This section is for all you hubbies to tell everyone how you first turned your wife onto black fucking. Many men want their wives to go black and they need your help and advice!

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Since before we were married my wife talked about having a family. Once we were on our honeymoon we couldnot get out of bed. I think my wife lived for my semen to be inside of her. But to no avail I could not get her pregnant. Our sex life started to wind down. Just to spark things up I brought home a swingers mag one day. At first she reacted cooly. But than one day she read a letter in one of the mags. It was from a black man who swings with white couples. He had a photo of himself with the letter. That night I mentioned the letter. My wife seemed interested in his adventures. That night and many that followed we shared a fantasy about her with the black man.

Than one day I came home from work to hear my wife on the phone. To my shock she was talking very sexy. I watched as she stroked her pussy thru her shorts. I had to back out of the house. I was so embarassed. I caught my breath and came back in. I heard her say "my husband is home I gotta go."

I went to her and gave her a big kiss. Her skin felt very warm. I touched her crotch and asked her to bed. She took me by hand and led me to bed. We made love together like wild people. As we relaxed afterwords I asked her about her phone call. She didnt say anything for a while. A tear came to her eyes and she told me that she had been having phone sex with Cal. He was the guy from the magazine. She told me how it started with an e-mail. He had called her a few times now. As she told me the story my cock went stiff again. I told her to sit on me and take a ride. As we fucked she told me her fantasy of hooking up with Cal. This went on for over a week. It was like old times. My wife seemed to love fucking me again.

Than one afternoon the phone rang. I answered it. A man said that he was Cal. We talked a bit. He knew that my wife told him that I knew about their phone sex. Than he asked if he could meet us. He wanted to meet the woman who had gotten him off so well. I said that could be arranged and said good bye. I handed the phone to my wife. They made plans for Cal to meet us ot a club later that night.

We talked about this meeting while we showered and dressed. We were both a little excited about the proposal of spicing up our sex life some more. Little did I know how much of a turn it would take. When my wife came out of the bedroom she was dressed in a white blouse and a blue skirt. I could see that she was wearing a bra. I told her that she looked good enough to eat she responded that she hoped so.

We drove to the club. I knew where it was but had never been there before. We went inside and found a table. A waitress came over and took our order. Just as I thought Cal would not show up a black man came to our table. He asked if we were waiting for Cal. We said yes and he said that he was Cal. I shook his hand and offered him a seat next to me. He bent over and gave my bride a kiss and sat next to her instead.

We had a few drinks before the music started. Cal and I took our turns dancing with Suzy. One one very slow dance I saw Cal and Suzy grinding together. I think that if possible they would be fucking right on the dance floor. As the dance ended I saw that they were locked together in a deep kiss. Suzy walked back to the table on weak legs. I stood up to let Suzy sit down. But she whispered to me that she needed to go to the ladies room. I walked with her as I needed to use the restroom also. While I was in the mensroom I overheard two men talking. One guy asked the other if he saw the white woman dancing with the black man. "Looks like he was finger fucking her on the floor" one man said. The other man agreed. What little I heard made my mind spin. I finished and waited for Suzy to come out. The end of the hall was dark. I pulled Suzy to the end and gave her a deep kiss. I told her about the conversation I had overheard. She kissed back and told me that he felt her and it felt good but his fingers never went past her panties. I was so hot hearing this that I told her that she needed to take them off then. Suzy went back in the restroom.

Cal and I were waiting for her at the table. After another drink Cal took her hand and led her to the dancefloor. They stayed out for two songs. When they came back Cal whispered to me,"I am going to give your wife the fucking she needs". He said that he would see us later and walked outside. We sat without talking for a minute. Than I asked what was next. Suzy told me that she wanted to meet Cal at the motel down the street. Then she said that Cal wanted me to come along. She added "can you handle some sloppy seconds". We left the club hand in hand.

Cal was waiting for us in the doorway of a motel room. As soon as the door was closed they were locked in a hot tongue kiss. When they broke Cal sat on the bed. He told her to remove her top. When she removed it she handed it to me. Than he unhooked her bra. Suzy shook it free and it fell to the floor. Cal took off his shirt and pants. Than he said that he wanted Suzy to remove her skirt. She slowly unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down. She wiggled it down her legs. Than Cal went to her and ran his fingers over her body. He slid a long finger inside. I watched in awe as he had his way with my wife.

He laid Suzy on the bed. Than he pushed his shorts down his legs. Suzy's eyes opened wider as she saw his big johnson. He went to the bed and laid on top of her. He started kissing her neck. As he worked lower he left a trail of hickeys on her neck, tits and pussy mound. Then he ate her pussy until she was moaning and bucking wildy.

Then he spread her legs and put his cock up to her pussy. He rubbed his cock up and down. Just as he was starting to put the cockhead inside, Suzy asked to use a condom. He replied that he did not use them. "I cannot knock up a white woman if I use a rubber." He pushed his cock in an inch. Suzy protested only once more but as his cock slid up further her protest turned to cries of fuck me now, and more. He gave it to her slowly. But as she grew to accept his cock they got into a nice steady rhythm. Suzy seemed to be having one long orgasm. When he started to fuck her harder he asked where she wanted him to deposit his sperm. "On my tummy" she said. But he said that he couldn't hear her. He stabbed himself deep. I saw his butt flexing. He was shooting his sperm inside of my wife's pussy. Suzy said she felt his sperm splashing.

He did not pull out. But instead he started that movement again. Slowly he pulled out a bit and slid it back in. They picked up the pace and before I knew it Suzy was on her way again. This time after he came he got up. He told Suzy to lay there and give one of his sperm a home. Suzy lowered her legs and motioned me to come over.

I asked her how she felt. "Like I have been fucked by a big black cock" she said. Cal came back out and laid on the bed. He kissed Suzy again. She kissed him back. He took her hand and put it on his cock. She stroked his cock."How about you spend the rest of the weekend with me" he asked. She replied "OK". Then Cal told me that I was not welcome in his motel until he had his fill of my wife's cunt. He told me to go home and get her some clean clothes. He told me to call before I came back in the morning.

I went home by myself. I slept only a little. In the morning I packed two sets of clothes. One sundress and a skirt and top with a couple of nice panties. Wow I was picking out some nice things to impress her lover. I went to the motel and waited at the door for a minute. I could hear them. They were at it again. I called them. Cal answered. He said that they would be done in a minute and to leave the bag at the door. I listened to Suzy yell out in orgasm before I left.

On sunday morning Suzy called and said to come get her. The door was ajar when I arrived. Suzy was lying under a sheet. She held out her hand to me. She thanked me. "Sit down I have something to show you" she said. When I was seated she pulled down the sheet past her tits. Among several hickeys I saw a small tattoo. She had a small 8 ball on her left tit. Than she pulled the sheet aside. She had a pair of white panties on. "Take them off" she ordered. What I saw was a shaved pussy. And another tattoo the letter Q with a black spade over her red and swollen pussy. Over the spade was written CAL 2/6 & 7/2006. I had to touch her pussy. She was still wet with his cum. She pulled up her panties and said "lets go home we need to talk. I asked if she wanted a shower before we went home. "No, not yet, Cal's sperm feels so good in me.

Back at home we talked. Suzy told me that she was going to see Cal every day for the next week. She wanted to try and have his baby. I asked her if she was sure. She replied that she needed the baby of the man that was such a good fuck. For the next week Suzy slept with Cal's sperm deep inside. After that week Cal came by only on the weekend. She has missed her period now, we got a test kit and it was positive. We are going to stay away from her folks until the baby is born. Than we will tell them that we are foster parents.


I just joined the Cavern recently (through several recommendations in chat rooms) to try and get a better understanding of the "cuckolded lifestyle" which I'm starting to experience. After years of my wife telling me that "size didn't matter" she's been seeing other men for sexual gratification the past 2 years. Lately, they've become more and more frequent.

I met Anne in college while she was dating and fucking one of my roommates for about 6 months before he moved on to another woman. Once he dumped Anne, she and I remained good friends and eventually became lovers and soul mates with my roommate's blessings. We married a year after I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in North Carolina. For the first 6 years of our marriage we seemed happy and content, having obtained good jobs, and having one lovely daughter. This all changed a couple years ago when I ran into my old roommate while he was in town on business. Jeff was just finishing up his work and heading home for the week when I suggested he stay a night at our house to see Anne again, and to give us a chance to catch up on old times. Jeff liked the idea, and I called Anne to let her know I had a surprise guest coming for a visit.

Needless to say, I believe Anne was as surprised at who the guest was as Jeff was that Anne had not only maintained her petite figure, but had dropped the glasses and allowed her hair to grow longer. Anne is a very attractive woman, 5'3" tall, 115 lbs., with medium length, light brown hair, and shapely 32-D breasts with the cutest little nipples and pussy. Jeff, in comparison, is about 5'9", 170 lbs, light black skin, and very articulate. For most of the evening we all talked about our college fun, what we'd been doing, and where some of our old mates were now. About 8 PM Anne gave our 5 year old daughter, Chelsea, a bath and put her to bed, as it was a school week. Jeff broke out a couple Columbian Gold joints to smoke, and by 10 PM Jeff, Anne, and I were feeling pretty good. I noticed Anne and Jeff were hitting it off surprisingly well, seeing as Jeff dumped her in college for another woman. At any rate it seemed that neither Anne nor Jeff could keep their hands off each other, and at one point Anne was sitting in Jeff's lap laughing. We were down to one beer so I volunteered to make a beer run to the corner. I was gone all of 10 minutes but when I got back, obviously neither Anne nor Jeff heard me drive up, because when I walked into the house Anne was back in Jeff's lap and this time Anne had her tongue stuck halfway down Jeff's throat. We were all surprised at what was going on, but I was a bit disturbed that Jeff was making moves on my wife. But it wasn't Jeff that was making the moves, it was Anne, as I would soon find out.

We had a couple more beers a piece and around 1 AM we all decided to call it a night. Anne had forgotten to check the guest room. I was busy picking up the last of the beer cans we'd left laying around while Anne checked out the guest bed. After about 5 minutes I noticed I hadn't seen Anne or Jeff lately, so as I finished picking up I walked towards the guest room only to find Anne and Jeff again in a tight hug and kiss. This time I went on to our bedroom and was going to say something to Anne when she came in, however, she beat me to the punch. Anne asked me if I would be ok, for old times sake, if she stayed with Jeff in the guest room. I could tell how much she wanted to, and it wasn't like Jeff had never fucked Anne. Many nights in college I heard Anne moaning to Jeff's thrusts as they fucked to the early hours of the morning. Reluctantly, I agreed that this once it would be ok, but only if she'd share the details the next morning.

Anne gave me a big kiss on the lips and rushed back to the guest room to Jeff. As I started to follow her, I noticed that the guest door quickly closed behind her. Within 5 minutes I heard that familiar moan that only Jeff seemed to be able to extract from Anne. At this point I was going through so many emotions, however, surprising to myself, I had an erection like no other that I'd had in 5 years. I decided to stand outside the door and listen since I couldn't see anything. I was totally jealous, I'll admit, at the sounds that Jeff was causing Anne to make. Then I began hearing the distinctive, light tap of the bed against the wall, and Anne saying things like, "oh yes, God, give it to me". Without even noticing what I was doing, I had extracted my own cock from my pants and was masturbating to the rhythm being set so loudly in our guest bedroom. I also was also concerned that the noise being made might wake our daughter.

After another 5 minutes I hear Anne say, "yes, Jeff, cum in me baby... cum inside me!". To my knowledge this was the first guy to fuck my wife's pussy since we married 10 years. Upon hearing Anne say that, I began launching a stream of cum like no other I'd done recently. The first landed hard against the guest bedroom door and actually splattered back to me. I quickly took the palm of my other hand and covered my cock as another 4-5 jets of cum were forcefully pushed into my hand. I turned and walked quickly to our bedroom, the whole time cupping the large quantity of cum in my hand to avoid dripping it on the carpet. It was amazing at all the emotions I had going through me. I wanted to run into the guest room, move Jeff aside and quickly fuck Anne to add my cum to her soaking pussy. Then again, I wanted to run in there, push Anne's legs apart and bury my face in her sopping pussy and remove the black cum that I knew Jeff had just deposited in her. And then again, I wanted to run into the guest room and tell Jeff his stay was over, and scold Anne for the remainder of the night.

Anne never came back to our bed that night. On a couple occasions I got up to see if I could hear anything, even being tempted to quietly open the guest room door. On each of my checks I could hear the distinct tapping of the bed against the wall, and Anne's moans. The next morning I got up to get Chelsea ready for her bus and start some breakfast. At 7:30 AM both Anne and Jeff emerged from the guest room, both looking as if they'd been hung up wet for the evening. However, as I listened each time Anne talked to either Jeff, Chelsea, or myself, her voice had a kind of a song to it. She'd definitely been well serviced that night. Both Jeff and Anne took their showers and Jeff was in the process of leaving around 8:30 AM when I took Chelsea out to meet her bus. When I arrived back in the house, not having been gone 5 minutes, Jeff had Anne bent over the love seat, his trousers bunched up at his ankles and Anne's dress tossed up over her back, and was fucking her once again. This time I was determined to get a close look at what was going on, as Anne was now loudly moaning and pleading with Jeff to fuck her good. I pulled a seat up next to Anne, but Jeff motioned me to sit near him, and it was then that I realized what Anne's loud moans were all about. To put it mildly, Jeff's cock was about twice the size and thickness of mine. As he would withdraw his cock to plunge again into the very depths of my wife's cunt, I watched as my wife's pussy gripped his cock as if to not wanting to let it go. Again my own traitorous cock was stiff as a nail. Jeff began to cum and push his cock hard against my wife's cervix, and suddenly I found my own hand rapidly jerking my cock and ejaculating a stream of cum upon Anne's upper leg and the love seat. As Jeff pulled his cock out of Anne, I noticed the hole was so red and gapped open, as if to be begging for Jeff's cock to return. A small stream of pearly white cum emerged and I watched as it started making its way down the inside of Anne's thigh.

Jeff smiled, pulled up his trousers that were bunched up on the floor, quickly thanked us for a very memorable visit, then rushed out the door on his way to his own wife 2 hours away. Anne pulled her dress down and started to say, "Doug, I just want to say how..." but I put my finger to her mouth, telling her not to speak. I took her hand, led her to our bed, stripped both of us of our clothes, and quickly penetrated her sloppy pussy yet another time. Within 2 minutes my balls tightened and I added my own cum to Jeff's. We then both proceeded to get ready and leave for work.

That evening Anne and I sat and talked about what had happened. Anne said that Jeff was a great fuck and just able to reach places in her pussy that I could never reach. She also went on about how, even though she'd told me "size didn't matter", that it really did, and that large cocks could move things around in a woman's body like no small cock could. She said that because Jeff's cock could push up against her cervix when he cum, that she was always able to feel the surge of his cum enter her body, which was a big turn-on and only triggered her to cum more herself. She also added that she hoped that I would not be resentful of her night with Jeff, and wanted to see Jeff again. As a matter of record, Jeff has visited us 3 times since, but this time he's taken Anne and me out to dinner each time, and then Anne has stayed at the motel with him because of the concern with our daughter being in the house.

Since that initial event 2 years ago, Anne has taken on other lovers, mostly married men from her office. Her favorite lover is a black man that she's been seeing now for the last 3 months. She says his cock is over 11 inches long, and over 8 inches thick. I do know that when she comes home after being with him, I can hardly feel the grip of her pussy, and she's dripping of another man's semen. To add insult to injury, at our family Christmas get-together in 2004, Anne's sister, Becky, hinted to me that Anne had confided in her of her infidelity. Then she just laughed and said not to worry, Anne thought she was the luckiest woman in the world to have me. Then Becky added that there simply no replacement for a black man's cock.

Anne and I have been talking recently about having another child, but she says she will not discontinue seeing other men after she stops taking her pills. As much as I'd hate to see her impregnated by another man, something really down deep wishes it would happen, and I don't understand why. What if she got pregnant by the black man she's seeing? How would we explain a mixed raced baby to our families? What would her sister say then?

Doug M


Hi Coconut! I understand my husband has posted a message on your site, I'm not sure where it is posted, but I was told it was in a section from the husbands. I was also told that the entry was not quite appreciative of your site. I'm sorry for his posting, and wanted to post a rebuttal or something, if you can. Marcus, my boyfriend told me that the posting he had was telling all about how things don't go as you planned and you shouldn't do it and all sorts of stuff that like. Coconut, I just wanted to let you know a few things. First of all, me taking a lover was his idea. I refused for about a year until I met Marcus. When I saw him, I knew he would be my first if I were to ever have one. And the night that Brian found out me having had sex, he made me tell him all about it while he masturbated. He came harder than I had ever imagined he could! He literally shot his load a good two feet. And later that night he woke me to have sex with me. I knew I was in a position of power, a position I have never really had in the relationship, and I told him he'd be having a lot less sex with me, and he should go in the bathroom and beat off imagining me and my new lover, and he DID! It wasn't until a few weeks later that Brian got to actually see me having sex with Marcus and one of his friends that he ever had any second thoughts about me having a lover, and simply I told him I'd started for him, but now I really enjoyed it for me.

Coconut, whatever he said about his feelings may very well be true, but at least once a week he calls Marcus to see what's up and if he's coming over that night. Don't get me wrong, I love to have Marcus over with his friends, but I think Brian likes it even more. And what he likes even more is how I and Marcus, a 20 year old young man talks down to him. He has paid Marcus to have sex with me, he's begged, and he's watched every time he could, usually beating off as I moan louder than usual for his benefit. The only things that I have been unsuccesful at accomplishing getting Brian to do so far is to prep Marcus for entering me by going down on Marcus, and cleaning me up afterwards with his tongue. But I think one of those will be accomplished by the end of the year as he's now willing to undo Marcus's jeans and pull that wonderful cock out for me!!

Anyway Coconut, like I say, if you can just post this as a rebuttal for him, please do. His comments before weren't entirely truthful, and Brian and I can both be reached at this email now as I have told him I will occasionally be checking his email. OH!! Anyone who emails Brian has permission to be very.... demeaning to him.... and I have one request, I have never seen an Uncircumcized penis. If anyone has some pictures of theirs I would be very interested in seeing it......

And while I'm at it, Marcus and I are talking of having Brian Video tape us sometime, but we have no idea what kind of equipment or how to get video on computer... can anyone help??


I AM A CUCKOLD (Follow Up)

Hi! This is a follow up to my first post.... not that I really want to share, but I have been instructed to.

I guess my last posting wasn't very clear. I am not proud to be a cuckold. I was trying to warn others that it's not something to be taken lightly, as there are emotions you haven't even considered that you are going to feel. My wife's lover, Marcus is only 19, soon to be twenty, and I swear, I believe she is more in love with him than me. And that is not easy to take or accept. But I do, because I love her. And one day of her undivided attention is better than none.

But believe me, there are things I never thought would happen. He now travels with us, and she seems eager to put on a show for the truck drivers, going down on him as I drive down the road. A few weeks ago, her best friend Jennifer came over for dinner. The conversation was normal until she suddenly announced, in front of me, that she had been fucking a couple of young black men and Jennifer should give it a try, as it was sooo much better!! The look of shock, then smugness from Jennifer just tore through me. And when Marcus came over a short time later, Jennifer acknowledged that Marcus was the obvious choice over me, my self esteem hit a new time low.

My wife has now slept with three different black guys, two of them Marcus's friends, and one was even a virgin! They love to hang out at our place and watch my wife dance for them as if she were a stripper, and anytime anyone wants a drink, I'm expected to get it. I usually know when they are about to get busy though, cause someone usually asks for something we don't have, so then I have to go to the store. Then I usually sit in the car and beat off.... knowing that my wife is getting used by these boys. Knowing that she's getting exactly what she's wanted since she woke up that morning. Knowing, that in their eyes, my wife is their whore. And knowing in my own mind, they are right.

I am rarely allowed to do much of anything sexually with my wife, but am always offered the chance to clean my wife after her sessions. She's a beautiful woman, but seeing other men's seed seeping from her pussy or mouth is difficult to stomach. But even more difficult to see is the worship in her eyes as she stares at Marcus. Even when we go shopping, she'll grab a nice shirt hold it up against me, and ask me if I think it will look nice on him. By the way, Marcus and I now share closet space. I never expected that.....


You can see her former lover compared to myself in the picture. Not much to say about it. I quote her on what she wrote when she sent to him this picture. Arnold - take a look at your lovely dick compared to my husband. It is not strange that I don't want his tiny little dick anymore, is it ? Next time we meet he will only watch and maybe clean me up after you have given me satisfaction.

She goes out every weekend now but doesn't tell me much about it. She was quite open about her well hung lover that we met together through a magazine. Now she has been introduced to some of his friends, some of them are black. She will never say with whom she has been together with anymore. Only thing I know is that she is having sex with someone else. Sometimes when she come home she makes me eat her pussy and I tell you - it is very well used by those occasions.

Hope to get in touch with other men in the same position or women or men that are curious about this.

Here are some more thoughts from those days we experienced together....

- Ashamed about my tiny hard on watching another man fucking her with a cock three times mine.

- Envying the way he is enjoying to be deep inside my wife. Deep inside where I can never know what she feels like.

- Humiliated by watching such a hung man giving his big cock to her and she starts coming in a few seconds.

- Submissed I watch my wife having a series of orgasms while he is fucking her - deep, hard and for a long time, stretching her continuously coming pussy.

- Watching her coming and coming, absolutely submitted to him, fucking her the way she really likes and deserving it.

- Weak-willed hoping that she will take my squirting dick inside though she knows she soon is going to get a lot of real cock.

- A man so well hung that he makes her come more in an hour that I made her come in half a year.

- Turned on and ashamed knowing that she will take the man she wants when she wants to and that there's nothing I can do about it.

- Serving her regardless to her humiliations, hoping that she gives to me some loving again soon.

- Knowing that I am pitiful compared to those men she wants - men that can satisfy her and take her like a woman should be taken.

- Loving her in any case, even if she never wants to have my dick or tongue inside for months.

- Always at her command even if I know I'll have to lick her cumfilled pussy. Disgusted but still swallowing all the juices from her cunt, listening to her telling me what a wimp I am and how glad she is for having found a man that can give to her what she really needs.


My name is Brian, and I am a cuckold. I wasn't until last week, when my wife took me to Atlanta for a surprise weekend. It was a wonderful first few days but the last two were very difficult for me emotionally. My wife is 7 years younger than I and very attractive. Simply, I have always felt I got a much more beautiful wife than I ever deserved. I am 35. She has always enjoyed teasing me, and I have always enjoyed it as much, but last week, I found there was a little bit of honesty in her actions, actually, alot. I could go into alot of detail, but am uncertain that it's really necessary. Simply, she started flirting with a few young black men in a group through the night, and it seemed every so often, she would get a little more bold. I felt extremely uncomfortable when they came over to our table and sat with us... her just a little too close to him. But unfortunately, when she caressed my crotch, my manhood betrayed me, and she thought it okay to turn and kiss the young man in front of me. I felt sick, my head was spinning, and stomach seemed to drop to me knees. His hands explored her body, and I just sat there, like a stupid little boy. Finally, after a few minutes I gained the clarity to tell her it was time to go back to our room..... only I didn't mean him too. But she did. I was told if I was uncomfortable, I could stay in the bar. I was stupified. I just sat there, as they got up and walked out, back to the room her and I were to share.

After 10 minutes, my blood began to boil, and after 20 I had aroused the courage to go to my room and demand anything going on to stop! The ride up the 12 floors of the hotel was agonizingly long. And the moans at the door seemed deafening. But when I opened the door and saw my young wife on top of the man, her grinding on his cock, her head thrown back, and eyes closed, my life stopped as I knew it. I don't even think she heard me come in. He saw me, and just smiled. Next to him sat one of his buddies, surely there to prevent me from doing anything stupid. I just stood and stared as my wife obviously came. I swallowed hard as I watched her unmount him. I'm no shrimp, I have a good 6 1/2 inches, but when I saw him pull out, I was jealous.

She smiled an evil smile at me as she laid down. "You can beat off if you want, or you can take notes on how good sex can be... whatever" she said. Then he slid inside her. It's tough to watch another man enter your wife, for her to wrap her arms around him, or drape her legs over her ass and try to pull him deeper into her, but I also found myself in desperate need of release, so I did. I pulled my little dick out, and beat off while my wife fucked someone else. My only happiness at that point was that this would only happen this weekend.

I later watched as my wife sucked the other man until he blew his load on her chest (I'd never gotten head from her) then rise and walk over to me. "Learn anything new?" She looked down. "That's quite a load there for you. I bet you'd like to watch us again... would you?" She sneered. I just nodded my head. "Then ask him if you can watch next time". Without thinking I asked "May I watch you fuck my wife again?" I was floored when I heard his response. "Yeah, I'll come over Tuesday night".

I quickly learned Marcus and my wife have been working together for 6 months and she has been pleasing him for 4. He is only 19, but is already my superior. I have had the pleasure of watching my wife please him twice so far, but it sounds as if it is going to be a pretty regular occurance. I have been informed that Marcus will be bringing some friends by to get aquainted with my wife sometime soon, and I am never to interfere. Marcus hasn't been totally neglectful of me. Last night, he told Robin to give me my first blowjob, and she did..... I just couldn't get any of my sperm on her.