This is Tracey's very own Slut Spot on the Cavern. Here you will find links to all her Dark Desires from the past and all the new stuff Tracey and her hubby Chris send in. For all the years they have posted, they still have not received even one photoshop picture. So come on all you artists out there - send them some artwork. COCO COMMANDS IT!!!


As you can clearly see, Tracey and I had been drinking quite a bit that night; therefore, the pictures are not stellar. But, we tried!!!!

Tracey enjoyed a cum bath from her husband/white man...... however...... she mentioned repeatedly that she wished the cum bath and seed was from a black lover. And, I do mean repeatedly!!!!

Picture one....... Tracey said that she would love for me to feed her breasts and nipples to groups of attractive and well endowed black men............ more would have happened if we could have found the right black lover, or, lovers!!!!! But, that night we had no luck....(sigh)...........

Picture two......... Tracey told me that she wants me to guide a long, thick, big, fat, juicy black cock into her from this position, and, she told me that she would love for me to guide many black men into her in this position, and, many other positions in future. In fact, Tracey has ordered me to go on a scavenger hunt to find hung black men for her!!!! Tracey told me: " BRING ME BLACK COCKS"!!!!!

Pictures three and four.......... Tracey was not amused!!!! The pictures are not clear!!!! She was talking to me about black lovers at the same time I was stroking my white cock, therefore, the pictures are blurry. My right hand was stroking my inferior white cock, and, my left hand was attempting to hold the camera steady. As you can clearly see..... I failed!!!!!

Picture five........ Tracey told me that she wants to be spit roasted by numerous black men, (perhaps 10, 11, 12, or perhaps even more!!!!) She told me that each and every black man should have a turn in her mouth and in her pussy. As well, Tracey frequently mentioned that her black lovers should feel free to CUM whereever they want!!!!!

More Pics

More Pics