This section is where the white females send in their true stories about their meetings with their black lovers that the husband knows NOTHING about their wives' craving for black cock!  A confessional section for white wives that have been seeing their black lovers without the knowledge of hubby!

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Good For The Soul

I am a 40 year old married white female that has always been curious about black men but where I live there are no blacks. A few months ago a black man moved into our complex and we just happened to meet in the laundry room. He was very tall and sexy but he seemed aloof and to be frank a little mean. Later I found out he was a very nice guy but doing laundry just put him in a bad mood. Just goes to show you should never judge anyone.

His name was Lee, short for Leon and he was about 28 and quite charming. He had been in the military and traveled all over the world and even though I was much older than him we seemed closer in age because of all the experiences he had had. My husband Ray is very prejudiced and he would flip if he ever suspected that I was attracted to black men so I never brought up meeting Lee but being that the laundry room is right next to Lee's apartment I had plenty of excuses to knock on his door, asking for soap powder, change or whatever I could think of. I suppose by now you've guessed that what I really wanted was in his pants -Hah!

Sometimes we'd talk for a full hour while we waited for our clothes. His apartment was cozy and cool and being that the AC in the Laundry wasn't always working properly we'd spend time in Lee's place drinking wine coolers and flirting up a storm. I'm a scorpio and love to flirt.

Lee was very flirtatious and so damn handsome. We were constantly batting eyes at each other. One day as we left the laundry I heard my husband coming up the steps and could tell immediately that the asshole was drunk. I was so embarrassed. Lee was checking it all out and I could have just died. You have to understand that when Ray gets drunk he gets PLASTERED and his buddies have to carry him home. What an IDIOT. They work on the oil rigs and go to titty bars after work to throw away their money and maybe get a blow job from the whores that prey upon them. I've long ago got used to this behavior and just take it as it comes. Ray and I don't even fuck that much anymore because I find him inadequate and disgusting.

I was so attracted to Lee that I'd forgotten about Ray and his bullshit. But now here it was in my face again and right in front of Lee. I tried to pretend I didn't know him but Lee knew that was my husband. "I think we better help him, he's not gonna make it home" Lee said as he threw his clothes bag into his apartment and walked down the hall to where Ray was passed out by the stairwell. Together we got him up and walked him upstairs to the apartment. He smelled of booze and cigarettes and mumbled incoherently as we poured him onto the bed without removing his boots. I apologized to Lee and we held hands as Ray snored. "Don't worry about it " Lee said as we went into my kitchen.

I was so turned on my pussy was twitching. Lee was wearing a white T and his lean body was perfect. From shoulders to waist he made a V shape that drove me crazy. At the front door he turned and kissed me a long sloppy passionate kiss. I knew we were going to fuck right then and there. We pressed and humped against the wall as Lee slipped off my shorts and pulled his Big black dick out. The door to the bedroom was still half open and I could see my loser husband passed out on the bed, dead drunk and snoring. As he slept Lee prepared to fulfill his duties. "You haven't been fucked in a long time have you?"... "No" I gasped as Lee lifted me in his strong arms and I straddled his hips. I cried out as I felt the huge head penetrate my sopping cunt. I held him tightly around his neck and he shoved it in me to the hilt. He fucked me against the wall like an animal with long powerful strokes. His hands cupping my ass and his tongue shoved deeply into my mouth as I sucked it greedily. Each stroke banged me against the wall and closer to orgasm. A picture fell and broke but he just plowed on. Suddenly I felt his hot jizz exploding into my compliant pussy and my own orgasmic contractions started. My pussy milked every drop of his mega load into my fertile and very married womb. I was mid cycle and off the birth control so this was very dangerous but it felt ssoooo gooood!

As he let me down I cleaned his sloppy cock with my tongue and felt the warm ooze of his cum down my legs and ass. Sucking for all I was worth made him hard again. He carried me back into the bedroom and pushed my husband to the side of the bed and fucked me doggystyle across the bed. We fucked 2 more times before Ray started to wake up and Lee got the hell out of there leaving me full of cum and very very satisfied.

Teacher's Pet

Hi I'm Cindy. I'm a 42 year old divorced white female. During the summer of 2005 I moved to North Carolina to take a job teaching high school english. The school has a program to help its senior athletes with their upcoming classes so that their seasonal practices dont hurt their grades. Well as I was just moving in to a house in the country I was glad to find out that the student that I was to tutor lived rather close to me so I wouldnt have to drive all the way to school to meet him there.

My student Kelvin had called me to see what time he was supposed to report for his tutoral session and I had told him to come to my house Monday at about 9:00 and it just so happened that my horse had just been delivered before he got there. I had checked out Kelvin's class records and was pleased to see he had always made pretty good grades and had good comments from his previous teachers. Well I was having a bit of trouble out of my horse and I was glad to see Kelvin walking up my driveway. Nothing I was doing was making the horse want to go through my gate and when Kelvin got there he immediately just started pushing the horse's rump until he finally decided to give in and let us put him in the pasture. Well the horse kind of gave in all at once and sort of lunged on through the gate. The sudden move surprised us both and Kelvin slipped forward into the muddy area by the gate and he and the horse splashed me a little too.

When we both recovered from the shock we couldnt help but laugh. I looked at him and said "I'm Cindy and you must be Kelvin". We shook hands and he said "yes maam, sorry about that but I must have scared your horse". We laughed a little more then I realized how dirty we were. I told Kelvin to go in the house and wash up and I would get him a clean towel. He said "ok" and followed my directions to the bathroom. I wasnt really expecting him to shower just wash up at the sink but as I was bringing him the towels I heard the shower running and when I looked up there he was in my shower with the clear glass doors covered in lather and stroking his enormous manhood. I just stood there staring in disbelief. I couldnt believe my eyes, here was this black kid that I had just met, 18 years old, standing naked in my shower stroking the largest cock I had ever seen.

The next thing that surprised me was his voice saying "you can touch it if you'd like". I had not even thought that if I can see him he can see me and I had been stand there for several minutes now. I was frozen in my tracks. Now I'm no prudish little old school teacher by far, on the contrary I love sex. But this was about as far off guard as I had ever been. Then without me saying a word Kelvin opened the door and said "come on in and lets get the mud off you too".

I never said a word I just slipped out of my tee shirt and jeans and walked into the shower. I quess Kelvin noticed I was still staring at his cock because he reached out and took my hand and made me take hold of it. It was then that I looked up at his face and saw him smiling broadly. Kelvin wasn't a big guy, about an inch or so taller than me at 5'5 and slim but muscular. I'm not a little woman, weigh about 170 with some thick thighs and butt and 36d tits. Well I realised I hadnt let go of his cock and he was starting to let his hands run over my body. I soon sat down on the bench in the shower and took a better look at the thick cock in my hands. Again I heard his voice "if you like it you can give it a kiss". Well "kiss" wasnt what I had in mind as I dropped onto my knees and started taking it between my lips. He must have thought I was some starving woman by the way I just gulped it into my mouth.

I must have kept that up for a while because I has a bit surprised when the hot water ran out and made us jump from the sudden temperature drop. I simply took him by the cock and led him to my bedroom still dripping. I pushed him onto his back and after taking time to lick my way from his nuts to the tip of his cock, climbed on top and lined my now sopping pussy up with the thick head. I thought I would have to take it slow and easy to get it inside but as I started to ease it in I felt Kelvin arch his back and give a sudden thrust inside me. I couldnt believe it went in without tearing me in half but my cunt had never before been so wet either. As I slowly slid down the rest of his 9" monster I got the most fulfilled feeling ever and it must have shown on my face because when I looked down at his face he was almost laughing at me. I rode him like that for about 30 minutes just slowly getting used to the depths that thick cock was going. He then pushed me to the side and asked me to get on all fours. I complied with his request and soon was feeling his hands and cock rubbing all over my big ass cheeks.

Kelvin finally drew aim on my dripping pussy and drove into me. And after he had reached bottom he grabbed my hips and started fucking me like a man on a mission. I have no idea how many orgasms I had but after about 10 minutes of this I heard him say "where can I cum?" I thought for a second and slid forward off his cock and turned around facing his cock. Kelvin said that he had hoped I would let him cum in my mouth and I did just that. I put the head in my mouth and cupped his swollen nuts while he jacked their contents into my throat. I dont know how long he had been saving up but it was an enormous load. I sucked for all I was worth and managed not to spill any then licked the rest of his cock clean of my juices. We then collapsed on the bed and caught our breath.

After a little bit of awkward silence I said "I can't believe I just did that". He replied with "nothing to worry about, I'm 18 and I wont tell anybody, besides, if this got out I might not get a scholarship". I simply said "thank you". Then Kelvin said "I think you liked it as much as me so we'll probably be doing it again anyway won't we?" I reached over started stroking his cock and told him " as long as youre good and dont tell then I will be bad and you can have as much as you want". Then I bent down and started getting him ready for round two.

Sloppy Seconds For a First Time

My name is Jill and Im 38 years old now but what I'd like to tell is how I first got initiated into interracial sex. I was 19 years old and still living at home with my dad stepmom and stepsister Tracy. Tracy is a year younger than me and was in her senior year of high school. My dad traveled a lot then back and forth from NC to Indiana for his work and as my stepmom was a bit of an alcoholic it was no problem for me and Tracy to occasionally sneak a guy upstairs for some fun. Well one night I had gone to bed early after work only to be awoken around 11:30 or so by muffled sounds coming from Tracy's room. Well our rooms were across the hall from each other but the upstairs bath joined Tracy's room. From the sounds I knew that Tracy must have been getting it pretty good (I had heard that many times before) but this didnt quite sound right, so I got up to take a peek. I could see dim light coming from her room into the dark bathroom so I snuck in there to have a look.

I was truly amazed at what I saw. There she was on her back legs being held up and wide by a huge black man. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see that it was one of the coaches from our highschool football team. Now both she and I had lost our cherries by age 16 and had had quite a lot of different boyfriends I had never seen a man so well hung in all my horny dreams. I stood in the shadows and watched intently as he pulled at least 8+ inches out of her pussy and didnt come all the way out before slamming that thick monster to the hilt back into her. All she could do was make inaudible gutteral grunts as she was lost in one long orgasm after another. It was then I realized how wet my own pussy was so I stripped off my panties and slipped a little farther back into the shadows and sat on the toilet so I could play with my clit and pull on my hard nipples while still watching this awesome show.

I must have really lost myself in an orgasm or two myself because I was suddenly startled by a slight chuckle and the pungent aroma of sweat and sex and slowly opened my eyes to see the coach's huge cock staring me straight in the face from only inches away. Then I heard him say "Tracy can't take a real man, bitch passed out on me". Then to my shock he started rubbing the uncut head of that thing right on my lips. He then said all he had to "now be a good little slut for the old coach and suck the cum outta this cock". Upon hearing that I just reflexed by parting my lips and leaning forward to accept his manhood in my hungry mouth. It was hot and wet and still covered with my stepsister's flood of cunt juice. I greedily took all I could in my mouth and soon felt his big hands on my head slowly pushing more and more into my throat until I felt his huge hanging balls slapping me on the chin.

Now I've allways been told I was a really good cocksucker and this to me was like a dream. The coach kept saying things like "that's a good little whore" "suck that black snake" and telling me he was going to give me a "surprise". I dont know how long I slaved over that huge black cock but, when I finally noticed his breathing getting a little ragged and his cock swell even bigger, he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled out of my mouth and said "jack it bitch, here cums your surprise." I reached up and grabbed his monster with two hands just in time to start pumping huge shots of hot cum onto my nose my cheeks, into my open mouth and even between my eyes. When he finally quit dripping on my face and hands he told me to "lick it clean like a nice little cunt and maybe next time I'll show you what it feels like to have your little pussy stretched like a real woman". And as soon as I had finished cleaning him up he simply kissed me on the top of the head, retrieved his clothes from Tracy's room and left telling me "always leave the door unlocked and call me when Daddy's not home".

And now years later I look back and am always glad of every time Daddy was out of town and the door was never locked.