This is Tracey's very own Slut Spot on the Cavern. Here you will find links to all her Dark Desires from the past and all the new stuff Tracey and her hubby Chris send in. For all the years they have posted, they still have not received even one photoshop picture. So come on all you artists out there - send them some artwork. COCO COMMANDS IT!!!


Here are a few pictures, (2013), of Tracey while we were vacationing in Cancun, Mexico.

We stayed at a swingers resort called Temptations. The name says it all!!!! There were tons of swingers there ranging from straight swinging couples, bi-couples, bi-curious couples, voyeurs, exhibitionists, bi-women with straight men, and, lots of men looking for women!!!!

As you can see, Tracey was suitably dressed to meet a possible lover, or, lovers. If you pay close attention, you can see the jewelry that Tracey loves to wear as an "ice breaker". Tracey loves wearing her necklace that reads: "Hot Wife", and, by wearing this jewelry she easily attracts the advances of other men. Now, we do not take ANY trips without this necklace!!!!

Tracey enjoyed quite a few black lovers on this trip. Tracey seems to only want to be in the arms of black men now. In fact, she says she specializes in black cock!!!

Tracey spent most of the 8 days and 7 nights with black cocks in her mouth and in her pussy..... actually..... she was a carnal heathen. She was spending time with these men with me present, and, without me present.

I performed warm-up and clean-up duties......... and...... it was yummy!!!!

More Pics

More Pics

More Pics