Dark Desires in poetic form.
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When the cocks are big and the pussy's tight,
There nothing like seeing it in black and white.
I've been a black/white fanatic all of my life,
Especially, watching niggas do it to my wife!

Most black guys are better equipped than me,
But, the contrast is very arousing to see.
Their cocks are so thick, big pussies seem small
And when black guys get the pussy, they get it all!

My wife's white pussy is the top of the line.
She takes black dicks alot bigger than mine.
She's a married slut who loves that goo,
And, she's fucking me when she fucks you.

We voyeurs get together and wank our little wicks
Watching one another's wives suck on nigger dicks.
When my wife did eleven guys, one right after another,
It took my little wanked-raw dick three days to recover.

We watchers cum alot ourselves, at least I know I do
When a black's fucking my wife, I have an orgasm, too!
Myabe it's detachment or a complex formed in youth
Whatever it is, it's me, and, that's the gospel truth!

And nowadays the wife's become easier to screw
She's not picky anymore - any horny nigger will do
We're all getting what we want,, including little ole me.
She gets fucked, he gets pussy, and I get a chance to "SEE".

Word gets out when whiteman's wife is entertaining blacks,
Especially, a wife is as hot as mine. I love how she attacks!
Blacks guys by the dozen, fuck my wife whenever they can,
While I sit back in the shadows, cumming all over my hand.

I suppose it's the nigger in me that makes me lead the cheers
When they stop by, fuck my old lady, and drink up all the beers
But the pleasure I get from watching is bliss beyond compare
So anytime a nigger's fucking my wife, I'm gonna be right there.



I was leaving the club when a couple walked by,
And, I saw that look in the woman's eye,
So, I decided to stick around in case the lady was looking to play.
Her husband seemed like an okay guy,
Didn't seem to mind me giving her the eye,
So I asked'er dance to find out what'er eyes were trying to say.

Telling me her husband just liked to watch,
She held me close and pressed my crotch,
And, wanted to know if black dick was better'n a white one or not?
I was never one to be taken aback,
So I told'er,, "Good dick's always black,"
Then I asked her if she was looking for a black/white party or what?

She said she was actually looking to get laid
And, since hubby wanted her to do it with a spade,
She thought I'd fit right in with her desire to ride a big, black cock.
I told her she was right, about me, I mean.
When it comes to pussy, I'ma fuckin' machine
And, the lady was already well aware that my dick was hard as rock!

Ignoring the gawks and outraged stares,
I followed that sexy white woman upstairs,
As her husband followed along, watching us kiss, and fondle, and flirt.
When we got to the room and started to dance,
She squeezed my johnson thru my pants,
So, I got busy giving'er the tongue and running my hands up under her skirt.

Her husband got all excited and shit,
Grabbing his dick and wanking on it,
Like he'd just seen the gunman who was hiding on the grassy knoll.
Urging her punk-assed husband to watch,
She dropped to her knees, unzipping my crotch,
And she started sucking my dick like she wanted to swallow it whole.

I never got sucked like that before.
She took every inch and wanted more.
And, said she used to dream about niggers when she lived in the South.
Up and down her soft, red lips flew.
I just about jizzed a time or two.
So, I told her if she didn't stop sucking, I was gonna cum in her mouth!

Proudly hefting her big, white breasts,
She wiggled right outta that party dress,
And laid herself down in her birthday suit in the middle of that motel bed.
Right in front of her husband's eyes,
I got in between his wife white thighs,
And, fucked her pussy so good, I had'er wigging right outta her head.

I fucked that pussy for a good, long while,
Making her cum and watching him smile,
As I hammered my black dick deep in her pussy over and over again.
When I finally had to bust my nuts,
I buried my cock all up in her guts.
And, I pumped'er fulla so much jizz, so fast, everything started to spin.

As her cum filled pussy started to leak,
My heart started racing and I got real weak.
I was so light-headed for a minute there, I didn't know piss from shit
Just as I was getting my senses back,
Her old man started tonguing her crack,
Sucking all that cum juice outta her pussy and happily swallowing it!

I can only say it was quite a scene.
But, he got that pussy squeaky clean.
And, watching him lapping my cum up made my dick hard as sin.
His wife got on all fours with a smile,
And told me she liked it doggie style,
Then she reached back between her legs and helped me slide it in.

I stared down at her pretty, white ass,
All smooth and clean like polished glass,
As I rammed my black cock back in her pussy, all the way to the sac.
Her big, white titties swung to and fro
As I buried my black dick deep in that ho'
Then, she screamed and climaxed so damn hard, I thought I broke her back.

But, nothing broke, and nothing changed,
Except that her pussy was rearranged
Which he found to be definite proof that blacks could stretch white pussies out.
Before I left, I gave her one for the road
Messing up'er pussy with another big load,
Then I got their number and, when I'm in town, I always give those two a shout.



The only thing that spices up my married life
Is watching a blackman fucking my wife.
At first she didn't want to but I finally wore her down.
She agreed to try it black but not with me around
Tho' I didn't like the thought of waiting home alone.
I acquiesced and let her do the first guy on her own.

She dressed up really sexy in clingy, skin-tight clothes
To emphasize her traffic-stopping figure, I suppose.
When she left to go and meet her black mystery man
My imagination soared, even faster than my hand.
I waited three long hours in torturous delight.
And wondered if what I fantasized was right.

Finally, the door opened, and my sexy wife was back,
Flushed with her discovery of how a dick feels BLACK.
She said his dick was bigger than mine would ever be
That he had fucked her pussy a whole lot better'n me.
She said his black dick was huge and harder than a rock
That she wished I had been there to see her suck his cock.

She said he fucked her several times and gave her lots of cum
And, if he wanted to fuck her again, she would give him some
I wanted to fuck'er like he did, all, horny, wet and whorey.
My dick was hard as diamonds just listening to her story
So I could watch him get to know her better, as it were,
As promised, four days later, she brought him home with her.

He smiled at me and thanked me for sharing my wife with him
He said his name was James but just to call him Nigger Jim
Then he started fondling my wife's titties and her crotch
Insisting I pull up a chair so I could wank my dick and watch
Tossing aside her blouse, and bra, and, finally, her pantyhose
I couldn't tear my eyes away as he stripped off her clothes.

He hauled his big, black dick out, so hard and thick and long
The stories about blackmen's cocks were definitely not wrong
He climbed up between my hot wife's legs and eased his big dick in,
Touching places deep inside her where my dick's never been.
"Fuck me, nigger - Fuck me!" my wife urged and begged and pleaded.
And, I could see that nigger's cock was exactly what she needed.

So I joined in, wanking my cock and urging her to ride that dick.
I got so excited watching him fuck her, that I shot off too quick.
Looking at my wife's big, white ass and Nigger Jim putting it to'er,
I just kept on stroking my dick and wathcing that nigger screw'er!
He said, while drilling her pussy deep and making her cum and cum,
"Come on. baby. Move that ass! You better start giving me some".

He fucked her pussy again and again 'til I thought he's never gonna stop.
When he finally stiffened and busted a nut, you could almost hear it pop.
They rested a bit, then Nigger Jim started in on my wife's pussy again.
She sucked his dick 'til it was good and hard, then helped him stick it in.
In and out - again and again - He pounded her tight, white pussyhole
Stretching and filling and thrilling my wife all the way down to her soul.

"Oh my god! I love your cock!" she squealed, like a ghetto whore in heat
Lifting her hot, white pussy up to get even more of that nigger's meat.
He fucked her longer the second time, but I liked it just as much.
I couldn't believe how much my wife enjoyed a blackman's touch.
She came all over his big, black dick - then came all over it again,
Smiling at me as if to say, "I really like fucking well hung blackmen!"

She's done it with alot of'em, too. I can't even count that high!
Seems like every couple of days, I see'er with a new black guy.
Now, I spend alotta my time watching her taking blackmen's meat.
But, I don't care how many she fucks long as I got a ringside seat.



I knew I was in for the ride of my life
As soon as I saw that white man's wife.
She was everything he promised and I couldn't wait to stick'er.
She was hungry for a man like me
And, hubby was only there to see,
So I spoke right up and asked him if he wanted me to dick'er.

He just grinned and licked his lips.
As she put both hands on her hips,
And asked me if I thought dancing would break the ice?
Bewitched by her many charms,
I quickly took her in my arms
And twirled her around the dance floor once or twice.

She got hot real fast and so did I.
And, right under hubby's watchful eye,
She opened my fly and eagerly set my growing manhood free.
She was aggressive for a fucking white chick.
And, when she got her hands on my black dick,
The show we gave her husband musta been something to see.

Consumed by passion and desire,
His dick loving wife was hot as fire.
She sucked my cock like she loved it, all over that motel room,
I just pulled back in the nick of time,
Letting her cum, but, saving mine...
Waiting to jettison my own cumload deep in her married womb.

So, right in front of her husband's eyes,
I stripped her down and spread her thighs.
I got between her parted legs with my big dick in my hand.
Her pussy was wet, with a little pink slit.
And, as soon as I got my dick in it,
She started to moan, wiggling her ass and calling me LOVERMAN!

I stuck her deep and I stuck her hard.
And, I guess I caught the bitch off guard,
'Cause she started cumming like she'd never cum before.
She moaned, saying "Screw me, screw me!
Put all of that big, black dick to me!
Cum in my pussy and make me your married honky whore!!

I just kept on fucking that white man's wife.
And, I've never cum like that in my life.
But, my dick got sore and I couldn't get it up no matter how I tried.
Her hubby was spent and limp with shock,
And, her pussy was just as sore as my cock,
So, we called it a night but I'll always remember my 1st white ride.



Here's to the sore
that never heals.
The more you rub it,
the better it feels.

It's nestled and hidden
and covered with hair.
...looks like the face of a preacher
and smells like the ass of a bear!

Sealed 'tween her legs
like a July jam,
It's a stinking muthafucker,
BUT, it's GOOOD..... GOD DAMN!!!

After 80 yrs of decadent living,
I've tried everything on the shelf.
And, if there's anything better than pussy,
God musta kept it for himself!!!

(My Wife's Pussy)



If death is truly the wages of sin,
And, everybody's gonna get paid,
Then, life's a battle can't nobody win!
We all might as well all get laid...

The logic tho' garbled appealed to me
(Getting laid's what I like so much).
So, I told my horny husband-to-be
I was willing to try another man's touch.

In less than an hour, in party attire,
We were prowling along the strips.
Hubby, so hot, I thought he'd expire
Just watching me swinging my hips.

The strip studs noticed me right away,
Especially the blacks who knew me.
All the bruthas ever did was play
And all of em wanted to screw me.

After dancing and flirting and drinking
For another two hours, or so,
I decided it was better not thinking
And started to go with the flow.

The guy I wanted was ready to bust
So I decided to skip to the chase,
Explaining my husband's 3-way lust
I picked him up right in hubby's face.

We all knew what we wanted to do,
So hubby started squeezing his bone.
And, back to our place the 3 of us flew
Each one driven by needs of our own.

I knew the brutha was hot to trot
The very first time we kissed.
His name was Dale Evander Scott
And his ardor was hard to resist.

He felt me up and stripped me down
Right in fronta my husband's eyes.
Then laid up in our marriage bed
And got up between my thighs.

With hubby watching me do my stuff,
Dale fucked me North and fucked me South.
And, when he thought we'd fucked enough,
He stuck his black cock in my mouth.

I turned him on and sucked him off,
With hubby watching me drain his spout.
And when his dick got limp and soft,
We laughed and threw his black ass out.



I've been diagnosed as passive/agressive,
... fantasy laden...deluded...possessed!
Obsessive/compulsive and manic depressive;
But glad I'm not just lumped in with the rest!

I'm a classic cuckold... an auto-erotic ,
I like to strip my wife and watch you fuck'er.
A wife-watching wanker; a total neurotic...
A faggot, a sissy, a punk and a sucker!

I'm all of these things, and many more.
She's fucking you, but it's all for me.
A wife ain't a wife 'til you make'er a whore.
Not a whore whore, but a whore- wife, see?

Fucking her is not as good as watching her fuck you.
To see a dick in her pussy is bliss beyond compare
And my wife likes it! She likes it as much as I do,
Especially if you fuck her like I'm not even there!

While you use her for a cum dump, over and over again,
Making jokes, and, making fun of "cuckboy's" little dicks.
I'm busy collecting strangers, mostly well hung blackmen,
To satisfy my whore wife's needs and show her all the tricks.

She's learned to shake her booty and emphasize her tits,
To dress in sexy outfits and be proud of what she's got,
To always suck a spurting cock until the spurting quits,
And, to give her horny lovers all the pussy that she's got

She gets better everytime, and the sex gets better, too!
Guys are eating her pussy now like its their favorite meal!
I've told'em "you can fuck her, boys but she's still not for you.
You're only here to make'er black/white fantasies more real!"

Forbidden fruit and fantasy fucking - thats what floats our boat.
Like you, we want all the things they said we mustn't touch.
You get the "hot, white pussy" in some story someone wrote
And when it's over, you go home....Thank you very much.



As their masturbating husbands
Just wank and watch the show,
White women are opening up their legs
For big-dicked blackmen they don't know.

And, married white women can tell no tales
And their husbands are all true blue
So alla you cock strong, horny black males
Oughtta be getting that pussy too

It's free, I say. They're giving it away!!!
All ya gotta do's just drop'em a kite.
Tell'em it's HARD and you're ready to play
And you'll be fucking white pussy tonight!

So, step up, brutha - The time is now
It's something you don't wanna miss.
White pussy's what you want anyhow
And, it sho' don't get no better than this.



With the help of my sexy wife Marie,
I found out swinging worked for me.
The 1st time I saw another man fuck'er, I whacked off in a daze.
We wanted more - not just to cheat
So, just to give ourselves a treat
We started picking up another man on our weekend getaways.

My true passion materialized
The night we met these 2 black guys
In the lounge of the motel where all of us were staying.
They, too, were looking to swing,
And, "white pussy" was their thing,
So they bought us a "hello" drink and we all started playing.

My wife was nervous, (so was I).
We'd never really partied with a black guy.
And we had two at once, both of'em looking to fuck my wife.
I looked at her and she looked at me.
She knew how much I wanted to "see".
And, I knew she wanted the fantasy she'd thought of all her life.

After some let's-get-acquainted chat,
They walked over and, down they sat;
One on either side of her, and she almost wet her pants.
With compliments and flattery,
They soon had her ignoring me,
And she was pleased when they started asking her her dance.

I got hotter than I ever been in my life
Watching'em both pursue my wife.
I wanted'em both to fuck her just so I could watch'em do it.
Crazy, huh? I thought so too.
But, there was nothing I could do.
Marie seemed ready to fuck'em, and eager to get down to it

Ignoring all the hostile stares,
I led our foursome up the stairs,
Complaining that even rednecks oughtta show a little class.
Robert and Sam simply sighed.
"Fuck'em!", they both replied,
As they were feeling my wife's boobs and patting her sexy ass.

Inside our room where none could see,
Except for those 2 guys and me,
Marie got really aggressive, like a crack whore doing speed.
She rode their massive pricks,
And sucked their rigid dicks,
And glowed with satisfaction as they filled'er with their seed.

Giggling and laughing like a whore,
She fucked'em both, and wanted more,
As I watched and wanked off more than I ever have in my life.
She used her ass and mouth like cunts,
Sucking and fucking'em both at once,
Trying her best to please "the man" watching'em fuck his wife.

That very same night we became a team;
Embracing the fantasy - chasing the dream.
Marie takes care of the fucking and leaves the wanking to me.
We both like'em big and we both like'em black,
And she likes'em best when she's on her back.
So, I guess our kinky, marital sex life is working out perfectly!



They call it "swinging" (so to speak).
And, I partied with'em a couple weeks back.
The guy was a punk-ass, jack-off, freak
And, his sexy young wife liked it black.

She was round and firm and fully packed,
With a little pink pussy as tight as a drum.
And, since he liked watching her get blacked,
She was more than willing to give me some.

She was pure white sugar, eager to please,
And, not a bit shy about him being there.
She started off with a slow strip tease...
All the way down to her underwear!

She liked me watching her take off'er clothes.
And, he got excited watching her do it.
She was like one of them high priced ho's:
White pussy looking for a nigga to screw it!

I stripped to my drawers in nothing flat.
My black dick hard as railroad spike.
Hubby said it looked like a baseball bat.
And, she said "Baby - that's what I like!!"

She pulled my drawers down,... gigglin',
As my big, black cock jumped out.
Then, down on'er knees with'er titties jigglin',
She showed me what sucking a dick's about.

Watching her lick my black nut bag,
And suck me off from stem to stern,
He just sat there watching, like a fag...
Beatin' his dick and waiting his turn.

When she was busy sucking my dick,
It was all I could do to hold my jizz.
But I didn't want to cum that quick,
Not 'til I fucked that WIFE of his!

That must have been what he wanted to see
As he pulled his wife off my pole,
Insisting that she go ahead and give it me,
So he could see a black dick in'er pussyhole.

I buried in her just as deep as I could!
And he watched her taking it like a pro
I told him her white pussy sho' was good
Then lifted my balls so he could watch the show.

She couldn't get enough of my big black peter.
And, I couldn't get enough of her tight, little slit.
Everytime I fucked her, he wanted to eat'er,
To lick her gooey pussy, to swallow cum and shit.

Sticking this black dick all the way in
Grunting and sweating and cumming at will
I just kept on fucking her, again and again,
Giving her and her punk ass husband a thrill!

Finally, when I couldn't get it up no more,
I laid back looking at her big, white tits.
She was wore out and her pussy was sore
And even he said we should call it quits.

To tell you the truth, I have to say.
I've never had pussy as good as that
So, when I was leaving at the break a day,
I left'em a number they could reach me at.



You niggas like calling my wife a 'ho
When you're fucking her in front of me,
But, please remember, as you go,
What cums with you, leaves with me!

Now, I seen niggas go into shock
Just watching my sex white, wife shake it.
And, she likes taking on a big, black cock
As much as I like watching her take it

But she's only fucking you to make it real.
The fantasy's the only way everybody scores!
So, in spite of what you niggas think or feel,
The wife you're fucking is mine - not yours!

Even when it is your dick she sucks,
It's me she's aiming that pussy at.
You're just a big dicked nigga she fucks.
And, we both wanna thank you for that!!!!!

So, go ahead and fuck'er if you've a mind to.
And, laugh at me for fucking my hand;
But, remember while she's fucking you,
She'll still be wearing my wedding band.



The night we met was a dream come true;
An inter-racial fantasy outta the past.
Nobody's ever turned me on like you.
So, I'm hoping ONCE won't be the last.

I'm hard right now, just thinking back.
I really couldn't get enough of you.
So white and sexy, and, ME so black...
It really was a fantasy coming true.

You loved all the fucking and sucking,
And I liked you wearing HIS ring,
But, we did a lot more than fucking.
What we did's not the same thing.

I think the evening was, at least, unique
And I thought the pussy was really good!
It was fun watching your husband freak
While I put it to-ya like he wished HE could.

You made my wishes your command.
Giving me everything,.. and more!
With your man busy fucking his hand,
You rode my black dick like a whore.

Your husband liked me fucking you!!
And, you did, too! So, why pretend?
All I'm saying is... deja vous...
"When y'all wanna get together again?"



I was between buses in Louisville
Home on leave with some time to kill,
When I found out married white folks ain't like they used to be.
A white couple in the station,
Asking for information,
Walked up, all friendly, and sat down on a bench right next to me.

While hubby sat there gawking
His sexy wife all the talking
And, the way she was smoking my crotch, I knew she wanted some meat.
She was a truly senior class,
With big, ole titties and a wicked ass.
And before I knew it, we were leaving together... to "visit" their motel suite.

Once behind a motel door,
Decorum don't matter anymore,
So that white woman welcomed me like she'd known me all her life.
I kissed'er back and gave'er some tongue,
Then let her know how well I was hung,
As hubby stood there watching me put my hands all over his wife.

She hit her knees, opening my fly,
Looking her husband right in the eye,
As she pulled my big, black dick out and stroked it up to size.
Noting mine was two of his,
She said, "Ohh - Look how big it is!"
And then she started sucking my dick right in fronta his eyes!

You shoulda seen that married bitch
She could suck the chrome offa trailer hitch.
And before I knew what happened, I was filling her mouth with goo.
She just kept sucking and didn't stop
Until she'd swallowed every drop
And then she asked her husband if he wanted me to fuck her, too?

"Of course," he said, "I love to watch!"
Standing there grinning and rubbing his crotch,
As if seeing me ravage his woman was all he ever wanted in life.
He urged me to take off her clothes
And, rip out the crotch of her pantyhose,
Like he really couldn't wait to see me put a black dick in his wife.

You shoulda seen his eyes,
When I spread her creamy thighs.
He started wanking his little cock, urging me to "DO'ER!"
And, after I finally stuck'er
All he said was "FUCK'ER!,"
And got off with his hand as he watched me putting it to'er!

That white pussy sure was good
So I got me as much as I could
Four times in less than an hour and, she still wanted more.
As I boarded my bus, amid goodbye's
His wife smiled behind her eyes
And told me whenever I wanted, I could use her like whore!"



Up and down she stroked his pole.
I couldn't look away to save my soul.
Just watching her touch it was messing up my mind.
When she started going down on him,
I got as hard as a sycamore limb.
She was sucking that dick like black was the only kind.

Glancing over at me again
She said, "I love black men!",
As she throated his long, black, rigid, peppermint stick.
The guy was cool as he wanted to be
As he grabbed her head, he said to me,
"Man, your wife really knows how to suck a black dick!"

"Suck it, baby - suck it," he said,
Watching me wank beside the bed,
As he stiffened and said he was gonna be cumming in a minute or two!"
With nostrils flared and hips bucking,
He said, "Ohhhh baby- don't stop sucking!"
As he held down on his spurting cock and made her swallow his goo!

Weilding his cock like a basball bat,
He was eager to fuck her after that,
Pounding her tight, white pussy the way I always knew he could.
Thrilled and filled like never before,
My wife fucked him like a whore,
Taking all of that big, black dick the way I always knew she would.

He said he liked his pussy white,
And stayed up in it half the night,
Fucking and cumming 'til none of us had anything left to drain.
He fucked her good, I have to say,
But, I wouldn't have it no other way.
Watching a blackman fuck her pussy really pulls my chain.

My wife's become a black cock whore.
She don't even fuck me none anymore.
All she wants is big, black cocks like those in the I/R porno flicks!
So, I sit, ...watching, and, wanking,
Lusting for the wife I should be thanking,
For giving me the thrills I get watchin'er take those big, black dicks!



I knew she liked him. He was arrogant...sexy...and REAL
She fucked him with her eyes as I explained the deal
He told me to save my breath, he already knew the score
That he partied with wife watching couples like us before.

"So - watching's your thing!" he said, "It's your freaking life,
I'm just here to show you how a black man fucks your wife!!
And since she's not resisting me, or begging me to stop...
I'm guessing she wants this dick more'n she wants a cop!

So, wank and watch me fuck'er, pal. She'll never be the same.
After this, she'll call me 'Daddy' and you old 'what's-his-name'!"
Then, he turned to my naked wife, waving his big salami,
Stroking it slowly, as he urged... "Suck it for me, Mommie!"

Trembling with whorish pleasure as he pushed'er to'er knees
My smiling wife grabbed his cock and gave it a friendly squeeze.
As he told me how good it was, like he wanted me to know,
She licked his black dick up and down and sucked on it like a pro.

He praised all white women, "spec'ly the ones from the south!",
As I watched him push his black dick further inside her mouth.
He told her, "Suck it, baby - Gimme a deep throat kiss!"
Then, asked if I'd ever seen my wife suck a black dick like this?

"He's seen it before", my wife replied, pausing from her sucking.
"If you think he's wanking now, just wait 'til we start fucking!!!"
"Good idea" he said, pulling his dick out of her mouth with a "pop"
"Get ready for it, bitch" he told my wife, "When I start, I don't stop!"

But first he had to gas up so I offered to cut us all out a few lines,
Then, laughed watching my greedy wife snort up hers and mines
He said he was ready to fuck her, and, after an extra line of 'blow',
He got up between my wife's legs, and stuck his dick in'er real SLOW!"

She helped him guide his blackness to her anxious tunnel of love
And, as soon as he got the head in'er pussy, he gave the rest a shove.
In it went, inch by inch, until his balls were pressed against her butt
I got so hot just watching her take it, I wanked off and busted a nut!

While I wacked off...taking pictures, and watching him fuck my wife,
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