With so many married white wives going over to the DARK SIDE, what is a loving loyal husband to do??? Many wives love to see their husbands become cuckolds or more to their new lovers. With this in mind we here at Dark Cavern have enlisted the help of a true skirt wearing, heel prancing Tranny and Cross dresser who has been feminized by his wife for years! She has learned first hand how to not only be a cuck but also to go all the way in showing her wife her correct place.

With no further ado, "ASK CHERYL" any questions on how you can help your wife in her endeavours to satisfy black men. Ask what you should do. How you should respond if she wants you to video, help, or whatever else she might demand from you.

Let Cheryl, a CD/TV, be your guide. This section is for men who want to learn how to be cuckolds or wives wanting to know how to make their hubbies into cucks and/or sissies to black men. Ask Cheryl anything you want.

Send your submissions to:



I am struggling with the reality that I want to be a cuckold and don't know how to let go and just let it happen. The idea excites me tremendously but I am afraid of losing control and perspective. What should I do?

Well I think that if you have that strong an urge you should give it at least a little try. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to blackmen, we all are! Now if your wife, or girlfriend, likes it there must be a reason and that reason is that its natural to want to give your body to a superior black man. Give it a try and like me you will soon find yourself wearing sexxy clothes, make up and adoring yourself for doing it. IT IS NATURAL AND NORMAL TO LET THOSE SUPERIOR BLACK MEN ENJOY YOUR EAGER BODY!




Cheryl, Cheryl... thanx hon for hosting this very needed portion of the Cavern... luv watching all the great action and hot bods at the other links but true fullfillment for me happens at your section... luv your pic... great thighs and legs hon... anyway hope to get the wife into the black scene so I can spend more time dressing and prancing... did it take you a while to get where you are at? We are in our late 50s so not really sure if she can physically handle the size aspect of the scene... anyway proud of what you do... hugs and kisses... just me.

It took me awhile to learn to dress as sexy as I now am. Also to learn to put make up on, putting on eyeliner was hell at first, now do it in minutes! Looking like a girl takes a lot of practice, but its worth it!! I just love giving a black man, or any man really, pleasure. Sucking a thick long cock is a delight as is having them kiss and fondle you, then use your sexy soft ass. Your wife is not too old as you are not either. I wont tell you my age, but its close to yours I would say. A bit younger but close. Tell her your urges of her with others and that you want to be a girl as well with her.




I don't have a question for you but I would like to relate something (absolutely true) that happened to me about two years ago, which didn't seem to fit in any category until yours came along. By the way, thanks for being a part of this.

For years I have fantasized about my wife fucking other men. I was always masturbating dreaming of the day when I could actually witness her taking another man's cock into her body. One day I stayed home from work, this was several years ago when I still had a decent body, and during my masturbation session I had an overwhelming desire to put on her clothes. Since we have always been about the same size, I stripped down and first put on her panties, then panty hose, stuffed bra, skirt, blouse, and finally some toeless pumps (I think that's what you call them), the shoes were very tight but everything else looked good. I found an old cheap wig she had (I don't know why) and I put it on too. I sashayed and pranced around the house stopping at every mirror to look at myself and noticed my erection was tenting my skirt so I hiked it up and jacked off in front of the mirror, ending up spraying my juice on the floor. I kept picturing myself kneeling before another man and sucking his cock. I never dressed up like that again, but the fantasy of sucking her potential lovers stayed with me to this day and has grown to the point of obsession. I am no longer slim and trim and able to even pretend to be attractive in drag but the idea never fails to get my cock hard. I don't remember when it started but the fantasy men somewhere along the line became black men with huge cocks and with a somewhat domineering attitude. Guys who would degrade me a little, call me a faggot cock sucker, taunt me with words and questions to me and my wife about my worthlessness as a man and making her tell them how much she loved their big black dicks.

I had tried everything short of setting her up for rape. For years I would fuck her, then immediately lick my cum from her pussy and eat her to orgasm, all the while just wallowing in her heated cunt and though I never came right out and said it, she knew I was pretending to eat a black man's cum from her pussy. Since I was sure she knew my secret, just refused to talk about it, I remained hopeful. So much so I began a campaign to get her into the arms of a hunky black from Dark Cavern.

I began sending emails to black men advertising in the Dark Dungeon category and got several responses even though I was clear it would involve a considerable amount of time spent seducing her. I finally ended up settling on one black bull, who is still advertising, and we began emailing each other. I told him about my desires for him and my wife and promised to help set her up for a meeting with him. We concocted a story about him saving my life or at least from a beating in a truck stop parking lot (I used to drive a truck). The story was, I stopped to eat and two guys jumped me trying to rob me. My new black friend, being a really big guy, comes along at just the right time and scares them off. She, so the plan went would be grateful to him and want to meet him to thank him personally. The idea was to get them together in a fun setting, and let her get comfortable with him, and nature would take its course. Right into the bedroom and her hot ass, I hoped.

This conversation all took place through emails. The day came when I talked to him on the phone and we arranged to meet, just him and me to see if we liked each other, his words. While on the phone he asked if I ever wore panties. I know I was blushing like crazy as I told him about my little dress up game. He said he would like it if I wore some panties and at some point would get a kick out of spanking both me and my wife. Not hard or really hurtful, just enough to warm us up. Then he said, when we meet, if I wanted to I could suck his cock for him, just to make sure I would be ok with him fucking my wife. I told him I would think about it but I knew before hanging up I would do it.

We met a couple days later, and went back to my truck which has a big sleeper. I had stopped on the road and bought some frilly panties to wear for him and he had me drop my pants, and began rubbing, then slapping my ass, and telling me what a fucking slut I was. I was so turned on I began pushing my ass back at him, then he ordered me to my knees, and I sucked his cock, licked his balls, jacked him off, and eventually swallowed his load of cum. I was in cuck heaven, except I didn't have a freshly fucked wife kneeling beside me. I met with him again, two weeks later, and this time I had some new panties, sexier than before, I wanted him to fuck me first, then let me suck him dry. I put the condom on his cock and got onto the edge of my bunk. He stood behind me, spanking my ass, then telling me to spread my cheeks. I felt it going in and frankly it hurt like hell, but I wanted his cock in me so bad, I endured the pain and kept beggin him to fuck me harder, at one point, repeating a litany of fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. He didn't cum while fucking me as he wanted to cum in my mouth, so he pulled out, I took off the condom and devoured his black dick like I was starving. I suppose in a way I was. I know even if he hadn't worn a condom and his dick was dirty from my ass, I still would have "cleaned" it for him. I was that far gone.

I managed to talk my wife into riding with me on my next trucking run, the idea being I would pull into a certain truck stop at the end of the trip and "accidently" run into my "life saver". We would invite each other to an evening out , etc, etc. and if all went well, in a few weeks I would be watching his black cock ravishing my untouched except for me wife.

I have wished a thousand times we could have pulled it off and to this day I don't know if it would have worked. The morning of the "meeting" we got a call from home with a serious family emergency and I had to abort the plan. My wife was so upset it would have been impossible to get her interested in sex with a black man or even me for that matter. She became extremely depressed and would not go back on the road with me and over the next year practically everything in our lives was turned upside down. My dream fantasy was dead as far as she was concerned. I know everyone reading this was hoping I would be reporting a success, or even that she is black preg now, because that's what I think when I read stories from others, but unfortunately real life is full of disappointments. There will never be a black cock in her and I am relagated back to the days of endless masturbation dreaming of huge black cocks fucking my wife, my daughter, my sister, the preacher's wife, my neices, any and every white woman I know.

As I said, I am obsessed with black cock into white bodies, even mine. To all the husbands out there who are lucky enough to have a black cock fucking wife who likes to see you suck her lover's cock and lick his cum from her pussy, I envy you. For those who like me are only dreaming about such a life, I wish you luck and if it ever happens, please write and tell us all about it. Write to me personally, if you like. I will respond to anything positive, but flamers, go fuck yourself.



Hi - my wife is VERY interested in doing black men, maybe even getting knocked up!! She wants me to watch and clean her as well - it turns me on when we talk about it - but then after I worry. We haven't done it yet, but she is VERY ready - HELP!!

There is certainly nothing wrong about what your wife wants to do, its only natural that she wants to carry the baby of a superior black male over yours. More white women are doing that every day now! About the only thing you should concern yourself with is how many black babies she will have. I suggest that if she is really serious about doing this she makes sure she does it with many black guys not only to increase the chance of her being bred by blacks but also so she will not know who is the father of her baby and other babies as well. As far as you cleaning up, OF COURSE YOU SHOULD! Its your job to lick off all the remaining cum that has not entered her fertile baby bearing cunt. Never lick her inside, you dont want to be eating her baby seed out of her! Hopefully you will even be allowed the honor of sucking her lovers' cocks to get them hard for her or at least after they have spilled their potent cum in your lovely wife's baby maker! Sucking black cock is always something a white man should do if requested for the honor of having them impregnate your white whore wife If need be, start dressing like a "girl " around her lovers so they know you understand your place and accept that they are supeior and the only cocks worthy to feed her rich potent love seed!

Kisses, Cheryl



Hi Cheryl... looks like we all thrive on sucking BBC... was wondering what you hear from others about how they prefer to receive the final load... I used to prefer the initial shot in my mouth and then just continue to suck and swallow, but my recent preference has been to watch the initial shot go somewhere on me and to then devour the rest with my mouth on the pole... hugs and kisses to you and all your followers... just me (Darci).

Yes it does look like the girls are not the only ones who enjoy BBC! From the husbands and others it does seem that they like to suck another guy off more. Not that some don't like the idea of a black guy cumming on their bodies, just so much more erotic to feel a black guy's cock pulsating as they dump their cum in our mouths:)~~~ I personally love to suck on a big cock and really enjoy them cumming then rubbing their excess cum on my face too! However being a "girlie" type I do love to feel them in my tight sexy ass cumming good and deep as well! I guess it doesnt matter which way we get it as long as we show the wives and girlriends how much we adore BBC as much as they do, true??




Hi Cheryl,

Thank you soooo very much for having this section available in Dark Cavern for discussions for cuckold sissies. It is very special to be able to contact you and also to read this much needed section. I hope you will accept my email and post it for others to read too.

It is so very exciting to be a cuckold sissy and to accept our role as a cuckold. It really is the best situation to be… to be a real cuckold. I love it...

My wife has now accepted my role as a cuckold sissy… of course it did take some time to tell her and for her to understand it. I now have the lucky privilege of licking her up after she has fucked her lover(s)… while I am able to watch. It’s sooo wonderful that we have this relationship now… as a sissy, I am dressed in my best feminine outfit and there with her (usually)… watching her… which is so important for me as a cuckold sissy. I usually am wearing white lace outifts, very feminine...

I really hope you will post this and let others know it is possible to be a sissy cuckold and enjoy the licking and clean-up duties afterwards! Don’t give up… it is possible!

Thank you Cheryl for a wonderful opportunity to share to others. I know I read your comments before I became a real cuckold, and I hope others will have this special feeling too.

sissy cuckold donna



Can you help me? I'm trying to get more into being a sissyslut for blacks. I love to dress and have had many blackmen in my life. Would love to be a sissyboy for a blackmaster. Is there a web site that could help me with this? I can go anywhere to meet him or her. I learned a long time ago that blackmen are the best and I love being with them. I love to be used by blackwomen too. Just hoping for some ideas.

Other than going to adult bookstores and gay bars I think I would recommend advertising on sites that cater to "gurls" like us. Look up on your computer Transgender sites? A good one to sign into is as well. Hope you get all the dicking you want and hope you look lovely as a girl as adore it as much as I do.

Kisses Cheryl



Hello Cheryl, Let me start out by saying you are so hot and get my BBC so hard. I am a 40yo blk male who loves cock and cum and dressing as a sissie. I first saw your ads in the Dungeon awhile back and jerked off to you and so wanted to be like you. The way you dress, look and how you express yourself is a turn on. I am asking you how do I dress as hot as you and how do I put myself out there to be the total sissie and cum whore for the black and white man? I dress up when I can, get fucked in hose and heels and take cum all over my body from all races. I have mostly been with white men due to the area makeup but want to expand my horizons. How do I do that? Also tell me ways to be more of a worshiper for cock? I love to be humiliated and dominated. Please help this cock and cum loving whore be who he is suppose to be!! I am open to anything and anyone.

It sounds like you are well on your way to being a girl as it is and I applaud you!! To be honest I have not met any black men who dress as a girl but with your love of being fucked and sucking on both dick and cock you are a wonderful example of what is needed. I would suggest that you start to dress daily and practice wearing make up each and every day as I did when I started. It is important to learn to not just look like a "girl " but also to walk, sit, talk, and be a girl in all manners. Try to get your weight lower and some hormone pills might help your body be tapered and more feminine. I spend a good amount of money on the right clothes and make up as well as stockings and high heels. Practice though is the best thing. The more you practice the more you will act like a sissy for men to enjoy. I would refrain from sex with women and try and only have sex with men, the better hung the better so your tight round ass will be well use to being opened wide by manly men which is what you want as I do! Bless you for wanting to be a "girl " like me and letting men have your wonderful charms.

Kisses Cheryl



Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for posting my email for others to read. That means a lot from you, because I know you are truly caring for helping us. You are so special to understand... I so very wish you can reply with your suggestions to sissy cuckold donna... so we all can share these wonderful feelings everyone is reading and hoping and wanting. Your comments mean everything to me and to all... your help and guidance is so special for sissy cuckolds! Thank you Cheryl for your special thoughts for alll of us!

sissy cuckold donna

You seem to have attained the right situation for all sissies, that of dressing like a true fem should in front of his wife and her black lovers. Quite frankly its the best way to show your devotion not only to your wife but all the black lovers she is now giving her white body to. I am sure she loves having you all dressed cute and sexy so she can show her studs why she loves them to fuck her, what its like being married to a cum loving and black cock sucking little white boi sissy. Dress up everyday and relish all the passion that they are having and praise the black men for allowing their seed to enter her and show them what devotion is by being their little sissy as well. Keep up the good work gurl and remember, black cock is supreme!

Kisses Cheryl



I am fat and love to have black cock in my ass and mouth. I have big nipples and tits for them to use. I like to dress in nylons and teddys. Any help for me? Here are some pictures.

You certainly are on the right track! Are you taking hormones to help you? Getting some nice little titties would make your change much more appealing, not that you're not already going in the right direction! I would suggest you join sites that draw black men to sissy 'gurls" like us and be ready for the onslaught of mails you receive. Nothing seems to get to them like a cute, even a chunky skirt wearing sissy who is willing to do whatever is neccesary to please them. Act as much like a girl in how you dress and act as you can and let them know you are a little dicked white sissy for them. All of us white boi's should be wearing skirts, make up, heels and nities at all times to be ready to let them fuck our cute white asses and use our mouths like the little whores we are for big black cock! Congratulations on your acceptance and if you have a wife make sure they accept the reality of you being a sissy for blacks as well as them being whores and sluts for the superior black men and women.

Kisses Cheryl



Hi Cheryl,

Thanks as always for your wonderful advice and comments! It means a lot to us. I wanted to send this update to you and for all the others reading DARK SISSIES.

It’s sooo special being a sissy! Your recent advice was to make sure I am dressed up everyday as a sissy… and… that is fantastic!

My wife has been reading your posting too, and your suggestions are such a wonderful way… she agreed… that my being dressed as a sissygirl is the best thing for us.

It was the other evening that she placed out for me some new white mesh lace stockings for me! Of course, I put them on immediately! She also suggested I should start taking feminization pills so I’ll be a really special sissy for her and her friends.

The best was when she asked me to help dress her up to meet for her new black lover… it was soooo wonderful… watching them together…. I was dressed as a sissy… he was so black and strongggg! Oh gosh... I wonder if it's okay to tell you.......... is it okay to send?

We hope to hear from you soon, Cheryl. THANK YOU. We love to read your response.

sissy donna



Hi Hon... been a while... hope all is well with you... was out shopping today and bought some new panties... Vanity Fair Lace Neuvou size 7... have noticed that it is difficult to get good fitting briefs these days... bikinis are good but I like a little fuller fit myself... any advice from you or your followers on briefs? Thanx for having the column for us... hugs and kisses... Darci

Darci, sounds like a very nice pair of panties I must say. I generally try not to wear panties myself and rather prefer wearing a thong if I must. I do prefer wearing nothing but a garter belt under my short skirts or dresses. Since I have such a small peter and like flared skirts it works well. Besides the guys seem to like to have me play with myself while I am sucking on their big cocks. Its a turn on for them to see me with my stocking clad thighs wide open, my skirt raised around this cute ass and me playing with myself for their enjoyment. I would suggest wearing the smallets pair of panties to keep your thing snug or go without and flaunt it, like I do!! Nothing says you're hot and ready like having your little thing swinging between your thighs under a sexy skirt!!

Kisses and Hugs Cheryl



Hi there, I am Manu, a sissy.



Hi Cheryl, I have a thing for my 50 year old stepmom. She started seeing a black guy in our complex. He is 25, tall, muscular and as I saw in the common shower has a huge uncut penis. Looked 7" flaccid. Big as my hard on when he was soft! Well, I enjoy sneaking up to her bedroom and listening to them fuck. My stepmom is so vocal! And he just loves to pound her into the wall! They don't know I'm home so she is free to go nuts. To hear her tell him he's so deep and his dick is so long is hot. And when she started cumming, "OMG, I'm cumming on you!!!" I started wacking off. 20 sec later I shot all over the wall! I want to watch but don't know how to ask. Help? C.

Hmm that is an interesting dilemma you have there. Your attractive 50 yr old stepmother has, from what you tell me, a great well hung young black male pleasing her right in the house. Perhaps you should try buying some videos of older white women being fucked by well hung black guys and then having her catch you watching them while you masturbate? I am sure if she sees you stroking your little package and watching video of white women her age getting royally pounded she just might get the idea and perhaps then you and her can talk and hopefully she will let you watch her being devoured by her hot hung black lover.

Kisses Cheryl