This is a place where the wives and studs can suggest new ways to humiliate the wimp hubbies, a place where they can show them how they have completed the tasks set by each other to make the little cocksuckers squirm and wriggle, hoping like hell that their Mums and colleagues and friends and family don't find them.

Send your submissions to:



We have been in the cuckold lifestyle for about 5 yrs. now and it just keeps getting better and better. My wife is usually more interested in white men, but we have one of the best humiliation stories of our marriage.

I was working at a temporary job in New Orleans and my wife came over for the weekend to party in the French Quarter. We were staying at the Monteleone Hotel which has a circular bar that turns so you can always have a different view. While at work my wife sent me a text message to meet her at the hotel bar at 6 pm sharp. I hurried to finish my work so I could get there for 6 pm, I didn't know what she had in mind and her idea of fun is usually shopping. When I got there, she was no where to be found. I waited about 10 minutes then called her cell phone. Still no answer.

After a while, the bartender asked me if I was waiting on someone and I asked him if a tall blonde had been in here just before 6 pm. He said she had been in there most of the afternoon and left with a black man. I thought he was bullshitting me and let it go. Later, my phone rang and it was a photo message. It was a photo of my wife sucking a black dick.

Right after that, the bartender asked if I got the photo on my phone yet. I asked him what he was talking about. He told me that my wife had left with the bartender that got off work at 6 pm. The other bartender had sent even more photos of my wife and him in action to the night bartender. Each time his phone rang, he would show some of the other patons what was on his phone. After he told me about the other bartender, I knew the other patons knew what was going on and that I had a wife who was fucking around on me with a black man. I only got one photo on my phone, but the bartender kept getting them one after the other and showed them to a few of the others in the bar.

I was jealous, humiliated and turned on all at the same time. I rushed up to the room and it was empty. No one there. I wasn't sure what to do, so I went back downstairs until my wife showed up at the bar. When she got there, everyone applauded. She knew what it was about and smiled, then gave me a big kiss, with tongue. Everyone laughed. It was one of the most humiliating times of my life, but at the same time it was one of the best.


Milking is a great humilation for cuckolds. A wife can train a cuck to excrete his semen without a pleasureable orgasm. Just imagine looking at her lover's face after she has milked you only to see him laughing as your semen drips out into your panties. She then returns to servicing her lover. Each time you get hard she stops and milks you again. This can be very humilating for a small dicked cuckold. Interested couples should do research on the topic themselves.


I am pleased to be able to include a few pics of my wimp sissy hubby. He got me started on black cock with his whining and whimpering... that and the sad little dicklet that he used to try to fuck me with finally made me give up and attempt to give the little wanker his fantasy. That was several years ago. Since then I have enjoyed the most fantastic sex with dozens of black lovers... some of the HUGEST cocks ever and the result is that I am a confirmed black cock slut.

Recently I have been training the wimp to alter his status from watcher and wanker to something a little more fitting for him. He is now wearing little panties and stockings most of the time and he has been sucking cocks and eating cum for years now. I have moved his training on to taking black cock in his little sissy arse by starting with the very same black dildo that he bought for me to try and get me interested. I would love you to post these pics on the "Humiliating Husbands" page for everyone to see what a wimp he really is.

I will describe what you will be seeing...... he is wearing my undies in all the pics..... he is posing as the slut he is, showing his tiny little white cocky and in the last two is showing how he is learning to suck Black cock and preparing to take it up his dirty little slut arsehole. I hope that you are able to show these on your website so that all your people can have a giggle at him and perhaps there will be visitors that know him. (His sister maybe hehehe or even his Mother.) I would welcome email from anyone who wants to talk about this... discuss his training and anyone who wants to simply share experiences and talk.


I am a straight black male living in the Tampa area, who loves to fuck single or married white women. I have recently discovered the joys of fucking a mwf with a cuckold. The power of walking into a home and instantly taking control of the wife, in front of her husband, is intoxicating. This particular wife has a husband with a tiny dick. "tiny" is the name I call him since his pitiful dick reminds me of my size at 6 years old. Anyway, recently after a session of fucking his wife with my massive 10" cock, I ordered him to dispose of the MagnumXL. Could you believe tiny hesitated a few seconds? One stern look and he knew I meant business. The look on his face was priceless. Needless to say he disposed of it rather quickly and has never hesitated since. His training as a cuckold is coming along nicely and his-wife-my-slut loves to get fucked by me.



I just wanted to say hi to all the other women out there who enjoy big black cocks. The enjoyment of huge black cocks can be very humiliating for our husbands. I think it is important to continue to humiliate my tiny dicked hubby at every opportunity. Humiliating the hubby is an important aspect of my enjoyment of the "Dark Cavern Lifestyle". Hubby is now referred to as "tiny" by me, my lovers, my family and friends. I think that is fitting as he is less than 4" hard. Although I like taking some special studs bareback, I recently used an XL Magnum condom with a really hot stud. This dominant black stud is at least 10" and very thick. After he shot a huge load in the condom, I removed it and used my mouth and tongue to clean his ebony shaft. I then handed the condom to "tiny" to dispose of. He actually tried to refuse to touch the used rubber. Can you believe that? I explained that this is just NOT acceptable. My lover admonished him as well. Tiny did then dispose of the condom. I have since given him specific instructions on how to properly dispose of a stud's used rubber. Of course, he NOW is well aware of what happens when a tiny dicked white guy refuses to follow specific instructions. Other white sluts are welcome to write to me to share their experiences with humiliatation. Big black studs in or near Tampa may also write to me. I will not accept mail from white guys.... just forget it. I am only for black and will never go back.


I was invited to a party but when I got there we all had been drinking and sex was imminent. The place was loaded with Blacks and white trash. I was offered to do a 3 some and my cock was humiliated bad by the chicks and the black guys. They had me watch and learn how white chicks beg for huge blck cocks and to jerk off my 3" white cock and learn. I did as told and when it was my turn she screamed saying "it tickles too bad get that 3" out of me now!" All the black chicks laughed but a few wanted me and they wanted to play a game, but I was the game. The black chicks had me stand on my head against the wall and they jerked of my tiny white cock and soaked my face down in cum from my own cock! I was a mess and they all laughed calling me and other white cock as trailer trash cock.... Boy! Attached is pic of why!


I want to share a brief story that happened about a year ago. A little background first to set the stage. We are a MWC in our 40's who have been enjoying black sexing for about 8 years now. Some of our escapades have been chronicled in The Dark Cavern but many more remain embedded in my mind. My wife is a tall, good looking blonde who reluctantly tried black men and was immediately converted when she found out what she has been missing.

Over the years I have taken her to a black lover's house or apartment on many occasions. Sometimes I was privileged to stay and watch and other times I departed to a nearby bar to wait for a call hours later saying that she needed a ride home. I secretly enjoyed this role of delivery boy, presenting my wife to black studs for their pleasure and she enjoyed the great sex. I say that I secretly enjoyed this because no one else really knew about it except the participants. That changed about a year ago.

It happened that I had a business meeting in San Diego at the same time that my wife's lover was going to be in LA. We arranged to meet between the two cities at a popular bar in Laguna Beach. Filled with anticipation, we made sure that we were there ahead of the appointed meeting time. The open air bar was crowded and we had to troll for a pair of open bar stools and a place to sit our drinks.

Her lover called to say that he was running late which gave us the opportunity to have several drinks and some appetizers. My wife was horny with anticipation so she was showing me an unusual amount of affection in the public place. It was obvious to the most casual observer that we were married or at least lovers. Living in a racially diverse town, it always catches my eye when the crowd is not, like the time I saw the Utah Jazz live in Salt Lake City. The only non whites were on the court! This crowd was similar having only white and a few Hispanics. I am telling you this so that you will understand the impact of her lover's entrance.

Her lover stands about 6'4" and about 240# of muscle with a moderately dark skin. To say that he turned heads when he entered the patio bar would be an understatement. To complete the entrance, he walked confidently over to my wife and planted a big kiss on her lips right in front of me. Her attention immediately shifted from me to him. She hung on him as we all shared another drink and some munchies. I could feel the stares of the other patrons burning a hole in us. As fate would have it, we had picked a seat that was somewhat elevated in the middle of the patio so everyone had a great view of the show. I could tell that they thought I was a wimp to hand my wife over to a black stud like that. At the same time, I sensed some jealousy from the women patrons wishing that they had the guts to be in my wife's place.

The finale of my embarrassment came when we left. Of course we had to walk out with him leading, her hanging on his arm and me following. When we got to the valet they pulled both cars up. They opened the driver's doors on both cars and the passenger door on my car for my wife. That is when she informed them, "I am going with HIM!" I could not look the valets in the eye as I gathered her suitcase from my trunk and placed it in his car. I drove back to San Diego with a hard on knowing that she was probably blowing him all the way back to LA. A few days later I picked her up at the train station, tired but smiling. If only the people there had know our story I would have been humiliated all over again.


I have a great cuckolding deluxe idea... My hubby made me want black and when I in the end found your site I understood that he almost did follow the 'how to make your wife go black' file at your site. These days I haven't used the dildos with him or for him in almost two years. I kinda want to let him receive that reception himself. Since my last date with my lover and his black friend I have not let him even see my pussy. I told him that he could only if he found one of our dildos. With a big smile he left to find it. I told him to suck it when he came back ... he hesitated, but in a little while he followed my instruction.

When I showed to him my hairy spot he immediately wanted to use that dong between my legs. I took his view away and said that he could see more only if he used that dildo himself. He denied so I went to bed leaving him alone with his little dick. For more than two weeks I have told him that he can have me if he wants to but only if I get to see him on top of that black rubber dong.

What do you think about that? My intention is to let him go through what he made me go through once. I am about denying him my sex untill he completes my wishes. It is fair I believe that he receives himself the same treatment he gave to me. Do you approve my new plan for his humiliation? I hope so, and I ask you to bring up this matter on your site without mentioning my name or pictures together with it. You might have a suggestion or two yourself... I am so wet right now that you could almost drink from my pussy... I recall all those times he made me take all the dildos one by one while I was watching those ir-videos he had bought. I am kind of thankful now but back in those days it was not only pleasure but also pain and I felt so humiliated.

If you support my idea I will keep on denying him even looking at my pussy untill he makes my requests come true. I might discovered the ultimate humiliation for that tiny dickhead - I wonder for how long he will deny working his booty on the dildos he bought by himself for his selfish wish to see me with a black man. Not yet he has seen it himself although he has begged about that for quite a while. I might have a twisted mind from all the experience I had the last five years but know I feel like sure about it. For my next date I will tell him that I have gone black. He will get annoyed when he is denied any participication, knowing that instead of making his personal satisfaction from having turned me onto black cock he will know that I have my free will about it now. Like he made me jump those dildos for months watching black men pounding my white sisters, I am gonna let him do the same. No way he will having sex from me before he tastes that black dong himself.

What do you think about this ? ... I tell him that if he makes one of those black tools fit into himself I will let him have my pussy... oh it's nasty isn't it - just as nasty that he made me feel once upon the time... Think about him in a year or two... Do you believe that I can make him jump those with his booty just like I did myself.

I am gonna make my wimp crazy like a fool. I'll let him believe that he will get a video of me and my black friend if he does like I say. That is the issue he has asked me about most of all. If you like this idea about having my husband jumping up and down on those dildos he bought for me while he is perfectly knowing about what I am up to. If you like too, I'll prepare him to tell the world through yours about how he fucks black dongs on his own knowing very well that in the same time I'll having my greatest time being satisfied by real black and hung men... Getting home I might let him, if he is a good boy being black filled, lick my lovers cum from my pussy. That might could be worth a webcam.


I envy the cuckolds who are allowed to clean up after their wives have been made love to by their black lovers. I do not have that luxury. My wife, Stacey, has been having an affair with her boss, Mr. Bailey, for several years now. Since she has been his lover, I have washed, waxed, and vacuumed his SUV every Saturday while they make love or go shopping. After cleaning and gassing up Mr. B's SUV (with my money, of course) I have to clean his spacious house, paying very close attention to all the details that he demands. I have to pick up, and pay for, his dry cleaning and wash his other clothes, like his jeans and underwear. His suits must be hung two inches apart and his shoes must be shined perfectly. He demands that his bathroom be immaculate and his monogrammed towels must be folded just so.

Of course Stacey is too busy to do the housework so I have to clean our house, too. I am allowed very few pleasures. No coffee, alcohol, or soft drinks. There is no fat in my diet, and I have to maintain an exhaustive exercise regimen. Masturbation is forbidden except on three occasions: Stacey's birthday, Mr. B's birthday, and my birthday. That would not be a terrible problem except for the fact that all our birthdays are in June.

I pay for all their dates and must have their favorite cocktails ready when Mr. B brings Stacey home from a night on the town, which is usually around two in the morning. Occasionally, I will drive them from nightclub to nightclub while they sit in the back and make out passionately. Stacey loves for me to massage her feet after they have danced the night away. Upon Mr. B's cue, I am to go upstairs and prepare the king-size bed for them, setting out Stacey's sexiest lingerie.

Stacey arrives first and I help her undress then I help her into her lingerie, which usually includes seamed stockings. The seams must be very straight or it's punishment time for me. Stacey never fails to giggle as I attach her garters and she says, "All this trouble for clothes that won't stay on more than three minutes."

When Mr. B enters the bedroom, I must leave and kneel outside the door. I have to endure the sounds of their lovemaking, and when they are through, Stacey rings a small bell that signals me to bring in a glass of water for each of them and a warm washcloth for Mr. B. Stacey takes the washcloth and cleans Mr. B gently. She then gives me the washcloth with a saucy wink and whispers, "Sweet dreams." I then go downstairs to the laundry room where my army cot awaits. It only makes sense that I sleep there because the laundry room is near the kitchen. Breakfast in bed for Mr. B and Stacey is at 10am.

Submissively yours, Alex


A year ago, I never thought the humiliation of my husband would get to the point it is today. I am a 36 year old, white housewife and consider myself an extremely lucky lady. My husband and I have been swingers for several years. After two parties, it was apparent that my husband preferred to watch me with other men rather than party with the other ladies. So we soon settled on MFM threesomes. This is when my husband confessed that the humiliation he experienced by watching other men fuck me was a real turn on. I couldn't quite understand why humiliation was a turn on but figured, "what the hell", if he likes it I'll do my part.

A year ago I met a wonderful black guy at a swingers party and I have been routinely seeing him, with hubby's permission of course. This guy, and I'll call him Derrick for easier reading, (not his real name), was in law enforcement with a background in psychology. He is a wonderful lover and I am fortunate that hubby lets me see him by myself each Tuesday and as a threesome with hubby watching every other Saturday. He is a "real man" at 6'2", 210, and has an honest 9-inch, beautiful black cock.

One Tuesday after Derrick finished fucking me we were talking about my husband's excitement from humiliation. At this point it was just visual. He just watched Derrick and me have sex. I guess it would be humiliating to the average guy to see a black stud fucking his wife! Derrick explained the different forms of humiliation as he understood them, and we decided to explore them together. We both agreed that it would not only turn hubby on but enhance our sexual relationship at the same time. Let me tell you ladies, it went from passive humiliation to wild and erotic sexual excitement! Derrick explained the steps we needed to take to make my husband totally submissive through humiliation. Derrick and I would play the dominant role thus feeding into hubby's need for total humiliation. It started with the visual, then moved to verbal, then to the physical (no pain) with my husband performing certain degrading acts, and then to with holding things from hubby that he really wanted until he complied completely with our wishes. Derrick says creativity; imagination and a well thought out plan would be the key.

We began with Derrick and myself verbally humiliating hubby when we were together. Derrick began referring to me as his personal black cock housewife slut. He would call me a whore, bitch, cum slut, etc. while he fucked me in front of my husband. I in turn would always comment to my husband how wonderful it was to fuck a real man like Derrick. This verbal humiliation went on for a while and then we took it to the next level. Derrick decided the next time we had a threesome I should tell my husband to clean up my pussy with his tongue immediately after Derrick finished with me. I didn't think hubby would agree with this but Derrick told me to withhold any sex from hubby until he complied. Well, to my surprise, hubby didn't hesitate even the first time. While I was lying there with my legs spread wide, Derrick's cum running from my pussy, and my husband's face buried in my well-used crotch, I became extremely aroused and reached another powerful climax. I could hear Derrick in the background telling my husband, "You like eating a black man's cum from your slut wife's pussy don't you Sissy Boy?" and "keep that pussy hot for me white boy. I want to fuck your whore wife again!" Wow was this turning me on! My husband loved it too! Derrick told me it turned him on considerably by calling my husband a "Sissy Boy", a "White Boy", and a "pencil dick."

The next Tuesday when Derrick and I were alone doing what we both love best, I thought I would really get creative. I asked Derrick if he would agree to have my husband clean the both of us after we fucked. Well, Derrick initially balked at this idea and said "no way"! We discussed it some more and he said he would think about it but if he did agree he would not go any further than that. He also told me I would have to bring that subject up and not him. I agreed to give it a try as I felt this would be the height of humiliation. I had no idea how my husband would react. The next time we were all together and Derrick just unloaded in me, I popped the demand on hubby. While hubby was tongue fucking me and eating Derrick's cum from my pussy I told him I wanted him to clean up Derrick's cock too. He was shocked at this demand and said he would not do that. I asked him, "Do you want to fuck me later tonight?" He obviously said yes. I then told him again that to fuck me he would have to clean Derrick's cock.

Derrick was lying on the bed next to me and was smiling. He then said, "Come on Sissy Boy, suck on this black dick and get it up again for another round with your slut wife." Hubby looked at me and said, "Are you serious?" I told him it was entirely up to him if he wanted any pussy later tonight. Hubby moved over as Derrick spread his legs. Hubby took his spent dick in his hand. Then I said something I could believe. I called my husband a Sissy Boy! I said, "Suck on that dick Sissy Boy. Don't be bashful!" Well when I saw that black cock in my husband's mouth I almost had another orgasm! I couldn't believe how much that sight turned me on! Derrick started on hubby verbally saying," That's nice Sissy Boy. Clean it up good. I think you have had a few dicks in your mouth before." Wow did that excite me. I could just imagine how humiliated hubby was sucking my lover's cock! Well, Derrick got another hard on in about 10 minutes and he fucked me again. Then hubby took care of his new responsibilities on his own. This was getting wild and very erotic!

Now, my husband is required to get me and Derrick ready each time we get together. We almost use him like a sex toy to enhance our sexual relationship. Derrick told my husband that I'm his personal white housewife fuck slut and he can't fuck me anymore without his permission. My husband actually goes along with this demand! Derrick took it to another level and now requires my husband to suck his dick immediately after he fucks my ass. Talk about total humiliation! Sometimes Derrick makes my husband wear one of my garter belts, hose, high heels and lipstick when he sucks his cock. He verbally humiliates him by telling him," Suck that black dick nice and hard Sissy Boy. Get it ready to fuck your wife's ass hole tonight. Don't worry, you can suck on it again as soon as I cum in her smooth hot white ass." I am getting to the point where I might ask Derrick to cum in hubby's mouth one time. Then he will experience what he has required me to do for him the last few years!

Well, that's how simple visual humiliation of my husband got to the wild, kinky, erotic state it is today. I am a lucky woman don't you think? If any white wives with black lovers are into hubby humiliation and want to email me I am always excited about new levels of humiliating hubby. If any wives out there turn on to watching their husband suck her lover's cock I'd love to hear from you too. If any black guys are out there that are into husband humiliation it would be fun to hear from you also. Of course, and I can't forget any white, husband, "Sissy Boys" that would like to share some ideas or experiences.


These are pics that my wife found and is now making me post on The Cavern. She says that if I want to be a sissy then I will have to be trained as one. She laughed when she saw the size of the dildo I used. "We can do better than that!" Now she wants me to go on a date with a black man. Probably won't get any farther than his apartment or the motel. Any dominant black man who wishes to use me will get a reply. Especially looking for over 6 foot with 8" cock.


If you are in need of being dominated or humiliated... I'm looking for you!!! I'm a 23 year old female who has a partner and we are looking for you!!! In Florida area but will listen to any of your thoughts.


I have never, not even in my wildest dreams, would I have ever imagined that one day I would become my beautiful wife's CUCKOLD husband.

Let me start my telling you that I am one lucky guy to be married to such a gorgeous lady. My Wife could very well be centerfold material in any of those popular mens magazines. She turns heads everywhere she goes and now at age 36 she looks better than ever! As for me, we just celebrated my 40th birthday last weekend. Hold that thought! I'll get to that later, but first let me begin our story.

My wife and I met when she was just 17, I was nearing 21. We dated and got married a few short years later. She was a virgin when we met and remained faithful to me over the years as I have been to her. As the years progressed we often talked about her doing another guy while I watched. She always got much more excited with mention of a young black handsome stud sporting a huge erection doing her royally. But that remained a fantasy of hers/ours until only a few years ago. Little did we know at the time that our fantasy was about to come true and become a new way of life for us.

We first met (name withheld) at a business convention at one of those posh Hotels in New York City. With all of us in the same industry there was common ground to begin some good conversation and exchange of ideas etc. After a good hour of small talk and a few cocktails later I could see that my wife was flirting with him as he was doing the same with her. I could see by all the body language that there was an attraction between them both. After much small talk my wife excused herself to go to the ladies room. She gave me this smirky little signal to follow her there. I then excused myself to get us all another round of drinks from the bar. Once alone my wife brought up all the conversations we've had over the past about her having sex with another guy while I watched. Now here we were at the right place, the right time and with the right guy. Right? He's perfect! Young, about late 20's. Handsome, with the body of a fitness instructor, AND BLACK! My Wife said to me, with a devilish look in her eyes that if I wanted this fantasy to become reality, as much as she does, He's the one. Now is our best and only chance to turn this fantasy into reality for both of us.

Well, I could feel my blood boil down to my loins with her words. And that look of total excitement on her face, was one I'll soon never forget. I kissed her and said honey "go for it"!

We walked back into the hall separately as to not let our new friend become aware of our secret conversation. I returned moments later with cocktails in hand. I could see by now that my wife was getting more turned on just knowing the possibilities about to unfold. And I could tell our new friend was equally, if not more, turned on with all the sparks that were flying. My wife was twitching from the sexy small talk and all the sexual signals they were sending one another.

My wife then took in upon herself to ask him he would like to dance when the DJ began playing one of her favorite songs. He was all to happy to take her by the hand and lead her over to the dance floor!. I watched as they danced to a number of songs until finally a slow number played. His hands were all over her tight body and to my surprise her hand slipped between them and I knew what she was feeling for. Well that did it! Off the dance floor they came and she told me straight out "lets go up to the room".

As the three of entered an empty elevator, and thank God for that, they began kissing, fondling and groping at one another. Our new friend looked at me and I gave him a kind of nod of approval.

Once inside our room their clothes were flying everywhere. I hurried as fast as I could to get the palmcorder we had brought for some of our own taping. Little did I know I was before hand that I was about to tape my gorgeous wife getting it on royally with this young black stud.

Down to his underwear, she then slowed the pace and took it upon herself to slide them slowly off him. He got the hint and stood there while she dropped to her knees in plain sight of what was bulging and soon to appear.

I think I was more shocked then she was. No, she was more shocked then gasped at the sight of his enormous bulge while all she said was "Oh my God" once that huge monster sprang free. At first she just held it while he smiled down upon her. Then she looked up at him and then glanced my way for a second. Then she took it in her mouth for the first time. He was huge! 10 inches of thick hard dark meat.

That was just the beginning of hours (actually 4 hours) I counted the time from all the tapes I used. He fucked her, she fucked him in every imaginable position there is in the Kama Sutra guide to sexual positions.... and then some! I can recall saying to myself, and many times over, I can't do that. Especially not with my little 5 incher, and that's on a good day. My wife was cooing, shaking and bucking with every orgasm. Her head was rocking from side to side as he pounded his monster deep inside her for what seemed like hours.

I heard her whisper to him how good it made her feel and how big he felt inside her. He came inside my wife four times that night and only once did he go semi soft. Well she took care of that by sucking and licking that huge tool back to life for one last pounding in her favorite position, doggie style.

Well that was the first of many meetings now. It's been over 4 years since my wife has been getting pleasured regularly with her handsome black stud. He lives only 35 miles from us so we're very fortunate to hook up with him a couple of times each month for some down and dirty sex with my wife. All the while I'm happy to get the steamy action on tape.

My wife always has some strength left for me when he leaves. She calls this a "charity fuck" because her pussy is so stretched from all the pounding he has given her that she can't even feel my small penis inside her. It usually takes about a week for her well-stretched pussy to tighten up again before she will slightly feel my pathetic little penis as she calls it.

We arranged to meet one Saturday night at a nearby Hotel. This particular night was special for it was also my 40th birthday. What better way to celebrate than to watch my beautiful wife and her black lover in action.

My wife usually likes to get there about an hour or so before his arrival to calm her nerves, do her hair, makeup and finally dress up in sexy lingerie complete with stockings and high heels. She loves to tease me knowing how hot she looks all dressed up for her black lover. My routine has always been the same. Get the palmcorder ready to tape all the action and make sure the champagne was on ice.

Upon his arrival we exchanged hellos, made the usual small talk and then he would turn his attention to my wife as they kiss and fondled only to begin what would be hours of hot steamy lovemaking. Once naked, she had him lay flat on the bed as she crawled between his legs. She began to lick his huge cock from the top of his head all the way down that steel shaft to the bottom. Just as she was about to take him deep into her mouth, as I have seen her do so many times before, she stopped and turned her attention towards me. I admit, I was a little puzzled at first.

My wife got off the bed in anger and came over to me. She protested and said I was annoying her as I roamed around the bed to record all the action. To my surprise she took the camera from me, shut it and put it back in its case. She then ordered me to strip naked. I was shocked and taken by suprise from her demands. This is something I have never done before in his presence.

Well there I was standing there naked for all to see. My wife held me firmly by my penis, and lead me over to her already naked black lover only to show him just how small and pathetic my penis size is. I never felt so humiliated in all my life as I did that very moment. He just shook his head sparing me further embarrassment.

Then my wife grabbed his huge black monster, stroked it up and down a few times and said "this is a real cock" watch how good he's going to make me feel as he fucks your wife silly all night long, something you can't do to me with that pathetic little cock of yours. My wife also told her black lover she can't even feel my small pathetic cock inside her.

My wife then ordered me to sit in the chair like a good little Cuckold and just watch how many times he will bring her to orgasm with his huge black 10 incher. This is the first time I have ever been called a "Cuckold." I wondered where she had heard it until I found out later that our friend had told her about the website. She said our roles are now clearly defined. I am a cuckold hubby to a white whore wife that enjoys a large black cock.

I have spent many hours now over the past few months sitting naked on a chair or on the floor off in the corner. Sometimes tied and a blindfolded with her recently worn thong that is heavily scented from the day long excitement just thinking of the night ahead. Only to hear the sounds of their lovemaking while my, "whore for black cock wife" (as she calls herself now), enjoys hours of pounding by her black lovers huge stick.

I have been ordered at times by my wife to clean his huge tool and make it hard again for her as she freshens up for another round of hot steamy sex.

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I am not allowed to touch myself during their lovemaking. My wife will allow me to enter her for a "charity fuck" as she calls it after he leaves. But first I must lick and clean all the cum he has deposited inside her well fucked and stretched pussy. By this time I cum in minutes and clean her once again afterwards. She then falls fast asleep and I kiss her on the cheek and thank my lucky stars to be a cuckold husband to a gorgeous white whore for black cock wife.

Well last Saturday was my wife's first mini gang bang. We talked about this often with her black lover. He made all the arrangements. Their was a total of 4 well hung black guys not including her friend. I'll get to that saga later. All I can say for now is, UNBELIEVABLE!


One of my lovers giving ME a "hand" before he proved just what a slut/whore I am in front of the hubby. London, Ontario, Canada.


I think my wife has the ultimate way of humiliating me. First, guys you've got to want to be humiliated and enjoy it. Personally I do. I like knowing my wife is desired by black studs with dicks much larger than mine. I like knowing my wife enjoys being fucked every which way by huge dicks. And I really get off to her doing a black guy, the taboo thing I guess.

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When we go out she dresses to kill. Spikes, nails, dress split to the upper thigh, no underwear (there is a purpose to this). Once the guys know we are a couple she will start dancing with the black guys. Really close dancing, all over them. After a couple of dances she asks them to go play with her in our car. About half will do it. She comes back in about 30 minutes later, lipstick worn off, hair mussed and the taste of cum in her mouth. I know cause the first thing she does when she gets back in is to kiss me. I taste it. What a turn on, tasting another man's cum after my wife has sucked him off.

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Needless to say I was humiliated, especially when she commented on how huge one guy was and how he filled her completely. (I told you she was uninhibited). I don't think my friend will ever understand what it is like to have such a beautiful and sexy wife that men just go crazy thinking of fucking her.

Anyway, ladies if you want to humiliate your hubby, try the above in a situation you may be caught by a friend. Makes it really exciting.

Humiliated but loving it.


My boyfriend loves to watch me fuck black men, so I let him, but I know that he also likes to get some attention, so sometimes I give him some and sometimes I don't.

I like to ask him how he feels watching me get fucked. I encourage my lover to tell him where to sit and whether he can talk or not. Of course, I agree with my lover because I know that drives my boyfriend wild!

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When my lover first arrives, I like to make out that maybe I'd have to choose between him or my boyfriend and then say, "well, let's just say that whoever has the biggest cock gets to fuck me all they want. Is that fair?" The look on my boyfriend's face when I say that is just priceless. He'd love to be the biggest sometimes I'm sure, but so far, he's not even close. So then the next step is to say, "and since whoever has the biggest cock will get to fuck me, whoever has the smallest cock will just have to be the servant and do whatever he's told."

I haven't found a lover yet who's into it, but I'd like to see my boyfriend totally humiliated so that afterwards he wouldn't have anything to say except maybe "thank you".

I don't know if making him do grotesque things is what I'm talking about (although I suppose it depends what you call gross, anything to do with pee or poop is for somebody else, not me), but I do think it would be fun to make him come on command for us to watch and then while he's recovering from his orgasm we get it on and I get to watch how long it takes for him to get hard again.

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I guess the ultimate humiliation would be to leave him out of the fun, and certainly threatening him with it is part of the game, maybe even making him listen from outside the door unless he's good, and getting him to bring things for us and locking him out for a while.

I like the idea of making him make himself come as many times as possible while I'm making love to my lover. That way, when I'm finished and my lover's finished, he won't be able to do much after that. Of course he'd have to eat all his own come, maybe I'd have him lie on his back with his legs over his head so he'd come all over his own face. See how he likes it, while I get my lover to please me. Then, when my lover is ready to come, you guessed it, right all over my poor boyfriend's face. Now that's what I call humiliation.

Merciful, but hey, I still love him. Any other ideas out there?

A Happy Camper


Cavern, it happened... to start with, my wife did me good... red toe and fingernails, complete makeup, even got me a long wig. I wore a bra, garter, panties and hose and 5" platform sandals, and a nice evening gown. I was nervous as all hell, she even wanted me to wear her wedding rings..

He arrived at 7.30pm, rang the bell. The wife looked at me and said "well, go get our man." I went and opened the door, he stepped in. We stared for a while then he said "where's my kiss?" I kissed him on the cheek, then we walked arm and arm down the hall to the living room. My wife saw us and was ecstatic, ate dinner and had drinks then she suggested we go upstairs.

He wanted to basically have 2 women, so the wife and I put a show on for him. We did everything two women could possibly due, including toe sucking, then he undressed and lay on the bed. I was told to follow her lead, we lay on either side of him, massaging and stroking his body, taking turns french kissing him.

When we kissed, he would hold me sooo tight - I loved it. My wife then took my hand and guided it to his cock. We both just played with it for a while then she looked me in the eyes and said "honey I love you with all my heart, now its time for us to share his cock, I want you to enjoy him as much as I have."

Then she kissed me and we crawled down between his legs. Then the wife explained his cock to me. Once schooling was done, I was told to mimic her. She licked, then my turn, she kissed the head, then me, ball licking was next, then she started sucking, then my turn. I really loved her holding the back of my head. We played passing it back and forth between our mouths but my favorite was when we both licked from the balls to the head and kissed at the top.

Once I got started she crawled back up and was kissing him and cheering me on, then she wanted him inside her, they did it every way possible, me on the other hand got to savor his balls the whole time. When he was about to cum the wife had him straddle my chest and jerked him off on my face then used his cock to rub it around my face then kissed me and licked my face clean, promising me the next time "it will be in the mouth for sure."

We took a nap with her in his arms and me between his legs staring at his cock and balls. About a hour later I awoke to see a hard on in front of me, so I said what the heck. After about 10 minutes he came in my mouth. I gagged a little then she woke up surprised of my actions, needless to say they layed there watching me suck and lick every drop of cum from him.

When I was done my wife kissed me again and teased me saying I need my own man and not to steal hers.... we all laughed. Why o why did I wait sooooo long. Bob.

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