Dark Cavern Merchandise! DC logo Tshirts and other associated stuff! If you are looking for something special, post a message here. If you can SUPPLY such merchandise, post a message here. Ole Coco can't supply anything - so don't ask me. Post your requests here!

Send your submissions to:


I do waterfalls and Grottos for swimming pools , and I would just love to do them and put the "DC" emblem on them! Oh, another thing, 30% off any work for blacks only. I do all kinds of concrete, demos, concrete coatings, waterfalls, ponds... Up to 50% if I can taste it. I'm in the Yellow Pages...(602) 367-9477 Phoenix Az


Our new pierced belly button charm. Is your wife daring enough to wear one of our charms like this? What other piercing would our charms look good dangling from? Let us know by email...

Our Website

Where or how could I buy some clothing that says Dark Cavern or Dark Cavern Slut, or Dark Cavern Black Owned... or something along that line. Where would I find a T-shirt? Preferably a tight little t-shirt that shows off my 38D's and lets everyone know that they are YOURS! Please help me be a BETTER DarkCavern BlackCockWhore.

My Website

We used to have our website under SlutWifeCharms.com. We have changed that to the address below.


Our Website

DC logo and shirts. My husband and I are thinking about making some t's, tanks, shirts and what not. If anyone is interested please let us know and we can make more. Also if anyone has any thoughts on the logo, Please send it to us.


I run a small website that sells offensive and politically incorrect tp-shirts including some that fit your niche perfectly (I Love Black Cock, Cuckold, I Fuck White Women, etc...)


How can I get a t-shirt that just says Dark Cavern. For a man 2 or 3xl.


Do you have a Slut Wife? Now you can proudly "brand" her with this Anklet Charm. Whether you are out to the movies, a nice dinner, a swinger party, meeting a single male or a group of guys, strap this onto her anklet. My wife Tanya has one and she always wears it out when she is trying to pickup or meet a guy to fuck. You will love watching this Slut Wife Charm dangling from your wife's anklet as her legs are up in the air with another guy mounted on top of her! For my wife, it's only well hung black guys! If you are a husband, your wife will absolutely love it and wear it every time she is out slutting around!! Remember it goes on the right ankle!! If you are a wife, your husband will absolutely love you wearing it. Meeting a new guy tonight and you haven't told hubby yet? Be all dressed up and ready to leave when hubby gets home and have your Slut Wife Charm on your anklet to let him know that he is on his own tonight, cause' you are going out to meet or look for some strange!! The Slut Wife Anklet Charm is Sterling Silver and each is hand made and goes through a 12 step hand polishing process! Originally made for an anklet, it can also be used on a necklace, belly button ring, or best yet, would it look awesome dangling from a clit ring while your wife is riding another guy's cock! (Would love to see a picture of that).

Order Yours Here!!



Just found a site with some t-Shirts that are right up our alley -- baby doll tees that read "I Love Black Cock".

The Website

For all those people who have been asking for Dark Cavern apparel, it is finally here. Happy after Christmas. Come visit us and check out our after Christmas sales. If you ordered before the holiday we will credit your order with the sales price. Happy shopping and tell your special friends.

Now you have a choice in caps. We now have a cap printed in the same high quality lettering as the T-Shirts. You can get Dark Cavern or Dark Cavern Girls printed on the front. We still have the denim cap, which only comes with Dark Cavern embroidered on the front. Thank you and happy shopping.


I want a black Tshirt with the DC logo.


Hand made in USA, Leather Vest and Chaps for women. Email us for pics and prices. We accept major credit cards.


Would love to buy DC T shirt, cap or sweatshirt... someone PLEASE make some up.... maybe a good way to make some money!


Anyone that can/will print a "darkcavern.com girl" t-shirt, Bambi would like to buy a couple. We are in South Florida area.


I can supply caps, T-shirts, etc with DC logo. Want to get a idea of demand so drop me a note on what you are looking for.


This is for the real white wife to go to sleep with a black dick every night. I can supply T-shirts or night shirts with a big black dick in your favorite pose. All you have to do is e-mail for prices, and pick your pose. Starting at $10.00


Season's Greetings from Johnboy and Songbird. We have been looking for an Ankle Bracelet that would indicate our Dark Cavern/Interracial/Hot Wife Lifestyle. Hopefully from this post there will come a supplier as I know there are others out there looking for the same thing.


Hi, I am 22 female in Seattle, married and love blackmen. He knows and approves. I am looking for necklaces or bracelets, or even anklets that express my worship of blackmen. Such as Black Owned or BlackMan's Slut.... do you know of any site or place I could order such items. I hope someday when I am fully owned and bred to place my photos and letters on here. Monica.