A section for cuckolds whether they be blue collar or white collar men, who black men can hire at companies with real employment opportunities and then ALSO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF FUCKING THE EMPLOYEE'S WIFE!

Send your submissions to:

Cuckolds for hire: I'm looking to hire one or two cuckolds as key members of my management team. Obviously I intend to enjoy fucking your wives or girlfriends when and as I see fit while you handle day to day operations and responsibilities. If you have at least 5 years of managerial success in finance, sales management, automotive service, or marketing, you may qualify as a candidate to join a very successful sales organization where you would receive medical and dental benefits, along with a salary and bonus package totalling $100k plus. I will need to see a complete resume, your salary requirements and complete pics of your wife for consideration. This is a very real opportunity to work in a state of the art facility in NYC and achieve ongoing success if you are selected. Bilingual candidates are a plus. Serious inquiries only. I will not discuss ANY details of the positions, or any other information with anyone other than A REAL APPLICANT for the positon(s).

I am a white male looking to be a hired by a black man for a company that is majority black. I can only work parttime but would love to be the janitor or car washer or just their servant as they see fit. Pay is optional as You would be doing me a favor by allowing me to serve. I would hope to bring my wife into the company so she can become the office slut.

Educated WM in the Midlands UK, but willing to relocate to London for the right opportunity. 33 years of age, degree educated in theatre studies and law-graduated last year from Warwick University. Have many years experience in customer service based positions, and also in the arts. Am a fast learner, and am willing to of course consider any decent postion offered as long as the package is correct for me. I have many female friends and contacts that I will introduce to my colleagues and employers. A position with travel necessary would also be an advantage as I like to travel. I believe I have many good qualities suited to such a position.

I am a white male 54 yrs of age 15yrs of experience in the industrial maintenance field along with the same time in purchasing materials for Maintenance Depts. and supply crib, also do all record filing and handling for the same dept. I have a great deal of experience in 3ph electrical wiring and welding. I desire to serve so salary would be in the 35000-50000 dollar range.

ORLANDO FL. Full time professional white male looking for an evening part-time job for a black or hispanic employer who would like to seduce my plump Filipina wife and use her to pleasure you as well as my co-workers, and even clients or friends, in front of me. She doesn't know about this but has fucked 5 other guys since we've been married. We fantasize about her fucking my current and past bosses and co-workers at the work place. Mostly scenarios where she visits me while I am working alone and we get caught having sex by my black boss who shows up unexpectedly. He will threaten to fire me unles she fucks and sucks him and anyone he chooses anytime from that point on. She will then become the workplace slut while I have to watch. I am good with electronics, mechanics, woodworking, and any general work.

A little bit about me - I am 34 years old, blonde, striking blue/green eyes, blondish hair, muscular, lean, and 5'6". I am looking for a cuck who has a hot wife that can be used by myself and my many black friends and clients. This position is in the midwest and pays over 60K with great benefits.

39 year old white male looking for full or part time work for black dom. Very submissive bottom. I will do anything that you request- skilled in telecommunications, electrical work and construction. Salary negotiable.

I a 30 Y/O white male looking for work. If you have a position in technology that's worth it, then I have a wife who wants to make it worth while to you. She's 31, 5'5 135lbs, red hair with blue eyes. Email us if you have and we'll definitely get back to you.

Atlanta for hire. Wht male seeks active employment, ideally with 2 positions, as to accomodate wife. Have huge desire to serve a black boss as needed. Will consider most positions, part-time preferred. 404/770/678


Looking for a job in Chicagoland area, where You can make me do whatever You want, errands, cleaning laundry, give me an order and I will do it. Pay is optional, looking to be used and humiliated by all black men. Eventually bring my wife in so You can seduce her.

I'm a young white TV looking for employment. I'm 5'7, 125, shaved smooth, tan, clean and disease free. I don't go out in public but I am passable. I enjoy dressing sexy and slutty for my man. I'm open to unique employment opportunities, part-time only. Be it a private admin assistant, a house cleaner, a party favor, etc. Very well educated, university degree BBA, and computer literate. Not sure if I'm looking for a real position or more of a fun position, but would like to chat with a nice black gentleman in the Atlanta area interested in having a hot white TV working for him. Amber


Denver, Colorado. White slave male looking for part time work to serve the black race. I'm 5'11, 180- 185, clean d/d free. I can do yard work. Drive a truck. Do construction. I only ask you beat and rape me. Would like to be sex slave too.


Denver Professional willing to help. MWM Wannabe cuckold, Mid-30s with an advance degree and over 10 years business experience in operations and finance would like to offer my services to help a Black Business Owner. Due to life I am able to offer assistance one night a week. I am willing to help any way I can. I would also like to leverage this relationship to create an opportunity to convert my unsuspecting wife to Black Only. I am an ex-football player type currently on the chubby side, but am working on getting that rectified. I am very willing, but also inexperienced in serving in a real setting. She and I are both very raw and will be an investment of time, but I know there will be a huge payoff for that investment of your time. Those who are interested please contact me.

I am interested in one of two situations: I am in charge of hiring at a Major system in the Washington DC area. Any positions from janitors, drivers, managers, teachers, etc. etc.. etc.. I am interested in hiring blk males, hooking them up with good salaries etc.. and have them working for me while seducing my wife behind my back. Another situation is I would like to work one or two nights or weekend days for blk male for very low pay. Can do anything. I am very educated. I can do whatever you want. It would turn me on to make you money.

Wimp white husband looking to work for black boss in black office. Will be gopher, janitor, clean up boy, whatever. You order, I will do it. Also would like to bring my wife in somehow to meet you, so you can seduce her. In Chicago. I will do whatever, humiliate me please, I deserve it.

Bitch ass whiteboy needs to work for blacks at 1/2 price in Phoenix Az, but please don't mention this when you call... My name is Steve.

Just love this site. I am a black man, 31. I don't work. I have several couples and cucks who worship and take care of me. I am dominate. I am always looking for someone on my team. I am in the DC/MD area. You work for me for free and you must dedicate a few hours a week, cleaning my place, cleaning my car, grocery shopping or cooking. If you wanna be on the team and watch me fuck white women you can join my other worthless white guys serving me. I am extremely masculine, dominate, big dick, and sexy, typical nigga wanting to be served by your worthless self to make u feel better. If u can contribute anything to my team, I will put you to work. Let me know what exactly you can do for me and if u have pussy for me. Or if u just want to serve me. I have a standard contract agreement we sign, so you know what is expected. In return for serving me, u can watch me with white women or watch me jerk off and I will verbally put you in your place. This is what you have been wanting. If u have committment come work for me. No pay of course. Before u ask for face pics or more dick pics u better describe in detail what you are going to do for me, and send your pic or the pic of the girl u are offering up.