This is for pictures of the wives (and single girls as well) that are pregnant with their black lover/master's baby. Maybe one photo of them getting it on with their black lover/master (prior to impregnation), a photo of her with a "creampie", and finally a photo/photos of her swollen belly, showing the results of the black lover/master's seed being planted in her fertile womb!

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Here is Louisa, she is a single wht/black baby factory.



My boyfriend (Adonel) and I live in Nice, France. I became pregnant 2 years ago about when most of these pictures were taken (around 18 years old). I gave up a modeling career when it happened. But now I would not go back. Many Americans are excited by interracial pregnancy. Non? (no).

I have never been on your website but Adonel has. He likes it and asks if I would send these in. I said ok to send in regular pictures, that would be ok for now. Maybe sex ones with him sometime. I have always been with black guys and dated them mostly. It is not important who we are dating here. Sex is easier. Au revoir, jusqu' au temps prochain amant. (Goodbye, until next time lover). Melissa.

My wife Laurie. What condom?

This is Kelly, my dominant cock loving slut, black of course! This is the outcome of a wonderful night at a sex club where I had the pleasure of watching her behave like a total slut for three big black guys while I wanked and of course had the pleasure of cleaning her up. I did fuck her after but she said she never felt a thing! Nice!! She's still fucking even this far gone and we would love to hear from all you men. Hope you like the pictures and feel free to send mail, xxx Kelly and me.

Here's a few Photos of me being pregnant after screwing 7 different black men, (4 at one time and 3 others a different time), but during the same week. I had a son, Eric and he is terrific! He is 4 years old now. I would love to have another black baby. I would like to do 5 or 6 well hung black men with very current proof of being STD free. We will raise and support the child, so don't worry about that. I don't want your money. To be invited the only rule is that you have to cum in my pussy. No condoms. D/D free only. My straight husband will be there to watch only. All attending men must cum in my pussy. I want to do this 3 times in a 2 week period so I can get knocked up for sure. Who knows, with that much cum, I might get twins or triplets! YES!

Yes I have been pregnant. And even though it was by choice I found it to be the most horrible experience I have ever had! No.. It's not for me.. lol! But when I started having extramarital sex with more and more black guys I really started thinking about what would happen if I got pregnant by one of them. I don't know why but the more I thought about it the more turned on I got. Then I met him! Derek, My full time playmate. And I found myself so excited by the idea of letting him knock me up. Mmm...

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