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Holly is in the process of deepthroat training and isn't allowed any new black cock till she has mastered it. Look for some new deepthroat pics soon, hehe! Still looking for like minded white females in the Atlanta area for similar training and participation! Guys, reply if you'd like to stretch out her holes, especially her throat. She's gonna need it bad!

Many of you have seen and heard about my training of my wife who has been known as Marita and now Rebecca. While it hasn't come as far as I would like due to major interruptions in our life as well as those of her original black suitor, we are making progress which still gives me hope. Each year I say this will be the year and this year I will say it again and this time with more conviction as she is about to make live contact with a man she has been corresponding with for over a year. Here is Rebecca with her Sean Michaels replica dildo which I bought for her to train with.

I was in a store and I was telling this guy I didnt even know about how I was making my girlfriend get naked with black guys. He said "well hell, bring her over my house and let me check her out." I brought her over that night and he couldn't believe that I wasn't kidding. He was drunk and kept saying she had a fat pussy, not her, just her pussy. I'm open for ideas on more pictures. She still says no to actually fucking another man.

I had my girl try to strip for this black guy. She didn't know what to do or how to dance in front of him so I told her just to show off her "ASS". Once the drinks started to kick in so did her dancing moves, she was showing off everything she had for the guy. She said she will tease but she wont put out for anyone but me, so I figured my "7.5" is good to go, she says there is no way she would want any bigger.  This summer I'm going to have her flash some strangers along the city river when the weather warms up.

We submitted back in March, to Dark Desires. Now, she's up to taking on the task of satisfying two black master dildos at a time. The real thing is but months away...... More progress reports to cum..... She's turning into a true black cock slut.

My Black Master told me to send pics showing how my fat ass is trained for big black cock. I'm 53, 140 lb., green eyed, Italian working wife, soccer mom, PTA and church lady by day, and a submissive sex slave for dominant Black men at night! I crave to be used as a total sex object and reduced to mouth, tits, ass and cunt! I'm totally submissive to trash talking Black Masters with big dicks who like to use, manhandle, and debase flabby-titted, fat-assed, white middle-aged matrons! I've been trained on leash and collar to submit to verbal abuse, dragging by my hair, "rape" fantasies, being cummed and pissed on, and "forced" to suck toes and lick black assholes! When I am cheapened and degraded the sensations of shame and humiliation enhance my excitement and intensify my trembling, spastic orgasms! Over the years my husband has grown jaded watching Black men use and debase me and he doesn't care how raunchy I get!

She's really getting into this now. When she came riding her black dildo, she told me she thinks she may need the real thing.

This is my white girlfriend. I've been working over a year now training her, and trying to put interracial scenerios in her head, my progress is going well. She responds very well while watching interracial porn movies during sex, so I bought the Sean Michael replica blk dildo to see her reaction and it was great, she loves it. Now I just need to find an attractive well endowed athletic professional blk male for her, age 25-35, that I could introduce to her as a buddy of mine and see if we can't eventually wear her down into trying the real thing. Any black males in the TN area interested please send me an email, face picture included, and we can get her on her way to trying real interracial.

Holly Deepthroat Training. Do you think she's making any progress?

Boston Bi-wife learning how to suck by force, will do what she is told.