This board is for all you white couples out there who still haven't taken the plunge. Maybe its just too scary or maybe you're just not ready. Want to talk about it some more? Hubbies, perhaps your wife just needs some gentle coaxing or perhaps she's ready but you take a little convincing.

Now's your chance. Submit your wife's email address (with her FULL permission) with a line or two about her and her prospective black lovers can make contact. Then, if all goes well, you can experience the thrill of watching your very own Hotwife with her black studs.

This board is not for existing advertisers who already know the pleasures of Interracial Sex but for those of you who have yet to try it. No location information will be published. Email addresses with a line or two of description is all that will be printed.

This section is for white couples only, please guys don't send ads to this board. You can respond directly to the ladies themselves, and then you folks can play it how you will.

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I been trying a long time to get my wife to try a black man. But she is afraid all black men want rough sex, so we would like to hear from a black gentleman who will take the time with her. We have done white together, I watch her. She loves sex (BUT NO PAIN). She a 35yo bbw, great blue eyes, brown hair. She likes older men. She knows I'm sending this.

I'm 30 years old, built nice, 5'4, 125ish, light complexion, petite hands and feet, and I am engaged to be married in august. I have never been with a blk guy intimately, but have had conversations with my boyfriend along those lines. The discussions are done in a light hearted, even joking way, HOWEVER, I AM DEAD SERIOUS about this possibility. It excites me alot. Any black guys between the ages of 28-50 can mail me and will receive a response. Those who include a picture of themselves will receive one of me in return. My nickname on Dark Cavern Chat room is "SweetMeatWF".

My name is Rachel. I have long blond hair and I'm 5'6" and 113 lbs. I do unfortunately have small breasts, but I will make up for that to you. I so want a black boyfriend. When I was 14, I let this much older black man have me, and he spoiled me for all guys. He was a god, and I know most black guys know how to make love and they're extremely well hung. The black man I let have me was huge and gorgeous, and I want a lover like him again. Please write me and let's get together and see if you like me. Luv u, Rachel.

My wife is very interested in being with a black lover and gets real hot when we talk about the possibilities. She is white, 35, 110 lbs and 5'-5". She is shaved and pierced, and loves anal when properly prepared. If you would like the opportunity to break her in right, write her and let her know why you are the one. Photos a plus. Note: must be gentle and caring.

Hi my wife's name is Liz she is 49 and 5'6" 135lbs redhead 38c she loves blk men and has experienced the pleasures of blk cock in the past. She is wanting to start again with the blk experience but is a little unsure about how to get back into the swing of things. She would love your thoughts and sexy letters and your pic if possible, she is really interested in blk men who are extra thick and live in the Texas area.

My wife is almost ready to try her first black experience. She's grown more excited as we've read this site. Privately she's ready, now I want to set up a situation where she can experience a big black dick. She's 52, a little heavy, but pretty. Loves oral sex, sucks and swallows. Hasn't tried anal yet, but may if the man is right. We're both free of disease. Hubby will watch and may participate. Photos with proof of your size required for response.

I´m a MWF, 35 living in Scandinavia. I´m good looking, blond, blue eyes, long legs and very social. I´d like to get in contact with blk men 35+, D/D free, interesting, funny and hung. In my job I travel a lot in Europe so it´s good if you live on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. My hubby knows. If you send pic you get one in return.

We are a married white couple who may be interested in meeting a hung black male for occasional fun. Wife is curious, she is 28, 5'3", 130, blonde, blue, 36c, and bi curious. I want to watch her get fucked by a black man 10" or over. Not looking for a master, just a good fuck. D/D free. She is shy, but a wild little nympho when things get going. Want black men to write and tell us how they can get her to fill her white pussy full of black cum.

Hi! I have been looking around your site and first I must say that I love it! I am a very interested female hoping to get some advice or views from people on how I can get my husband to let me have some black cock. I am not entirely new at this but I really want to figure out how I can pull this off. I have been married to a white male for 6 years now. I have always been attracted to black men but never had the opportunity to "experience" a black man until recently. My husband knows that I am interested in black men and I have sort of joked with him about finding a black man to fulfill my fantasies. Of course he has a problem with this... I'm not sure if he is afraid that I will leave him, if he is afraid that this other man won't want to give me up or if he is scared that the other man will be better than him. I am always totally honest with him about our sex life.... he is wonderful in bed and has a pretty good sized cock. There are no problems there at all. I just can't seem to get through to him that I want to have the experience. I can understand that this would be dificult for any male to accept his wife fucking another man, so what - if anything can I do to sort of sway him to fulfill my fantasies??? Any replies welcome male or female!! Thanks!

My girlfriend is 25 years old, athletic build, 5'11", 135 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair, and has never been with a black man intimately, but has had a couple of MFM experiences. The idea of her making love with a well-built black man excites us alot. Smart, athletic black men between the ages of 18 and 30 can e-mail us and will receive a response. Those who include a picture of themselves will receive one of her in return.

I'm Joe and my lady's name is Kathy. She is 49, 5'4", 115 lbs, and a total slut. She is totally submissive and will do anything I tell her to do. I do mean "anything". She had her first Black cock a few months ago and was so turned on by it that she literally left a puddle of pussy juice on the carpet. We live on Long Island and want to meet young well hung Black men to fill her hungry hairy cunt. I'm Str8, will watch and possibly join in.

34y/o MWF in Maryland desires a sensitive (emotionally) black male. This would be for a first encounter and I am very nervous. I am very not sure how far or what I will do, so I am looking for a patient man to go out with for drinks and dancing and then we will see where things go. My husband will be included in all activities, though he only watches. Thank you in advance. Replys with pictures ( R or X ) get a picture in return and will be answered first.

Black studs in the Southeast Michigan area are needed to write to my shy, sexy wife. She is very close to taking her first lover but just needs your assistance. She likes to suck cock and have her pussy serviced but is not into anal. Condoms would be required for vaginal. I want to watch and take pics and video. I have a cock that measures 8x6", so she enjoys length and thickness. Men with at least that much or more are strongly encouraged to write her hot letters with pictures of your face and cock so she can make her decision. Go on, show her what you've got and tell her what you want to do to her. If you're into being dominant to white women then show it in your letter. She is worth it. Send your mail to the address below. That is her mailbox. Anyone wanting to contact me can send to

My wife and I have been fantasizing about her taking a black lover for over a year now. She has long, sensuous legs, is very oral, anal, submissive and enjoys light pain and bondage. We are looking forward to exploring the dark side, yet can't quite get over the hump.

My wife has been interested in this since I brought home my first interracial video. She has graduated to a big black dildo but has gotten stuck at this point. She is a very pretty woman that has a low self image. She talks about this and we are both very turned on by the idea. My problem is getting her to take the next step. She is looking for a good looking well hung gentle professional in the Milwaukee area. I would love to hear some ideas and advice from anyone that feels they can help. Be it a married white couple or black gentlemen with experience in this situation.

My wife and I been married for over twenty-five years and have only had sex with one another. We have tried all kinds of sex games and toys and recently we began to discuss having another man screw my wife with my approval. At first she was resistant to the idea, but after she thought about it she said "let's see if any one is interested, and go from there. As we discussed further, she said that she had always had a fantasy to suck, and if things were right, fuck a well hung dark black man. The more we discussed this the hotter we got, and now we want to go to the next step. If you would like to write to her her name is Debbie. Also, her passion is to dress up like a hooker in sexy outfits and fuck with her high 6" spike heels on. She wants to find someone who is going to romance her first as this is a major turn-on for her. This attachment is what we hope will be the end result of this.


This is my nympho wife Debra. She's 5'4" and will do anything. Her problem is finding men who are nasty enough for her! She'll go further than most men, and always amazes me with her talents and nasty slut attitude. Her best time was the once that we were in Jamaica and we found 6 sleek black men to use her as they wished. The amount of cum she drank and took in her ass and mouth was incredible! She took 2 HUGE black cocks in her ass at the same time! Each guy unloaded about 3 times. Unfortunately this has been the only time and she's looking for more. She has decided that she can't find as many black cocks as she wants by cruising the bars, so we have decided on a new adventure. She's a little nervous, so write back and tell her how rough, nasty, perverted and sick the things are that you and your friends would like to do. Then maybe she'll have the nerve.

Debra wants to cruise the bars in the roughest part of a black neighborhood. She will dress like a slut and tease the men until she is grabbed and forced to service every man around in every nasty, sick way possible for the rest of the night! She wants to be dragged to a filthy warehouse or apartment and used as a fuck toy and passed around and forced to suck, fuck, rim every man that comes in. She wants to be tied up and fucked like a piece of meat. She wants all of her holes stretched by black cocks and fists. She wants to take ALL CUMMERS, while being forced against her will!

Every 20-30 minutes she wants the last cock up her ass to rinse her off with his piss, and piss down her throat so she can drink more cum! She wants to hear how it will be !!!! DON'T BE GENTLE!!! These pictures were taken of Debra with a hitchiker that we picked up one night and brought home!

"M" a sexually submissive swinging wife, 45 years old wants to experience her first gang bang. Very oral, anal and very much into black gentlemen, since having her first black lover a year or so ago. She is arranging the gang bang now, to take place sometime in September or October at a Columbus hotel. Looking for 9 to 12 men, including some black experience also. If you participate, you must be willing to have the experience for her to be photographed and possibly videoed. Visit her web site for more information and an invite. Below is a sample picture of what delight awaits you.


We are a couple in the UK. My wife is 35 years old, 36D 32 37, 5'2" tall brown hair and blue eyes. After 2 kids she does not believe that her figure is attractive to men but I love her more than ever. The involvement of another is a highlight of our fantasies and the involvement of a black cock sends us both over the edge. We are both straight and she is not into anal or extreme pain. She needs to be taken to the point of no return gently but when she is in the mood she can't get enough cock. I love the look of pleasure on her face as she takes my cock. The thought of a well endowed black cock filling her up is a major turn on for us both and is something I really want to see happen. She is nearly convinced and it is up to you now to make it happen. I am sure once she tries it she won't regret it.

I thought when a woman was in her late 30s she was at her sexual height. Not my wife, she just forgot about it. But I know there is still some fire down deep in that sweet blond pussy. I do mean sweet, the best I ever tasted. In our early days she liked to fantasize on taking a dark black dick deep in her blond pussy. I must say it turned me on to. So any one out there, who are up for a little challenge. Help me light my wife's fire.

Hi my name is Tom and I am looking to let my wife experience a new lover. But my problem is she is not willing to take the first step. So therefore I have decided to take it for her. I would kike to find a guy that would be willing to meet us at a nite club and for him to hit on Kathy. She would not know anything about the set up but I would do everything in my power to help get them to know each other better. My wife is 45 years young 175 lbs 5' 4" has 38" bust. We Live in Calgary Canada. If there is any one out there that can help me with my Quest please get back to me.

For many years I have desired to see my wife filled with a black cock. She gets really hot and wet when we watch interracial videos and she sees those big black dicks in white pussies. Her favorite sex toy is a 10" black dildo, she goes crazy when I use it on her. She is 51 yrs old, 5'2", 230#. She says no man would want her except me. I know there are white men who prefer large women, surely there must be black men with the same preference. Please write her and let her know if there are men who would want her. I really want to make this a reality.

My wife Fran is gorgeous, with a beautiful face, short reddish hair, and a nice body. She is very feminine, 5'5" and 150 pounds. We have a very good sex life, but what really makes my dick rock-hard is the thought of her getting fucked by a black guy -- ideally two or more at the same time. I have mentioned the idea to her several times, but her response is always "I don't think so" or "I don't want to screw any one else." It is my opinion that "the lady doth protest too much." I believe, like the rest of you at Dark Cavern, that all white women crave black cock, either openly or secretly. What I need your help on is this: What is the best way to gradually lead Fran down the path to interracial sex? How can I get her to submit to the pleasures of a big black cock? Should I take her dancing at clubs where she is certain to meet black guys? Should I rent some porno movies with black guys fucking white chicks, and have her watch them? I talk to her girlfriends and have them try to persuade her, and convince her of the joys of black cock but she still wont bulge, she tells them she will but never does. I'm open to any of your suggestions, and I'll keep you posted on my progress towards initiating Fran into the ecstasy of sex with black men. She did it once but claims that was enough… HELLLPPPP!!!!! p.s. she also loves to flash at night clubs and claims she don't. And she DON'T know I am trying to do this…. THANKS. Tony, Savannah, GA 912.

My mistress/ wife has ordered me to write to you to get her some big black dick(s). Shannon is very sexy, at 30 years old, 5' 5", 115 pounds, with green eyes and long blonde hair. She's lean, with a small ass and big white beautiful 38D breasts. And she wants to be dominated. She says I can't now, since I'm her slave. She wants to be tied up, whipped, and fucked in every hole right in front of me. And then she wants the same thing to happen to me, while she watches and verbally humiliates me. She has made me eat her cum-filled pussy clean after she got fucked by another man while I watched, tied to a chair and butt plugged, and she made me her "bitch" with her strap on dildo, but now she says I'm going to get a real cock. In both ends. If you're man enough to fuck my mistress long and hard and make her your cock slave, and then fuck me for her (and your) entertainment, write to us. You can even bring a couple of your big dicked friends. Give us graphic, explicit details about what you would do to make us both a slave to your cock. Mistress Shannon and Joey.

Sexy 33 year old, looks hot in lingerie, has been fantasizing about trying a black cock for awhile. Favorite dildo is an 8 inch black cock that she takes balls deep. We're from East Central Indiana. Pictures at her Website. She loves to cyber, ICQ ID at web page.

Pretty mwf, 35, will be in Philly for four days in early October. Write and tell me why I should leave my friends to devote an evening to you. You need to make me feel very comfortable with you. I like fit, educated, non-smoking black men with a sense of adventure. I will need you to pay my cab fare both ways and to get us our hotel room. I want to watch you register us as "Mr. and Mrs." Safe sex only, please respect my limits. My husband will buy your condoms: let me know size, brand, and style. Send me a recent picture and your ideas for our get together - I like to dance.

MWC from central Va, 804 area code. We have fantasized for years about my wife having torrid sex with an attractive and very well hung black guy. Each time it seems we are getting close, she backs away from the idea. She needs a little help getting over the hump. The idea of having her pussy and mouth stretched by a big black dick gets her dripping wet and I'd like to help her realize her fantasy. If you are an intelligent sensitive black guy who is very well hung and would like to seduce an attractive passionate white woman, email us.

Wife is almost ready for her first black experience. She fantasizes about a black lover during sex and loves to suck and fuck her black dildo. But it may take one or two nonsexual meetings to get her to go ahead. But once she has a taste I’m sure she will act like the total slut she is. She is very submissive and into all aspects of sex. If any one has any suggestions how to speed her along let me know.

Spectacularly energetic attractive but innocent 28 yr old wife and I have been watching interracial movies. To say she now has jungle fever would be the world's greatest understatement. She turns into a sex machine when we talk about black men. She sucks me to death when she fantasizes. Still new to the idea of extra-marital interracial sex and shocked by it she refuses because:

1. she doesn't think I'm serious (so I place this ad).
2. she doesn't think I could handle it (I have been jeolous before...time will tell).
3. she thinks she'd enjoy it too much (wouldn't that be terrible!)
4. she worries about getting pregnant (I think the idea turns her on).
5. she doesn't think attractive married women with 2 children do this sort of thing for real (I told you she has lived a sheltered life.)

Please help me change her mind. All interested large well endowed dark black men please write (e-mail) to seduce. She is already super turned on. Will travel or entertain (midwest) for the right man or men. Confident, even arrogant, men turn her on. If you don't get a response at first continue e-mailing. In time she has to break down. Don't give up. Some determined black male will eventually have her. If we all gang up on her we will wear her down and get her seriously black fucked. All interested in encouraging her, couples, single females and males, feel free to write. She needs to know people really do this.

I have had this fantasy of my wife taking a huge black cock for years. I'm almost afraid she is in the category that she never will but I'm not giving up. Were in Orange County, I'm hoping to hear some good ideas on how one of you could get into her pants. We need to come up with a plan, start off slow, make like you're an old friend and take it from there. Please send your ideas and if available photos to me. If I choose you it will be based on your sincerity, and quality of your reply. I can only provide the opportunity, give you her likes and dislikes to get a head start, but the rest is up to you. I don't even have to be present although I would like to watch, I'm sure she would never do it with my knowledge of what's happening. She is slightly overweight, gives great head and has a very tight pussy. I'm serious and you need to be too.

Judi, my 44 year old wife, gets especially turned on when we make love and I wear my 8 inch strap-on. When I mention the possibility of it being attached to a black man, she moans in delight. I think she is ready for the real thing but needs some coaxing. Send her an e-mail telling her about yourself, what you think of her body, and what you would like to do to her; perhaps she will respond.

We are a married white couple in Va. We are very interested in meeting a handsome very well built black gentleman 30-35 yrs old, D/D free and discret. Hubby isn't gifted, only 5.5'' long ,and so far all the white guys we've tried haven't been what we've been looking for. Wife is very curious about blackmen. She is 33yrs, 109 lbs, very petite, 4'11'', blonde, blue, 32a, long nipples. She is not looking for a Master just a steady Black LOVER. We aren't looking to jump into anything right away. We want to meet the right blackman because she is going to save herself for him and he will be the only one she will be sleeping with. Hubby only gets to watch and can only have her after her blacklover has finished if she allows him. She would like get some email and chat with some of you online and on the phone with those she is interested in. We are very serious about this but may not be able to actually meet you face to face ( body to body) until sometime in January 2000 due to our schedule and the upcoming holiday seasons. But we want to use the next few weeks looking for her lover so dont let this stop any of you. We live in the Salem/Roanoke Va. area and would prefer someone who lives within 3hrs drive of us. AC540.

MWC mid 40's wife's a BBW 5'4 44HH 200+. I have been fantasizing for years about seeing her with a well hung black man and the thought of it does get her hot but she is not sure about going through with it. What I think she needs is for all you big black studs is to convince her why she should give it a try, so all in the 213-310-323-626-818 area code drop her a note telling her why she should try a big black cock. You never know you just might be the first one. D/D free picture a plus.

My wife has been getting hot over interracial videos for a long time. She now wants to try the real thing with a very heavy hung black male. She has great tits 36dd and a small waist, not a fatty. Very pretty, early 40's and ready to go. After some coaxing and a couple of hot 1 on 1 sessions I can easily see her presenting herself to a group of black men to service them after she gets started. So if you are looking for a gang bang queen she is your woman. We live on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border, so locals please.

We are a Bisexual married white couple in Miami Beach, Florida 305 area seeking older local black men for sexual get togethers. Also other men, ladies & couples welcome as well. Lillian is a sexy 41 year old white Big Beautiful Woman with red hair & green eyes 5'10 320#s 50-D breasts also has great cock sucking lips and a nice tight pussy that she loves to have filled with cum so guys you will need recent hiv / stds test results if you want to fuck her bareback and fill her with cum. She also fantasies of doing a gangbang someday. I'm a 22 year old latin male 5'8 150#s brown hair & eyes tight asshole & hot mouth as well as 8" cock. I love to watch men fuck my wife's pussy and have them cum inside her and then I eat her sloppy cum filled pussy afterwards. Please send replies (with pics mandatory) and let us know what you could and would do to my wife and me as well. Raul & Lillian.

MWC in 405 a/c. Comments with pics. May be all it takes to get my hot slut to open up to black cock.

My wife is very shy but at the same time she is very passionate, as once I showed her a porno where a huge black was fucking a white woman and she just came seeing that huge rammer. Since then I am urging her to take a huge black in her tight little cunt and just the thought makes her lips shiver. When there is my cock inside her she agrees to have that huge black cock, but the moment she is normal she refuses to even talk about it. I need help in breaking her in, once she is faced with a huge cock she will be very hot and excited.

Dee is 42, 5'5" 175 with 38d's pretty but not thin. I have always wanted to watch her getting ravaged by a big black cock. We have talked about it and she says she will but always finds an excuse. She wants to be thinner first. We are in southern New York and we can't play at home because of kids. I wnat to take her away for a weekend and turn her into a slut. She likes everything but anal sex. She doesn't drink but tokes on occasion. Any ideas?

This my wife Mina. Ever since our wedding night she has confessed a desire to have sex with a bunch of men. We often watch gangbang videos and talk nasty about her being a slut for cock. We have agreed that when this happens it must include at least one black man. Maybe more? She seems to be warming up to this, however she needs coaxing. Mina hates stupidity and if you're going to be vulgar don't expect an email in return. Start off easy with her and I'm sure, no I'm positive, she will raise the stakes and start talking nasty. But be courteous first! I've been training her to enjoy the interracial videos, especially the ones with many black studs. I am working my way toward getting her do this for real, but I'll need your help. so gentlemen, be courteous at least in the beginning until she gets talking more openly with you. Maybe I'll have a success story to print in the future!

We are a white couple who would like to hear from black males and other couples where the husband watches his wife. I am so excited about the idea of black cock for my wife. She's 4' 9 110 lbs 32a titties and needs a huge black cock to fuck. Please send pics and stories of experiences and to all black men send pics and detailed message on how you would handle her and how to convince her its time to try it. This would be her first time. White couples please send info on how to convince her.

My wife's name is Kathy. She is 50, 5' 3", 110 lbs, with a very hairy, hot pussy. She is totally submissive to me and will do "ANYTHING" I tell her to do (and has). She has been with other women and men, but now I want to watch her be filled with black cock. Looking for hung black males to fill her with as many loads of cum as you can give. Incidentally, she loves to suck cock, but she is not allowed to swallow another man's cum, so she will have to take those loads on her face.

Very happily married white couple looking to expand and explore our sexual horizons, will be in San Fran 3/22 - 3/26. Looking to meet one select well hung black man aged 35-50, educated, clean, TAN, and well spoken. One who has done this before and knows how to gently lead a "newbie". While we have shared lovers before, this will be her first black experience. We almost did this last year in Negril, but it was not to be. While she can, and usually does become submissive, we are not looking for a DS scene. Prefer recommendations on safe bars or clubs (not swinger clubs) in San Fran where other white couples go or a mixed crowd, and where No means No. Husband will be present and will watch only. Not looking for a group scene. She 42, 125lbs, 5'6", Brown hair, brown eyes, 34c, Italian/Spanish/French, multi orgasmic. Picture responses preferred showing proof of size and in-action experience. You must have done this before. We have seen all of the web and net pics, so please do not waste our time. Email in confidence.

I have had the fantasy for quite some time of watching my wife with another man.  When I first told her she was definitely not pleased. Over the years she has softened her position and started to enjoy the fantasy.  A few months ago I bought her a ten inch dildo and started using it on her regularly.  I think this got her thinking about other men.  She gets very excited when I talk about other men while stretching her pussy with it.  Afterwards when I’m in her I tell her how great she feels so stretched out and wet. She has finally agreed to start looking at prospective men.  We are in our early forties.  She is 5’5" with 36B boobs and nice long nipples, blond hair and blue eyes.  She gives great head and is multy orgasmic. She will shave her pussy if asked.  I’m 5’10", 190 lbs. with a 6" cut dick.  If you are bigger than me that will be a plus for both of us.  I will watch and join if asked.  Race is not a problem I don’t know how fast she will move to the next step of meeting another man, but some good and hot e-mails will definitely help.  If you send pictures I will try to get her to respond with a picture.  Tell her what you would like to see.

We are a young couple, she is 21 and he 24. She is blond, fit and small tits. We have discussed several times to invite some other men to fuck her. She really loves the idea, and we have watched many gangbang movies. I have rented some Movies with blackstuds to try to make her want black dicks. Can you please write something to her and tell her how it is, try to convince her. She is sitting next to me when I am sending this.

We are a married white couple that have been married over twenty years and wife is almost ready for her plunge into a hotwife lifestyle. She has been to Vegas a few years back and had a good time there so she is ready for the next step. She is 45 and 5'3" 130 lbs brown hair and eyes and loves to dress up for sex in black outfits and super high heels. We are looking for a black gentleman who knows how to treat a lady right and would like to start a online relationship with her first and see where it goes from there. This has been a fantasy of ours for a while and she loves to read interracial letters and look at pics and videos of white wives and their black lovers in action. We have a club at yahoo as well called "White Wives with Black Boyfriends". Write her and see if you can get her cumming before you start!

I'm a very shy white woman, who would like to please my man and myself by becoming a white slut for a black master. I want a black man with a big black cock to help me become this person. Someone to take charge and unleash what's trying very hard to stay inside. There I said it!!! We live in Alberta, Canada, not far from Calgary, we can't travel, but I am looking for some studly endowed (at least 9 thick inches) black men to help me out.

We are a 30's couple in Alberta, Canada seeking to find a dark black man that is well endowed for blonde, blue eyed wife to have sex with while husband watches. Positions that I enjoy are doggie and 69. I enjoy giving and receiving oral very much. Husband is 100% straight. My fantasy is to have sex with a black man, to see the stark colour contrast of his dick in-between my thighs makes me all wet. The man I want to get involved with has to be 100% std free for I want to have him cum deep inside of my pussy. I have never had sex with anyone but my husband and have been married for 12 yrs. Contact us and hopefully we can get together for some fun.

My wife and I have been fantasizing about her having sex with a black man for about 1 year now.  It always gets both of us very hot to think about it.   She wants to do it but is very shy getting started.  I'd like some people to e-mail her to tell their experiences and correspond with her.

Hubby needs help with seduction. Yes we're rookies who have never swung before and yes we're looking for someone who will be understanding of our situation and take the necessary time to make things happen. No quick lay here for sure! But if you are creative in the art of seduction and are willing to invest a little time then the rewards will be plenty! Interested in hearing from sincere gentlemen and couples (IR of course) who are willing to help out. Would like to take it slow and build up to same room sex. Contact us with ideas. Looking for well endowed only 8"-10".

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