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These pics are of James using his huge, hard cock to 'spank' Cat's pussy before he stuck it in and fucked her with it. He did the same (spanked with his hard cock) with her face and mouth before allowing her to suck it.


This true episode is a slightly different version of cock slapping. One of my Wife's newer black lovers is especially thick. They had started alone in the bedroom when I was called up to watch. I found her on her back on the bed with her legs high up in the air. Her lover, who I will call "The Hose" had her pussy spread wide and huge clit was fully engorged. He was using his massive tool, which had a rubber just on the crown, to not only slap her pussy but also to what she later called "wiggling". The best way to describe it is that he was moving his cock from side to side up and down causing her at least 8 orgasms. I was allowed to watch for about 10 minutes then told to leave. He fucked her for well over an hour and then emptied out the rubber on her breasts. I was later allowed to lick up the dry cum.

I have seen Her with hundreds of lovers, but this was something new. The Hose immediately took charge of Her pussy and She was crying out and begging for it. I should mention that my Wife is not a submissive, but this guy could make her do anything. She told me that She will be dating him alone and attending black sexing parties with him.

Getting slapped in the face with a big black dick.

Candi is a submissive slut, and has completely fallen in love with big black cock. The rougher the better, including making sure she gets her face spanked and then cum on. Bring it hard and rough, she loves it loud and proud. We party in Ft Laud/Miami, Florida.