This is a section for the ladies to show off their tattoos proclaiming that they are the property of black men, or showing their tattoos and piercings with Black cum all over them.

Send your submissions to:




Here's a pic of what a black man can have to play with if he comes to Alberta.

Gone black and won't go back.

Branded in Ohio for my black lover with his initials on his sexy white slut's ass.... He owns me... I am his property to do with as he pleases..... See our ad under Ohio.

This is my tattoo symbolizing my engagement to Big Dee from

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Here are a few pics that show I am branded for black cock for ever !! Hope you like them. Care to join me?

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Queen of Spades Tattoos

I am trying to get this Tattoo recognised worldwide as 'The Symbol' for white ladies to wear if they are into the inter-racial lifestyle... it is classy ... single coloured and therefore inexpensive to apply.. and visually says it all... This lady is a Queen for you Spades. I have a Yahoo group started only 10 days ago that has attracted nearly 1500 members... The idea has received very very positive feedback from both black men and many white women.. I believe it is starting to be seen a bit in the UK with girls and women adopting it to say they fuck black guys only. My group site address is and I am Marilynn. I am 55 and lived in the 1970's in the Bahamas as an ex-patriate teacher. I am English, white, and Went Black in 1970 in Nassau.... I was there 6 years and had sexual relationships with over 500 local Bahamian black men. I think that young ladies today are very lucky to live in a time that allows for very much free-er mixing of the races... I was regarded by the white Bahamian and English community in Nassau as ... well you can imagine... Anyway my idea is to let women today show what their preference in men is... out there !! On their arm or ankle or breast... Join my group if you want but that is not my aim... my aim is to get this idea adopted by Dark Cavern, Dark Wanderer, Blacksonblondes, Dogfart and as many of the young new breed of inter-racial porn girls as I can to spread the idea... Have themselves Tattood with the "Queen of Spades " motif and get it out there in the community... This will work !... This will take the cause forward again.

Here are some more of the ladies that have agreed to be 'tattoo'd by me to demonsrate how the look of this tattoo would be if it were done in a parlour.... I am waiting for some other ladies who reckon they are out there having the tattoo done to send actual pics of this lovely inter-racial statement...... All the ladies used for the demo are genuine Inter-racial ladies who have volounteered their pics for this. My group site has contact data for them as most are keen to expand their numbers of black lovers.


The interest in this idea is really gaining momentum... But I really need one or two of the "industry pro-am" ladies to pick it up and get tattooed and have them wearing it on their pay sites / web pages. I think it is a 'real winner'... I am not in it for recognition, I just think the time is 'right' for a no-nonsense classic body art statement... Oh yes the estimate to do ...$35-50. A few more pics too .... Luv you all out there in INTER-RACIALAND... Marilynn Nichols

My name is Caitlin and JennyKiss copied my tattoo at a swingers party in NYC This is the original tattoo of a white slut for a black dick.

Hi thought you may like these to add to the collection, so far its only a temp tattoo, but I am thinking of getting something similar.

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My wife would like to get a tattoo by her pussy to indicate the number of black men she's slept with. She would like it to be classy and something that someone who didn't know what it was would think it was just a tattoo... she would also like to add to it as she adds to the number of black lovers she has taken... She also loves the fact that I (her hubby) would have to see it every time I fucked her (whenever she actually allows that.) Any suggestions???

Here are some pics of my wife. She is a certified black cock slut. Her piercings are 8 ball, cause she likes to be black balled.

Here's my branded wife, she is now totally black cock owned only. Not even I can have her anymore. Her cunt belongs to blk men. It is no longer a pussy, its a cunt.


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Dear DarkCavern Members, Louisianachick is ready to be branded with a tattoo showing her desire for Big Black Cocks. I would like to have all the artists participate in submitting their ideas for a tattoo as well as members. The Tattoo will be located in the traditional "TrampStamp" location, or just above my pussy, depending on the design chosen. Tattoo must be of the Interracial meaning, Symbols are welcome, as well as combination symbols and words. I would like to have everyone send in their suggestions with artwork quickly as possible and there will possibly be chance for the Dark Cavern Members to pick the Top 3 tattoos that they would like to see me actually get done in permenant ink... Of those 3 tattoos I will choose one and when finished will post the pictures here for the members to see, So there will be no doubt about Louisianachick's love for Big Black Cock.

Do you like my Tattoo? Hubby loves it and wants me to get it permanently. What do you think - should I?

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This is to show her availability for black cock, but she rarely takes this anklet off, and has only had one black man point at it as she walked by. She keeps waiting for a good looking black guy to start a conversation by asking what it means--and her responding, "You know what it means."

I'm in Dallas, TX and I wear this ankle bracelet all the time to show my love of the bbc lifestyle.

When we go out to clubs she loves to let the blk men know she's there for them to fuck. If they dont notice her ankle bracelet when they ask her to dance they notice her earings. She's such a shameless whore slut wife that has me cucked to no end and loves her blk men.

My new tattoo.

A pic with a blk guy she fucked 2weeks ago in a hotel. We met him in the club we went to.


I'm trying to convince her on getting one or several Queen of Spades tattoos. Do you have any suggestions on tattoos or where to place them on her body?