This section is for those couples or women who have not yet tried the Interracial experience and who feel that they need to correspond with either black males or other white couples in a similar situation. This isn't just a correspondence section, but is more for those folks who are still unsure about how to proceed.

Send your submissions to:


(Ad Placed 12/31/99)
Very attractive UK white girl seeks erotic e-mail correspondence with handsome, imaginitive, clean, black male. I am 5 foot 8, straight blonde hair, blue eyes, slim build, 34-23-34. I have never had an interracial encounter but am very curious and would like to discuss this with a black male via e-mail correspondence. I would be open to the idea of meeting in person if the right guy replies but I do not want to be hassled into anything!

(Ad Placed 01/07/00)
I am Jerry and wife is Susan, she is twenty three and I am 27. I would just love to share email with you.

(Ad Placed 01/14/00)
When I married my wife she was very shy and proper but with a body built for fucking. After 10 yrs of marriage she has lost much of her inhibition. Like so many white hubbies, I get extremely aroused at the thought of seeing my wife being deep fucked by a black stud with a cock twice as big as mine. I would desperately love to see this happen but I just don't know how to go about getting it to happen. I am afraid to just come out and say it to her in case she hates the idea and freaks out. How can I can I find out if she would give it a try or if she may secretly really like the idea. How can I get her in a situation to try this out. I would love to hear from wives, hubbies, couples or black studs who can give me some advice or tell me what worked for them.

(Ad Placed 01/28/00)
My wife and I have frequently talked about letting her try a black lover. Its always been something she has secretly wanted all her life. Several times I have found good guys on the internet but she finds a reason to reject them. She is really afraid that some of her friends or co-workers will find out and her life will be ruined. I would like to find a good black friend that will help me. It might take a couple meetings before we can get the job done-but I can assure you your reward will be well worth the wait. We are both in our mid-fifties, reasonable shape, clean, intelligent, and very interested in friendship first and foremost. If interested respond. Your picture gets ours back. We're in Minnesota.

(Ad Placed 03/03/00)
Horny hubby likes to show his mature wife. Email me for more. She likes to see hot pics in return.

(Ad Placed 03/31/00)
MWC is seeking hot steamy phone sex with black man. Husband will just listen in. We will pay any toll charges. Email us if interested.

(Ad Placed 05/12/00)
We are a white couple in our 30's seeking a very well hung black male in Tampa for wife's first time. Send full nude and action photos. Also interested in hearing from other couples who are into this who could give us some info or can suggest a black male. She is petite and is very excited to try first experience. Safe sex only. Straight husband will photo and join.

(Ad Placed 05/26/00)
Hi... my name is RT and my wife is MT. We are white, middleclass, conservative. I am 53 and MT is 50 and we have been married over 30 years with 3 grown children and a grandchild. I am the only man MT has ever had sex with and I have many fantasies of MT having sex with men, blackmen, and women while I watch. MT is 5'7 160 lbs, pleasantly plump and can be very sexy. MT loves to dance and on rare occasions will wear a dress about 1-2" above knees and wear garters and stockings. Will drink socially, does not smoke or do drugs. Would love to read your fantasies with my wife.

(Ad Placed 07/07/00)
Are your initials A.F.? Are you or were you from Wisconsin? We had contact with you a little over a year ago and would like to re-establish it. Please email us.

(Ad Placed 09/29/00)
We are a WMC who live in Wa (Seattle), mid 40s and really enjoying life. We are to the point of where we want to experience new and exciting things in the sexual dept. My wife is very very sexy and a beautiful woman who deserves the best I can give her! I have told her I would like to see her enjoy a BM as a lover. She is quite nervous but willing to give it a try and see what happens. My wishes are we find a BM who knows how to treat a woman to wonderful things both in and out of bed. Would like for the right guy to seduce my sexy wife into the bedroom and give her new pleasures she never thought was possible. I am straight, just want wife to enjoy what is to cum? If you live in our area and would like to take a little time in showing my wife what new sexual pleasures could be please write. We are only looking for a guy who wants a friendship with pampering and giving a beautiful woman lots of sexual pleasures.

(Ad Placed 04/06/01)
My husband has recently turned me on to the idea of being fucked by big black cocks. We have already experimented with this idea through "toys" but I am very interested in trying the real thing, but am not really sure how to go about it. Was hoping to hear from fellow Dark Cavern members who may want to meet up or start up an email thing.

(Ad Placed 04/13/01)
I am a married 36 year old looking to correspond with black males who have had experience seducing married white women. I know my wife is not satisfied with my tiny penis. She would certainly love experiencing a huge black cock. Please contact me with either ideas on how this could be arranged or perhaps even to chat about a common interest. Roger.

(Ad Placed 04/13/01)
I am a 45 year old very attractive blonde, who is seriously considering experimenting with interracial sex for the sheer fun. I am in North Carolina near the Raleigh area. I am looking for an attractive and experienced black male in this department. Someone who knows discretion and respects my privacy and boundaries.

(Ad Placed 04/20/01)
I am very interested in seeing my wife with a w/e black guy. I have mentioned to her that I would like to get her involved in a 3sum and she's still considering this. I think if the opportunity arose in a spontaneous moment I believe she would be up for it. If there are any guys from the midlands/north west of England interested drop me a line and we'll see how we can take it further. She is 45yo, blonde, 5'4, 9st, with great ass and boobs.

(Ad Placed 04/27/01)

I am a single 38 year old white female looking for my first interracial experience. Looking to correspond with like minded couples and other white females that took the plunge for the first time.

(Ad Placed 05/04/01)
Illinois. I am a mid thirties male looking for a very well hung black man to seduce my wife. You must be over 9" and very thick, the thicker the better. We have never experienced this before. I will need your help with this. You must be very good looking and have a great body. We are in northern Illinois. Please e-mail me if you are up to this challenge.

(Ad Placed 05/04/01)
My wife's name is Angela. She is a 25 year old petite brunette. She is 5' tall, weighs about 110lbs and has a 34c bra size with a perfect ass. She also has very sexy pouty lips. She is normally very conservative around other people. But she is very wild in bed. She really likes it when I call her a slut and take her at my will. Up to now, I am the only man that she has slept with. My fantasy is for her to be seduced and then taken by a smart, well endowed, powerful black man. Just imagine a situation where you forced me to set you up in a situation so that you could be alone with my wife. A situation that allowed you to seduce her and show her how much more of a man you are then I am and then take her and make her your slut to do with as you will! I'm at a loss about how to make this happen. She won't even talk about it with me. And ideas from you would be very appreciated.

(Ad Placed 05/18/01)
Hello, we are a white couple living in southeast Michigan. We have been fantasizing for my wife of 10 years to try her first black male. We are very curious as how to proceed. Any suggestions and tips would be appreciated. We would specially like to hear from white women who just recently had their first black experience.

(Ad Placed 05/18/01)
I am engaged to be married in August but would like to experiment by meeting a black man on a date before then... just to be sure. Please contact me if you are interested and live in the LA area.

(Ad Placed 05/18/01)
My w wife would love to try some dark meat. When we make love I have to use black rubbers and tell her that you are going to take this black cock. She would love me to watch.

(Ad Placed 05/25/01)
Hi I'm Louise, I'm a thirty year old married white BBW - five foot tall 44DD tits and long blonde hair - I'm pretty but also chubby. I have been with black men before in a threesome situation with my husband but he wasn't too interested in carrying on after a couple and I am. My fantasies usually involve more than one black man and I'm very much in a submissive situation with them. I do enjoy giving head but don't like the result too much but would like to explore being truly submissive in this regard. I also don't like condoms but as I'm not on the pill, in my previous encounters the guy pulled out and came on me. I'm interested in maybe starting a submissive relationship but am very nervous about trying it. I really want to find out what other women have found when they've tried it and also from black men who might be interested in teaching me what and how to proceed. I don't really have any boundaries at the moment except my own fear !

(Ad Placed 06/29/01)
Are any black men interseted in converting a sexy white wife in Calif? I used to watch blacks do my old girlfriend. Now I want to help get someone else into blacks. If you are experienced in converting a sexy white babe who isn't interested in blacks and then get her addicted to black cock, then you are who I want to talk to. I would love to watch a group of blacks work over a sexy white babe, especially if she is new to black cock. I know someone I would love see get black fucked. I want to see her get introduced to it and totally made to submit to black men, black women too if possible. Get her hot and addicted to blacks. There is no guarantee I can make it happen with her, but I am looking for ideas from experienced black men who know how to do it discreetly. If we can't make it a reality with her, then at least I know who I can go to when other opportunities come along. Looking to build a mutually beneficial friendly relationship here. Looking for mature black men who are well endowed. Be disease free. I will be present for meetings to watch, but will join if needed.

(Ad Placed 07/06/01)
I am a M/W/F. Me and my husband have been looking online to find a black guy to turn me into a black cock slut. The thought really turns me on, but I am a little shy. I keep getting guys that respond and don't show. Is there another way? How do I tell who is real and who is fake? Are there any real black cocks out there who want a white pussy to enjoy? If you can help I would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!

(Ad Placed 07/06/01)
I am a 66 year old travelling man with a 77 year old lady lover. My lover is sexy and likes straight sex and oral. She also likes me to cum on her tits. I would be very interested to know how I would go about getting to watch her being fucked by a nice black man. Would a kind married lady or couple send me in some detail what their experiences have been with this. I honestly may not be able to go very far with the action - though one never knows. Indeed, it would be fun to learn from anyone how they were either surprised at what happened or how they were able to overcome inhibitions. Even if I or we can only fantasize, that is what these communities are at least partly about - sharing as best we can. As you may have guessed, this has started off as a fantasy for me - but one never knows. Maybe you have had challenges like this before. How would we go about an assignation and what would be our experience with you. Do you have others that you could relate that are similar. The idea just gives me a thrill to even think and write about. Maybe, if you are too busy or write - I agree that it is not as much fun as the action - perhaps you could refer me to a story or an explanation of your expoits in a similar situation. I am trying to be honest about how far I think I can go right now - but part of it is, as we know, sharing of fantasies.

(Ad Placed 07/06/01)
I am Mark and I want to see my wife Cindy of 28 years old getting fucked by a black cock. I've fantasized about it a long time and now I confessed it to her and she got all wet and horny, and we fucked like crazy talking about her fucking a huge black cock. Who is interested and who wants to talk about their experiences?

(Ad Placed 07/27/01)
I am a 28 year old married white female with a strong desire to have a black male please my every need. A brief description of myself: 5'5'' 100lbs medium length light brn hair and brown eyes, only a handful of tits for you, nice tan and a nice shaved pussy. I am willing to give anything a try at least once. Hubby would like to be present and possibly take discreet photos. If this sounds like something you might want to take for a ride please don't hesitate to get back with me.

(Ad Placed 08/10/01)

We are a happily married white couple. I'm 44yo he is 46yo, married 22 yrs, seeking a gentle well hung dominant black male. We have been fantasising for years and now we want to do it. I have never been with a black man before but its all I can think about.

I'm 5"3" 135# br hr gr eyes small breast and a big soft ass and yes I love anal sex. Husband is bi sub and wants to clean your cock with his mouth after you fuck me crazy and I want to him to suck our cum from my fresh fucked pussy!!!!!!! Please help us fulfill our fantasy and be aleast 10" and very thick.

(Ad Placed 08/10/01)
I am desperate to watch my white wife try her 1st black cock! How did you get YOUR wife to go black? Really looking to chat with other white couples about this and establish an on-going dialogue. Totally serious about this!

(Ad Placed 08/17/01)
Hi, My name is Howard and I have a different kind of problem. I have been married 20 years. My wife is 42, I'm 44. She is extremely attractive and well built and looks much younger. I had always thought we had a gratifying sex life. A couple of weeks ago, she told me 2 of her married friends were having affairs with black men and the sex was fantastic. I was shocked and learned their husbands didn't know. The next day, she told me she wanted to have a black experience and also told me about the Cavern. I was now really shocked. I didn't think she was into that. So I read the stuff in here. Now I know her and she is going to do this whether I approve or not. So I said OK for 1 time, even though I wasn't happy about it. So I need some help from other women, or other husbands, or maybe black men too. What are the chances this will be a 1-time thing or a short term thing? I don't know what to expect and I would like to be prepared.

(Ad Placed 08/24/01)
I would like to get the wife "surprise" first black cock. In Jacksonville FL area. Any clean, drug free black gentleman who could get with me to discuss details on how best to do this and then help me make it happen please get back to me.

(Ad Placed 09/07/01)
We are an attractive white couple, we hope to have a good correspondence and exchange personal sex photos with couples and woman into interracial. We love it but in Italy not more black people. Please help us.

(Ad Placed 09/21/01)
I am a 49 year old white man from Sussex. I would love to see my wife sucking a large black cock, eating his cum and being screwed silly. The problem is that she doesn't show any interest in playing around. I am sure that under the right circumstances she would succumb. How to arrange that is the problem. She is 41, goes to the gym and has long legs. Any well hung black men want to try and seduce her? Contact me with ideas. Any white men who have had, or have, the same problem please contact and let's find a way to make this happen.

(Ad Placed 09/21/01)

Has anyone had their wife fucked by a black without the wife's permission? I am wanting to try this because my wife won't give in. Any suggestions? I want her to feel what she's been missing.

(Ad Placed 10/05/01)
Did you sit with a couple who had to leave suddenly because she became ill? Well she was very much interested in you.... so much so we are planning another trip to the area in a couple of weeks..... if you are interested get in touch with us.

(Ad Placed 10/19/01)
I am a married white female in DFW area who has been dreaming of my first blk encounter. We have been talking about it for some time and would like to finally see for ourselves what you could do to me. Would like hubby to watch me being taken by strong blk man. I am 5'4'' blonde hair brn eyes 105lbs with small breasts. If you would like to help me satisfy this desire please e-mail. I am still a little nervous but will respond to all.

(Ad Placed 10/19/01)
I'd love to watch my wife's pretty little pussy get stretched by a big black cock and watch her take it up her ass as well. Here's the probelm. She doesn't seem at all interested. She is a bit of a prude. She does enjoy sex, but any time I have told I had a "dream" involving her screwing a black guy, she has been offended. Any help or suggestions?

(Ad Placed 10/19/01)
We have read a few experiences where a couple has found a "Mandingo Club" in their area. Are these Clubs found everywhere? Is there a Website for them? How does someone go about finding these clubs? If anyone would know could you contact us. Curious.

(Ad Placed 11/16/01)
I'm a M.W.F., 39yrs., attr., 38-D breasts, shapely, wife to a great husband for 21yrs. and mother. I have been with only one man besides my husband, a black lover who I met several times. But it's been a long time since I've met and I'm having a hard time getting past the guilt feelings. My husband supports me, watches and wants me to continue very much. I feel wrong about it yet I still want it at times. Being filled so full and deep then having him fill me with his cum was great but can't get past these feelings. Would like to hear from MWF"s who are upper middle class and not hard core that can relate to this. I'm in S.Calif.

(Ad Placed 11/23/01)
My wife is 48 years old, blonde and very beautiful. She has been involved in several 3-somes before, and has taken a boyfriend. I need help in getting her to be with a blackman. She has no problem with white guys. How can I get her seduced?

(Ad Placed 11/30/01)
W/C interested in getting her back onto black cock. She had been there before and is interested in getting some more. Want to hear from other couples in the D.C./Baltimore area that are into this and well groomed and adjusted guys to see if this can become a reality. If you're interested, Drop us a line and a pic would be nice too. Kitten and Daddy.

(Ad Placed 11/30/01)
I am searching for a w/e black man to seduce my wife in the Jacksonville, FL area. We have talked about her fucking others but she is very shy about it. You need to be clean, D/D free, polite and sophisticated. I would like to watch but would really like to hear every detail about her first seduction.

(Ad Placed 11/30/01)
We are a very happily married couple who love black sex. In the next 24 hours we will be watching Lexington Steele and Jack Napier perform on video. Jan would love to hear confessions from women on audio files addressed to her describing how good it is to be stretched by a well hung black guy, this might be the thing to make her take the plunge... MP3 files please.... Jan will take cum in mouth but won't swallow and hates anal sex, loves very thick cocks with large heads. Look forward to hearing from you. Mike and Jan.

(Ad Placed 12/07/01)
We are searching for a black man in the KY, OH, or WV area, that can introduce us to the IR lifestyle. She is 36 yo, somewhat shy, and very pretty. You need to be discreet, clean, D/D free. Would like to meet the right person for regular meetings. Once we get to know each other, she will be able to play alone.

(Ad Placed 12/07/01)
I am a married 34 yr. old white female who has been fantasizing about black men for a long time. My husband doesn't know about this. I just can't get it off my mind. I would like to correspond with a black man or a white woman to explore my feelings to see if I'm really crazy or not.

(Ad Placed 01/04/02)
47yo Black man with over ten years experience looking for couples/ladies interested in having their first taste away from home... educated, articulate, mannered, clean, ultra discrete, disease free, six feet, slender, no gut, darkskinned, and honestly over nine and a quarter inches, thick, and multiorgasmic. I actually started in this lifestyle as a married man, and have the ability to advise, consult, or 'meat' with your primary relationship as the most important consideration..... want to try it and not lose everything? Will he/she love me if I do this? Let me get you over the hump and no one will ever know...... until you say "Dammit, I wanna do it again!"

(Ad Placed 01/04/02)
My wife is black 5'4" 128 36dd big ass and little waist FOX. I am her white wimp hubby. She wants a big thick black dick to fuck her. I have been trying to find her one but am having a hard time. I need your help, we are in San Diego! She wants 10" and very thick and she wants me to suck it and put it in her. HELP PLEASE, SHE WANTS IT NOW!

(Ad Placed 01/04/02)
I'm an attractive 25 yr old blonde who is desperately trying to find my first hung black man. I live in NY but am willing to travel to meet the right man. I'm getting married this summer so I need to find someone before then. I've corresponded with alot of men but I just cant find the right one for my first. My boyfriend knows and approves of letting me be taken by a WELL hung black man. I've never done this before and have had very few partners, but my desire to do this is overwhelming.

(Ad Placed 01/04/02)
We are a couple in Germany who want to try the first black cock. We are in the South (Nuremberg/Frankfurt area.) Can you help???? He should be handsome, clean and ready to seduce her.

(Ad Placed 01/04/02)
Hi, I am looking for a nice, mature, very well hung black man to seduce my wife. She is a very pretty bbw with blondish red hair. she is in her mid 40's but looks younger. I have told her that I would like her to try a black lover. She is somewhat shy, but admited that she was interested... but that it would have to be a natural comfortble relationship... she needs seduced! If this works out I would be willing to let the man use her for sex as often as both of you wanted it. You should know that this is by no means a sure thing... but I feel she would be ready with the right guy... any mature studs out there up for the challange... I hope that you can help me out. You should be good looking, mature (over 35), very well hung, nice, professional type, clean and disease free, a non-smoker and light drinker would be preferred.

(Ad Placed 01/11/02)
I'm the husband of a MWC who is very interested in the idea of introducing my wife to her first black experience. She's 45, 5'4, 130, 34A-24-38, small teenager type tits, thin waist, round ass, nice legs, auburn hair, and brown eyes. I've talked to her about this desire but she's still not ready to try... although, I got her to talk about her wanting black cocks in her when we're fucking. Would love to talk to black men about my wife or other white husbands with the same desires. I'm very open minded and would love to watch as my wife loses her inhibitions and her black cock virginity... want to bring black men into our marriage and bed. Help me allow my wife to fulfill her hidden taboo desires to become a complete woman. She deserves to know how it feels to go over to the dark side. E-mail me and lets chat and try to make this dream come true.

(Ad Placed 01/25/02)
MWM professional used to enjoy having wife dress slutty and taking her out to get used. Wife has since lost interest and I'm seeking other married white females who are interested in the same. Possibly unsure of how to proceed and want to keep it from hubby. Must be attractive, want to be dressed in lingerie and shown off.

(Ad Placed 01/25/02)
Wow, what a website! I can't stop thinking about my new boss. He is 6' 7, beautiful and black. I'm 5'11 with Dark hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I have a very curvy and athletic body. I am happily married to a tall white man and we've been together for a long time. I spoke to him about my desires to have sex with my boss and how much of a turn on that thought is. My husband just wants to make sure I'm careful, that we are safe, and that it doesn't affect my career. He said he wants to be the man that I come home to every night. We've both been faithful in our marriage of 12 years. My boss has been very persistent and has shown no qualms about showing me how he feels about me. This is the first time in my career that I've had a guy make advances to me without me shredding him. A friend of mine told me that its true that once I go black I won't want to go back. Any suggestions that can help me make a decision?

(Ad Placed 02/01/02)
My girlfriend is 32 cute looking bbw about 250#. She would love to try black for me! She wants well hung 9 plus. I will video, will watch only unless invited to be involved. Send pic and e-mail so we can meet, I make arrangements.

(Ad Placed 02/08/02)
I would like to see some pics, especially close ups, of black cock to make my decision on whether or not to keep at this interracial thing! Are those things real!! My goodness. I am a white female with blonde hair and a nice bust. Laters!

(Ad Placed 02/15/02)
Hope to get my wife interested in black guys. She was a virgin when we met, but slowly, she is getting more adventurous and I hope you will email her, letting her know how good she looks. Her name is Sharjit, she is Indian, but lives in the UK. She sucks, fucks, but no anal as yet. She is 25, and only knows about the dressed picture, not the other one. My cock isn't very big, but it is all she's known, so she is happy with it. But I would love my wife to feel the thickness of a true black cock. Yours hopefully, Mark.