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She is a 26 yr old wife that has only had 3 guys ever and needs someone to really bring out her wild side. We have been talking about her trying a big dick to stretch out her tight little pussy. She has never had a blackman but is very curious about it. She wants me to watch her take a big one.


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My wife is 39 5'1 36dd. She loves to dress up and we live in the UK but are often in the USA. I would like to hear what you will do to her next time we are over there.


My wife Amy and I have been married for six months now. I'm a 27 year old white male and she is a 23 year old white female. We have a good sex life. As far as I can tell, she is happy with my six inch cock. It is rare for her to cum during sex, but she assures me that I am doing a good job. Amy is a beautiful 5'2 brunette with small breasts, a wonderful ass (that she refuses to let me stick my cock in) and an amazing smile. I am deeply in love with her, and trust her completely, but every now and then I can't help but wonder if she is completely satisfied with our sex life....


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Here are some pics of my wife Jessica. We live in the Ft. Myers area of Florida and are looking for local black guys to play with. We would like to take pics and video of our encounters with black guys for our website. We're both very kinky and willing to serve. We would even like to try a gang bang, so if you have friends let us know! We both like to suck and get fucked by big black cocks!!!


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