Since I was one of the very earliest married white ladies to have posted on this wonderfully exciting site, I want to say that I have made some great friends both black and white by being here. For those of you who do not know anything about me, I'm Peggy. My email address will certainly be posted at the end of this, if sweet Coco does his usual. I'm now 47. I am very married to an older man who does not know of my delight with black men, and who is not open enough to consider all people equal even in this modern day and time. I'm careful to keep my lovely and exciting adventures secret, although sometimes it is an effort.

I'm 5'3", 105 lbs, and still work hard at keeping my 35C-23-36 figure firm and attractive. I waited until age 44 to discover the delights of interracial sex. Part One of that story is posted somewhere here in the Dark Cavern. I've yet to finish Part II. Reading it will tell you how I was introduced to my first sexual encounter with a black man.

Although I keep no notes, photos, or a diary, I can honestly say I have met probably two dozen or so wonderfully exciting black men by being posted here. Of that two dozen or so, I've been naked with and performed orally with at least 20. I've let at least 10 or 12 talk me into "spending the night", and greatly enjoyed meeting many of these more than once. I've probably had at least 200+ invitations to meet and date during my working travels. Like many of the white ladies on here, I must decide when a black man writes me whether to answer favorably and take it past the initial response level. That is what this message is all about... advice to black men on how to best seduce a married white lady for the ultimate results. Additional comments from some of the other white gals would also be welcomed by sweet Coco, I'm sure, as the main purpose of this board is the encouragement of interracial sex between black men and white women.

When a black man writes me, if he sends me just one or two sentences, he is probably not going to get all that much of a favorable response. Also, if he sends just a photo of his "dick", he's probably not going to get much further. Sex for a woman is personal, my darlings. Most white gals have seen many "dicks". We certainly know you have one and where you want to put it, and if you are black, chances are, yours is bigger than the one we have at home.

If you really want to seduce us and have a good chance of getting your "big black dick" in our white pussies, come on to us as you would in a bar or in a hotel lobby in person. Make yourself sound interesting, present a favorable impression, and be personable. If you want to send a photo of your dick, that is fine... but also include a photo of YOU too. If we are going to consider letting you fuck us, we're going to want to know what you look like.

Every white woman posted on this board has certain turn-ons and certain turn-offs. Explore them and exploit them. My turn-ons are... I like tall, well built black men with strong negro features such as dark skin, broad shoulders, and thick lips. I like a man who comes on strong and who is direct and to the point but with finesse. Most women check for outlines in a man's pants, and if you have a "big one", believe me, we'll know it. The black man who walks up to a white woman as says... "hey, baby, I've got a big dick, wanna fuck?", isn't going to get anywhere with me.

I have met two black men that I remember quite well who had a variation of this approach that worked well. They walked up to me in the bar, touched me, talked for a few minutes, hugged a little, and whispered in my ear while being close enough for their "talents" to be against my thigh that they would love a kiss. I let them kiss me, and in 30 minutes they had me in their hotel room naked and on my knees in one form or another.

Being kissed by a black man, especially an open mouth, tongue inserted kiss, is wildly exciting for most women. Chances are, if you can slip your arm around our waist, we'll let you kiss us. If you can get your tongue in our mouths, you're probably well on your way to getting your black dick in our white pussy.

I need to add two interesting but true quotes here... One is, "Black men have big black dicks. White men have white cocks." If you write to a white woman, please don't tell us you have a big "cock". If you are black and it is big, it is a "big black dick", my dear. I smile anytime I hear a black man say he has a cock.

The second quote is, "Remember, as a woman, with just ONE of these, I can have all of those I want." You must make yourself appealing, sexy, and interesting. In writing e-mail, you can generally be as direct and as hot as you like, but be careful. I prefer that a man not use the word "fuck" until I have at least answered with a favorable response and encouraged it. Although black men are becoming more IN with white women these days, we're still controlling the pussy until you seduce us.

Ask yourself this question when you write a white woman... Can I make myself more desirable than the other black guys who have written her today? And, if so, how? Then, do it. There is one other saying that I picked up that I can add here. "If you want to fuck our white pussies, then fuck our white minds first, and you'll get there!"

Even after all of the time I've had on sweet Coco's Dark Cavern, I've never been to bed with a black man who didn't have to seduce me first. I've never been to bed with a black man who didn't turn me on with his kisses first. And, (huge smile...) I've never been to bed with a black man who at least tried to fuck me in my butt.

Every time I am with a new black lover, my heart pounds as I undress in front of him, as he kisses me, and as he mounts me. No two black men are alike, but generally you do kiss better, and you do make much better lovers than most white men, and your cum is sweeter. I don't think black men will ever realize that every time a white woman lets a black man seduce her to the point of getting in her pussy (or wherever (smile...), it is very personal as well as very exciting for us.

For best results, remember, be personable, flattering, aggressive, and assertive, my darlings, as there isn't a woman on this board who wouldn't let such a black man "fuck our brains out" if given the chance. If we weren't interested in being seduced by a black man, you can bet we would not be posted here!

And, to answer the question that come up so often... thicker IS better than longer; black is better than white; yes, we swallow the ones we like; it's the man that makes it good, not the dick, and if you are planning on "dicking me, remember to lick me first!"

Am I right, girls??? Kisses to all!




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You are so right, I posted an ad April 18, Houston. The guys who only wrote one or two lines were History. I know what I want, like you... seduce me. Thanks.

I just saw your section in the Dark Cavern. All I have to say is that was the best piece of advice I have ever gotten from a woman. Thank you very much. Next time I email someone I will take my time and be really considerate.

Thank you for all the "How To's". I learned a lot from reading it. You sound like a very intelligent woman who knows what she wants from life. I could spend hours just chatting with you. I think "any" man would get turned on from just your knowledge alone. I'll be looking for your letters next. Take Care Peggy and thanks again.

I am a married white female in my mid-40s just getting into interracial relationships. My hubby is completely supportive and it has been a very good experience so far. I have to admit I was very reluctant at first and it took a lot of encouragement and support from him. I am sorry to say there was also some initial prejudice :( on my part. I am just average looking (well, maybe a little above average) but really appreciate how black men treat a woman. I feel like I am worshipped and find it incredibly romantic (especially at my age). Your article was 100% "right-on" based upon my limited experience. At least, I feel the same way with what is a turn-on and turn-off. I will also have to agree with you about black men and anal sex. They really seem to want THAT and I am slowly accepting it and dealing with it (ouch). My biggest problem is finding a way to be discreet about my interracial get togethers. We live in the Central Florida area and it is hard finding a public place to meet where I won't run the risk of running into a friend or acquaintance. Anyway, I enjoyed your article very much and hope black men read it!

I was given this site by a white female friend of mine who is married but also enjoys me on the side.. she found it very interesting and as I read further, so do I. To tell you a little about me; I am 30 years old and originally from the Virgin Islands where most of my family still lives. I grew up in the Washington DC area where I graduated from Maryland University. I have been with at least 10+ white women all through high school and college and even now. I have participated in adult movies where white women want black men. I read your guide for white women and as a young black man I would agree in your advice. What would make this even more interesting for both the white women and the black men would be to post a picture of an eligible man for the month or the week and have the white women choose if they want to write him or not. Of course, I would want to be the first but it is not a must for me. I thoroughly enjoy women and am genuinely enjoy white women. Well, I know that you were not expecting a novel but I wanted to see what you feel about my not so ingenius idea.

I was sent your pearls of wisdom by a husband, whose wife wanted me to read it. Obviously you have touched a soft spot in the heart of intelligent desireable white women everywhere. I am impressed not only with your candor, and honesty, but your perception and understanding of relationships (black & white) that are sometimes hard to get "kicked off" on the right foot. I enjoyed what you wrote, I feel that I have always taken those things to heart, but it is so nice to have a "manual" to check with occasionally, to keep me on the "straight" "hard" path to our valley of pleasure. But you want to know what impresses me more than anything? The fact that you have been married all these years to a person that does not hold the same views as you do, and yet you obviously keep him happy, and "a couple dozen" black lovers too! Now that takes TALENT!! It would be very easy to follow after the pleasure you have obviously found, and forsake everything else, but you have managed to maintain both. The men that have "fucked" you (I know I broke the rule) have definitely had a pearl of great price in their bed!!! And the men that you have graced with your beauty and presence have been spoiled indeed. I am not trying to seduce you, or get you to come to Dallas (yeah right!) But I did enjoy your points of view.

I just finished reading your Peggy's guide for the black guys. It was very well written because it just captivated me. Whatever man (black or white) that you give your attention to should consider themselves fortunate, as well as lucky as hell, to be in your company. I can only imagine how nice you actually are after you have just giving me a taste in your guide. I just wanted to let you know how I enjoyed your guide.

Thanks for the tips. Sometimes a man doesn't really know how to approach a woman. We try to figure out a woman by the situation or appearance instead of like a "WOMAN!" I am glad I realized this at a point in my life when I did truly understand pleasing a woman! I enjoy pleasing as much as I like being pleased! I think if a man wants to experience extreme pleasure, he should give extreme pleasure. Treat all the women the way they want to be treated! I am searching for many experiences. Your guide will help all black men who are new at getting in the panties of white women, married or single! Thank you!

Never have I seen such sincererity on the internet, and I would like to compliment your honesty. Good luck in your quest for black men. Please do not reply to this IM. My wife would never understand.

I read your suggestions to black guys in regard to responding to the ads to have sex with white women. It was great and I put together something I thought would get someone's attention. I got 5 responses the very first day.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all things you said, everything you said is soooooo true and I have never met another female (like myself) that is so true to the point. I really enjoyed reading all that you had to say and look forward to hearing more as I explore more of this web site that is very new to me.

I am a 56 year old white male, who could have written this using some obscure e-mail engine like hotmail or rocketmail, etc. But, to perhaps lend a little more credibility I've opted to write using my very public name and location. Yes, I am an administrator here at the university, and my wife is also white. Our middle daughter is living with a black man and has done so for over a year now...and they are accepted by the whole family and of all places to live, they live in Arkansas! I had an affair with a black girl starting in high school, and in my senior year slept with her mother on more than one occasion. My affair with my girlfriend continued after college and for two years into each of our subsequent marriages to other mates (she to a black man, I to a white woman). I have had several sexual encounters with wonderful black ladies and must say categorically that I sincerely believe that there is a certain "magic" about sharing a sexual relationship where the two are black/white that is more emotionally electrifying than any other coupling where ethnic variables enter in. All of that aside, notwithstanding: I have just read your "Suggested Approach for Successful Results" and felt compelled to write to tell you how right I think you are. Actually, your suggestions are valid even for same race people. One key point is something we all learned in physics - for every action there is an equal reaction. The difficulty is often the reaction is masked or hidden. My observation is that if I initiate moves on a lady, say at a bar, my success depends largely on my ability to "listen" with my ears and eyes to her reaction before progressing on. We know from years of kinesic (body movement) studies that some races and cultures (regardless of race - i.e., a Negro from England shares only skin colour with a Negro from the US, or Africa, or Chile, etc.) act and react differently. The north American black is typically narrow in facial expressions, and typically does not need to establish eye contact to carry on a dyadic conversation (two people). White females, however scream messages with their eyes and just as effectively respond with eye behaviors. Also, would you not agree that what I call the "controlled aloofness" so characteristic in black male behavior in this country is partly, in itself, a key attractor for white females. Regardless of everything I've said, back to my original premise, which is, you've written a profound article that is right on. I just wanted you to know, from an entirely different perspective just how right I think you are.

Sincere thanks for your advice on how "us brothers" have the best chances of romancing white ladies. I have had the opportunity to "seduce and sex" white women and feel your acknowledgments hit the nail-on-the-head. I am a 31 yr. old "brotha" with a passion for mature white women. I have a great passion for petite white ladies 35-55 yrs. old. I admire and appreciate a great majority of women (period) but a short, light mature white lady has my heart and attention every time. I am not as big as most in my tribe but I am very enthusiastic. I enjoy good conversation (politics and "life" discussions are preferred) and love to hear a person's story (what makes them tick, what their life experiences has brought them). I have an advanced degree, love a good book, and would prefer cuddling to almost everything but uninhibited passion. I have been swinging for about 4 years and have had limited success. Most mature white couples prefer other white couples. Single blk men in the swinging lifestyle is not popular (in my opinion). But, the few experiences I have had has long lasting impressions. Thank you once again, for you much needed advice and please keep in touch. I am a North Carolina boy that travels frequently and would greatly appreciate your correspondence and the possibility of a future meeting. Your picture I am sure paints only a small picture, but I had to reach for the KY just the same. (I just couldn't help it.)

Thank you very much for your needed advice. I found your viewpoint extremely helpful. I would love to meet you and talk. I am into the human element as well. You see at this stage in my life for whatever reason I find it very exciting when I contact with an attractive young lady. This provides the avenue to gel down the road in whatever we choose to do. In addition to the fact if the young lady is desirable why do I want to rush the romantic journey. I am young thirty year old black professional educated man who gets approached quite often. I love wearing full length not just because it is required my profession I just enjoy feeling polished and clean. Many times I feel the eyes of woman viewing my anatomy and many times I cannot tell they are looking but they really are because later they will comment on my attire or the way I walk. Grooming is key for me. I absolutely worship a well groomed lady. Your picture is quite appealing. It breeds class. I am intrigued with the mentality that one should make love to the woman's first. This turns me on and makes me feel having a conversation with a woman say over dinner can be extremely refreshing and exhilarating. Please if you get sometime write back. I am glad I took the opportunity to read your thoughts on this process. It is worth it.

Amen to your guide to black guys! The same things that turn you off by their approach annoys the daylights out of me! I like class and will go to bed with a man who has class, a big smile and is romantic and seductive. So amen to your guide, some of these black guys need to know these things about white women who are interested but who also have class and distinction and enjoy the same in whoever their partner might be, whether black or white.

I have to compliment you on your Dark Cavern section (or is that sex-tion?). I am a white woman with a black stud. I could NEVER go back. Nothing like it. Just wanted to say thanks!

I've been with several white women and all that you say is true. Thanks. It has alot more credibility cumming from you than from me.

I just read your "advice" to Black Men. Great stuff. I hope a lot of Black Men read it, and follow it. If so, you have my eternal appreciation!!!! I am a Single White Female, but I love the Dark Cavern, although it seems to cater specifically to you Married Gals. But, we're all in this together.

I'm a mature married black male and I really enjoy your story/advice--the last one of the handsome black man in Nassau and your hotel hot loving really turned me on. What you say is true about white women secretly wanting a black man. I've been in an office environment with some pretty and flirtatious white women. Sometimes as a black man, you can't jump the gun because of some women's actions. Sometimes it's just plain fun and I really enjoy the attention, other times...being at the right place at the right time to really find out if there serious. A real man knows in a heartbeat. I've had several wonderful sexual encounters with white women and each time they seem to be starving for loving and the type of orgasms that everyone in the hotel heard you experiencing. Your second lover, James is a man after my own heart, but I expect I'm a bit more oral....I like to suck on your ears, lip, with lots of hot tongue searching kisses. Me being an equal opportunity lover would suck on both your hot white nipples and your hot hairy pussy until you said y'all quit. And Peggy you say, when a black man fucks your ass with his big black dick, a piece of your body and soul will always belong to that man. I totally agree with you in a sweet kind of way. We black men don't forget that special loving. We feel the same way after giving you the ultimate (a hot black dick in your ass) in sexual pleasure, we feel soul bonding. There is nothing that turns black men on more than seeing and feeling his big hot black dick easing in a hot white woman's ass. It's something the we both enjoy...the contrast of ebony and ivory fucking to a beautiful colorful swirl. The scary part of swirl picture, black men and white women and a lot of white men know that black men and white women are made for each other, (you're always our fantasy, and we yours) size and bringing a woman to a series of orgasms does matter. Keep giving me mind and eargasms with your hot stories.

I just finished reading your "Guide" and found it to be a provocative read. Props on what is easily a sexier, Dark Cavern version of the best seller, "The Rules". Maybe you should forward Oprah a copy. :) Thanks so much for sharing your viewpoint, and also for making me want to share mine. I'm 31 and have spent most of my life with an insatiable itch for white girls. I have satisfied it with both tall and small, blonde and brunette and know my way under a white skirt. In my 20 or so years of carnal improprieties I have borrowed a few wives, learned a few things and so would like to offer my perspective on dating Married White Women. Married white women often make the mistake of thinking that somehow their sweet thighs puts them "in control" of sex. That is only half true. Believe it or not, a female gorilla knows a lot more about pussy whipping than she does. Female gorillas dispense intercourse, so that at most only 3 or 4 copulations occur per year. For that, the male gorilla provides protection and subsistence for all 365 days per year. White wives often mimic this arrangement and indeed have managed to pull this off quite effectively. A husband provides full time economic support, while she copulates with him a couple of times a month. I doubt that marriage is or should be thought of as that tit-for-tat, but the parallels with the gorilla's are uncanny wouldn't you say? While this modern living arrangement may be common place, it is not natural. The decline since the 50's of wedlock rates is but one testament to this. For most white women such a relationship is precarious choice, as you well know. Mother nature has afforded the MWF much less sexual control, than one, MWF's care to admit, and two, that she realizes. During ovulation a female chimpanzee's sexual organs swell and chimp males are conspicuously aware that she is in "heat". Afterwards she is relatively off limits. You have no such down time. Breasts are always swollen and a constant reminder of your sexual predicament. They are not as some believe, reproductive organs. Nipples alone serve that purpose. Breasts are soley erotic. No other female primates have them, but instead display other sexual signs while in Estruus. Her Human European sister, however, does not have the luxury of a mating season. She is always in heat and infertile sex is her evolutionary disposition. So I ask you Peggy, where do you like to be touched? Is it your neck? Or maybe your thighs? How about your buttocks? Probably it's all three. Can you name a female of any other mammal species with a larger errogenous zone? With more naked skin? Do not forget how sexually equipped you are. In all my travels I have yet to bed a white wife that I had to beguile. On the occasions that black meets white, I would love to fancy myself a "player", responsible for sucking her into my arms. But I know better. The white vagina wets at the thought of a black dick the way a rose moistens for the morning air. In the 1800's, Slave owning husbands blind and ignorant to the truth, perpetuated the myth of "white lady". Laws of the time prohibiting interracial sex, centered mostly around punishment for the black male, as if it does not take two to Tango. So convinced was the slave owner of his woman's "chasteness" that it was not uncommon for her to be present in the company of a fully stripped slave. To this day very little has changed. The modern white wife still harbors the dark secret. She is still intoxicated by the thought of a nigger insider her. While her 19th century counterpart was filled with lust for the blackness that is wild and forbidden, she yearns for the blackness that is the urban and the dangerous. During the day, the halls of the shopping mall near my apartment are filled with white wives carrying bags. In the bags are wonder bras that cup beautiful pale breasts and heeled shoes that arch alabaster backs to the point that they make the wearer look like she is coming while standing up. Most of the married ladies are suburbanites and in the morning their husbands run off to work and leave them all alone. To have her I need not "seduce" so much as "introduce", for 8 hours is such a long, long time for her to have that creamy skin go untouched and I know she is not that patient.

I am in the Detroit area and i just read your excellent essay concerning the seduction of the White Woman. Though I have been fond of White Women most of my life, I repressed it and took what would be considered a black nationalist approach. That was until I fell in love with Susan, a White Woman whose features are similiar to Leeza Gibbons. Well things did not work out as we had strong forces advising us against this union and I eventually lost my job. But now the love and lust for White Women has taken on very interesting dimensions. So thank you so very much for sharing your insight and I shall refer back to it often and regard it as a scripture from a priestess of the Goddess white Woman herself.

I have read your article in Dark Cavern on how to seduce white women. I must say that after reading that, I have had sex with 3 white women within a 2 month period. It has now been a month later since I have been with the last one. All three still keep in touch, wanting me to meet them again. I am 36 years old, and often wondered through the years if white women were interested in me, whenever I caught them looking at me several times. There are at least 4 women at my place of business, who seem to go out of their way to speak to me, whenever they see me. Maybe, I can use your advice to try to get together with at least one of them. Peggy, thanks for the boost of confidence. I'm glad that your article was there for me and many others to read. I'm sure that there will be more white women enjoying my black dick in their white pussies, in the near future. Who knows, maybe even you (Wink).

I am a MWF, 27 years old. I have just finished reading your advice to black men and I was blown away by what I just learned. I also had a lot of ideas confirmed and I feel so great right now. I realize I am not the only white woman who thinks that black men have a natural superiority over white men. I have always thought that black men in general had such a sex appeal about them, especially the tall, muscular, bald ones. I also realized why it took me about 6 months to be with my very first black stud. I am a picky person anyway when it comes to looks, but it wasn't just about looks this time. I felt like the whole attitude and personality thing was a big part of it. You think and speak for so many of us white ladies, it is so amazing to have you confirm every thought and preconcieved notion I had. Just last week I had my first black experience. It was so different than any sex encounter with a white man and definitely well worth the wait. By the way, I met this man through the Dark Cavern. So thank you Dark Cavern for your help. That evening was so wonderful and was a fantasy come true. He is not the aggressive type at all though, but very passionate, experienced and I will definitely be very good friends with him for a long time to come. My husband and my new found friend/lover also get along great. We (husband and I) love this new side of sex so much. I know it can only get better. I hope to get seduced by many more hot black studs. Not many will actually be lovers though, just fun sex partners. I would also like to try getting gangbanged sometime but not just yet. I know they will try to do what they want and that makes me hot knowing that they would have control over me but I am scared of getting fucked in the ass. Do you have any words to calm my fears? Well, I am going to write a story of my first two encounters. They happened one day after another. Please check them out because they were both very different.

Peggy, as a white male, I want to thank you for doing a justice to all the white females. The way you state your point just proves that the word is getting out that white females are discovering that there is better sex across the tracks. Just looking at some of the clubs where half the white women are with black men proves your point that black men are bigger than white men and that black men are better lovers than white men as a whole. When I read articles like yours and see the evidence that black men are taking more and more white pussy, I get a mixture of jealousy and arousement in the same manner that men get when watching two women. White women like yourself are not hiding the fact that black men are bigger and better that white men and it is a huge turn on to us white guys when you tell it like it is. There is nothing wrong with stating that bigger is better. Men do it when talking about breasts and certainly women should be allowed to do it with the bigger black dicks and the smaller white cocks. You said that we don't understand how intense it is when a black dick enters your white pussy. You don't know how intense it is for a white guy to watch a bigger black dick enter our womens' white pussies and knowing that our women are enjoying it much more than with us. I have witnessed the difference in gym showers and while in the military. It is an obvious difference in size between us white guys and the black men. I like asking white women that I talked to about the subject. I'll play it off like, 'there sure are alot of white women going with black men these days' and ask them why. Alot of the women say that it is the curiosity and some will tell the truth that they are bigger and others are scared to admit it. But women like you do a justice by not keeping the secret to yourself and spread the word through your articles so that other white women can be convinced to make that jump. And you are right, every white woman has at least thought about trying black. It is only natural. Keep spreading the word so that more and more white women are encouraged to go black because you are doing them a justice since all of you white women belong with black men, not us. Thanks a hell of a lot and we love you.


Lovingly told by Peggy

A black horse and a white chicken are playing in a meadow and the horse falls into a mud hole and is slowly sinking. He calls to the chicken to go and get the farmer to help pull him out to safety. The chicken runs to the farm but the farmer can't be found. So he drives the farmer's BMW back to the mud hole, ties rope around the bumper, then throws the other end of the rope to the horse and hauls the horse to safety.

A few days later, the chicken and horse were again playing in the meadow, but this time it was the chicken who fell into the mud hole, and he yelled to the horse to go and get some help from the farmer. "I think I can help," said the horse. So he stretched over the width of the hole and said, "Grab for my 'thingie' and pull yourself up." The chicken did and was pulled from the mud hole.

The Moral of the Story?