Some white fella had sent me a series of questions concerning fucking white women. Because he was very polite in his inquiries, I obliged him with answers to the best of my ability. I am sending these questions and answers to the Cavern. Please send your comments to me at the address below.

1. Why do some white women have strong desires for a black man to fuck them?

Ans: It all basically stems from a combination of stereotypes and history. The history of the black "mandingo" slave servicing the white mistress, and the stereotypes surrounding the black man's endowment and stamina.

2. Why do white husbands like to watch their white wives get fucked by a black man? Are these guys bisexual?

Ans: Husbands watching a black man fuck their wife is a kind of fetish. Most of the times, these men are average size (6") or less. They take pleasure in watching their wife's pussy "stretched beyond its limits" by a black man. Because black men tend to represent a more domineering sexual figure, it only ads to the intensity of the fetish. You would be suprised how the vast majority of them are 100% straight.

3. Where do you meet these white women? Is it all from the Internet?

Ans: Since I have been doing this (2 years) I would say the internet represents the vast majority of my encounters. There are specific sites that cater to this i.e. Outside of the internet there are swingers clubs, ads in adult magazines, or suprisingly, normal clubs. In normal clubs where blacks mostly attend, if you see white women there, chances are, they are game for a good fuck.

4. Are the white women who seek black men mostly ugly?

Ans: No. But it does seem that they tend to be overweight. There is nothing wrong with that. It is all based on your likes and dislikes. A few of the ones I have dealt with are the stereotypical "white women" - blond hair, blue eyes, 5'5" - 5'7", 115 - 135 lbs. Model type.

5. Optional: On the average, how many different white women do you fuck in a year and do you fuck more white females than black?

Ans: Since I haven't been in it long, I would say that since I have started, I have fucked more black than white. Within the past year I fucked about 12 different white women.

Bonus Question: Okay, I've nosed into your business enough. P.S. Have you noticed in the action photo shots in the ads that the black guy is always being serviced by a white chick with the black guy's face off camera and hers usually on camera? Do these white girls have any inkling what the photo will be used for? Who takes the photos and why would a white girl want to have such a picture taken?

Ans: LOL. I liked this question. I have noticed that in some ads, and vice versa or both faces off camera. In cases where the woman's face is showing, that is usually because the woman is the one who is actually taping or taking pics of the session. The person usually snapping the shots is the woman's husband. Why they like to have their pics taken and shown is because in addition to being "sluts for black cocks", the vast majority of them are cyber-exhibitionists also. There is nothing wrong with this. You know the old saying, "Different strokes for different folks." I just like to perform my strokes in a nice white tight pussy. LOL

6. How much control do you find you have over these white "sluts for black cock" (your words)? Do they resist any of your inclinations or do they usually comply?

Ans: As far as control goes, that is the pleasure they find behind the whole thing. The dominating black man who is there to use them anyway they see fit. However, usually before meeting occurs, the women would let you know up front exactly what they are NOT into. So when we do meet I know exactly what my limits are, even in being the dominating role. They would usually, if not always, comply with my inclinations, as long as I respect their "do’s and don’ts".

2. Do you find any difference between fucking white females vs black females?

Ans: Well considering how I go about finding these white females as opposed to the black females, I would have to say in that case, there is a substantial difference. The white "sluts" I deal with are willing to do almost anything (oral, anal, DP, etc…). The black girls that I have had sex with have been more or less a little more restrictive of what I could do. That’s not to say that all white women are super freaks and black women not. It all depends on the circumstances you meet them under.

3. Are white pussies tighter than black pussies? One of the black guys at work is always telling the other black guy that he likes white pussy cause it is tighter. I suspect this is just imagination.

Ans: When talking about the female vagina, I think the tightness of the pussyhole is totally dependent upon the individual woman. I find that most of the pussies I fuck are a bit tight, but that is usually because they are fucking for the first time within a couple of hours (days), or the thickness of my cock. I am not saying that I have this gigantic rod, but my cock is not thin, and a woman’s hole is not at first penetrating wide open. One or two of the ladies I did find to be a little loose and it is usually because they are into fisting heavily, or during a gangbang, if you are not first, the pussyhole is a little more ‘prep’d' for entry. Or it could just simply be that is the way their pussyhole is.

4. When the white husbands watch, do they pretend to be uninterested or do they make a pride-less fool of themselves by leering at all of it close-up at different angles? Do they get aroused watching you do it? Why doesn’t the "white bitch" lose respect for her husband?

Ans: A lot of situations are different. I have been in a gangbang where I and about 6 other black guys were banging the hell out of a guy’s wife, while he sat in the other room watching football. Then there was a time when I was fucking the guy’s wife while he sat in a corner and jerked off. I know of instances where the husband would actually help the black man by taking the guy’s dick (usually in the riding position), but because I am not gay and do not participate in any gay or gay-like activities, I would NOT allow anything of the sort. As far as the "white bitch" losing respect, we all fully understand that when we are doing this, there are no strings or emotions attached, and when all is said and done, we all retire to our homes. How that wife feels about her husband is unknown to me, but I have known of a few instances where the wife would email me to meet in private, something that is usually not done.

5. Where do you usually cum? Do they eat the cum or restrain from going that far? It is hard for me to imagine any real husband putting up with that.

Ans: I usually cum on the woman’s face. For some reason, they really like that. As far as them eating cum, yes I do find a couple of them would actually swallow. Some would take it in the mouth then spit it out. A couple of the ads I got asked if I would cum inside of the woman (disease-free of course) but I prefer to use protection. When talking about husbands putting up with it, you are thinking about the "normal" type of marriage structure. These folks have been living this lifestyle for some time and consider it part of the norm within their own marriage.


Question: Saw your Q&A on Dark Cavern and you hit it very close. We are a MWC that are getting into the interacial sexxing thing. We have done 3-somes with black men.. I mainly video but do join in with my wife some too. My questions are - One of the big things with a black man is size. Most are quite thick and long. The last guy she was with was 9" and fairly thick. Is there something she or the guy we are with do to keep penetration from hurting her? The thickness is OK but the length is painful for her at times. Have you had this problem with white women? If so, what did you do, or what can you advise her to do? Hope to hear from you soon.

Answer: Actually, position is the one of the ways to cut back on the deep penetration. I'm sure that Doggy Style, and missionary with her legs pulled back are the most painful.

What I would suggest is that she do positions that would limit full entry. I find that missionary with the legs down works. Also, cowgirl (riding) is good. It may seem that the man can get full entry in her that way, but the key is, she is on top and can control how far it goes in.

The downside to this is that limiting the positions may take away from the full effect of the meeting. In other words, it may not be as enjoyable for the men participating, that they cannot "fully explore" your wife.

Other suggestions are:
1. Let the men know that with their length, certain positions may be painful to your wife. Ask them to "ease up" when doing these positions. You will find a lot of men are willing to be cooperative.
2. If you have an ad, limit the length of the black cock you are searching for. Since you said thickness is not a problem, emphasize more thickness than length. There are a lot of black men with 7-8 inch cocks that are VERY thick.
When I participate, I usually talk with the woman first, to get a feel of her likes and dislikes. I want my white woman to be fully comfortable when fucking. Her comfort makes me comfortable.