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Send your submissions to:



My wife is currently seeking employment as a receptionist, administrative/executive assistant, etc. She has plenty of experience, especially in the construction and property management fields. She's also computer savvy, with experience in just about every application. She has a PERFECT phone voice and plenty of other attributes that make her perfect for just about anything that you throw at her. Now for the good stuff ;)...... She has had sex with two black men (why do people put that as one word? Blackmen? Sorry, it's just one of those things that I wonder about. It just sounds silly.) So far at my urging. She's also had sex with two other guys at work, with my urging as well. This sure does seem like the perfect combination! Here's the deal though... She's VERY shy at first. If you're looking for someone that you can start fucking right away with no seducing (with help from my end of course), then this would not be the ideal situation for you. I'm telling you right now that it would take time. Now that she's experienced two black guys, not much time, but time. Let me tell you real quick why it would be worth it, show you some pics, and then you decide if you have any "openings".

First off, she's only 4'11". My cock is only 7 1/2" and, being so small, her pussy is still tight as fuck. She also has FF tits. They're 36FF though, so no she's not a huge woman. Once you see them in person and get up in her tight pussy, it'll be something that you'll never forget. I won't either as I'll get to hear all the details ;)))! Here's the catch (Damnit! You knew there had to be one didn't ya?).... She can know absolutely NOTHING about this... EVER! If she found out that I placed this ad, she would immediately divorce me and move as far away from me and you as she could. Don't get any ideas, she would be just as disgusted, if not more, with you as she would be with me. This is something for fun, not for someone looking to cause problems. That's what this site is all about, right? Cool..... If you have an "open position" and are in Southern Cali... Email me at her addy. Give me all the details, and we'll work out some way to set up an interview without her suspecting anything. I'm anxiously awaiting any responses as this could be the best sex of both of our lives!


MWF Interested in working a job and will provide benefits to my employer. I am in Oceanside CA, 30 and have great suckreterial skills. I am for real so hurry, I need a job!


Central Florida Employer is seeking an Administrative Assistant. Does the thought of taunting and teasing your boss appeal to you? Would you like to dress, talk and walk to drive him crazy with lust but make it plain that he will never get what others do? This married white closet cuckold will never have it happen at home. Is it possible to be a cuckold at work? Are you the one?

I am a black male in Chicago who needs a white housewife or single white woman for a weekly "cleaning" and secretarial position at my home. The ideal candidate will have no problem wearing provacative clothing and be available for work one or two days per week. She also must be willing to provide "moral" support for her employer . If you are looking for a an opportunity to mix business with pleasure and you are down to earth and personable feel free to give me a call at 312-203-8260 between the hours of 9 am and 2pm Mon-Fri or feel free to email me.

Attention Business Owners: Do you cater to a high-powered, predominately male clientele? Have you ever wished you could have a sexy female on staff to entertain them and close that Million-dollar sale? Do you have mostly guys working for you? Can you use a “Morale Officer” to keep your guys happy and keep production up? Would you simply like an executive assistant that would love to give you some TLC everyday in the office?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, then you owe it to yourself to contact me. Married Asian Female, multiple degrees, research scientist at large pharmaceutical is looking for a new direction. I am professional, quick to learn, and have much to offer to the right boss who is willing to let me learn a new profession. I am located in central NJ and will consider positions from NYC to Philadelphia. Relocation is also possible for the right position. Husband knows and approves of my decision. What are you waiting for? Let’s talk and see how we can benefit each other. I WANT OUT OF MY JOB!!


Bullet Resistant Glass Company in Corona, CA has executive assistant position opening March 11, 2002. Salary up to $60,000.00 plus medical. $36,000.00 in base salary Up to $24,000.00 in cash bonuses* Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medical, Delta Dental, VSP Vision Plan. Ours is a secured facility in a non descript industrial park , we receive visitors by appointment only, access is controlled by remote electronic locks and video cameras, you will be in charge of permitting entrance to authorized people. No sexual contact is required but extremely provocative dress is essential. You will be working in a modern office environment, working primarily with me the owner/president but also with our sales manager and engineer, we expect you to have basic computer and secretarial skills, you will have your own spacious work space in our lobby, you will also have your own rest room which includes full length mirror as well as a closet and vanity set if you wish to change into your special outfits at work rather than at home, while you will have very little contact with our workforce of 10 people in our shop area (7 men and 3 women) you will occasionally be seen by them if we need you to run an errand in the shops. However after 4 years of seeing Sandra dressed to show they are used to it and will be respectful of you. *Our current bonus program was design by ourselves and Sandra our current secretary who is leaving at the end of March, it goes as follows: $25.00 extra daily for wearing extremely short skirts. $25.00 extra daily for wearing see-through blouses. $25.00 extra daily for not wearing panties. $25.00 extra daily for not wearing a bra. These bonuses will be tallied and paid in cash every two weeks. You will also be expected to attend up to five trade shows a year, one in Burbank ,CA, New York, NY, Miami FL., Houston TX, and one in Monterey, Mexico. These shows usually last two days, all travel cost are of course provided by us, you will get your own room and will be happy to pay travel expenses for your husband/boyfriend if he wishes to accompany you, however he shouldn't object to you attending after shows dinner and dances where you might be dancing and drinking with us and our customers. As mentioned before no sexual contact is required form you, that will always be your choice, however you are expected to act friendly and flirt with our clients to make them be happy to come see us, and of course you should be comfortable to display your charms to us and our customers. We deal with automotive armor and executive personal protection products, so our customers (99% men) are armored cars manufacturers executives, bodyguards both personal and government, police and military security detail teams, both US and foreign. These guys appreciate a good looking woman but are usually reserved and restrained. If you are seriously interested please send us your resume as well as personal information about you, especially tell us about your exhibitionist tendencies, please include a face shot as well as a full body shot of yourself, it would be helpful if in the full figure shot you were wearing the shortest skirt or the most provocative outfit you would be comfortable working in. For obvious reasons I expect you to contact me personally rather than through our company website.

Immediate Opening for Personal Assistant for Affluent Black Man in Seattle. A well-to-do, Black Man in Seattle Washington seeks to interview and employ a personal assistant. Privacy is a must, as is open-mindedness about the areas of service in which the PA will be employed. Job Expectations will include: Caring for employer's home; Running business errands, and Mingling at times with Employer's colleagues and friends (many of whom wish to keep their affairs private). Discreetness, class, and trust are musts! Position requires personal assistant to dress provacatively and be open to entertaining Employer's guests in private and public settings. Compensation includes salary, benefits, 401K, club seats at local sporting venues and use of a car. Position looks to be filled within the next three weeks. Initial Interviews will be conducted over the phone. Please send inquiries, resumes and at least one photo.

Looking for an admin job in the Pensacola, Fla area around March 2002. Relocation package a BONUS! I would LOVE to "work" for a sexy black man. Pics provided after some conversation, once I know you are serious! Please respond with job information and a picture. This is VERY serious. PLEASE NO BS! For more information email me.

In NW Chicago. Looking for an attractive woman to make phone calls and who is familiar with putting together proposals for grants and donation for a Nonprofit organization that does volunteer work for kids during the summer months. This is an established company in its second year of service. Your pay would be a percentage from the donations and grants that you bring to the company. Also you would have a sexy founder and CEO: 6-2, 200lbs, 8 3/4 hung brotha to play with. Who works out everyday and in great shape. If interested I also have many pics to share. This is real.

Looking for evening work in Puget Sound. Willing to do "what ever" is needed in your business from 4pm to 12pm. Very quick at understanding all aspects of your business and taking care of your clients and you.


I'm a 35 year old housewife and mother looking for part-time work in the Poconos (570 Area Code) in the late afternoons or evenings. Along with my more obvious talents, I'm very good with Accounts Receivables and Payables. You will definitely get your money's worth with me. Margo


Well to do man in the concert consulting and promotion business interested in hiring a good looking fit, classy white or asian or hispanic woman to serve as a liason between myself and some of our clients. Willing to work evenings and weekends, dress provocatively, and be familiar with clerical work as well. Must also be williing to serve as my "Personal assistant" when needed and accompany me on weekend and sometime weekday overnight trips. If interested, send revealing photos as well as your resume and a way to contact you by phone or email.

I am a 39 yo mwf in Northeast Al. I am looking to see if anyone in my area needs a good looking lady to help them in many ways. I do sewing,secretary duties, I also am a cosmotologist so I can do you anyway you need to be done.

Financial services company in New England is seeking one or two sexy ladies to join us as secretaries. Duties will include general secretarial as well as travel. You will be paid well above market in the area. Must enjoy being openly flirted with at work, and during official business with clients. Must be comfortable being both refined and totally nasty. To be considered I require a few things. First 4 pictures: One head to toe shot in normal business attire, one head to toe with you at least partially naked, one face photo, and one photo of you dressed to go out for wild night on town. Also I request that you provide the reasons why you feel you are worthy enough to join our team. If you are selected we will pay any and all relocation expenses for you and your family. Just remember once you are on the team you will be used extensively. Greg

I own a small software company in south florida that employs 60 people and need a new executive assistant. I am single, 32, 6'3" 200lbs, workout every day in the office gym with a 9 1/2 cock. Your office duties will include, answering and screening my phone calls, making travel arrangements and itineraries, keeping my calendar up to date, and other misc. office duties. Your more personal duties will be to keep my balls drained of cum. I prefer a woman who enjoys no holes barred fun. Excellent oral skills are a MUST! Your dress in the office must be professional but sexy. Benefits include 2 weeks paid vacation per year, 2 weeks sick leave per years, 5 days personal per year, full medical, dental, vision, life, short and long term disability, and a clothing allowance. You will also have access to the company Cadillac De Ville DTS for errands and personal use. My last assistant, who only left to move back up north for family reasons, had set up a very creative bonus program, which I would consider passing onto the new assistant if things work out. Looking forward to hearing from any interested parties.

Need Employees. Just a handful of temporary / permanent positions open to work with my company. PT or FT. Email a little bit about yourself and what you have done; with pic (face and nude / race and size does not matter). Enjoy making money and having blk cock as much as you would like. (Only in Chicagoland area IL)

Houston remodeling company looking for lifestyle loving women to service clients and staff. Two positions available. Receptionist and salesrep/account manager. Must be discrete, attractive and have a positive attitude.

43 yr old mwf  5' 6" 135 lbs and " multi-talented " available for some part-time  employment. I live near winston-salem nc . Could be available on some evenings or weekends depending on situation. May be interested in various scenarios such as office work, housecleaning, party hostess/waitress, personal assistant etc... I am also comfortable with sexy dress code requirements or even working in the " buff " situation permitting of course!!  I am seeking real employment but  will work for black gentlemen only and for the right pay and benifits (by the way I only have one hobby for after work hours- and that is swinging with goodlooking well endowed blackmen)!! I wouldn't rule out that this could develop into full time for the right "Boss", but for now just seek P/T.   Contact me with detailed email (w/ jpeg of yourself) describing what you are looking for and the requirements of the job and possible pay/benefits as well as a phone number (required) to reach you !!  


St. Pete, Fl. sales company seeking PT/FT housewife, student, or retired MATURE and SEXY, white female for receptionist, contractual work, or executive assistant. Experience with sales and blueprints are a plus. Must have great phone voice and strong computer skills and be willing to be trained frequently. You should enjoy teasing and taunting the boss with provacative dressing on your part. You should strongly like wearing sexy clothing in the office from VERY short skirts, dresses made of very clingy material, tight business suits with skirt, tight tops, very tight pants, light colored blouses with sheer bra, thigh highs, high heels, anything that would drive the boss crazy through out the day and make you feel extra sexy and special as well, (no panties, no bras, and occasional flashing will be rewarded with weekly cash bonuses, explanation to follow for serious applicants). You must possess a committment to the job with honesty and interegity. Compensation includes but not limited to salary, bonuses, benefits package. If interested in knowing more please forward a current resume, (2) CURRENT photos of you with at least one showing full body shot, your available times, and a brief reason why you think you are the right woman for the job.

1 year old men's and women's sports apparel company is looking to hire full/partime and sales person. Must be an attractive white female, smart and self-motivated. Also looking for full, part-time and freelanced graphic artist and fashion designers. Must be independent and enjoy other duties as would be appropriate with the placement of this ad. I am looking for someone who loves black cock and knows how to take care of black men and their needs. Must be very discreet and professional. Send resume, samples of professional skills, photo and any short narrative of your personal skills is a plus. You will be called for an interview upon the receipt of your information.

Looking for Admin in Colorado. Boulder black male exec needs to hire person to help with administrative duties and answering phones for small Boulder office. Looking for a female with the right personality to add some fun to my work day. This is a serious request for a woman interested in living out her fantasies of having a black boss to pleasure. Professionalism and discretion is required and shall be given in return. I'm an experienced swinger, so I know how to "play". Please contact for details and to setup interview.

SEEKING PROFESSIONAL FEMALES - PT / FT AVAILABLE. Promotional Ad Agency in Atlanta, GA seeks a graphic artist or sales professional (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY). Applicant must be attractive, intelligent professional, who is discreet but fully understands her obligations to her employer. Personality is a PLUS and serious inquires only. Please reply with a photo, your experience and availability.

Employer seeks an Administrative Assistant in Phialdelphia-surrounding suburbs. Position requires sultry/sex dress and the desire to please her boss. The candidate can be either single or married, however must be willing to work nights and possible attend business trips. Some office skills will be required, however for a positive, energetic and willing candidate training will be provided. Please contact me at the address listed below. Include a picture if possible. Serious Inquiries only

Handsome, dominant and 9'" hard boss needs a part-time WF submissive personal assistant to help with general office work in New York City. Excellent salary + benefits for the right slut. This is a unique opportunity with flexible hours, perfect for married or single working mom who likes to get out of home few hours a week have fun and make good money. Very discrete and upscale neighborhood.

Professional, demanding, "Type A" African-American man in my mid-30's, CFO of a mid-sized (500 employees) development company in the midwest. I have an opportunity in the clerical / office mgr area for the properly motivated individual. Skills are required and occasional late nights. This is a real opportunity - if interested email me.

Looking for an older woman as a sec in NE Ohio. Full perks if we agree. Dress must be classy.

I am looking for a Truck Driver. I am willing to buy the truck. Pay all upkeep, tags, and taxes. We will split the profits. I am looking for either a female driver or couple where the male drives. I am also willing to help with housing. Either renting you a place or financing one for you if you have credit problems.

Austin, Tx. area. 512. MWF seeks any duties for well endowed black boss, must earn at least $600 per week with if not all, most weekends off. I am 39, 5ft 8, 38-33-40, and can be bi also. Husband approves and has no problems with it.

Houston Engineering Company Adminstration/secretarial position for slim attractive open minded female. Boss is an intelligent, articulate, handsome African-American male that expects superior service. Outside sales position will also be available shortly. If interested, respond with resume and any other pertinent information.

I'm looking for a business partner. The person(s) I'm looking for will be ambitious, eager to embrace life, frustrated with thier internal conflicts, hard-working, and want to achieve independence. On my side, I've done the corporate management thing, the political appointee and activism thing and am sexually very experienced. I'm moving into the last third of my life. This third will focus on building organizations, social value and a secure future. As importantly, it will also be with people that, like me, have conflicts between my public and private personas. The skills I bring to the plate are technical (computer/mechanical/engineering), political, intellectual, organizational and a deep understanding of perversion and sexual dynamics. The skills I'm looking for are technical (finance/Public Relations/Marketing), social, intellectual, organizational with a deep need to be the focus of sexual interest and to satisfy. The person(s) I'm looking for will have strong needs. On the one hand a very strong need to be viewed as capable, valuable, achievement oriented and above all something of a 'pillar of the community' type. On the other hand a very very intense internal need to thow off all social constraints. Those I identify with are the folks that attend black tie events, but, have a full blown evening of slut use, kinky behaviour and perverse activity set up for later. As I contemplated this posting, the kind of thing that crossed my mind was something like this: in partnership we have built an outwardly respectable highly valuable business, perhaps not-for-profit, with a good reputation. At the same time we've built alliances with men or groups that have perverse and kinky needs. You would be used to meet those needs. An example may be that we've been very active in setting up a conference bringing together elements of the community to discuss an issue. During the arrangements we've enlisted the aid of say a dozen individulas or groups. Perhaps a sports star (Black of course) or two, and a few leaders of the local Black Chamber. What most at the event will not know is that you've been the 'recruiter' and that you've been required to use your body to enlist. I'm open to ideas of how and where and in what arenas to do this, but, my interests focus on areas such as cultural integration, old boats, politics, water quality and environmental issues. Organizationally we will construct the businesses such that ownership is equal. I would expect you to be a fully engaged partner in all facets of the business. Should this be of interest, do give me a call or drop me a note! Dennis 303-570-0280.

Tampa, FL. The notorious Salt n Peppa are looking for a housekeeper for light housework. Excellent pay and benefits for the right slut. This is a super opportunity with flexible days, perfect for married or single working mom or college girl to get out of the house and make some extra money. Very discrete and upscale neighborhood. Your discretion is assured!

Startup Internet company President needs a data entry clerk who can keep my disorganized mess in order and provide pleasures that I have been missing for the past 10 years. Position would be part time at first. Compensation would be a 1 bedroom apartment in the second richest county in the US. Personal duties would be at the apartment. Office work would be 100% straight. When the company takes off -- you would get a full time position and a very nice salary and benefit package. To start you would have 2 jobs. My part time + another part time job. If you work as a waitress or bartender here you can make $300 to $900 a night, part time. (Full time is not an option - too many people for the jobs). If you work out with me, and the company takes off -- you will be set for life. Major pluses. 1) We survived the first year. 2) Nobody else in the world has a system like mine, except Disney. Is there risk -- hell yes! I've got $500,000 into this. If it goes bust - I'm fucked.

Black male on the northside of Chicago seeks maid for northside apartment starting 04/23/02. I am looking for an individual who will dress sexy, hose, heels, skirts etc and clean my place and enjoy mutual sexual stimulation. Solid part-time position in very laid back atmosphere. If interested email asap for consideration. If possible send pic but detailed description is fine as well. Basic cleaning duties, no heavy work. Easy money for the right individual.

Looking for 1 to 2 females for part time work in Tucson Az., to attend real estate auctions and bid on houses. The auctions are held in the daytime, normally around 1130. Looking for petite females with nice asses, you will also be required to service me. You will be well compensated for your services. This is perfect for stay at home moms.

MWF looking for employment preferably in a warehouse with a nice hung black supervisor and would be willing to work late (wink-wink) from time to time. Have about 15 yrs experience in warehouse and I live in the north central part of Mississippi. If there are any openings out there in this line of business please contact me.

I am a 6ft blondish red haired big beautiful woman, I am very much into interracial sex and will please you in any way necessary.. I am currently seeking employment, at this time any type of employment will do. I have 13 years of customer service type experience working for the railroad, a cell phone company and a retail type store, I have taught myself webdesign and know the basics and great with computer, if I dont know it I can figure it out. I am 32, divorced have two biracial kids and in need of employment to support my kids, I have also have made amatuer videos of myself with black lovers and have sold them and also enjoy being photographed and videotaped.. if you are willing to relocate me and my kids I will be glad to move to your area and also will be glad to service you in any way.. If you need a live in to take care of you and your home or help you out in your business or if you like to team up and build a hot website displaying our interracial lust then come on hit me up. You can also see more of me at My Website . Only professional financially secure men who desire a bbw white lover please apply.


Phoenix, AZ. Sexy 48 Year Old MWF, Full-Time Professionally Employed now, would like to consider "Offers of Employment" from Black Bosses in the Phoenix area. Seeking Salary in the $38,000 to $40,000 range. Will consider a Base Salary with a "Bonus" Program that is paid weekly. Prefer West Valley Location, but will seriously consider all offers from around the valley. In return, You will be receiving an employee who is professional, attractive, sexy and with very good office skills. Would be willing to Dress Provacative or Very Professional while at Work (You Decide) and would be More than Willing to work out a "Bonus" program. Will complete All job duties assigned by You. If there are any Phoenix, AZ Black Bosses Seeking a Dedicated Employee, Please Contact Me. Please be for REAL if responding ....... I am.

I need to get my wife a job in the Nashville Area!! Very well educated with Law Degree. 44 Years old, classy Blonde! Over 15 years in Law and Insurance experience. Will make you an excellent employee! Available for travel too!


Part time position available in sales with duties as a personal assistant in a service oriented business. Sales postion, involves selling of health and fitness programs via phone, email, or personal webpage. Personal assistant duties require that you be people oriented, polite, and professional, will be the voice of the coorporation when dealing with customers. Also must be willing to organize events both from home and on the road. This job requires no office time but a self motivated individual is of the utmost importance. Recieve 10% commission for individual sales. Time spent as personal assistant will be periodic with travel to different locations primarily in the south east. Bonus structure for landing major business. For more information contact this email, with qualifications, and describe why you would be perfect for this postion.

SW Missouri Sbm currently runs an adult companionship business looking for Females to earn money and have a lot of fun. Willing to pay for relocating the right female and I’m looking for someone with a lot of brains as well as looks and most importantly like to have sex with a strong black man on a daily basis. Open-minded and sweet is a must but an ability and desire to please and be pleased is required. There have been alot of inquires however due to a hard drive crash i have to start over so if you have sent me an email please send it again.

MWF in AZ seeks position. My wife is 36 years old, petite and sexy. She's currently out of work after losing her job due to layoffs. She would be interested in a position with a gracious and kind boss.. preferably attractive (black or white). In return, she is willing to give you a special benefit plan of her own and will even help with your coworkers/clients. She has done this previously with another boss and some other executives. She's looking for a position in the Scottsdale, AZ area. You should not mention this ad... just interview her and you'll see how hot she is.

Looking for a weekend job filled with travel? A job that asks little except for a few hours during the day to assist a rare book seller and to entertain only black male clients in New York, Jamacia and LA. I am looking for an attractive intelligent white woman, girl next door type ages 25-45. Fun, Travel and an opportunity to let your dreams and fantasies come true. I'm sure the money helps too.

Professional, 32 year old, MWF in Cincinnati, OH area seeking full time employment for a well hung, black man. Very serious, so no BS! Willing to travel and stay after hours (wink, wink). Need black cock on a regular basis. My small peckered husband has given me the OK to do this, so if a good opportunity is put before me, I will gladly accept. Please email me with your available position, job description, and some photos of yourself for my consideration. I will supply better photos of myself and more information if I find you are very serious about this.


Tall BM looking for sexy WF/MWF to assist with my Real Estate business in Pittsburgh PA. She will make appointments, assist with showing homes. Must be good at oral.... and good phone skills.

MWF seeking job in St.Petersburg, FL and surrounding area. I am seeking fun and employment, where I can dress as I please (as you allow) and not offend any prudes. I am 5'10" and 135 lbs. I have firm breasts and large, always erect nipples. I have long, firm, smooth and tan legs that I like to show off. I keep my pussy shaved smooth all the time. My ass is perfectly shaped and my tight skirts sculpt around it and my flair skirts go out just enough to cover the tops of my stockings when I walk. I like to wear sheer tops with a sexy bra (or maybe no bra), short skirts and dresses, tight tops, loose low cut tops, garter belts, stockings and thigh highs w/ lace tops. My skirts are usually short enough that when I sit, at the very least my lace stocking tops show-sometimes much more. I do not like to wear panties, but I do have to sometimes, as my cunt gets very wet (dripping), when I get horny. I love high heels as they accentuate my legs and ass. I would love to give sensuous massages to people in the office or just do a little dance now and then. I want to be able to dress and act sexy and make you cum in your pants. I want to be able to put my long legs up on the desk and play with my self and sometimes get "caught", if permissible. I am also a voyeur and may like to catch you sometime. If you need an escort to a function (business dress, sexy, or very hot) I would love to do so. Touch is out, but everything up to that is open. I have several degrees and have worked in many different fields. I am very versatile and able to do most things or learn quickly. I am able to close large business deals or just be the eye candy to make it easier for you. I will be available for interviews the first part of July.

Free interracial intercourse, oral copulation, sucking, fucking, fornicating, lust while having FUN!!! DRIVING FOR DOLLARS!!! Attention: All horny, white housewives, college students, grandmothers, soccor moms, retirees, etc. in the Greater Birmingham/Alabama, Greater Huntsville/Alabama, Greater Montgomery/Alabama, and all areas in the Central East Mississippi locale: Like to drive? 39 year old tall, dark, noble, handsome/hung, professional, educated, charming, suave, discreet, articulate, polished, black gentleman with a taut, black stallion body for your discreet pleasure and for you to enjoy seeks fun loving white female to work (full time/part time) peforming very easy to do, fill-in-the-blank form type of real estate related work. Basically, you will be conducting simple, drive-by property surveys in your area (within 60 mile radius). Compensation is $15 per hour, payable bi-weekly. You will be an Independent Contractor, responsible for your own taxes (your car is your office, thus you can claim an IRS deduction for using your car to work, it is a business expense). My company has a number of contracts with banks, mortgage companies, credit card and home/auto insurance companies who are in constant need of of informal on-site property inspections. The following is an abstract of the position/job: If you can drive, you can earn $15 per hour and enjoy the freedom you've always wanted.... most jobs take 10 - 15 minutes and are drive-by property checks........ work your own hours/schedule (if you can drive, you're in business). Other "work" (smile) required of you will be to suck and/or fuck me before you begin your day (8:30 - 9:30) when I give you your daily work assignments, and at the end of the your day (3:30 - 4:30) when I pick up your completed property surveys. Both of our daily "meatings" will take place at a predetermined usually a motel/hotel parking lot where, time permitting, as well as your personal schedule and mine, you will either suck me off in the front/backseat of my/your car, or we will get a room where we will suck/fuck each other (in between conversation) for 2-3 hours. My last white girl relocated to California where her husband was transferred by his job, so now I am in need of a new assistant. Brief interview required (in between my explaining the job to you, reviewing the paperwork, my showing you how to fill out forms, us preparing a "mock" survey where we will go over everything together, your filling out a tax form (1099) etc,) your cocksucking skills will be evaluated, as well as the wetness/moistness of your cunt, along with your personality and conversational skills. Looks, size, age appearance don't matter, just the desire to feel a juicy black cock grow to a rock hard nine inches between your hot lips deep down your throat and in your mouth or drilling balls-deep long, hard, deep, good and often inside your wet pussy. Seasoned, white grandmother-type (50 - 60) mature mom (40 - 50) or 35+ white housewife preferred, 25 - 25 white female OK. Anyway, here's a pic of me so you will know what you will be getting (in and out of bed... in and out of the car). Enjoy, but the real thing is much better. Serious replys only.


Washington, DC. Black DC power broker looking for a discrete summer intern to assist communications director of a national association just blocks away from the Whitehouse. Although the internship starts off as a non-paid position, it may very well evolve into a paid communications assistant position quite soon. With both positions, the experience, resources, and contacts to be made are invaluable. Occasional travel across country to attend seminars and conferences and having lunch at the Whitehouse, or the National Press Club with national news personalities are just a few of the perks.

Duties of both positions would include assisting the communications director with management of DC and national media contact lists, assisting the director with the logistics of holding press conferences, congressional briefings, making copies, stuffing envelopes and media kits, helping to schedule appearances on national TV news shows and managing list and databases in your own office with a great view. Hours are very flexible for the intern. And when, or if, you become the communications assistant, hours are just from 9-5 or 10-6 and the office is walking distance to a Metro station. Basic secretarial/computer skills are all that are needed. As well as an ability to service the director sexually on occasion. A hot and steamy session on top of the conference table is a great way to end the week. :) If interested, feel free to call me between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm Eastern Time at 202-285-0788 or e-mail me with a pic. Either way, be sure to mention this ad. Needless to say, there will be many applicants, but I am giving extra special consideration to those who respond to this particular ad. To be blunt, if you want this opportunity and are willing to do the above, the position(s) already has you name on it.


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I own a newly established sports apparel company located in the Washington DC, metropolitain area, to include Maryland and Virginia. Due to the recent growth in our product line, customer base, we now have increased opportunities for serious accomodating white females. You must be extremely open to new ideas, possibly some travel, and benefits. Must be able to demonstrate both office and personal skills. We have a need for retail store managers and national sales reps and customer service administrative positions. Openings are immediate. Please send resume, photo and complete discriptions of your skills and capabilities.

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Wife needs job... it must be secretive though. She is easily seduced. Anywhere in the Dayton area.

SEEKING ANY AVAILABLE JOB OPPORTUNITY!! Multi-Talented, Fast Learner - MWF 43 w/nice body, great pussy - available for 35-40 hr week employment in central North Carolina region (Charlotte, Statesville, Winston, Greensboro, High Point). Prefer 3-4 day work week, willing to put in long hrs daily. Limited weekends and travel are possible. I am fine with sexy dress codes and so on. I have family so discretion is required. Husband approves and will assist in working out the details. I am a non smoker/social drinker, clean D/D free and on the pill for your enjoyment. I only swing w/ black gentlemen, and yes I will do your friends, business partners, employees and more w/ proof of them being STD free!! And will only consider offers of optimum pay!! I also WILL NOT correspond w/ anyone who doesn't email me a phone number in your first email (cell phone is fine)!! I am 4REAL and seeking REAL employment (you know-with W2's)!! So if you are 4REAL also you won't have a problem with this (I'M NOT INTO GAMES)!! Also request that you include in your first email some basic info as to the job description, hours, pay etc... (generic info ok as I try to be "flexible"). Please email me right away as I am interested in starting a new and exciting job ASAP!!

Small but successful black owned Human Resources consulting company in Toledo, Ohio is seeking an attractive white female to be the Executive Assistant to the President of the company. The successful applicant must have great computer skills, great oral and written communication skills and have worked in a major corporate oragnization. The Executive Assistant must be able to travel with the President and help him prepared materials needed to support client presentations as well as assist in developing business proposals.

Large medical billing firm in South Florida looking for a that special personal assistant willing to go the extra mile for the clients, as well as select group in the office. Must have great phone voice and strong computer skills. You should enjoy teasing and taunting the boss with provacative dressing on your part. You should enjoy wearing sexy clothing in the office. We do require a committment to the job with honesty and interegity. Compensation includes but not limited to salary, bonuses (rewards for special duties), full benefits package as well as company car. Frequent trips to Bahamas on company yacht will also be required monthly. You will assist guests / clients while they are in town and escort them when required. If interested in knowing more please forward a current resume, (2) CURRENT photos of you with at least one showing full body shot (in and out of business attire), your available times to begin, and a brief reason why you think you are the right woman for the job.