A section where people can write in with their 'Thoughts' about the BM/WF scene - it could be anything - how you first became interested in interracial, what you have experienced with other white's fascination of Black sex power - even racist feelings you have experienced from some whites regarding interracial - stories of people you know who have had affairs with black men - etc. I know of a few very straight white women who you would never think would have anything more on their minds than getting the kids to school or making dinner for their husbands, who have told me they fantasize about being raped by a Black stud (but not hurt) - it's out there - unbelievable and exciting.

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My Slut Wife and her Boss

She has been fucking her boss for the last 6 months, now he wants to watch her being fucked by a black. She loves being a slut for him, and said she will do it on their next business trip together. The picture is one he sent me from their last trip. They will be in Vegas and are looking for a black man to hook up with there.


First, let me say I am a cuckold husband. I am not young, I was cuckold before I ever heard of the word. I am not a sissy, bi, or gay. I love my wife deeply. I have decades of being cuckold.

Second, I believe in female sexual superiority. Face it, women can go on and on, orgasm after orgasm. In my experiance only black men can match them.

Third, all white child bearing females should experience bbc as soon as possible prefering a first time intercourse with bbc so they can know early the pleasures that can be had. If not at least once in their lifetime. No white wife should ever not have had bbc once.

Fourth, a cuckold marriage is ideal for all concerned. The white husband gets the wife's love and affection, parenthood and child raising. The black man gets the sex and breeding rights with the white wife. Chastity for the husband is good for him as it makes him a better mate to his wife. It takes training for him and the wife must constanty reassure him of her love and thanking him for the lovers she needs.

Fifth, it is getting more acceptable every day for white couples to have interracial children. Husbands should learn to be proud of their wife's breeding choices.

More to come.



It started very innocently, I met a black man named Marcus on a chat line and talked for a few days before he called and asked where I was at. I explained that I was at a dealership looking at a Lexus 400. Well, he was right down the road and before I could get seated in this beautiful auto, the door opened and in he walked, this very black powerful hunk. I continued to talk to the salesman and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that he was leaving. My thought was that he didn't like what he saw, and decided to leave. 30 minutes later I left and got into my Town and Country van and just started out the drive way when the phone rang and it was Marcus. Will you pull into the parking lot across the street and lets talk. My heart was racing with doubt and what if he didn't like me?

As he got into the van I could see that he was very well built, and me not that thin, thinking what would he want with this 50 something female not in shape. We talked for a while then he asked to come to my house. I started backing off, but not because I didn't want him but the only morning in years I had not made my bed! I started to make excuses and he finally said just to tell him if I was not interested. With my mouth open I explained about the bed, and he very seriously said that he thought I wasn't turned on by him. I quickly asked him to follow me and that started a new life for me. Marcus quickly took my clothes and his off and when I said I was uncomfortable about my body, he quickly picked me up and held me in front of the bedroom mirror and told me how much he loved my body and how turned on he was with me. (I could tell by the `10 inch rod standing up).

Marcus took me to every room and laid me on the counters, floors, chairs, tables continued to tell me how good I felt to him. He even took me to the garage where I had a convertible and placed me on the hood, pounding me and telling me that he owned me now. I was cuming so hard that it wasn't until later that I thought back to his statement of ownership, and wondered what that meant.

The next few weeks was confusing as he would blind fold me and tie my hands. It was so erotic, but when he tried to dominate me I would balk and not let him come over for days at a time. I didn't understand what this was about. When he told me I was his bitch, I was angry but afraid to show it as I felt that he was putting me down and being mean. Weeks passed, and I was online with a sub from Georgia and she was telling me about her and the other subs that lived with their Master and how much they loved and was devoted to him. We spoke for hours about their life and how they were slaves to his black cock. They were a Mother and Daughter plus another white female that was pregnant with his child. I couldn't get enough of them and their lives. Finally after I got off line I realized what Marcus was doing.

The next day I called him and he came over and we sat down and he spelled it all out for me. We sat our guidelines and for the next three years enjoyed a part-time dom/sub affair. We both began to travel a lot and soon our part-time relationship was not enough, and with him moving to Atlanta, I knew that I needed a full time Master and I needed to be a full time slave and to be owned from head to toe. That is when I put my ad in DC and received over 90 responses, and one stood out with a younger man in the South that had lost his wife two years ago, and had a small child (son). He had been very involved with domination before marriage and once again needed to own his own slave. As we spoke for days, his voice began to be my master, and my cunt would swell till I could hardly sit. We made plans for our meeting in his home town, and he warned me that I would be made to take his "brothers" and other subs that he owned. As the day arrived I drove to his location knowing that this would change my life for ever. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before, and got up early to make sure that I would arrive on time and to please my new Master. I watched him come out of the Denny's that we had made arrangements to meet at. There was MY Master, handsome, dark, lean, firm.

His black skin, his short black hair, and the way that he walked I knew that I was finally at home. He didn't touch me but only motioned for me to come to him. I got out of my car, and my legs were weak with need. I wanted to hear his voice. When he spoke.....he told me to come inside, and I followed. That was the first time I followed, now it is like breathing, it just comes naturally. We spoke for over two hours, talking about what we both wanted, and needed, and what would be expected of me. He wanted to know for sure that this was the life I wanted. I would be the alfa female, but there would be others, and some would breed and some would only please him. I would be expected to please any male that he told me to, and females if it pleased him. In exchange, I would be the nearest to his heart. He would rarely have sex with me, but wanted me to please him in all other ways. After pleasing him with others he would be there to hold me and to care for all my needs. His eyes told me that he wanted this as much as I did, and later he told me that he was so afraid that I wouldn't stay, that if I hadn't he would have lost his soul mate. I was having the same fears thinking that I might not be the one that he wanted and that I might not please him well enough.

After going over all the needs and desires of this union, he took out a paper and told me that he wanted me to go the hotel that he had rented and to read this contract, and if I agreed to it, I was to sign it and to call him. When I signed it, it would bind us together for as long as I would obey him and would make us one together as Master and slave. I would be his property, and he would own my body. What ever he wanted from me I would obey, and give freely. He would agree to provide for my comfort, housing, and my basic needs. As I sat in the hotel room, I was so excited that I could hardly read each of the lines, but I went over them over and over to make sure that I didn't give up any of my business or personal items that I now owned, but only my body and any further things that we would own together.

After much thought I felt that I needed legal help and contacted a lawyer that I had met a couple years before when Marcus and I had been together and he had advised us on some issues then. After faxing over the document he made some changes and faxed it back with congratulations on my new Master, hoping that I would serve him well. I picked up the phone and told him that I was ready to sign. He told me he would be back in a few hours and to stay in the room until he got here.

I laid down and fell asleep, into a deep sleep the one that lets you know that this is the right thing, the only thing that will make me alive again. When he arrived back, I had showered and changed into a white gown that he had sent me and told me to wear. I was barefooted, and my hair hung loose. He knocked lightly, and I shook as I opened the door. I wanted him to touch me, to just say my name. He walked to the table and told me to come over to it. He read the changes and gave thought to them and then agreed that the changes were all right. He once again asked if this is what I want, and I nodded and gently said it was. He told me to look at him and into his eyes and tell him how I felt about him. My mouth opened but the words hardly were audible. I spoke slowly picking the words that would let him know that I would devote my life and body to his pleasure and his alone. That I freely gave him all that he wanted and needed of me and that I wanted to be his slave and devoted servant. He then for the first time touched me by taking my hand in his and telling me that from this time forward he would own and protect me. That what ever he asked of me I was to devote my life to his pleasure and the pleasure of those that he shared me with. I would devote my body to the pleasure of only black cock and the black male. I would be there to raise his son to be a dominate male, and to choose other subs to serve him through breeding and other services.

The tears ran down my cheeks as I nodded and answered yes, that I would devote my body and life to pleasing him and his family. I felt so unworthy, and so honored that I knelt down before him and he touched the top of my head. He told me he would be a good master and to watch over me as one would with gold and silver. That I would be more precious then any other item he owned. He reached down and brought me up to him. He was so close I wanted him to touch me, but instead he turned to sign the document and then told me to sign. I signed, and he told me he was very pleased to now own me and that I would now start to serve him, and that I was to take all jewelry and clothes off and stand bare before him. I did so without any reservation. He then picked up the phone and spoke into it and said that I was ready. A knock came at the door and he opened it to seven black men that were all sizes. Some very young and others in 30's and 40's. They each spoke to my Master and congratulated him of his new purchase. My new Master then told me to please each of his friends and that I should make him very proud of me.

One of the older men came toward me and placed his hand on my breast and touched my nipples making them hard and erect. He then leaned over and began to suck on one as he held the other between his fingers. Another set of hands began to touch my ass, and another began to open my legs and to spread my clit. The moans came from far down and sounded soft at first and then louder and more deeper as they laid me on the bed and began to fill every hole and giving me a cock in each hand. My head began to gently rock back and forth looking for my Masters eyes, I needed to know if he was proud of me and if I was pleasing him. As they turned me over and placed me on all fours I finally saw the one that my body craved sitting with his hand on his lap and his hard cock in his hand. His eyes were serious and he didn't smile, as though saying you still have much more to do to please me tonight, you must give everything for me. Nothing can be left, you must give all. As they sat me down on one cock another began probing my ass. I wasn't sure that I could handle these cocks in my ass, especially with one in my cunt also. I could feel the lubricant drip down my ass into my cunt, and I was thankful that they were taking care not to tear me or to make me bleed. Gently he was pushing and then waiting for me to adjust to the size of the intruder in my ass. Just as I thought I was being torn apart I felt the explosion of my ass cuming and I began to trust backwards wanting to be fucked with every inch of his large black cock.

I began to beg them to fuck me harder and my breath seemed to get lost with each cry for more. I watched as my Master motioned for one of the younger guys to put his cock in my mouth. I could taste his precum and I wanted the whole load down my throat. I wanted to place my hands around his cock and push it further in to my throat, but I felt my hands being tied in front of me and soon a blindfold was over my eyes, and all I could do was listen and feel my holes being pounded and beg for more, soon that to was sealed with a scarf and I could only moan. I could feel the cock in my mouth begin the drive to completion as it swelled larger and began to push further into my throat. I was so ready to accept the load that exploded that I drank as though I had been in the desert without water. Since I was so intent on getting every drop in my mouth I had lost thought on my ass and cunt and then felt the tightness as each of my partners began to swell and thrust harder and I felt the first load in my cunt begin to release all the juice within me. Next was the tight ass that was now matching each thrust with a new push and my eyes begged that he give me more.

I heard his moan and then he was pounding me harder and harder. He fell over me and his cock began the decent that I wanted to stay tight and hard. I didn't have to worry, as he pulled out a new cock began his entry and once again my world rocked to life, and another slipped under me to join the first cock rubbing each other as both my cunt and ass was reached to see which could enjoy the most. The wetness of the cum in me only excited me to new heights and once again I looked for my Master. This time I saw the look of complete satisfaction that one gets when they are proud of a child or ones slave that has given much pleasure. The rest took hours, but I was no longer more then the tool that was being used and pleasured. I knew that my Master was pleased, and that is all that could make me finally know full happiness ... he smiled.

Later he held me and told me how pleased I had made him and that I had been a very good slave, and that his heart was full for me. He kissed my forehead and touched my breast... I fell asleep completely satisfied..... I am finally home.

More to come... Our lives with other subs and breeders, our family is complete?



Whenever shared with anyone,
SEX is almost always fun.
It's ALWAYS been the best thing in my life.
Getting off's my thing.
It makes my spirit sing,
Especially when I go there with my wife.

Mostly here at home,
But, never on her own,
She spreads her lovely legs for a stranger willingly.
I jerk off and watch my wife,
Getting fucked and loving life,
And tell her fucking him's another way of fucking me.

My wife likes black ones best
Says they're better than the rest
Then lets me watch'em fuck'er like a nympho honky whore.
3ways, parties, several guys,
Everything we fantasized;
What married man could ever ask his wife for more?

She really starts to bloom
In a stranger's motel room
Where she and I both agree that what she has is his.
She likes me there, to see,
And I swear, at least to me,
Watching her's almost as good as doing it to her is!

We're carnal detectives,
Finding perspectives,
Having sex with others to set our spirits free.
Desires are arranged,
Pleasures are exchanged,
And we know what she's giving him, she's also giving me.

Pursuing lust
Is a marital trust;
Doing it with others,
Is just how one discovers
That sharing makes the marriage bed the only place to be!



A number of years ago I had a sexual affair with a married woman that worked with me. She was a beautiful woman and ended up being the love of my life - but that is another story. After we had sexual relations and got to know each other we started to talk about our sexual fantasies. When I told her of my interest in interracial sex (Black men / white women) her eyes widened. She told me she had always fantasized about Black men but never told her husband about it for fear of his displeasure - he hated Blacks and would frequently make racist remarks about them.

This lady and I would go to adult stores and rent interracial sex tapes - I would get off on her picking the ones we would rent. We would then go to my place and screw ourselves silly as we watched these Black Masters taking what they wanted -white women!! She told me that even as a young girl she was fascinated by the black boys in her school as she heard about their huge penises and how they would get their way with the pretty white girls behind their boyfriend's backs.

She liked her Black men very dark, muscular, hung and mean - not the nice Sidney Potier type - more the Snoop doggy Doy or Mike Tyson type. I fully agreed. We wanted to get a Black stud to do her while I watched (she even had a special outfit she wanted to wear for the event) but unfortunately it never happened.

One day she came over to my place and said her hubby came home with two interracial sex tapes and told her he wanted her to have sex with a Black as he watched. He even bought her a huge black dildo and asked her to do herself as he watched and jerked off. She couldn't believe it!! I asked her if she ever gave some hint to her hubby of her interest and she assured me she had not. I believe the sex urge is so powerful that somehow her hubby was picking up on our mutual sexual excitement regarding interracial sex - ESP!!!!


I have a friend, Susan. At the time she was married to a white guy, a teacher of physical ed. She has two sons. Susan has always been a little wild. I had sex with her a number of times (I'm a straight white male). Susan is quite tall with very long legs and a great body. She loves wearing tight pants and high heels. I have a thing for great legs and heels on a woman and one day I saw a very sexy pair of green high heeled sandals that I bought for her. She put them on and strutted around in front of me and then we had sex.

I showed her an interracial sex video and she told me of her fascination with Black men. She told me that just before getting married, she took a trip to Europe and while in France met a Black guy that she gave a blow job to. I told her of my interest in the BM/wf scene and she laughed.

I hadn't seen Susan for a couple of months when one evening I got a call from her. She sounded a little high and told me she was at a dance club and that she wished I was there - her words "you would definitely approve". She told me she was with a Black from Jamica and was dancing with him and that they were the getting the eye from the white couples. She told me she was wearing skin tight white pants and the green heels I bought her and that she loved grinning out at the white men as the Black dude danced dirty with her.

She then said she had to go, that her Black friend wanted her off the phone. I saw Susan a week later. As we had sex I asked her to tell me what happened after she got off the phone. She said her Black date took her to his van in the parking lot and screwed her for a good two hours straight. She said he had the biggest dick she had ever seen and after they finished they went back and danced some more.

She said the people at the club must have known what went on as she was a little messed up but that that turned her on. She also said the Black guy loved her green shoes and that she told him her white friend and bought them for her. She said he laughed as he pumped her. Susan has since had a couple of Black boyfriends. Her husband passed away and I don't see her to much any more but I always think of her and her green shoes.

I have always found the IR BM/wf scene exciting. As a straight white male I must admit that sometimes I have felt inferior watching Blacks screwing white women but at the same time their superiority in size and attitude (JUST TAKING WHAT THEY WANT) is a big turn on for me - like watching an incredible athelete performing on the field.

I have had plenty of sex partners but have never truly gotten into the swinging life style. What I do find fascinating though is how much interest there is out there among white women regarding Black sex. I work in local government and know a number of women, mostly secretaries, who have confided in me of their fasination with Black men. There is one woman, a petite, cute, darkhaired secretary who is in her early forties. She is happily married and has one child. I have shown her downloaded pictures from the Cavern and she loves them. She has even put captions below the photos.

She has said that she probably would never cheat or go Black but loves the fantasy. She likes her Black men very dark, very hung and (her words) "Nasty" - not the nice Sidney Potier type. She told me that her excitement was in being a traitor to her white race and seeing that whites just can't compete in the sex dept. with Blacks. Her favorite word is NIGGA!

I have a middle aged divorced secretary in my department who one day told me she always wanted to date a Black man. She is a pleasantly plump Irish type who loves high heels. I told her of my interest in the subject and have shown her a number of interracial videos. She is amazed at the size of the Brothas!

In the same office there is another woman who is head of one of the divisions who has told me of her interracial affair. She is very attractive, personable, on every committee you can think of and married to an ugly little white man (You figure). One day over coffee the subject came up of marriage and lost loves, etc. She had been married before and I had recently broken up with a woman who was the love of my life. I mentioned that my ex-love had had a thing for Black men and this woman's eyes widened. She then told me of this torrid affair she had with two Black men just before her latest marriage.

They would both have sex with her at the same time (her words "We did an oreo"). She commented on the black's incredible stamina and their size (her words "You could hang a towel on them") and said that when she told them she was getting married they insisted on a final meeting (her words "They did me all night.") I asked her if they had had anal sex with her and she said "Of course".

When I am at a meeting that this woman is chairing, I just can't get the vision out of my mind of her mouth filled with Black cock as she takes another one up her ass.

Well there it is! White America's fascination with Black sexuality. So whenever I go to work and see the secretaries at their desks and this division's head at a conference I smile a little knowing all the while of the dark passions these women have that lie just under the surface.

I am dating a woman from Massachusetts that I met online. We have good sex, but she always spoke of getting fucked real hard by a big cock. She had never heard about black men being superior to us white men as far as cock size. One night we were at a bar close to her house, I noticed a nice looking black man at the bar drinking. He got up to go to the bathroom, I had to pee anyway so I followed him in. I was next to him at the urinal and couldn't help but notice his monster cock he had pulled out to pee. He saw me looking and he looked over at mine and laughed.

He said to me, I hope that thing gets bigger. I said yea a little bigger and we both laughed. Then I told him about my girl's fantasy and asked him if he was interested. He said yes under 1 condition. He was bi and he told me he would fuck my girl real hard for hours, but when he was about to cum, he wanted to cum in my mouth, he said it turned him on even more.

So, he came back to her house with us and he fucked her for almost 3 hours, every position imaginable, she came 10 times and he hadn't cum yet, he was amazing.

She went to shower, she had more than enough of his 11 inch cock, she was real sore. I didn't want her to know what was about to happen next, I didn't know what her reaction would be. When we heard the water running he grabbed my hair and stuffed that huge cock into my mouth. He fucked my mouth, making me gag on it. I was getting turned on, I guess I was bi all along and didn't even know it. He told me he was going to cum and he exploded in my mouth. I couldn't take it all, it was running down my chin, he pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face.

I went to another bathroom to clean up, and she never knew that I sucked his cock. We are planning to call him again, maybe this time I'll show her how I suck his huge tool. He's got more than enough for both of us.

That's all for now, I'll write back after our next time with Calvin. And remember ladies, if you want it big and hard, there's no substitution for a black cock. They are bigger, fatter, longer lasting, it's amazing, they are really superior to us white men when it comes to sex, hands down, no comparison.

I have no problem admitting this, it's just the way it is. Some white men will say, ah its a myth, it's not true. Keep believing that and I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge lol. They just wont face facts, I have and it's totally ok. I can do things that some black men can't do I'm sure, but when it comes to sex, once you go black you wont go back, at least me and my gal wont :-)))

Keep fucking those white women, more power to you all. I love it, it's great sex and I enjoy watching it and taking part in it. Thanks DC for showing what most of us know, black men and white woman= great sex.


The Future of IR Sex

Just a friendly word from a white heterosexual male from the South. While I do think that BM/WF scene has a powerful attraction, those that are able to partake of white women should realize that they are very lucky.  Who knows, maybe one day there might not be any "white" women. Here in North Alabama almost all of the population increase is due to the influx of Hispanics, not to mention the biracial births. So just remember when you are fucking some white woman that you are all pioneers sort of. If they are smart, the next generations of Americans will not see race as a dividing issue in any  sense - whether sexually, politically, etc. and this will allow us all to enjoy sex the way it was meant to be. Sincerely, James


I am a handsome, well-built, 32-year old Naval veteran. I have never been with a white woman, nor did I ever seek to be with one, much less to have sex with one. Growing up, all of my guy friends said that white girls would suck a dick at the drop of a hat. Well, a month ago, I found out that rumor to be very true.

I was going into a department store that I frequent often. I always take the long route through the Cosmetics section, just to get a look at the fine, sweet-smelling ladies working behind the counters. One lady in particular caught my eye. Her name was Sandy. She was a very nice-looking and well-built 24-year old white female. She always wore these short, figure-hugging skirts. She would always smile at me whenever I would be lucky enough to time her shifts with my visits.

Well, one day, I actually needed some of my favorite cologne (Candies for Men) and I was more than happy to give Sandy my business. That day she was wearing a white dress with pink polka dots that fit her beautifully. Unfortunately, I was wearing jogging pants that offered no support for my cock. Needless to say, I pitched a pretty big tent for her. She noticed my dick pointing at her above the counter and she let out a little laugh. I guess she was flattered. I was embarrassed, which helped me get rid of my erection. As she gave me my receipt, she wrote her phone number on the back and asked me to call her that night.

Well, I did call her. I couldn't wait. After a few phone calls, Sandy told me that she had noticed me coming through her area many times. She complemented me on my build (I work out regularly) and my facial features (baby-faced, my curse). We went out a couple of times, each time she wore something that made me want to rip her clothes off and have sex with her right there and then. My dick was so hard it could cut diamonds. Well, Sandy knew she was driving me nuts and took me to her home that night. It was a night to remember. I should be in porn.

Well, to make a long story short, Sandy sat me down on her loveseat and proceeded to dance for me to some Kenny G. She was wearing a white silk blouse and black skirt with a slit up the back of it, showing the inside of her beautiful legs (I LOVE LEGS!!!). I quickly stripped down to my briefs, grabbed her by her luscious hips, raised her skirt and sat her on my cock. She did a wonderful lap dance, which got my dick even harder! She switched reversed position and kissed me deeply on my mouth. She stated that she had never been with a black man before and that she was happy that I would be her first. I didn't say anything else after she said that. I let my dick do the talking for me.

I sucked on her tits, which drove her nuts. She got off me, tore off my underwear and proceeded to devour my cock. I was in total heaven. She sucked my dick for what seemed like hours. I couldn't hold back any longer and I told her that I was cumming, but she was so into it that she didn't hear me (or didn't care). This beautiful white woman weathered my whole load, every drop of it! Seeing this got me even more excited that I came again. She wasn't expecting a second load and it totally covered her face, tits and hair. Peter North has got nothing on me!

Needless to say, we fucked like rabbits for the next six hours, with me really getting into her, literally. This experience has changed my way of thinking, fucking and making love. Well, unfortunately, Sandy and I have parted our sexual ways and I am looking for another white female lover(s) to wreak havoc upon. I am in NC now, so if you are interested, let's correspond. No heavyweights please.


My college experiences.

I attended a small technical college in New York City in the late 1960's. During those days the country was going through a stormy time with race riots, the Black Panthers, Vietnam, drugs, etc. There was a small percentage of Blacks at the school, almost all male. They dominated the college basketball team and many of the white girls on campus were literally throwing themselves at the Brothas - much to the resentment and jealously of many of the white male students. One night I was at a big party that was thrown by two wealthy South Americans who attended the college. It was held in their large apartment just a few blocks from the school.

I went by myself and got there late. The place was very dimly lit, crowded, music playing, pot smoke as thick as a fog. I was more into drinking than smoking so I got a beer and was just taking in the scene when a female student that I knew came up to me. She was a little drunk and gave me a big hug and kiss. She then whispered in my ear "Do you want to see what real fucking looks like? Before I could answer she took my hand and led me down a long darkhallway. She opened a door to one of the bedrooms and pulled me inside and closed the door behind us. The room was pretty dark but I could easily see what was before us.

Two of the Black male students were on their knees, their pants pulled down, fucking a young white girl. They were doing her doggy style with one Brotha giving it to her from the rear while the other fucked her mouth. The girl was moaning and the Blacks were laughing and giving each other high fives over her back. I was in a state of shock but instantly started to get hard. The two Blacks just looked up at us and then went back to doing business - one said "Hey we have an audience" the other laughed and puffed on a joint. The girl that was with me stuck her tongue in my ear and then whispered "And I'm next." I just stood there transfixed by what was happening before me. The girl then touched my crotch and before I knew it I had taken my cock out and she was slowly jerking me off. One of the Blacks looked over and laughed and said something about white boys not being very big. The girl next to me laughed. I watched them finish the one girl then watched as they did my friend. The first girl then gave me a blow job.

I had my first experience of the taboo of interracial lust in 1974. My uncle was one of the first to integrate a high school nestled in the mountains of NC. He went by the moniker "Black Magic" and he brought a "white girl" home one day that year. I've been hooked since. It didn't start with the chair sniffing or the attempted peeks up her short 70'ies dress, but simply the stark contrast between my uncle's ebony skin and her creamy white face, hands and fingers. He was "tearing that stuff up" only a few years after he would have been strung from a tree for even looking at her.

That white girl and I both ended up in the same college town years later. Although she was several years my senior, I'll never forget the look on her face when I reintroduced myself as "magic's nephew." Needless to say, I had something my uncle no longer wears on his chest, "the exuberance of youth." If she only knew that afro sportin little kid that turned cartwheels tryin' to look at that white "V" between her legs would actually seduce her white tail years later.

I'm now the benefactor of several racially explosive explicit encounters with white women in that same liberal NC college town. I thought after I pledged a black fraternity (whatup team) that my white girl stock would drop. Fortunately for me and the little white honeys, it intensified. One such girlie is the daughter of a CEO and Chairman of one of America's largest financial institutions. This good 'ole boy even delivered our commencement speech. All I could think about when he was lamenting on what the future had in store for the class of 1990 was what his daughter had in store for me back at my apartment. If he only knew.

"Kudos" to the Dark Cavern, the swing parties frequented by my frat brothers after my jazz sets, and the internet in general for helping me hookup what has to be one of the greatest pleasure in the world... white pussy!


I'm a straight white male - fifties - who finds the BM/wf scene exciting.

How I first realized that interracial was a turn on to me.

When I was a teenager I had a neighbor across the street who loved to build model airplanes. He and his wife were in their early thirties. I would go over to their place and watch Andy build models and sometimes I would bring a model kit and we would build them together. His wife was a cute curvy woman who would flirt with me. She would always walk around in tight shorts and high heels.

One day I was supposed to meet Andy at his house and watch him build a very large airplane model. I went over but he hadn't come home from work yet. His wife offered me a soda and we just chatted for awhile. We were in the finished basement of the house where all the model planes were hanging from the ceiling. Finally Mary pointed to a carboard box in the corner and said I may find what was in there interesting. She then left me and went upstairs to make dinner.

I went over to the box and found to my delight that it was filled with pornographic photos. They were not in magazines - just still photos of varying sizes - some looking pretty old. Needless to say, when you're seventeen you can get a hardon looking at a blank wall, so I was hard as a rock the minute I started looking at the photos. Most were of white men and women having sex.

Suddenly I came across a photo that stopped me in my tracks. It was a photo of a black man sitting in an overstuffed chair. He was dressed like a pimp - very dark skinned - a smoke dangling from his lips - sunglasses - talking on the phone. He had on skin tight white pants and some frilly jacket that was open so you could see his rock hard abs - all kinds of gold chains around his neck and large rings on his fingers. His fly was open and sticking right straight up in the air was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was HUGE!!! His balls were also exposed - the size of baseballs. A white woman was on her knees next to him, her mouth wrapped around the tip of his cock. She was a delicate blonde woman and her mouth was barely able to accomodate the massive black penis.

The black dude had a handful of her blonde hair in his hand using it as a handle as he fucked her mouth. He had a real mean smirk on his face. My heart started to race and I almost came in my pants. I had never seen interracial sex or even thought of it before but right then I knew this was more exciting than vanilla sex.

I looked for more photos and came across three of a different black man and white woman. The black stud was sitting on a stool - like the pimp he was hung and very dark - the woman had short dark hair and light blue eyes - two photos were of her blowing him - in one she is looking up at the man with glazed eyes with his huge cock in her mouth - the other shot was of him giving it to her from the back as she smiles into the camera.

Mary came downstairs to tell me Andy had called and would not be able to make it - that he had to work late unexpectedly. She saw the photos I had and chuckled "I see you found the good ones" and she then walked back upstairs.

I wanted to take the photos with me but I didn't. I went into bathroom and jerked off as I looked at the photos. I felt totally inferior to the black men as they were about three times larger than me in the genital department but at the same time it turned me on. It was like they were giving the finger to America, mom and apple pie and taking what they wanted (the white women) and the women loved it. This one episode forever changed my sexual tastes.

MORE TO COME - My experiences in college.