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Hello there Dark Cavern faithful, this is propertyofblackcock's husband here wishing to let all of the black studs out there in on something very special!! I'm sure many of you are familiar with my wife already as she has graced the Cavern many times before as imaho4blackcock.

Well now after a brief hiatus she's back and hotter than ever!! Let me start by thanking Coco on behalf of my wife and I, as well as all of the Cavern subscribers, for offering us all the greatest interracial site on the internet! Thanks to this site my wife Emily has enjoyed sexual encounters with 29 black gentlemen over the past 3 years. During this time I have come to see the sexual relations between bm/wf as the most beautiful form of love making that exists.

In addition, Emily has divulged to me that while her and I are truly in love and devoted to one another as husband/wife and father/mother to our children, we are 'soulmates' - she also feels the constant need to share herself and her love with blackmen as she finds sex with them more fulfilling and rewarding than any white man has ever been able to offer her!

So we now wish to take a new direction in her blackcock adventures-we want to establish a "network" of regular black lovers to satisfy her on a regular basis, 3-4 times per week. By a "network" we mean we would like to establish long term relations between several men who would be available to date/meet Emily on a regular basis in one on one meetings or no larger than groups of 2-3 on a set schedule of time/day/place. These meetings may be regular hotel meetings / or your place / or eventually our home / or a combination of all 3 depending on the individual circumstances and time/travel restraints.

For example you could see Emily on the 1st and 3rd tues of every month while another might enjoy her on the 2nd and 4th tuesdays and at the same time a group of 1-3 buddies may have her companionship reserved for every thursday evening of the month. The details must be worked out on an indiviual basis but basically we want for Emily to enjoy the company of selected black lovers on a regular schedule time/place/date whether it be a week to week or twice a month or monthly get together as long as she is used 3-4 times weekly by the "network".

Let me also say that while Emily wishes to have adequate attention given her cunt by blackcock we also have a life as well as a family therefore discretion is required and likewise assured in return. Also therefore meetings will be limited to allotted times such as 5-9pm on tuesdays 5-8pm on thursdays at prearranged meeting place (example only!!) But once the details are worked out we would like for a permanent schedule to be established and maintained within the "network".

In addition "networkers" will be provided with Emily's cell phone and pager numbers in order to be able to communicate with their married white ho at all times if just for friendly chat or to notify her where to meet them or that they have arrived at the usual meeting place and they will be expecting her promptly. I will accompany Emily on the initial meetings but once it is determined that she is comfortable with you she will meet with you alone from then on unless my schedule permits. From time to time I may want to attend your session with her strictly for my viewing pleasure or will participate if only if asked (straight sex only)!!

Ideally the "network" will consist of somewhere between 6-8 true gentlemen and only black of course - sorry all you horny white fuckers out there, Emily only goes black!! And as for all of you black studs out there who would like to become part of Emily's "network" all you have to do is meet the following criteria :

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2. You must email her telling her about yourself in detail and thus charming her panties right off of her. You need to impress her, not me. Trash talk won't get it done, must be honest and sincere as this is what turns her on.

3. Must send her 2 nice jpegs of yourself. One full body shot dressed and one full body nude, eyes can be blocked out but must be full body! After all she's looking for long term lovers and friendship and I don't think you can woo her with one a liner of 'love your pussy and heres a pic of my cock.'

4. Must email her your phone # in first email contact otherwise we will assume you aren't for real and simply delete your email!! No exceptions - if you want to develop something long term we need to know you are 4real. We are 4real and guarantee discretion so if you simply state a time to call and who to ask for that is exactly what we will do.

5. You must tell Emily your first name up front in first email contact not just nickname. Also must be drug / disease free as are we!!

6. You can be married or single just be honest!!

7. Last and probably most important of all. We live in central NC in close proximity to Winston-Salem and travel beyond 30 minutes is not an option for Emily. If this is too far away for you to visit Emily on a regular basis (regular being no less than twice a month) then please understand that it just wouldn't work. We want men who can enjoy her at least twice a month in order to keep the "network" to a limited number of guys so that Emily can develop a closeness with her lovers .

I'm sure many of you are thinking there has to be a catch to this-well there isn't. I simply love my wife and she loves me and I enjoy her being happy and if being brought to exxtasy by well hung black stallions makes her happy I am all the more willing to assist her in her endeavours.

We are a normal couple with a normal life and wish to remain that way. We are not in any way looking for attention nor are we trying to make a buck.

We don't video Emily's relations with her lovers, we simply take a photo or 2 now and then to share with Coco's readers along with some updated stories on how Emily's swinging lifestyle is going. That is all we are about and we hope that you can appreciate that as obviously you are visiting this site for similar reasons.

We hope you enjoy what we offer to the Cavern as we do enjoy reading and seeing what everyone else has to offer in the pursuit of interracial bliss.

Thank you again Coco for this wonderful site and thanks again to the Cavern faithful and most of all thank you to my adorable loving wife who I love, cherish and admire - happy interracial swinging to all!!

Look out for more pics from Emily very soon.