Do you know of any clubs friendly to Interracial? Send your details to:



The Freeway Club in Decatur on wed and sat nights. Club 721 in Huntsville on fri and sat nights. The Cactus Club in Decatur on wed and sat nites (open 2am-5am). These are white clubs that play hip/hop and r n b dance music on those nites. They draw alot of white females and black males that are into interracial dating.


The International Zebra club is an organization with over 35 chapters and 5,000 members. The clubs wants real-time players that will meet and participate in both club socials and private meetings. The primary function is BM/WF. Check out our websites HERE and HERE.


Exotic Encounter has sent you an Evite Invite! To view your Invite, simply click the following Web Address.

I have a post in here about the parties that I host. But I just want to update and let people know that I'm expanding and moving to other parts of the country. I've hit Los Angeles and looking to go to Washington DC and Chicago soon! So I am definitely looking to make the black men happy and we are definitely interracial friendly at my parties. Phone number is 858-663-6996.
Clubsite Address

The Dark Cavern Real Players group currently has over 150 screened and validated member couples and select singles. This is a private and exclusive Yahoo Group of Dark Cavern fans whose member white couples and single females enjoy adult pleasures from black, professional well-endowed men, black couples and/or inter-racial couples. 100% of the members are screened and validated without exception. Most if not all of the other Yahoo groups have no methods in place to screen out the lurkers and fakes. Our new members often comment that they are impressed by the quality of the membership and the fact that the can see members are for real, and most of whom they had not seen before. The group is very much alive with real swingers from all over the country and Dark Cavern parties being scheduled. If you are in the lifestyle with an interest in IR fun, and are a couple (black, white or mixed) or black single and are interested in learning more about DCRP2 you may request a subscription using the link below. You will then be emailed the validation requirements and more information about the group.


The Atlanta Mandingos Yahoo Group
I am the tall handsome Black Mandingo King that created these inter-racial Yahoo groups. I created these groups so that Bull Mandingos and white women that cannot live without their big dicks can get together and have wild uninhibited sex. I am also going to start an inter-racial adult video company.

Interest indicates necessity. We are looking to hear from Cavern Fems, Cpls and Black Male Pipe Layers! If you are willing to support Regularly Scheduled, Centrally Located and Local On Premises, "Let's Meet Up!" House parties ... We wanna hear from you! Since regular attendance is what we need to put things in motion, we need to hear from those who are seriously seeking to make their Thurs and into the weekend a solidly jam packed Meeting Frenzy. Reply with location city and state suggestions; your majority area interests is our major interest.


Hello to all the single, married, involved women that love some black cock. New York has one, and so. Cal has one. So, I have taken the initiative and formed a club called the Atlanta Metro Darkmen’s Club. It consists of black mature studs ready to fulfill the women’s sexual desires, from one-on-one meetings, to gangbangs. The club right now consists of 4 black, professional, respectful men who are awaiting the opportunity to meet with you ladies. The meetings will take place within the Atlanta Metro area for now. We may be able to travel outside of that, but it will be based on the member’s availability, and ability to do so. Please, do not let this discourage women or couples outside of the Atlanta Metro area to inquire. The members are as follows:

Club Name: Isle
Age: 31
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 215 lbs
Cock Size: 8.5”
Occupation: Accounting

Club Name: Smooth
Age: 32 Years Old
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 155 lbs
Cock Size: 8.5”
Occupation: Academic Advisor

Club Name: The Great One
Age: 30 Years Old
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 240 lbs
Cock Size: 7”
Occupation: Supervisor

Club Name: Mark
Age: 27 Years Old
Height: 6’
Weight: 198 lbs
Cock Size: 8+”
Occupation: Academic Information Technology

More potentials for the club are still being screened, so expect this club to grow. The club’s intentions are to have great, fun, sweaty, sexual meetings in a very mature and yet very erotic environment. There will be no disrespecting of any of the women’s needs and desires, and club activities will be limited to what the women or couples want. WE DO NOT PRACTICE PAIN, other than the pain of stretching pussyholes with our cocks. I must mention this. All of the members are disease and drug free, as well as 110% straight. We expect our women to be disease and drug free. Husbands, boyfriends, or any other male present must understand that we permit NO MALE GAY OR BISEXUAL ACTS!!!! Women who want to bring female friends, we have no problems with that. Pictures may be taken, but we do ask that all respect the wishes of others. Any women or couples interested need to do the following: Supply a pic of the woman (or women) who would like a meeting. Let us know what that woman desires (one-on-one, gangbang). Let us know her sexual likes and dislikes (oral, anal, etc.) If you prefer the meeting to come to you, the location you desire (City, and State). I will contact you ASAP, once I receive the above info. If you want pics of the club members to prove size, it can be supplied. I look forward to hearing from all interested, and definitely look forward to meeting.


***This ad is for WOMEN who want to JOIN ME in a "MONTHLY BLACK MAN GANG BANG"*** WANTED: Str8/Bi Ladies for a Monthly BLACK Gang Bang Party. My name is Valentina, I'm a Thick, Sexy, Bi-Sexual female and I love a "Big Black Dick"!!! I love`em so much, I'm planning on having a party once a month at an "Undisclosed Location" for the sole purpose of having a "BLACK GANG BANG PARTY". Thing is this, I can't FUCK all these guys alone. I would like to hear from any women who are MARRIED / HAVE BOYFRIENDS / SINGLE or whatever! Of course there are the "Fringe Benefits" such as having all the Sweet Pussy and Black Dick you can handle!!!! You should be well proportioned, healthy, clean, D/D free and friendly, and also willing to perform with me or willing to engage in Bi activities while the party boys watch. *Smile* Sound like fun??? I have Four guys lined up for the first party to help me start things off, they are fantastic, one is 6'2" 225 and packin 10". He's also my "In-house Security". Cum join the fun. Valentina.

Thad's, in San Diego, have parties every weekend on both Friday and Saturday nights. The girls in their sex clothes and the guys go naked . . . you can sure see what you're getting. Most nights there are single black guys and the white women love it. There are also couples and some white guys but the interracial is the thing we always go for. We enjoyed many a great night there and met some wonderful black men. We suggest it for anyone who wants a real hot time and a lot of sexy fun. They accept calls after about 2:00 in the afternoon and you must call before going (916) 237-8849.


A Southern California Private Interracial Social Club
Whatever your taste this is the place

AfterDark is a Southern California interracial social club for women wanting to meet men of color.  AfterDark is not a sex party. We host intimate private affairs where sexy people with similar tastes and ideas of eroticism can meet, mingle, dance, and enjoy the sites. Local hotel information will be available at AfterDark events.  If you wish,  you may bring the alcoholic beverage of your choice. Afterdark will provide some non alcoholic beverages and apetizerers. We do request that you refrain from bringing any illegal substances (drugs) to any AfterDark events.  AfterDark parties are for the enjoyment of all who attend, mutual respect and consent are house rule #1. AfterDark parties are for mature adults only.   You must be a member to attend AfterDark events. You will need to complete and submit a membership form prior to receiving your membership card. Only approved applicants will recieve an AfterDark membership card. Dress Code Will Be Enforced: Please No Denim Jeans (Any Color) Dress or Undress to impress. Membership fee is an annual cost of $20.00 per member. Each person in attendance at any AfterDark events must be a member. No guests are allowed. AfterDark event fees are  $20.00 per person.  Email us for a  membership application or if you have any questions.


We'd like to thank you all for your overwhelming membership responses and letters of inquiry.  Actually we're buried under an avalanche of AfterDark email. We appreciate those of you who have put the word out.  The mass interest shown in AfterDark has created concerns about over capacity and parking problems at our private club venue in North Hollywood. We don't ever want to turn members away from any AfterDark event, so we've entered into negotiations with a few hotel venues to host our events.  Negotiations are going well,  over the years we have established a good relationship with a few hotel venues. We'll keep you posted on the development of those negotiations. Everyone who responded to AfterDark will be hearing from us soon with information about our next party. For those of you who have submitted your application with your picture I will be emailing you your membership number. I encourage all who are interested in joining our social club to submit their information as soon as possible.  We are in the process of building our website, in the meantime,  we've created an AOL chat room titled "SoCal AfterDark."  We invite you to open up the SoCal AfterDark chat room and hang out. We think it's a cool place for people in California interested in the interracial scene to chat. Please feel free to invite friends, the more the merrier. Please note that our new screen name is SoCal AfterDark.   We will discontinue to use the screen name SoCal BM WF Club in the very near future.

The Southern California Mandingo Club
(Servicing All of California and Las Vegas)

Even though the name suggests that parties are only local to Southern California, The So Cal Mandingo Club hosts parties throughout the Entire State of California and Las Vegas. The Southern California Mandingo Club is a Private- Membership Only Swing Club. We host Upscale Interracial Swing Parties wherein Professional Couples, Single Ladies, and SELECT Black Men get together to network, socialize, and eventually indulge in their innermost fantasies in a party filled with decadence.

Parties are held in private homes throughout both California and Las Vegas. Las Vegas Parties are held twice a month in our Las Vegas home. Those traveling to Vegas, feel free to contact us if you'd be interested in attending one of our parties lavished with erotic opulence, having fun with a select crowd, without the worries of having to worry of a big swing club ambiance.

Upcoming Las Vegas Parties:

December 26, 2002 - Jan 1, 2003: Daily Parties Entertaining Many Couples flying into Vegas to Ring in the New Year.
Jan 5-12, 2003: Daily Parties During InterNext and AVN Expos. Cum live out all your fantansies!
Sunday, January 26, 2003: Superbowl Party. Watch the game with us, in a hot and nasty Interracial Superbowl Swing Party!

For more information view our official website by clicking HERE!

If you want to attend our parties, email us your pictures and contact information along with the dates that you're traveling into Vegas to!

The Southern California Mandingo Club
Servicing All of California and Las Vegas
"Do You Have What It Takes?"©
**The Standard for Interracial Swinging**

Right now I host parties here in San Diego that are very interracial friendly!!!!!!! I don't have a set spot because I take the parties to different locations to keep it fresh!! But if you are tired of the same old thing at the same old place then contact me for the party location or visit my site for party info. So cum on down and get your swing on!!!!!!!!!!

We would like to invite you to the exclusive and very very upscale party house, "Sugar Hill". We have private parties every weekend. Fridays are couples and single men and women (ladies/GB night/black men/white women). Saturdays are for couples and single females (select single men by invitation only). Single Women are always free. Thank you to all the fun and sexy party people who have already attended. We’re glad you found a home. You have truly set the parties off with a Bang! (smile) The House is tailor made for the lifestyle with many bedrooms and areas both public and private to play in. Come enjoy our Black Bottom Pool, Jacuzzi Tubsor dance the night away on our huge dance floor or just play in front of our 3 warm Fireplaces. We are located in a large, private gated home in Encino. Limousine service is available for local couples. If you would like to attend please RSVP by e-mail for the address or call (818) 430-2836. It would be an honor to have you attend the parties... Party nights are as follows:
Friday night (ladies night) : couples/ single men / single ladies.
Saturday night: couples/ singles ladies ( select single men by invitation only )
Donations for friday parties: Single men $50 ($10 discount for members of the "Sugar Hill 4fun" yahoo site) Couples $20..Single women are free.

Saturday night, couples $40 and Single women are free.... select single men $50 (remember, by invitation only)

I do hope all will attend and help make "Sugar Hill" one of the greatest clubs around. For more info on up and coming events visit my yahoo site "Sugar Hill 4 fun". This is a website where you can meet other people.. post pics.. post your opinions.... see pics from recent Sugar Hill parties and my favorite one of all... see my favorite Sugar Hill girl of the month. Hope to see you there.

Exotic Encounter has sent you an Evite Invite! To view your Invite, simply click the following Web Address.

Exotic Encounter, Popi's Lounge, Friday, September 28, 8:30pm. It's the 1 year anniversary for Exotic Encounter in Northern California. We know what happens when 3 Interracialy Motivated groups 'The Dark Cavern' ( Co-Host 'The Crew' ( and others, without Inhibitions will meet for drinks and entertainment on Friday the 28th at Popi's Lounge in Pleasanton. (2600+ invitees and a 10% turn out is one HELL of a party!) Please join us for the evening At Popi's Lounge Ties are not required however no sweats, T-shirts, Gangster wear or sports wear (tennis shoes) allowed. There is usually a live band and no cover charge. Popi's is a Clean, discreet, low key, no pressure bar with a very large parking lot (for outdoor communications) and a welcome atmosphere. It is comfy for a group of 20 or 200. The type of place that respects personal lines (like when a Lady says "no") however can become very entertaining and fun to our lifestyles. Hotels and amenities are located nearby and should be arranged on an individual basis at the Courtyard Marriott (post club parties) in Pleasanton for $64.00 per night (Standard) $99.00 for a Suite (w/King bed) $99.00 for a Double bed Suite. Your guest, friends (open minded) and mates are welcome. You may also forward this invitation to others you believe may be interested in this type of lifestyle and get-together. We do hope to see and meet you personally on Friday-September the 28th. Please, Let us know if you can attend.

This is Choc8Drm... I'm a married black man living in the San Fernando Valley in California... I have been swinging for over 10 years... I don't normally go to swing clubs, but I would like to share my disdain with Sugarhill Club in Encino, CA.... It seems that every time I go there, the place is dead or lacking the substance that a real swingers party should have... I may be going out on a limb, but I want real swingers to know the truth... the owner or operator is always promoting the club as the best thing going, but it is always other than what he says... I know him well, and I try to support him, but the club is lame.... I don't mind taking heat for telling my fellow swingers because I like having fun... who wants to blow $60.00 on his word when nothing happens? He won't even reimburse you if it is dead.... he even raised the donation from $40.00 to $60.00... Please Donne', get your act together....

N'Deavours by Maria invites you to join us at an exclusive private membership only off premise party that caters to the lifestyle you seek! Ladies, Couples, and of course the Black Men that make the club what it is. I invite you all to come out and join us at an N'Deavours party! We have all the sexy pleasurable delights that will satisfy your deepest and darkest desires. We host parties in San Diego twice a month on Saturdays, and Los Angeles once a month on a Saturday. We've been around now for almost 2 years and continue to grow with each and every party. You never know what delights might be awaiting you at any given party and want you to join us there! Men we have many many sexy white women that play there and are looking for what only a Black Man can give. Ladies and Couples there are many men there that will definately tickle and satisfy your fancy! We have a yahoo groupsite right now that gives out all the info on what we are about and where you can see some past party pics and read the "reviews" on what are parties are like. It is Yahoo Group. To contact us please email Maria and please let her know you read about the parties from here. Or you can call us at (858) 663-6996 but you must call ahead of time to get on the guest list since it is an exclusive party! Experience the Pleasures of N'Deavours.

Interracial-Kink hosts play parties and gangbangs for swingers in an elegant private location in the SF East Bay.

The location includes a wet bar, marble tile, luxurious amenities, hot tub, play rooms, and lovely outdoor patio/deck area perfect for entertaining. The parties are BYOB with complimentary hot/cold hors d'oeuvres.

We welcome those into lifestyle play, swinging, gangbangs and more. Limited attendance. Requests accepted via telephone and e-mail. Interracial-Kink: San Francisco, CA. (510) 388-5108

Our Website
Our Yahoo Group

Are you in a cuckold Relationship? Are you a hotwife? Do you want to fuck well hung studs while hubby watches or even cleans up afterwards with his tongue? Are you a bull looking for a cuckold couple to have your way with? Maybe you just want to meet other people who share your interest in cuckoldry. Cuckold Dreams hosts Members-only cuckold parties throughout the Bay Area. We are looking for decent, like-minded, attractive people to come join us for serious cuckolding fun. Only serious cuckolding interest please - no vanilla swingers etc.
* Cuckold couples: Cuckoldress with a male cuckold.
* Regular couples: Couples looking for a submissive male to explore cuckoldry with.
* Single ladies: Ladies without a long-term cuckold, but would like to explore cuckoldry with other couples and/or singles.
* Bulls: Assertive, well hung, single males who can engage in the full physical and psychological aspects of cuckold play.We are not looking for men who only want to get laid and not be a true bull. We are very selective about bulls - we want only the creme de la creme.
* Bullettes: Female equivalent of a bull, usually using a strap-on or other toy.
* Single Cuckold: On a very selective basis.
Visit our Website to learn more and apply to join. Membership is FREE if you join before the end of March 2007!


The darkhavenclub is the coolest interracial membership only adult club operating in western Canada and north western USA. We have respectable drug and disease free couples and singles who enjoy interracial adult swing parties. Our parties are usually held in pre-announced locations, once a month. Locations and invitations to attend are extended to members through their e-mails. Couples, single white women and single black men are invited to submit their interests to the club. Drugs and weapons are absolutely not welcomed in the parties. Proof of STD negative status are also mandatory and are kept in our database to be updated every 3 months. Safe sex is encouraged in an atmosphere that is relaxed, friendly erotic and playful. Members respect each other's limits and enjoy each other's fantasies. Contact us below for membership application and free membership. Begin to indulge yourself and your partner in a sensuous evening of cum-filled passion parties.


There is a club in Connecticut that is developing a reputation with the black men. It is a white owned dance club in Milford, Ct that brings in a lot of black men on Friday and Saturday nights. I have enjoyed myself there on several occasions and would encourage any white women with that certain urge to join in the fun if you are in the area. Of course there is no sex on the premises as this is not a swingers club per se. The excitement really gets going around 10pm or so. The address is: Kangaroos, 302 Woodmont Rd, Milford, Ct. This is located right off exit 40 on I-95.

Here's a a club in CT with black men/white females: Art Bar-Stamford. It's a regular club, not a sex club, but people are friendly, and it's easy to pick up someone to get laid. Have fun.

This club is located on 768 maple ave hartford ct. It is called COOL ZEBRA .The phone number is 860.278.6723. It's a great club where white women can enjoy black men. Wednesdays and fridays are best. There is a friendly atmosphere, great music and sound system. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Big Connections Big Connections is a BBW singles party held every 2 to 3 weeks in Stamford, CT and Stratford, CT. I'm a BBW who loves black men and have been going for a few years now. The party itself is pretty hot, the women are dressed sexy and the black men pretty much know why the white women are there. Most parties have about 300 people, of the women about 80% are white and of the men about 95% black. Every time I go I find at least 2 to 5 guys sometimes more to cum to my room after the party. I almost hate to share this info for fear of more white women coming and taking the black men, but my hope is this will attract even more hot hung black men. I can't get enough. So look me up if you're going to the party.


Also MD and VA. Mocha-Swingers. We are an adult interracial swinging community. Where couples and singles come to mingle who are openminded, fun-loving, and sexual freaks. If this not you, you're still welcome to meet with like minded sexual people who are into the interracial lifestyle. We host monthly themed parties at Starz Lifestyle Club, an on premise swingclub in Washington Dc.

Our Website
Mocha Swingers Info


We have house parties near Daytona Beach, Fl. Our place is called The Playground. 904-426-2063. This is our link to an information page about us: Swinging 101


Our club is an interracial meeting place for white sluts to meet black cocks. We have over 200 members. We hold parties once a month in central Fla. Near Disney. (Everyone visits Disney sooner or later) Your welcome to cum.

FFC Interracial Club


Looking to start having interracial parties at our house in Orlando. Nice couple looking to meet new friends that enjoy interracial, so black males, couples and ladies write to us. Lets start the party. Dave n Sue.

_______________________________________________ We have parties the first and third fridays of each month and every sat any ?s call toll free 1-866-738-3950 when you're in the Orlando,FL area. We have alot of white women that love blk cock and never have too many. WE NEED YOU SO CUM OUT AND PLAY.


THE Florida Mandingos Club, located in Tampa, FL is the Acknowledged Premier Host of Florida's HOTTEST Interracial Swing Parties and Gang Bangs for Real Time Interracial Swingers in Florida.


We specialize in arranging select private encounters, upscale interracial swing parties, gang bang parties, fantasy fulfillment parties and photo/video shoots with attractive single females, couples, adult amateur and porn stars that live in or visit Florida.

We are an EXCLUSIVE, PRIVATE MEMBERS-ONLY INTERRACIAL SWING CONTACT GROUP that brings SELECT, DISCREET, UPSCALE PROFESSIONALS (White Couples/Interracial Couples/Single Women/Black Men) together to enjoy themselves within the confines of our parties in a no pressure atmosphere.

We host monthly upscale interracial swing parties, gang bang parties, fantasy fulfillment parties and select private encounters at on-premise swing clubs, resorts, upscale hotel suites and large private homes throughout Florida.

In order to attend one of our parties and/or events you must be a registered member of THE Florida Mandingos Club. In order to register and/or receive our party newsletter, click on the following LINK or copy and paste into your browser.

If you live in or plan to travel to Florida on business or vacation, feel free to email us your picture(s), a brief bio, contact information and what you are seeking directly to me.


Aloha fromThe Hawaii Mandingo Club. The Island of Oahu (Honolulu/Waikiki). The Hawaii Mandingo Club prides itself in being the western-most chapter of the Mandingo Club within the United States. The club was created for Professional Individuals: Couples, Open-Minded Single Women, and SELECTIVE Black Men so that members can interact thru Interracial Swing parties within the confines of the Hawaiian Islands. If you fall under any of these categories, feel free to email us your picture, brief bio and location. If you are planning on vacationing here or passing through please contact us with the requested information so we can accomodate your "Desires" . All potentital members are first screened and those who we feel best suit the collective interests of this club are extended invitations to become members. Please feel free to e-mail us for more information. Our Webpage is in Progress!


To open during mid to late May in Peoria, Ill. the ZEBRA will cater to an interracial crowd and in particular white women/couples wanting to meet black gentlemen.  Also any couples wanting to meet couples, solo ladies, and solo men black or white.  Not an on premises swing club but a meeting place for swingers.   Open Thursday-Saturday nights 7:00 PM-2:00AM.   Contact me for details and a one time free pass.


Peoria Il., 2205 s.w. washington 309 676-8871. Manager Tim.
Yahoo! Clubs zebrasocialclubpeoria


Club Mix. This club is about twenty miles south of Chicago. No on site swinging, but a place to meet. Located at Rt. 30 and Lincoln Hwy, Matteson IL. Bring the wife show her off.


We went to a really cool club in Chicago called Private Connections. Real class act, upscale and full of black men and plenty of white women. No single men, just couples and single females. Very upscale, no jeans etc. GREAT place, my wife and I felt at home around cool people. 312-409-9621


Cherri and I just opened a new club in Peoria Ill. friendly to black studs and white chicks and couples wanting to meet for fun and sex. It is NOT an on premises swing club but a meeting place VERY friendly to interracial mingling. The black guys can expect to find white women wanting to meet them at the new EBONY & IVORY II at 2205 SW Washington Street in Peoria Il. (309) 6372205 or email me.


As many of you know I love to fuck. Not only that, my hubby of 24 years enjoys watching me fuck. Well that's exactly what I am planning on doing December 11-18, 2001 at Tropix. Tropix 2001 will be held at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. Hedonism II is an all inclusive resort which means that you get your food, liquor, non-motorized sport activities, speciality restaurants, and more, all included. All we have to do is have fun. Did I mention that there is also a nude beach with a swim-up pool (bar included), hot tub and the infamous "fucking" cave?

I am looking forward to meeting a whole lot of fun people at this special event. Will you join us? For details visit Here. If you would like to more information about us visit Our Website.


Best IR Clubs in Louisville, KY. Here are the hottest spots for BM / WF action in Louisville: #1. Phoenix Hill - 644 Baxter Ave. (best on week ends–would rate it an "8" on a scale of 1 to 10) #2. Bar Louisville - 436 Baxter Ave. (good action during week days, rating: "8") #3. Utopia International - 3220 Frankfort Ave. (newer club - very hot IR action on week ends rating:"9") #4. Jillians - 630 Barret Ave. ( on scale of 1 to 10, rates a "7" - week ends) #5. Rock-It Club - 133 W. Liberty St. ( part of large complex of clubs–good week ends rating: "9") #6. Shakey's Lounge 7803 3rd Street Road.( smaller than most clubs but with great IR action on Fri. / Sat. nights only - rate a solid "9")

___________________LAS VEGAS___________________

They say that interracial relations are a sin. They say it is not natural. Apparently THEY have not experienced it!!!!!!! Well WE are doing something about it. You have placed personal ads.... Now meet like minded individuals and mingle in person. The event you have been waiting for is coming. Saturday, October 6...... Location: A secret spot in Sin City...... Las Vegas, NV. It will be a comfortable atmosphere without any pressure to "hook up." Couples and single ladies are encouraged to attend. If you are a single man wanting to attend, you must send a picture...... Prices: Couples $50.00 Ladies: $25.00 Men: $40.00 A deposit of $20.00 confirms your space. Price includes the bar and Hors d'oeuvres. For complete information E-mail:


Online Unlimited is your premiere social club for couples.  We throw interracial parties once a month in the Baltimore metro area.  Logon to our website for more details.


** SMSIPC **


WHO WE ARE: We are a new and hopefully somewhat different club with the desire to bring together serious interracial players at (to begin with) quarterly parties in Southern Maryland probably Waldorf or Bowie, Maryland area, ( the first to be the December 9, 2000 if enough interest is shown).

WHAT WE MEAN BY "SERIOUS" : First, if all you are and want to be is a voyeur then this club and its events aren't for you. That is distracting and not fair to the other players. There will be a limited and enforced period of time for conversation and getting to know one another. After that time, all those who have chosen to stay and play are in play clothing or nude and ready to play and those who have chosen otherwise (and that is okay) will excuse themselves by leaving the party. This, again, is for everyone's comfort and continued success of our parties. Now, common sense, we realize that folks will be taking rest breaks and socializing throughout the evening and they will from time to time be watching one another, we understand that and this is not what the above refers to.

A FEW MORE RULES TO ENSURE EVERYONE'S ENJOYMENT : First of all, this is a brand new venture for us that has came out of a perceived need from our previous combined experiences. As we go along we reserve the right to make changes for the good and longevity of this club.

MOST IMPORTANT…..NO MEANS NO and flagrant violation of this and the offender will be asked to leave and escorted to the door.

There will be a fee charged to all except single females. We will start off with $15.00. This will be enforced and collected at the door up front so do not be offended. We are only looking to cover expenses but we must be able to do that. We ( the hosts ) will provide ice, cups and coolers to keep drinks cool and snacks such as chips and pretzels. These events will be a BYOB events. If you want to bring snacks to share with others that is fine.

You will gain entrance to an event only if you are on the list for that party and have contacted the hosts prior to the party. The ONLY EXCEPTION to this rule is if someone is with a guest that is very well known by the hosts and then the hosts will always reserve the right to turn someone away for the safety and well being of the rest of the group. ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!! DISCRIMINATION OF ANY KIND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. IF THIS DOESN'T WORK FOR YOU, THEN THIS CLUB AND IT'S EVENTS AREN'T FOR YOU. This being said, you must, of course, be of the legal age of consent and the hosts have the right to question anyone as to that fact and when in doubt, again for everyone's well being, can turn away those in question. Pictures may at anytime be taken and posted on our website or club site as they come into being. You may contact us by email or in Yahoo Clubs.


We are group of hung black men in the md va dc region that throws monthly social events for cpls and single females that enjoy group activites with well endowed black men. If you're interested please reply with a pic.


301, 240, 202, 804 area. A Bangin’ Place is a Southern Maryland gang bang group. We are currently seeking females, couples and single males for new memberships. This is club for women who like lots of men around. Couples, single females and lots of single men attend our events. The men are well screened and always gentlemen. Ladies and couples, we can even arrange a special event just for your pleasure or just attend one of our monthly parties that occur on the first Friday of each month. Our events are held in a private location in Southern Maryland. Send e-mail for additional information.


The Party Shack is a private MEMBERS-ONLY boutique adult on-premises club for consenting open-minded adults. Our club provides an intimate, private house party atmosphere. Members of The Party Shack are a group of sexy adults who enjoy intimate activities with other sexy adults in a warm and supportive environment. The Party Shack offers a unique and exciting party atmosphere that is much more like a private party. Couples, single ladies and select, well-screened single gentlemen can explore and venture into new social relationships. We have the philosophy of enjoying exquisite pleasures in elegant surroundings. Members have the chance to get up close and personal with other sexy members at each party. We are a tolerant, open-minded group. Mix and mingle, flirt outrageously, have an intellectual discussion, or just close the bedroom door and enjoy! Use your imagination - live out your fantasies - whatever you like.


We are a new club being established in Lansing, MI. This club caters to white women who desire being pleased by black men. We are currently establishing parties to be held once per month at various locations throughout the state. We are looking for D/D free black men who enjoy white women. Also white women who desire to be the center of attention please respond. We range from 7" thick to 10" and would love to entertain. We are for real and hope to hear from you in regards of our next party.


We are a newly chartered Mandingo Club - Midwest Chapter. We are based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul, however we seek members from all over the Midwest.

Who We Are:

The Mandingo club is a private and exclusive club for white couples and single females that have always fantasized, desired, or received pleasure from black, professional well-endowed men and/or inter-racial couples. The Mandingo Club features the "Mandingo Men" who are always ready, willing and able to please.... all night long. Our party admission rates are among the cheapest in the city.

How to Join:

You must send a bio and pic to be considered and invited to our parties. All single men must be endowed with AT LEAST 8 inches. Men must also be physically fit and aim to please. All members are screened, as we are very selective about whom we allow into our membership club and its parties -- men and women. (We reserve such right at all times).


. Single Women (any race, nationality, etc.)
. Couples
. Inter-racial couples
. Single Black Men, 8"+ (Limited Number)


Our parties are held in secure and discreet locations (plush hotel suites). Suite numbers are not given out until the day of the party via e-m@il or telephone. Admission is not granted to single men without admission numbers. Only a limited number of single men are allowed at each party, therefore early registration is required.

What We Believe In

. Safe Practices
. "No Pressure" atmospheres
. Privacy of membership and membership activities
. Respect of each member by each member
. Everyone having a good time
. Leaving each party satisfied

To join us, please go to This Site
Member of the Mandingo Club - Midwest Chapter.


SWINGSTOCK 2000: Toni and Glen, PO Box 581515, Minneapolis, MN 55458-1515; 612-566-1212; Fax 612-560-6506; Web: SWING STOCK 2000 PARADISE CAMPOUT, is a 4 day event held July 13 - 16, 2000, just northwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul area. This is our eleventh year! We are the original swinger's camp out in the Upper Midwest with over 200 couples in attendance from all around the world. There is a tubing party, breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning, bar-b-que dinner Saturday night, group showers, hot tubs, games, party tents, crowning of the King and Queen, and more. For details about this event, visit the web site listed above. Interracial lovers and gang-bangers are most welcome to attend.


Local new swing club in Minnesota. How is it going from Club Ambrosia, we are a new local swing club that will be holding parties in the Minneapolis/St Paul area once a month and then we will be going to twice a month. The parties will be the second sat of the month. Our very first party will be sept 8th and it will be a sexy pj party. To attend the party the fees are for couples 40.00 for single guys 25.00 and for single females 15.00. So cumm on out and party with liked minded people. Check the Yahoo Club.


We are open to all races, ages over 21, sizes, gender and sexual preference. We welcome all. Party every other saturday night. Must be over 21 and D/D free. For info contact Elaine.


We now have a small group of members in the Charlotte, NC are that are hosting twice monthly interracial parties. The group currently consist of 5 white couples, 1 white single lady, and 8 black men. We would like to increase our numbers. Our parties so far have been held at private homes or at a hotel in the area. We have been getting together for a little over a year now. If you are interested in attending one of our parties and you are a white couple, single white woman, or a black man, please send email and one of us will get back to you with details. Please send details about yourself and a pic if possible. We are also building a list of available black men to introduce to white women/couples that are not into the party scene but would like a sexual encounter with a black man. There is NEVER a charge for this service or for attending one of our parties.


Ebony Socials, located in the RALEIGH/DURHAM, NC area, is an alternative lifestyle private multi-ethnic social network for discreet, health conscious, adult couples, ladies, and select gentlemen. Ebony Socials members and guests feel completely free at any time to decline to engage in contact with a would-be partner. Moreover, everyone is expected to respect network/hosts' rules and any and all limitations imposed by other individuals. Newcomers welcome! Dress to impress, entice, or excite! Good conversation, good music, good food, good people and great adult fun is EBONY SOCIALS! NOT A COMMERCIAL CLUB. WE ARE A PRIVATE NETWORK. Discretion assured and expected. Our socials are INVITATION-ONLY HOUSE PARTIES. Sorry, no cameras, please. ALL prospective participants must meet face-to-face, preferably with our host, Jay; or with a current member(s) to have a frank discussion about the Lifestyle, Ebony Socials and our rules. If our interests are not compatible, that's okay. Either of us should just say so. You will agree, that we must be judicious in our selection of new friends. Since our linkage to others of like mind is somewhat limited, establishing long term relationships is the key, we believe, to a viable healthy network. Here, the freedom of expression abounds. But we insist on discretion; and believe in exercising good judgment in our associations and a health-first attitude in our activities. Our socials are small (20-25 people) and require reservations. Couples and ladies are our first priority. For some special socials, single gentlemen (without female partners) who are uniquely well endowed are received on a very limited/first-come basis. For more information on consideration and invitations please write to us. Please remember to include your age, location, description, picture (if possible), time in the lifestyle, interests, and any other information.


Hot club in Fayetteville N.C. Music is bumpin' lots of interracial action, stays open til 4:00. Sharkys 1 and 2, 944 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC . 910-483-3520. The owner is the coolest. If you want to know more feel free to email me.

_____________________NY / NJ____________________

Jersey. Every saturday nite we have interracial parties with our circle of friends. We are looking for other couples who enjoy our lifestyle with good friends and of course single women who like black males. And always looking for hung 8+ black males that are in good shape and clean a must. Must be a gentelman. Write to us and try our new love swing, always a hit at one of our parties.


The hottest interracial swing parties out there based in NYC. Parties held once a month in NYC and also do road trips to a city near you.

How to Join:

You must send a bio and PIC to be considered and invited to our parties. All single men must be endowed with AT LEAST 8 inches and show proof of fitness std's and HIV negative. Men must also be physically fit and aim to please. All members are screened, as we are very selective about whom we allow into our membership club and its parties -- men and women. (We reserve such right at all times). Visit our web site to see party PICS, interviews and party dates The Official Site of the Mandingo Club


. Single Women (any race, nationality, etc.)
. Couples
. Interracial couples
. Single Black Men, 8 "+ (Limited Number)

Contact numbers 718-949-1288, 1800-216-3133 pin# 5994535 pager, 718-949-9628.

Email us at several email accounts:, or as below.


I am having gangbang parties every month in the NY-NJ area, sometimes CT-MA area. This month is in Secaucus NJ September 23rd Saturday night, all clean well hung black men are welcome, please email me with pic for your reservation and details. THIS IS 100% REAL AND FUN. Please email ASAP to reserve your spot for a hot and satisfying night and for parties every month. Check out my Website so you know I am for real.


Columbus, Ohio. Its quite easy to go to places that are already established to get some interracial fun going. But to further the cause, we must overcome the barriers that present themselves at the numberous neighborhood bars and clubs that are well stocked with sexy white girls but have no black men available. To slowly turn these clubs out, people couples and black men should start frequenting these places and soon turn it into what we want it to be. Open for black sexing! Here's some places that are ripe for the picking. Frequent these places, flood the music with RnB and get the ladies in the mood.
Tavern at Mill Run (very hot barmaid every other Thursday and on weekends). Fishinger Road off of Rt. 270. In small shopping plaza.
Dub Pub (young hottie paradise and the sexiest barmaids in town). Dublin Road near the Tuttle Mall, just past the Hayden run intersection on the right in a little shopping center).
Fayrewethers Cafe-White trash joint with potential on weekends to be taken by black. On Trabue Road.
There's tons more, but with one step at a time, we could make this our personal project.


Columbus. Hair salon has sexy young females defintely curious about good looking black men. Sports clips on Cemetary road. Full of sexy single moms ripe for the taking.


The hottest and newest addition to Lifestyles clubs in Central PA, with memberships available for couples and singles. They offer a large unique night club atmosphere, combined with a contemporary flare. They will entice you with gourmet dining and professional staff to help make your visit truly a lasting impression. Extremely large dance area with state of the art sound and light system. Two upscale full service bars. (BYOB) Many large elegant play rooms, all with full private baths and temperature controls.
Coming Soon:
Phase 2 which includes: courtyard with in-ground heated pool, surrounded by additional rooms, also a lingerie shop and expanded dance floor.
Just outside of Harrisburg very close to Philly! This club is a great place to party for everyone especially for interracial playing! White and mixed couples and single white women go to the club looking to hook up with sexy black men to play with and saturday night is the best time. TJ's is also open friday! The hot women in their very hot and erotic super sexy outfits and their cum fuck me shoes, meeting, flirting, dancing and playing are real freaks and sluts for brothers! The club owner loves black men and so does her partners so they started the club for a great place for everyone's tastes and especially for those who want to go over to the dark side and for those who always have really indulged in the black/white sexual experience! TJ's is getting a reputation as the best place to be for sure on the east coast! Phone number is 717 737 6204.
The Website


I like to post info about upcoming parties in Dallas.


Club Secrets
6750 Shadybrook Lane
Dallas Texas
Dallas has a new Secret place to chill and meet. Club Secret located on Shady brook in North Dallas. Unlike most clubs where you may feel pressed by people you have no interest in. Club Secret provides an atmosphere that let you enjoy a high-quality club scene with soft lighting, an excellent DJ, experienced bartender, theme nights (karaoke, pool tournaments, etc.), and weekend security inside and out. Club memberships are available. Club Secrets is also the place for those of us that are in the lifestyle. If you are interested in MFM, FMF, and group play, dozens of players and playettes make there home there. Club Secret does not permit play on-site BUT you don’t have to worry about fakes, want-a-be’s and people don’t understand no-means-no. Any problem (if there has every been any) are handled quickly and quietly. And as a bonus for beginners in the lifestyle, you can meet-up lifestyle party’s hosts and hostesses that could get you the hook up in the lifestyle, like Raven and Joy founders of Dallas Freaky Interracial Palace (D.F.I.P.), the infamous Fingerslut and her man Darkguard71, BBW Club, and Saturday Social. So for you entertainment pleasure make Club Secrets a part of your plans.
Yahoo Club


House Party in Tennessee. We are a group of middle class, regular folks that are interested more in the person rather than the person's looks. Our ages range from mid twenties to people in their late fifties the average being in the 40-45 age bracket. We host small intimate parties of approx. 10-12 couples, Every Saturday Night. We are located in North Central Tennessee. PJ's House Party - Couples & Ladies Only. Y'all cumn this weekend? Y'all Traveling? Looking for a great 'couples only' club?


I am in the process of starting a new club for those interested in exploring the interracial sexing lifestyle in and around the VA Beach area. I am a professional Black man, and discreetness is the rule. If interested please email me for more information.