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Hubby's Hideaway (Anon Section)

I am writing about this adventure that recently happened to Barbi and I. When I tell you that it recently happened, I mean this adventure took place only hours ago. The smell of sex still lingers in the air. I am taking the time to write about this now due in part of not being able to sleep. I can't sleep, because I am still very horny about the whole thing. I'm sure many of you know what feelings I am having right now, due in part of seeing my beautiful sexy wife, just hours ago, being fucked by four guys. They didn't use condoms, they didn't ask her if they could have her, they just walked into our room and took her as their cock-satisfying slut! I can't say I didn't expect it though! I guess now would be a good time to start from the beginning, right? It started the day we arrived at the hotel. Everything was normal to begin with, first we checked-in, then we went to our room with our bags, we changed into our bathing suits to get a swim in the hotel pool, of course not until I went to get ice to keep my Coronas and Barbi's Kahlua drinks cold (priorities first!). (I sure do hope I didn't lose anyone with trying to skip over the boring details) After the swim in the pool, we headed up to our room and that is when the wheels started to turn. You see when we reached our room and Barbi went to put the hotel key in the key slot, we where caught off guard when the door opened and there where four business looking black guys standing there looking as if they were leaving the hotel room to go out. One of the guys laughed and said, "What do we have here?" I spoke up due in part Barbi was speechless, "What are you guys doing in our room?" It didn't take long to realize I was in the wrong, when one of the guys says, "Your room, it's already crowded enough with us four guys, but with a sexy wife like that, we could always find room to let you stay with us!" I had already figured out that this room was the wrong one. Barbi had mistakenly gone to the room next to ours. Leave it to me to let a woman direct the way back to the room. After realizing that Barbi had mistakenly tried to open the wrong door, I apologized to the four guys and laughed about the fact that our room was the next one over. It didn't seem to matter at all to the guys that we had interrupted their day, and if not to make amends for what she did, Barbi unwraps the towel she had put over her body to hide her barely naked bikini covered body. I don't have to tell any of you about the reactions she got doing this. Two guys just whistled and the other two couldn't resist telling her she could always come over to their room anytime she wanted! We then excused ourselves and moved over to open our door and enter the right room. Upon entering our room, I once again apologized to all the guys. They just told me I was one lucky Bastard!!!!!! That night we just played it low key, going to dinner and then straight to bed, knowing that the next day was an early one and that it would be a very busy one for us. I would say we dozed off around twelve. Around 2:30 am we were both awakened by the noise coming from the room next door, the same room we had the earlier mishap with. We could here the guys talking about the hot chicks they had all been dancing with at a bar earlier that night. The problem all of them were talking about was the fact that as soon as they told the women they hooked up with that they were staying in a hotel room with three other guys, the women would find some reason to move on, resulting in none of them getting any action. We also found out that they were all there representing the same architectural consulting company at some trade show that was going on. They all were talking about being so horny and not being able to get any when one of the guys starts to talk about the "HOT ASS BITCH NEXT DOOR". They all started talking and laughing about how hot Barbi was and that they bet she could be a very fun date, besides going into detail about every sexy part of her body. That's when they started talking about the different things they wanted to do to my sexy little wife, making me as horny as ever! I looked over at Barbi to see if she was horny too, but found her in a deep sleep. Figuring that she probably didn't hear much of the conversation, if any at all. The guys started to get quiet and soon I fell asleep. The next day, I asked Barbi if the guys had awakened her with their loud voices like they did me. She told me no, but that if they did, she would have just knocked on their door naked to take care of the situation. That was when she confessed about finding it erotic being right next door to four well built black guys. I tried to get more out of her, but she was too busy getting ready for the busy day we had ahead of us. All that she added was that this weekend was too busy to have some "Slut Wife Fun". I on the other hand, never find it too busy to have some erotic fun!!!!!!! The day progressed as we had planned. Not wanting to bore you with the little stuff, I will now try to advance the story to later that day, when we arrived back at our hotel room. As fate would have it, the guys once again were heading out at the same time we approached our room. The guys seemed to just be all eyes on Barbi as each of them said hi to her, almost to the point of making me seem invisible. I couldn't blame them, after all, Barbi had on one very short mini dress that hardly concealed her tits and ass. I started to think about all the things the guys had talked about doing to her as they continued to lustfully stare at her. I knew what they were thinking, and I bet each had the proof growing in their pants. If only Barbi had heard what they said the night before, she might have been a little embarrassed about the whole thing. I just couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to see all these guys fucking her in the passion that they all had towards her. After about five minutes of small talk, they excused themselves for delaying us and then asked if we wanted to join them later for a drink at a great club they had found. I was all for it, but Barbi declined the offer, saying that we had had a very busy day and that we had planned on going to bed early. Thanking them for the invite we headed into our room, closing the door behind us. It all started as the night before did, going to dinner, watching some TV, except this night we made love before heading to bed. Making love to my wife usually satisfies any urges to want more, but as I lay there on the bed watching Barbi sleeping, I started to once again think about the guys in the room next-door to us. I so wanted to see them do all the things they had talked about doing to Barbi. I knew that the guys once again were out trying to seduce women back to their room for some down and dirty fun times. Knowing that the men were still out, I started to think about ways to get them to fuck my wife. Thinking back to what Barbi had said earlier in the day, about if she had been awakened by them she would have just walked over to their door naked and ask them to quiet down. That was when it hit me. I would open our side of the adjoining door to their room (you know the double doors some hotel rooms have to make it convenient for people with large families to share rooms, without having to go into the hallway), making it so when they returned back from their night out of drinking and started to talk about the night's adventures, it would get very loud and to the point wake up Barbi. That would be when I found out if Barbi was just pulling my leg or not. I sure did hope the guys would be as loud as the previous night. I then got up out of bed and opened our side of the double doors. I then went back to bed to wait and see if they would be loud enough to wake Barbi up. As I laid there in the bed I started to wish that the guys would hurry back. I also started to really think about what would Barbi do if she really was woken up by them, thinking that she would probably just complain to me and eventually just fall back to sleep, not doing anything she had previously mentioned. Bummer, I thought to myself, really wishing I could watch her be fucked by all four of these back guys. I then had a thought of just writing a letter, explaining to them that we had heard the things they all said the previous night, and that if they were really serious about fucking the shit out that bitch, then they had an open invitation to do just that!!! I was hornier than ever thinking this and started to search for a piece of paper to write just that. My hand was shaking when I was writing the invitation to fuck my wife, but I finally finished and slid it under the doorway in which I left our side open. Now to just wait and see what the guys would do when they got home and found the piece of paper inviting them to enjoy my wife's pussy. I was so excited just dreaming about them fucking her that I must have dozed off in the meantime. The bed moving startled me up, I thought to myself, was the bed moving or was it me dreaming. I then could definitely tell the bed was moving. I then rolled over to find the cause, it seemed the note did work, for Barbi was being fucked right there next to me by one of the black guys as the others were on the side of the bed watching the action. I was taken back to find them already to the point of fucking, why did Barbi not wake me and how could I be sleeping while this was going on. I after all was the one who orchestrated the entire sexual event! The guys thanked me as they each took their turn with Barbi. I have to say it was better than expected watching them use my sexy little wife for their sexual satisfaction! I asked Barbi why did they not wake me before the sexual activities began and she just laughed, as did they, when she explained to me that if I wanted them to fuck her so badly, why, or better yet, how, could I have fallen asleep. She later told me that she was awakened by one of the guys kissing her naked pussy. It turns out that when the guys returned to their room, after a night of drinking, they were pleasantly surprised when they found a letter explaining to them, that right next-door was a very sexy wife that just happened to like being a slut for new cock!!! With that open invitation (no pun intended) they simply opened the door and made their way over to Barbi's side of the bed, where they pulled back the covers, exposing her sexy body. At which time one of them just dove headfirst in between her legs, wanting to taste that sweet juicy pussy of hers. That's when she finally woke up to realize that it wasn't me giving her the orgasm in which woke her up out of her sound sleep. She was then told about the letter in which I had slid under the door, inviting them to enjoy her as a sexual dish. She then tells them that if that's what my husband wants me to do, then I'll do just that, but don't wake him up for I want to teach him a lesson. Then she tells me that two of the guys had fucked her very passionately, and that both had cum in her, as neither wore a condom. She went into more detail explaining that she would tell them how she really wanted them to do just what they were in the middle of, but thought that they wouldn't be into it. She tells me how they each wanted her to talk dirty to them as they fucked her. Telling them stuff like, "I'm your little slut for the night, use my pussy as you wish." And, "Please don't wake my husband up, I want to enjoy this without him knowing, but just look at him sleeping as his wife is made to be such a slut for so many big black cocks!" She tells me that was when I finally woke up, seeing the third guy taking his turn of using her pussy to get off. I loved watching these men use her. Each guy went two rounds of fucking her pussy. To get back at me even more, Barbi told the guys that she had a fun time with each of them, and that in the morning, if anyone wanted to use her pussy for some more fun, just come on over. She then embarrassed me by telling me in front of the guys, that just in case that were to happen, she better not let me fuck her, in order to make sure her pussy would be in shape for more action, if the guys demanded it! As we headed to bed, I went to the bathroom, when I returned I went to close the door; Barbi looked up and said you better not if you know what's good for you, or if you ever want to get some for yourself!!!!!!!! Which now gets me back to the beginning of the story, where I found it so hard to fall asleep, that I'm now writing this adventure down, and to be honest, playing with myself as I do. I sure hope I don't get anything on this keypad, as the keys would start to stick. I love hotel rooms and I love my naughty slut wife dearly, I sure do hope she gets some more action in the morning, and if she does, I will be sure to write down that as well. I only wish I had my cameras along on this trip!

All-In Playing Strip Poker

It had been such a long time since I had played cards, let alone strip poker. I wanted to share with you my wild experience about how this card game came to be played. You see, Jimmy had invited five of his friends from work for some beer and pizza during the late afternoon. It happened to be just a guy get together, so I felt out of place being the only woman around. I had nothing better to do and decided to catch some rays outside on the deck in my string bikini. I took a few breaks and walked inside to cool off, use the bathroom, get something to drink, and have a slice of pizza that was out in the living room with the guys. That's when the sight of me in my bikini made Jimmy's friends feel like they already wanted a piece of me, not knowing what a slut I really was. So anyway, this evening turned out to be pretty exciting as I did spend my evening playing strip poker with the guys. So let me tell you about this naughty stripping experience I had with Jimmy and his friends.


I was out on my lounge chair sunbathing in the hot sun and listening to my iPod when Jimmy's friends began to show up one by one. I had a feeling I should have hooked up with one of my girlfriends and gone shopping while Jimmy was with the guys. However, I was in my relaxed mode, and plus it was Saturday, so I really didn't feel like doing any type of work around the house, especially that I had already done most of it just the day before. So there I was lying down on my lounge chair, tanning on my stomach with the bikini top off, whilst Jimmy's friends were having a conversation in the living room, trying to check me out in the meantime (oh yeah, there was a game on TV they were suppose to be watching too). I honestly didn't realize they tried to catch glimpses of me when I flipped over in the process of putting my bikini top on. So anyway, when I walked back inside with my bikini on, Jimmy's friends all glanced over at me with hawk eyes and didn't say a word. Once I smiled and said "hello" to them, they all replied back with a smile, almost feeling as though they should have been the ones saying "hello" to me first. Jimmy finally introduced me to them, since that was the first time I had met them, and everything was good. I thought to myself, maybe this evening was not going to be as boring as I thought it was. After finishing my pizza slice, I pranced around the house for a few minutes in my bikini before I decided to head back outdoors.


Once back outdoors on my lounge, I paid closer attention to see if the guys were still checking me out. Sure enough, they were, from the corner of their eyes. I figured I would tease them a bit, so I ever so slowly removed my bikini top to avoid tan lines on my back once I was lying on my stomach. My chair was facing sideways to the window, so they were pretty much able to see everything, especially when they saw that my tits were fully exposed. I pretended as though I didn't notice them looking, but deep inside I liked the fact that I was being naughty enough to tease the heck out of them. After comfortably lying there for about forty-five minutes, it was time to get my bikini top on and head back inside, as already the sun was not as strong as it was in the early afternoon. I reached over to get my bikini top that was on the ground next to my chair. My exposed tits once again got their attention as I took my time putting my bikini on and then adjusting it in full view by the window. I even caught Jimmy checking me out. Once I got all my stuff together, I went inside for good.


Once inside, I headed to the bedroom to get out of my bikini. I left the door partially opened a crack just so anyone walking by would catch a glimpse of me changing. Unfortunately, no one walked by and saw me. I put on a pair of jeans with my halter top to casual just like the guys. Again, when I came out to the living room, all eyes were streaming on me. I was already bored at that point and wanted to do something fun. Yes, I liked the fact that I was stared at, but it was dry sponge-cake level compared to a frosted cake with a cherry on top. In my mind I simply wanted to be naughty. I hung out and conversed with the guys and Jimmy for another hour before I asked everyone if they were in the mindset to play some cards. In response to my inquisition, they weren't to keen on doing much of anything. That's when I had to throw the idea of playing not just poker, but strip poker. Before I could take my next breath, everybody smiled, including Jimmy, and that's when they nodded their heads with approval. Ok, the evening was just about to start with some fun with me wearing only a halter top, panties, jeans, and that was it (keep in mind the guys had socks and shoes on, whereas my feet were bare).


We all headed over to the dining room table where there would be enough room for everyone to sit at. I was already extremely excited at that point, even with my clothes on. So anyway, on we started. Jimmy distributed the cards, and by the time I knew it, we had already started playing strip poker. I have to admit I hadn't played just poker in quite a number of years. I tried my best, but I seemed to have been losing. First I lost my pair of pants. When those pants came off, the guys began to make comments with a smile that got me pretty wet. Aside from calling me sexy, what a body, I wish my wife looked like you, mmm' next come the tits, I began to get pretty wet. And yes, by the way, my top came off next. Nobody else seemed to have been losing any clothes yet, just me. Once my tits were on display, I know I gave instant hard-ons to the six men sitting at the table, including my husband Jimmy. My nipples were distinctly hard from the excitement, not to mention that Jimmy must have cranked the air conditioning system. As the guys continued sipping on their beers as I lost my panties at the same time, I had a funny feeling that I was going to be in for something wild that evening. I wanted to get fucked that night, but I also knew that the guys were Jimmy's co-workers. I tried not to expect much so that I wouldn't get disappointed. Then, a demand was put out there by one of the guys that, because I sucked pretty damn bad at poker, that my punishment was to get up on the dining room table, naked as I was, and to get myself off in front of everyone. As excited as I already was, within a heartbeat I was on the table with my legs spread, rubbing my clit. I could tell a few of the guys were making some major adjustments with their cock, as they had some severe hard-ons. Jimmy got up for a second and walked into the bedroom to get a dildo for me to use. Before I knew it, I'm fucking myself with the dildo right on the table with the guys just staring at me with their pants unzipped playing with their hard cocks. One of the guys gave me a hand and rubbed my clit as I continued to fuck myself with the dildo. My pussy was so wet and I couldn't believe how horny I was! It was a question of who was going to cum first, me or the guys. Well, between my pussy getting fucked with the dildo and my pussy getting rubbed by one of the guys, I couldn't hold out any longer. I finally let go and had one damn good orgasm as the guys were on the verge to explode their cum out of their cocks. Then, sure enough, that's exactly what happened. I became the center of a bukkake display, having all the guys, including Jimmy, shoot their warm sticky cum over my body. The feeling was absolutely incredible, having all six loads cover my body, all the way from my face down to my pussy. After the guys were done, I had partially laid there on the table, just like a mannequin on display being admired by interested consumers. Finally, after a few minutes, I got off the table and all the thick cum having turned thin began to drip down my body. The guys liked me walking around the house covered in their cum, but I just had to jump in the shower as some of the cum had begun to dry up, pulling on my skin.


Well, after my shower, I felt quite satisfied with how naughty I had been with everyone. I hadn't expected giving a show on the dining room table in front of the guys, but I certainly planned on being the worst player of poker (he-he, as neither Jimmy nor the guys know I lost on purpose). I just made them all think that I gave it my best shot at trying to win, just like they gave it their best shot firing their cum load on me. After that night, my mind couldn't help but wander and imagine all the things that could cum my way if I lose just about anything (he-he!).


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