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Some weeks ago I came home one day earlier than planned and found my wife in a mini skirt beside the pc. She couldn't hide the fact that she was turned on and not very pleased about me finding her dressed up like a slut, using her hand between her legs while reading mail from a black man stating to found her advert in the Cavern. Demanding to see some more of her messages it was clear to me that she had several black mailfriends sending her pictures of their dicks, telling her what a white slut she was and so on... I was shocked finding her advertising at your site - together with real nasty pictures of her claiming to be a slut for black men... Finally I did find pictures of her fucking and sucking a black man's cock. She admitted having this black lover for almost a year. She said that email sent from black men for a period of time, slowly made her want to have a taste of the black men. She made it clear that she loved her black lover and that she wouldn't quit meeting him even if it would mean she would lose me.

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We didn't talk a lot until I left some days later. I was thinking all the time about her giving away pictures of herself to her black mail friends, fucking herself at their command and that the black dildos I had bought for her were no longer enough for her. I almost couldn't sleep figuring out that she likely had told her black lover about my reactions and that he probably had been fucking her or was going to fuck her at this very moment. I made a few calls to her and one evening I just knew that she was not alone in the house. She didn't tell, I didn't ask coz' I knew from her voice that she was aroused...

Getting to bed that night I couldn't get my mind away from her fucking that black big dick I had seen in the pictures... in a while my dick was rock hard and I was jerking off to the image of her and the black man. I did decide to stay with her a while to see how things worked out. The next time I got home I told her about my decision and we had great sex... I asked her the following day about the pictures and told her I wanted to see them, but she wouldn't let me. In fact she had just those pics her lover had posted to her on the net and she showed to me a couple of sites he had made her do, claiming her to be a real white slut for black cock. That's about it, when I leave for work I know that she is fucking her black lover whenever he wants to and I tried to figure out how to join them.

I made this song, having her singing about her black desires and I hope her lover will be so pleased that he lets me see her pictures and hopefully lets me join in for an interracial threesome... One of the pics I already did see makes me wonder if she has more that one lover... the angle of the picture makes it clear to me that another person did the camera shooting. She wouldn't talk about it, just saying that the camera was mounted on a tripod.

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