nothing waiting but the graves.
Bigger is better and so are the blacks!
They know what a white woman craves.



The 1st time I saw my wife
Doing it with a spade,
He was getting pussy
And she was getting laid.

I was there to see it, too
She loves to rub it in.
She also really loves to screw...
Especially young black men.

They're so black and she's so white.
And, the desire's so very real.
Black guys always do her right.
She loves the way they feel.

She gets off just being it.
What more can I say?
And I get off just seeing it...
Just seeing her that way.

Whoring, swinging, sex for free...
Call it what you will.
It still feels pretty damn good to me.
And, there ain't no therapy bill.



He's always wanted to do'er
So I let his black-ass screw'er
He'd been wanting to fuck her practically all his life.
So, rubba-dub-dubba
3 cheers for Bubba
He finally got to stick his big black dick in my wife.

He musta liked that pussy, too
He fucked'er again when I got thru
Then he asked me if I minded if he made her suck his cock
I got the hint...I wasn't dumb
He wanted her to swallow cum
I told her to give him a blow-job, and he almost died of shock

"Suck it, baby - Suck It!" he said
As my old lady gave him head
And before I knew it, Bubba was cumming in her mouth
She swallowed all of his sticky goo
Then gave me a helluva blow-job too
And Bubba said "Thats what us niggers like about the south.

Watching him fuck her was something to see
He was hung a whole lot better than me
And once he got it in her, she got hot and they kept raising the bar
He told her the pussy was tight
And she told him the pussy was white
And she said nobody but him had ever gotten inside her that far.

"There's nothing like fucking the wife of a friend"
Bubba chuckled as he rammed his big dick in
Bragging that she had the best white pussy he'd ever fucked in his life
With a stiffy as hard as a hickory stick
I watched old Bubba giving'er the dick
And couldn't believe how much pleasure I got watching him fuck my wife.

And what was just "us two" became "us three"
With her fucking Bubba more/n she fucks me
And me not caring who fucks her as long as they fuck'er like he does.
Its a feaky wonderful twilight zone
Watching her worship Bubba's bone
And watching him fuck'er is as good to me as fucking her ever was.



Seeing my wife and a blackman touch
Turns me on like nothing else before.
I don't know why I like it so much.
Or why I made my wife my whore.

We started out with simple, basic swinging
Couples doing drugs and swapping mates
She - a southern belle in need of ringing
And me - the guy arranging all the 'dates'.

Genuine or not, she played it for real,
Often throwing caution to the winds.
I remember the night she screwed old Teal
And ended up fucking alla his friends.

He said his friends - a surprise he planned,
Were there for pussy and expecting to score.
So, once I got my own situation in hand,
I told'em to go ahead and fuck that whore.

Excluding old Teal, there was six of them.
And, they all took turns shooting off in my wife.
A couplea of'em couldn't get enougha that trim.
I've never seen fucking like that in my life.

Especially, a guy they called BIG Tucker.
He had 11 black inches and the will to use it.
Like all the other guys lined up to fuck'er,
I got so excited I thought I'd lose it.

I mean, who's ever seen a cock that long?
I feared it would damage my wife down there
He said, "It only hurts if you do it wrong"
And stuck it in her clear to the pubic hair.

His sudden entry made her yelp
She winced as he stretched her hole.
But she lifted her ass and tried to help
As he got deeper into her soul.

I could tell she thought it was nice...
That she liked his big, black dick alot.
He liked her too. He fucked her twice.
And told'er married white pussy was HOT.

After that night, I went too far
I was greedy and over zealous too.
Letting niggers fuck'er in the backa the car.
And telling her every little thing to do.

I may be 2nd fiddle in another monkey's show
And the other monkey may be big and black.
But I like to think beyond the status quo
And, I always knew there was no turning back.

So now she's fucking everybody but me.
And that's just my bad luck.
But the beat goes on... and so do WE,
As long as I can wank and watch her fuck.



I know a southern wife, with class
Who really likes it in the ass
She gets off taking on strange black guys
Right in front of her husband's eyes.
He's about watching and using his hands
And she's about pleasing her one night stands.

She helps young blackmen find the groove
With her husband eyeballing every move
She sucks black dick with cum in mind
And swallows every drop that she can find
She's always ready and eager for more...
A genuine, 3-hole, black cock whore!

Cumming in a white woman's mouth is special to guys like me
Especially if her husbands's standing up close where he can see
I got that ass the very 1st night. She was tight a new hatband.
And while I had black balls deep in her ass, hubby was fucking his hand.
He'd let anybody fuck her and she'd fuck anybody black
That's why me and some of my friends keep on going back.



Back in '02 when times were tough
I was fucking a white girl I called "STUFF"
And she had the best white pussy I've ever fucked in my life
Her husband was really a twisted sucker
Playing with his dick and watching me fuck'er
And telling me how much he grooved on watching me fuck his wife.

I would always get off quick
With 'stuff' sucking on my dick
And I loved shooting off in her mouth with him right there to see
I fucked that bitch like a whore
Making her mouth and pussy sore
And laughing while she told him how much better it was with me.

"Stuff" was sort of in love, you see
Addicted to sex and crazy 'bout me
And her husband couldn't get enough of watching her be my whore
It was rough when I moved away
But I'll remember to my dying day
And I hope 'Stuff's still getting all the dick she wants and more.


S and L

Across the seas and oceans,
The sex and love impasse rages.
Our basic need for both emotions,
Has powered us thru the ages.

Sex is the ultimate emotional release.
Its gratification personified.
A physical trek to emotional peace.
So good you'll think you died.

Love enhances everything it touches,
Even things we practice on our own.
Without it, we don't know what "too much" is;
And, even when together, we're alone.

Many are the storms these two weathers
Driven by the timeless mating game.
Sex and love are "stand alone" togethers.
Emotions independant yet the same.



You mostly did it so I could see
And I still wanted to share it.
But you did it with him, not with me,
And I had to grin and bear it.

Surely you remember the vow:
All for one and one for all.
But look whats happened to us now.
Pride, it seems, precedes the fall.

Everything seemed to be on track -
The sex...the joy...the bliss!
Why did you stab me in the back?
What did I do to deserve all this?

I placed you above suspicion,
Trying my best to set you free.
Then lying by more than omission,
You stopped being loyal to me.

Together we said: Always one.
We crossed the string and tied it
I'm not upset about what you done
But, why did you try to hide it?



I never will forget it.
But she deserves the credit
For leaving the curtains open so I could see.
That was some sight, mister,
Watching my little sister
Fucking that horny blackboy right in front of me.

His cock was dark and shiney
As he played with her white hiney
And squeezed her tits while screwing her from behind.
He really had quite a dick.
It was long and hard and thick.
And, watching my sister take it all, really blew my mind.

I was a bit surprised
When I first realized
How watching him fuck my sister affected my own sex life.
I get off on others screwing.
I like watching more than doing.
Especially when I see black guys doing it to my wife!

I don't suppose we're saints
But I got no complaints.
Black guys fucking white girls is what I like to see!
And I might as well admit it
We ain't ever gonna quit it
My wife likes fucking black guys just as much as me.



The 1st time I did it just for kicks,
To satisfy my own curiosity,
I wanted to know about blackmen's dicks,
And show my hubby what he wanted to see.

I danced and flirted with a strange black guy
Anxious to see what he would do.
I wanted to fuck him and didn't know why.
I felt kinda whorish and guilty too.

My husband's cock was hard as stone
Watching that blackman flirt with me;
Watching me squeeze his big, black bone
And offer him some of my white pussie.

He carried me back to the marital bed;
Kissing and touching me along the way.
I was so hot I was flushed beet red
And dying to let him have his way.

I loved him stripping me outta my clothes
Right in front of my husband's eyes.
And he had a big, black fire hose
That was twice my husband's size.

All I'd heard about blacks was true!
He had the biggest cock I ever saw!
I only sucked it for a minute or two
But doing it really stretched my jaw.

I tried to calm my pounding heart
As he gave my titties a squeeze.
Then he pushed my legs apart
And lifted up my shaking knees.

He fingered my dripping honey pot
Making all my juices flow
And when my pussy was hotter than hot
He slid his big cock in me - slow!

Inch by inch he pushed it in,
Filling me up like never before;
Stretching my pussy again and again -
Fucking me hard and calling me "whore"

I couldn't count the times I came
With his thick black cock inside me.
And hubby must have felt the same.
He got off just watching him ride me.

I thought my pussy was going to melt
When he shot off deep in my slit.
I couldn't believe how good it felt
And I didn't want him to quit.

All night long I took his cum
And didn't hold anything back.
And now, when hubby offers me some
I always tell him to make it black.



We all have secret fantasies we'd rather not reveal.
Especially when unsure of how the wife is gonna feel.
But, I put my hesitations and misgivings on the shelf
And told my wife my secrets. I couldn't help myself.

Shocked at first, she mellowed out and tried to understand
Why I so longed to see her having sex with another man.
She compassionately insisted such desires were fantasy.
But, the thought of it excited her the same as it did me.

For a couple of months, we chilled and didn't mention it at all
But that all changed the night a horny blackman came to call.
He was friendly, warm and funny - We both liked him from the start.
In nothing flat, my wife was telling all and pouring out her heart.

She said I longed to see her having sex with total strangers
And, how she feared it all might be filled with hidden dangers.
"He wants it all for you," he said, redeeming me
Explaining how I wished to share, "...to be with her...to see!"

We talked and he assured us sex was a game we all could play
And, I couldn't help but urge my wife to fuck him anyway.
He read my thoughts, proclaiming if we wanted to give it a try.
We needn't look no further. He was there and he was the guy!

We'll, you coulda bowled me over! I was in a state of shock.
I stared in disbelief as he said she'd love his "nigger cock."
And, my own dick was hard as his. It was more than fantasy
So I urged my wife to suck and fuck him right in front of me.

His big, black dick was long and thick...and blacker than an onyx ring
And I couldn't believe the joy I felt when my wife touched the thing.
She held it in her soft white hands..a stroke and then a squeeze.
And it was sure arousing when she dropped down to her knees.

Knowing she would suck it was the most exciting part
And I was so excited I couldn't wait for her to start.
She was hot and white and sexy and she likes to suck a dick
And anytime, she's on her knees, I get off really quick.

The black guy "oohhhed" and "ahhhed" and made her suck it really slow
But, down her throat was not the place his jism wanted to go.
Her white pussy's what he wanted...to fuck her was his quest
So he stuck that black dick in her and well, you all know the rest.

He stretched her pussy wide and deep and stuck the whole thing in
And every time he pulled it back, he rammed it in again.
For what seemed like an hour, he longdicked her pussy good
And made my sexy wife get off the way I wished I could.

She called "big dicked daddy" everytime he stuck her
And laughed at me jerking off and watching as he fucked her.
All night long she pleasured him and worshipped his black pole
And even let him stick his cock inside her booty hole.

I wanked and came so many times my cock was really sore
As I watched him turn my wife into a total blackcock whore.
Now she's fucking all his friends and says she'll never quit
And I'm in seventh heaven jerking off and watching it.

My wife is so addicted, she sucks'em off and swallows cum
And likes black dick so much, she won't even give me some.
So, if white pussy's what you want, my wife's the girl to see.
She's giving blacks more pussy than she ever gave to me.



I practice IRsex in spurts,
Sometimes, giving 'til it hurts,
Trying to give my voyeur husband what he wants to see.
But, once I started to screw'em
With hubby watching me do'em,
Word got around and all sorts of guys started hitting on me.

I really like the black ones,
With 6-pack abs and nice firm buns.
They flatter me and fuck me and call me a "honky whore."
Their cocks are always bigger
And when I'm fucking a nigger,
I have better orgasms than I've ever had before.

I wonder what fantasy my hubby sees
When I'm buck naked, on my knees,
Sucking on a stiff black cock thats more than twice his size?
But nothing makes me cum as quick
As seeing my husband stroke his dick
While some black stranger's fucking my pussy right before his eyes.



The day, he rubbed his tented crotch
and told me he really liked to watch,
I couldn't believe he wanted me to spread my legs for other guys
It made me wet, I must admit
And I thought hubby was full-a-shit,
Not many husbands want other men between their own wife's thighs.

Wearing my most seductive clothes,
Complete with garters, heels and hose,
I polished my toe nails sexy red, and neatly trimmed my pubic hairs
Embarassed...frightened, and anxious, of course,
My desire was greater than my remorse,
And I was nervous as a long tailed cat in a room fulla rocking chairs.

Buster, hubby's friend, was black
He'd hit on me behind Joe's back
And the thought of having sex with him had crossed my mind before.
But, that was only fantasy
This was real, at least to me.
I'd fantasized about blackmen and being a trashy blackcock whore.

Buster stripped off all my clothes,
Except my garters, heels and hose.
He told me I was really "smokin'" for an older married chick.
Hubby was happily masturbating
Hot and hard... anticipating
Waiting for me to spread my legs and take that big, black dick.

Hubby didn't have very long to wait
Buster had to go and he was already late
So he had his black dick in me before the foreplay ever started.
When he started puttin' it to me hard
His 9 inch cock felt more like a yard
I couldn't believe how good it was or how much my pussy farted.

I got fucked like never before
So good, I'm now a blackcock whore
Buster's big cock was marvelous and he gave me all he had.
Hubby was pleased as pleased can be
He liked watching black guys do it to me
Now, black guys fuck me all the time and boy am I ever glad.



I knew he was out to use me
To liven up his fantasy life,
So, I grinned and said, "Excuse me?"
When he offered me his wife.

I almost told him "no fucking way!"
When I saw him eying my crotch.
But, he made it clear he wasn't gay
And, said he just wanted to watch.

Then he showed me a sexy pic
Of his pretty, half dressed spouse.
Said if I wanted to give'er some dick,
She was waiting up at the house.

I liked the look in the whiteboy's eye,
So, I followed him home in my car,
Willing to give his old lady a try
If she wanted it to go that far.

He wasn't lying, his wife was there,
In a sexy little see thru teddy.
Smiling and flipping her chestnut hair.
Nervous, but obviously ready.

I told him I was delighted
And I promised to treat her right.
Just seein'er got me excited.
She was sexy, and definitely white.

I knew by looking she wanted me too.
So I asked if she wanted to dance.
She said, "If its all the same to you
I'd rather take off your pants!"

She smiled when I said "By all means"
And started touching my crotch,
Squeezing my cock thru my jeans...
Nice and slow so he could watch.

My cock was stiff as a hickory limb
When she pulled it outta my fly.
I was a whole lot bigger than him
And she started teasing the guy.

She said she liked'em black and thick
As if her husband wasn't there,
Slowly stroking my big, black dick
All the way down to the pubic hair.

Hubby's composure headed south
As she licked and kissed the head
Parted her lips and opened her mouth
And sucked 'til her face was red.

"See there," hubby said, wanking away
"I told you she's a good cocksucker!"
I told him I didn't wanna cum that way
As I spread her legs and started to fuck'er.

She was tight at first but didn't complain
As I forced my nine inch black dick in
I pulled back a little to lessen the pain
Than shoved it all the way in'er again.

"Fuck me, nigger. Fuck me good!"
She murmured under her breath.
"Fuck me like he wishes he could!
Fuck my hot, white pussy to death!"

Hubby liked watching me ride her,
And sticking it all the way in.
He urged me to cum inside her
Again and again and again.

She was a dyed in the wool dick skinner
She loved it! The bitch was glowing
But after I dropped my 4th load in'er
I told'em both I had to get going.

I never saw'em again and that was that
But I'll remember'em all my life.
That whiteboy was a real dingbat,
But, I sure liked fucking his wife.



It shouldn't have come as no surprise
That I liked seeing her screw strange guys
She was doing a guy in his car the night we met as I recall
We did have different points of view
But everytime he came, I did too
I even admitted, compared to his, my dick was kinda small

I wasn't offended that he was black
Au contraire - I started to whack
Watching my sexy wife-to-be work out on his big, black pole
After he fucked'er and filled'er with cum
I told'er watching made me want some
So she fucked me too, with his cum still oozing from her hole.

Three months later, we were wed
And sharing visions in our head
Fantasizing about other blackmen fucking her and calling her a whore
We found our answer on the internet
DARK CAVERN really made both of us wet
It isn't just a porn site, the CAVERN is so much more.

10 days after we found the site
We invited a guy to visit one night
He was slender, charming, and sexy and more than ready to please
As hoped, he finally took command
Grasping my wife's tiny hand
Pressing it against his stiff cock and urging her to give it a squeeze

Our eyes met as she touched his dick
Even thru his pants, it was long and thick
She knew by my erection how watching her made me feel.
I wish you coulda seen those two
Zippers hissed and clothing flew
And all the fucking we fantasized was instantly made real

He fondled her titties and patted her rear
Kissing her neck and blowing in'er ear
Manuvering her down on the bed and getting between her thighs
Smiling as I urged him to fuck'er
He paused before he stuck her
Asking me if I really thought she could take a dick that size

"She can take it all," I said
As he pinned her down on the bed
Getting off just thinking about his black dick up in my wife
I stood there wanking and watching it
Watching him stretch and fill her slit
Putting more black dick in her pussy than I ever saw in my life

Thanks CAVERN - for the escapade
And thanks to you we got it made
My wife's getting blackened more than I ever dreamed she would
Mariatal sex is so sublime
With black guys fucking her all the time
I know I oughtta stop them but I can't - its too damn good!