Dark Desires in poetic form.
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Some will just endure you and some will ask you in,
Some are glad to see you and others play pretend
Some are nice and hairy, some are smooth and sleek,
Some smell like Chanel #5, and others fucking reek,
Some have seperate moving parts, others just a slot,
Some are cold and lifeless, and some are really hot.
Some are tattoo branded, and, some have been engraved
Some are pierced and ear-ringed, others shaped and shaved
Some are just addicted, and some are fighting crime
Some are making babies and some are passing time
Some are tight and thrilling, others loose and dry,
Some will make your fucking day and some will make you cry.

You know if somehow you could do'em all,
And if you share the hunger, like me, you know,



Were it not for your smile
Time would cease to be
Another toy conjured
By Fate
Whose ministrations left undone
Puncture the perfect hand of Providence

Were it not for your hands
Breathing would labor
Behind the wall
I have built
Conjuring cacophonies of silence
Which sound meets unfettered.

Were it not for your eyes
My sight would be darkened
To the secretion of light
You shine effortlessly
Into me, around me, through me
Casting aside every lurid doubt.

Were it not for your love
Legacies of Cupid would crumble
Shattering dreams
Once built upon the gossamer linings
Of rallying clouds
Ushered into reality by your rainbows.

Were it not for the strength you sing
Our joy is tendered useless
Flailing against the coming wind
Still I rise with the passion of your ledger
Embracing your ever calming spirit
Leading towards our perfection.


I close my eyes and dream a dream
The sweetest dream to ever be seen
I want it to be true I want it to be real
I want to capture the pure essence of the way it made me feel.
Softer then silk warmer then the sun, cooler then ice, yet so peaceful so calming so nice
Floating and flying soaring through the skies
All while I closed my eyes
No pain no hurt no disguise everything laid out all while I closed my eyes
The dream continued one beautiful moment after another as I slowly began to
feel myself struggle as the sun shone through my window my eyes slowly began to open up.
And there ended the sweetest dream I had ever seen only wishing I could be in the same spot once again.


Mistress of green in flower arrayed,
Alluring all my heart away,
Replete with glory not to fade,
Yet flourish in eternal May,
Eternalized by distant flame,
Void of a shade in bloom divine,
Pleasures await your sacred name,
Or bid you still proceed to shine,
Who has surpassed the your heavenly mein,
Expression will forbear to tell,
Like you not one I have yet seen,
Let alone adore you lovely belle.

So let our names together blend,
In floods of union to the end,
Or flow together soul in soul,
Nor distance break the soft control,
How pleasing is the thought to me,
A thought of a nymph such as thee,
Reverts my language into song,
That flows delightful soft along,
Return to me a soft reply,
On which I must with joy rely,
Give me your hand and then your heart,
Entirely mingled not to part,
Rethread the tapor near expired,
Seeking a friend so long desired.


I loved you from the earliest dawn,
When I first saw your heavenly face,
I will love you until my days are done,
When all things go well with thee,
With smiles and tears try to remember me.

I'll love you still when your youth is past,
My steadfast love will never blow over,
When our youth is lost to ages blast,
And beauty can ascend no more,
When life's journey ends for thee,
Please look back and think of me.

I'll love you with a smile or a frown,
Amid sorrow's gloom or pleasures light,
When the days of your life wind down,
I'll pursue your last eternal flight,
Wherever you spread your wings to flee,
Just for a moment wait for me.

I love your beautiful sparkling blue eyes,
To which my fondness was betrayed,
Bearing the color of the skies,
To glow when other beauties begin to fade,
When they sink to low to see,
They reflect an azure lazer beam on me.

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Whenever I get into sex
I start to fantasize
About desires I keep concealed
Just behind my eyes.

The man is always big and black
The woman small and white
And the thought of them together
Makes my dick hard every night.

Watching her submit to him
Is pleasure unsurpassed
She cums every time he fucks her
And he always makes it last.

So I just watch him fuck her.
The pleasure never ends.
Until one night, to her surprise,
He brings along some friends.

I watched and wanked for hours
As all 3 of'em fucked my wife
And I've never been that excited
In my whole entire life.

They fucked her like the whore she is
And made her drink their cum.
When they were finally finished,
They said she could give me some.

But I didn't want no pussy
So I said "I'll pass"
And told them all in secret
They should fuck her in the ass.

They grabbed my wife again
And slowly spread her ass cheeks
And really rammed it in.

They stretched her tiny anus
And pumped her full of juice
And left her with her asshole torn
And her pussy awfully loose.

Freshly fucked and satisfied,
My wife was simply glowing
I could see her need
For blackmen's cocks was growing.

Back at home, I surfed the web
And found Dark Cavern's niche
I couldn't believe how many blacks
Were ready to fuck the bitch.

Now she's being longdicked
By blackmen every night
While I jerk off and watch it all
And share in their delight.

She's fucks'em like a slutty whore
And makes sure I can see
It doesn't get much better than that
For a married man like me.



He answered our ad when he saw her pics
And he liked our preference for big, black dicks,
So he said he was eager to party with us anytime we chose.
We said Friday - about 7 or so
Book a nice room then let us know
And we'll come visit and see how everything goes.

We all met in his hotel suite
and my wife thought it was really neat
That he thought she looked like a teacher he once had.
His 10th grade teacher, a Mrs Scott
Used to make him really hot,
And he told us he wanted to fuck her something bad.

My wife was Mrs. Scott that day
So I dealt cards and we started to play
Strip poker so I could watch him take off teacher's clothes.
He fondled her repeatedly,
Arousing her as well as me,
And he called her TEACH as he pulled off her pantyhose.

He smiled and stroked her naked ass.
And said she taught his favorite class.
Then told her fuck-the-teacher was a game he often played.
My wife said "Alan! Homework's due!
What am I gonna do with you?"
And Alan said he'd fuck her to get a more suitable grade.

When my wife warned him not to tell,
And threatened to have his ass expelled,
He got so hot and flustered, he didn't know what to say.
So he pushed his teacher down on her back
And shoved his big cock up her crack.
And said he'd dreamed 1,000 times of fucking her that way.

Seeing him realize his fantasy
Had a strange effect on me,
I got myself off while he was busy fucking my whore.
He had a thick, black monster cock
Long and hard as polished rock
And I've never seen anybody fuck her like that before.

Most of the time, as I recall,
I was a fly on the wall
Watching my wife take that big black cock repeatedly.
I wanked along in perfect rhythm
And found myself cumming with'em,
My wife was fucking him yet somehow fucking me!

Not everyone we fuck can reach her
But she liked being Alan's 'teacher'
And she knew I loved to watch the black ones ride her.
Making sure that I could see
She sucked his big cock shamelessly
And got off everytime he stuck that dick inside her.

When I watch a blackman fuck my wife,
My own cock always springs to life,
And if everybody cums together, we all win!
Giving white pussy to a big dicked spade
Is one of the ways that we get laid
And, even now, I'd pay to watch him fuck my wife again!



A gangster from Chicago - Polite and nicely dressed.
He took us out to dinner. My wife was most impressed.
She warmed up to him quickly when we finally got upstairs.
And everyone was hot to trot in just a couple dares.

I watched in breathless wonder, getting harder than a rock,
As he played with my wife's titties while she licked and sucked his cock.
Then he tongued between her legs and really made her cum.
She started to move her ass around and I knew she wanted some.

Doggie style, hard and fast - I watched him ram her deep.
Then he filled her full of cum and drifted off to sleep.
But she was having none of that, she sucked him back awake.
Then climbed aboard to show me how much black dick she could take!

This time he wasn't holding back. He really rammed it in!
I jerked off and loved it whilke he fucked her ass again!
This time, he didn't cum so fast (But me and my wife did)
She got off like 50 times and I 'bout flipped my lid.

Satisfied and freshly fucked, her pussy somewhat sore,
The wife and I just had to leave despite his pleas for more.
Goodnight, goodbye and thank you for sharing in our life
You'll always be our GANSTER. The hood that fucked my wife!



We met him halfway between here and there.
My wife wasn't wearing any underwear.
And I was so damn excited I almost came in my pants.
We met him in the lounge at a Holiday Inn.
He already had a room and was all checked in.
And after we all got acquainted, he asked my wife to dance.

She looked so good it almost hurt
With her ass moving around inside her skirt,
And everybody noticed that her partner was big and black.
Some folks liked it and some folks not.
But, watching them dance really made me hot,
And I couldn't wait to see him and my wife in the sack.

She rubbed herself against him as they danced
And looked to me like a woman entranced
As Henry pulled her closer and started kissing her neck
I was delighted he hadn't forgot
I'd told him neck kisses made her hot
But when he started touching her ass, I quickly asked for the check.

I thought he had a lot of face,
Feeling her up in a public place
But the way she hung on his arm, I think it made her hot
After I got them outta the bar,
Henry's room wasn't too far,
And, as we walked, I told him I liked watching them a lot.

He quickly gave me a visual treat,
Rubbing her hand against his meat,
Then said, "Baby, this is what I'm gonna put deep inside of you!"
His room was just the perfect size
It hid us all from prying eyes
So I told Henry my wife was his but he already knew.

He pushed her down on the double bed,
Raised her skirt up over her head,
And pulled out the biggest, blackest dick I think I've ever seen.
Pantyless and hot as fire
My wife gave in to her desire
And spread apart her lovely thighs for him to get between.

He couldn't get it in so after awhile,
She suggested they try it doggie style,
And, after three tries, sure enough, he finally got it in.
With her tight pussy really stuffed,
My wife already had enough
When Henry tried to make her take half that much again.

How she took it, I don't know
I didn't see her pussy grow
And I couldn't believe it when she actually took it all.
Henry smiled when he got it all in,
Ramming it deep again and again,
Until her stretched out pussy was anything but small.

It was great from where I sat.
I never coulda fucked my wife like that.
She almost fainted when he filled her pussy with cum.
He musta fucked her 4 or 5 times
Inspiring me to make up rhymes
And tell my wife to spread for Henry anytime he wants some.

Without Dark Cavern, we'd wouldn't have met.
So, Coconut, we're in your debt.
Yours is the perfect website for folks like us to find.
And all you blacks who crave white wives
Are welcome to share in our sex lives.
If you want some good white pussy, keep my wife in mind.



By the time he got his big dick set
Her pussy glistened she was so wet
And me and her both were shaking like leaves on a tree.
It was her first time fucking a black.
And I thought I'd have a heart attack.
I was hot as a wife watching husband can be.

My dick was hard as a granite block
Watching her fondle his big, black cock
And I knew something special was happening to my wife.
He's tongued her pussy like it was dinner,
And then he stuck that black dick in'er
And gave her the fucking she dreamed of all her life.

He's squeezed her ass as he rammed it in,
Making her cum again and again.
He fucked her the way I had always wished I could.
Reaching deep inside her soul,
His big cock stretched her pussyhole
And he said he didn't believe white pussy could be that good.

I don't know why, but it made me cum
Watching my wife give him some,
He said he was gonna make her sweet white pussy sore.
Reaching places I couldn't go,
He fucked her pussy like a pro
And I don't think I've ever been that turned on before.

I was in a state of shock
Watching her take all that cock
I thought for sure her pussy was going to split
But, as I wanked and watched him ride'er,
He got every inch inside'er
While she just moaned and begged him not to quit.

It may have been beginner's luck
But she got one terrific fuck
And all our black cock fantasies came true.
Now my wife's a black cock whore
Fucking til her pussy's sore
And screwing blacks is all she wants to do.



We've all got stories... (big surprise),
But, one nite at a party, three black guys
Invited us into a backroom to play some cards.
My dick loving wife said, "Boys let's play"
And I'll remember to my dying day,
Those three black guys smiling and adjusting their hards.

They played strip poker (5 card draw).
It was the hottest thing I ever saw
Watching those black hands roam all over my wife.
As they stripped her down to'er underpants,
I felt like I was in some kinda trance,
And my dick was harder than it'd ever been in my life.

Then one guy said, "Let's fuck this fox!"
They all started pulling out big black cocks
And escorted my wife to the middle of a king sized bed
She played with their cocks and started sucking
Then spread her legs and started fucking
Filling my brain with images I'll never get outta my head.

They blacked her pussy clear to the bone
When one got off, another got on
And she had one of them big black dicks in her constantly.
I never saw her cum so much,
Getting her pussy stretched and such,
And one of'em had a cock so big, it coulda made two of me.

They fucked my wife like a black cock whore,
'Til their dicks just wouldn't get hard no more,
Then they walked out and left her in the bed all covered with cum.
While she was wondering what to do,
I jumped in the bed and fucked her too.
I may be a voyeur but that don't mean I'm dumb!

We've all got stories... (big surprise),
But, I remember 3 black guys
Teaching my lilly white wife a new kind of black strip poker.
Her pussy got wet when they started to play,
And I'll remember to my dying day,
The joy I felt just sitting there watching all 3 of'em poke'er.



We drive to the city in a company truck
Looking for somebody black to fuck
Thats what me and my hot ass wife really like to do.
We get high and horny and really hot
Then stop at a local pick up spot
So she can start looking for somebody black to screw.

I follow her in and it never takes long
For th DJ to play a nice slow song
Then one of the black guys asks my wife to dance
With nothing but fucking on their mind
They always fondle her soft behind
And try everything they know to get in her pants.

While he gets busy feeling her up
And trying to unsnap her big d cup
She reaches down and starts to fondle his crotch
Then she tells him they can fuck
Right outside in her husband's truck
But only if he is willing to let her husband watch.

Of course he is. They never say 'no'
So out to truck we all three go
Excited, eager and anxious to get behind closed doors.
Once in the truck, he gets his prize
My wife lays down and spreads her thighs
And lets that stranger fuck'er like she was one of his whores.

Her pickup lover passes the test
When he starts sucking her ample breasts
She gets so hot she almost sets our sleeper bed on fire.
If he tongues her pussy and licks her clit,
She really starts getting into it.
And from that moment on, his wish is her desire.

She opens her legs and sucks his cock,
Making my dick as hard as a rock,
And she gladly gives him all the pussy she's got.
When he can't get it hard again
She asks him if he's got a friend
And swears she's never been so fucking hot!

If he sends out another guy
She'll give his big cock a try
And do all sorts of kinky, whorish stuff.
When there ain't no more guys,
She always looks around and sighs
Like me, my horny wife can never get enough.



Such desire springs to life
When other suitors touch my wife.
Some from near; some from far;
Once in the backseat of a car.
Black ones, white ones - large and small.
More than even I recall.
Tis blissful joy just watching them.
Her and him, and him, and him...


My wife is a sensuous chick
Who's had more than her share of dick
And she's always ready to give some pussy away.
Lately, its the black ones that score
Sometimes 2, sometimes more...
And now I watch one fuck'er almost everyday.

Front and back she fucks'em
And almost always sucks'em
Trying to do it perfect so I can get it too
I wank and watch their cocks
Swelled up, hard as rocks
Filling up her pussy like I've always wanted to.

I watch and fantasize
I'm one of those black guys
Pounding deep between her snow white bums
Its my enormous dick
So long and black and thick
That fucks her, fucks her, fucks her 'til she cums.



He's never part of what he sees.
He watches, more or less.
Just how his joy became disease
Is anybodys guess.

Does what we choose to fantasize
Matter all that much?
All of us have kindred eyes
For TV, sports and such.

Hardcore sex or football match!
Is it not the same?
Voyeurs all are we who watch
While others play the game.


That old phrase "hanging heavy"
(a mystery before),
Was crystal clear the moment
Clyde came walking thru the door.

His cock was simply awesome -
8 thick inches, maybe 9.
My wife could not believe it
And I wished it was mine.

She could barely reach around it,
But it really made her hot.
Her jaw ached when she sucked it
And it stretched her little twat.

He fucked her for my camera
In positions that I chose.
He fucked her in her panties
And thru her pantyhose.

He fucked her in the kitchen,
And in my favorite chair,
But he really fucked her best of all
When I wasn't even there.

I left to get more camera film,
Like a dumb beginner.
And when I got back from the store,
Clyde had all that black dick in'er.

I saw them thru the window
On the sofa getting down.
He was really putting it to her
So I just hung around.

His cock filled my wife's pussy
And stretched her tissues thin,
But I could see her cumming
Every time he rammed it in.

Masturbating on the porch,
I watched him fucking my wife.
And I was more excited
Than I'd been in my whole life.

I dropped my load, then realized
My neighbors might see me.
So I slipped back inside the house
As quiet as could be.

My wife was chanting "Fuck me, Clyde!"
And raising up for more.
He buried his big cock to the balls
And fucked her like a whore.

He shot her pussy full of cum,
And I could see the glow
She gets when someone takes her
Where her pussy wants to go.

Then she saw me and so did he,
And I couldn't help but grin.
As Clyde was trying to pull it out
She wanted to keep it in.

After that, they fucked all night
And I took pics galore.
Clyde just kept on fucking her
'Til he made her pussy sore.

Even now, it makes us hot
Remembering that night.
A lot of guys have fucked my wife
But Clyde was out of sight!



A costume party pick up in DC on Halloween,
He put a move on my wife like I've never seen.
Dressed like a mummy and hot for her ass,
He didn't fuck around, he just made a pass.

My wife likes agression and "I-wanna-fuck-you" eyes.
Peter had a lot of both even in that disguise.
He called his wife and I joined in. Her name was Valerie.
She wasn't hot as my old lady but she looked okay to me.

So, off to their motel room with games to set the tone
In no time flat, my sexy wife was sucking Peter's bone!
And what a bone it was, my friend - long and hard and thick!
I coulda wanked all night just watching her suck his dick.

But Valerie was vulnerable, in need of T L C,
So I turned my attention to the lady meant for me.
I fondled her and kissed her 'til she let me have my way
And I'll remember fucking her until my dying day.

Her pussy fit me like a glove. And she liked it too, you see.
She didn't just let me have it - she gave herself to me!
I was so caught up in doing her, I didn't see the Mummy
Bailing out on my sexy wife like a jealous, fucking dummy.

His wife's response to me frightened Peter even more
I guess he'd never seen her cum on another dick before.
So he left my hot wife hanging - stopped fucking her then and there.
Her passion didn't matter and the mummy didn't care.

"Don't stop" my wife snapped at him, her climax very near.
But he withdrew and rushed to Val as if he didn't hear.
Val was all atremble with her legs spread under me
And she too snapped at Peter, as angry as could be.

He couldn't say 'I'm sorry' to my wife...or to his own.
Exposed as just a user - he was suddenly alone.
We left them there, still fighting. There wasn't much to say.
We drove back home together but we stopped along the way.

We had unfinished business that we settled in the car.
I fucked her at a reststop underneath October's star.
I finished what he started. My wife came and came and came.
It eased her disappointment, but its still a god damn shame.

A night of passion squandered by a costume party knave
He missed out on all the pussy my wife wanted him to have
So close to bliss, he ran away ...What a fucking dummy!
Today, we hardly ever speak of Valerie and the Mummy.


I hope that I shall never see
Anything better than white pussie,
Stretched around my big, black dick
Trying to make me cum too quick,
As I resize her married hole
And rub against her very soul,
There to cum for evermore
With my black dick in whitey's whore!



Some of you guys will be surprised
At what I'm about to say
You'll say, "Who's this lame? I ain't hip to his name
And where did he learn to play?"

I was just 41 when the story begun
And from my point if view, its all good.
My wife's getting laid by every young spade
That lives in our neighborhood.

I like to watch and fondle my crotch
As she spreads her legs for the brothers.
When a guy sticks it in, I jack off and grin
Cause I know there's gonna be others.

She loves the size of young black guys
And the way they fuck her so rough.
She's one white chick that loves black dick
And she fucks'em like she can't get enough.

She's never discreet about black meat.
It's always on her mind.
She fucks'em on trains, buses and planes
And any other place else she can find.

Its our life so I'm urging my wife
To give'em all the pussy she's got.
I may be a sucker for letting them fuck'er
But nothing else makes me so hot!



I got turned on to black in white
At a swingers party Thursday night,
And nothing's ever made me feel quite so fucking hot.
I saw a black man give my wife
The big dick fucking of her life,
And, just like me, she really liked that big, black dick alot.

He was 9" long and seven around.
The damn thing musta weighed 5 pound.
And I didn't think my tiny wife could ever take it all.
When she did, I almost shit,
Watching her take every inch of it,
And I jerked off all over the bedroom wall.

Moaning, "oh my god - your cock is thick!,"
She came all over his big, black dick
And wrapped her legs around him with unabashed delight.
I watched him drive that big cock home,
And shoot her pussy full of foam
While bragging only blackmen could fuck white pussy right!

He came back later with a friend
And they both fucked my wife again
In a crowded room where I could barely see.
They fucked her deep, both front and back,
Filling her mouth and stuffing her crack,
And making her cum like the whore she wants to be.

She liked those big, black cocks so much
That now she craves a blackman's touch
And I don't ever get much of a chance to fuck my wife at all
I jerk off and stay outta sight
While blackmen fuck her every night,
And she says its not her fault my dick's so fucking small.

I don't even try to change her mind
Cause I kinda like to watch her grind
She looks so sexy with a black cock in'er hand.
And black guys always ring her bell
(Truth be told, mine as well)
So nobody else really needs to understand.

If she's got black dick on the brain,
Why the hell should I complain
When I'm getting off on every damn thing I see?
Nothing makes me cum as quick
As seeing her take a big, black dick
So watching my wife fuck blackmen is A-OK with me!

If you're black and want a chance
To get inside my lady's pants
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After dancing, wine and dinner,
When you've got your black dick in'er,
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If your pussy is burning with wanton fires,
I'll help you satisfy your dark desires,
I know there's something happening here,
What it is is abundantly clear,
You need me to whisper in your ear,
I want you I need you in my life,
It doesn't matter that you're someone else's wife,

Every now and again I want to commit a sin,
I want to fuck someone else's kin,
If your wife is somewhat timid or shy,
I'd really like to be the first black to give her pussy a try,
Last night I was having an erotic dream,
Your wife was on her knees swallowing my cream.


Yes it is a whole lot of fun,
Lying around soaking in the sun,
I just don't know what to do,
I can't seem to keep my eyes off of you,
I just love going to the nude beach,
Seeing all that pussy within my reach,

Slyly stroking my dick in my hand,
Staring at your wife lying in the sand,
Trying to think up a clever line I can say,
Hi guys what ya'll up to today,
Would ya'll like a bottle of water or a can of soda,
I have a cooler full of coca cola,

I see you have a bottle of suntan lotion,
Can I help you apply a coating before you go into the ocean?
My hands rubbing suntan lotion into your skin,
Makes my dick harder than its ever been,
Feeling the soft curves and contures of your skin,
Makes me want to fuck you again and again,

Your hubby is fascinated by the size of my dick,
He wants to see you riding my gorgeous prick,
I ask him if ya'll would like to meet me later at your hotel,
So he can watch me ring your bell.


Hi guys what you been up to,
Can I join the two of you,
I know you've been talking about spicing up your sex life,
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We don't have to rush into anything,

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You shoulda seen the look on my wife's face
When she fucked a man of a different race.
It was at a swap party 'bout a year ago
And I'm here to tell you it was quite a show.

The guy she fucked was as black as night
With a dick as big as her pussy was tight.
And, friends, I never been so hot in my life
As I was watching him fucking my wife.

Encouraged by my wife's sexy smile,
I watched him copping feels awhile.
At first, all they really did was dance
But I knew he'd fuck'er if he got a chance.

And then he took her down the hall
(and not to answer nature's call).
The master bedroom wasn't far
And he even left the door ajar.

Even though I got there pretty quick,
My wife was already sucking his dick.
I wouldn't call it a monster cock,
But it was long and thick and hard as a rock.

I wanked as I watched her thru the door
Sucking him off like a black cock whore.
But he didn't cum in her mouth that night
Instead, he asked if the pussy was tight.

I've never seen my wife so cool.
She spread her legs and grabbed his tool.
Then said, "I've never been so hot!"
As she helped him fit it against her slot.

He stretched and bruised her pussyhole
But she took every inch of that big, black pole.
I don't know how she managed it.
I thought her pussy would surely split.

Moaning and squirming and starting to cum,
She opened up her pussy and gave him some.
And he musta liked it 'cause he buried his bone
All the way in her and he started to groan.

Then his asshole tightened and he busted loose
Filling her pussy with hot cum juice.
She shuddered and shook and got off twice
Then she kissed him and said it was very nice.

When he told her he really liked ringing her bell,
She slipped him our number, including the cell.
If I didn't know before, I knew right then
My wife was gonna give'im that pussy again.

And not just him but his buddies too;
And every other black man she could screw!
She'd found her thing as the saying goes,
And now she's one of those black cock ho's.

She loves those black dicks deep in her crack.
And I know they're fucking her behind my back,
But what's a white man expected to do
When he likes watching them fuck her too?

A rock and hard place? Not for me!
I get off on every black cock I see.
So bring us a big black dick or two.
I might just like it as much as you.



If you want to add more pussy to your life,
All you gotta do is swap your wife
With another couple who's willing to do the same. You fuck his and he fucks yours,
Everybody cums and everybody scores,
And nobody's cheating when everybody's playing the game.

And those of you who like to watch
Can really turn it up a notch
By sharing your wife with a man of the African race.
The 1st time my wife let a blackman fuck'er,
I actually saw her asshole pucker
When his big, black dick started hitting that special place.

I jerked off like a guilty sinner
Watching him ram that long dick in'er,
And when he shot off, you shoulda seen her white ass grin.
She came all over that big, black pole,
As he thrilled and filled her pussy hole,
And she was more than ready when he wanted to do it again.

Swaps are cool and I like'em alot,
But nothing gets me nearly so hot
As watching a blackman make my wife his whore.
I cum like crazy and she does too.
Its what we both really like to do,
And you can bet we're gonna be doing it a whole lot more.

You might as well try it. Take a chance.
Spades love getting in a white girl's pants.
They're easy to catch when they're getting white pussy for free.
I bet your wife will like it too,
Maybe even more than you,
Once her pussy discovers how good a black dick can be.



When I get high, my dick gets hard
And sex is all I do.
Sometimes 20 minutes.
Sometimes a day or two.

My wife always goes with me,
We both like getting high.
She knows how I love watching her
In bed with another guy.

When you look as good as my wife looks,
Its just like dial-a-dick.
We call around or answer ads
And she can take her pick.

My wife likes black ones better.
And frankly, so do I.
Their cocks are mostly bigger,
And they always satisfy!

I like the color contrast.
They're black and she's so white.
They stick those big cocks in her
And fuck her all damn night!

But lately, she wants parties
With lots of horny men,
So I can watch her getting fucked
Over and over again.

It makes her feel so slutty,
Being used like some cheap whore.
And when it comes to black guys,
There's always room for more.

She's got black cock addiction now,
Much to my delight.
And I watch blackmen fuck her
Almost every night.

So send us both an email
And help us strut our stuff.
The bigger cock, the better.
My wife never gets enough!



What is it about your body that makes me melt at the thought of you?
What is it about you that makes me weak in the knees?
What is it about you that makes my eyes wander like those of a child in a candy store?
First off I see your high heels that you put on for the evening,
Second I see your sleek shapely legs,

Encased in your shiny pantyhose,
Shimmering like a sunny lake on a dewey summer morning,
I stare relentlessly at the exotic curves of your thighs and calves,
My eyes feast upon you from head to toe,
And I lustfully gaze upon your beauty as my eyes stroll back up,

Stopping at the protrusion from your chest,
By the grace of God those two shapely mellons of flesh,
Stretching the fabric of the bra and blouse holding them in,
Your cleavage is beckoning my inner desire for your body,
I must break my stare in order to make eye contact with you,

Your face is the cherry on the whipped cream of your body,
That draws me into your eyes and onward into your mind,
Your cherry red lipstick wet with a lick of your pink tongue,
That appears with the occasional word,
Your hair gently gracing your face,

Is like the feel of your pantyhose as I casually steal a feel of your thighs,
This is what has kindled the fire of my desire for you,
To caress you, to lick you, to taste you, to worship you.


At just the sound of your smooth deep voice,
On the other end of the phone,
Miles and impossibilities melt away,
In the heat of the chemistry we generate,

Ying and Yang, man and woman, fire and water,
My heart skips a beat when I hear you speak my name,
I tremble with desire as my blood runs hot,
Through my tingling body to delicate loins,

Only a phone call, just the sound of your voice,
And I long to crawl through that cold receiver,
Into the hypnotic heat of your waiting arms,
Sometimes I wonder how those tiny phone lines,

Hold all the hot energy coursing through them,
When it feels as if my whole body will explode,
While you whisper how we will be together soon,
And I can almost feel the warmth of your breath,

Against the smooth curve of my neck,
The caress of my hands covering your breasts,
The sweetness of a kiss so wild and unchained,
It awakens and frees the tiger and the wolf,

My hands ache to trace the lines of your sensuous lips,
And entangle themselves in soft strands of your hair,
I crave to distraction only one long glimpse into,
Deep azure pools Of your eyes filled with desire,

And locked with The verdant sea depths of mine,
In desperation I yearn for the scent and taste,
Of your skin and the sensation of flesh against flesh,
All those miles apart, yet I feel the warmth of,
Your body pressed tightly against mine as with,
Unrestrained passion our breath blends and souls touch,
At only a long distance phone call, thousands of miles separating us and,
Preventing love's full expression Can we ever begin to imagine how it,
Will be, My Love, when at last we embrace with nothing between.


There she is, my lovely beautiful lady,
She is an angel among angels,
A rose among roses,

She is Aphrodite,
Whose naked beauty is enchanting,
Her golden skin shines with the evening sun,

Her long flowing hair blows with the wind,
And her smile expresses her joyfulness,
I am speechless at the sight of my beautiful lady,

I wonder if she knows what I know,
That her beauty is beyond compare,
No sunrise, no sunset,

No flower, no other,
Is as beautiful as she,
My arrow, my Venus,

My charming beautiful lady,
Out of everything that God has created, I am in awe of every,
Beautiful lady I see. Every time I notice a well-defined young,

Woman, no matter how old she is, I always pause a second or two to,
Admire her beauty. I don't see any reason why anyone, Shouldn't glance for a moment or two to admire a beautiful lady.


Hi there sexy women and couples are you here looking to swing ?
If so I'm here to let you know that's my thing,
Are you coming to Miami for an anniversary or holiday cruise ?

How about a threesome before you set sail,
It'll be one hell of a tale you'll have to tell,
Watching me fuck your wife will be one hell of a show,

Listening to her moans of pleasure and screams of ecstacy,
So once you get to Miami FL give me a call,
I guarantee you the three of us will have a ball.


My hands clench your hips as I cling to your body,
I thrust deeply into your pussy as your hips rise to meet mine,
We are caught up in an obsessive refrain,

As old as time itself stolen moments of lust full of guilt,
Being secret lovers trying to cause no one else any pain,
For all the roads to death we've built,

Concealed rendevous veiled in fear,
In shadowed vaults deep within our souls,
We deny remote chilling tears,

Surely it is for us whom the bell tolls,
We are vigilant of our voices carrying to unseen ears,
I love you so much it hurts to be without you,
But alas you're married to someone else,
So all I can look forward to is another secret rendezvous.

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White girls like those black guys,
And WHY's not hard to figger.
We all wanna taste forbidden fruit,
And black cock's always bigger.

That's what my wife told me
The 1st time she got one.
Now we fuck'em all the time,
And nothing's that much fun.

I guess her pussy's bigger.
Or maybe my dick's too small.
But once she fucked a nigger,
She wanted to fuck'em all.

I woulda been jealous and angry
If I hadn't liked it too,
But my dick got as hard as his
So what was I to do?

I became a watcher
And let the black guys scoff.
While they fucked her white pussy
I kept jerking off.

There's really nothing like it.
I love it more than life.
And I get off everytime I see
A blackman fuck my wife.

And WHY we both like it so
Is not too hard to figger.
There's nothing like forbidden fruit,
And a black cock's always bigger!



I had it all figured out down to the last detail,
Today was my day off so I had plenty of time,
To get things ready having a key to your apartment,
Really came in handy knowing you'd be home at any moment,

I'm setting the table and pouring the wine,
Lighting the candles and the incense,
Then putting on your favorite Luther Vandross CD,
It should be about 20 minutes before you get here,

I take a quick shower, getting out of the shower,
I realize I forgot to dim the lights,
So I walk over to the light switch while thinking of you,
Thinking of your luscious body back in my arms again,

Is making my dick as hard as a rock,
Just as I get to the light switch you open the door,
I had a big surprise planned for you I say,
You look straight at my dick and say,
Neal I can see how big it is.


My fingers massaging your breasts,
I lift them up and suck on one then the other,
I feel your heart pounding in anticipation,
I kiss you deeply and passionately,

I finish undressing you completely,
And discard the rest of my clothing as well,
My tongue traces the contures of your ears,
I kiss, suck, and gently bite the nape of your neck,

Leaving a trail of hickies along the way,
I continue kissingand licking my way down your cleavage,
Darting my tongue in and out of your navel cavity,
Setting your mind in anticipation of whats to follow,

Continuing to kiss my way southward on along your body,
You spread your legs for me as my head reaches your pubic area,
I lick from the bottom to the top of your vaginal lips,
Your body tenses up in excitement as I continue to lap up your vagina,

The deeper I stick my tongue in vagina,
The more excitable you become,
I twirl my tongue inside the walls of your vagina,
Suddenly your legs wrap around my shoulders,

Your hips raise up off the bed,
Your eyes roll back into your skull,
A wave of ecstacy sweeps over you as you're caught up in an earth shattering orgasm.
As you lie still from your intense orgasm I begin to climb my way up,

I'm on top of you now kissing you deeply once again,
Slowly sinking inch after inch of my manhood into you,
Grinding it into you slowly at first allowing you to get used to my size and girth.
After you've grown accustomed to me filling you,

I begin to move it in and out at a faster pace,
In and out up and down in out up down,
Faster, harder, deeper, I'm really pumping it to you now,
I lift your legs upon my shoulders,
And I really begin to hammer myself home.


I feel myself in need,
Of the inspiring strains of ancient lore,
my heart to lift, my empty mind to feed,

And all of the world to explore,
I know that I am getting old,
And can never recover what is past,

But for the future may some light unfold,
And soar beyond ages blast,
I feel resolved to try,

My wish to prove, my calling to pursue,
Or mount up from the earth into the sky,
To show what heaven can do,

My genius from a boy,
Has fluttered like a bird within my heart,
But could not confine her powers to employ,

Impatient to depart,
She like a restless bird,
Would spread her wing, her power to be unfurled,

And let her songs be heard,
And dart from world to world.


I can no longer seem to just sit and dine,
Or relax watch TV and enjoy a bottle of wine,
Seemingly your life has wrapped itself up in mine,
We touched; we kissed; we made made passionate love,

You to me were a sex goddess sent down from above,
We fucked so fast and furiously we were gleaming with a prismatic hue,
I know I can't allow myself to fall so madly in love with you,
It was a dream come true; to make love to a woman as beautiful as you,

Ours was a passionate encounter on the wings of lust,
You're married to another man so back off I must,
I'm so thankful that we got to make love in a long steady rhythmic embrace,
Me kissing you steadily upon your neck, ears, lips, and face,

Bright with the sheen of our lovemaking divine,
In purest harmony our hearts and souls have intertwined,
Someday hopefully you and I will meet again,
If only to renew our lusts in immortal sin,

I broke the cardinal rule in the swinging lifestyle,
I have fallen in love with another man's wife,
The price I pay for living the sinful life.

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There was sex on site
So we went one night -
Horny, high and as hot as we could be.
To our surprise.
There was only guys
Anxiously awaiting my sexy wife and me.

I thought of those guys
Between her thighs
And my dick got so hard my balls were getting sore.
But my wife didn't want to play.
She hated the disrespectful way
All those guys expected her to lay down & let'em score.

We found another guy, (he was black),
Sitting by himself in a room in the back
Watching porno movies of black men fucking women who were white.
My wife said "hi"
And sat with the guy,
And told him she heard black guys could keep it up all night.

He looked my lady up & down,
Surprised to see our kind uptown,
Then told her she looked good enough to eat.
My wife moved closer, eyes aglow
So I suggested we all go
To find a place more private & discreet.

She & he talked
While the 3 of us walked
To the mattress loft where we'd have more room to play.
When I stopped to let them pass,
He was already feeling my lady's ass,
And she seemed more than ready to give some pussy away.

It wasn't far,
So I went to the bar
To get some drinks to take back to the loft.
My wife already had ahold'a his dick.
It was long, & hard & black & thick,
And nothing about it was even a little bit soft.

As I watched her suck it
My libido said 'fuck it'
She looked as sexy as anything I ever saw.
Then she raised her lovely head
Looked straight at me & softly said,
"Honey, his cock's so big, its stretching my little jaw.

As his hands grew bolder,
I leaned in and told her
That the others all were watching thru peepholes in the wall.
I suggested we not show & tell
And invited him to our hotel.
Or there wasn't going to be any pussy for him at all!

It worked & Larry said okay.
He told my wife to lead the way,
And felt her up as we walked out to the car.
The other guys were out of luck
And I heard one say 'what the fuck?
As we left them high & dry inside the bar.

We zipped across town
Where my wife laid down
And fucked him like she was a cock crazed honky whore
He filled her pussy full of cum,
Then I climbed on & got me some.
After I finished, he decided he'd fuck her some more.

Who could have guessed,
I'd be so impressed
Just watching a big dicked blackman fuck my wife.
When he stuck his big cock back in
And started fucking my wife again,
I wanked off to the best orgasm I ever had in life.

After big dicked Larry split,
My wife & I didn't quit.
In fact, we kept on fucking and wallowing in our sin.
We talked about his big black dick
And how he made her cum so quick
Thinking about it felt just like we were doing it again.

I know it doesn't make much sense,
But she's fucked black guys ever since,
And everytime she does it, I am more than gratified.
I'm been cumming half my life
Watching blackmen fuck my wife,
And nothing else ever makes us feel so satisfied.



Watching him take off her clothes
And fondle naked skin,
Made me glad they hadn't heard
When I first tip-toed in.

His shaft was thick & lengthy
And black as any night;
Between my angel's ovaled lips
it disappeared from sight.

She eagerly devoured him,
Pleased to hear his begs.
Then she slid beneath him
And opened up her legs.

My wife looked unbelievable...
White skin & soft red hair.
His dark hands crawled like spiders
And touched her everywhere.

Then he sank within her,
As deep as he could go,
saying,"Gimme that white pussy
You muthafucking 'ho."

And she gave it to him gladly,
lifting up and getting teased.
He gripped her ass by either cheek
And fucked her as he pleased.

He ventured deep within her
Where none had been before,
And even as she climaxed,
She already wanted more.

Finally, both exhausted
(and frankly, so was I),
the lovers grabbed their clothing
And he kissed my wife goodbye.



You and I have finally met each other,
After months of emails and phone calls,
Finally I hold you in my arms and give you a kiss,
Your thin white lips are locked with mine,

We're on the way to sexual bliss,
Your lips taste better than the finest wine,
My ebony arms are holding you tenderly,
My tongue engages yours for control,

As my fingers knead your ass gingerly,
The pleasure of which have yet to unfold,
I feel your heart start to racing,
I try to slip my fingers into your vagina,

For an onslaught of sexual fulfillment I am bracing,
I'm trying to get you hotter than a coal miner,
I beg and plead with you to go into my bedroom,
You said you were ready to make love with a black man,

But you insist on running out into oblivion,
I am wondering what has come over this woman,
Now that the hour of truth is here,
We've talked about this in emails, phone calls, and face to face,

You're running off like a frightened deer,
You still fear having sex with a man of a different race,
As a gentleman I can only let you go,
I can only hope and pray,

That you're not some little teasing hoe,
That I'll actually make love to you someday.

* * *


Since life is very short,
You have to know how to live it,
So that later on you can say,
I may be old but what of it,
If your greatest pleasure,
Is the excitement of loving,
Well go on and enjoy it,
For love is not prohibited,
And when it is not returned,
It's not a crime to fall in love.

It frequently happens,
That with the best of intentions,
You accept an invitation,
From a friend or relation,
You arrive and he's not there,
His wife makes a pass at you,
And there's no other witness,
Than your own lowly conscience,
To the way you treat,
The wife of a friend.

If you do not accept her offer,
The wife, mad as a hornet,
Invents some damning lie,
And even accuses you of treachery,
The husband, with good reason,
Will consider you his enemy,
And you will get as punishment,
The censure of other people,
No one believes an innocent man,
I tell you that from experience.

But if you are clever enough,
To pull the wool over his eyes,
You will be friends forever,
He'll even miss you if you're not around,
As long as his wife deceives him,
He'll go off gleefully to work,
And you can climb into his bed,
You can wear his clothes,
You can eat his food,
And he never has to know.

* * *


I can't believe this need I feel to be dick deep inside of you,
The motion of my body plunging between your thighs,
Rising in the need to be deep inside your soul,
To be one with you is the ultimate goal.

I feel the thunder of my thrusts taking you to the peak,
Letting you crest on the verge of climax is not my intention,
Deeper I stroke trying to bring you to the ultimate destination,
Not caring that our grunts and moans.

Are taking us to the much sought after throne,
Our love making is so full and complete,
Just reaching the peak is not what either of us seeks,
Fulfilling desires that the both of us have.

Because we know this is our path,
To share our love and sincere affection,
This rhythm of love is its own perfection,
Opening wider lifting the sheets.

Your legs wrapped around my waist,
Taking me further into your womanhood,
I love the feel of you as I'm cradled in your warm embrace,
Trying to plunge in even further into your womb.

I truly understand now what love does,
It makes our comingled bodies fit like a hand in a glove,
We are so snug, tight, encased, and confined,
Our combined juices are flowing like newly pressed wine.

I need your body now that I am so deep inside of you,
I love you so much that I cannot sleep without you lying beside me.

* * *

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I had the best sex I've had in my life
Watching a black man fuck my wife.
And she musta liked it 'cause she let him cum in her face.
We had invited him over for dinner
And, before I knew it, he had his dick in her.
So I jerked myself off and cum all over the place.

When he bent her over and stuck it back in,
I knew he was fixing to fuck'er again,
And my dick got harder than ever before in my life.
His dick was big and her pussy was tight,
And I watched him fuck her most of the night,
Cumming as he rammed that big, black cock in my wife.

Now I live the swinger's life,
Watching black men fuck my wife,
And I like it like I've never liked fucking before.
Watching her suck on a big black dick
Gets me off good and gets me off quick,
And I can't wait to see her get fucked some more.

You can call my lust a deviant quirk,
But even if everybody thinks I'm a jerk,
Watching my wife and blackmen is the sex I like to see.
There's nothing I would rather do
Than watch her fuck a spade or two.
Black dick in her white pussy is the best kinda sex for me.