The Evolution of a Slut!

Meeting Derrick (Going Deeper)

Last week I shared with you all; my very first time with a black man. That was an exciting and unforgettable experience, so much so that I had to try it again. Actually I think I may be becoming addicted to black men. I couldn't think of anything else all week long except the wonderful feeling of having a real black cock inside of me again. I had started a yahoo group a few weeks ago and I got hundreds of men writing me. One guy in particular was just around the corner from me so I decided to contact him.

I called Derrick and he was not only pleasant to talk to and we hit it off real well but he was as eager to put that dick in me, as I was to have it. We decided to meet that Friday at around 7 pm. In the meantime a friend of mine named David had never seen a live sex show so I invited him over to watch and video the event for me. Derrick was fine with this, so long as he got some young white pussy.

Well Friday arrived and I was all giddy and excited to be with the second black man of my life. I got a feeling this is going to be a regular occurrence from now on. I put on my favourite satin corset and my black butterfly thong. I was contemplating just meeting Derrick at the door naked and jumping his bones. Well like a true gentleman Derrick showed up right on time. We sat and had a few drinks and talked about my new lifestyle. I couldn't help but notice the growing bulge in his pants and I got to tell you my mouth was salivating at the site. David hadn't shown up yet and I could tell Derrick was dying to get into my panties. When David finally arrived it was like the starting gun going off at a horse race.

I couldn't wait another second longer and I practically ripped off Derrick clothes and threw my own clothes off just as fast. I jus had to have that cock in my mouth and so I pushed derrick back onto the bed and got right between his legs. Here I was face to crotch with this beautiful thick black cock. I licked the sides and up and down the shaft like a kid with a lollipop. I devoured every inch of that dick, running my tongue around the big head and veiny shaft. Derricks balls were heavy and full as well and I knew before the night was out I would have me several loads of that baby batter. After a while Derrick flipped me over like a rag doll and fed me more of his cock in a 69 position. his cock went in further and hit my tonsils and made me gag but I had that stuffed feeling I had been longing for. If he could do this to my throat, imagine what he was going to do to my tender young pussy. At 19 I haven't been drilled like this yet.

After I had sucked his dick and gotten a feel for how large I could make him I decided it was time for him to put that nice thick black cock to work on my pussy. I rolled him over and climbed on top to ride him. It was ecstasy sliding down his thick black pole. Even though I felt like I was being split in two, it also felt like heaven. I rode him like I was a jockey on a racehorse, fast and hard. Every once in awhile he would lean up and suck on my tits causing me to ride him faster. But then Derrick decided he was going to take over and decided how he was going to show me how a real black man can fuck me and I could not have been happier. He got on his knees and began to pound my tight pussy pushing my knees closer and closer to my chest so he could get it in deeper and I moaned with happiness every time he pushed it in. Derrick as very commanding in bed, which I love, he began telling me what to do like rubbing my clit and pulling on my tits. He managed to get even deeper by pushing one of my knees all the way to my chest. I could really feel every inch of his beautiful cock inside me then. He then told me to get on all fours and I knew what was coming and I began to cum right there. He slid in and began to give me a well-deserved fucking doggy style. Gripping my ass he began to pound me even harder. When he began giving me a few stinging slaps on my ass I just about died of pleasure right there. During this whole time he was pulling and yanking my hair forcing my head back. I was loving this rough sex and wanted more and Derrick delivered plenty more. He flipped me over on my back and began to fuck me missionary style going fast then slow so I could feel every delicious inch of the beautiful black cock going inside of me. As he was fucking me I could feel his balls hitting my ass with every push. He then leaned over and kissed me and I could feel his cock pulsing inside of me and I could feel my pussy juice running down his cock and my ass. He would occasionally lean over and suck on my tits. Sending me to another climax. Then he turned me on my side and me began to pound me again deeper and deeper I was moaning in joy this whole time never wanting it to end. I then decided to take back some control and had him lay back and I climbed on top of him again this time with my ass facing him so he could see the red hand prints he had put on my ass. I grabbed my tits and began to squeeze and pull on them. I rode derrick fast and faster till we both crossed the finish line together.

I could barely stand after he got through with me and decided I would take a bath and clean my self up a bit. As I was relaxing in the tub Derrick got hard again and wanted me to take care of it he came in the bathroom and asked how the water was and I told him to come on in as I spread my legs. Derrick got in facing me and we enjoyed a few lingering French kisses. He then slid a finger inside my pussy and began to fuck me with this hand not wanting to be selfish I reached over and began to stroke his thick black cock. I then had Derrick sit in the comer so I could suck all the water off his once again thick hard cock. He slid back in to the water and I sat in derrick's lap and he began to wash my tits and upper body occasionally fingering my pussy and clit. I knew I had to have that beautiful black cock inside of me again and I sat down on it and began to ride him right there in my bath tub not caring that we where getting water every where all I knew was that I wanted another chance to feel that big black cock inside of me. I turned around so that he could have access to my front and he began to lick and suck my breasts. He then lifted me out of the tub and placed me on the side and began to pound my pussy all over again. I had to place my hands against the opposite wall to keep from banging my head. We both stood up and he put his arms around me and began to play with my tits and fingering my pussy I knew we would never make it back to the bed I WANTED HIM NOW! I hopped up on the counter and spread my legs and pussy for my big black lover. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on tight as he gave me a very through pussy pounding.

We fucked the rest of the afternoon away with poor David watching and wishing he could have some. I loved my meeting with Derrick and I hope ot meet with him again. in the meantime I am wanting more black cock and a few cuckolds to help me find and serve the fine black man. All my stories are 100% TRUE and I usually follow them up with the proof in a form of pictures and or Video.

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First a little bit about me, I am new to Dark Cavern and I think it's the best web site out there. I'm a 19 Year old white female from Texas (but I'll travel anywhere for black cock). I stand 5 ft. 4 inches and weigh 110 LBS. Everything is small about me, including my pussy which as you read you will see how stretched out I become.

A few weeks ago I placed an ad looking for my first ever experience with a black man. I've always been attracted to black men but being only 19 the opportunity never really was there. Still the urge was building up in me and I swore soon as I got my own place and moved out of my parents I was going to fulfil my lust for black men. So here I am own finally and I am cruising the Internet and I look at all the different sites that have these black Gods. And here I find Dark Cavern. WOW, what a site, what a dream to come true. Quickly I place my ad and within hours I get tons of Black men wanting to be with me!

One reply that stuck out to me was a tall, well built black man that goes by the name of "Black Chief". So I wrote him, we exchanged numbers, talked and set up a time to meet at my place. That whole week I was nervous but excited and I kept counting the days and then the hours and then the minutes till I would finally have all the black cock and cum that I had dreamed of all those years in high school. I mean come on, all those wimpy white boys in high school is all I had to look at for 4 years. I wanted Black meat!

The big day arrived and I was all giddy and bouncy and all of a sudden I decided I better capture this on video for me to remember and I also wanted to show the Dark Cavern people my very first time ever with a black man. Not only was it my first time with a black man but it was my first time ever on camera. After all remember I'm only 19 so I haven't done much in my life but now I plan on doing it all.

"Black Chief " arrived right on our scheduled time and we made some small chit-chat then we sat in the living room had a few drinks and made out a little. I had invited cuckolds in my Dark Cavern ad to join if they like and one wimp actually showed up and with one hand did the filming and the other hand stoked his cock. This wimp was hung like a pimple, it was funny but also in a way it was sad. It brought me back to my high school days..

So finally we got down to business. "Black Chief took me to the bedroom where I first slowly took off his clothes. Slowly admiring his well built body and wouldn't you know it within minutes he had my clothes off and on the bed we were. Man, I was so nervous, here in front of my was this beautiful well-defined black cock. Something I had always dreamed of was inches from my mouth and my life long dream was about to come true. I didn't know if I should savour the moment or dive right in. I ended up diving right in! His cock was beautiful and it tasted like the world's finest chocolate. My wait was well worth it and I was not going to let this out of my mouth for quite a while. I sucked on that wonderful cock till it grew to monster proportions. Like jack and the beanstalk it kept growing and growing. I thought to myself if this monster was now hurting my jaw imagine what it will do to my little pussy. It made me more scared but also more excited. I sucked and licked up and down the shaft and around the head. It was delicious. I felt like a kid at the carnival eating cotton candy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the cuckold I had invited to be there with tears running down his face wishing he could ever hope to be the man "Black Chief" is. This guy had two fingers; it looked like tweezers pulling away at his cock.

As much as I didn't want to let this chocolate fun stick out of my mouth I knew my big moment had arrived and I wanted that cock in me now! After I sucked his cock I let him lay there, as I climbed up and mounted this Black God. it was the most odd feeling I ever had. On one hand I felt like I was being ripped in two. A sharp pain, a far cry from those wimpy white boys and it was hard to adjust to at first but then the pleasure set in and it was like I was on cloud nine. And the feeling of his strong black hands cupping my ass cheeks I totally felt like an owned woman. I knew now the wait was worth it but also this would be my life long following from here on out.

I slowly but steadily moved my hips in rhythm with his. Each time it went in it was so fulfilling. I felt so full and complete. After a few minutes of me being on top "Black Chief" flipped me over on my back like I was a little rag doll. He slowly guided himself in and he was a perfect gentleman, knowing this was my first time he was easy on me. He rode me for a quite a while. Bouncing up and down on my little body. I was being FUCKED! And to think he was being gentle? All I can say is WOW! After a while he flipped me on my side and opened me up wide, wider than I had ever been. I had not been with many boys at all, 2 to be exact and both were white boys and I thought I was the shit. Black Chief 's cock showed me I ain't experienced anything yet and this guy was not only opening me wide but splitting me in two. Again after taking his time he decided I need the full 10 yards and he turned me over to do doggy style. Now when I'm in the position I feel it even more deeper and this guy was massive. What was this going to do to me? It was huge and filled me so much I thought it would come out my mouth. Ladies who are curious about Black men and haven't done it, DO IT!

This time Black Chief flipped me on my back and put my legs over his shoulder, opened me up wide and rode to his heart's content. He had my legs way back and out. Nothing was going to interfere from him hitting the tilt on my pussy. I'm sure the upstairs neighbours heard the bed creaking and me screaming and moaning. We spent the rest of the afternoon just fucking and sucking till we were all exhausted.

The wimp cuckold recorded it all. I reviewed it and I thought I was great but you definitely can see me being shy and at times not knowing what to do. This is 100% real and raw and it truly captures a woman's first time with a black man. This is guaranteed 100% real nothing is faked. For all of you who have ever wanted to see an actually real first time woman going black (and not going back!) this is it. Again I'm not a pro and this is my first time so please excuse my shyness, etc. Check out the totally free clips.