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Email your "How To" ?'s to Video Bill. You''ll receive an answer as soon as possible. Emails answered chronologically in the order they are asked. Want to know how to shoot "High Quality" pro looking videos of your lady in action? Video Bill can set you straight. Once he's given you tips on how to shoot better looking videos, let Video Bill put YOU in your own DVD with the footage you shot! See a sample of what a custom DVD jacket looks like! Video Bill's DC fave, Rhonda is featured just as an example and used with permission with pics already posted. Your custom DVD comes in a case just like the real "porn" you buy! Only difference... this is you... to watch as often as you like cut together by the Pro's, but not at the prices the Pro's charge. Indulge your fantasies! YOU BE THE STAR Today!

Options include:

1-800-BLACKCOCK (you in your own 60 to 90 sec TV spot just like the ones you watch at the start of your favorite adult videos).

The Feature DVD

Comes in 15 min. 30 min, 45 min and 1 hour versions*

*Your quantity and Quality of footage determines which package is right for you. Original footage returned un-touched. All video edited on NLE (Non-linear editor). 100% digital Technology. Prices do vary based on length you choose. DVD can include titles, music and narration that is custom with names and personal info you want included. Please email Video Bill.