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For a couple of years now, I have begun to fantasize about watching my wife have sex with another man and just lately the desire to make this happen has been growing stronger and stronger. In my fantasies, the man is always a well-built coloured guy with the biggest cock imaginable. I fantasise that he allows me to play with his cock before I help him to insert it into my wife. I imagine licking and sucking their genitals as they fuck, playing with his balls as I rub my own cock and watch as he spurts his thick semen inside her until it runs down her arse.

My wife, Anne, is still a desireable woman at the age of 50. She has big, round tits, fat thighs, a big bottom and a thick thatch of jet black pubic hair between her legs.

She can still turn men on and when we were on the beach last summer she attracted many a lusty gaze. I have started to tell her about my fantasies and at first she didn't believe me, but now we are pretending that we have another man in bed with us when we fuck. Well, now it has happened! And it was the most erotic experience of my life. The fantasies were nothing compared to the reality and now that I have tasted this new erotic way of life, I want it to continue. I want to see my wife with him again, I want to watch her with other big-cocked men, especially strangers, men who haven't even spoken to us. I want to slide into her after she has taken a big load from a hunky black stranger and feel the spunk coating my cock. But I'm getting carried away with myself. Let me tell you how it happened.

After much coaxing, she agreed to go with me to a club near where we live and see if we could find someone. I was over the moon with excitement, imagining what could happen later that evening. The club was full of all the right material, lots of men on their own, plenty of them black. Anne had really tarted herself up for the night out. A really low cut blouse that showed masses of cleavage, tight, very short skirt, black stockings and suspenders and high heels.

She looked a bit over the top with the bright red lipstick, a bit like mutton dressed as lamb but my cock was raging. We danced a couple of times, Anne really showing herself off and when we sat down a few men came up to ask her to dance. Nothing much came of this until a big black guy sauntered over and asked her up. He looked quite rough and tough and in his thirties. Anyway, they danced a few dances and she was really turning him on with her body movements. He was looking from her to me, a smirk on his face.

When they came back to our table, I had a raging hard-on which the guy, Max, noticed. He looked down at it and smirked again. We talked for a while then Max went to the toilet. I followed him. I stood next to him in the urinal and looked down at his cock. I nearly flipped. It was like a massive hosepipe as he held it down to piss. He saw me looking and then he looked down at my modest penis. He smirked again. I tried to say something to him but I was too excited. I eventually stammered something about him coming home with us. He smiled at me and said he'd love to as he slowly stroked his huge cock, allowing it to stiffen a little before putting it away.

"I think you want to see a little more of this, don't you?" he said, reading my mind. "And what about your horny wife, does she want to see it too?"

I told him that we'd both love to get a proper look at it and my cock was hard again. When we got back to the table, Anne was sitting with her legs crossed, skirt riding high on her thighs showing some milky flesh. Max put his big black hand onto her exposed thigh and smiled at her. Anne looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I suggested we go home.

We piled into his car and it only took two minutes to get home. We went into the living room and he just grabbed her and started roughly kissing her, his big hands grabbing at her tits and roaming under her skirt. She was getting really excited and started undoing his trousers. I couldn't wait for the big moment and rushed over to them. As she knelt at his feet unzipping him, I pulled her skirt right up to show him her thighs and big bottom. His trousers fell and there was an enormous, ominous bulge in his tight, white pants. Before she could move in on it, I managed to get her blouse off. Max must have had a great view of her bulging cleavage from his vantage point. As I unhooked her bra to let her big tits fall free, she was trying to get his pants over his erection. I was behind her, lifting up her breasts, as his cock appeared. I was staggered. It was the biggest cock in the world, it was the thickest cock in the world, it was the most enormous, ugly great thing that I have ever seen. It was like a club. Anne went crazy, rubbing her hands along its amazing length. Suddenly the huge plum head was in her mouth as she slavishly sucked him. He stood above her, stripping off the remains of his clothes before standing with hands on hips, thrusting that massive black rod in and out of her mouth.

I was desperate for him to spunk but he had other ideas. He pulled out of her mouth and she lay back on the floor. He motioned me to remove her panties. As I wriggled them over her hips, she lifted her fat bottom to help me. When her thick pubic hair came into view his cock seemed to grow another inch.

My lips were dry as he settled between her thighs, his cock sticking out miles in front of him. I reached for him and when I touched his iron rod, he looked at me and smiled. I played with it, marvelling at the feel and the size and then I pulled it towards Anne's steaming slit. Her hands came down to peel the flaps apart and I rubbed the massive black head in her wet folds. Then he pushed forward and she winced as the huge head slipped in. He slowly slotted it home and then began a slow in and out movement that had her groaning. I got down there, licking at her pubic hair as I watched his huge black cock go in and out, about an inch from my face.

He couldn't last long this first time and as he stiffened and swore, I held his balls as he pumped his sperm into her. His cock became a blur and on the outward movement, I could see the shaft coated with spunk. He softened a little and it seemed to take a full minute for him to extract his still thick shaft from her cleft. When it finally plopped out, a flood of thick white cream followed and I clamped my mouth around her soaking hole. I was desperate to taste his sperm.

He soon had another raging hard-on and we all trooped up to bed. This time he took her in the doggie position so I was able to scramble under her heaving body and lick and suck at their organs as they fucked. The smell was tremendous, the musky aroma of her pussy and his cock smell. He turned her over into the missionary position and I laid my head on her bucking stomach as he pounded into her. This time when he came, he pulled out and jetted his sperm in a torrent over her pubic hair, thighs and belly, saturating my face in the process. We rested and dozed but they were soon at it again. This time, he wanted to spunk in her mouth and it was so exciting for me as he pulled his mammoth cock from her mouth and shot strings of sperm all over her face and into her mouth. I cleaned her off with my tongue before giving her a big wet kiss.

They did it once more in the morning but this time he left his cock inside her as he finished.

After he had gone, we were at each other and I slid into her hot, slimy hole. She was so loose after his pounding. I soon added my own contribution to his loads.

I told her I would love her to see him again and she says she is thinking about it. I've also said that I want to see her with other men. I want us to pick a guy up and see his cock up her hole within minutes of meeting him. This new lifestyle has so much to offer!

(Originally published on Dark Wanderer)


I am writing this because reading this stuff on the 'net has given me the inspiration to let my wife go with other men. I'm 40 and Karen is 31. Her breasts are small, neat and firm. She has a slim waist with nice rounded hips and best of all, long horny legs. Karen has always been 'hot' but I'd known I hadn't been giving her enough for some time - especially when she's wanted a pillow under her bottom, halfway through. When I'd come, she would sit on my face so my tongue could reach the right spot to make her come. I'd never made Karen climax once on my prick and the fact that I couldn't give her a baby because of a previous vasectomy made it worse.

I began to have fantasies about seeing her with other men but when I'd whisper to her about bringing home a well-hung man, she would say, 'Yours is big enough,' and quickly change the subject. I did have it all arranged once through a contact mag. I got her to dress sexily in a short skirt and stockings and we met in our local. Karen got him hard flashing her stocking tops and legs from under her skirt and when he went to the toilet to adjust himself, I went along. His prick was all that he had boasted and was a good 8". It excited me to think that such a large thing would soon be in my pretty wife, but as we went to leave, Karen burst the bubble, saying she wasn't going through with it and walked off, leaving us cold. I don't know how he felt, but I was disappointed.

Now to more recent events. We had been to a wedding and on the way home we stopped off at a local pub. Being a Saturday night the place was packed. I got a drink then found a seat. We had to squeeze in between two Black blokes. One was short and heavily built with a battered, ugly face. The other was tall and muscular and very good looking. They both smiled as we sat down. Karen was wearing a tight skirt slit at the front and back. When she crossed her legs they could just see her stocking tops. We got talking and they told us they were off an American ship which was in the harbour. They said they didn't like English beer and only drank shorts.

They were very friendly so I got a couple of rounds in. I couldn't help noticing they couldn't keep their eyes off Karen's legs. They gave their names as Dan and Jimi. Karen had noticed their lustful looks and maybe because of the booze, she didn't try and cover up her shapely legs.She seemed very taken with Jimi, the tall one, and was looking at him in a strange way.

I wasn't sure at first but as time went by I could see her hem going higher and higher so we were all able to see her thighs and the white of her knickers. I had a hard-on.

After closing time, we all strolled along to a Chinese take-away. I asked Karen if we should invite them back to our place to eat their meal. She said I could please myself but she didn't like the look of the stocky one. I told her not to worry as they seemed harmless but deep down I was hoping for some developments.

Karen went through to the kitchen to get knives, forks and plates leaving me with Jimi and Dan watching TV. I followed her out and slipped both hands under her skirt and cupped her crotch. She was trembling. She whispered, 'I know why you've brought them back here, Fred, but its not on.' I whispered in her ear that I bet she fancied Jimi, the big fellow. She didn't answer at first but I could feel her shaking so I slipped my fingers between her pussy lips. She gushed over my fingers, she was so wet. She his sed hoarsely, 'Yes, what if I do fancy him, he's so handsome.' I knew then that if I didn't push her too hard she would go through with it and my prick hardened.

When the film finished, I asked them if they had to go back to their ship or would they like to stay the night? They smiled at each other and said they would like to stay. I said one could sleep upstairs and the other on the settee. Dan agreed that Jimi should sleep upstairs as he was a bit too big for the settee.

Jimi asked where the toilet was so I led him out. As we left the room he asked why we were being so friendly. As we went upstairs I let him know what was in my mind. 'But she's your wife,' he gasped. 'Does it make a difference?' I asked. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. 'But why me?' he asked. I told him that Karen needed a big man and he looked like he fitted the bill. I thought he could do the job while I watched. He agreed. We went into the bathroom. I had trouble getting my prick out as it was hard. My voice was quivering when I told him he could sleep with her all night. We stood over the toilet and my eyes nearly popped out when I saw him. His prick was half hard and already looked bigger than the guy we had met before and well over twice as long as mine. It was massive, just like a thick, Black hosepipe. He drew his foreskin back clear of his knob - it was like a sheep's heart, only pink. He was having to press it down and bend it to piss in the bowl and what a long stream it was. When he finished, he saw me looking at him in awe. He grinned and waved his cock in front of him, the last drops of his piss splashing my hands. 'This is for your lady,' he said, before he zipped up.

When we got back down, Karen had already gone up so we said goodnight to Dan and followed her. Karen was already in bed and I saw her blouse, bra and skirt on the floor. She had her back to us so I started undressing. Jimi followed suit. I gasped out loud when I saw him naked. He was a giant in every way. His tool was now fully erect, swaying out in front of his belly. I felt like a midget in comparison. I called to Karen to turn round but she just turned her head instead and then just as quickly back again. She hadn't looked my way, only at Jimi so I knew she saw what I wanted her to see.

I switched off the main light, leaving the bedside ones on and slid in beside her. Jimi followed and got under the covers on the other side. I felt her breasts. They were rigid and her nipples fully erect. There was no resistance as I eased her knickers down over her stocking tops then down her long legs. She even lifted her buttocks up to help. I was surprised when I found she still had her high heeled shoes on. I left them on as I removed her wet panties.

I threw back the covers and cupped her hard neat breast in one hand and slit the other down over her taut belly, then over her bush and between her legs and slid three fingers into her pussy. She was shaking like a leaf. I eased her round by her shoulders and opened her legs and climbed between. Gripping her left hand, I slid it onto Jimi's belly and placed her fingers round his shaft. It was so huge she couldn't encircle its girth. I will always remember seeing her engagement and wedding rings twinkling in the light as she gently squeezed and pulled his big cock. Her legs widened and I could feel her flooding so I pushed my prick fully home and began to jerk. I felt myself being swallowed up, it was so easy, she was so wide open and wet. I reached for her hand again and moved it up and down Jimi's massive shaft. She moaned and I felt her pussy lips tighten around my knob. I had to stop, I was so near coming. I slid off and left her open for Jimi.

I didn't have to say anything, he was already mounting her. Karen's hand was still holding his shaft, guiding him towards her tunnel of love. I whispered, 'Be gentle with her, Jimi.' I looked down between their legs. His knob was lodged, forcing in her cunt lips. I eased her lips out, spreading them open. I saw his muscular shaft ease its way in. Hell, what a size he was, and so fat! You could have put a saddle on it! Karen gasped as his cock went in.

Jimi went at her nice and easy, slowly shafting in and out. Karen was arching her back. Slowly, he fucked her with long, deep strokes until he was slapping her bum with his balls.

Karen was coming out with quivering oohs and ahhs. She accidentally kicked my arm, trying to wrap her legs around his humping body. I moved back to the bed and turned her head to kiss her. Her lips were parted, sucking air in. She was whimpering, 'Don't let it stop.' I entered my tongue but she wouldn't let me and I had to break away. I whispered, 'Is it nice, Karen?'

'Oh yes, yes.'

I hadn't given it a thought until then that she was unprotected against pregnancy. I whispered to Jimi, 'Pull out before you come, otherwise she'll have a baby.' He grunted 'Okay.'

I went down the bed and could hear the slurping, sucking sounds coming from Karen's pussy. She seemed to be taking him easier now. I knelt on the floor, holding my throbbing prick, carefully stroking it. He was moving his cock into her with short strokes, his balls banging against her wet bottom. How she had taken him like she had I'll never know as she used to cry out when I gave her the 8" vibrator. Her pussy was taking much more now and taking it easily and she was groaning her satisfaction at him.

He was nearly there. I reached for his huge balls and held them and I could feel his muscles pumping and he was humping into her with mighty jerks. Karen had her legs around his back and the bedsprings were making one hell of a noise. I heard her cry out, 'Do it, do it!' as my hand became a blur and I collapsed on the bed as I came. Dan must have known what was going on - he must have heard it all!

I reached up to touch Jimi's bum to remind him to pull out. I could hear him groaning as he erupted, all thoughts of withdrawing forgotten. I heard Karen gasping, 'Yes, yes, that's it. Give it all to me.' I think that deep down I knew that this is how it would happen. Jimi eased his weight off her and pulled the sheets up over them. My wife lay in his arms, kissing him over his chest, neck and lips. I saw her move to lay on top of him and saw gentle movements under the sheets and heard her gentle moans before I fell asleep.

I woke later when it was light. Karen was astride Jimi, riding him for all she was worth. Jimi's massive hands were around her waist, lifting her bodily up and down. Karen was moaning with her head thrown back. She was rubbing her breasts and pert nipples, obviously enjoying every minute. I felt a pang of jealousy at being left out but my prick hardened again and I began to wank. I was urging them on, calling out 'Give it to her, Jimi. Fuck the arse off her.' I couldn't hold back and spunked across the bed. Karen was sobbing and limp, slowing down from her long climaxes, but Jimi was still hard at it, grunting loudly as he pushed up at her. He raised his hips and held on to her as he rocked up and down, his cock fully up her, in the final throes of orgasm. I had a hard-on again, which I wanked away until I fell back, knackered.

Karen finally got up, put her stockings on, slipped on a gown to make coffee for us all. She went downstairs and was a long time just making coffee. I went downstairs and my suspicions were confirmed. Karen was stretched face down across the kitchen table, holding onto the edge for dear life, long legs splayed wide apart, gown up over her back as Dan took her from behind.

She smiled weakly at me before her eyes glazed over and a loud moan escaped her lips. She was in ecstasy. Dan smirked at me as I got my cock out and began to wank. He was slamming his hard cock into her, his eyes closed. He soon jerked his load into her. He pulled out and I saw his cock was a little shorter than Jimi's but a lot thicker.

I went round behind Karen and wanked my stuff over her pussy. Karen dragged herself up wearily and as she went past me she whispered, 'Thank you Fred, that's the best time I've ever had.' I was left with a smiling Dan as she went back upstairs to bed. A short while after, I heard our bed begin to sing again. Jimi was giving her more.

They had to leave to rejoin their ship and I said I'd take them in the car. Karen was standing on the stairs, wearing only the stockings and suspender belt, in a clinch with Jimi. She gave him a long, lingering kiss. As we were about to leave she shouted she was coming as well. She was going as she was, almost naked under her coat.

At the dock gate, she got out with Jimi and they stood kissing. He had his hands under her coat. Dan told me they would be back in 8 - 10 weeks time and asked if it would be alright to stay again. I said yes.

When we got home, I started to fondle Karen but she asked me to go easy as she was still sore. She said that the whole thing had felt like a dream and that she could still feel his hardness inside her and that she had almost passed out when he first came, filling her tummy. She nuzzled her chin into my neck and squeezed my balls. I moved her to the settee and spread her legs. Karen held her lips open. The invitation was clear but was I man enough to take up the challenge.

I hesitated, sniffing the heavy, pungent smell of her cunt. Karen settled the matter by taking hold of my head and with two hands pressed my face into her quivering pussy. She put one of her long legs over my shoulder and hooked it behind my neck. I gently darted my tongue into her, making her jerk and moan. This was what she wanted me to do and I was happy to be imprisoned in the softness of her pussy. As I brought her off, I wanked myself. Karen wriggled her hips, enjoying her dominance. It may seem vile, but it gave me great pleasure and I could never hope to give her what Jimi had. I'd always licked her out before, so what was the difference?

Karen had really changed. Now she's very sure of herself. I love Karen very much, whatever she does is OK by me. Hence the fact that I don't mind her being enjoyed by another man.

(Originally published on Dark Wanderer)


I'd like to tell you about how my wife fell for a young Black boy and she's so in love with him, she's having his baby. She finds much more satisfaction with him than ever with me because of the way he makes love to her and the sheer size of the cock he fills her with - its huge.

We took in an exchange student to help with the rent. He was a Black boy from Uganda. Now I'd had visions that all Black men are tall, muscular and good-looking but Efan was none of these things. He was of medium height and quite podgy, with thick lensed glasses. I never regarded Chrissie as a femme fatale but since she's been going with Efan she's become insatiable and can't get enough of his enormous weapon. Chrissie used to be quiet, almost shy but not any more. She has a nice figure for her age - 36. She has firm, well-shaped breasts and long, shapely legs. In our 15 years of marriage, neither of had strayed before.

Efan soon settled in, almost one of the family. Efan soon began watching Chrissie who always wore stockings, at home or at work. Once I caught him ogling the tops of her thighs when she bent over. He smiled at me and winked and I saw the front of his tented out by a large bulge. I guessed he had what Black men are reknowned for - a big, big cock. Strangely enough, I got a lob on because he had been eyeing up my wife so openly. The thought of him having her soon began to enter my mind.

One evening after I'd watched him rubbing himself while ogling Chrissie, I went to the bathroom and wanked off while conjuring up visions of him jerking off over my wife and picturing him slipping his long, thick length into her pretty snatch. Chrissie walked in and wanted to know what I was doing. I told her about what Efan had been doing and I also let slip my thoughts about Efan screwing her. She looked mysteriously at my at gave my five inches a quick rub and smiled.

From that moment on, Chrissie wore sexier clothes around Efan and he always seemed to have a bulge in his trousers. My brain was thinking of ways of getting them together so that I could watch. One night we came from the cinema early and walked in on Efan who was looking at my private collection of photos of Chrissie. His trousers were down around his knees and he was wanking the biggest tool I have ever seen - even bigger than any of those huge cocks I'd seen in videos. It was enormous. He had one hand on it, gripping it as he jerked away but I could see his fingers didn't meet as they held it. It was at least ten inches. His glistening pink crown was distended and his hand was a blur.

Chrissie held my hand and gasped loudly. Efan tried to pull up his jeans but there was no chance of hiding that lethal tool. Chrissie blurted out "Oh my God, Eric, look at him, just look at him!" Chrissie moved towards Efan her eyes fixed on that huge cock. I stood transfixed as she took hold of his throbbing cock with her hands looking so tiny in comparison to its huge size. She dropped to her knees in front of him and began to lick his shiny crown. Then she opened her mouth and her cheeks hollowed as she tried to suck him. She could only fit in the crown and an inch of shaft. He looked at me with a glazed expression as I started to wank. I soon came. He ripped her knickers off, lifted her legs over his arms as she guided his stiff tool into her bubbling snatch. How she squealed as he entered her. I should have stopped him and made him wear a rubber like I have to, because Chrissie uses no other form of contraception, but I was so excited and it was all happening so fast and so naturally. Besides, I w anted t o see him spunk up her, to see how she would react. In our fantasies I had often said I would lick another man's spunk from her pussy if she let someone else fuck her.

I wanted her to get her oats from Efan and she was in no state to stop him. She was urging him on to fuck her. I stared as his thick, Black length squeezed into my Chrissie's cunt. I gasped, "Give it to her Efan, fuck the arse off her for me." I watched as my wife was shagged silly by a boy half her age and while she squirmed and humped on his long cock, I had the time of my life jerking off.

Soon he had her legs up over her shoulders, her high heels pointing at the ceiling, jerking like mad. I came uncontrollably and it was the best wank I'd ever had, better even than a fuck I thought but Efan showed no signs of spunking off so soon. I fell back exhausted but content to watch the young cock master take my wife to new heights of ecstasy.

Watching her being so well fucked had my cock standing to attention again but this time I controlled myself, waiting for him to come his lot inside her. He took so long I nearly came off again. Then his arse was thudding and shuddering into her as he pushed himself up to look down at her. Chrissie's eyes were locked on his as she gasped, "Yes, yes, yes please."

He was shooting his spunk up deep inside her and she was going crazy. Then they rolled apart, their bodies steaming. Her cunt was hanging open, oozing spunk. She called me over and said "Do it for me like you want to." I buried my face in her gaping cunt and licked her dry. It was lovely. Later they went upstairs and fucked the night away in our bed. It was so good seeing them together, black on white. It was just as I'd imagined: fantastic.

That's how its been ever since, they always seem to be at it. He screws her at every opportunity, anywhere in the house.

Even though Chrissie is now pregnant, she's wearing even more daring clothes to please him. Whenever they finish fucking she drapes herself over my face so that I can lick her clean. I am really happy now knowing that they are fucking together at every opportunity and that I have such a sexy, well-satisfied wife with such a well-hung stud for her pleasure.

(Originally published on Dark Wanderer)


This story is only semi true, stopping just short of fullfilling my dream that my beautiful persian/white fiance will forgive me for me ignorance and become totally sexually satisfied by the superior black male.

Its been almost a year since she allowed me to witness her pleasuring a black stud in my presence. I became over anxious because it excited me so, that I arranged meetings on a moment's notice without consulting her and it made her angry. So angry that she vowed to never do this for me again. I was left to only fantasize about the intoxicating effects it had on me to hear her moan with pleasure as her legs were wrapped around the waist of another man.

She did allow me to take her to a local swing club on occasion and we took in the sights. There were on occasion some decent looking black men there. One particular night we were sitting at the bar and I decided to visit the mens room. When I returned and sat down, she wasn't there. I peered toward the dance floor to see her dancing with a tall black guy and she was smiling and having a good time.

They danced a couple of songs until the good music was replaced with some red neck noise so she returned and sat down.... glancing at me with a sheepish grin. She asked me if I was "mad" and I said, you know I like it, don't you. A drink or so later, she mentioned she wanted to get up on the small stage that has a strippers pole for those adventurous ladies who like to get up there and dance seductively.

She asked the DJ a couple of times for certain songs and they were backed up on requests... she made hers but it was gonna be awhile. Damn!

A few moments later, the black man she was dancing with came over and was chatting with her... it was like I wasn't even there and he could have cared less! I heard him say... "are you gonna get up there and dance on the pole? I can't wait to see that." !! It became obvious to me that they had discussed it while on the dance floor and she was wanting to get up there for him. He walked away and a few moments later he was heading up the stairs, following another white couple. Upstairs is where the action takes place...

Just a few moments later, she asked me if I wanted to go upstairs to have a look around... of course I agreed. We went to the second floor and the guy she had danced with was across the room... but rubbing all over a white wife while her husband looked on... I could see her glaring across the room at the situation... they disappeared to the next level and she had me soon follow her up. They had gotten a private room and we got one right next to them.... the moans coming from the room next to us made it clear another white wife was submitting to the superior black male and the effects were loud and clear!

Just a few moments soon and a song or two more... it could have been her moaning as his big cock entered her sweet tight pussy.

My dream would be they laid down on the large bed in the open area for all to see giving herself totally to the man she was dancing with and having a good time. I'm hoping some day she will forgive me and allow me to see her enjoy herself in this way. I promise to never do disrespectful or ignorant things again! Tony



A script for an interracial video.


The CAMERA PANS across a upper class neighborhood and comes to a shot of a beautiful house.


Two women are drinking coffee. Lillian, the home's owner, is an attractive woman in her forties. She is slim, with short dark hair. Her friend is Missy, late twenties, very feminine - very southern - teased long blonde hair - dressed to the nines - always wears white pumps. She has a baby carriage near her and is forever attending to her baby who is always making noises - cooing, crying - etc. (THROUGHOUT THE VIDEO IT MUST BE EMPHASIZED THAT THE BABY IS ONLY HEARD - NEVER SEEN ) The women are talking about a family who are moving in next door when Missy looks out the window and stops dead in her tracks. Lillian gets up and goes to the window and both women see their new neighbors for the first time. They are an interacial couple - a black man and white woman. It's a hot summer day and the couple are dressed accordingly. The man is very black, with a huge muscular body. He's just wearing jogging shorts. His wife is a short hair blonde - beautiful muscular body - wearing a halter top, denim jeans and a pair of high heeled mules. They are both watching the movers bringing furniture into the house - standing next to each other with their arms around each other - he gives his wife a kiss - she brings her delicate white hand down across his muscular back and slips it inside the rear of his shorts and gives his ass a pinch - they both laugh. Lillian and Missy's mouths drop open. Both are shocked. Missy goes on and on about the blacks ruining the neighborhood - how more will move in and the value to their homes will plummet. She goes on about her growing up in the south and how all the black boys were always after the white girls and how when they got them pregnant it would ruin the girl's lives. She is almost hysterical. Lillian is much more in control. She makes a kidding comment that she's heard the old saying that 'once you go black, you never go back' and asks Missy if her husband has ever shown her a porno film. Missy says —no, that she and her husband have never even thought about it. Lillian says her husband once brought home a sex video featuring a black man having sex with a white teenage girl and that she couldn't believe how 'BIG' the black man was - she then laughs and says the white girl seems to have enjoyed the encounter very much. She also says that she thinks her husband must have felt insecure about the difference in size between him and the black male in the video because he never brought another interacial video home again - 'only vanilla sex after that' Lillian says with a slight trace of disdain. Missy doesn't notice this but just keeps going on about how blacks will ruin the neighborhood. The baby starts to cry and Missy says she has to take him home and change his diapers. She also says the community association should keeps tabs on the new neighbors and make sure they aren't having any friends live with them illegally. She leaves talking to the baby the whole way out.


Lillian and her husband are in bed, sleeping. Her husband is snoring away and Lillian is in a deep sleep. The CAMERA MOVES IN to a CLOSE UP of her face and we see a slight smile on it.


Lillian and her husband are sitting at a table having drinks. The band is playing something hot and there are couples on the dance floor. One couple stands out. It is a huge black man and a white woman. The woman has very short blond hair and is wearing a slinky long white dress with a huge slit up the side and high heel sandals. The black is dressed in a Carribean style shirt, unbuttoned to his waist , that shows off a perfectly muscled midsection and skin tight pants that do likewise for his incredible endowment. The couple are having a ball, lost in the rhythm of the music and with their hands all over each other. The woman has a huge grin on her face and is obviously getting off on the reactions of the white couples seated around the dance floor. We CUT TO VARIOUS ANGLES of the seated white couples. The men are not happy but their wives and girlfriends are obviously enjoying the show. When the number ends the black man comes up to Lillian's table and tells her husband he is going to dance with her. The husband says nothing, obviously frightened by the huge black man who holds out his hand to Lillian. Lillian looks up to the black, smiles, and extends her hand to his. We CUT TO A CLOSE UP of her delicate white hand (large diamond wedding ring and bright red nails) as it is engulfed in the black's huge fist. The couple walks onto the dance floor just as a hot rhythmic number begins. Lillian is dressed all in black. Her black hair is short and she is wearing a black halter top, tight black pants and open toe high heeled mules. Her toe nails are bright red. The couple begins to dance and they are the only ones on the dance floor. The entire crowd is transfixed by the specticle that is unfolding before them. Lillian begins to strut her stuff and the black stud is right behind her. Soon they are literally humping each other on the dance floor. We CUT TO A CLOSE UP of Lillian's hand as it strokes the huge bulge in the black man's pants. She then makes a wicked grin and a laugh as she looks at her husband.


The CAMERA MOVES through the alley next to the Jazz club. It is quite dark but as we move further into the alley we begin to hear the sounds of sex. At first it is just low moans but these get lowder and we then begin to hear Lillian's voice saying 'Fuck me!! Give it to this Bitch! Give it to me good!!' As the CAMERA reaches the end of the alley we make a turn and come upon an incredible scene. Lillian is leaning up against a wall with her ass towards us. She is without her pants but is still wearing her heels and halter top. The black man has his pants at his feet and is giving it to her from the back. All we can see are the cheeks of his muscular ass as he makes thrust after thrust into Lillian who grunts with each motion. Standing around the copulating couple are a number of white couples from the jazz club. Some of the white men have their cocks out and are jerking themselves off as they watch the action. One of the white women is on her knees giving another black man a blow job as her husband watches.


Lillian is still in her dream. She has a big grin on her face and is playing with herself. Her husband is still snoring away.


Missy and her husband are in bed, sleeping. Her husband is snoring. The CAMERA MOVES IN to a CLOSE UP of her face. She is smiling and talking baby talk, obviously dreaming.


Missy is pushing a very fancy baby carriage along a walkway through the park. She is smiling and talking baby talk to her baby in the carriage. She is wearing a beautiful frilly summer dress and white high heels. Three young blacks, two men and a woman, come up from behind Missy and walk past her, giving her the eye as they do. The dudes are hip hop, black as coal and mean looking - righ out of the ghetto. The woman is hot - wearing skin tight pants that show off her very large but well shaped butt. She has very large breasts that are barely being held in by her sheer low cut blouse. She's chewing gum. Missy hardly notices, still totally focused on her baby. As Missy makes a turn along the walkway the three blacks quickly surround her and force her off the walkway and behind some bushes. Missy is frightened but doesn't scream. One of the black men tells her not to worry - no one will be hurt if she just does as they say. Missy is worried about her baby but the black woman, who now has the baby carriage, tells her everything will be fine - 'We black mamas have been looking after your white babies for a long time now girl - ain't that right Jerome'. The black man smiles as he pulls down his baggy pants - his huge penis swaying back and forth. 'Shit yeah, and we black dudes have been taking care of these white bitches for just about as long' He pushes Missy to her knees and grabs a handful of her blonde hair. 'You like licorice baby?' Missy doesn't answer - her eyes just glued to his huge cock. 'I think that means yes, Leroy' Jerome calls over to his friend who laughs. 'Ok, Open!' Jerome commands and Missy obeys. His schlong is soon in Missy's mouth. 'Come on mama, suckit!' The CAMERA CUTS TO a high downward over the shoulder shot of Jerome as he looks down on Missy as she sucks him. The contrast is stunning as the massive thick veined black penis slides in and out of Missy's lipstick trimmed delicate white mouth. Her bright blue eyes are looking up at Jerome and the fear that was once there has now changed to one of acceptance and excitement. The baby begins to cry. We CUT BACK TO the black woman who is rocking the carriage. 'That's all right baby, everything is cool, you momma is just getting fucked'. Leroy is still laughing as he unzips his fly and pulls out his huge cock - the equal if not bigger than Jerome's. 'Shit, I need to fuck this bitch! Bring that ass up here!' Leroy gets behind Missy and pulls up her dress. He pulls her panties to the side and with one quick thrust slams his cock into the woman right up to his balls. Missy pulls her mouth off Leroy's cock and lets out a scream. 'Oh my God!!' Leroy keeps laughing. 'Let's keep God out of this lady. This is just between you and me.' Leroy begins to give Missy a forceful fucking and she begins to moan. Jerome pulls Missy's head back into position. 'Hey girl, you forget about me?' Missy reaches up and grabs Jerome's cock and puts it back in her mouth. 'Hey man, I think this bitch is starting to like it bro' Jerome yells to Leroy who is working at the other end. 'Well you know what they say, once a white girl goes black, (Jerome and Leroy in unison) they never go back!!' Both men crack up and give themselves high fives over Missy's back. We CUT TO a shot from right behind Jerome's ass. MissyÕs beautifully manicured white hands are squeezing the muscular black ass as we hear her moaning and sucking. We CUT BACK to a shot from behind Leroy who has now pulled his pants down. We see his muscular ass and huge black balls swinging as he rhythmically pumps Missy. Ocassionally his thrusts are very strong and we hear Missy grunt and see her white cheeks quiver. The baby is still crying but Missy ignores it. We CUT TO A CLOSE shot of her blue eyes looking up at Jermone - glazed over with lust. We CUT TO Leroy. The look on his face tells us he's ready to cum. 'You like babies Moma? Well I'm gonna give you another one. And it's gonna be one mean nigga! Oh shit, fuck me bitch!!!!' He lets out a yell and we CUT TO A CLOSE SHOT of his huge swinging balls as they tighten and pull up, pumping his African seed deep into Missy's womb. Missy moans loudly. The baby is still crying. We CUT TO the black woman. With one hand she is playing with herself through her tight pants. Her other hand is squeezing and pulling on the erect brown nipple of one of her huge breasts. (to herself) 'My Lord, how those niggas can fuck'. Just then Jerome lets out a yell as he begins to cum. We CUT TO Missy as she gags, trying to swallow as much of Jerome's seed as she can. Finally, not able to take any more, she pulls her mouth of his cock and takes it in her hand and jerks it wildly. Jet after jet of thick Afro cream keeps shooting from Jerome's massive penis all over Missy face. Missy, now totally lost in her lust, has a big grin on her face. The baby is still crying.


CLOSE UP of Missy, a big smile on her face. The baby is crying. Missy's smile turns to a grimace and her eyes open. For a second she doesn't know where she is but soon comes to reality and jumps out of bed and goes to her baby who is crying in the crib. She picks up the baby ,rocks it and talks to it, and the child calms down - 'Oh honey, mommy is here, everything is all right. Mommy will always take care of you'.


We see Lillian as she looks in a mirror as she is putting on make up. She is paying particular attention to detail as she turns her head in various positions and makes various smiles and facial expressions. Next we see her as she tries on a very tight pair of shorts. They are black and white striped. She studies herself in the mirror as she bends and poses. It is obvious she is happy with her look. We then CUT TO A CLOSE UP of a shoe box as Lillian opens it and takes out a pair of very sexy high heeled clear plastic slippers. She smiles and laughs to herself 'Well I'm finally getting to wear these. Too bad George wont be seeing it'. She slips the shoes on and studies herself some more in the mirror as she poses provocatively. She then goes to the window and peeks through the blinds at her new neighbor's house. The black husband is sitting by the pool reading a newspaper. His wife is nowhere in sight. Lillian makes a last adjustment to her sheer white top to show just enough of her small shapely breasts and then heads out into the backyard.


Lillian comes out of her house and walks over to the fence seperating her house from her neighbor's. She has put on sunglasses. She leans on the fence, looks over at the black husband and says hello. The man puts down the paper and comes over to her. Lillian introduces herself and says she wants to welcome the new couple to the neighborhood. The husband thanks her, introduces himself (Eldridge) and extends his hand. Lillian smiles and shakes his hand. We CUT TO A CLOSE SHOT as her delicate white hand is engulfed in the man's massive fist - just as in Lillian's dream the night before. Eldridge says he would like to have Lillian meet his wife, Barbara, but she is in town shopping for things for the new house. He invites Lillian in the house for a drink saying it's to hot outside. Lillian smiles and accepts also saying she would like to have Eldridge meet her husband George but that he's at work.


Lillian is sitting on the sofa as Eldridge brings over their drinks and sits beside her. He says he's surprised she drinks Scotch striaght on the rocks, that most women drink either wine or beer or some light mixed drink. Lillian responds that one part of her character is that whatever she gets into she gets into it one hundred percent. Eldridge laughs at this and says that she's his kind of woman. The statement is provocative but Lillian just smiles and takes a big sip of her scotch. She asks Eldridge what he does for a living and is told he's a private physical fitness instructor. Lillian says she works out every morning with small weights but always wanted to have a private instructor to show her the proper way. She also compliments Eldridge on his body and asks him if he was ever in a bodybuilding competition. He says yes and that was how he met his wife, she was a bodybuilder and they met at the gym and eventually did posing together in competition. He pours Lillian another drink. He tells Lillian he has a video of one of their competitions and asks if she would like to see it. Lillian says she would love to. Eldridge pops in a video tape and we see him and his wife in a posing routine. The music is hot Afro - hard drumbeats - Eldridge's wife is wearing a tiny black string bikini - her body, like her husband's, is glistening - covered with tanning oil. Her body is tight and curvy - perfectly proportioned and feminine. Eldridge is wearing a gold G string that barely holds in his obviously huge cock and balls. The physique is perfect - huge muscled shoulders - tight abs and rock hard legs. The routine has both of them posing and the audience obviously loves it. Lillian, now beginning to feel her two scotches smiles - 'That's a thing of beauty'. Eldridge thanks her for the remark and says what they're watching was shot a few years ago when he was in perfect shape. Lillian answers that he looks in pretty good shape right now. Eldridge thanks her again and starts to explain the difference betweed just working out to stay in shape and what one has to do to go into competition when the video tape jumps a little and suddenly a scene of him having sex with his wife comes onto the screen. They are in their bedroom and Eldridge is giving it to her doggy style as she screams 'Oh baby fuck me - FUCK MEEEE!!!'. Eldridge jumps up and turns off the TV. Lillian's eyes pop and her mouth drops open and she lets out a laugh. Eldridge, embarrased, apologises, saying that somehow the tapes got mixed up. Lillian laughs saying that it's alright that many married couples tape themselves getting it on. She asks Eldridge for another drink whick he quickly gets her. Eldridge asks her if she and her husband ever taped themselves and Lillian says they thought about but that her husband decided against it. Eldridge smiles and asks Lillian if she thinks he had anything to hide. Lillian blurts out 'Yeah, a little five inch dick'. She is shocked that this came out of her but looks at Eldridge and begins laughing. Eldridge joins her in the laughter - 'I just don't know, those little white boys seem to have a problem'. 'I bet you don't have that problem' Lillian answers as her laughter stops and her eyes lock with Eldridge's. 'I think you know the answer to that lady' Eldridge responds. Lillian smiles - 'Yeah, I do'. CUT TO a side shot of Lillian's head as Eldridge's hand comes down on top of it, holding it in place as his huge cock moves into her mouth. She can barely open wide enough to get it in but manages and proceeds to give Eldridge a fantastic blow job. We can hear LOUD GHETTO RAP MUSIC as the sex between the two continues. CUT TO a shot of Lillian on her hands and knees as Eldridge is about to mount her from behind. The drinks have had their effect on Lillian. She is not drunk but definitely high and has a look of glazed lust on her face. Eldridge's huge cock is resting betweed the soft white cheeks of Lillian's ass. 'Now that you've had it in one end you're gonna get it in the other' Eldridge says in a low sensual voice. Lillian responds - Do it! Do it! Stick me like a pig baby and don't be gentle'. 'Your wish is my command' Eldridge replies and we CUT TO a close shot as he pushes his cock up Lillian's ass. The sound from Lillian is at first just a moan but as Eldridge continues his assualt it changes to a yelp and then a squeel. We CUT TO a close shot of Eldridge's cock as it slides into Lillian and then to a close up of her pretty bare foot as her toes curl.


Missy is in her kitchen having a cup of coffee. She has recently awakened and is wearing a silk bathrobe. Her baby is in a stroller nearby and she is talking baby talk to it. She picks up the phone and calls Lillian. There is some small talk and Lillian says she is going to the mall to shop and will be gone most of the day. Missy says she will see her tomorrow. We next see Missy before a mirror as she puts on the last of her makeup. Her hair is all fluffed up and she looks very pretty. We hear the baby googling in the background. She smiles and looks over to it. 'Doesn't mommy look pretty?' We next see her as she tries on a series of dresses (guick jump cuts). She finally settles on a very form fitting number and slips on her usual high heeled white pumps.


LOW CAMERA ANGLE - We hear the baby cooing and the click click of the heels as the wheels of the baby carriage followed by the white high heels come into frame. We go to ANOTHER ANGLE and we see Missy pushing the carriage as she walks by Eldridger's home. A lawn mower can be heard and Missy sees Eldridge mowing. He is wearing only shorts and sneakers and, being a hot day, his body is covered with sweat. Missy waves to him and he returns the wave then turns off the lawn mower and walks over to her. He introduces himself and Missy replies in kind. He tells her that he and his wife have recently moved in and Missy replies that she knows as her friend Lillian lives next door. Eldridge says he has met Lillian and that she is a very nice woman. Missy says Lillian never told her that they met. Eldridge makes some nice comments on the cooing baby and invites Missy to come in and have something cool to drink. Missy accepts.


Missy is strutting around the large living room taking everything in (photos of Eldridge and his wife Barbara posing in body building competition) The baby is in the carriage cooing and we hear Eldridge in the kitchen as he says he's sorry that his wife isn't here but that she went shopping at the mall. He comes out with a tray with two frozen Margaritas on it. Missy at first says she can't be drinking this early in the day but Eldridge says there is very little Tequila in the drinks so she accepts. She mentions the photos and Eldridge tells her of his job as physical fittness instructor and his wife's body building days. Missy says she always wanted to get into a work out routine and that her husband says she needs it since having the baby. Eldridge responds that she has a beautiful figure and that while working out can always improve one's body she looks quite good right now. Missy finishes her drink and asks for another one. As Eldridge mixes the drink, Missy talks to her baby who, as usual, is cooing. She asks Eldridge is he and his wife plan to have children and he responds that at this time they are having too much fun to get bogged down with kids. For a second Missy's face turns serious and she says she knows what he means. Eldridge comes out with the drinks and he is surprised how quickly she downs the second one. Missy starts to giggle and says it's so funny that such a cold drink can make her feel so warm inside. Missy asks for another one and Eldridge heads back to the kitchen. Eldridge mentions that Missy may want to see a video tape that he and his wife made of them posing together when they were in body building competitiion. Missy replys that she would love to see the tape and from the kitchen Eldridge says that the tape is ontop of the VCR and to just put it in. Missy gets up and goes over to the VCR. She is a little wobbily in her high heels as the drinks have started to take affect and she giggles at her unsteadyness. She puts the tape into the VCR and pushes play and goes back to the sofa and takes a seat. The picture that comes on the TV is a interracial porno film of a group of black men having sex with a couple of white women. The women's white husbands can be seen in the background watching as the blacks take their women with abandon. Missy's eyes open wide and she says to herself 'Oh sweet Jesus'. Eldridge comes out of the kitchen just as one of the black men ejaculates all over one of the womens faces. Eldridge quickly turns off the TV and apologises profusely saying Missy took the wrong tape. Missy laughs it off and says she would like to see the rest of the tape and asks for her drink. Eldridge turns the TV back on and gives Missy her third Margarita. Missy asks him where he got the tape and Eldridge responds that some of the men in the tape are his friends and that they gave it to him. Missy says she has never seen an adult tape and asks about the women and her surprise that their husbands don't appear to be bothered that their wives are being taken by other men. Eldridge explains that there are people called swingers that find switching partners an exciting experience. He also tells her that his friends belong to a group called the Mandingoes who specialize in having sex with white married women as their husbands watch. The baby starts to cry but Missy doesn't drop everything and run to it as usual. Her eyes don't leave the screen as the blacks are now double teaming the screaming women. 'Just wait baby, mommy is busy' Missy gulps down her drink and asks Eldridge if it's true blacks are superior to whites in the sex department. She says this with an openess and innocence that gets Eldridge laughing. 'Well lady, I don't know. You tell me'. He stands up and unzips his fly and pulls out his cock. Missy just stares at it for a moment as it begins to harden and grow. A barely audible 'Wow' is all that comes from her lips. The baby begins to cry but Missy doesn't acknowledge it. 'Go ahead, touch it lady, it won't bite' Eldridge says as he slowly gerks himself. 'Let me do that' Missy says as her delicate white hand pushes Eldridge's hand away and grabs the now fully erect cock and begins pulling on it. 'My Lord, I've never seen anything like this. You're three times the size of my Herbert'. Missy looks up at Eldridge. The baby is still crying. 'Can I kiss it?' Missy asks. 'You sure as shit better lady', Eldridge replies, 'and suck my balls while you're at it'! Missy complies. The next shot is of Missy on her hands and knees, facing the camera. Eldridge is giving her a forceful fucking from behind. The woman is in exctacy, her eyes glazed with lust. The baby is crying louder than ever. 'Wait a minute honey, mommy's busy'. Missy gasps as Eldridge grabs a handful of her blonde hair and pulls her head back. 'You want it now bitch? You want my cum in your belly?' Eldridge yells, his face now covered with sweat. 'Oh yes, oh yes, fuck that cunt!' Missy screams. 'You're fucking it so good!' The baby's crying becomes even louder and Missy finally explodes - 'Shut the fuck up you little bastard! Shut the fuck up!!!' At this Eldridge breaks into laughter - 'Now lady, you shouldn't talk to your baby like that.' 'Just fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck this white bitch good Nigga!! OH God, Yesssss!' Missy screams. The baby has become silent. Eldridge begins to moan and we cut to a CLOSE UP of his huge black balls slapping up against Missy's white ass. We the cut to a CLOSE UP of Missy's face. Her eyes are looking heavenward, unfocused, glazed. She is no longer on the planet. We hear a deep bellow from Eldridge and cut to a CLOSE UP of his balls as they are pulled up into him as he begins to climax. There is then total silence as he empties his seed into Missy. The young woman is still looking to heaven - the silence is deafening.


The phone rings and is picked up by Lillian. It is Eldridge. Lillian is uneasy as her husband is in the next room. She tells Eldridge that he is never to call her at home, that she will call him. Eldridge then invites her over to his place, saying his wife will be out for the afternoon and that Lillian 'can get some more of that black cock you like so much'. Lillian smiles then whispers that she will see Eldridge at two o'clock. He tells her to wear something hot.


The phone rings and is answered by Missy. It is Eldridge. He invites her over to his place for the afternoon, saying his wife has gone shopping. Missy is nervous and tells Eldridge never to call her at home, that in the future he should call her on her cell phone. She then smiles and says she can make it. Eldridge asks her not to bring the baby. Missy replys that she will get a baby sitter. Eldridge tells her to come over at two o'clock and to wear something sexy. Missy giggles.


The door bell rings and Eldridge opens it to find Lillian, decked out in a black leather dress. She comes in and gives him a big kiss and begins stroking his crotch. Eldridge laughs and says for her to slow down a little, that they first should have some drinks. He comes out with two scotches and they talk for awhile. Lillian tells Eldridge that ever since they had sex she hasn't been able to get him out of her mind. She also says that something very strange happened with her husband soon after 'I was Africanized' -(Lillian laughs and asks for another scotch.) She tells Eldridge that her hubby brought home a couple of interracial sex videos showing black men getting it on with white women and a huge black dildo that he wanted her to use on herself as he watched. She says that she never even hinted to him of her interest in black and white sex and that she thinks it has to do with ESP - that sexuality is such a powerful emotional force that he picked up on her feelings about black cock and acted on it. She laughs and says 'they' named the dildo Eldridge. Eldridge cracks up and gives Lillian a long passionate kiss. He then compliments her on her dress and asks her to model it for him. Lillian gets up and does a sexy strut around the living room and begins to strip. Suddenly the door bell rings. Lillian panics and starts putting her clothes back on. Eldridge says he can't imagine who it could be and tells Lillian to hide in a clothes closet. He goes to the front door and opens it and there is Missy, dressed in an outrageously skin tight dress and spike heel mules that makes her look like a hooker. She has already been drinking and gives Eldridge a big kiss and says she has come 'to get my fix of black dick!' We CUT TO Lillian in the closet as she hears Missy. Her jaw drops and eyes pop. She hears Eldridge laughing and telling Missy he has someone here that he wants her to meet. He then says - 'Lillian, I think it's time to come out of the closet'. Lillian does. Missy is stunned and for a moment almost faints. Eldridge brings her an already made Margarita which she instantly downs. He brings her another one. The doorbell rings again. Both women look at each other in shock. Eldridge smiles and says 'Who can that be?'. He opens the door and in walks his wife, Barbara, carrying some shopping bags. She looks at the two women and smiles as she strokes her husband's crotch and gives him a big wet kiss - 'I see your girlfriends are here'. She bounds up the stairs, telling Eldridge to fix her a drink and saying she just bought something she wants them all to see. Lillian and Missy are still speechless. Both women down their drinks. Eldridge makes a comment about his wife's obsession with shopping and her closets full of clothes. A few moments later Barbara appears at the top of the stairs in a tiny leopard string bikini and heels. She is holding two video cassettes. She comes down the stairs and goes over to the television. She tells þthe women that she heard that they liked the posing video of her and Eldridge, then puts one of the cassettes into the VCR and presses play. 'I wonder what you'll think of this video?' Christine laughs. A shot of Eldridge fucking Lillian comes on the screen. In the video Lillian is screaming obscenities and begging Eldridge not to stop. Lillian's drink slips from her hand and smashes on the floor. Barbara turns off the tape and strokes Eldridge's crotch - 'My poor honey just can't keep it in his pants.' She then looks to Missy - 'Now Barbie, would you like to guess what's on this other one?' as she puts the other cassette into the VCR. Missy is in shock - not able to move or speak. We then hear the sound of a baby crying and Missy screaming to it to shut up as Eldridge fucks her on the living room floor. 'My, my, my, now what would your Ladies Republican Club think of such behavior? And with that fucking little brat crying all the way through it? What ever happened to the sancity of motherhood? I guess it just doesn't stand up to a big black cock.' Barbara smiles and turns off the VCR. Missy breaks out of her stupor and in a straight forward way asks them what they want? Lillian breaks in saying she can pay them a large sum of money for the tapes. Eldridge starts to laugh. Just then the door bell rings. 'Now I wonder who that can be?' Barbara exclaims as she pours Lilian another scotch - 'Here, honey, I think you'll need this'. Eldridge opens the door and two young black men come into the living room. They are Jerome and Leroy from Missy's dream of her abduction in the park. They are even dressed as they were in the dream - baggy pants - hats with the visors off to the side - etc. Eldridge introduces them as his two young nephews from the city. Missy blurts out - 'My dream, they're from my dream!' Barbara laughs and tells Missy that in life 'Sometimes dreams do come true'. She pulls down Jerome's pants and we see his huge cock quickly come to erection. Barbara strokes the penis with one hand as the other grabs Missy by the hair and brings her mouth to it. 'Now Miss perfect, we're going to see how good you suck. But don't be too nervous about your performance cause you're going to get a lot of practice in the future'. 'Open it momma' Jerome commands and Missy quickly takes his penis in her mouth and begins to suck. For a moment there is silence as everyone watches the action. Lillian finally lets out an - 'Oh my' as she sees Leroy take off his pants - his ebony schlong swaying from side to side. 'You like that black snake dont you?' Barbara chuckles - 'that's prime African anaconda and you're gonna get plenty of it on a long term basis. Go ahead, don't be shy, take a taste. I highly recommend it.' Lillian is now a little high and she grabs Leroy's cock - 'Oh why not' - and puts it in her mouth. Barbara walks over to her husband and drapes her arm around his shoulders as they watch the women blowing the men. What follows is in incredible orgy. Eldridge begins kissing his wife and soon they are screwing on the sofa. Next Leroy and Jerome are double teaming Missy as Lillian eggs them on. Eldridge finishes with his wife then gets Lillian doggie style as she screams - 'Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck this Bitch!!!' Barbara is laughing. 'You're breaking her in good honey!' - then to Lillian - 'I bet hubby doesn't fuck you like this' to which Lillian replies 'Noooo!!!' Leroy and Jerome both climax and dump their loads into Missy who then gets up and unsteadly walks away saying she needs another drink. They then turns to Barbara. Jerome asks Eldridge who is still fucking Lillian if he would mind if they do aunt Barbara. In between Lillian's screams Eldridge says if it's allright with her it's alright with him to which Barbara responds 'Sure boys, I haven't done an oreo in a long time.' They are soon giving it to Barbara from both ends. Eldridge lets out a bellow as he shoots his seed into Lillian, then sits on the sofa and watches his nephews fuck his wife. Lillian is beside him, tounging his ear as she plays with his still erect cock. Missy comes back from the kitchen with a margarita. She flops down next to Eldridge and Lillian and sips on the drink as she watches the action. 'Well girls, this is the deal' Eldridge says as Lillian continues to jerk him off, 'This will be our little secret. No one will ever know as long as you two do the right thing. Whenever I want a little relaxation, or when my two boys come out for the weekend and need some fun you ladies will make yourselves available. If you don't there will be copies of your videos all over this neighborhood including Blockbuster. Do we have a deal.? 'Missy nods in agreement while Lillian, now totally won over smiles and says 'Yes sir!' We next see Barbara and Eldridge sitting on the sofa as they watch Jerome and Leroy fuck Lillian and Missy doggi style. Both women are on their knees side by side as the young blacks pump them from behind. Missy, lost in Margaritas and lust, begins to moan. Lillian, while high, is bright and alert, an active participant with a big smile on her face. She turns to Missy and says - 'Well Missy, it's like you said, there goes the neighborhood!! Lillian then closes her eyes and smiles as Jerome's thrusts make her head bob. We then CUT TO Christine and Eldridge on the sofa as they watch the action. Eldridge's huge cock is pointed skyward as his wife slowly jerks him off. 'What a pair' Barbara exclaims, with a smirk on her face, as the two women begin screaming as they climax. 'Yeah' Eldridge responds, 'I think this whole lily white community is in for some serious intergration.'



HIGH DOWNWARD SHOT of the house as the camera SLOWLY ZOOMS OUT showing a quiet orderly neighborhood. FADE TO BLACK - TITLE - BLACK MAIL/MALE FADES IN AND OUT.


The first two times my wife fucked this guy was on a buying trip in a Charlotte, N.C. motel while. He was her boss and he was supposedly showing her the ropes. When she told me what happened the first night she spread her legs for him, she described it so good I was able to visualize it in my head. I felt like I was there with her... watching her get it. This is what she said.....

Repeated conversations with you made me aware of my deprivation (self imposed or otherwise) so I kind of started looking around for a likely candiadate - somebody to do it with. Bass was safe and he was married. I only considered him as a means to the purpose. It was my first official buying trip and I was on my own, at least from my store. I met Bass at the Holiday Inn outside of town. We both had rooms there. I was a little nervous because I was away from home, with people I didn't know except for him, so I guess I looked to him for support and security. To tell the truth, it was the first time I had really been out of Virginia. I thought about you encouraging me to go for it when I visited you last. I just knew I couldn't let you down - I couldn't let myself down either. I was determined to do it for us.

Well, anyhow this buying trip was exciting - it was something I had never done before and it sounded cool. And it was too. The first night in Charlotte, I went with Bass and his group to dinner where I learned how to eat lobster with all the tools. Afterward, we took the others back to the Holiday Inn, and then Bass and I went to Jade East ( a bar and dance place in downtown Charlotte). We didn't take the others in our group because they didn't want to go - one guy was really a devout Christian and the others were old women. Anyhow, I really had fun that night. I hadn't been in a bar in a long time and I liked all the attention I was getting. Bass introduced me to all the people he knew. There were a lot of salesman, especially this one called Ernie. I liked Ernie and he seemed to like me. We danced a couple times - God, it had been a long time since I danced with a man and felt sexy like that. I felt like I had time traveled back to the old days- like I was back in town again looking to hook up with somebody at the bar except now it was in Charlotte, N. C instead of my home town. I liked Ernie. He got hard when I slow danced with him and kept touching my butt and rubbing against me. I got excited and I might have hooked up him except Bass told me that Ernie had a woman with him already and she was different from the one he had when Bass was in Charlotte before. So I figured maybe Ernie wasn't the one I should mess with even though I liked him coming on the way he did. I even danced one time with Bass but I had to ask him.

Bass and I left early -before midnight- because he said tomorrow would be a busy day. And it was ,too. I was impressed with the way salesman catered to Bass and all his buying power and I felt part of it. After all, I was his assistant. On Monday night, after a day at the Mart, Ernie and Jack (another salesman) took Bass and me and a couple others to a fancy resturant for dinner. I was impressed with all that stuff - getting to eat what I wanted and someone else paying for it. It made me feel really important. After dinner, we all went to out to a bar at the Holiday Inn with Ernie and Jack. Bass danced with a coworker of his a few times. I knew she liked him but he didn't seem like he was giving her any rhythm. I liked that because I wanted him to give me some rhythm.

We ended up on the dance floor together like I knew we would . The first dance was fast and then we came to the slow one that finally put me in Bass's arms. He held me close and it didn't take long to feel his hardness rubbing against me and I took that as desire for me. I was getting hotter and hotter pressed up against him like that and the ache between my legs reminded me of how long it had been. God I wanted to get fucked. I then took the initative and whispered in his ear that I wanted him. He asked me if I was sure. Honey, I was so horny and shook up all I could do was look him in the eyes and shake my head YES. After that dance, Bass asked Ernie and Jack to take us back to the motel which they quickly accomodated.

The ride back was pure torture....agony/ pleasure. Bass and I sat in the back seat - Jack and Ernie in the front. Bass was by the door so I sat kind of in the middle next to him. As soon as we got under way, Bass put his arm around me. I got closer to him and we started kissing, deep tongue kisses. After Ernie knew where we had to go, him and Jack didn't talk to us much. Maybe they knew what was going on back there, I don't know. I wasn't even thinking about them except to keep my responses down and not be heard. I put my hand on Bass' leg, really close to the place where his dick was sticking up in his pants. Then, I took his hand and placed it on my breast. WOW! It was torture to be quiet and not respond to his touches. I was saying to myself God , please let's get to the motel soon because I was burning up. I almost cried out when he started rubbing my pussy thru my clothes. I rubbed my hand across his dick a couple times too. It was really hard and I couldn't wait to see it.

When we finally did get to the motel, we went to Bass's room "for a drink" and more..... At first both of us were a little nervous, but after we got the drinks, we both sat down on the bed next to the window. Bass nervously drew the shades before he sat back down. I put my drink down about the same time and then we were hugging and kissing as we slowly laid back on the bed. I was really wet between my legs and I wanted him in me bad. After a couple minutes of making out, I got up and started taking off my clothes. Bass laid on the bed and watched my every move. I took my blue linen slacks off first. I stepped out of them and dropped them on the floor. Then I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I was really enjoying Bass's eyes on me so I teased both of us a little and took my time. I always get a kick out of the way guys look at my breasts when they first see them in a bra or naked. Bass didn't disappoint me. When I dropped my blouse and stood in front of him in my lacy nude colored bra and matching bikini panties, everything he had was standing at attention including what was between his legs. I got back on the bed. I wanted it so bad I was shaking. He unhooked my bra and paid lip and mouth service to my nipples for a couple of seconds, but he wanted to get to the real thing as much as I did so pulled my panties off as he pulled his shorts down. I caught a glimpse of his hard cock when it came out of his shorts, and then he was on top of me, kissing me and getting ready to get inside me.

I don't where the strength came from to do what I did next but I stopped him before he could take the next step. It had been so long since I had anyone inside me, I didn't know how I might react and I wanted to get the record straight with him. Even though he knew I was married, he didn't know the marriage hadn't been consumated so before we went any further, I told Bass that you were not living with me because you were in prison and therefore it had been a long time for me. He didn't want talk right then, he just nodded and slipped his rigid cock into my sex starved pussy. As soon as he pushed it all the way in, I came... It felt so good to have it in me after so long. God, I didn't know how empty I had been. And then I was swept away on an emotional trip. I didn't want him to stop! Why couldn't it be you in me, imagining it was you in me - things like that. I was doing it with my boss. He was fucking me and I liked it. I did like it, honey. I really liked it!

Bass was so much older than me and he reminded me of Lester and Charlie because he had really black hair and a stocky build. It had been so long since I had the real thing instead of just my fingers and hands between my legs. I didn't hide how much I liked it very well. I had a long hard dick inside me and I didn't want it to end. I liked him fucking me like that and I wanted him to keep on fucking me! But Bass couldn't hold on very long. He pushed it all the way in again and when he started cuming, we were both gone. He said something about being sorry for the briefness but he couldn't help himself with someone sexy like me. That flattered me and I felt really desirable.

I wanted to stay in the room with him because it felt really good and I wanted to do it again but he said it was late so we got dressed and he walked me to my room. I was about to cum again just kissing him goodnight. When he left, I was still pretty reved up, so when I got into bed, I took care of myself all over again thinking about you and about how wonderful it was when Bass was fucking me. It felt so damn good to get fucked again, honey. I wondered why I had waited so long... how could I have denied myself for so long. I didn't realize what a release it was. I went back over everything in my mind because I wanted to tell you everything about it like I told my first husband Lester after I fucked somebody else. It would be five days before I saw you again,not the next morning, and I wanted to remember it all for you. I kind of wondered if you already knew, if you had felt it like I did...

Although we hadn't said it might be this time, you had told me it was alright, that you wanted me to. And I just couldn't until anymore, honey. Maybe it was being away from home that gave me the courage or it could have been the bar atmosphere,I don't really know. I just know how much I liked it and how much I want to do it again.........

She got off a couple times while she was telling me about it and it was obvious that my sexy wife had really enjoyed herself. When she told me how much she liked him fucking her, I shot off in my pants right there in the prison visiting room. Maybe thats what made me feel threatened - her liking it so much. I don't know. But I got really scared after the excitement wore off. If she liked it that much, and she was where he could keep on giving it to her, where did that leave me? I was locked up. I couldn't fuck her like that. I was afraid she might decide to go with him and just forget about me, I guess. I don't know. I just know I overacted. I gave into my fears and said some really awful things to her without really thinking about what I was saying. I stabbed her in the heart and betrayed her trust in a fit of misplaced panic. I broke her heart for nothing and she has never really recovered. She hasn't been able to trust me since. She either delays, avoids, or lies if I try to pin her down about anything sexual. She keeps her feelings locked up where I can't hurt them ever again. Talk about irony. I had the ultimate sexual partner - the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the whole world - a true believer. And I ruined it!

After my unprovoked sneak attack, she kept her feelings and activities to herself, despite my almost immediate retraction and desperate pleas for forgiveness. I was definitely not to be trusted. Throughout APRIL, MAY and JUNE 1975, she fucked Bass as often as she could in his motel room whenever he was in town. She didn't tell me about it at all and never has tried to share any of it with me either. Not that I blame her really - once bitten, twice shy.... I was such an ass the first time she shared, she's got every right not to share with me anymore. God, I wish I could die sometimes. I'll hate myself forever for letting her down and ruining what could have been something very special and unique for us. I really blew it bigtime.



I am relating these events as a warning - take good care of your wife, service her well, or risk losing her forever. This is a true story.

After what has happened to me, I now realise that the instinct to breed with the best man is one of the strongest physical drives that any woman has. It's part of the primal reproductive instinct to select the strongest mate. And if a woman's husband isn't prime breeding material, no wedding ring will stop her from seizing the opportunity to 'mate up'. That is, to spread her legs for sperm from bigger men with bigger cocks - in other words, the best gene pool she can find. And in my wife's case, 'mating up' meant 'mating black'.

My name is Darren Walters. I come from a family of intellectuals, and although I do not consider myself unattractive, I must sadly accept the fact that I have lost my wife to a better man. My demure and very beautiful wife, Alicia, has made a simple choice - she has decided to forsake what I have to offer in bed to have sex - or 'love 'n' breed, as she puts it - with an African male. A man she genuinely considers to be my biological superior. And the bitch doesn't shy away from letting me know it.

She has become what can be described as a classic 'bitch on heat'. I do not use the term lightly. She is 'on heat' because she's a highly sexual, fertile woman in her early thirties, the time of a life when the sex drive of the female of the species is at its height. Sadly, I must also use the term 'bitch' because that's exactly what she is to me. She now only has sex with her black lover, sleeps in a separate bed to me (when she's home at all) and won't even allow me to take my 4 inch cock out in her company. However, this does not stop her using highly provocative language in front of me, degrading all white men as she flaunts her shapely body inches from me and even rubs against me. But she always keeps her breasts, tight ass and stocking-clad legs inside her daring outfits, and well away from my touch.

As I am on provisional release from jail and wearing a tag, there is nothing I can do but accept the status quo. The alternative is to be incarcerated in the sex offenders' wing at the local county jail, where segregation is not 24-hrs. After seeing what goes on there, it is simply not an option. But it still hurts terribly though, when I'm forced to leave the house because my darling wife wants to invite her lover round to (as she delicately puts it) 'feel his big Negro horse penis pumping me and spraying me with fertile, manly sperm.' Unfortunately I can't stray outside hearing range (which is still pretty far), or the tag will activate.

Her lover is a quite well-known local rap artist who goes by the stage name of Masta D. She was always into rap, despite the fact that I dislike the music intently. It was how we had one of our first arguments in our marriage. You see, I'm a more classical man myself. Don't get me wrong, I can listen to John Denver or the Carpenters, but after suffering the 'music' of Snoop Dogg, 2 Live Crew, 2PAC, all the names (including Masta D) time after time, I finally put my foot down and refused to allow Alicia to play her favourite music in my presence. To me, it was so infantile; there was no melody, and worst of all, the lyrics all seemed to be bragging about anti-social and even criminal practices. From what I could hear there seemed to be little to the words other than bragging about crime, the 'artist's' virility, penile size and - unbelievably - physical violence against those who dared to 'dis' In fact, Masta D was one of the worst offenders.

When I confronted her about it we had our first major spat. That must be just over a year after I married her, when I still thought I was the luckiest man on the planet. She was, and still is, gorgeous, way outside my class. Anyway, she said that if I were intent on banning her from listening to her music in the house, she would be forced to listen to it at her friend Caroline's place.

I was apprehensive, but let it pass.

Then later that month I met Caroline's husband Andy by chance on the street. I was surprised to see he had a black eye and what looked like a broken nose. One thing led to another, and we went for a drink. During the hour that followed, he had told me that he had been having financial problems and Caroline had gotten involved with 'the wrong type of crowd' - a group of rap artists and hangers-on. He later he blurted tearfully that he 'did not feel comfortable in his own home any more.'

Reading between the lines, I surmised that - on Caroline's insistence - she and Andy had initially started hosting parties for the rap guys. It seems that one night she was so high, and so besotted with her handsome, rich, black stud lover that she ended up fucking him right there in their marital bed, without a concern for her poor husband. The nasty-looking injuries he sustained were due to a prolonged attack by Caroline's lover when he tried to separate them.

Shortly after our meet, Caroline, who was pregnant with her black boyfriend's baby, filed for divorce from poor Andy.

I became very worried about the situation with Alicia visiting Caroline, but they were old high school buddies, and there was little I could do prevent Alicia going round to visit. She always looked stunning when going out, invariably wearing a tight dress and plenty of make up. Although she said that they were spending the evenings alone, I became more and more apprehensive.

The next thing I knew Alicia was enrolling for a course that Caroline already attended at the local college. Called 'African Studies' the syllabus was quite controversial. Indeed, I remembered there had been some furore in the local press about it being 'racist' and 'anti white' although the allegations were not proven.

One night, when Alicia she was at Caroline's place, I managed to sneak a look her coursework, and couldn't believe what I was reading. One module, called 'black biology - the proliferation of the strongest seed' was full of what I saw as incredible claims that black men were more attractive to women of all races because they were physically superior.

The next evening, after a few glasses of wine, I tried to quiz my darling wife about her studies, and asked her whether she really believed all that stuff about blacks being superior. She replied that blacks were certainly better in many physical respects. I detected a note of scorn in her voice that I hadn't heard before.

'Don't you know why Africans win so many medals at the Olympic?' she asked.

Then, blushing and smiling slightly, she opened her folder showed me a copy of an article in a medical journal which had been reproduced in 'Black Power' magazine. It related to a survey of a test group of black and white males. The results apparently 'proved' that blacks were between 45% and 200% bigger in penis size, and up to 240% more fertile.

'Alicia, I don't know if you should be reading this' I said. 'It's kinda…racist - isn't it?''

She looked at me kind of strangely, and with an almost evil glint in her eye, said 'How on earth can it be racist when it's true? White women are naturally more attracted to black men. It's scientifically proven, I don't care what you think, anyway. I'm going to bed.'

When I followed her to bed later, I silently undressed and decided to try to make things right between us. It had been a long while since we had had sex and the way she'd been dressing lately had made me so horny. I tried to initiate mating by gently stroking her beautiful soft body. At first she appeared not to object and even warmed to my touch, murmuring gently.

However, after a couple of minutes she pushed me away quite violently. 'Keep your hands off' she whispered. 'If anyone's racist, it's you.' With that, she turned over to sleep.

The next day we hardly spoke at all. It was her night to go to Caroline's place, and after she left in tight dress and high heels. I decided to follow her. I took the motorbike, and headed towards Caroline's house, but along the way I spotted our car parked outside a bar called the 'Blue Star'.

When I walked in I immediately felt out of place. The bar was full of young black males, some black females, and a number of sluttily-dressed white women - including my wife, who was sitting on a comfy sofa snuggled up to a huge muscular-looking black guy with tattoos on his broad arms. He was wearing a black vest, a gold medallion and gold chains. This, I would later learn, was Masta D.

She spotted me before I'd figured out what to do. . 'Darren?' she said. She looked at me but my entrance did not stop her from stroking Masta D's bicep..

The black man looked at me then, and immediately I was intimidated. He was big, muscular, and looked mean. 'What da fuck you want, white boy???' he said. I saw he had a gold tooth.

'Come on Alicia, I'm taking you home' I said, my voice still firm despite my fear. I reached across the table to take her hand.

'Bitch ain't goin' nowhere' said Masta D, standing up instantly slapping my face. I felt my cheek cut from one of his gold rings.

'AAAGH!!', I yelled and held my face in my hands.

Then I felt two black guys grabbing my wrists from behind. I was helpless, as Masta D continued to slap me across the cheeks, not as hard as before but it still hurt.. My wife, the bitch, just crossed her shapely legs and looked on.

Masta D slapped me harder, causing me to yell. He then turned to my wife. You ready to see this? he said, and punched me as hard as he could, in the face. It felt like the bones in my nose had all shattered into splinters as I fell to the ground in agony.


Alicia was wearing spike-heels and they were inches from my gaze as I lay on the floor. She crossed her stockinged legs, smiled, looked down at me and said softly 'Do you still not like rap then Darren?'

Then she sniggered.

I ended up leaving that place in an ambulance. God knows, if only I'd reported it to the cops at the time things might have been different.. But, fool that I was, I was so much in love with Alicia that even then I still held out hope of winning the bitch back. What an idiot I was!

And of course I couldn't resist her when. she arrived back home two days later, tousled my hair and acted seemingly apologetic. She encouraged me to drink, asked me to forgive her, then later she let me see the brutal bite marks on her big breasts. Then she allowed me to have sex with her. I didn't ask why at the time, I was just grateful, and came in her gaping cunt in rapture after less than one minute.

That same night, not long after what would prove to be our final coupling, she showered, dressed, powdered her nose, and left.

The next morning two black police officers came to the door to ask me some questions - was I with my wife the previous night? Did I attack her? I was taken down the station and the next thing I knew I'd been arrested for marital rape! Alicia's documented bruises, (no doubt inflicted by her black stud) combined with traces of my sperm and testimony from more than one of Masta D's crew meant I did not have a legal leg to stand on.

The upshot of it all was that I was sentenced to four years, two suspended, and two in 'local protective custody' which means now I must wear a tag and cannot leave the house without prior agreement with the bastard cops.

Meanwhile, Alicia, seems to have started to enjoy being around me again. The bitch loves sitting in her tight dress and fuck-me heels lecturing me about fertility statistics and black superiority. With Masta D and her her black cop friends only a panic-button- press away, there's little I can do but agree with her opinions!



This is a story about a Civil War Wife in Georgia.

Sara Lancaster was born in Rome Georgia in 1840. She was born into a wealthy family, and married a southern gentleman who owned a large plantation. Her husband was a confederate captain and was deployed in the Richmond Virginia area. Sara was a beautiful women at 5'4" 120lbs with red hair and blue eyes. She had assumed the responsibility for running the plantation while her husband was at war. The plantation consisted of 750 acres, with three house servants and 25 field slaves.

Sara began to notice signs that the war was not going well for the confederacy. Letters from her husband, and news accounts of Union advances in Tennessee lead her to believe that the war was not going well. She was tired of the daily grind of the plantation, but ignored her fatigue and kept a busy schedule.

Kintu was a 24 year old slave and he also perceived the downward spiral of the war. He had plans to escape from bondage at the right time. Kintu had figured that he would escape and move North when the opportunity presented itself. Noting that the number of white men had fallen significantly in recent months he figured that the right time was approaching. Kintu had seen the Plantation Mrs recently and she appeared under great stress. She rode past him while he was working in the field, and she looked tired and haggard. She was a slim women with gorgeous red hair and looked regal riding upon her white horse.

The time-table for Kintu's escape was advanced by the unexpected thunderstorms that arrived in the early evening. He gathered his possessions and prepared to escape. As he left his shack an evil thought crossed his mind. He had never laid with a white women, and he decided to pay Mrs Sara a visit.

Kintu slipped out and crept towards the main house. He had only been inside once, but knew that the Mrs room was upstairs. the house was pitch dark as Kintu groped his way up the stairs. he walked into Sara's room and watched her as she slept. She was gorgeous as the moon reflected off her Lilly white skin.

Kintu slowly pulled the covers off and feasted on her sweet white body. She was wearing a white night gown with nothing underneath. She was breathing so peacefully that it gave Kintu pause. Her tiny white feet were so erotic toes painted red. Kintu slowly removed his clothes, and slowly hiked her nightie exposing her body. She slept as he massaged her feet. She woke suddenly as he worked his hands up her thighs.

She gasped and started to scream as he covered her mouth with his large hand. she looked up in horror as she realized that one of the field slaves was laying on top of her in her bed. Kintu kissed her deeply and tried to press his tongue into her mouth. She refused his kiss and turned her head away. Kintu held her firmly and pressed his cock against her pussy. He pushed and tried to enter her, but found that she was too tight. He moved down and began to service her orally. He tongued her without mercy using his arms to keep her legs spread. The sweet, musky scent made him hard as a rock.

Kintu quickly moved into position to enter her. Mrs Lancaster gasped as Kintu slowly entered her. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her. His 9" Cock slowly impaled her as she squirmed and begged him to stop. Kintu did not respond to her pleas and continued to pound her defenseless pussy. After about an hour Kintu began to feel his balls twitch and watched her face as he unloaded streams of Cum into her pussy. He noticed a slight smile as he filled her with his Cum.