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By Richard III

Fat women have always interested me, but when one is a callow teenage male; conforming to the societal mores of the high school community can be more important than following the dictates of one's heart. Like most 16-year-old males, my hormones were in full bloom, but I hated making a fool out of myself around people, plus I was extremely shy, especially around cute fat women, so I mainly kept to myself. Whenever I got horny, which was often, the only way that I could relive the tension was by masturbating. I had to do it on the sneak though, since my mother would raise hell if she caught me. Since my parents had gone through an acrimonious divorce after my mother caught my father ass-fucking a 300 lb. Caucasian blond, she had changed from a loving, caring person into an spiteful, vengeance-driven woman whose main goal in life was to emasculate any man that stepped in her way.

I was the target for her ball-breaking rages, since I was a constant reminder of my father. Her anger would explode with the force of a raging tsunami and she would scream and curse at me. I quickly learned to tune her out when she went on one of her rages, but my kid sister did just the opposite. Whenever mother went off, she would be right there, kissing up and egging her on.

June was a rough month for me. I had taken my college boards, but they were fairly easy. The rough part came when I saw the new neighbor who had moved across the street. I was walking home from school when a light drizzle started - one of those strange early summer rains that come with a sheen of sunshine on the ground and the rain falling steadily as if in defiance. I looked up at the sky with a rueful grin, and kept on walking. As I turned the corner, the sight that met my eyes stopped me dead in my tracks. A VERY large woman, dressed in a rain-soaked black T-shirt that outlined every curve of her body was joyfully turning pirouettes in her front yard. When she noticed me looking at her, she tossed a wicked grin in my direction, and then she scooped her massive breasts in her hands and shook them at me.

I turned around, ran into my house and rushed up to my room where I started to masturbate furiously. The resulting orgasm wiped me out completely, and I stumbled to my bed and fell into a deep sleep. As I slumbered in the void, I dreamed of two masked, naked fat women chasing me through a verdant forest on a warm, rainy day. As we romp about and play, our laughter echoes throughout the forest. They finally pinned me against a tree, smothering me in acres of soft female flesh. I tried my best to capture any portion of their bodies with my hands, but our exertions have left a soft sheen of sweat on our bodies, and their slick flesh slides through my grasping fingers. The women on the other hand, seemed to have no problem with securing firm grips upon my most sensitive spots. A low moan escaped my throat, and was swallowed by a deep probing kiss from the taller of the women. As I engaged in tongue to tongue warfare, the other woman, whose mouth was truly gifted in the art of love, attacked my raging erection with a touch that was light, almost nonexistent, but it drove me insane. They huddled closer to me, as if to seek protection from the elements, but in reality, they were stimulating me even further. I was floating on a cloud of pre-orgasmic bliss, but a cold, contemptuous voice sliced through my brain, bringing me crashing back to reality. I awoke to find my mother looking at me with venomous hatred on her face. As I scrambled to cover myself, her glacial stare made my blood run cold, and when she spoke, the malevolence that poured out of her chilled me to the marrow. "You fucking bastard!" she yelled. "I always knew you were a perverted little fuck-up! No REAL Black woman will put up with you, so you decided to jack-off your pathetic little dick off; dreaming of fucking some blond white bitch like your father!" She went on screaming for at least 15 minutes, then she left. My sister had stood behind my mother looking innocent, but I could see the malicious pleasure in her eyes. She started to taunt me, but the murderous look on my face quickly convinced her to leave me alone. Two hours later, my mother called EVERY one of her female friends and told them everything. I was a marked man afterwards; if I even looked at a Caucasian woman, one of them would be on the phone reporting back to my mother.

I could deal with the spying, but what I wasn't prepared to deal with was my growing lust for my mysterious neighbor. Anytime I saw her in public, she would surreptitiously fondle one of her enormous breasts while giving me that evil little grin of hers. My dick would get harder then stone, but even if I wanted to do something about it, the scenarios of death and destruction that my mind conjured up were too great for me to even think about making an attempt. She haunted my every waking moment, and I cursed myself for my timidity. She had offered me the opportunity to relieve myself of my virginity, but instead of accepting the challenge, I ran for the hills like a coward. What motivated her? Was she just being a prick-tease, or did she really want me?


"Stephan Alexander, get your worthless male ass down here NOW!" screamed the Voice of Doom. It was Friday evening, and it was my mother's turn to host the "SISTERS OF THE NIGHT" party. After her and my father divorced, she had gotten together with a group of women whose men had left them under similar circumstances. Every other Friday, they would get together for a house party at a member's house and they'd spend the night getting drunk and bashing the hell out of men. Normally I'd be out of the house whenever it was my mother's turn to host, but my brat sister had managed to fuck me up with my mother, so as punishment, not only had I been restricted to the house, but my mother had drafted me as the Grillmaster for this Amazon Bitch-fest! Needless to say, I was NOT thrilled. Having to cater to the whims of a bunch pissed-off woman wasn't what I had in mind for my Friday afternoon; but I'd be in worse shit if I didn't help her. So I slapped on some Eternity and went downstairs to face my doom.

8:00 p.m.

The party was as stupid as I thought it'd be. Fortunately, the revelers had confined themselves to the house, leaving me in relative peace and quiet. I finished grilling the last few steaks, put them on plates and placed them into the oven. Once that was done, I ran upstairs to my room, slung my bookbag on, ran back downstairs and left out through the back door. The sun was just beginning to set, casting a red-gold haze in the western sky. It had been a warm but not overwhelmingly muggy day, a fact for which I was extremely grateful. Ever since that day of shame, my mind had been filled with images of myself and the mysterious woman entwined in various sexual positions, and the need to release the growing pressure-cooker in my testicles was overwhelming; but after what happened the last time, I wasn't about to do it at home. Fortunately, I thought I had found an alternate place to go to. During the school year, I overheard two of my fellow students talking about a heavily wooded part of the park that was THE place to go if you wanted to fuck in privacy.

I had just started walking up the street when I heard a voice behind me. I turned around, and found myself confronting the object of my desire. She had been hiding behind a large hedge, and like the first time, she was dressed in an extra-large T-shirt that went to her knees, except this shirt was white instead of black. My heart was trying to pound its way out of my chest, and every survival instinct I had was screaming at me to run like hell, but I stood there, frozen. I was tongue-tied, my mind incapable of rational thought. When she gently took my hand, I nearly jumped out of my skin.

She pulled me close and wrapped her arms around my waist. Her skin smelled of cinnamon and chocolate, and it took every ounce of self-control I had not to come in my shorts. Her eyes were the most vivid blue that I had ever seen, and before I knew what was happening, she had slid her hand into my shorts and had begun to delicately play with my rapidly expanding cock. "Why are you doing this to me?" I whispered. "Are you for real, or is this all a fantasy?" She didn't answer the question; she just pulled me closer to her. I brought my hand up, and tentatively began to stroke her face with my fingertips. Her body melted into mine, and she raised her head from my chest; her eyes searching my soul. I was nervous as hell, but I decided to take the chance and kiss her. I began lowering my head, but instead of locking lips, we wound up bumping foreheads. I was mortified beyond belief; sure I'd totally blown it. But instead of blowing up, she started laughing. Her laughter was rich and deep, bubbling out of her like a river. A small guffaw erupted from me, then I joined her. We were laughing like two crazy people who had just escaped from an asylum. As our laughter subsided, we looked at each other, and then we finally kissed for the first time. It was everything that I'd dreamed it be, and more. Even though this was our first kiss, it was as though we had known each other all of our lives. We held each other tightly, our bodies melding into one unit, one soul; our world consisted of just the two of us, and even when it started to drizzle lightly, we hardly felt it.

If someone saw the two of us, it would be nearly impossible to tell where one body ended and the other began. She broke off kissing me, laying her head back upon my chest, and it was at that point that I fell completely and irrevocably in love with her. I took her face in my hands and kissed her forehead, then I took her hand and we walked back to her house. The rain had begun to fall harder, and we were totally drenched by the time we got to the front door. We started kissing once again, and feeling somewhat more confident, I tweaked her nipples between my fingers. I must have hit a hot spot, because she ripped her mouth away from mine and literally ripped her T-shirt to shreds. 400 pounds of hot female took me to the ground quicker than a Brazilian Jujitsu fighter in the Octagon and stripped me naked within seconds.

Her mouth mauled my neck and chest, while her rapidly juicing pussy desperately humped my thigh. I grabbed her breasts, brought them to my mouth and began tonguing her nipples with a featherlight touch. An unearthly moan erupted from deep within her; Her pussy exploded in a torrent of come as she ripped her breasts from my grasp and started beating them across my face. She writhed about for a few more seconds, and then she collapsed on top of me, smothering me in a deluge of female flesh.

To be continued...


By Richard III and The Outlaw Josey "Clark" Wales

Silence. Darkness. River of pleasure. As if awakening from a dream, I keep my eyes shut. Please God, don't let me wake in my room again. It was always like that. Arms, legs, soft yielding folds of flesh, explosive passion, then I awake in my room counting the cracks in the ceiling I've grown familiar with. I pray to God again, then open my eyes. I look into the eyes of my fantasy and dream. I feel relief relax the frustration out of my muscles. I close my eyes again, though this time to bask in the warmth of real flesh. I know now that this is no fantasy. "Stephan?" The voice pierces my thoughts and I feel like ice water was shot into my veins. Again I hear the voice of my nightmares. "STEPHEN?" Damn the voice to hell! My eyes fly open! I scream, loudly, as I look into my mother's face. Guilt! Guilt! I do know the meaning of the word now. I bolt upright to try and grab my clothing from the ground. UGH! What the hell? I am in my room. As I jump out of the bed I slip, fall and black out. River of pain. Darkness. Silence.

"Stephen! Wake up!" I lazily open my eyes. I couldn't focus. "You were having a nightmare." I slowly focus my eyes on my dream lover again.

"Please just tell your name. If I wake up in my room alone again I want to be able to call your beautiful vision to mind again by name." I plead with her.

"You are a foolish boy Stephan! This is no dream! My name is Sta-C! Spelled S-T-A- dash C! Yeah, I know it's weird, but you should hear the names of the rest of my family. But that's a story for another time. Now come with me; I have something I would like to show you." She laughs that warm-hearted laughter I remember so well and grins at me. "Like you haven't seen it all already!" "Can you give me a few seconds, I still feel kind of dizzy." "Take your time." she replied. "While you do that, I think I'll just amuse myself." She began to crawl slowly up my legs, smothering me with her massive body. My penis had been in a state of contented slumber, but it rapidly awakened when she cradled it in the vastness of her massive bosom. Surrounded by a sea of warm breast-flesh, my cock struggled to master this unfamiliar territory, but it was in vain. She was in control, and there was nothing that I could do about it. I could feel the heat gathering in my testicles as she increased the friction on my ultra-sensitive shaft.

"Do you like how that feels, baby?" she whispered. I kept my mouth shut, but I used the limited range of motion that I had available to hump her cleavage frantically, trying to release the molten fire that was simmering in my testicles. My eruption was imminent, but before I could explode, she reached underneath her breasts and grabbed my nut-sac HARD!!!!! Hot tears sprang from my eyes, and I began whimpering like a whipped puppy. Any thoughts of orgasm were chased away by the crushing grip she had upon my testicles. Maintaining the death-grip on my sac, she pulled me with her as she shimmied back down the lower half of my body. Once I reached the end of the bed, she pulled me to my feet and led me to the bathroom. She pushed me into the shower stall, then backhanded me into the wall. "All right, you misbegotten cocksucker, you have exactly 45 minutes to clean yourself up and get to the front door of the basement." She turned around, leaving me there with her voice ringing through my ears. I slowly pushed myself off the wall then I turned the water on.

After I finished showering, I hurriedly dried off then rushed to the basement. As I reached the door, it soundlessly opened. I peered inside, but the blackness was impenetrable. Suddenly, a voice over a hidden loudspeaker instructed me step inside the room. I did as ordered, then suddenly a wooden paddle hit my butt. A leather blindfold along with a set of wrist and ankle bracelets were fastened upon me, then a hand grabbed me by my scrotum, and when I flinched from the stranger's roughness, the wooden paddle soundly lashed my butt cheeks once more.

I was drawn into the center of the room and led up a small ramp. My wrists and legs were manacled to some kind of frame with a metal waistband for support. The ramp was slid out from under my feet and I hung there, suspended in midair. Suddenly, a pair of hands pulled my butt cheeks apart and a tongue started to delicately probe my anal ring, while another pair of hands grasped my scrotal sac and began stroking it. The person manipulating my scrotum was fiendishly clever; alternating from light feathery touches to vicious slaps and pulls. As I hung there, seething in rage and fear, the pair of hands that had so masterfully manipulated my balls now wrapped themselves around the head of my cock, milking it with a vengeance. My waist began pumping in time with the masturbatrix's firm kneading motions on my cockhead and the pressure in my balls became almost unendurable.

I bit into my lower lip savagely, trying to use the pain to divorce myself mentally from my body, but the flames that were burning within me could only be quenched by expelling the molten lava that was threatening to burn me alive. I tried to retain my self-control, but it was becoming increasingly harder for me to maintain an air of indifference to their skillful manipulation of my body. When the tongue in my ass began penetrating my asshole, I began wriggling around, trying to dislodge it, but like a fish caught on the hook trying to free itself, I only succeeded in embedding it even deeper. Within minutes my asshole was fully dilated, and two gloved fingers replaced the tongue. The fingers slowly stroked the outside of my anal ring, then they were forcefully thrust deep inside. An unearthly scream erupted from my throat, then I blacked out.


"no, no, no, no, NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" I awoke shaking and drenched in cold sweat, my heart trying to pound its way out of my chest. Was it all a dream, or did something happen to me? As I lay there, a pair of plump female arms wrapped themselves around me, and I felt the massive heft of liquid soft breasts squeezed tightly against my back. Soft lips and tongue nuzzled and licked the back of my neck, while hands as pale as unfiltered moonlight stroked my chest, calming my racing heart. Gradually, I began to calm down, my frigidness replaced by soft liquidity. "Are you all right, baby?" STA-C whispered. "When you fainted, I was scared. The stimulation must have been too much for you." So it WASN'T a dream after all!! Keeping my back to her, I growled, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHY!!!" She held me even more tightly then before, then she started to explain.

"Do you remember when we first met?" I nodded silently, my cock beginning to stiffen as I begin to remember the sight of her dancing in the rain. "On that day, I saw something in you that I had never seen before in any man. Most of the time, when a man looks at a fat woman, their thoughts run in either one of two ways; either they see a woman who is gross, or they think that she is an easy fuck. But when you saw me that first time, you looked upon me as a woman to be desired and cherished, not as a cheap fuck." You are the rarest of all men, a man that looks beyond the physical, and deep into the soul. I started to turn around so I could look at her, but she held me fast, and continued to talk. "The way you looked at me that day turned me on beyond words, and I realized that you wanted me as much as I wanted to be with you. I teased you for days, hoping that you would throw caution to the winds and take me the way a man is supposed to take a woman, but you were scared of me."

At that moment, a nude woman who was even larger then STA-C walked into the bedroom, sat down on the extra-large couch directly in front of me, spread her legs wide open and began to lazily finger herself. I looked down, not wanting to make STA-C angry, but I could hear the smile in her voice as she introduced her friend. "The blond nymphet on the couch is my lover and best friend, Jacqueline. She saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life; marrying a rich loser whom was extremely cruel. I laid there, my mind awhirl with conflicting emotions. "So what do you want from me?" I whispered. "If Jackie is your lover, then what does that make me; just an interesting diversion for the two of you?"

The distress and anger in my voice must have been apparent, because STA-C turned me onto my back, then with a grace that belied her massive body; she sat on top of me, engulfing my lower body in an ocean of soft female flesh. She grasped the back of my head with her hands and stared deep into my tormented eyes. "You are MORE then just a casual fuck to me. I want you to become a permanent fixture in my life; but you have to understand that Jackie was in my life before you. I will NOT give her up; not for you, not for any man. If you can deal with that fact, then maybe we can make this work."

To be continued...

Would like some comments, she needs a little encouragement.


Much too long has the sexuality of The Big Beautiful Woman been overlooked!! Thank Goodness that "The Dark Cavern" has always been in the forefront of overcoming all preconceived ideas about sensuality!!

Of the few submissions I've made, none have generated as much response back to me, as when I write of a Big Beautiful Woman..... Never have the responses been more positve!! Never have I received more requests to meet!! Often my mail is "FULL" daily, I clear it and am again maxed out!!!

In a world where we are engulfed with "The Perfect 10" image, a vast number of Beauties are being overlooked!!.... I hope my writings of my liasons can show the reality, that a Big Beautiful Woman...... is just a "Woman".... Her desires, wants, needs, sexuality and Kinks are no different than any other woman!!

I am often misinterpted as having a preference for BBW's.... Absolutely NOT!! I find beauty and sensuality in all women, all sizes, all colors, all creeds that are legally of age!!

An exceptionally Large woman can present unique challenges.... That challenge can seperate the Real Men from the Boys!!.... It won't be the size of your penis that is the equalizer, but the size of your mind!!!..... Think about That!!!

Here are a few of the Large Lovelies I have been graced to know!!

She was a taste of "Latin Fire"..... She only stood 5 ft tall..... A small, neatly packaged BBW....... Born in Honduras she had classic Latin features.. Long dark hair and a natural tanned complexion...... Two failed marriages left her skeptical of men..... Several "hot dates" had left her just wet and still wanting...... Her daughter had read one of my submissions to "The Dark Cavern" and emailed me....

After discovering we are in the same state, plans we set for the mother and I to meet... The first meeting was just a date... Dinner and Dancing at a Latino Club... The agility of her sensual moves to that latin beat caught me by surprise... I silently thought if she could make those moves while beneath me, we would BURN!!!..... The night ended after hours of chatting and dancing.... Being a Gentleman, I thanked her for exposing me to small bit of her Latin lifestyle and parted with a small kiss and an invitation to go riding in the country with me.... She accepted!!!

A week later I had her, zipping along winding roads, Hair blowing, in a classic Triumph TR6 convertible, with Marvin Gaye belting out tunes in the background!!.... Halfway through our ride I switched to Luther Vandross to begin setting the mood...

Turning down a dusty unpaved road, she laid back and watched the moonlight breaking through the long limbed tops of tall southern Pine trees..... The old TR6 creeping in second gear, moonlight, Luther crooning and that smile on her face told me, the Pussy was MINE!!!....

I parked, opened her door, escorted her to the door of a very good friends "Country PlayHouse".... My thoughts were of Having her on this queensized, wooded Four Post bed inside.... We never made it!!!...... I opened the door, planted a kiss on her lips........ Somehow the kiss lasted until we ended up on the floor fully clothed...... Kssing, rolling, damned near tumbling all over the floor..... Fully clothed, we furiously fucked!!!.... After our first orgasms the clothes ended in several piles around us...... Having taken the edge off our horniness, I proceeded to "make love" to her mind, body and spirit!!!....... She was no longer a Big Beautiful Woman, but just a woman............ PURE LATIN FIRE!!!!

Another Delicious Memory recalls "THE SEXXIBBW"....... I have written about her previously several times in "The Magic Moments" section here... She's a West Coast BBW who came to the Southern East Coast and found we Southerners find a delite in Women of Size!!!......

At her home, on a semiprivate front porch, hidden behind large plants and flowers... This BBW turns into a pure "Fuck Beast".... I say that as a compliment!!.... By day on her job as an Executive, she's conservatively dressed, totally proper to a fault..... An hour off the job, the dress is damn near a mini, the glasses are gone and Ms. Lady becomes Ms. Hot Stuff!!!.......

On her porch one evening after devouring lamb steaks off the grille.... I Laid back in a lounger and watched her head as she lazily gave me a slow Blow job..... She loves to give head, so I try to keep her happy!!...... After a while, she crawled around dropped her shoulders to the floor and presented her wide white ass..... Her wet pussy blossomed between her full thighs..... Flat footed, stooped behind her, I slow stroked her as cars went down the street...... Soon a heavy summer rain broke out... The cool spray whipped by the winds only added fuel to our FuckFires...... Rolling her onto her back, I fast fucked her..... Hot Pussy beneath me and cool rain drops falling on my steady ramming ass.....

A Big Beautiful Woman?...... No, Just One Hot Woman!!!.... A "SexxIBBW"

I have been graced to have experienced many Big Beautiful Women... I'll have to share Full length adventures at another time!!!..... But there is one more Lady I must share with you now..........

A curly haired, Big Titted, Big Beautiful Woman known as "The White Exception" aka She's my Big Beautiful Girl.... I'm 14 yrs older than she and she brings out the Kid in me!!!..... She is the largest BBW I have experienced.... She is a total package of absolute fun, foolishness and Horniness!!!..... Her story is in the Magic Moments section also!!!........ I am allowed the pleasure of sharing her only by the permission of her very loving and understanding mate...... He is a very intelligent, Tall, Dark, Handsome and HUNG like a Horse, White Male........ I owe him "Thanks" for the Priveledge!!!....

I would love to post her picture here, but I don't have any to share and he would kick my ass!!!....... It's not the style of "the Black Exception" to cause problems.. I'm a True believer, Make Love not war!!....

Hotels, motels and Inns are our playgrounds.... Window flashing, exhibitionism and fun in elevators, food fights and flirting are our games...... Sooner or later they will put us out of a room because we play and Fuck, loud and noisy..... She's a screamer!!.....

Logistics don't allow us to have as much time together as we wish... Each time is well worth the wait!!!..... Between her large, white thighs is a clean shaven tight Pussy... More Pussy than I or her mate could ever get enough of!!........ She's not a Big Beautiful Woman....She's the embodiment of just Great Sex!!!

***One more thought to the men who THINK they are Fuckers!!!.... Hard Dick is measured in inches..... If you're Lucky, you may have actually had YARDS of pussy.... Until you're smart enough to include Big Beautiful Women in your sexual adventures, Stay Off my path!!!...... I've had Pussy that can only be measured in Fucking Miles!!!***************

Special Thanks to CoCo and The Dark Cavern Dynasty!!.... CeeBee, ClassyBBw, Bella BBw, Living Large, Juicey, White Exception11 and Smutty, PhantomDriver, MY Lady D.... My Big Ladies and Friends!!!

I am just a man!!!.... Black, Southern, and Proud to be a Gentleman!!!.... I am a "Lover"... My skills are not limited to Sexual Prowess. They stand on a foundation of Charm, Enticement, Seduction that lead to Sexual Satisfaction!!!...... I don't Fuck for the fun of it!!..... I make Love to imprint memories for a lifetime!!..... I remain that which I am!! The Black Exception to all the Rules.



Hi Dark Cavern fans, and especially to all the bbw lovers, wanted to send you some more of my pictures to share with my friends and lovers of Dark Davern.

I am 6ft blond bbw in South Carolina, very much single and still hoping someday that wonderful black stallion will come win my heart.

I am looking right now for a business partner and friend who is into Dark Cavern as much as me. I want to do a website for bbws into the interracial scene and also I am looking to make some adult movies of me in action. I need a good photographer, webmaster, and someone with equipment, know how and someone local to me, I am in Sumter, South Carolina.

So if you are close and think you can help, lets talk. You can hit me up at or the address below.

Enjoy my pics and I want to say, blkexception we have been talking awhile and I seriously want to hook up. I want to see what things you will write about your experience with me. I love the way you write and love the way you value a woman and their sexuality.

So just wanted to say keep up good work and get you sweet black booty to South Carolina, so we can write about it together, mwah love ya and love you to Coco for this wonderful site... so enjoy my latest pics.

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Black professional male from NC/SC area is looking for a height/weight proportional bbw for a long-term friendship and sexual relationship. I'm very corporate and professional by day, but quite a lot of fun after hours. I can treat you like the lady you are... or the sl*t you might want to portray. I am for real - UB2. I'm 44, 6'1, 215/220 pounds with light brown eyes, medium complexion and 8+ inches. Please send note, pics and a way to contact. You won't be disappointed!