For buying, selling and trading Interracial videos. Please note, this an unsupported section. You deal with the individual direct. The Cavern simply provides the list. Also note that if the Cavern receives any complaints about non-delivery, your ad will be immediately removed.


Please fill me in on any and all videos, groups or whatever!!

I am interested in buying some amateur videos. My wife and I really enjoy this site. We are always checking it out, we cannot wait to see what is next. If you would please send info about videos we would really like it. Thanks so much...

I would like to be included on the video e-mail list please.

Hi, I'm from NY and was interested in purchasing homemade videos. I like to collect them. I'm looking in particular for interracial/multiple partners. But will buy most others as well. If you have a video that you would like to sell, just send over a brief description (pic not necessary) and a price.

I, too, am interested in purchasing amateur (home) videos of white wives with their black lovers. I really enjoy those tapes where the husband is watching, filming, or joining in. Lots of talking between sex partners and between husband and wife make it all the more enjoyable. As a collector, any tape that I purchase is for my own use and will not be resold, traded or given away. Send a brief description (a picture is helpful) and directions on ordering.

I would like to be on your Trading Post email distribution list. I want to purchase homemade interracial amateur videos.

Please place me on you list of happy visitors to this great website. I am very interested in buying or trading videos etc..

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I am looking for blackmen and white women videos. By the way, I am a white 30 yr old man. Thanks.

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My wife and I love interracial sex. We have been trading with others for the past year. We have an ad in a swingers magazine dealing with black and white. We are honest and will trade one to one. One condition is that the other party send first. We've been doing it this way and nobody has been ripped off. (Before, it happened to us.) I have genuine tapes. In one of them you can see that the one filming is the husband, since he sometimes puts the camera on the tripod and helps his wife get fucked by a slim black guy with a big cock and then have sloppy seconds. LandF.

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We are a Black couple that enjoys trading amateur interracial movies, both Black men with white women, and Black ladies with white women, and have been trading for the past 5 or 6 years with various trading partners. We don't send first, but will match what sent and always enjoy starting new trading relationships. If interested, let us here from you.

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I have 5 home made videos of me but only two are of good enough quality for trading. One is me with one black guy at a motel room and is about 45 minutes long. The second is me with 3 black guys at their apartment and is about 1 hour long. I will trade for other TRUE home made amateur videos of couples or more having sex but definitely prefer interracial videos. Due to being ripped off by so called traders, I will not send first but guarantee you will get a return from me.

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Please send us information about products and services available. My wife and I love this site.

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Hello, I am "NICOLE" an amateur model who has just recently decided to sell my personal amateur videos to the public. They were taken with black men, by my husband who was the camera man and the "voyeur" in the situation. I am attractive -- part Cherokee Indian, long dark hair, and Indian features, as well as the most bewitching hazel colored eyes you have ever seen! I am 38D-25-36 and will be in the December issue of AMATEUR HOURS magazine. Please contact me back for more information if you are interested. I have two videos presently, and will have another put together for you very shortly. I assure you you won't be disappointed. Nicole

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I am intrested in buying homemade videos, therefore I would like to be included on the list. I hope it's possible even if I'm from Norway, all categories are of interest.

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Please add me to the list of those who would be interested in purchasing (none to trade at this time) amateur interracial videos. With lots of lingerie, nasty talk, and the more participants the better (I adore watching gangbangs with hot white sluts and black studs!)

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I am into producing amateur video of oral interacial videos. This service is free and totally discrete. Send letterw/picture, video etc. to: LR, P.O. Box 771104, Coral Springs, FL 33077-1104. Please include return postage if you want items returned.

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Hi. I noticed in reading some of the post that folks from overseas are also looking to trade videos. A word to the wise, Europe uses PAL format video, whereas America uses NTSC. That means the american tapes won't play on european machines and vise-versa. To view the vids, you have to get them converted. Most places that do the conversions charge anywhere from $25-$45! I would like to offer my services in this matter. If you want a video converted, send to me and I will do it for you free of charge. I get to keep a copy of the video, of course, but I will provide the blank tape. I won't even charge for postage, unless demand becomes to great. It costs on average of $8-$12 for postage to an address overseas, so you can see where that would become very expense for me if a lot of folks are wanting to take advantage of the service I am willing to provide. My equipment allows me to translate to either format, from PAL to NTSC or from NTSC to PAL. can also do SECAM conversions. If this is a service you would like to use, please email me for further details. If I get a lot of response, then I will tell you in the email whether I would need to charge for postage. Hoping to hear from you :)

I'm very interested in purchasing interracial/amateur videos... but the type of stuff I have been getting has not been what I want.... but from viewing some of the ads in the meeting place... there are women out there, participating in situations that I enjoy.... so if they are willing to sell or trade I'd be very interested.

Looking for amateur interracial videos, BM/WF preferred. I have none to trade but will buy. Also, would love to actually watch BM/WF encounter (would "help" with expenses).

Hi Everyone. It's Karen here. You may have read some of my adventures here on the Dark Cavern. I have loads of videos of myself and hubby with our black friends. Click

German couple is very interested to see more about interracial sex between white woman and black men. As it is impossible to find such videos in our country we are looking for US couples which are ready to send us their amateur videos. We would appreciate pictures by email also.

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Hi my name is Lori. I am a 29 year old 6ft tall bbw blond and I love black men. I love to see interracial pics and movies and am looking to find some good ones so anyone who wants to add me to there mailing list do so.

My wife has been tempted by the Dark Cavern to explore interracial sex, but still won't take the plunge. I would love to show her some interracial videos (with one black partner, not gang bangs -- one thing at a time!), especially ones where the husband is present and is into it (as I insisted to her that I would be). I am serious and sincere, and ask that only couples who have honest home videos to email me back. We have seen the pro stuff and has done nothing to reassure her.

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