This section is where the white females send in their true stories about their meetings with their black lovers that the husband knows NOTHING about their wives' craving for black cock!  A confessional section for white wives that have been seeing their black lovers without the knowledge of hubby!

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I confess... I'm a changed man.

I had an experience last week that I thought I would share. I used to consider myself a Dom white man but over the years I've become obsessed with black men with white women. Especially white wives. I met a black man on line, and met with him and showed him pictures of my wife and he was willing.

Time went on and I couldn't get it to happen with my wife. He began to be more domineering, and I set him up with a different married woman who we met as a threesome. Over time, he said I was to bring him more sluts to train and his Dominance was just natural. And last week, he said I was to meet him for the first of my training which was to include me sucking him to completion.

I had this strange feeling come over me and I felt like I owed him because of all the stalling I did over the months before and since. I ended up going, and meeting him, and gave my first ever blowjob to this agressive, younger, hung black man. He just pushed me to my knees, said he didn't have a lot of time.

He pulled his 9" black dick out and it was already half hard and was hard in a microsecond. I took it in, and surprised myself. I was eager, hungry for it. I was wanting it deep. I wanted him to make me take it deep. His hand was on my head, pumping like a cheap slut. Tears were in my eyes, I was choking and he held my head fast, pushing his cock deep in my throat repeatedly. He used me like a slut... a man 20 years older than him. And I found myself not wanting it to quit.

I found myself doing things my wife had done to me during oral sex... kissing it, licking it, slobbering on it to get it good and wet. And when he came, I wanted to let the cum roll around in my mouth and string from his cock and I wanted to keep sucking to keep him hard and not stop this pleasure. But he had to go... and just walked out with me tagging along after to my own car.

Since then I've been conflicted, intrigued, wanting more yet wondering why. But what I know is, if he says come... I'll come. And I'll try harder now to give him my wife. I want him to have her. Changed MWM in Wisconsin.

Hi I'm a 28 year old female who married a minister about 7 years ago now and for the last two years I have been cheating on my husband and he knows nothing about it. I'm 34C-25-36 and shaved smooth which is how my trucker friend Ray likes it. Ray is a blk trucker I met one eve coming home from a woman's conference in Greenbay Wisconsin. I got horny so I flashed this trucker and I don't even know why I did that but I did and the trucker honked his horn and we continued playing this game for a few miles then I saw a rest stop sign off the interstate and took it.

Well that truck pulled behind me and took it as well, I got so turned on I didn't look at the signs and pulled into the truck section and drove way over to the end of it and the trucker pulled right along side me and then their was a knock on my window and without thinkng I opened it forgetting my skirt was up around my waist and top open and this statue of a blk man stood there looking in on me and sizing me up and asked if I liked teasing truckers on the interstate.

I didn't answer him and froze with a smile and he simply reached in and fondled my breast and I sat there and let him. Now here I am, a married white woman and a pastor's wife on top of that and have never cheated on my husband who is a pastor at a big local church. The next thing I knew I was walking with him back to his rig and I tried to put my skirt down and he said "No" leave it up and opened my top fully so that my panty coverd bottom and bra was showing.

He then walked me to the other end of the parking lot and past over 30 trucks and let anyone who cared to look see me like that. Several trucks blinked their lights and several men shouted nasty names at me. I was so scared and Ray the trucker asked if I enjoyed all the attention I was getting. I simply nodded my head in approval and then he stopped me and took my top completely off and bra too and told me to step out of my panties and there I was just in my skirt around my waist and Heels.

By now several truckers were out of their rigs and a rather large group started walking to us as Ray walked me back to his rig. He looked behind us and told these truckers that when he and his friend was done he would bring me out to the picnic area to be used. Now I was really scared and he opened up his door to this 18 wheeler and I got up and in and saw his co driver this older blk man and he said hi and so did I and got in and Ray followed and when I got in Ray opened his pants and put his hand on my head and pushed me to his cock which was the biggest cock I have ever seen.

My husband is an untra-conservative Christian and have never let me do those things. I told Ray then I was a pastor's wife and have never done anything like this ever and he laughed and simply pushed my head onto his cock and commanded me to open my virgin mouth and I obeyed and the next thing you know I was gagging on this 12" blk cock and sucking as much of it as I could and the next thing you know I heard shouts and there was several men outside his rig looking in then I felt this hand all over my butt and reaching between my legs. It was his partner Jack. He had his fingers now working their way into my shaved pussy. I started to moan like a bitch in heat and that is how I felt as a new feeling crept up inside me. I liked this and wanted more and I gave myself full to it.

Ray turned me around and put me in this huge sleeper and he got in and Jack positoned himself between the chairs so I could suck him and I did and I was on all 4's as Ray entered my pussy from behind. I was so wet that he slid right in and He moaned loudly and laughed and said to me that I was going to be owned by him and whoever he wanted me to fuck that I would have to obey and I moaned yes as began to fuck my pussy harder. I was now impaled between two huge blk cocks and had never known any man but my husband up till that point. Ray fucked me so hard and I came at least 3 times screaming then I heard him moan really loud and pushed as deep in me that it hurt and told me that he was now securing me for life with his sperm.

That is when Jack moaned and shot off all over my face and I now felt like a slut. Jack then got a camera and took several shots of Ray fucking me and cum on my face as Ray was filling my pussy with his sperm. Then he rolled me over on my back and opened my legs and my now gaping pussy was leaking his cum as Jack took more shots. Then Ray and Jack switched positions and Jack got between my legs and put his blk cock in me and started to fuck me like a whore and calling me a white whore and how when they were finished they would let this now large group of men outside fuck me while they took pictures. I was so lost in sex I said YES YES and fuck me fuck me hard and make me your cum slut forever.

That night 2 years ago over 13 men got to use my married white pussy and mostly blk men. Since that night I have been gangbanged many times and fucked almost daily by blk men young and old. I am now a total blk cock whore and slut and my husband knows nothing. The last count was over 380 men in the last two years that have been between my legs and or in my mouth or butt. Ray is still my dominant and now the minister's wife on sundays and when my husband is home and blk cock slut by most days and when hubby is out of town a complete whore for blk cock and any and all of Ray's friends. What will I do? I hope that my husband never finds out. Amy

The whole thing started about two years ago. I had been married for a year and a half to a very loving man. Who happened to have a very big boss who is black. My hubby worked for him him long before we where married. I met his boss at all the company parties. He always said I was hot looking.

Anyway hubby had to go out of town to set up a new job site and would be away for most of the summer so Phil said that he would keep an eye on me. Phil is the boss. He would call me every day asking how I was. This went on for about a week then he ask me if I wanted to go to dinner with him. Being home for a week with no-one there I said sure. He said that he would pick me up around five oclock

. All afternoon I wondered what people would say if i was seen with Phil. I thought to myself the hell with them after all we where just going to dinner. Phil showed up a little late said he was sorry . He had to go to the car dealer and pick up a truck that he had ordered. He was taking it to my hubby's job Monday it was his new work truck. Tool boxes on the back and all the stuff that he would need Phil said. He asked me if I minded going out in it for dinner. I told him thatIi liked trucks so it didn't matter to me.

We went to a place on the outskirts of town it had a good rep. and a bar on the other side of it. Everything went well dinner was good then he ask if I wanted to go for a drink. Sure I said so we walked over to the bar. On the way over Phil put his arm around me as we had about a block to go. I said nothing. As we walked along his hand got lower and lower till he has holding my ass. As he opened the door to the bar he grabbed a feel, I flinched a little he just smiled at me. We had several drinks and I told him that I had better get home, he said ok paid the tab and we left . His hand went right to my ass as we walked to his truck.

Once we got to his truck he opened the door for me, that's when things started to happen in a big way. He turned me around and started to kiss me. He pinned me up against the door post and kissed me hard. I could not move he held my hands and we kissed. He would whisper something to me but I could not make it out at first. I finally heard him he was telling me to take my pants off. No I said but he put my hands on the top of my pants and said yes take them off now. After some more kissing and more coaxing I started to pull them down. I could not believe what I was doing. Once they were over my hips they just slipped down to my ankles.

Phil then wasted no time in getting his hand inside my panties. He played with me and got me wet in no time. He started to finger fuck me. I was about to cum he pinched my clit and told me that I would cum when he let me not before. He then told me to kneel down and hand him my pants. I did as told. He opened the tool box on the truck and put them in it. Then Phil said as you're down there I may as well suck him off. He ordered me to unzip him and pull it out. I did, it was semi hard and big already. Get to work he told me so I started on him. It got bigger and bigger. I was only sucking the top of it he grabbed my hair and started forcing me down on his cock. Little by little till I started to choke. He then would pull my head back and I would get a breath of air then back down again.

While this was going on he told me to take my blouse off and give it to him. I did and he put it in the tool box also. He then unsnapped my bra and it slid off on the ground. I handed it to him and he put it in the toolbox.

Then he had me stand up and told me to get those panties off. They went into the toolbox. The only thing I had on was my 4 in high heels. He told me to keep them on. Phil then had me lay face down over the seat with my legs on the ground. He stepped up behind me and entered me hard. A few strokes and he was slapping his balls off my ass. I moaned loud as he pumped into me. Not really thinking of where I was at the time. Phil grabbed my hair again and asked me if I was on the pill. No I said, my husband had a vasectomy so I need not worry. You do now he said I'm gonna knock you up tonight. No please I said no. Beg bitch he said if you beg real good maybe I will fill your mouth instead of your tight cunt. I begged please no. He rolled me over on my back and fucked away. Look at me and beg slut. I said please dont make me pregnant. He pushed into me harder. Maybe this time I will let you be, now open your mouth wide and drink. With that he pulled out of my cunt and laid his cock on my open mouth and blew his seed into it. Then he said swallow bitch. I had a hard time getting it down so salty and so much.

Then he told me to stand up. I did and he reached in front of me and closed the toolbox lid shut it locked. Now you have to wear what I want you to for the rest of the evening. He reached under the seat and pulled out a bag with some clothes in it. They all came from centurions. A pair of latex shorts and a latex tube top. All about two sizes too small. Perfect fit me told me. You could see every crack and crevice I had. For the rest of the nite he took me to bars in the red light district showing me off, letting others feel me up. Then he took me to his home and banged me again and again. Sometimes he would pull out of me, others he would fill my cunt with seed. It all depends on you he said. The better you are in the sack better off for you he said.

He let me go home sunday morning. I had spent two days with him. He had stuffed every hole I had over and over. He told me to come to his office on tuesday so he could get some office pussy. I went. I had never been so fucked in all my life and I needed more. I had been tamed he told me, I was now his total slave to do with as he pleased. And I was.

Slave Jill

This is not a personal confession of sorts. I am a 33 year old WM. I have recently divorced. During my marriage, my wife and I had a lot of interracial fantasies. I noticed her interest when we watched X-rated movies. We would talk about fantasies. I noticed that sex was better when there was a black man on the video. I asked her if she wanted a threesome with a black man, she admitted she did, but it never happened. Since that night, I have explored the interracial realm. I have no idea why, but the contrast turns me on. But this is not about me or my wife.

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to my sisters house to see my nieces before homecoming. We have a very close family. My oldest niece, living with my sister is seventeen. My other niece is 15. They are both very beautiful. It was kind of strange, I could feel the tension. The younger niece was getting ready, the older niece came down in sweats. I asked why she was not going, she did not answer. The older niece ended up leaving. I asked my brother in-law why she was not going to homecoming on her senior year. He said, "Well, she was asked to go by a 10th grader that happens to be a black boy. I told her that was not acceptable. She is not going to homecoming this year." Both of my nieces are very brilliant and beautiful. Needless to say, I was shocked, due to their religious background, that there was ever a chance for an interracial connection.

This weekend, I had my daughters at my mothers house. My youngest niece came up to stay the night with us. She gave me a note and said it was from the older niece for her grandmother (my mom). My mother came home and I handed her the sealed envelope. I put my girls to bed and came back to the kitchen. My mom said, "Read this. Do you think she is telling the truth, or just kidding?" I read the note. There is no way she would be kidding about something so serious. She said she is pregnant and she was sorry. She did not say from who.

What do you think.

My name is Casey and I have a confession to make. I am a young girl, only 18, and still living at home. I have a boyfriend now. I am a very simple type of girl, plan is a better word for me. I am petite, about 130lbs, curly brunette hair. If anybody is wondering why I am confessing this, its because my black lover told me that everybody on this web site would like it.

I have to start at the beginning so you know everything. I was 15 and home alone, it was a Friday night and my mom gave me her cell phone. It was about 9 that night the cell rang and thinking it was mom I answered it. Hello baby said a very sexy voice. I was shocked and asked who this is? I am sorry I was looking for someone else, said the voice on the phone. I told him I had my mother's phone and maybe it was her, you are looking for. Yes your mother, he said. Well I ended up talking with him about a hour. At the end of our little chat he told me to tell my mom that Randy called. I told my mom the next day and she was shocked and excited to hear that Randy called her. I didn't know what was going on but I had to find out more.

Every 2 weeks Randy would call and we talked about everything under the sun. He was like a second father to me, but only he was black. He helped me with boys and kind of kept me a virgin. I also found out that mom had a affair with him when I was 4. He told me he had to go back to his country and be with his sick mother. He was home now and wanted to maybe start the affair again if she was willing. I didn't think of my mother as that type of a person.

So now let fast forward to July 2002. It was a Friday night and I was at my white boyfriend Bobby's house. The phone rang and I knew it was Randy. Hey Randy what is up I said. Nothing Kitten he said just feeling a little down. Well after talking for about 20 minutes I found out that my mother didn't want to do anything with him any more and he was down because of it. I told him I would cheer him up if he was here now. He told me I was not my mother and that it takes a big girl to cheer him up. Try me Randy I said and he said give the phone to Bobby.

See Bobby talks too with Randy as he is curious about him and my mother. After about 5 minutes of talking Bobby handed me the phone back and said that Randy wants you for the night and I could watch. What is going on here, I asks Randy. Randy said I should do as I was told and not ask any questions.

Randy told me to close my eyes and sit in the computer chair. I did as Bobby rubbed my shoulders. MMMM that feels nice. Randy told Bobby to turn on the computer and get him on ICQ. Now Randy could type things and I couldn't see what it was. I felt Bobby's hand touch my breasts and I felt little shocks run through my body. Bobby rubbed my breasts inside my shirt. This was not new as we do play around a little. I felt him unhook my bra in the front but kept my shirt on. MMM this feels really nice but very exciting as it was like Randy was there with us.

I was getting a little wet in my crotch area and kept moving my legs open and closed. As Bobby pinched and pulled my nipples they got harder and harder. My breathing got faster as I was excited. I felt Bobby open and unzip my shorts. I was wearing the thong that Bobby got me down at the shore. Randy all at once ask me on the phone if I like what Bobby was doing to me. Yes I said is a little girls voice. I felt Bobby's fingers go inside my panties. I reached to stop him and a second later Randy said don't move Kitten your going to like this, just let yourself feel good. I felt his finger go into my pussy as his thumb rubbed my clit lightly. Wow this was to much and I closed my leg on Bobby's hand. This time Randy come on and said, in a stern voice, 'Open up NOW'. I opened my legs just a little and Randy said SPREAD YOUR FUCKEN LEGS.

I am not sure why but I opened my leg as wide as I could and I felt 2 fingers slide inside my juicy pussy. It was to later I cum on Bobby's fingers. Now I was very embarrassed and turned my head to the side because of that. Randy told me on the phone that I was a good girl and that I should not be embarrassed of cumming and being there little slut girl.

I opened my eyes and saw Bobby sitting there with a hard cock in his hand rubbing up and down. His other hand was still inside my wet pussy. Randy said again I was a good girl and that I should touch myself. I said no I never do that its too gross and only a slut would do that. Randy said DO IT, TOUCH THAT WET PUSSY KITTEN, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO. Bobby's hand pushed at my hand to slide inside my panties. I didn't stop Bobby as he did that. I was feeling different as I wanted to do anything now to please Randy or Bobby. Randy ask Bobby on the computer if I was doing that, sure Bobby wrote back.

Bobby moved his hand away and I continued to finger my wet juicy pussy. I watched as Bobby jerked off and I finger fucked my pussy. s not going to last to long and me either. Randy said on the phone if I like doing this in front of Bobby. I moaned yes into the phone. 'SLUT' Randy called me. Just like your mommie, she is a slut too. 3 fingers kitten, I want 3 fingers in that sloppy cunt. He was right, I was sloppy wet. The third finger slipped inside very easy. Randy said I should wet my fingers and touch my nipples and as I did that my eyes rolled back in my head. I was cumming again and Bobby knew it.

I felt something hit my face and as I opened my eyes just in time for it to hit me again but in my eyes. I opened my mouth to moan and I was hit again in my mouth and chin. It hit my hair and it run down on my shirt.

Up to this point in my life I never saw sperm or even tasted it. I tasted the sweet creamy cum and it was not as bad as some of my girlfriends told me it was, I liked it.

Then Bobby and me heard the door open and his mom call to us. I shut down the computer and Bobby put his shorts on. We just finished as his mom and little sister walked into the room. Mom looked at both me and Bobby with a funny look almost knowing that we just masturbated. His little sister ask me what the white wet stuff was in my hair. I turned red and went into the bathroom to wash up.

The story doesn't stop here as I went shopping at the mall with mom and Randy was there. I also watched my mom get it from 3 black guys at a party that she didn't know I was there.

Love Casey

It's my 40th birthday this week and I was thinking about what I'd enjoyed most in the past. When it came to sex I remember being really well fucked by two black boys when I was 19.

I was at college in Coventry (UK) at the time and got picked up by one black in a city centre pub, I had never had a black dick but was in that phase where I would fuck anything. He took me out back and shagged me against the wall, he had the thickest dick I had experienced and it took a bit of effort to get it in but it was worth it. After he came I sucked him hard and took it again doggy leaning across a wall.

We cleaned up and went to his place where I started to suck him again in the living room. We were interrupted when his mate returned and joined us, he said not to worry about him so I continued sucking. Anyway I stayed all night and both of them fucked me several times (thank heavens for the pill).

I cannot remember being so well fucked since. I have never told my husband about this but now approaching 40 think I might like a black cock or two before I get too old to really appreciate them. It would have to be a discrete meeting as I will not tell my husband and I will have to feel safe before I go ahead with it. So any really patient men in the Midlands(UK) with nice thick black dicks that would perhaps be interested please contact me. But I will probably need coaxing to make me feel safe.

I'm 28 years old and have been happily married for 9 years. My husband and I have enjoyed a good (and regular) sex life in those 9 years. My interracial experience started last year when a group of girls I know got together to celebrate one of the girls 30th birthday. The night was going very well; we had a nice meal and more than a few bottles of champagne and wine.

I was sat next to a girl I hadn't seen for a while even though we'd been real close a few years back. Her name is Karen and we quickly started catching up on what the other had been up to and when I asked if she was still single she explained that she'd been dating a guy from work for about a month. I asked if it was getting serious and she whispered to me "Nah, I'm in it for the sex!" I laughed and said she hadn't changed and she went on to explain that the guy she was dating was 34, black, built like an adonis and she gestured with her hands in such a way that I assumed meant she was trying to tell me he had a big cock. I laughed again and told her she was terrible but by her face I could see she was completely in lust with this guy.

Later on that night she mentioned the black guy again and she started talking about the sex. From what she was saying it sounded like the guy had a cock like a horse! I'd had a few to drink and I started to open up a little by telling her that my sex life was still good after 9 years of marriage. I elaborated further by saying that my hubby's cock was pretty big too but really I had no idea if it was big or average or anything because I'd never compared it to anyone elses. I'd been with a couple of guys before I got married but comparing cock sizes wasn't really something I did. To me, my husbands cock was more than okay and it made me feel better by saying that it was pretty big. Of course it was never going to be as big as the black guy that my friend was dating and she pointed that out several times.

The night out ended about 3am and I called hubby to come collect me. I was pretty drunk by then and all the talk of sex had made me horny. We weren't even half way home when I pulled his cock out and started giving him a blow job as he drove. I stopped sucking for a minute and asked him how big his cock was. He laughed and no doubt wondered why I asked that question after 9 years of marriage but he didn't ask. He answered by saying that he hadn't measured it since he was at high school and back then it was a little over 7 inches. Happy that this was a good size I continued sucking his cock.

A few weeks after the birthday night out I received a message on my answerphone from Karen. She said that she was glad we'd met up again and she wanted to invited hubby and I to BBQ with her and her boyfriend the following weekend. I called her back to get more details and it was arranged that hubby and I would go over the following Saturday about lunchtime. She lived a little way out of town and she suggested that we stay over to save us worrying about driving home at night. I thought it was a good idea and I hung up and started looking forward to seeing her again.

When we arrived at Karens house she came out to welcome us and was quickly followed by a black guy who I assumed to be her well hung boyfriend, Carter. We did the greetings and kisses and introduction thing before dropping our stuff off in the hallway. Carter and hubby wandered off to fetch some beers whilst Karen gave me a tour of her house. As we wandered from room to room she asked what I thought of Carter. I didn't know what to say really as I'd only seen him for about a minute but I exaggerated and said that he was real handsome and she seemed pleased with that response.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful really. We sat in Karens garden enjoying the sun and talking whilst Carter cooked burgers and stuff on the BBQ. In the evening we drank and ate like Kings and I felt really tired so hubby and I went to bed quite early at 10.30.

I couldn't settle in a strange bed and it took me about an hour or so to fall asleep. I hadn't been sleeping for long when I woke up and looked at the clock, it was only 1.30. I closed my eyes again and just as I started to wish that we'd gone home to our own bed I started to hear noises. It didn't take me long to figure out that the noises I could hear were Karen and Carter having sex. Karen obviously didn't care that she had guests in her house or maybe she'd drank so much wine that she'd forgot. Either way I could hear the bed creaking and banging and she was moaning pretty loud.

I tried to shut it out of my mind and hoped that I'd fall asleep but she got louder and louder. I lay there wide awake listening to them fucking for over an hour before the noise stopped and I figured they'd finished.

Next I knew was when I woke at 7.30 the next morning. I woke hubby and told him we should get on our way. I got my shower stuff and headed for the bathroom. As I walked there I could hear voices downstairs and I guessed that Karen and Carter were already up. I showered then went downstairs while hubby went into the bathroom to wash.

When I went downstairs Karen was sat in the kitchen wearing a robe and Carter was stood by the door smoking a cigarette wearing only a pair of tight white boxers. As the conversation started I couldn't help but notice that Carter had quite a body. In particular his legs and his butt were absolutely hot - thick muscled thighs and a big butt. The other thing I noticed was how good he looked in those white boxers. I think it was the fact that he was black and the white looked real good against his skin. When he turned around and I got a view of the front of him I swear my mouth almost fell open! That chest! And What a lunchbox!

As much as my eyes took in my mouth said nothing. Instead I made small talk with Karen about how I had slept really well (all lies of course coz her fucking kept me awake half the night). Carter offered to make us breakfast before we left but I insisted that we'd only have a quick coffee before heading home. My parents were coming to visit in the afternoon and I had things I needed to do before they arrived. Also, I wasn't sure how long I could get away with looking at Carters body before someone noticed!

It got worse too. Whilst we waited for hubby to dress, Carter bent over to pick something up and my eyes almost popped out of my head. I wanted so much to run over and feel that beautiful butt. I got quite embarrassed when thoughts of what I had heard the night before started running through my head and I imagined Karen digging her nails into that butt and pulling him inside her. It wasn't even 8am and I was sitting in Karen's kitchen with a wet pussy! I'm sure I blushed a few times at what was going on in my head but noone seemed to notice. As soon as hubby came downstairs I whispered to him that we should leave right away and we thanked Karen and Carter for their hospitality and left.

We'd driven about half a mile when I told hubby to stop the car. He looked puzzled and I repeated my instruction to stop the car. It was just after 8am on a Sunday morning, we were in the middle of nowhere and I was sure there'd be noone around.

As soon as the car stopped and hubby was about to ask further questions, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I sucked and licked it for only about a minute until it was just hard enough then I lifted myself over to his side, pulled my panties to the side and sat on top of his cock. The suddenness and the thrill of what was happening obviously excited hubby a lot because his cock was as hard as a rock within seconds of entering my already wet pussy. I wasted no time and I rocked back and forth and up and down at quite a speed. We could only have been fucking for about a minute or so when I felt myself start to cum. That's really unusual for me considering it normally takes me at least 10 minutes to cum when I am being fucked.

I'd been embarrassed in the kitchen at what my mind was thinking about Carter but I was so caught up in what I was doing that I had no time to think about being embarrassed now. As I started to cum all I could think about was Carter. I imagined his enormous body banging against my small frame and being filled with his huge black cock. I think my orgasm lasted for well over a minute and as I came back down to earth I realized that I was almost ripping the upholstery in the car because my grip on the seat was so hard. Hubby's breathing told me that he too must have cum whilst I was 'out of it' and as I lifted myself off of him he said "Oh man, what was that all about?" I smiled and said "Are you complaining?" "No way" he said and we adjusted ourselves and continued our drive home.

During the journey home and for the few weeks that followed I tried to put Carter out of my mind. It was a pretty tough job seeing as he'd come into my mind about 3 or 4 times every day. Whenever hubby and I would have sex I'd think about Carter. I knew it was wrong but I was powerless over my mind. There were even a couple of occasions when I was home alone where I masturbated while fantasizing about him. One of those times I even went as far as using a cucumber in place of my usual vibrator because I wanted it to be as big as Karen had implied it was.

About 2 months after we'd been to Karen's house for the BBQ we had a wedding to attend. Another friend of mine was getting married and we'd been invited. The friend who was getting married - Kim, called me a couple of weeks before the wedding to ask if I would go to the bacholerette party. I had plans for that evening and I explained that I couldn't go but that I was looking forward to the wedding. During our conversation I discovered a few of the guests who would be there and they included Karen 'and partner'. Kim hadn't heard about Carter and I wasn't sure if Karen was still seeing him so I said nothing, but I hoped that she was still with him and I hoped he'd accompany her to the wedding.

I have no idea why I hoped so much that Carter would be at the wedding. I mean it would just make my fantasies and longings worse, but I still hoped. I thought about it for a few days, even worrying about it sometimes and then I called Karen with the excuse of asking if the bacholorette party had gone well. When she finished telling me all about it I asked if she was looking forward to the wedding itself. Feeling a bit guilty but desperate to know the answer, I asked quite casually "Is Carter going with you?" to which she said "Yeah". I breathed a sigh of relief and we made small-talk for a while longer.

On the morning of the wedding I took great care to make sure that everything about me was perfect, from my hair down to my toenails. I wore the sexiest lingerie I possessed and the sweetest perfume. When I was ready I studied myself in the mirror and thought to myself "Wow!"

When we arrived at the church I looked out for Karen and Carter. Hubby and I arrived earlier than we should have just so that I could be sure of being there when they arrived. We didn't wait long before I saw them come out of a car and I waved to Karen to draw her attention. We did the hi's and the polite kissing as normal but I know I lingered a few seconds more than I should have when I kissed Carter. Noone noticed, probably not even Carter. Once inside the church I let Karen sit down first with Carter on her left and then I sat down next to him with hubby on my left. Perfect! I was sat right next to him.

Surprisingly I never made much conversation with Carter, probably because I had a guilty conscience, but I felt so good being right next to him. I kept looking at his legs and everytime I glanced I got more turned on. Even when the ceremony was taking place I couldn't concentrate.

Nothing much happened after that until we had finished the wedding meal. When the band started playing and people started dancing I felt that everyone started to relax a lot more. When Karen went to the ladies room at one point I took advantage of the opportunity to talk to Carter on his own. Hubby was involved in conversation with some others who were at the table and so I had Carter to myself. Without thinking that it wasn't perhaps the ideal first question to ask, I asked "So are you and Karen getting along well? I mean is it serious stuff now?" He laughed at my question and replied "Well not quite as serious as this kinda stuff!" I laughed too and explained that I hadn't meant wedding kinda serious and Carter explained that "they were just having fun." I said a casual "that's cool" and we continued talking about this and that until Karen returned.

During the evening I was convinced that I saw Carter look me up and down a few times but I wasn't sure if it was just my already active imagination and one time I was convinced that his leg lingered against mine a little to long but again I couldn't be sure if it was intentional. I wasn't completely at ease flirting with Carter when Karen and hubby were right there and my mind tried to come up with ways of getting him on his own. The best I could come up with was to suggest that hubby ask Karen to dance; at least it would give me a few minutes with Carter alone. As soon as they left the table to dance I moved a little closer to Carter as if to imply that I couldn't quite hear him. There was plenty room at the table, the band weren't that loud and there was absolutely no need for me to be so close to him but I didn't care. If he or anyone remarked I'd say I'd had too much wine, but in reality I'd had very little.

My leg was against his and our arms were almost meeting but he said nothing as I started to talk about the day and how lovely it had been. About a minute after I started the conversation Carter remarked jokingly that people might talk and our partners may get jealous if they saw us as close as we were. I took this as him meaning "back off" and I immediately moved away a little and apologized saying that I must have had too much wine. I laughed an almost nervous laugh to try and hide my embarrassment but I was immediately put at ease when I heard him say "shame, I was enjoying it too."

I wasn't sure if this was his way of joking to prevent me being embarrassed or whether or not he was trying to tell me that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I smiled at him and started to believe the former. "If it wasn't quite so public I could REALLY have enjoyed it" he said. I looked at his face to try and judge if this was serious talk or joking talk. He had a slight smile on his face but he wasn't laughing but really the answer lay in his eyes. I was 99.9% sure that he was trying to tell me what I wanted to hear but I didn't know how to respond. Without thinking about it I said "Yeah sometimes it would be good to just click your fingers and make everyone disappear for just a short while." I was sure that this wasn't too obvious but it continued the little 'game' we both seemed to be playing and if I was completely wrong about his intentions I could easily explain what I had said. But there was no need to have worried.

"Well it aint going to be as easy as that," he said, "but if we put our minds to it I'm pretty sure we could figure something out."

My heart started racing and my breathing became heavy and I said in an almost whisper to him "Are we on the same wavelength here or....?" and he interrupted saying "We must all go to our rooms at the same time, meet me in the lobby exactly an hour after we retire. If either of us aren't there we just go back to our room."

At that point I had confirmation of what I wanted to know. I can't say that I felt the excitement that I had thought I would feel when I'd fantasized about it over the past few months, instead I felt like a wife who was about to cheat on her husband with her friends boyfriend. I felt enormous guilt and I hadn't actually done anything yet but everytime I looked at Carter I knew I just had to do it.

When Karen and hubby came back to join us we all chatted and got along as if everything were completely normal. Hubby was concerned that I wasn't drinking as much as I should be and I told him that he was more than making up for me. I noticed too that Carter was making sure that Karen's glass was never empty, not that Karen needed any assistance to drink, she'd always been a good drinker and tonight was no exception.

During a brief moment alone, Carter asked me if I was clear about his instructions for meeting and I nodded and said that I'd do my best but couldn't be sure that hubby would be asleep. After 5 or 6 beers hubby is always out like a light and a 40 piece brass band couldnt wake him and tonight he'd had at least double that amount but I still wasn't sure if he'd be as sound asleep as I needed him to be for me to leave and meet Carter. I asked if he would be okay leaving Karen in the room alone and he said to leave it to him and explained that she'd be fast asleep and that I shouldn't worry. But I did worry.

The hours seemed like years and neither Karen or hubby looked anything like tired. In fact they started talking about drinking competitions and parties. Carter and I tried to calm things down and I told hubby that he'd had enough already and Carter told Karen the same. We were deemed boring but we laughed it off and waited and hoped that our partners would soon be ready for bed.

I was so anxious about hubby and Karen going to bed and everything working out that I really didn't have time to think about the excitement of what was about to happen. Months of fantasies were about to become reality but I told myself that it may never happen just in case things didn't go according to plan.

Just after midnight I noticed hubby start to drift off and I pushed him and told him we should go to our room. Hearing me, Carter said he thought it was a good idea that we retire as it had been a long day. Karen didn't look ready to stop partying but she agreed with Carter and we started to gather our things together. As we got our things Karen asked if we'd all meet to go for breakfast together and I said I wasn't sure but if she called my room in the morning I'd let her know if we were ready to join them. With that we went our separate ways and hubby and I walked to the elevator.

In our room, hubby flopped on the bed like a rag-doll. I told him to get undressed and I went to help him. I wasn't convinced that he would sleep soundly and not notice that I was gone, but I was more than convinced that he was more drunk than he had been in a long long time. I hoped that this would help him sleep. I hadn't even finished thinking about it all when I noticed that he was asleep. It hadn't even taken 5 minutes and I had 55 minutes to wait. And worry.

All sorts of things started going through my head and I realized that I had to stop thinking about it all. I wanted this to happen, of that I was absolutely sure and worrying about everything was only going to ruin it. To keep my mind occupied I decided to go to the bathroom to freshen myself up. A quick wash turned into a shower and clean underwear. With 20 minutes to go before I had to meet Carter in the lobby I sat and tried to read a newspaper, quietly.

With 5 minutes to go I looked at hubby as if to get reassurance from him (or someone) that he would sleep soundly and never notice that I'd been gone. As I quietly left the room I started worrying again. What if Karen wasn't asleep yet? What if this....What if that? When I got to the lobby I couldn't see Carter but it wasn't exactly an hour since we all went to bed. I didn't go right into the lobby, I sat on a chair by the elevator pretending to read some information about the hotel. About 2 minutes later Carter arrived. He went straight past me and into the elevator before signaling me to join him. The brief excitement I'd had at seeing him there changed to confusion. I thought we were going somewhere in his car so why was I walking into an elevator with him?!

He could tell I was confused and so he said "I got us a room." I started to say "But" and he cut me off saying that I should stop worrying. His reassuring arm on my shoulder failed to help me relax and when the elevator stopped I was relieved to note that we were on a different floor to hubby's and my room.

Carter led me to the room and opened the door. It was almost the exact same room as I'd left hubby in an hour before but I didn't get a chance to think about it any more because Carters strong arms pulled me to him. "Are you sure you are okay with this?" he asked. If I'd had time to think about it I'd have answered no, but the feel of his arms on me made me want him even more. I lifted a hand to his chest and stroked it and told him I was fine. "Good," he said, as he walked over to turn the lights down. In my fantasies we had ripped each others clothes off and fucked like animals on the floor. Judging by the gentle start to things I started to expect something much different.

I can honestly say that as soon as his lips met mine I completely forgot all about my hubby and Karen. As we kissed and touched each other I remember thinking that he felt so big, not his cock (I hadn't been there yet) just all of him. I'm a petite 5' 3 and he is a wide 6' 4. As our tongues explored each others mouths I could already feel my juices flowing and somehow we ended up laying on the bed.

Contrary to the few occasions I've mentioned here, I am usually quite a submissive partner and as I have already said - my fantasies involving Carter had always had him completely dominating me. As we lay on the bed still fully clothed doing little more than kissing and touching one another I wanted him so badly that I felt I needed to get things moving. I started unbuttoning his shirt but he stopped me. He lifted himself off the bed and said he wanted to dance for me. I thought this was completely bizarre but I didn't have the courage to tell him. He told me to make myself comfortable and I did.

I lay on the bed and watched him 'dance'. It wasn't really dancing it was more erotic movements than dancing but whatever it was I was enjoying it! The first part of his body I saw was his chest and I moaned at the sight. I think he could sense that I really wanted to get on with 'things' and he seemed to speed up the process of his 'dancing'. Before long he was wearing nothing but his tight boxers - white just as they had been the very first day I fantasized about him. Without thinking I suddenly asked him to turn around so that I could see his butt. He did just so and he continued his 'dancing' as I stared at the most beautiful ass I've ever seen. His hands wandered inside his boxers and pulled them down a little to expose his ass to me. All the things I wanted to do to that ass were rushing through my mind and I threw my hand between my legs and started to rub my pussy a little. I wasn't sure that this was part of Carter's 'plan' but I needed it.

As he grabbed and rubbed his ass, my fingers wandered over my pussy which by now was absolutely soaking. When he turned around and saw what I was doing he smiled as if to tell me I was naughty. "You like my ass huh?" he smiled at me. My fingers between my legs answered his question. He walked over to me and asked if I'd like to feel it. I didn't need asking twice and my free hand went straight to his ass and started touching, feeling and rubbing. I let out an "Oh My God" and he turned round to face me. "You want me to continue or do you think you've been teased enough?" he smiled at me. I stopped rubbing my pussy and said to him "I'd love for you to continue but I so need you here with me."

As he got onto the bed to be beside me I moved myself and pushed him back onto the bed. I sat on his stomach and removed my top to expose my 34C tits. His face told me he liked the view and I smiled back at him as I lifted myself off him a little to maneuver my skirt off. As I did so I decided to go for it and take my panties off too, they were just in the way. I was now completely naked sitting on his stomach. I happened to glance down at his stomach and I saw traces of my juices glistening on his black skin. I can't describe how I felt at that point; it was something I'd never experienced before but the sight filled me with complete and utter lust.

I started moving myself back and forth on his stomach, rubbing my pussy and my juices against him. Reaching between my legs I stuck two fingers just inside my pussy and took them back out. I waved them just in front of his face for a few seconds before rubbing my fingers along his lips. I'd barely finished when his mouth opened and he sucked my fingers into his mouth and Mmmmmmm'd. "I'm so hungry baby" he whispered and I decided immediately that it was time to give him something to eat.

Lifting myself off his stomach I moved up the bed as he instinctively moved down the bed a little. I positioned my pussy just above his face and whispered to ask him how hungry he was. He didn't answer, instead his hands came up to my hips and pulled me down onto his face. I started moaning the second I felt his mouth on me. Within the first 30 seconds I knew that this guy was a real good pussy eater! And within the first minute I was cumming! I forgot we were in a hotel and it was the middle of the night but I couldn't help myself from moaning. I was rubbing myself against his face and I wanted to stay like that forever - I just didn't ever want to stop.

As much as I wanted to stay in that position I knew I was being selfish and so I moved to turn myself around so that I could return the favor. I thought a 69 would be a good idea and I turned to get my first glimpse of Carter's cock. His already impressive lunchbox now looked as if it could feed a family of 4 for a year and I was almost apprehensive about pulling his boxers down! I could see some precum soaking through his boxers and that made me want to suck his cock even more so without hesitation I lifted his boxers up and pushed them down as he lifted his ass off the bed to assist.

What a sight!!!! There must have been 10 inches of salami thick cock poking up in front of me begging for my mouth. As horny as I was, my very first thought was "That'll never get inside me!" but I said nothing. I took it in my hand and started licking, sucking and stroking it. As I did so he started work on my pussy again. I was convinced that I couldn't get my mouth around enough of his cock to satisfy him and I would have started to worry about it had I not heard him moan gently as I sucked what I could. His mouth and tongue were doing extremely well between my legs again and I could feel myself start to cum for the second time. I needed to moan as my orgasm took hold and so to save Carters cock from any injury I removed my mouth and licked it instead as I moaned my way through the orgasm.

Shortly after that I decided that I had to try and get this cock inside of me. I NEEDED to be fucked!!!! "I need this inside me" I told him as I turned around to face him. I bent over to kiss him and I could taste my juices on his lips and tongue. This turned me on even more and I reached between my legs to feel for his cock and when I found it I quickly parted my lips with my fingers and positioned it at my hole. Just the head of it on my hole filled me with (almost) fear but at the same time excitement. Carter whispered "Slow baby, real slow" as I lowered myself a little allowing his cock to push into me. I closed my eyes and held my breath as I lowered myself little by little on top of his cock feeling it stretch my pussy more than it had ever been stretched before. As I felt more and more of his cock slide inside of me the fear started to ease as I realized there was only the slightest pain. The slight pain I did feel was completely overshadowed by the wonderful feelings which seemed to tingle every nerve in my body. I think I probably had about half of his cock inside me when I started to 'ride' properly. It was real slow but I was riding this monster and the more I rode the more of his cock entered my pussy. As I started to gather some speed Carter whispered to me that it was "real good baby, real real good" and I was encouraged.

From the very first push inside to me sinking my pussy all the way down onto his 10 inch salami must have taken about 5 minutes in all. I didn't have time or inclination to wonder whether this achievement was anything spectacular because my body started to shake and I swear I almost passed out. I remember riding faster than I had done before and I remember hearing my own voice yelling and moaning inside my head but other than that I remember nothing. The next I remember is Carter pushing my legs back towards my chest and pushing his cock inside me. There are absolutely no words I could use to describe how I felt. None. There was pain, quite bad pain too but the pleasure I felt at the same time overwhelmed the pain. I remember reaching around to grab his beautiful ass and sinking my nails into it every time he thrust inside me. I also remember begging him not to stop and whether it was in my mind or not I remember yelling to tell him that I loved his cock. The only way I can describe what was happening (and only the women will appreciate this) is to say that it was like a non-stop orgasm. Really it was. The stuff that dreams are made of. But it was real and it was happening to me and I never wanted it to end.

It did end. It ended with me moaning so loud that Carter had to kiss me to stop me from waking the whole hotel as he filled my cunt with what felt like gallons of hot cum.

For about 5 minutes after the fucking stopped the two of us just lay there, him still on top of me, cock still inside me, breathing like we'd just ran 40 miles. I was so exhausted that I could have fallen asleep in a second but the reality of the situation started coming back to me and I realized that I needed to think about getting back to my own room. I tried to tell Carter that we should make a move to get back to our rooms but he continued kissing me. His cock, now much softer than it had been a few minutes before, was still inside me and it still felt good in there. As he kissed me he'd sometimes move his hips a little which made his cock stimulate my pussy and made me want to start all over again. But I knew that it would be pushing my luck and I became anxious about getting back to my room.

Carter finally paid attention to me and lifted himself off of my body so that we could start to dress. There was no conversation during the 5 or so minutes it took me to get ready in the bathroom and it was clear that neither of us wanted to go back to our own rooms. Once we were both ready Carter put his arms around me and we started kissing again. The kissing became more and more passionate and our hands started wandering over each others bodies again and I so wanted him to fuck me all over again right there. But I resisted and told him that we should stop. He agreed, grudgingly, and I offered him my phone number as some means of consolation in the hope that he actually wanted to see me again. "Meet me tomorrow" he said as we each wrote our numbers down. I told him I couldn't guarantee it but that I would call him one way or another. One final kiss and then we left the room to go back to our partners.

Hubby and Karen hadn't even noticed that we'd been gone which was a huge relief to me especially. I crept into bed and tried desperately to get to sleep but the nights events were running through my mind over and over again. As I lay there listening to hubby snore, I could still feel Carters cock inside me. When I had been washing in the bathroom just after Carter and I had fucked, I noticed that my pussy was red and almost swollen looking. I hoped this would disappear by morning in case hubby noticed and I must have fallen asleep as I lay worrying about one thing and another.

I did see Carter the next day, I called him almost as soon as I got back to my own house and we arranged for me to go to his apartment later in the afternoon. Hubby didn't seem to mind when I said that I wanted to go see a friend and as I drove to Carters I started to think of other excuses I could use for future meetings.

I'd like to say that I felt real guilty but I didn't. All I felt was the lust that I had felt ever since that BBQ at Karens house but it was a million times more intense now that I'd experienced Carter in the flesh.

When I arrived at Carters it was as if we'd known each other all our lives and we immediately started tearing at each others clothes. The sex was just as good as it had been the night before if not a little better because we experimented with a few more positions. Carters cock felt great no matter which position we did and I told him so several times. We started to communicate (sexually) a lot more than the previous night and we each started to discover the things and positions that the other liked best. Everything he did to me felt good and everything felt completely natural to me, as if it were meant to be.

After we finished I wanted to rush off to get home again but Carter started talking about things I wanted to avoid - Karen and hubby and how often we'd see each other and where and when. He seemed to understand when I told him that hubby was the most important thing in my life and that I was aware that I was cheating on him but I had no intention of ever leaving him or seeing Carter to such an extent that it would create problems in my marriage. He told me that his relationship with Karen wouldn't create any problems because there was no contract verbal or otherwise which tied them solely to each other. I was happy with that because at least one of the two of us had freedom.

Arrangements for meeting were left to as and when. Ideally we would meet when my hubby was at work but Carter works similar hours so it wasn't going to be easy but he had quite a bit of flexibility with his working hours so it was decided that he would make effort to see me during working days.

That's exactly what happened. On average we'd see each other 3 or 4 times a week during the day for an hour or two at most. The weekends were hell for me and Monday never came soon enough! I think maybe on two occasions I saw him during a weekend, times when I just couldn't wait for Monday afternoon but I tried not to make a habit of that because I didn't want hubbys suspicions aroused.

After about 2 months, Karen and Carter stopped seeing each other for no reason other than their relationship had ran it's course. When he stopped seeing Karen I expected him to see other women but he didn't appear interested. I wasn't sure if I would feel jealous upon finding out that he was fucking others and so I chose never to ask questions but to my knowledge there was noone else after Karen.

Once in September and once in November hubby seemed to be suspicious. He had noticed 'differences' in my pussy and my sex drive but I told him he was being silly. On the days when I'd fucked Carter I tried my best to avoid having sex with hubby not just because hubby didn't satisfy me in the way he once had but because I was very aware that my pussy was always red and swollen after a session with Carter. Hubby was no fool and I knew that he knew there was something different about my pussy and on the spur of the moment one time he questioned me I told him (in a confession kinda way) that I'd started masturbating with homemade toys and stuff. This 'confession' seemed to allay his fears of anything untoward but at the same time it excited him and I had no choice but to play along and put on shows for him with me and various 'instruments', the most common of which was a cucumber.

At Christmas time last year I fucked up with an excuse I had given hubby and although I got out of it by inventing a story about surprise presents, it scared me. The questioning sessions were becoming more and more frequent and so I confided in Carter that we'd have to cool things off for a bit. Somehow I managed to go a whole three weeks without seeing him and then after that time I went for 5 weeks. As a result we kinda drifted apart and after the last time I saw him (2 months ago) neither of us have called the other.

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss the sex with Carter because I do, a lot! But at the end of the day I need to keep my marriage safe. I've played with the idea of suggesting to hubby that we try other things like 3sums and the like to spice up our sex life but I can't get the words out of my mouth. After the 'ive been masturbating with cucumbers and things' confession episode hubby started asking me about other things I wanted to try out but I couldn't (and still can't) bring myself to say that I'd like to involve others in our sex life. In particular - black men with big cocks! I think it would make him feel inadequate and I don't want to hurt his pride. Maybe one day I'll mention it and maybe one day I'll be fortunate enough to get another big black cock inside me but for now I am testing the water now and then by mentioning him with other women (and the like). Watch this space................

I am a 33 year old white married female 5' 8" 120lbs blonde who recently had her first experience with a black man and I must confess it definitely won't be my last.

I was never in my entire life satisfied like I was with this man, I believe I had more orgasms the first time with Gary than I did in five years of marriage to my husband Ron.

Ron called me one Friday saying he would like to invite Gary a black man that works with him home for dinner and drinks because it was his birthday and he was going to spend it alone. I told Ron no problem, I would prepare a nice dinner and pick up a cake for him. I have to confess I got wet when my husband mentioned who he was bringing home. I had fantisized often about being with a black man and about Gary since I first layed eyes on him. I even went out and bought a black life like dildo to make it more real.

I decided I was going to dress real sexy and picked out something I felt Gary would really be turned on by. He was always looking at my legs and smiling. I settled on a black lace bra matching thongs black thigh high nylon stay-ups with the seam up the back and a very short black strapless dress and black spike heels.

When they arrived I had already had a few glasses of wine and had decided I was going to be adventurous, the wine would help me to go through with it. I was hoping that Ron would drink too much like he often does and fall asleep. I noticed before dinner he was knocking them back pretty good so I delayed serving dinner as long as I could. I thought Gary's eyes were going to pop out of his head looking up my dress at my legs and I made sure my dress was up far enough so he had a good view also opened my legs several times when I was looking straight in Gary's eyes and smiled. He smiled back and licked his lips. Gary is a very handsome 28 year old very dark skinned man 6'2" 190lbs.

Ron drank a lot of wine with dinner and then started on the liquers at that point. I got brave as Gary noticed Ron was sort of out of it and started flirting with me. I took one of my shoes off and started working my way up Gary's leg with my nylon clad foot under the table then I felt Gary's hand on my foot as it massaged his crotch I could feel him swell.

We then went to the playroom and I put on some soft music just as I thought as I was dancing with Gary I heard Ron snoring. I got so excited I thought I was going to faint. I then looked at Gary and said 'now I am going to give you a real birthday kiss' and before you knew it our tongues were wrapped around each others. I don't believe I was ever so horny or turned on in all my life. Gary then said 'what if he wakes up'. I told him not to worry it would take more than dynamite to wake him up.

That was all he needed and his hands went under my dress as we kissed passionately. I reached down and put my hand between his legs and felt that big thing that had been rubbing against me while dancing, it felt so big I just had to have it. I slipped to my knees and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. When I pulled his cock out I gasped at the sight of that beautiful jet black cock that had to be 10", it was actually I discovered later 10 1/2".

I started sucking him and he exploded in no more than 3 minutes, it almost choked me. Gary then buckled up and zipped up. He was very uncomfortable doing this in front of Ron. We went upstairs to the living room and kissed some more then he ate my pussy like it never had been eaten before. I had an orgasm very quickly, my second so far.

I had one while I was sucking him without even being touched. He then again told me how uncomfortable he felt doing this in Ron's house we agreed to meet at a motel the next day.

However I told him before he left I had to feel him inside me even if it was only for a few minutes. We went into the kitchen and he lifted me onto the counter where he penetrated me, I never felt anything like that in my life we both came very quickly. We kissed goodnight and agreed to meet at noon the next day at a motel not far from where I lived.

We met the next day and fucked from noon until 6pm in every position imaginable. I never felt so totally satisfied in all my life. From that day until today sex with Ron is simply him getting his rocks off and me faking it and thinking about the next time I will be with Gary. Gary and I met at least twice a week for about six months. He then told me he had accepted a job in Australia and wanted me to leave Ron and go with him. I told him I could not do that so he went on his own, last I heard from him he had met a woman there and was getting married.

I have been so frustrated and so unfullfilled since Gary left that if I don't find other black men to swing with I am going to bust. I say black men because that is what it will take to satisfy me I tried one white guy and it just did not work for me. I am simply an interracial slut, plain and simple, no white man will ever please me. Unfortunately Ron is not very open minded so I cannot approach him about this. If there are any well hung black men who reads this and would be interested in a woman that would do anything to satisfy them in return for them fucking my brains out please email me. My name is Katlin. I am the only one that has access to this email so please email include photos and I will reply with same.


My next meeting with David I was able to get to the hotel around 9am. I had on a floral print dress, white garter belt and taupe stockings. At David’s request I brought a large black dildo I use at home with my husband. Its about 10 inches long and very thick. This time when I entered the hotel room there were 4 blacks sitting naked, I was shocked. My heart was pounding and I was nervous. I hadn’t expected 2 more guys. David introduced me as his married white whore with a big appetite for sex and blacks.

One guy had the biggest cock I ever saw. It was longer and thicker than my dildo! I was ordered to my knees and told to suck cock until told to stop. When I got to the guy with the big cock I could hardly get 1/3 of it in my mouth. I sucked and licked until told to stop. Then David told the guys that this whore eat asshole real good. I was told to take off my dress and shoe’s. One by one each guy kneeled on the bed doggie style and I was told to eat each asshole and make sure I opened each asshole up and get my tongue in deep. I ate asshole for a while and came several times.

I was ordered on the bed and to use the dildo on my pussy while they watched. Then they said put it in your asshole which I did. As I was doing this they took turns straddling my chest and fucking my face. Then each one fucked me on after the next each cumming in me. The last guy to fuck me was the guy with the huge cock. They were all laughing saying my hole wouldn’t take Big George! I couldn’t imagine that big cock going in me. I had 3 loads of cum in my pussy and I was very horny and soaked, so maybe it would.

When Big George entered me I could feel myself being stretched but he buried that big black cock all the way in me. I felt very full but happy and in a strange way proud that I could take all of Big George. I could hear the other guys saying, look at that, this white whore can take all of George in one stroke. What a slut, I can’t believe this black cock loving white pig could take it like that! We can really have some fun with a pig like this. Big George was fucking me so hard the bed was moving. I looked up to see my nylon covered legs wrapped around George’s body. I said would someone put a cock in my mouth…. Immediately my mouth was being fucked. I was truly in heaven…

George stopped, laid on the bed and had me climb on top of him. That big black cock was back in my cunt another guy shoved his dick in my ass, and another put his cock in my mouth. This was my first “airtight”.. I loved it! Now we changed positions. This time one guy on his back my back to him with his cock in my asshole, another guy in my pussy and another straddling me his ass in my face. He spread his cheeks and told me to push my tongue deep up his asshole.

They all took turns on me, trading places. These guys were great there cocks stayed hard and they could cum several times. My time was running out. We ended with me eating everyone asshole and sucking there cocks before all 4 guys shot there loads on my face. I was exhausted but I felt great. I kissed them all good bye and left.

My Special Valentine's Date

Having just completed my first year of black sexing, I (mwf, 38) was eager to begin the second year. The first year had been very successful, ending with a total of twelve big blk cocks. (My first confession is already here on DC, bottom of page 2. 4 blk cocks in four months) I was excited about meeting my new date for Valentine's. We'd been chatting for some time and I was fortunate to be able to work out an overnight stay with him due to a business meeting out of town.

My date began very nicely; he picked me up right on time at the airport and he had his fingers in my pussy less than 3 mins from pulling away from the curb. It was a good sign that he licked his fingers carefully after fingering my already wet pussy. I was delighted with his appearance as well, he was a very attractive man. I had instructions as to what I was to wear: a blk skirt, blk lace top, blk blazer over it, a sexy pushup bra, high blk pumps, no panties and crotchless hose.

He took me to a bookstore right away and offered two different blks in there that I would give them blowjobs. I have to confess,,,I chickened out on giving them,,,I was nervous and worried about diseases. I'm surprised that I didn't go thru with it. He was very cool,,,as was the blk man that got into the car,,,they knew that I was nervous and were nice about it. I thanked the black stranger for being understanding and shook his hand. He zipped up and got out of the car-- a very kind, understanding and good man. We went to another bookstore that had booths. We walked thru the booth area at the second place,,,some white guys were talking to us, but I wasn't interested, plus I was still somewhat nervous. We got back into his car and he asked me if I was going to be so shy with his friend,,,I said, " no, I wouldn't be, because at least he knew him.

We went to his friend's house,,,picked him up and we went to a very cheap motel. Once in the room, he unzipped, sat in the chair while I dropped to my knees and began giving him a blowjob. His buddy took off his pants and pushed up my skirt, and began playing with my pussy as I was sucking. His buddy moved to the bed and I followed him. He laid down, cock in air and I sucked him,,,they both began taking my clothes off, stripping me down to just the crotchless hose. My date pushed his big blk cock in my pussy from behind while I was sucking his buddy off. I swallowed his buddy's load and then sucked him hard, just as my date began to enter my ass. Several comments were made about my tight white holes taking all that blk cock so eagerly. He also said that my white ass was for blk cock only now. His buddy asked if I could take them both and my date said "oh yeah" she's taken dps before. Particularly excited, I said, "let's get that rubber on and I'll show you how much I like them."

The rubber now on, I slid down his buddy's pole, pumped him a few times and my date got back into my ass. I started cumming fairly soon after that. My date shot his load in my ass, then his buddy said it was his turn for that big round white ass, so he got behind me and assfucked me too. I sucked my date clean as I was taking his buddy's dick in my ass. The last load I got at the motel was a big facial,,,my eyes, face, neck, tits, hair,,,the works--I rubbed their cum in and wore it out of the motel. We dropped his buddy off and went to his place and fucked some more. He was wonderful at the art of pussylicking. The orgasm I had was awesome while he fingered and sucked my helpless clitty. The last load he gave me was a huge one in my ass. I was fortunate indeed to find two wonderfully big blk cocks for my hungry cunt, mouth AND ass!

In the morning we fucked again and I took another facial, mouth open for it. I rubbed more of his cum all over my tits as he watched, then he took me to my meeting. It was a great date! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I'd sucked those two guys off in the car, but, I guess I just wasn't brave enough for that. Perhaps next time?


I've been seeing David now 2 to 3 times a month for 2 months. I can meet weekdays from 10am to 2pm. David has been saying how wonderful I am and that I've become slut and whore for black cock. And that any black man would want me. He said this several times. Then I meet him in the hotel. Dressed in a dark brown mini skirt, coffee colored crotchless pantyhose, brown pumps. When I got to the room David had me eat his asshole and deep tongue him for a while. Then I took all my clothes off except my hose. I was on my back with David pounding me hard when I felt a presence of someone. I looked up and I saw another black cock near my face. David said, it's ok he's my friend jut suck his dick slut. I opened my mouth and took his friend's cock in my mouth. I never would have dreamed that I'd ever allow 2 men to have sex with me at the same time, but here I was in just my hose with 2 black cocks in me. Well, I lost it and started cumming and cumming. I really love this!. It didn't take long before both men started cumming in me. I swallowed his friend's cum while David filled my pussy. I cleaned David's cock with my mouth and he said, I want you to eat my friend's asshole! I did as told and licked his asshole and balls then I started to push my tongue up his asshole, both guys were rock hard again.

David told me to get on the bed and spread my legs and open my pussy so they could see the white whore's hole. Then they made hold my asshole open for them to see. It's very sexy laying on a bed in my hose and a black man's cum dripping out of my pussy holding myself open for 2 black men with hard on's for me. David said a married white woman like me should be servicing several blacks.

They took turns fucking my ass, pussy and mouth then they did something amazing. David had his friend John lay on the bed put my back to him to his face and put his cock in my asshole. He told me to sit down all the way and bury it in my ass. David was watching his friend's cock going in and out of my ass and my pussy wide open with his cum dripping from it. When he said lay back with his dick in your ass. Next he got between my legs and put his cock in my pussy..OH MY GOD... The feeling of a cock in my ass and pussy at the same time was like nothing before in my life.

I started screaming .. I'm your white whore, fuck me with your black cocks.. I'm a slut for black cocks, use my holes. I was amazed that I was saying and acting like this but I loved it. They took turns double penetrating me, switching from ass, pussy to mouth and switching positions. David said I was so hot and sexy and that next time I'd really learn what a white whore can do for blacks.

I went to my boyfriend's house on the friday of the three-day labor day weekend to spend the weekend just hanging with him. He was older than me, in his mid 40's, a very charismatic, streetwise black man. (I'm a white girl who only dates black. I was in my early 20's when this happened.)

Two young black guys were also staying over the weekend with my boyfriend. One was my boyfriend's nephew, the other was the nephew's friend from high school. These guys were both about 16 or 17.

My boyfriend was always very forceful and aggressive with me sexually, which really excited me. He had a powerful sex drive and the body to match, so spending time with him was quite a workout physically. In addition to the physical part of the relationship, he also projected a strong mental/emotional mind trip as well -- very masculine and domineering. The racial side was a big part of the mix. My boyfriend loved to show me off to his friends -- when we were out together in public he usually had his hands all over me. It was his way of bragging to the world that he, a black man, had full, unlimited sexual access to the body of a pretty and willing young white girl.

On the weekend I mentioned we were all drinking heavily and smoking weed. My boyfriend was feeling me up freely in front of the two boys and I was very turned on. I'll never forget the looks on the boys' faces -- they were like starving dogs looking at a plate of pork chops. Those boys would each have given a testicle to have me sexually.

My boyfriend put me on my knees wearing nothing but my panties and I gave him oral sex to completion as he kicked back in his chair sipping a beer. The boys were watching with their mouths hanging open. To make a long story short, my boyfriend "gave" me to the boys sexually. For the nephew, it was his first time having intercourse, and for his friend, although he was experienced sexually, it was his first time ever with a white girl.

The weekend was pretty much a drunken blur. We drank and drank and partied and partied. All three guys had me over and over again, sometimes one on one and sometimes together. Once in a while we would stop to take showers, or barbecue, or sleep. When we got up the drinking and weed and sex would start all over again.

I missed my next period. I was on the pill because my boyfriend would never use condoms, but obviously the contraception failed. Tests confirmed I was pregnant. I felt like such a complete whore. I was pregnant and didn't even know who the father was. It was even an interracial thing, too. Sounds like a Jerry Springer episode, huh?

I never told any of the guys I was pregnant. I had an abortion in the second month, long before the pregnancy started to show.

My name is Amy. I have been married for 19 years. This has been on my mind for years. I married my husband (my first lover) and never experienced any one else. For years me and my husband had wonderful sex. However he started to travel alot and would leave me for extended periods of time. At my place of work I met this black man I'll call JJ. We flirted and carried on quite a bit. It wasn't before long that I was getting very friendly with him. We started touching and feeling each other up. Before I knew it I was kissing him and letting him touch my breasts and feel my pussy. I knew this was wrong, but JJ was very erotic and tabboo I was alway brought up to think white is white and black is black. I knew my husband would not approve. I did not care.

After our first deep kiss I knew I was going to be all JJ's. I asked him to come to my house that night. (I had a small child). I told him my husband was gone for a week. JJ came over and I melted in his arms when he took me to my bed. I was going to let him take me and do what he wanted. He made love to me like never before. My husband has a 7" cock, but when I first saw JJ's my eyes opened wide and I could not believe it. He was much bigger than my husband. I dropped to my knees and took care of business. I tried my best to satisfy him.

It wasn't long untill JJ was entering me. I went wild with passion and made love to him like I never did before. I knew I was going to fall in love with this man. It wasn't long before he was cumming inside me. I laid there kissing him with his seed pumping in me. I felt like a real woman after that. I never knew a man could do things like he did. He stayed with me that night and we left for work together. All that week JJ had his way with me, and I accepted my new role. Every time my husband would go out of town he would stay over. My husband went away for a whole month one time JJ stayed with me and made love to me all the time. I let JJ take me bareback all the time, even during my fertile part of the month. It took and I became pregnant. I was scared my husband was gone. He would find out I knew it. I told him I was 8 weeks pregnant when I was really 12 weeks.

My beautiful daughter was born one month early to my husband's figuring he never caught on I was pregnant one month earlier by JJ. My daughter is dark complected (looks like a permanent tan) and some of her features are JJ's. I love her dearly she is my love child of JJ. My husband was gone for 6 months one time and JJ and I lived together the whole time. JJ and I have since split up. But I will always think of him when I look at my wonderful daughter.

My transformation from Housewife to Whore.

I'm a mwf 41, 2 children.  I'm 5'10" Brunette, blue eyes.  In 11 yrs of
marriage I've never been unfaithful.  I have always been curious about
interacial sex.  I just wanted to try it once.

I  got on line and 3 weeks meet a very nice proffesional black man who
lived near by.  We emailed , chatted and exchanged pictures..  We
finally set a date and time to meet.  He would get a hotel room I'd call
his cell phone and meet him in the room.

I had already decided that if I was going to do this I was going dress
and act very slutty.

After my husband and kids left I showered and started getting dressed. 
I would wear a short tight red skirt, white shear blousr suntan
crotchless pantyhose, and black 3 inch sandles.  I noticed after I got
dressed I was moist between my legs.

I got in the car and started driving to the hotel.  I called Davids cell
and got the room number.  I was scared, nervious excited and wet.  As I
approached the room my heart was beating a mile a minute  and I was
soaking  wet.  I said to myself just do it.

I knocked on the door David opened it quickly.  He was very handsome
well dressed and very dark.  He immediately closed the door pushed me up
against it and kissed me.  Then pushed me to my knees and said take my
dick out and suck it.  My pussy was flooded.  I pulled his cock out.  It
was beautiful and uncut.  This would be not only my first black cock but
my first uncut one.  I started licking it and sucking it.  I really
loved the extra skin.  After about 5 mins. of sucking him he stopped
told me to take my skirt and blouse off leave my shoes and hose on.  He
stripped saying that I was  a great cock sucker.  He sat on the bed told
me to get between his legs and suck him..  I felt nasty and slutty and
wanted to please him.  I started sucking him , licking that big sack of
blk balls.  I was loving this, after a little while I started to lick
his asshole and pushing my tongue in deep.  He loved it saying that I
was one hot married white  whore..  When he said that I could feel the
juice runnig out of me.

He told me to get on the bed and spread my legs and open my white pussy
for him to see.  I  did as he asked.  He said my pussy was prefect for
black cock.  In one quick move he shoved that blackk cock in me.  I
started cumming instanly.  He just kept pumping and pumping me. We had
already discussed any health concerns.  We were both clean.  After 15 or
20 mins of non stop fucking he came in me.  I've never seen or felt so
much cum.  He took a mirror of the wall and showed me thecum dripping out
of me.  Then said stick your fingures in your hole and pull the cum out
and eat it.  I did as he asked.  I was feeling sexy, slutty and well
fucked..  Then he had me suck him hard and eat his asshole again.  He
said now I want your ass.  He pushed his dick in my ass until it was
buried, then started pumping slowly with long strokes, Finally he was
fucking my ass hard pounding me and I started cumming again. He came a
second time in my ass.  We did the mirror  thing again and made me put
my fingures in my ass, pull his cum out and eat it.  I had never done
anything like this, but I was enjoying it.  I loved it.  He made suck
his cock hard again and tongue his asshole deep.  I was able to let his
whole cock go down my throat and this time he shot another load of cum
in my mouth.  We talked a few mins while  I  dressed.  I decided right
then that  I'd see him again.

Blackened for the first time.

Oh my God, did he ever have a surprise for me yesterday. He picked me up at lunch and we went to his place which happened to be close to my work. I was so nervous and wet it was driving me crazy. We got there and as soon as we got in the door he gave me a long and deep kiss and I was his after that. He took me into the bedroom and we started to take each others cloths off and we I got to his shorts there it was what I had been wanting for so long and it was big at least 9" and thick. I could not wait anymore and I started to run my tongue up and down it first and then I slowly put it in my mouth and started to suck this wonderful monster, but there was no way I could put the whole thing in my mouth this first time I'll have to work on it.

After awhile he laid me on the bed and started to run his tongue over my tits and down to my shaved wet pussy. I could not wait anymore and told him to fuck me now! I grab his cock and helped him put his thick head just in side of me and he took over from there. He slowly pushed at first and I thought I was going to split in half at first.

Oh what a feeling it was driving me nuts and when he got it all the way in he started to go faster and I was meeting his rhythm. I thought to myself that I have been missing this all these years but know more I was his for as long as he wants me for his white bitch!!

This lasted for at least 15 minutes and I could feel him starting to tense up and I new I was about to have a big load of black cum in my white pussy and yes it was unprotected but I did not care, and then it happened and I was cumming along with him it felt like he was never going to stop it just keep cumming. As he finished we laid there with my legs wrapped around him for awhile and the feeling of that big dick was wonderful. As you can imagine I did not go back to work, he fucked me two more times, till I had to leave to get my kids off the bus. But I believe I'll have a big lunch again tomorrow!!

Last night my husband wanted some so I let him eat my pussy and then fuck me with his 5 1/2" dick. If he only knew that 9 hours earlier I had a big black dick split me wide open and I loved it. Its too bad I could not even feel him in me! I'm hooked for black cock forever now.


My continuing correspondance with Charles.

I still got emails from Charles and I love them. He always make my pussy more wet then anything... In a while I could not read his mail or write back but today I finally got the chance.

(Charles writing is after '--' and my answers after '-')

--subject: Your heart pounds
Your heart pounds and your fingers tremble when you open my mail,don't they,Amy?You can't wait to read my freak-nasty letter so you can stroke your horny pussy until you cumm! How would you like it if I took you in the bathroom and made you lean over the sink so you could see your self in the mirror - and see me behind you as I lifted up you dress and rubbed my big,hard,horny dick all over your asscheeks?And I would say "Oh,Amy,you horny slut - you aren't wearing any panties,are you?"I think that I would then get down on my knees behind you so I could lick your asshole and suck your pussy until you started fucking my face like a good little whore.Would you like to watch your face in the mirror while I slid my tongue up your tight asshole?And when you were good and soaking wet - and aching to be fucked - I'd let you put your hands on this big dick and stroke it! And I'd say "Now,you shameless,cum-hungry slut......before I fuck you with this big black dick - you are going to have to prove to me that you want it!! Beg me to spank you,bitch!!!And I bet you would beg me very sweetly,would'nt you,Amy??And after I gave you ten good,stinging WHACKS!!! - each one of which you would count out loud and thank me for.....I would slide this stiff dick into your wet,soaking pussy,grab your hips - and beast-fuck you until you cummm long and hard looking at me in the mirror!!And I would flood your pussy with my hot sperm as I grabbed your shoulders to pussh my self all the way inside you!!!And the n I would pull out,turn you around,put you on your kees so you could suck our cummms off my dick!!

(I did already want to come reading the first mail but I did see the subject line afor the next meassage)

--subject: don't you dare to come yet, you whore
Get your fucking legs apart,bitch!And start rubbing that hairy pussy for me...NOW!I know you miss my dirty love,don't you,Amy??Imagine yourself in the photo - surround......Take a good,long look.Doesn't that make your pussy wet?Don't you dare cumm yet,you whore!Read the next letter and look at the pics first!You will cumm when I tell you to - and not a second before!!

(I am still so horny and I can't wait to read the next mail... I he didn't allow me come yet. I am so close to explode just by reading..)

-- subject: now you can come, fuck-slave
By now you better be finger-fucking yourself like a shameless fuck-slave!And you better say "Oh,yes,Charles - thank you,Master!"And as you gaze at the last pic - triple...I want you to imagine yourself being fucked like that.....And make yourself cummm good and hard!Then as you lick the love juice from your fingers....write and tell me what a nasty little fuck-slave you are!

(He knew I could not help using my hand when reading - and I looked at the picture imagining it was me getting three black studs at once. After cumming I sucked my fingers from my own juices knowing what a married white fuck slut I have becomed)

-- subject: good little whore
Well,Amy...have you been finger-fucking yourself like a good little whore??

(After cumming twice I still have my hand below my legs. He should know bout all thhose times I have been finger-fucking myself dreaming about his big black dick. I wrote)

-Yes I have been finger-fucking myself like a lot lately... I read your mail often and it always turns me on a lot. Also the pics you did send are great... please write to me again soon. I'll be wet and waiting for you... Love from Amy

-- subject: miss me ?
Have you missed me and my freak-nasty mailings,Amy?Get your hand on your pussy when you write to me!Tell me how you want to be bent over and fucked in front of your husband while you tell him how big,black,and hard my dick is!Cum for me,Amy!And say "Oh,yes,Charles!"as you orgasm!

-Oh yes. I have missed your mail a lot. My husband has been home working lately and I had no chance to read your mail till now.. I am fingerfucking my self right now dreaming black cock and waiting to see the rest of your mails.. My lover have made a lot of nasty pictures lately and I did let him put them on web as long as he do not show my name... He tild me where to find them and now I will send them to you. this is making me so horny Amy

-- subject: Tell me you LOVE me, you slut !
Open your legs,Amy!Do it now!You love it when I order you to make yourself cummm,don't you?Look at this photo and envision your self being gang-fucked in the park.Stroke your furry pussy and say "Please,Charles,I beg you to let me cumm!"And write me back - send your email as you orgasm!Tell me you are my fuck-slave,and that you love me!Tell me you LOVE me,you shameles slut!

-I love you and I beg you to make me cumm.. I will let you and your cfriends gangfuck me in the park. Hope you will make it happen. If you like the pictures I want you to give them to all your friend. I would just love to get mail from more black men like you... I want to be your fuck slave and you can do what ever you want to me. I am going to come before I read your next mail.. oh you make me come...I am your married white slut for black. Amy

-- subject: white whore licks black ass
Now,Amy; go put on your high heels and your reddest whore lipstick.I'm going to give you what you crave - a freak-nasty e-mail you can open up your legs and rub your hot,sweet, pink pussy to a lovely orgasm with.Open up the attached pics and take a good look at that blackass-licking slut-wife getting her pussy fucked while she licks a black man's ass.Can you tell how much she enjoys being used?How would you like me to put you on your knees and force you to lick my asshole and worship my round,muscular,black ass-cheeks with your lipstick-covered mouth,and sucked on my heavy black balls - while you stroked my big,curved,ebony cock with both of your red-nailed hands?How wet would your white love-cave be when I pushed you onto your back,spread your legs,and slid this hard black dick inside you?I would make you put your legs up high so that I could pound your pussy hard,deep,and my balls slapped against your wet ass - until you cumm with a SCREAM!!!What would you do then,Amy?? Beg me to flood your pussy with my creamy sperm?Cummm for me,Amy!Cumm for me NOW!!!

- I have already my red lipstick on. I did that when I saw your mail was arrived. It looks like the woman in the picture like what she doing I can tell she is getting horny by getting fucked by one black big cock as she is licking his friend... I don't think I would like that but I would love to suck your black dick as you are using your mouth in my et pussy. You write so nasty and I do like it. My pyssy is so wet and I am gonna come again... please fill my white pussy with your hot cum. I want it so bad.. Amy

--subject: observe bitch
Here,Amy.Observe how this buxom whore orgasms for her black master.Would you like to put your legs in the air for me like that?

- Oh yes, Charles, there's nothing I would like more than put my legs up in the air so that you can fuck me real good. Amy

--Subject: your email makes me cumm
Where have you been?I've been reading your emails.My big black dick is hard for you right now,Amy.

-As I told you I haven't been able to read the mail because of my husband. But every time he is fucking me I am dreaming about you and your big black dick. Iwish so bad that it was your cock inside me... Amy

--Subject: cumm with a scream
Here's what yyou need, be fucked until you scream!

-Yes, I want you and your friends to do me real good. I want to be your white cumslut. I want you all to give me your lovely black dicks and fuck me till I come again and agian.. all night long.

(I would love to receive mail from more well hung black men.)

I'm a married woman who has always been intigued by black men. They have always turned me on even though I had never been with one before.That changed just two months ago and my sex life has never been better. My husband is completely unaware of my feelings or my actions and I would like to keep it this way knowing that he would never understand. I'm 5' 6" and weigh 115 pounds, I have blonde hair and brown eyes and have a great figure from what my lover tells me. Right now I'm having the time of my life but have no-one to share it with, I would love to correspond with other women or couples who have the same passions as me. Single men are free to write but I'm not looking to meet, I'm just looking to brag about my experiences and maybe get ideas or get aroused by what other people are doing or have done. There is no question that black men and this lifestyle are going to be a part of my life forever.

My name is Cheryl. Unlike the other wives here, or maybe unlike all married white women, I never had a desire for a black man. Not only that, my husband has never expressed any wish to see me fucked by a black man. My going black was unplanned and unexpected.

My husband is a wonderful, caring, and loving man. He is 6'8", 225, still very hard and firm at 34. He also has a huge cock, 10-11". He played football in college at a large university and supposedly had the biggest cock on the team, and more than half the guys were black. He is white just to clarify that point. I am 34, also.

In college lots of the black guys on the team dated and fucked white girls just as lots of the white guys dated and fucked black girls. John and I met as freshman and fell in love immediately. I knew right away (and still know) he is the only man for me, well with some exceptions now. I gave him my virginity and until my first black experience never fucked another man.

My problem was (I know girls, you won't believe this), John was too big. I guess I have a small pussy but sometimes he was very uncomfortable in me if the angle was bad. Oh, I had orgasms but not mind blowing ones you read about and not often. Plus when I sucked his cock my jaws would start to ache because he was so thick. And the few times I let him fuck me in the ass were torture.

We recently vacationed in St Martin. We were waiting for the flight at the Miami airport and my husband began chatting with this black guy, Jason. He was OK, a cute guy. I was not attracted to him in a lustful way or had any lustful thought. He and John hit it off and were soon laughing and talking. After awhile I heard Jason tell John the main reason he goes to St Martin is that is an easy place to get white pussy, especially married white pussy because wives are free while their husbands fish and snorkel. John laughed and told him he had no plans like that but good luck. It turned out he was staying at the same time share resort we were and since we rented a car he rode with us to the resort and we all had dinner together and planned to share dinner the next evening too.

The one thing I promised John I would do was go nude at a nude beach there, Orient Beach. We went the next morning. I felt awkward at first but there were so many other nude women and men too that I soon felt comfortable. John kept his trunks on. Good thing. None of the men there black or white measured up.

About an hour later Jason suddenly appeared. Again I felt self conscious but he just looked at me, smiled, and said I looked cute and before long I felt comfortable being naked in front of him. He kept his trunks on too. We were talking to a couple near us. They were dating and expected to be engaged soon.

A bit later, the guy of the couple went off and told his girl friend he would be back in the afternoon. Jason moved closer and they were talking softly. In relatively short order, Jason came back and asked John if he could borrow our car to take the girl back to the resort for some "fun" and promised to be back in the afternoon before her boy friend returned.

When they did return, they both had smiles on their faces. Her boy friend came back soon after and they left. All Jason would say is that she was very hot and loved her black experience. I was skeptical and put it up to male ego.

The three of us went to the beach together the next morning stopping to put Jason on the rental agreement assuming he would be getting into another white pussy that day.

The previous day's couple was at the beach and she came up to me while I was in the water and wanted to know if I was having sex with Jason. I said he was just a friend. Then she went on that she was about to be engaged soon and had always wanted to fuck a black man and when he came on to her she readily agreed. She said it was the best sex she ever had and that he was a fantastic lover and that she never had so many orgasms during sex. Then she said she did things with Jason she had never done with her boy friend or any other man. I couldn't help but ask her what they did. Besides I had the feeling she wanted me to ask. She told me they did anal and watersports, both a first time for her. I was a bit shocked at the watersports. Nevertheless at that moment I felt a twinge of desire for Jason and felt an attraction to him.

Again later that morning a guy went off to snorkel. This time it was a married couple and Jason went to speak to her and sure enough he was back shortly asking for the keys. And again when they came back both were smiling and Jason said she was even hotter than the single girl and this time I believed him. After her husband came back she and he talked awhile then went in the water and I went in too. By this time I was very comfortable being naked on the beach and very comfortable being naked in front of Jason, in fact I enjoyed him seeing my bare body.

After bit, the woman was in the water away from her husband and I went up to her. She assumed I was fucking Jason too and the first thing she said was what a fantastic lover he was, that she always wanted a black man and she wasn't disappointed. I came right out and asked if they did anal and watersports, a bit bold for me and she said they did. She said she was never fucked in the ass before and although it hurt and she was a little sore, she liked it. She also said she was never pissed on before and to have him piss in her face and mouth made her so hot. She laughed about being such a slut for a black man but not her husband. This only increased my desire for him and to be used the way he used the others.

Well, the next day was virtually a repeat, except that he spent the day with a third white woman, also married, while her husband was off fishing. My desire for Jason was shooting through the roof now but I didn't see anyway to make it happen.

The next day which was Jason's last, he stayed with us all day. It seemed odd, his not going after more married white pussy but I liked having him around. John slept much of the time because had he hurt his back working out and was taking pain killers.

That evening after dinner, Jason went back to his room to pack and said he would come over later to say goodbye. When he did, John said that he sure accomplished his goal of getting it on with so many white women. Jason said he was pleased but didn't get the one he wanted most. That surprised both of us and John asked who it was and he nodded at me. My heart started to pound and John gave me a quizzical look. He took me aside and asked if that was what I wanted. I said, well, I was curious now from seeing that the other women liked being with him.

John said if I wanted I could do it this one time but there had to be some ground rules. My heart was really racing now and my pussy was getting wet with anticipation. I asked John what the ground rules were.

First he said, no kissing. But I said how can we have sex if we can't kiss, so he said a little kissing was OK, not a lot. Then he said Jason had to use a condom; I agreed. He Jason I could suck Jason's cock but he couldn't cum in my mouth; I agreed. He said no anal: I agreed. He said it was OK for Jason to go down on me. John can really eat pussy well and I go wild. I suppose he felt Jason wasn't a threat there. I wanted to be alone with Jason but I asked John if he wanted to be there but he said his back was still bothering him and he had taken more pain killers and just wanted to go bed and I shouldn't be long. I was thrilled, not that John was feeling bad but to be alone with Jason.

I left with Jason shortly after. There is a catwalk along the outside of the rooms and we walked about 10 feet before Jason moved to kiss me. I lifted my arms around his neck and opened my mouth. Jason let his tongue slide into my mouth and search out my tongue. When our tongues met it was almost magical. We aggressively licked each other's tongues with incredible passion. I didn't think about my "not too much kissing" promise or that we were outside where others could see us.

We held each other tight and continued our powerful kissing. We would stop for a second to catch our breath, then we would open our mouths and continue to lick and suck each others tongues. I loved his big long tongue as it licked deep inside my mouth. My arms were stretched up around his neck and he reached down and squeezed my breast. I looked around to see if any body was nearby.

I leaned in to kiss him again. He held my head and gave me an intense kiss and I could only moan with pleasure. We licked deeply into one another. Jason wrapped his hands around my waist. I liked being held and pushed my body against his. I kissed him with more aggression feeling his his black body against mine. He ran his hands down my back as he kissed deep into me.

We finally broke to go to his room and continued our passion on the sofa. Jason lifted me against him and as I tilted my head back he began licking my neck. As he lifted me against him I first felt his bulge against me and I hoped he was smaller than John.

I was wearing a sun dress and I broke away long enough to pull it over my head and off and then my panties. Since Jason had already seen me naked I felt very comfortable with him. Jason grabbed my ass and held me up and I slid her legs out and around his, allowing for his cock to press against me. I was moaning heavily with passion and began kissing him again. I fed him my nipples one by one and seeing his black face against my tits, then his black hands on my white breasts only made me hotter with desire for him. He began to kiss his way down my body and when he got to my pussy and I was in the throes of an orgasm almost immediately. He began sucking on my clit and my pussy lips, fingering my moist hole, and sending waves of pleasure over me. I had one orgasm, then another. It seemed as though I were coming continually. Now John is excellent at pleasuring me with my tongue and I am sure Jason while doing a wonderful job was no better. It was just seeing his black face between my legs and knowing that John would not approve that made me so very excited.

After calming down for a few moments, Jason had me turn on my stomach. He began kissing his way down my back, rubbing my shoulders and arms. It felt wonderful. He started kneading my ass cheeks and began licking my asshole. I love a tongue in my ass and that is something else my husband does very well. I couldn't see Jason but I could imagine his black face against my white ass and I was soon moaning again.

I turned over and asked him to undress. I just wanted to see him naked and I wanted to see his black cock. The light glowed off of his black skin. I pulled his dark body against my lightness, feeling a tremendous need for him. I moved to his side and began kissing my way to his cock. It seemed so black. It was smaller than John's and not as thick which made me feel good. I began to kiss it, than rub it against my face and my tits. I kissed his balls and held his cock up while I licked and made love to his black balls, than I moved to the long hardness of his shaft.

It was a wonderful feeling to take it easily in my mouth. I fit more in then I ever did with John. I found out later he was about 8", so I know that is my perfect size. I looked at Jason and asked him to cum in my mouth, maybe even begged, breaking another promise to my husband to not let him cum in my mouth.

I told him I wanted to taste his cum and be his white married slut. He told me he knew he would make me want him. I began sucking and pumping and making love to his black cock with my mouth. When I heard him moan and felt his body quiver, I felt good that I brought it off as I tasted his first spurt of hot cum. Then he surprised me. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. I held my mouth open waiting for him to plunge it back in. He shot a spurt into my open mouth, then on my face and neck and tits. He put his cock back in my mouth and finished.

I had never done anything like that with John and it made me feel like I was Jason's woman, that I was his to do whatever he wished. Looking in the mirror, and seeing his cum all over my face, well, it excited me. I scooped what I could and Jason helped and I licked his fingers and mine to be sure I got all of his cum.

I turned him around and began kissing his neck and back. I kissed my way down and found myself looking right at his black ass. What a turn on to rub my white tits against his black ass. I began kissing and licking his cheeks. Then I spread his cheeks and first kissed his asshole, then plunged my tongue in as deep as I could making it hard like a small cock. John always liked my ass licking talents and Jason did also. I couldn't seem to get enough of his asshole and just licked and fingered Jason's black asshole with my white tongue until he couldn't take anymore. So much for my promise to John of no anal. Jason was amazed at how hot I was for him, and frankly, so was I.

I needed him bad now and begged him to fuck me. I never begged my husband, not because I didn't want him but because he is so big and fucking can sometimes be a chore. He got on top and moved above me so I could see his black cock going into my white pussy. It was so hot and kinky. And felt so good. Jason's cock was the perfect size, first for my mouth, them for my pussy. Another promise broken of course to use a condom. I began cumming almost immediately and my orgasms just kept coming. It was so powerful and wonderful. I heard him grunt and felt him cum in my pussy. We were both panting and he rested in me and then we kissed.

I don't know how long we were like that but I felt him growing in me and I was amazed at his resilience. He said there was one more hole he had to use. At this point there was nothing I wouldn't have done and besides I had already broken my no anal promise. He got behind me and slipped his cock into my pussy which was filled with his cum and then gently began pushing it into my ass. It went in surprisingly easy. Of course I did not have a virgin ass. Jason's cock was a perfect fit in my ass too, no surprise, and I began pushing against him wanting to feel him cum in my ass. I began telling him to fuck my married white ass good with his black cock. My nasty talk and the combination of movements brought us both over the edge again. He slid out and collapsed on me.

We were both a mass of sweat and cum and decided we had to shower. As I stepped into the shower Jason pushed me to my haunches. I thought he wanted me to suck his cock some more which I was more than willing to do. He pointed his cock at me. As I reached for it he stopped me and said he wanted to piss on me. I remembered a couple of the other women he had fucked said he did watersports with them. Not to be outdone and wanting to please him, I told him I wanted him to piss all over me. It was fascinating, kinky, and exciting to watch his yellow stream start at my thighs, move to my pussy, then my tits. As he aimed for my face I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and felt his salty stream bounce in and out of my mouth. I even enjoyed the taste. I was a total slut for black and loving it. At least, I said to myself, I didn't break any promise to my husband about letting Jason piss on me.

As we showered and we scrubbed each other all over, we did a lot of kissing and laughing about how slutty I was behaving and what would John say. We went back to bed and made love until 3:00am. I fell asleep in his arms. We made tender and passionate love, and hard black on white fucking, in every position. I don't know how many times I came, but it was the best evening of sex in my life. Jason told me I was a black cock slut now and told me to look up the Dark Cavern to find out more about the "new me".

John was fast asleep when I got back to the room, exhausted and sore. Jason left early the next morning and while I hoped he would call so we could get together again, he never did.

I couldn't get Jason off my mind and there were times I began to cry realizing I would never see him again. There, something happened that made me a permanent black cock loving slut. I am Director of Human Resources in a small company with a small staff. My part-time administrative assistant told me 3 weeks after we returned from our trip that she wanted to be home with her kids but had taken the liberty of finding a replacement. She said his name was, of all things, Jason. I jumped when she told me, shocking her. She said he was a senior in high school, 18, black, and accepted to college. His parents wanted him to be busy after school but he could only work from 3-7pm. When she said he was black, I at first thought she knew and this was some cruel joke.

I said I had to meet him and if I approved, it could all work out. Well, he had many of Jason's mannerisms and there was a definite resemblance, at least the way he smiled. I thought this must be a message and asked when he could start. He spent 2 days with my assistant then took over on his own. I shifted my hours after checking with my husband, so I stayed until 7. Jason and I were alone and we were much more efficient.

Almost immediately, images of the new Jason replaced images of the old Jason when I had sexual fantasies involving me and a black man which by now happened often.

By the end of the first week, Jason and I were flirting a bit. He was very mature and self-confident. In the middle of the second week, he asked me to go out with him. I told him I was his boss, much older, and besides I was married. He asked again on Friday after everyone had left. My refusal was very weak. A few minutes later, my back was to him and he came up to me, put his hands around my waist and began kissing my neck. I could feel his stiff cock pushing against my thigh. I couldn't help myself, I pushed back against him. Jason moved his hands to my breasts. Seeing his black hands over my breasts on my white sweater sent me over the edge. I turned around to him and we began kissing deeply, wetly, and passionately.

In short order, Jason had my sweater off, then my bra, and his dark hands, then his mouth and tongue were exploring my tits and my nipples. My office has a sofa, and we fell into it, in a wet passion. He reached under my skirt, pushed my panties aside and slipped a finger into my wet pussy. I had an immediate orgasm. I was panting. All I wanting was his cock in my mouth and to feel the sensation of his hot cum going down my throat. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled a beautiful black cock from his briefs. I kissed it, licked it free of his precum, caressed it, looked up at him and smiled, then took him in my mouth. I sucked and pumped and soon got my wish, a mouthful of cum, all of which soon found its way to my throat. Jason was beside himself. He had fucked white girls his own age before but never one that was married or so much older and especially that she was his boss. I stroked his ego by telling him he was irresistable which in many ways was true.

Saturday is sports day for John. He is gone most of the day. We arranged for him to come over the next morning after John left. I was ready. This was the day I was to become an official black cock slut. I showered, did my hair, made myself up and put on a slinky see-thru nightie that barely made it to my thighs. It worked to perfection because Jason's pants got an immediate bulge. Well, I did everything to the young Jason the older Jason did to me. Believe me he was shocked when I licked his asshole, told him he could fuck me in the ass, and piss on me. We have become a number now and I have fucked several of his friends. The question is, do I tell John?

Hi, I am a 42 yr old mother of two, married for 22 years, 5'4, 125lbs with c-cup breasts and a firm body. I am a typical housewife whom I feel is still pretty good-looking. My husband is only the 2nd person that I've had sex with until recently. I've never even considered cheating and I am completely in love with my husband. I found out about this site from a chat room where I was confessing what happened. I will never tell my husband and the guilt from what happened will be with me always. I do have a happy and great sex life. He is very good and I always orgasm. It would ruin our marriage if he found out.

Well I've stalled long enough so here it goes..... I was out of town on business and had stopped at a gas station to fill-up and use the restroom about 20mins away from where I was going. After gassing up, I pulled around the side and went into the single stall ladies room and locked the door. As I sat there I noticed a hole about 3" in diameter by my side and heard the sound of water. Cautiously peeking, I was shocked to see a black man standing at the urinal peeing.

I moved back in shock then looked again when I realized that he didn't see me--or so I thought. His penis was twice as long and twice as thick soft as my husband's was hard. I was mezmerized and couldn't stop staring. I could feel myself getting wet as I watched. He finished peeing and I thought no harm done, show is over, when to my shocked eyes he started stroking it. It grew to a size I didn't think possible. I had never seen a porno film or a site like yours before to prepare for what I was seeing.

After a couple minutes I had to start playing with myself. Then he, I never saw his face, turned towards the hole and I heard a voice say "you like?"- I sat back stunned!! Afraid to move. He knew I was watching. I hoped he would leave, but after a couple of moments I had to look again--It was right there, only inches from the hole then it started moving into my area inch by inch until it was all thru. Just hanging there in front of my face.

I was scared and shocked and didn't know what to do when I heard a deep Commanding voice say "suck it!!" I had only done that a couple of times before and shocked at myself and in a daze that I'll never forget I put my hand around it (it would only go part way around) and drew it to my mouth. I lost it! I went crazy as an orgasm burst thru me and I went wild with lust as I madly attacked his cock with my mouth sucking and licking for all I was worth. After about 5 minutes and two more orgasms later I felt it start to swell then start spurting HUGE gobs of cum into my mouth. Over and over it spurted, so much that I couldn't keep up--it ran out of mouth and dripped onto my breasts.

As it stopped I was amazed that it was still hard, and I heard that voice command me "stand up, bend over with your ass up to the hole." Slowly, in a daze and very scared and turned on I did what he said. Brace yourself against the other wall he said. I then felt what felt like a telephone pole RAM itself into pussy in one stroke. I cried out in pain and pleasure as the biggest orgasm of my life ripped thru me. After almost passing out and after a couple of minutes I settled down when I realized he wasn't moving. He said "ready?" then he started stroking slowly then faster and faster almost all the way out then driving all the way in. I could feel it push thru my cervix.

The feeling was incredible as over the next 20 minutes I had more orgasms than I had over my 3 week honeymoon. Just when I thought I couldn' t take any more and had to stop, I felt him pulsing and groaning as he started shooting his cum deep inside me. He came so much it poured out of my pussy and ran down my thighs. He pulled out and was gone. I had to rest a few minutes and still weak-kneed and in a daze I left the restroom.

I noticed a large blackman in the shop area with his back to me and I rushed to my car and drove quickly out of there before he turned so I wouldn't have to make eye contact with him. I checked into my hotel and when I got to my room realized I had cum pooled on my breasts and caked between my thighs. I went straight to bed stroking and tasting that cum and reliving what had happened till I fell asleep full of guilt and then realizing that my husband will never find out, I realized that this will never happen again.

After 2 days of memories I drove back and went into that restroom again. Needless to say it happened the same way as before and was good but nowhere near as good as that first time. I realized that I will never have it like that again and went home at the end of the week with a memory of a lifetime.

I had the pleasure of submitting to my first black lover this past January. We met while I was out of town, on business. I gave him my hotel room number and he came right up. He arrived and felt my pussy as we kissed at my hotel door. I was wearing a black gown. He knew right away that I was his little fuck toy. That young black buck wasted little time getting right up inside my fertile white pussy. My first black cock was a true delight...mmmmmm!!!

I couldn't wait for another black dick. When I got back home to Texas, I went out on another business trip. While online, I set up two more dates.

The first night I enjoyed a married black man. I spread for him on our first date and got fucked. The next night, another black man came to my hotel room at midnight and didn't leave till 1pm the next day. He was a nasty black man that liked to tell me what a hot little white slut wife I was. He had my ass, pussy and mouth.

I loved the way he fucked me, making the headboard slam against the hotel wall and the way he grunted as he fucked me all night long. Early the next morning, as we were fucking again, another black stud called and could hear me getting fucked good. I was just a fuck slut for those niggas that trip. My ass was filled more than once with his hot cum. Yummmmy!!!!

Then my most recent black cock experience was on another business trip. He was soooo thick, really stretched my pussy wider than ever before. I've been with him a total of three times. I have snuck away just to meet him and get fucked.

I obviously am hooked on black dick, 4 months, 4 cocks...

I can't wait to have more, please email me if you need some white pussy while you're out in west Texas.