The Dark Cavern's Big Cock Club, a contact section only for males (black or white) with eight+ inches. Each advertiser should submit at least one clear close-up of his cock with a flexible ruler along its top.

Send your submissions to:


Hi, I'm Tom Taylor. I love the Dark Cavern and I would like to take this opportunity to say my thanks to Coco for the invaluable service he does for people sharing his little obsession.

Recently, after reading all the ads of exciting ladies in the contact section I joked: Hey, you also should have a section where guys with eight+ inches can post, no matter if black or white, because that would allow me to submit an ad. So here we are.

I guess we can leave the colour issue aside for a moment, because what those libidinous ladies crave first and foremost is a big cock and a guy who knows how to use it. (Probably all women do, they just won't admit it.) You've come to expect only black men to be able to provide those, but that's not true. Size is independent of race. Obviously, there's always the added spice of the taboo. So a beautifully coloured big one is always the top cock.
The point of this section is not just to exhibit big cocks and contact their owners. One should at least try to present compelling evidence of the claimed dimensions. I want to believe, but there is so much bullshit about 12 and 14 inches. True, there must be some, but I'd like to see them. A tiny girl's hands are not exactly to scale and a can of some fizzy drink can be any size. (At least one should state the exact size of the object.) Keep in mind, an object that's even a bit away is useless for comparison because of the perspective distortion which is unfortunately relevant when fractions of an inch count.

Finally, there's nothing easier to morph than a cock. As intriguing as that may be, it's not the real thing. To avoid any suspicions send a crystal clear shot and show things that combined can't be morphed in a convincing manner, like hands and tape-measures.

If you want to measure up, make some shots that do justice to your pride and joy. The objective is to gauge and prove the useable length. That's the maximum depth one can give a girl. It is measured on top of the cock, starting right at the pubic bone, following the curvature of the shaft, right to the tip of the head. To reach your full length take the shots standing up with your hips slightly thrust forward. If you have to do it alone, get a tripod. I found a video camera more convenient than a digi cam: Connected to a video card the view-frame is life in a window on-screen. Images can be captured from the video tape. With the recorder running, both hands are free to handle cock and ruler. Obviously, best would be to have a nice girl presenting her favourite toy for you. I'm very much looking forward to see some nice shots of more, much bigger (black) specimen. Have fun.

This is my uncircumcised, vanilla-flavoured pussy-pleaser. I hope you don't mind, I snapped him in black-and-white and applied a chocolate-coating in Photoshop. This massive cunt-torpedo is 23.5 cm (9 1/4 in) long. It looks a lot smaller because it's also quite fat: The circumference at its widest is 17 cm (6.7 in). For a tube that would mean a diameter of 5.4 cm (2.1 in) but the width is almost 7 cm (2.8 in).

In the measuring shot I superimposed a full-res zoom of the base and the tip. At the base you see my thumb resting against my pubic bone, holding the tape-measure. My thumb is 2 cm wide and right, the outer edge is on the mark of the 2. That shows that the zero is really at the base.

I'm a handsome, gentlemanly, Caucasian guy in his thirties. I am 1.87 m (6 ft 1.6 in) and have full, dark-blonde hair. I am fit, slender and strong, a health fanatic and tennis-player.

I'm trained as an engineer and designer but I feel like an artist. This here is part of my tentative coming-out as a crazy creative type. I've been exploring this side of my character for quite some time in my erotic drawings that I regularly upload at My TTfiend Yahoo Group. (In the first two images my cock is hovering over a pressure sensitive graphic tablet. That's the device I paint with. You see the connection :) I am addicted to female beauty (especially big, natural breasts). There is nothing better in life than the love and tenderness only a woman can give. I dream of women daring to express their natural sexuality: Intentionally attracting male attention, frequently choosing mates and delivering, offering themselves to be taken by their lover. Call them sluts. I just love them. The fun is to make a woman lose all inhibitions, to reduce her to a whimpering, greedy, shameless animal in heat. The only way to dominate a woman is with pleasure. There is no equality in love. The women call the shots and the men take them. You never actually own a woman you just take care of her for her next lover and that could be me.

I am based in old, Western Europe, but I am too busy to travel for fun. There might be a meeting with a nice couple or single but mainly I am interested to make the acquaintance of beautiful women. Beauty comes in many guises and is not related to bust-size, nor to age. I am very much into mature beauties. I think an elegant lady that knows what she does is much more exciting than a bitchy teenager.

So, if you want me to see or paint your lady, or if you are a single beauty, dreaming of a real, old-fashioned man or you'd like to model, contact me. I can always be reached at:

Hi, great idea, now the white couples get to "shop" for the black cocks they desire without being disappointed after meeting a guy that said he had more meat that he actually did. I'm in Nashville, TN.

SBM in Westchester looking for fun. Dear Sexy Couples, I am an sbm looking for fun and some great sex. I am looking to make a new friend or two and have some good times. Please, send a photo and phone if you're in NYC or local area.

Nashville, TN Area code 615

My wife has been enjoying this for some time. She finally went Black and really loved the 10" that she got.

Sorry I dont have a tape measure handy, so I thought I'd just use a woman's head as a point of reference! If you're still not convinced and you're in the Chicago area, contact me.

I'm over 8 inches with a nice curve. Stamina is great and I'm always available for beautiful white sluts.

I'm a handsome SWM, 35, clean and serious, who is looking for darkcavern-slutwives. If possible, with cuckold-husband. No bi-men! If you like my huge cock, please send me a reply with "slutty clothes photo". I'm living in The Netherlands/Europe.

I'm a good looking 38 yr old married straight male, clean and ready for Dark Cavern sluts ready to eat some white meat with their dark meat. Send a reply showing you eating your current dark meat. I live in Canada. Only serious inquiries, No bi/gay men.

Well, I don't have the tape measure, take my word for it - I meet the 8 inch hurdle (with maybe 1/2" to spare!) Mr. Book

These white bitches are fuckin' with the wrong white guys. I've always heard of the whole black cock thing.... until I whip my shit out.... then they shut up.... black and white girls. Most of the black girls have told me I had their boyfriends beat... If you wanna try a young white boy with a fat dick...hit me up, be sure to send sum pics....

Denver wives get ready. I am living in Denver metro, area code (303) (720). I am a black man, age 32, love sex and anything about. You are going to feel my tongue in every single hole of your body and my big hard cock will fire up your lovely wet pussy into your stomach. Anyway I don't have a limit so anything you want will be done. You know what I am talking about so cum get it. Do you wanna get busy for hours?

What you see is that I make the grade for this club, what you don't is how much I enjoy being with sexy white women. live in South Florida, Ft Lauderdale. However, I travel to Texas, Minnesota, Missouri and Georgia often. I'm black, 35, 5'10", 180 lbs, fit, short black hair, brown eyes.

Hello Ladies. If you reside in Southern California and enjoy getting your pussy pounded by 9 inches of thick black cock, contact me for a meeting and I'll do whatever it takes to make your memories lasting. I've been into swinging for about 9 years now and have a great deal of experience, and although I've gotten around, I treat each woman differently. If theres something that makes your toes curl, contact me and I'll see about helping you get what you need.

No ruler needed for this one!! 804 Virginia here.