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Dear Rebecca,

Thanks for starting your column in the Dark Cavern. Over the years my husband has been trying to get me to try a black man. We've been reading the stories and looking at the pictures for years and it turns me on to no end to think about and fantasize about it. Often when the kids are at school and my husband is out of the house, I fantasize about it all day long and play with myself imagining how it would be. Of course my conscience says all these stories are isolated things and not everyone is like this. I'm also happily married, work as a part time accountant and have three daughters. I'm now 38 and work out trying to stay young and look young should the chance ever come to try this out. My family and work are very important to me and doing this could ruin everything. Lately my husband has been pushing me to try it. I just don't know if I could do it or where to begin?

I wanted to mention again that I am so happy you started this column as I have followed your stories and your website, rebeccasoffice.com. Your photos are very real and you look like a person who has gone through the dilemma that I am dealing with right now.

Please Help.

Your Fellow MILF in Chicago, Linda

Dear Linda,

Thanks for your letter and I am glad you were the first to write me. Let me just say that while I recommend that everyone do this at their own speed, you seem ready. I debated this for 5 years and when I finally went for it, I was so mad that I waited five years. This is a joint venture so I recommend that you work closely on this with your husband. Describe what you are looking for (young/old, hard body/athletic body/big body/etc.) and make sure you both understand this. If your husband wants to see it as much as you want to do it, it is better if you both work equally hard at it.

I'd search the Dark Cavern want ads in Chicago. If you find a guy that looks good, ask for photos and references. For your first time, you want someone who has done this before. Also for your safety it's like choosing a babysitter, you'll want references. Just like you want to know your baby sitter won't kidnap your kids, you'll want to know your new stud lover has plenty of other satisfied MILFs around the area. Most women who have taken on a black lover are very understanding of your situation and as a fraternity we are always willing to share and help. I myself had two women who have websites share their own personal recommendations of guys from their video clips and photo galleries. I even met one girl at our local Starbucks to discuss it. To this day, these guys were/are of my favorites and my friends. So a good reference is always important for your own personal security and peace of mind.

Just like the first time you had sex, you want this to be a memorable experience. So this time, do some planning or have your husband plan or time it all out for you. I was a nervous wreck and almost got too drunk. Needless to say, it was like riding a bike because as soon as I saw that black body it took me five minutes to get that cock undressed and in my mouth.

Linda, I wish you the best of luck and thanks for writing. It is always nice to hear from other moms out there. I suspect that there are many other middle class families out there undergoing the same debate you have in your head about these fantasies.



Dear Rebecca,

May I ask - what does 'MILF' stand for?


Good question Vicky. Quite literally it means "Mom I (would) Like to Fuck". The term had been around for a while but was made famous in the movie, "American Pie" in reference to Stiffler's mom who was this older lady that the young boys liked.

The other term that has been around for a while is 'cougar' which refers to an older woman who "preys" on younger men, so a MILF is a subset as a MILF can be attractive to anyone and is of any age and can be attractive to both old and young. What makes her hot is that she has had children and is "still attractive" to others.

The term MILF has even become a big niche to describe a large genre of pornography on the Internet for pornography films and sites featuring moms mostly between the ages of 35 and 50. There are even many sub genres around such as Lesbian MILFs, Gang Bang MILFs, Cheating MILFs, and the category that I am most associated with: The Interracial MILF which is about Married Moms, who are so bored with their "Nuclear Family" life that they go off and find their hot black stud outside of the marriage.

I hope that helps!



Dear Rebecca,

I am so glad you decided to have your own column on Dark Cavern. I have a question for you as I am a cuckold. About two years ago my wife started going out and seeking black men, fucking them and then coming home when I am asleep and depositing all their seed onto my face as it drips out of her pussy. She then spanks me until I swallow every last drop. It was gross but after a while I've gotten used to it and don't complain. Other than this, we have a healthy marriage like you and I just love her to death and won't leave her despite the fact that she has been sleeping around with other men.

The other week she left for three days with this guy and then came back with a stretched out pussy and writings over her pussy saying that I could no longer fuck her as it didn't belong to me anymore. It turned me on. Am I just getting used to it?

Tell me, is this normal? Since you are also in a cuckold relationship, I thought you could tell me.

Gus in Kalamazoo

Dear Gus,

First, let's get some definitions. Cuckold has taken on many new meanings lately. According to wikipedia, the term has acquired additional meanings within certain sub-cultures, referring to couples wherein the female is dominant and she takes on additional partners, while the male takes on a submissive role where he is monogamous to her, or only becoming involved sexually when it is felt to be emotionally supportive of her and her lover, or remaining altogether chaste. A man who fetishizes this situation is often referred to in the sub-culture as a "cuck".

Cuckolding among female-dominant couples differs from the original definition of cuckolding in that many of these men are voluntarily cuckolded by their wives, sometimes as part of the husband's sexual fantasy and sometimes because they gain genuine sexual arousal through being humiliated by his wife being better sexually fulfilled with a potentially superior male. In some cases the husband may instigate and nurture his wife's sexual infidelity, raising the question of who is truly the dominant partner. This is a common theme in letters to erotica magazines and online sites which focus on cuckoldry.

So in this case, I am not in a cuckold relationship because my husband and I are basically swingers who seek something alternative outside our marriage. He gets the blonde cheerleader types that I am not and I get the black studs who like to take control. That said we are not cheating as we do everything with permission from each other.

For me the interracial lifestyle is a true contrast to my real world where I run part of my office, give orders all day long and come home to my husband who plays an equal partnership in our marriage. In the interracial lifestyle I get to sit back and let the men make decisions for me and I get to have totally reckless sex.

So Gus, what I am saying is yes your relationship is normal if you are getting something out of it. In your case, your wife is acting out fantasies that you alone can't give her and you are getting a wonderful wife in return.

My husband says that I get sexier and that watching me have sex with my lovers is the biggest turn-on. He always knows I'm looking for black cock and is not threatened one bit. It is true and as long as my husband is okay with it, I'm also okay with it.

Gus, good luck and give love a chance I always say.



Hi Rebecca.

My name is Rodger. I'm a 54-year-old DWM from SE Wisconsin. I was married to a woman for 10 years who developed a love for BBC as a result of our swinger lifestyle and, for years, had a couple of black boyfriends that she would have come to our home for sexual enjoyment. I encouraged her to do this and I found that it was a source of great enjoyment for myself as well to watch her with her black lovers. To me there was, and still is, no more stimulating experience than the sight of a well-hung black stud fucking a white woman.

Eventually my ex-wife began to see her black lovers alone with my blessing. As long as she would still have sex with them in my presence from time to time, I had no problem with it, however as things progressed she eventually decided that she preferred I not be around any more and when she lost interest entirely in having sex with me she asked for a divorce. Of course, I wanted her to be happy and understood her desires so we parted amicably and are still good friends. The problem is that she will no longer ever allow me to be present when she is with one of her lovers even though I have begged her to allow it occasionally.

The problem for me is that now, having experienced this, I am essentially obsessed with wanting to watch white women with black men in person. I have a lot of interracial porn, and do enjoy watching it, however it does nothing for me in comparison to the excitement of being in the same room with a couple. I have developed what I would say is a huge fetish for watching an interracial couple live and in person and I am nearly desperate to experience this again. I have advertised on a couple of alternative adult dating sites but am having no luck. I have even stated my willingness to engage in limited cuckolding activities in the hope this might help me find someone willing to allow me to sit in. I am willing, although I am most certainly straight, to handle a black cock and even perform fellatio in order to help prepare a black stud for sex with a woman.

I wondered if you might have any other suggestions that would assist me in finding women or couples that would allow me to be a viewing participant. I am willing to try most anything and would love to hear your thoughts on what I might do. Thank you.


Thanks for your note. I am sorry your experience ended in a divorce, but it leads me to believe that you loved your wife so much and understood her needs so much that you let her have what she needed. While I know this is not your question, I do want to take some time out to all those in your situation that for those women in the interracial MILF lifestyle that you need to make sure everyone understands each other's needs. My husband and I are in the same situation as you used to be. He knows that I am always looking for black cocks who will lust after me. I know that my black studs want a hot experience from a middle class educated working mom. And most importantly, both my lovers and I know that my husband likes to be the voyeur up to a point.

It seems like the third part of that equation was lost in translation as your role in the lifestyle changed over time. My husband still ocasionally comes along, but he likes to either hear stories or watch video of my encounters. Occasionally he will hang out and watch before leaving me alone. He says he doesn't even have the voyeur stamina to watch me more that 45 minutes.

I also learned that he wants time to let loose and give these men anything and everything within reason and knows that will only happen if he is not there so that I can relax alone with my lovers.

That said, and in answer to your question, you need to find women or a woman who is looking for or needs something from you and can give you what you want. You said that you are posting ads. What I might suggest is that you read the ads instead. Befriend some of the single Caucasian women out there who are seeking black men. As a single male you can offer them a couple things. You can help act as a liaison between the black lover and the single woman. Additionally you can act as added security. For me, my husband is my emergency contact and knows where I am at all times. If anything were to happen, he knows who I was last with and where.

You can provide this with single women (security). If you can build platonic trust with these women in exchange for some voyeurism and maybe some video, that might be something a lot of single women might prefer rather than meeting a black lover all alone the first time and finding that they have been snookered. Act as their security blanket and liaison in their desires in exchange for being allowed to monitor and observe their experiences. The fact that the videos do nothing for you is a sign to me that you need to have some sort of attraction or affiliation with the woman so make sure you can see some of that action when you find your next mate.

I know this isn't what you are looking for, but you can always follow me or another girl online that suits your fancy and develop an online relationship by which you can observe their actions and live vicariously as a fly on the wall.

I hope that answers your questions and give you some ideas.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca.

What turns me on is watching you take it bare and letting these guys plant their black seed deep in your womb. That is so hot that these men get to mark you as their property. Do you worry about getting pregnant? I noticed you used to have them wear condoms but in some of your videos I see you taking them bare and begging for them to come deep inside you. How would you handle this? How is it handled in the industry?

Curious Carl in the Carolinas

Dear Curious,

You are right, I have been taking more bare black cock. It just feels so good and I can't control myself. I just love feeling their powerful bursts deep inside me. It is such an intimate thing to have them penetrate deep inside me and letting their cocks touch places that have never been touched before. I use birth control so getting pregnant isn't a fear. I do worry more about STDs so I have all of my men tested with AIM (medical testing organization used by many professionals) and they provide me with documentation beforehand and it makes the sex more spontaneous. I also get regularly tested and my men feel comfortable that this little slut is a clean one.

When I make love to my black lovers, there are no secrets, barriers or other obstacles between us! I hope it shows.

Love Rebecca


Hi Rebecca.

This is Silly Philly here. I know this is the simple question, but I've been following you for a long time and I want your perspective on the statement: "Once you go black, you never go back". Is it true? I've always thought I'd like my wife to try, but if this is absolutely true, I don't want to regret it. What is your take on this popular lifestyle statement? When I see your videos, I just imagine being your husband and seeing the pleasure you get, I just can't imagine how you'd really want anything else.

Well Phil,

As you probably guessed, it isn't an easy answer, but I guess I can give you my perspective. As someone who has gone black, I have gone back to my husband for sexual pleasure. It is different though from the incredible sex I get with my black lovers. They are bigger, stronger, nastier and very intense and it definitely is hotter and better sex than I get from my husband, but I just couldn't do that every day. My husband and I talk about this all the time. He recently asked what would happen if he had to go off and fight in the war and was gone for a year and left me to take care of the family alone. I confessed there is no way I could go without my black lovers. I need them and am so addicted to it. I need to have them as long as they will have me. Besides, my lovers don't want a wife that cleans up after them and nags them to clean the dishes. What they want is a woman who will give her body to them whenever they feel the urge to fill me up with their gorgeous cocks.

So I guess the question is what is meant by "Never go back". If it is asking if I'd never go back to my husband, then the answer is no, I will go back to my husband..... BUT if the question is "will I never go back to a life without black cock", the answer is yes. I need black cock until the day I die. It is what every woman must have to keep her satisfied!

I hope that answers that eternal question!

Love Rebecca



I have been a fan of your videos and website. You are such a real person that I can fantasize about. What I want to know is if you think that black lovers are superior to white lovers like your husband? If so, why? Greg in Los Angeles.

Dear Greg,

I can safely say that on the whole and based upon my experiences alone, there is nothing better than a large black body pounding me through the floor and poking me with their larger than average cocks.

So if you are asking if I prefer, larger, darker, thicker and longer dark cocks over average white cocks, the answer is yes.

These guys also have great stamina and oral skills. When I am with a black man they just take charge of a room and make me get so hot. I just have never felt that way about my husband or most white guys. These guys are so strong and when they take charge, I just melt under their control. I've never been in the different sexual positions with anyone other than my black lovers. Their strength allows for many different positions and great aerobic exercise.

Thanks for your questions Greg. I hope I answered them all.

Kisses, Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

I saw your latest video, Black in Back, and I love the way you give yourself to the black man. But this video is da bomb. I've seen white fillies take black in their ass, but your booty is made for black dick. Tell us baby. Why do you let the black man take your ass. How much do you love it. We know you love it black in the ass because it shows. Keep up the good work.

Yours Truly,

Jack in your Crack.

Dear Jack,

I love your handle! Does it really show that much? Oh yes, black cock in my ass is never something I imagined I'd ever do. Having something so large in my ass is amazing and I am so fortunate that I can take it. Having large black cocks in your ass though is the only way to go. I had another husband try it on me once and while his cock was long, it was really thin and didn't feel so good. I really needed something thick in my ass. I also love the weight of a bigger man's body on me. In fact I think I enjoy it more in my ass than my vagina sometimes. The first time I ever took it there, they had to get me a little drunk. I remember being stunned at first and begging them to not do it, telling them I didn't want it there. It hurt at first but once I loosened up, I didn't ever want it to stop. As for the sheer hardness of taking it in my ass, all I can say is get the best lube. If you like an enema, this is just as good. No wait... its better.



Long time fan here! Your latest video Black in Back is awesome. It is so real the way Billy pushes you down and shoves it deep inside your ass and fucks you like he's fucking your pussy. I've fucked many girls anal and nobody takes it that hard like that. Your cries and moans are half pleasUre and half sorrow that you can't believe you are such a slut.

What gets me is that when I first found you, I loved that dominating strong business slut and now you've turned into this submissive whore for black cock. It has been a truly fascinating experiment to watch this strong business woman get dominated by these black bodies. My question is: Are you more of a dominant lover or a submissive lover?


The Don of Manhattan

Dear Don,

Truth be told I'm a little of both. At work and at home with my family I am a dominating and controlling personality. It is the way I keep in control of my life and keep it in complete order.

But I have found that when I do that all day, sometimes i just want to let go and have someone else direct my actions and take responsibility for my pleasure. Most of my lovers are young single black men who want a woman who will listen and do as they say and are willing to give them everything they desire. I am more than happy to fill that role. So in that way I definitely enjoy being their submissive.

Yours submissively,



Lovely Rebecca,

I know you've probably been asked my question a million times, but I just found your Website, and am just devouring every photo, video clip and DVD that you have on the site. You are simply amazing. I don't know why your husband shares you with other men, but tell him a big thanks!

So here's my question. How big is the largest cock you've ever taken and was it the best? I'm guessing it was black.

Kevin in Carlsbad

Dear Kevin,

First, thank you so much for the lovely complements and I am so glad that you are enjoying my site. Like you, my husband enjoys watching me show off, so he is always going to be the head of my fan club and every gal needs a good head of her fan club to let you all know where I can be found.

Well I never measure my guys (do you know the cup size of every woman?), but one gentleman in particular is a semi professional. His name is Richard Mann and you can see our encounter in my first downloadable DVD, Rebecca's Day Off.

Of course, as I always say, it isn't all about size. It's about the man behind the cock, the way he treats me, the way he takes charge, and the way he speaks. It's the complete package. And when it comes to the cock, the optimal cock is not only long, but has some girth and has a nice bend to it as well. And yes, color does matter. I love chocolate bcause I have a sweet tooth!




I had my girl friend watch "Gets wet" vid with me several times... she now is willing to try a black partner... she says there is no mistaking, as a female observer, that the orgasms in that scene are real and extremely intense. I told her I had read where you said you are addicted.. she believes it was that experience that night that did it or at least made it official.... is she right ? You are Gorgeous by the way.

Bill and Judy

Chicago 'Burbs

Dear Bill and Judy,

Actually, I have been addicted since the first time I was really touched by a black man back in 2003. But yes, all my orgasms are real. I'm just not a good actress. Nor can I imagine ever having sex and having to fake it. What you see in my videos are true encounters that my lovers agree to let me tape because they would prefer that my husband not be there to watch, so we just tape them for him to see at another time. In fact, I prefer not having my sex around my husband either as you saw in the Get's Wet video clip.

These days I don't tell my husband about my encounters until after I've had them. I just don't want him to be wanting to see me every time. I just show him a new video every time after I've spent some time with my lover. Because my work hours get me off earlier, I am able to see my lovers often before coming home. I am so addicted.

It just seems so natural. There is no mistaking the fact that once you've tried something like this you just can't stop. It feels so good to have uninhibited sex with gorgeous bmen.




Hi Rebecca !

Long time fan here. I am wondering about trying to convince my wife why she should fuck black guys. I know there are many obvious benefits, but have you discovered any special secrets that most of us don't think of? Have you learned anything special that you either think is interesting or funny?

Brandon the Promoter

Dear Brandon,

There are so many great things about the lifestyle I just don't know where to begin. I guess the obvious benefit of the variety of lovers, the huge array or selection of huge black cocks, and my increased desire for sex are the obvious benefits.

Everyone is different, but for me there have been so many things I've learned or enjoyed over the last 5 years:

1. Anal sex is sooo good.
2. I feel so much better and confident about my appearance naked in front of other men.
3. I've made many new friends.
4. Most men keep their sox on because they don't want to show their feet!
5. My husband knows me better than I know myself.
6. I like sex hard and I'm not scared to be dominated.
7. I love being DP'ed and having multile lovers.
8. I love sex more than ever.
9. I'm more into bondage than ever.
10. Women are good lovers, but there is nothing like a hot cock inside you.
11.I never thought I'd be naked on the Las Vegas Strip.
12. I never thought I'd strip at a gentleman's club on a stage.
13. I never thought I'd fuck 8 men over 2 days and none would be my husband.

I think those are some pretty true benefits to me and I'm sure many would agree.





I am so glad your husband wrote that note in Black Magic Moments last week so I could discover all about you and your ASK A MILF column. I've since become a member and love every minute of watching how such a great looking woman turns into such a slave to black cock. It is the best porn on the web. My question is if this has ever caused a problem in your relationship with your husband. Have you ever fallen for a guy? I know it says you find something different with your husband, but I can't believe that the sex in your videos isn't without some kind of true emotion.

Come on Rebecca, tell us what you feel!

Louis in Cincinnati

Dear Louis,

Yes this hobby is not without its hard times. My husband is definitely open to sharing me and is not at all concerned about my having feelings for guys. The only times when he and I argue is when he believes my lovers aren't giving my marriage and me enough respect. No matter what happens, I have a husband and a family and I will always have that duty. That doesn't mean I can't go off to a vacation with my lovers. It just means that these guys need to know I have to go back at some point. I did have one lover who wanted me to leave my husband and move away with him. I wasn't going to move away, but I still wanted to see him. My husband was wary of this guy and his lack of respect for his marriage and the tone of his voice so we broke it off.

That said, you are right. My emotions for these guys is true. The cocks, the nasty dirty talk, the kissing, the multiple guys, the anal sex are raw hot sexual situations that a gal like me would never see in everyday life, but now when I get them, I can't stop the incredible sex and orgasms that I've experienced. Yes, the sex is better than everyday normal married sex, but that is just normal, right?

I'm glad to have you as a member. Enjoy!



Dear Rebecca,

I've been a huge fan of the site for about 2 years and I think you're extremely beautiful. I would love to know an honest answer to one of my questions.

If you had 2 men, one white and one black, all things equal (same height, weight, muscularity, cock size, attractiveness, etc.) which man would you rather have sex with and why? I would love to know your honest answer, not your politically correct answer. You definitely wouldn't lose me as a fan either way. And no, you can't have sex with both of them, lol.

Joe D

Dear Joe,

First, thanks for being a great fan of Rebecca's Office.

That's such an easy one for me. It would definitely be the black gentleman. Why? I guess for many reasons I love contrast in all facets of life. I love the contrast of skin color on me. I love contrasts in all designs. Just the same, I love the contrast from what I get every day. I have a white lover at home every day, so if I had to choose another man, I'd choose one that I don't enjoy every day.

As they say, the mixing of flavors brings out the robustness of the experience and for me, there is no doubt that I'd choose a black man over a white man any day of the week.



Dear Rebecca,

My wife sent you an email a few days ago... some day last week... I'm not sure if you have had time to respond or not...

She showed me your site... I am not even sure how she came across it, but we both think you are very attractive, and are very interested in your "story", as you seem to parallel our "story".

We are about the same age, and she is VERY sexual, and has always been that way. She is the horniest woman I've ever come across. She has a "thing" for black guys... though she has a thing for ALL guys, it seems that she has more of a thing for black guys (it seems you do as well, based on your videos).

I think it's hot that she is so sexual, and she is so good at all things sexual, that she should enjoy herself to the fullest. It would certainly turn me on to watch her do so, but if on occasion I couldn't be there, she would be free to enjoy herself, as long as it was safe. Video footage of everything, only seems to be a turn on, if I for some reason can't be there.

We were wondering how you felt about it at first, and how you decided to actually have other men? Kim has only met one guy, and only had an oral experience with him, without ever following through with the entire process. She met a guy when she was out with the girls one night, and really hit it off with him. She totally is into him, and he into her, but she has yet to "take the plunge". Once you did, how did you feel, and did it impact your marriage? Or I should say, HOW did it impact your marriage? Have you met guys and fallen "in love" with them, to the point that it may have an impact on your marriage? We want to have fun, but we have been married 16 years, and don't want to do anything to risk it of course.... as I'm sure you do not want to risk your marriage. When you decided to do this, did you WANT your husband to be there, or did you feel better if he was not? She is on the fence about that, and I personally wonder if she would feel more comfortable to enjoy herself, if I was not there.

Anyhow... We seem to think that you are sincere in the "story" of your website, and just wanted to reach out to you for some advice about whether or not to go down the seemingly same path as you. If you have time to correspond, and provide ANY feedback or advice, we would be very appreciative.... this is territory we are not as familiar with as you are.

Thanks beautiful,


Charlotte, NC

One last question she had, was.... it seems to be true about the "size" with black guys.... and the fact that " once you go black...." In your opinion, is it true??

Dear Jim and Kim,

Yes you and your wife are where I was 5 years ago.

Like all people I was nervous but once I had his cock inside me and I wasn't feeling guilt the next day, I knew I wanted more. I allso wanted to make sure my husband was okay with it. I was worried he would get hurt but I've learned over the past 5 years that he is a strong man who is confident about our relationship.

It has enhanced my marriage. My husband enjoys having a wife that is insatiable and can turn on other men. He loves watching me satisfy other men either live or on video. It has brought us closer together because letting me be with other men requires a lot of trust.

Yes, I fall "in love" with all my men. Notice that I don't fuck my men. I make love to them. It is hard to do that with my husband there so that is why I don't let him come with me usually. My husband noticed that I let loose when he wasn't around so if I'm with someone he knows, then I sometimes meet them alone.

I've answered the size thing many times. Its not just length but girth. I am more into the guy as a whole and the curve of the cock is what turns me on the most. I think for me once you go black.... You always go back for more of eveything. I always want more of anything I can get. Black makes me even more horny.

I hope this answers your questions.



Dear Rebecca,

Congratulations on your upcoming 5th year anniversary on the Web. It is amazing as I remember chatting with your husband before you came on the Web and he showed us photos, but said he said he was losing faith that he'd ever get you to become a hot wife.

Then one day he got the breakthrough, got you to become a Dreamgirl and then the rest has been history.

My questions for you are: Did you ever dream you'd do this? What surprises you that you didn't expect about your lifestyle? What keeps you going after 5 years?

Your Fan,

Robby Loves your Hobby

Dear Robby,

Well no I never thought I'd do this. And it has been an evolution. I mean I could have just taken a few photos and never put them online, but initially it was a test because I told my husband nobody wanted to see me naked. He begged to differ. We put some photos up, I got good comments and now I love hearing in all the emails at night how men find me attractive and love seeing me naked. It is quite flattering.

What surprises me? Well first that I'm still doing this after 5 years. Second, that I've never missed a weekly update in 5 years and most of all, believe it or not, that I'd be fucking so many gorgeous black guys. Posing nude was one thing. Sleeping with other men was another, but finding some black lovers who would take me back to their place and fuck me as well as to do it on film, I just never imagined how thrilling that would be.

What keeps me going? All that black cock and all your wonderful comments. I do it for the cock and the compliments. There is nothing better than what you all give me.



Dear Rebecca,

First of all, Congratulations on being nude for 5 years on the internet. That is quite an achievement. I have been following you for about 4 years and you are like the slutty hot housewife I wish I had. Every week I think of the crazy adventures my perfect housewife (you) are having while I am at work, cheating behind my back and exposing yourself to all these men out there.

In case you don't remember, I spotted you in line waiting for you to take a picture with Justin Slayer at the Erotica LA sex show in 2007. Let me first say you looked so classy compared to all those girls with makeup caked on your face and I could tell the guys knew you were different. I kept tabs on you until the show ended and all of your performers took off to a performers only party. Can you tell me what you did there?


Dear Bucky,

Well those parties aren't kiss and tell but I can tell you my aim was to network and try some of the best cock I could find. We went back to the hotel and I got dressed in a nice little sexy secretary outfit and went to the party on a mission.

I had to hang out in the amateur section but Justin Slayer quickly signaled me to come into the VIP room. He read my name on my tag and asked me to show him my site on a laptop that was on the table. He was really impressed and started showing my site to anyone walking around. Meanwhile his hand was up my skirt and so he was finger fucking me while drinking a beer in the other. I started squirting on the floor right there.

I of course needed to drink some more liquids so Justin kept pouring me more drinks. He introduced me to so many people but although I didn't remember their names I asked for business cards and stuffed them in my clutch so I could remember these producers in the morning.

The next thing you know I'm in his room giving him a blowjob while Brian Pumper is eating me. They kept saying that they were going to help break me in to the big time. Their bodies were rock hard. I had never had so much hot muscle on top of me. I only wish my husband had been there to photograph it all. Sensing the moment though I didn't want to lose my chance to impress these guys as I let them fill all my holes and didn't stop until each of them came in me twice. These guys are real pros as they kept it hard for 3 hours.

What was amazing was that we got back to the party and it was still going. I screwed a couple other guys that night including Jack Lawrence, but nothing beat my two hot black porn star studs.



Hello Rebecca,

Long time fan here. Congrats again on the 5 years of being nude on the internet. I've noticed that you've done some photo shoots where you are alone with your men. Does your husband really not go with you? Are you scared to be with a stranger?

Your Dark Friend in Alabama

Dear DF in Alabama,

I prefer my husband not to be there. When I'm with a guy, I'm there to fuck him and give him the best sex I can. If he wants it rough, he can do what he pleases. I will be the sexual fantasy that he desires. That fantasy is not for my husband but rather that guy I'm with. I don't usually sleep with complete strangers, but most of the time I am also with one of my lovers whom I trust and they introduce me to one of their friends that they say I should try out. My Boss at the club I go to occasionally will often introduce me to some of his good friends and ask me to show them a good time, so I do.

Kisses, Rebecca


Hello Rebecca,

Love the site! I had a question about one of the updates you had a while back. In the update you leave to go to your lover's house at 2:30 in the morning because he calls you for sex. I was just wondering is that for real? Are u really on call like that? Do you ever say no to him?

Joe D

Dear Joe D,

Thanks so much. Yes, there have been several occasions where I've been summoned at that hour of the morning. A couple times I've been in Vegas and when I'm at home my guys will often test me to see how badly I need it. Now of course a girl needs her beauty sleep, so if they call me on a worknight there are times I am going to have to say no. There was this one time though when one of my lovers got a hotel room right across from where I worked and we fucked all night until I barely had half an hour to get ready to get to work as I usually arrive at 6am. Of course everything has to be just right, but if I can, I always make that effort to show them I can give them what they need and when they need it.

Kisses, Rebecca



My husband convinced me two years ago to fulfill his voyeuristic fantasies, and I began taking black lovers under his watchful eye. I was very nervous at first-- most of the men I've slept with were "average" sized. The problem now is making love to my husband. He has a small penis -- only 5 inches long and is very, very thin. After two years of taking more endowed lovers, I have trouble feeling my husband's penis inside of me. I still love him and want to experience the pleasure of making love with him, but nothing is working, and I've tried kagel exercises. Any ideas? Have you had this problem?


Dear Kathy,

Congratulations on joining the club and kudos for your husband to let you have it.

Well for me my husband is of decent size but that doesn't matter. For me it's all about the BIG BLACK COCK. About 95% of my sex is with my black lovers. When I do have sex with my husband I can feel him inside me but I don't like to let him cum inside me anymore as I have promised my guys that my pussy belongs only to black cock. My husband is more than happy to come on my face and breasts so that just works out fine. Oral is always a big part of my game as well!

My suggestions: Tell your husband that it just isn't working in your pussy and that maybe anal might work better. If anal isn't for you, try a penis pump to see if you can enlarge him. There are also prosthesis sleeves your husband can insert over his cock to make his cock feel larger. They even come in black!

I hope this advice helps.



Dear Rebecca,

I enjoy your responses to the many questions in your Dark Cavern "Ask a MILF". You sound like an honest person and although I have not yet signed up at your website I do plan to. I am not what you would call the average guy, because I get turned off with the usual porn developed by so called pros or semi-pros. I find them very unattractive and too fake. What really turns me on is couples just being themselves and enjoying what they are doing and doing it in a loving way. I guess I am a romantic at heart and look for caring and desire a couple or group give to each other. You say all your climaxes are on the up and up whether one on one or in groups. My question is where can I find CDs, DVDs, video tapes and stories of loving couples and groups making love not just sex. If they are doing it bareback and she gets pregnant my greatest joy is to be able to follow the pregnancy to its conclusion and follow-up of the mother nursing and caring for her child through at least the nursing stage. Needless to say I am referring to interracial affairs. Because I find a mother with her black baby is sooo exciting. Are there any web sites you know of where I could get that kind of stories, pics and videos? Hope you can help or at least direct me in the right direction.

Frustrated Romantic

Dear Frustrated Romantic,

Thank you so much. Well I really don't know anyone personally who truly has gone out and gotten pregnant. There are lots of stories right here on Dark Cavern. If you are asking me about other interracial sites where I think the relationships are truly genuine, here are my favorites:




These are real people with real experiences that I've come to know. Of course for me, I will always try to keep it as real as I can at www.rebeccasoffice.com.



Dear Rebecca,

What do you think makes you want to have sex with other men instead of your husband? Does he not give you enough? Also, why black men? Is it their size? How many men do you currently have on call to serve you? I'd like to find out so I can get my hot wife to do the same thing.

Conner in St. Louis

Well Conner,

I think it is really my adventurous side. I like to explore new things, travel, etc. I get bored very easily and have always been willing to take small risks. My dad used to say that he had to get me out of a tree to get me to the dinner table.

My husband is just not enough for me. I need MORE and while I think my husband is great, I like other things too. It's just like travel. I love Paris, but if I can visit other places, I would like to go. The opportunity to sleep with other men who are completely different than my husband makes things so much more interesting for me. I like to pretend these other men are my husband or lover and develop a very personal encounter with each of them. It makes it more sensual and real for me.

The size does help make things different but I am not a size queen. Just like staying at a hotel, I don't mind if the room is small, but just not too small and hopefully there are good amenities!



Dear Rebecca,

I think I noticed in your videos that you fuck a lot of guys bareback. Do you ever worry about getting pregnant? Getting a disease? I'd be worried about that for my wife.

Curious Karl

Dear Curious,

All my guys come to me with a certification from AIM which shows that they are clean within the last week. I consider that a must and I trust the AIM (Adult Industry Testing Group) especially because I don't like the feel of condoms and they get in the way. Once I get to know a guy by the 3rd date or so, I'll just push the condoms away.

Pregnant? Isn't that the risky part of this? I love feeling them shoot way deep into my womb and feel that warmth of their cum inside me. I do wash it out as soon as possible and make sure not to have sex during my fertile period. A lot of the guys prefer to cum in my ass or mouth anyway so I don't worry too much. Besides, Sarah Palin is not my Mom! Ha Ha

Kisses Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

So I have to ask you. Do you like it rough? Choking? Getting tied up? Spankings? If so, why?

That is an interesting question. I really don't prefer to be taken advantage of. I am a woman who is in control of both her home and family life. That said, when one of my lovers surprises me and gets aggressive, I've found that I do enjoy submitting to a big black lover and letting him have his way with me.

One day last year, one of my lovers called me as I was getting ready for bed and I told my husband that I was going over for a quickie and would be back for us to go to church in the morning. Well when I got to his house, he had been drinking and he was so aggressive that he ripped the buttons off my skirt as he took it off. We started making love in the living room as he took me from behind, calling me his "white whore" and pulling on my hair and making me tell him how I wanted him to cum deep inside me. We went at it for a couple hours before he fell asleep. I got up and got dressed. My skirt was unable to hold together so I tried to tuck it in.

As I was putting on my shoes, his roommate and two friends walked in the door. "Well if it isn't Donnie's rich bitch white slut". I said hello and signaled for them to be quiet as Donnie was sleeping on the couch. I told them goodnight and tried to slip right by them but they grabbed me and ripped away my skirt to reveal me with no underwear. Before I knew it I was on my knees sucking three cocks. Donnie's roommate put one hand under my chin and the other behind my head as he fucked my mouth, "Don't worry, Donnie doesn't wake up once he's asleep".

They all made me gag on their cocks as tears came to my eyes and they dragged me off to the back bedroom where they held me down as each of them took their turn fucking my pussy and then flipped me over and took me in the rear. At first I was begging for them to take it easy but my body was enjoying it as my pussy starting gushing all over the bed and I started begging to clean off their cocks in my mouth. They slapped their dicks against my face and came all over me. It was one of the most reckless nights I ever had because it was totally spontaneous and out of my control. We went all night and yes I missed going to church the next morning, not because I didn't get home on time or was too tired, but more because I just felt naughty and I liked it. I could never have dealt with that kind of guilt LOL!

Kisses Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

What kind of family did you grow up in? What would your parents think if they knew you were such a slut for black cock. Did you ever bring a black guy home? What would your parents say if I were to come home with you?

Back Alley Mike

Well, being the middle daughter of three girls in a blue collar Catholic neighborhood I had a very protective set of parents and my father watched over his daughter's every move. Every boy who came home got the third degree. My eldest sister suffered the consequences so many times that I was afraid to bring a boy over. When I was in high school I brough home a young half hispanic and half Irish boy and I could tell my father was not happy. He didn't say anything and didn't have to.

My father is not racist and has many black friends, but there is no way he'd like to see his daughters with a black cock between her legs. One time one of his black co-workers told him he had his hands full with three beautiful daughters. My father kindly made a point to him that the only boys that he'd let close to us would come from our parish.

Even my own Catholic husband had a hard time getting a warm greeting from my dad. It took him long enough to warm up to my husband.

He would be furious and my mother would be so ashamed if I brought home a black cock. Maybe that is why I love black cock so much. I don't do it to spite my parents but rather that I was not able to try it when I was young that it is like candy. I know it is sweet and sugary but I need that special treat all the time!

Kisses Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

Do you think you could leave your husband for black cock? Have you ever felt this way? Your videos look so amazing and I can't imagine that you are acting. The way you squirt and scream it just turns me on. So are you stuck on black cock forever?


Jonesy, I don't know what it is, but I can't stop having black cock and yes I think if given the moment I could live with a black cock, but I don't think just one black cock is all I need. I need many. I can't just stop on one. I've already told my husband that black cock is always my first choice. There isn't any acting with me. It's all real for me.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

I would pay almost anything for a video of you and Janet Mason. The two hottest Milfs on the planet with black guys. Any chance that would happen?


Oh, I love it when you guys do some matchmaking! Well Shawn, Janet and I definitely have mutual interests for sure. I think your desires will definitely be realized some day. Janet and I definitely have had a nice dialogue and I would put the chance of your wish happening at 80% or better. How does that sound? So how much you pay for something like that? ; ) Any other good options for me? I've also forwarded your request to Janet.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

Hey you seem like you're really into Interracial. What is it about screwing blk men that you find so hot? Is it the size or is it more than that?


Much more than that. It's just all about having something different than just simple sex that a married woman gets. It's about being another person and being in a relationship where I can just let loose and have a man take me for my body and just totally animalistic sex, not married sex.

When I am with a black man, I belong to him. I'm no longer married. I'm his to have, hold, touch. When I'm with my husband, we have an equal relationship and we share everything. At work I am the boss, but when I am with my lovers, the tables are turned totally upside down. I can finally be in a relationship where I have no control.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

If your husband WANTED you to start your Office, why do you have to fib to him about being "out with the girls"? Is LoverBoy more than a passing fancy? And, I've got to ask, which do you REALLY prefer, White cock or Black cock?

Thanks, Ray

It's only a white lie. My husband doesn't mind. He just likes to be surprised. It's more fun for him to be surprised that I went out and had a nice evening with one of my lovers. Yes, Loverboy is one of my mainstays and a favorite for me. He is so tender and sweet and so extremely reliable. A perfect gentleman. Let me first say that I am a bit of a size and shape queen. I do love my hubby's cock, but after his cock, my preference is a nice thick and adequately sized black cock that is used with extreme passion.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

Have you ever been disappointed by the size of one of your black lover's cocks? Have you ever had a cock you would consider "small" -- white or black?


James, I have haver had a black cock that disappointed me. I've had ones that were of average length but very long and others that were fat and average lengthed. For me it is all about the perfect tight fit though.. oh yes and the shape. In all I've never been disappointed by a black cock although some are better than others. I prefer girth over length though as long as they fit the basic requirements. As for white cocks, I have been disappointed. It is always hard to tell as sometimes you can't tell until the penis is erect how big it is going to be.

I hope that answers your question.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

I have to ask. Do you swallow or spit your lover's black cum when they cum in your mouth. I just saw your video with 3 guys where you swallow that boy's cum. And then another guy cums all over your face! Damn. So which do you prefer?


Dear Murf,

I actually think black cum tastes real good and I just love to take my lover's cum and swallow it. I don't ever want to waste it. Sometimes I just want to rub it out of my mouth and stuff it in my pussy. I love also licking it off my lips but I'll do whatever my lovers want. Most of them just want to fill all my holes with their cum.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

Hi. I just love interracial home sex. Your lovemaking is amazing with your attractive black lovers. I want to ask a few questions. You said that you work 75-80 hours a week including some weekends. How can you find free time for your videos with black lovers? You said that you have sex with your husband two times a month, how many times a month do you have sex with your black lovers? Do you also make love with your black lovers off the camera? I am weak in english so forgive me. Please do reply me soon.

Bye, Shaz

Dear Shaz,

I'm glad you love my videos. I do work a lot but there are 168 hours total in a week so there is lots of time for having relations with my lovers. I do have to say that I hardly have sex with my husband anymore. He just gets off watching me with my lovers. To me I am his favorite porn star. Sometimes I'm not sure I get it, but I know he likes seeing me just be happy. Yes I have lots of sex with my lovers off camera. These days I probably meet up with my lovers 1-2 times a week, but my love making with them is a lot different than with my husband. Usually my lovers come 3-4 times an encounter. These young studs just don't stop!

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

James, from South Carolina. Hello and how do I start? My wife and I have been married 15 years and are not new to the lifestyle but she always asks me the same question. I am hoping you can help me answer it. What turns a guy on to see his wife with a well hung blk man? I think part of it is being comfortable with your spouse and comfortable with your marriage. I also might think that it boosts your marriage to a different level, I mean sex is great but after 15 years it needs a little boost. I also don't want to see her every other day having sex with a guy, but every couple of months I mention it and the longer I have to wait the more impatient I get to make it happen. She for years I thought liked it but could also not care if it happened again but a recent event proved to us that she likes it. You can tell she is into it when we are at parties, even if she does not play we have great sex and she is really turned on. Here is the question again, What turns me on to see my wife with another guy? I like to video tape or take pictures and recently I don't even like to participate so I can see everything that goes on. When she goes on a trip I like to watch her videos and think of her cheating on me. If you told me that I was going to be like this 15 years ago we would have had an argument. I would even like to explain to her that I would like to see her do more but if she cannot understand the first question I am hesitant to ask her to enjoy herself more. One thing that drives me crazy is she says sometimes that I am not attracted to her anymore and this is why I like to see her with another guy but I know this is not true so what do I say to prove its not true. Anyway I love this section and am glad I finally wrote, I hope you can help. Thanks, James.

Dear James,

Well I can answer but really it is what I've learned from my husband. Believe me, we've spoken about this a lot. First of all, I think you, like most men, are a very visual person. It took me a long time to figure this out but I've recently started to understand. My husband gets very excited through visual stimulation and considers himself very much to be a voyeur. So tell your wife that it has nothing to do with a lack of interest in you. My husband also says that regular porn doesn't appeal to him as much. He claims that I am his favorite porn star and that nobody turns him on more than me. So he tries to put me in as many videos he can so that he has a whole library of his favorite porn star, me!

Now as for seeing me with a well hung black man, that is a personal thing for him... and for me. This is fantasy and seeing something he doesn't see everyday. He likes me being more submissive since normally I am pretty aggressive. He also would rather seeing me with a huge black body on top of me than what he normally sees, a thin pale body. It's all about a study in contrasts. He doesn't want to see me having sex just like he's seen it for our whole lives. He wants to see me with men and situations that he isn't used to seeing me. Everyday I'm with corporate white men in suits and ties. He wants a big contrast from my everyday life. He doesn't want to see the corporate board room wife that he's used to seeing everyday. He wants me to shed that suit and let go of my inhibitions and be someone else with someone else. AND it is because he loves the corporate board room life with me that he wants that part of my life to be with him. He wants the other part of my life to be with other people in a completely different world.

I sure hope this helps you and your wife. It really is the best of two worlds for me and my husband. I live a wonderful normal everyday life but have this totally separate other life!

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

This is sort of a hot wife lifestyle question:

As a long time member I know you spend lots of time in the homes of a couple of your lovers. I was wondering if in their homes you actually keep changes of clothes or any other personal items? If so, I would like to know generally how many and what kinds personal affects you keep in their homes? Perhaps in answering this question other hotwives can draw inspiration and bring more organization into their own lives? (lol).

Also, I would be curious as to how many of your lovers are so special to you that you feel the need to leave your things in their home? Anyway, thanks for reading and considering my questions, Hubby Dan

Thanks Hubby Dan (I call all my good members Hubby),

Well that depends. For my single guys I have been known to leave my panties in their bed. I love it when they call me and ask me if I forgot something. I always tell them, "Nope". What I have been known to do though is to have pictures of us together and leave them with framed photos of us so when people come over they see me as the girl he is hanging with.

Another thing is that I usually like to show up at their door and surprise them with something new. So when they take my coat they are usually stunned to find me in some slinky new number. So what do I leave? Just a few things to make it feel homy for me. Photos to start. I might leave some toiletry items like a toothbrush or shampoos and conditioners. Another big diffference is that some of these guys don't eat many home cooked meals so I sometimes bring some groceries over, maybe a nice wine and might even cook a nice gourmet meal, so the home might have the aroma of my cooking as well as some new ingredients that didn't exist before.

As a businesswoman I've learned to travel pretty light. I arrive for business and leave looking like business. I know this may sound trite, but when I leave a hotel room, I make my bed and leave the room looking perfect. You might never know I was there.

Of course after a night or two of all out sex, let's just say the sheets definitely have my sexual odor and perfume attached to them. Maybe sometimes the handcuffs, blindfolds or straps are still tied to the posts but those will usually go into the drawers.

Us slutty MILFs come in all types, but hopefully this gives you insight into how I mark my territory.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

I am interested in IR and I enjoy DC and your section. When a woman receives the cum in her mouth and transfers it to her cuck or another woman it is called a snowball. What is it called if she receives the load in her cunt, and then with her cuck's mouth open she has her cunt a couple of inches from his open mouth and lets the cum drip from her pussy to his open mouth? Is it cream pie, or snowballing?



I'm not perfectly sure since I'm not in the cuckold type of lifestyle, but I think it is considered snowballing.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

So how does your husband cope with your extra life...and does he get to have extra girls? I watched a clip of you at a pool on the DFW site once and while you were good as always, the guy was a bit lame. In other words, and I must say this, if that had been me I could have outfucked that dude easy. So sign me up... LOL. Wondering... what is the largest dick you have ever had and was the orgasm from it any better than normal size? I know the rhetorical question....


Dear Robert,

My husband is very much of a sharing husband. He gets all that he needs and knows that I need more. He's also a voyeur so occasionally I tape my sessions so I can be his own personal porn star. That is actually a bit how we got started. He used to watch my tapes and then share them with a friend of his. His friend said he needed to share it with others.

Well they say it does get tough for the guy in front of the camera. In fact as a woman I find that I relax more when my husband isn't around. I think most guys have a hard time working it when other people are moving around the room.

As for dicks.. I don't really care about length. As long as it is long enough, it is the thickness that matters to me and then of course, it is always what you do with it. And in that pool scene, he sure knew what to do! For me, the orgasm intensity gets better with a lover over time. Knowing a person more helps me to relax and have bigger orgasms. They say that an orgasm is 50% controlled by the clitoris and 50% by the brain stimulus.

You can get that video HERE in downloadable format.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

Hey what a hot woman you are and your site is off the hook. All I can say is that it leaves me wanting to see more of you in action.

I was wondering if you could comment or maybe add to your blog about how you came upon the decision to go bareback, when was the right time to take your IR to condomless. I would love to read the story. I would also love to read about your decision to take your IR lovers seed and how you and your husband talked about it before, or not. Tell us how it felt to have your BBC discharge his seed deep in your womb and if you felt that there was any statement in it. Like he was claiming your pussy as his own. How maybe this was some kind of consumation of the relationship.

Too erotic.

I would love to see more creampies in your videos - too hot.

Well I didn't expect it. I did have this one night when I was participating in a Gang Bang with 8 guys and another gal. I was pretty drunk too. My husband and the other husband were watching and I was probably 3 hours into it when I think I felt a cock rubbing against me and I just sat on it. It felt so good but at that point my pussy was so sore that I couldn't tell the difference.

My husband thought I knew it was bareback. He didn't say anything as he thought it was so hot. That was Halloween of 1996 I think. I didn't realize it until the guy came in me and it was oozing out! Later on when we drove home, he said, "That was hot. I know we didn't talk about it, but that was so cool." I was relieved, but obviously I was a little scared as I was still new to the business.

I then talked with Richard Mann when he had just entered the industry and he told me that I can and should register with AIM. I obviously love the feel of a real cock inside me so this was a great way to get tested and to make sure the other person was clean as well.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

I found it fascinating to read in your answer to a previous that your husband rarely gets inside you anymore. Then of course there was that totally hot video on your web page where you tauntingly tease your husband that he is only getting a blow job because your pussy is reserved for your black lovers. This triggered a couple of questions:

1. Would you say the reason that you rarely give yourself to your husband is that since you have went black for so long, you have been mentally and physically condtioned to the point that any time you get horny your mind always automatically goes your body feels physical desire for only black men? Sort of like a Pavlov's dog reaction. Or is there some other cause?

2. Looking back on 2009 and so far in 2010, during those time frames were there black lovers of yours who actually got inside you more than your husband?

I think the answers to these questions could really give us an understanding as to just how the interracial hotwife lifestyle has impacted you.

1. My husband actually doesn't like having sex with me anymore as much as he enjoys watching me explore new sexual adventures, so since I don't get as much at home I'm deprived of sex and it makes me go out to get it! I'd give myself more to my husband, but it really makes me want to fuck other men. I basically have sex with other men for my physical pleasure and his visual pleasure.

2. They all get inside me more. My husband and I rarely have intercourse anymore!I Don't think my husband has cum in me for a few years. It isn't that he doesn't turn me on. Our love making is so hot still, but I do love the feel of other men inside me and I don't like to mix the chemistry. Each man has a different pheromone and I'm not a one night gal. I like to get really personal and intimate with my guys.

Love Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

My name is Ray and I am a former Member who has just rejoined. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed "nannycam"! And, the short, "Date Night". I would like to ask a couple of questions that may be a bit nosy, but I hope you'll be kind enough to answer.

When the ring comes off - are you officially "single"?

When you are with a black lover, do you give yourself to him completely, body and soul?

Do your Black lovers hit your cervix? Do you like it? Does your husband?

I hope you'll be kind enough to answer.

Thanks, Ray

Oh yes, some people like fucking another man's wife and thus leave my ring on, but with some of my lovers they want me to be their own and are very possessive. In those cases I take off all rings.

Any man with me gets my undivided attention. When I am with a man, there is no acting. I enjoy every moment I am spending with them.

Yes, they go deep. I prefer more girth though than length. It is just more comfortable. My husband is above average but isn't as wide as some of my black lovers.

Love Rebecca


I'm a rather hung wm that's been trying to steer my asian wife towards bbc for 8 of our 10 yrs of marriage but to no avail. I'm long at 8.5" long and 4.5" thick. I like the thought of a thicker cock fucking and stretching my tight pussied wife, and especially love the thought of the color contrast that goes with it. I'm not a cuck by any stretch of the imagination and have been a dominant male in sexual situations all of my life. I've enjoyed fucking black females and have always got off on the color contrast in those situations as well. My wife loves thick cock, she comes most when I am at my thickest and I know that if I was thicker (6" to 7") or if she got it thicker, she would come like never before.

About her: She is a conservative asian of good catholic upbringing. I was her first and it took me weeks to be able to fuck her as deeply and hard as I wanted it. We watched regular wm and af porn a few times and she seemed to respond. We also watched ir porn twice. Once with Sean Michaels and another black guy banging a couple of asian women and she couldn't take her eyes off of their cocks. She acted like it was gross, but she was wetter and came better than she ever has on both occasions when we fucked. We also roleplayed a couple of times with me acting as a black guy seducing her. She got off to a screaming orgasm!

But now nothing. She won't watch ir porn or any other type of porn with me now, won't roleplay, and calls me a pervert when I suggest it. I used to tell her ir stories of well hung black guys banging white and asian women and she would listen intently. But now she freaks out and tells me I'm sick! Where did I go wrong? I have experience with ir wife swapping in my previous marriage. I used to watch my former white wife seduced by my very well hung black friend. From him wearing spandex shorts with no underwear and watching her reaction looking at his hung cock, to his rubbing his cock on her in the kitchen when we had him and his wife over for dinner, to him banging her on my couch and filming the hot orgasms she would have. I used to love banging his black wife as well and would fuck her hard in front of him and my wife. It was awesome!

I have resigned myself to knowing she won't let me fuck other women or won't be down with swapping, but I can't understand what happened to her interest in a thick black cock. She has admitted to me on several occasions that her vaginal orgasms would be stronger with a thicker cock. She has even asked me what I want from her sexually, and just recently I've admitted to her that I would love to see her pussy stretched thoroughly by a bbc. When I mentioned it a few weeks ago, she told me to stop that she didn't want that image in her mind and wouldn't do it, to she might as well try it. But I could tell it was just to get a rise out of me, she wasn't serious and got angry with me when I agreed she should try it. Why is she trying to fight her fantasy/impulse! I know it is her fantasy deep down inside. I've seen her reaction and interest from our early sex encounters. But why does she resist. Is it guilt? Does she not think that I will respect her? I don't understand.

I know she was well on her way years ago but something changed in her. I know that if I pushed it and arranged it to happen, her submissive nature would allow her to do what I ask. But I want her to enjoy it. I want it to be as much her idea as mine. Her pussy is ready. I've prepared it to be able to handle the thickest cock. How do I prepare her and make it a positive experience for her. She won't allow me to buy toys to loosen her up or to relax her.

Rebecca, please help!

Jeff in Seattle

Dear Jeff in Seattle,

Wow, your wife sounds a lot like I used to be, but I am not sure about her decreased desire. I know my husband and I talked about it for 10 years, but then we got into family life and work and it kind of stopped for a couple years, but then again it started.

The last thing you want to do though is to arrange something and have her reject and have a real bizarre incident on your hands.

To be honest, when I had my first experience, my husband and a black co-worker had been talking together about it for a while. Although I had dismissed the idea of it ever happening, it was the perfect storm. It was holiday time, I had a few drinks, it was my birthday, etc. My co-worker had been really nice to me and we were friends.

That night we had a holiday party and we were staying at the hotel where the party was. After the party, we came back up to our room, but my husband told me he was going to get something down in the store and that I should pour some champagne and get comfortable. I should have known and in the back of my mind I kind of knew as my husband had talked about fantasies like that a lot. When he brought Tom into our room, I was in a negligee and I gave my husband a wry look and he just said "Happy Birthday". Within a couple minutes he had his finger in my pussy and I had my lips around his cock. I've never looked back since.

So that said, I'm not sure how to help you. I probably don't know enough about your life to help you. There may be distractions in your lives or she might be just completely satisfied with what you give her currently and not want anything else. She could be getting older and her body urges are changing, etc.

If I may suggest, if you find a black man that is patient and willing to help seduce your wife, introduce him first as a colleague or a friend and over time start telling your wife that he'd be a nice guy to have a fling with and then boom. Take it slow though. Just make it happen naturally. Give it a chance to happen on its own, but surely can help to make sure chances improve.

Let me know what you think and feel free to report back!

Love Rebecca


I know you don't tell us much about your personal trips but I saw your recent post about a trip to Vegas with your lover. Did your husband go? Can you share anything with us? Do you play safe?


Dear Bill,

Yes I did go to Vegas to visit my lover who lives there. He was a perfect gentleman and the reason I went to visit. My husband let me go alone because he knows this gentleman very well. This lover in particular though happens to be one of the most well-endowed men I know. Among the women I know, we giggle when we talk about this lover because we get so nervous thinking about how we fit it in ourselves. I felt so sexy visiting him that I went to the airport without underwear! I felt so sexy walking off the plane and right into his arms. He's over 6'3" and I was afraid reaching up that my booty showed in the middle of McCarron Airport's baggage claim. Anyway, we went straight to the Strip for a nice lunch, then back to his place where I jumped him and we had 3 hours of sex before going back out for dinner and then a sex party at the Luxor's Cat House. We then went home and had sex all night long. I did tape a little as I usually show my husband so I don't have to tell him everything verbatim. I have attached a video summary of our early morning meeting. I know you can't see it but the last part of the video he fucked me bareback in the ass with his over 13" of thick beef!


Love Rebecca


I had a question about one of your videos. I watched you with this one black man and it appeared as if your emotions were very involved. You squirted almost as soon as he began pumping and you whispered 'you are dangerous." Do your emotions get deeply involved. Do you fall in love with black men ur with ever?

Yes, I never fuck a guy that I don't have feelings for. Maybe it's like there is a love potion in their penis, but I just can't have sex for the sake of having sex. Any guy who has slept with me gets my heart and my body. I don't do anything half baked. People often ask if they can sleep with me some day. Well there has to be an emotional connection first. I'm often introduced to some gorgeous men, but if we don't have a connection, it just won't work. I can shock some people, but I might even use the "L" word when we are kissing. People look and me and ask if I really mean it. I do. Any man who sticks his cock in me is taking care of me in a way that makes me feel comforted and I don't take sex lightly. It is a very personal thing. So now you know!

Love Rebecca


Do you prefer the intimacy of one on one or the wildness of group sex?

Rico Shades

Long-term I prefer one on one love making. It is so intense and real. It allows me to connect deeply with an individual in a way that can't be replicated. I have found that those encounters with my black lovers have become my best relationships because we've connected beyond the physical in much the way I've done with my own husband.

That said wild group sex is awesome but sometimes I just can't remember everything. It is intense, but when there is so much stimulation, I just can't remember it all.

Love Rebecca


Rebecca, when you are out in public and see a black man that appeals to you but you don't know, how do you signal to him your interest in him, say in terms of your body language or approach to conversation? Also, when you see such a man and your husband is with you, how do you deal with that complicating factor? - Dan

Dan, thanks. I'm glad you think that I can just get any man to look at me. To be fair, once in a while I will just make eye contact and smile. If I get a smile back, then I know. In the end though, I know it really means something if there is verbal communication and we are attracted to the intelligence of each other. We both need to want mutual physical and mental stimulation. My husband is not a complicating factor. If my husband knows that I'd be satisfied with another lover, he knows my satisfaction comes first.

Love Rebecca


My name is XXXXXX and I am 28 yr old african american. I worked as an electrical engineer but a few days ago, went through your website rebeccaoffice.com and want to pursue this lifestyle, how can we interact? I am currently working here in California.

Well I am not sure if this question is directly straight at me or the industry in general. I would say that if you are talking about doing amateur interracial porn, the best thing to do is find an agency in the LA area that will sponsor you and give you an audition and experience. The next thing to do is go to the adult testing clinic near you and run a full panel and get registered: https://fscpass.com/performer-info. This is the best way to get started in the industry.

Love Rebecca


Hello Ma'am, I am from India. I read on your blog in one of your answers that you are into ASIAN men too. Have you had any experience with INDIAN men and if so what is your opinion about them. Have you had any indian friends? This question is a curiosity from a fan from India.

I have had experience with one Indian man. I do not consider Indian men from India as Asian although many do consider them Asian. Here in California I work with many men of Indian ancestry but I do find the Indian culture to be fairly different from that of America and thus I do not spend much time with those that are not Americanized as it is also about having a social connection. I honestly don't differentiate by race although I am attracted to certain men and body types over others. I am attracted to Asian, Black and others who share the common features and personalities I like in those people. This is both a physical and social thing. In Asian men (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. I like their style, their hairlessness, and the way they lack in body odor. Their bodies on the whole are very smooth). In Black men I like obvious stereotypical physical attributes, their strength, their boldness, their amazing lips, and their style. Let's just say that in all men I prefer a metrosexual style, elegance and intelligence. Men who know what they stand for and represent. I just dated that one guy from India. We never got to bed. He was actually British educated, very stylish, looked great in a suit, but in the end I felt he was very old school in his respect for women. Just wasn't my type as I felt he talked down to women. When I am with a man, I have to trust him and in order to do that I have to know him and because I put my body in his hands I have to make sure he is who he says he is.

Love Rebecca