A section for women in their late 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's who love black cocks and black action. Send in your stories and/or pics.

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A real granny from the UK. Hi, we would love to hear from young men who prefer to 'look at' pictures of REAL grannies. She is 67yo, 40DD, and size 16UK!



Curious older woman. Do you think I'm too old to get started with younger men? I'm in NYC.




A real granny from the UK. Hi, we would love to hear from young men who prefer to 'look at' pictures of REAL grannies. She is 66yo, 40DD, and size 16UK!






Married--5'3"--155--blonde. Seattle area.




Would any blk guys like to have my wife? Couple from Ireland, male 49, female 46. Alec and Heather.



My wife is 50 and she loves black bulls, younger to older. She also likes to make videos. Any takers? She loves submitting to black men that know how to take control. She loves it mild to wild.



My wife is nearing 54 years of age but still attracts attention from younger guys.



Would love to see my wife with a black dick in her pussy.



Hey I don't look bad for a 51 year old, oh hell... soon to be 52 year old. Whatever it may be, I am a Golden Oldie looking for you sexy blk men that know what to do with a MWF. After you are done trying to find whatever it is in them so called younger girls, come home to Momma and find out what a 51 yr old MWF can do for you. As they say, lots of regular sex makes you look 7 years younger, how old am I really? Old enough to know what to do with that beautiful black cock. Want to try me? Send me mail.



I turned 60 a few weeks ago but I still enjoy sex and I assure you my partners ENJOY ME . I enjoy twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes! Love giving and receiving oral pleasure, 69 is a wonderful little number. I love kissing, caressing, undressing, soft sucking, hard fucking, eating pussy, and lickin’ ze’ dickin!!! I am an exhibitionist, but also love to watch! I can be aggressive at times. I enjoy attending swing clubs, and would like to experience new ones around the world. I love Public Sex. By public I mean like the woods, clothing stores, elevators, stairways, roofs, pools, bars, clubs etc. For me, the excitement from possibly being caught in the act is definitely a turnon. I like being able to hear people talking... walking... laughing, pretty much anything, it makes me feel naughty and I do so love feeling naughty. I want to rub a big black cock seated next to me at a fine restaurant until he is ready to shoot his wad and then follow him into the restroom and fuck his brains off. Sucking Cock on an elevator is a real turn on, but being fucked on an crowded elevator is the ultimate. I like to accompany attractive classy, professional, super hung black men, singly or in groups, to strip clubs, swingers clubs or hotel rooms for sex. Take me to dinner and then make me pay for the date in bed or even sucking your cock in the parking lot, video booth or adult theater. I love to give head and take your big cock in my dripping wet vagina when other people are watching. I have a very tight pussy with muscles you won’t believe. Pierced nipples, and great tats and I just love loads of hot sperm on my super sensitive nipples or exposed clit, and men that love to eat pussy. I don’t need a man that can go all night, I cum easily often and hard so it’s ok for you to shoot your load then get it up again! My husband will chaperone and if all agree photograph our dates.






You know that older lady you see in the neighborhood or going to work everyday or at the market? The heavy one with the wide ass and full, bouncy tits? The one who's fat but sexy. The one who looks so prim and proper? Well, she loves black sexing! We are a late 50's white couple who love having WELL HUNG black gentlemen joining us for sexy fun. We like clean, well mannered, mature men that can be nasty when they get to the bedroom (or even in the right place outdoors). We really enjoy the erotic taboo of black men using white wives. Nasty, interracial, sexy talk is very erotic and you can make her tell you how nasty she really is. We ALWAYS play together and always photo and video our fun. We are very discrete and NEVER publish any of our pictures or video (we have family and jobs to think about). She is great at sucking cock and likes sucking balls too. Her pussy makes great eating, huge pussy lips are great for sucking, she has a full, thick, soft bush covering it. Being deep fucked with big, thick, black cocks often make her GUSH! She has a wide well shaped ass and 38D tits with big nipples that like lots of firm sucking and play. We are not into ANY anal sex or heavy pain; condoms are a must for intercourse. But, someday, we'd like to know a guy well enough to not have to use the condom (that's a long term friendship) he would only be the second guy to ever cum in her. She loves being deep fucked on her back with her legs held high or being taken like a dog or on her side as her big tits are played with. Hubby can help or just work his cameras if you don't want him involved but we do like playing together. Not looking for any contact of him but we have enjoyed sucking black cock together and it's very erotic to have hubby hold her open and guide another man into her. If you like old, fat, white wives who look very proper in daily life but can be a nasty black sexing slut, drop us an e-mail with pictures of what we are looking for. We are in Southern California in the Inland Empire and often go to San Diego and Vegas now and then. By the way, if you have a friend or two who is also WELL HUNG and black, we would enjoy a small group; as long as everyone likes the rules we've described here. Also, if you have a nice lady who is bi . . . the two of you might like playing with her together. She has a SYBIAN the girls might like to ride.



To this day nothing has changed. I am a 50 yr old married black man who is still mostly attracted to older white women, even as a youth the attraction was there, yes I like younger women but the older, more settled women are a true test, they know what they want and don't show the trembling that some of the younger ones do, who can fear a good time. At 16, I cut this older lady's yard, my mom cleaned her house. Every time I cut her yard she always gave me a tall glass of tea and a meal including paying me. Living in the deep south in the sixties, that's rough, but my one encounter changed my life. Ever since each encounter was different and the same, I had no problem going back, the husbands ran me off. Now 34 yrs later, I still yearn for the older, my fantasy is to fuck a 55 to 65, in reasonable shape, white woman, with or without her husband's knowledge, discretely for a long time, keeping in mind that I am still married and going nowhere. I am in hopes of finding a white bi-female to come to my home to share my wife with me, from slim to thick, no bbw for this event. I promise nothing but opportunity with my wife, she is sexy as hell. Fri and Sat nites only for 3some, unless you are close by, email me and let the fun begin. I am 50, 6'2", 224, and she is 48, 5'8", 172, thick but foxy. Waiting in south Ga. No facial shots will be emailed unless one comes with your reply and of course we want to see the body.



Mary was taking a shower like I instructed, and as she was, I layed out her new outfit that I had bought earlier that day. When she went into the bedroom to see what I wanted her to wear, she screamed, "Joe, I'm 50 years old, I can't wear something like this". It was Mary's 50th birthday and I thought I would treat her to something that would really satisfy us both. You see, I always wanted to see my wife with a black man, and I know that our sex life hasn't been all that good here lately. It was so hard keeping my dick up and I know Mary was really getting frustrated. She once said that if I can't keep it up, we might as well not have sex. Well, we hadn't had sex in two months now, which mkes me feel bad because I know that Mary is a very sexy woman even at 50, and she really gets hot when she drinks. That's another thing, she hasn't drank anything for some time because she doesn't like getting horny and not being satisfied. Well, tonight this was all going to change.

I persuaded her to wear the outfit, which consisted of a miniskirt, tight button up blouse, stockings, and high heels. When she came into the livingroom after putting it all on, my dick got rock hard. She was awesome!! I felt like laying her out right then and there, but I didn't want to spoil the suprise I had planned for her.

Let me go back about a week earlier. While on line I stumbled across Dark Cavern and got the idea of contacting a nice young black man to fulfill my fantasy that I had jacked off many times to. I got in touch with a young man named Phillip that lived on the other side of our city. We met five days ago to talk about Mary's birthday present. I layed out what I wanted to happen and he said just leave it all up to him. He gave me a name of a bar close to downtown and told me to be there with Mary about 8pm and play along with what he does. I agreed, and went on my way. The thought of what might happen has kept my dick hard all week, and now was the night.

I told Mary that I heard of a place downtown that was great for dancing, which shocked her because she knows I don't like to dance, but I know she loves to and I dance with her every now and then, but it's been awhile since we did it last. When we walked into the bar, every man there was eyeing Mary as she walked by, which made her feel uncomfortable to have so much attention directed her way. She has never dressed this sexy even when she was younger. We found a booth to seat in next to the dance floor and I told her I would get us something to drink, which Mary thought I just meant a soda.

At the bar, Phillip walked up and sat on the stool next to me and told me Mary was really hot and that he couldn't wait to get in her. "DOE-WING!!!!", there goes my dick again. I could hardly walk back to the booth with the drinks. I was afraid someone would see my huge bulge. Mary was shocked to see that I had gotten mixed drinks, but she drank it anyway. After two more drinks and only one dance with her, she was starting to get frustrated again, but then my plan kicked into gear. I excused myself and went to the men's room. That was the signal Phillip had been waiting for. He came up to Mary and asked her to dance. Of course we both knew she would refuse, but that was the plan.

When I got back to the booth, I knew Phillip had done his thing because Mary was all red in the face. It really shocked her when Phillip came back to the booth and apologized to me, saying he didn't know Mary was married and he had asked her to dance. I told him it was alright, and when he offered to buy the next round, I told him to sit down with us, but acting like I was going to go sit with Mary, he plopped right down next to her. Mary didn't know what to think, but after two more drinks and three dances with Phillip, she was really getting loose with him. Mary went to the restroom and Phillip and I talked. He told me Mary started rubbing her pussy up against his bulge when they danced, and that several times she had put her hand on his leg and brushed up against his dick. I told him things were as planned.

Phillip, Mary and I sat for awhile after that just talking, when I noticed Mary's eyes glazing over like I remember they would do when she would cum. And when she jerked her head back and closed her eyes, I knew I had to find out what was going on. When she went to the restroom again, Phillip stuck his two fingers up to my nose and asked if it smelt familiar. I knew that smell, it was the smell of Mary's pussy. He told me he had been fingering her for about 15 minutes. I knew she was almost ready. I knew that one more drink and she would need help out to the car.

Later, Phillip offered to help me get her to the car and I agreed. So with Phillip and myself on each side of Mary, we put her into the back seat, and Phillip got in next to her. On the way home, I kept looking in the mirror, and everytime a street light would flash by, I would catch the action. First, Phillip and Mary started kissing. Hot passionate kisses. And then I noticed Phillip's hand inside Mary's unbuttoned blouse. I didn't want her to wear underwear so it would be easy to get to her tits and pussy, but she didn't know that. By the time I pulled up into the driveway, turned the car off and turned around to take a closer look, he had his hand up her dress.

We helped her into the house, where she leaned over to my ear and whispered, "Can I fuck him, baby?", and I told her yes, that he was my birthday present to her. She gave me a big hug and layed out on the bed. She pulled Phillip down to the bed and said,"Fuck me now!!!!!". I was shocked to hear her say that but I knew she was extremely horny. Phillip took his off his shoes and pants, but before he could get anything else off, Mary hollered, "FUCK ME NOW!!!!", so Phillip spread her legs apart, grabbed her ankles, his dick found the mark, and he plunged deep inside her and she started screaming for more. "OH GOD YES, FUCK ME, BABY, FUCK ME HARD"

Phillip went to town. He was pumping so hard, the bed was moving around on the floor. I sat down on the edge to keep it stll and enjoyed the action. I pulled my dick out and started whacking away. Mary kept screaming, "OH GOD, JOE, OH GOD, JOE.................". She reached out for me and I grabbed her hand just as she arched her back and started jerking. She reached up with the other hand and grabbed Phillip's ass, pulling on it like she was a woman possessed. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!!!" and then she let out one last "OOOOOHHHHH, GGGGOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!", and I noticed cum squirting out of her pussy. It must have been her cum only because Phillip was still pumping away. Mary let go of my hand and grabbed his ass with both hands and forced him to plunge in deeper. That did it, 'cause both Phillip and Mary arched their backs and at the same time, along with my dick exploding, they both went,"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH", and then the juices were really flowing from her pussy. It was squirting out right and left, all over the bed.

When they collapsed into each others arms, I left the bedroom to let them cuddle for awhile. I thought Phillip would need a ride back to the bar, so I cranked the car up and went back in to tell him I was ready to go. When I opened the bedroom door, I was shocked to see Mary on her hands and knees and Phillip hard as a rock again, pumping like mad into my wife's pussy. He was plunging forward and she was thrusting her ass back in rhythm. It was a sight to see. Only wished I had film for my camera. Sorry.



Hey Coco, I am writing this to chastise all these young ass white cunts, who think they got a corner on the market when it comes to givin it up to a black man and or black men.

Just because some of us got some weight and age on us don't mean we cant rock these fine ass mens' worlds. Just remember girls we all get older and larger, if you are healthy so what. Besides its like the godfather said, some like em fat, some like em small, some like em with short skinny legs and all for you young hoes the GODFATHER would be James Brown.

Don't get me wrong Snoop and all his crew are fine lookin, but they can take what they call music back to the damn pound and bury it along with a bone. And it don't matter if I'm being passed up by you youngsters, just throw some respect this way and let me walk the way I want. The last 2 men I was with still said "oh my god damn baby, baby" when I was suckin their dicks.

So ol Kay must still have something going on, as for goin out routine probably not as much, wont be long before I find one good man and slide down to Florida and lay in the sun comfortably knowin he has got an old white purse by his side and he knows how to treat his queen right. As in respect for me, out of bed and a woman who can still do an oreo supreme with the best of them, so girls the next time you're talkin me down, just remember best look in the mirror everyday, go to the gym, don't eat pork, no fatty foods, no smoking or drinking before or after sex and just be a barbie doll, a real trophy, cause I got news when he sees something younger and finer he's gone anyhow....

You see girls because the reality is variety is the spice of life and it don't matter if an engine is old. Its if it turns over on a cold ass night, and all you older women know what I'm talkin about. Well enuff said I will get going now got a business to run and money to be made for my retirement.

Ooh by the way to you young skanks, when he has your ass in the street runnin his game for his paper don't say nothin cause ya brought it upon your own self by insulting experience over your youth!!!!!! Peace be to all of the fine folk I have met here over the years. Love ya Coco, you know you got my heart always baby. Luv Kay



This submission is to recognize the "Older Girls"... The GrandMothers who's passions may not Burn as often, yet still Burn. A "Silver Covered" head with a twinkle in an eye can reveal a "fire" in the soul.... Take a minute to look.....

My Curly haired BBw, The White Exception aka WhtException11@hotmail.com often says: "Life's a Bitch, then you fucking die"........ I beg to differ..."Life is Sexy Bitch and when I'm OLD, beneath her, I hope to Die,... FUCKING!"

The very first time I laid eyes on her all I could see was a nice firm ass straining against a pair of faded blue jeans. I admired the view for about 30 seconds, then spoke "Hello". She threw her head back as she stood. A head full of "silver" tendrils fell in cascades down her back. Turning around she said "Hi Dah-ling, how can I help you?" (You've got to love that southern drawl)....

My eyes gave her the quick head to toe as my brain ran thru the possibility scenario. She rated high on possibility but very low on probability. She was just a little too "OLD".

She walked toward me with a spring in her stride, a twist in her hip and a warm, tanned, smiling face. A natural tan, an "outdoor' tan. I had to rethink my previous acessment.

She stopped a few feet away and asked "YES"?.... The "BlackException" ego gave me a mental kick and said "Go Fishing, Drop a Line"...

I gave her my best innocent smile and replied "Lady, I don't have a clue what I came here for".. She gave me a bewidered look, then smiled... Turning and walking away she said "have a look, I'll be right back with you"... I did look, at the crease of her asscheeks and thought... There has to be a good ride left in that old girl.

I didn't purchase anything but did manage to chat and assured her I would return.

(This "old girl" is somewhat local... If one "plays" locally, play smart.... Don't rush, do your homework to keep your ass out of trouble. Time wellspent is usually rewarding).

Two or three times a month. Month after month. I made little purchases in her store.

Time had given all the info I needed about her. She was a very young 62 years old. The natural tan was from a small horse farm she owned and ran. Horse's and Riding were her lifes enjoyment. She had been a widow 8 years. I was set to make a move!

I arrived at nearly closing time on a friday. She was walking around in riding chaps and explained she was going for a ride at closing. I invited myself to go with her.. She laughed while saying my suit and tie was perfect for riding and to come right along. Ofcourse, I agreed and asked if I could go next time. She said "anyday next week" and laughed almost hysterically.

What she didn't know was that I can Ride... It had been 15 years or so since I had "sat" a saddle, so I spent the weekend getting my "tack" back.

Monday afternoon she and I were saddled and I was playing the novice rider. The "old" girl teased, showed off her skills and enjoyed riding me into the ground. Two hours later we were back at the barn.

She called me "Candy Ass", "City Slicker" and every name she could think of. She was out of her mind with glee. Grabbing my arm, flirting and smacking my supposedly sore ass. I asked if she would take me for a real ride over the whole farm. She took a minute to think and gave me that "what are you up to?" stare. Then she said "OK Candy Ass" bring a pillow, Nearly 110 acres with a 5 acre pond"... "I'll take you for a ride, this Sunday".

I called her twice during the week and basically flirted. Sunday came. After 45 minutes of riding sprints across the pastures, ducking limbs through the woods and splashing across several small creeks we arrived at the POND. It looked like a Lake to me and the cabin there was a surprise.

When she suggested we take a break and trotted her way to the cabin, I began to wonder who was "working" whom?

We shared Pepsi cola's from the can, while sitting on the weathered open porch. Small talk passed until she hit me between the eyes with "Ok, what are you really after?"... Ofcourse I said "I really wanted to ride again, I missed it"...... She laughed an replied "Damned Liar, That dog won't hunt"..... I laughed with her said "I'm Busted"..... She laughed until she cried........ I asked "Whats so Funny?"...... "THIS WHOLE SITUATION" she spat out between laughs....

She calmed down and i grasp her tiny hand.... "You really can't possibly want me?" she asked. "Yes" I replied. "But I'm 62" she replied. "And Female" I spoke. "You're Black" she replied. "You're White" I chuckled back to her. She was quiet for a while...... "My Husband said I wasn't any good in bed" she whispered.. "He couldn't have been always right about everything" I replied. I stood up with her in tow and entered the cabin.

Once inside I spun her around and kissed her. Her kiss was resistant, then slowly she responded... I stood with her wrapped in my arms and kissed her until our tongues were mouth fucking.... Cupping her ass, I massaged them and probed a finger under to press her pussy from behind..... She mouthed in the kiss if I keep that up she's going to cum. I kept on kissing, lowered my head to to nip her breast through her blouse and firmly gripped her pussy from the front. She came, soaking through her panties and jeans.

She never spoke as I removed her blouse. Never spoke as I removed her jeans. She closed her eyes as I rolled down her panties. Naked, I walked her to the bed. She sat quiet and still. I undressed slowly directly in her view. I stood a few feet away from her for a minute. Walking toward her I could see her mouth open as she wet her lips. Then she locked her stare on my dick and opened her mouth wide.

I laid my dick inside and she gave me a gentle sucking. Sucking me deeper, measuring me, she developed a rythum. Minutes passed and she stopped to ask "Will you cum for me, like this?"..... She concentrated on the very tip and asked "Please cum for me, I want to taste you". The begging got the best of me. She pulled back, opened her mouth as I squirted.

She swallowed and licked until it was all gone.

I dropped to my knees before her closed legs. She was still sitting. I reached behind her head and kissed her hard until her legs slowly spread. Inching forward, still kissing, she wrapped arms and legs around me. I didn't break the kiss until she broke it.

I whispered "Let me Worship you" as I lifted her legs and laid her back. I trailed kisses from inside her knees and down each calf, folding her legs back.... Spread before me, I gently placed kisses all over her pussy.

Her Pussy oils generally boiled out of her. I lapped at the lower lips and then sucked the entire pussy pouch. I swirled slowly around her clit and she came, unexpectedly. I sucked again at the overfilled, dripping pussy canal.

Standing, feet on the floor, I leaned, planting my hard black dick inside her. Pushing slowly,lowering my body until I pressed deep.... My balls smacked her asscheeks as I collapsed my arms to cover her.

I didn't stroke, I just kissed her until she was smiling so much she couldn't kiss.

She looked in my eyes and said "Fuck Me, just don't fuck me hard, it's been years and you seem so big."

I slow fucked her. She seemed to be cumming every few minutes. I rolled her over and let her fuck the cum right out of me.

Sometime much later, still laying on me, she said " I swear, you are Black!" I smiled at her and replied Yes, and you are a grey headed old white girl"... "Fuck You" she screamed laughing..... "I sincerely wish you would, again" I replied, as I grabbed her hips and started stroking.....

The Pictures aren't from our first encounter. It was months later before she had confidence enough to allow pictures. They are from several different encounters She was hesitant to allow posting of her pictures but finally agreed when I assured her they would be faceless. To be in her 60's the body isn't perfect but her Pussy is!

"If the Mind is willing and the Body strong, Age really is just a number".

** I must pay respect in honoring two great East Coast Organizations. NCEBONYHOOKUP and THE EASTCOASTGANGBANGBOYS.. These Young Black FuckMasters are the Prince's of Pleasure...... I am proud of the Great Things I'm hearing.

To My West Coast Lady featured on Page 39 in Black Magic Moments..... My Passion Queen, The EroticWhiteLover..... If the DARKCAVERN were to become a Life form, she would be the EROTICWHITELOVER@yahoo.com. One Touch and You are Touched, Forever! TO My East Coast Lady WHITE EXCEPTION aka WhtException11@hotmail.com.... Of the Many women I've had, Never a Kiss more Sweet... Never a Smile more Bright... In her arms, I am Just a Man and "HOME"...

*All PRAISE" to "CoCo" and the "DARKCAVERN".. Because of this Great Site I have shared the Delite of Interracial Sex from coast to coast and border to border.... If you can Dream it, in the "DarkCavern" you can find it......

Ps If you see a new customized Tour Bus with www.DarkCavern.com written in 8 inch tall letters across the Backside and the Bus "ISN'T" rocking, have a knock..... The Ole BlkException will start a short tour soon!!

I remain that which I am.... The Dark Cavern's "BLACK EXCEPTION".





She is in her fifties but she is still a whole lot of woman. More than I can handle alone. Looking for a really good black friend to help me out.

Dave helped us make the black fantasy pictures. Will you help us make real ones?



We are a married white couple in our mid-50's. We live in Southern California between Riverside and San Diego. We love taking pictures of her with a WELL HUNG black man or men. We also like big busted bi-women. Couples are welcome to "do her" together. She is 5'6" tall, heavy with a wide well shaped bouncy ass, 38D tits with big nipples that love lots of firm attention, a full bush covering an always wet pussy with huge pussy lips. She is very oral and loves having her huge pussy lips sucked or sucking big black cocks as well as low hanging balls. Being deep fucked with thick cocks make her gush. We always play safe, condoms are a must for intercourse, no anal contact at all nor any heavy pain. Nasty talk is a plus if you like that. Bareback is cool for oral fun. Hubby is always there and can just watch and photo or help her get you ready, that's up to you, our main interest is in her being well fucked. She has some great toys too if that is of interest. The bi-women can play with her Sybian. We are available most week night evenings and want you to come here. We can make some weekends but family takes up most of them. We make it to Thad's in San Diego a few times a year. Send pictures showing what you look like AND your big cock (you've seen ours) and specific information about you and what you are looking for. Send by e-mail or by snail-mail to PJ, P.O. Box 142, Sun City, CA 92584.


Seniors Like Black Cocks Too

We were shopping at Walmart one day last week when we ran into an old friend from our distant sexual past. We almost didn't recognize him. It was Jeff, a black guy we had been with many times. Back when we were really active Jeff was one of our favorites. Jeff had a nice nine incher and could stay hard forever. His cock had a small head on it and was just right for deep throating . We used to enjoy threesomes with Jeff because he was so laid back and told such interesting stories of his experiences with white women and girls. At our meetings with him, after he had cum once and made me cum three or more times, we would sit and visit and sip a glass of wine while Jeff held our attention with a sexy story.

One story was our favorite because it happened when he was only fifteen and involved an older white woman. Jeff's Mom worked as a cook for this well to do family and one day the Lady of the house asked his Mom if she thought her son Jeff might be interested in mowing her yard on Saturdays? Jeff jumped at the chance to make some money for his school clothes and was hired. Back in those days kid labor was cheap, but the two dollars she paid him looked like a million to a fifteen old black boy and she also would give him a tip now and then and she always brought out a pitcher of lemonade and a plate of cookies. Jeff thought he had the best job in town.

After a few weeks Jeff began to notice that when Ms. Howard brought out the cookies and drink for his break, she was wearing more revealing clothing each time. Sometimes she would have on shorts and a halter top. At other times she would be wearing a loose fitting robe that showed a lot of her breast. She didn't seem shy at all about showing her body and Jeff figured she thought a young kid wouldn't notice? They would sit in the arbor in the swing and have small talk about his school work as they drank the cool lemonade. Then Jeff would finish his mowing, collect his money and head home. Each day as he walked the mile home he'd think about what a beautiful body Ms. Howard had and by the time he got home, he'd have a nice hard on and promptly head for his room and masturbate, dreaming of fucking that beautiful white woman. Jeff seldom saw Mr. Howard. It seemed Mr. Howard spent his weekends playing golf at the Country Club leaving his wife home alone to entertain herself.

Then Saturday arrived and Jeff showed up to mow, but just as he got the mower out of the shed, it began to rain. Ms. Howard suggested he come into the kitchen till the rain stopped. Jeff had gotten drenched putting the mower away and was dripping wet. Ms. Howard suggested he take off those wet clothes and put on one of Mr. Howard's robes while his clothes were in the dryer. Jeff took off his T shirt and as he pulled it over his head, Ms. Howard remarked at what a fine body he had. He thanked her and put on the robe before taking off his pants and underwear. He turned away from her feeling a bit modest.

They sat and had small talk over a cup of hot chocolate, but this time the conversation was a bit more intimate. No questions about his school work. This time Ms. Howard wanted to know about his girlfriends? Did he have one special girl? Then, was he sexually active? Jeff was getting nervous at this sort of questioning, but he answered each one with the truth. He'd been on dates with several of the girls at school, but no one special….and No, he wasn't sexually active yet.

"Seems to me a nice looking young black boy like you would have lots of girlfriends? Don't you ever get the urge to have sex with a girl?" Jeff was shaking now and replied, that he'd often thought about it, but just hadn't found the right girl yet. "What do you do when you get so horny, you can't stand it another minute?" Well Jeff stammered, I play with myself till I have a climax and the feeling goes away. Ms. Howard didn't seem at all shocked, but smiled and reached over and squeezed his hand. "Do you prefer black girls or white girls?" I don't know, I've never had either. I guess I'd have a better chance with the black girls. Ms. Howard excused herself and left the room. A few minutes later she was back and was wearing a thin short gown. She walked past him to the back door and secured the dead bolt lock, then came back and sat down, this time moving her chair closer to his. Man, it don't get no better than this as it dawned on him that this white lady was coming on to him. "Stand up and slip out of that robe, I want to look at that beautiful black body." Jeff rose to his feet and allowed the robe to slip from his shoulders and fall to his feet. "My God, you are a ebony statue." Jeff could feel his Cock starting to rise and Ms. Howard never took her eyes off it as it reached for the sky. It throbbed in rhythm with his blood flow. "I'm sorry Ms. Howard I cant help it, you are so beautiful."

Come over here Jeff and undo my gown and look at me. "Not bad for a forty year old woman don't you think?" Jeff looked and agreed that she was a fine figure of a woman. "My husband hasn't looked at me the way you are looking at me in twenty years. Do you think I'm pretty?" Oh Lord yes Ms. Howard I think you are the most beautiful thing I ever did see. "Come over here Jeff and feel my breast Would you like to kiss them? Oh yes Ms. Howard, I'd like that very much. With that Jeff moved close and reached out to hold those big soft tits. He rubbed them and felt his Cock getting even harder. Kiss them Jeff. Suck my nipples. Jeff followed her instructions. Here, put your Cock between my tits and hump back and forth. Boy, he was about to shoot, but he held it back, thinking she might get mad if he shot off on her bare skin.

"Sit on the kitchen table and lay back and relax Jeff, I want to do something for you. Jeff sat on the edge of the table and leaned back. He felt her hands on his manhood, shifting from his balls to the shaft and back again. Now hold still Jeff, I'm going to do something I think you'll like. He felt her grip his Cock at the base and hold it with a thumb and forefinger. He felt like his Cock would explode at any second. Then he felt her warm wet mouth descend on his shaft and raised his head to watch her lipstick coated red lips as she began to slowly suck his throbbing Cock. "I can't hold it, I'm going to Cum, Please Ms. Howard, I'm going to shoot in your mouth if you don't stop right now." He tried to rise and push her away, but she placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back down. She raised her eyes to meet his and whispered. "Give it to me. I want your cum, I want to swallow it." Every muscle in his body came alive and he rose to meet her sucking mouth and filled her mouth with his seed. She couldn't swallow fast enough to get it all and a stream of black boy cum ran down her chin and dripped onto those beautiful soft boobs. She spent the next few minutes cleaning him with her tongue. She was indeed a cum lover.

"Did you like it?" Oh, Ms. Howard I never had anything so good in all my life, I can't believe this really happened?" I'm sorry I couldn't hold it longer, but it was feeling so good, I just couldn't hold it back. Ms. Howard smiled at Jeff. "I hope you won't tell anyone about this?" Oh no, Ms. Howard, if I told this I might be in a lot of trouble. This is the old south and Black boys aren't supposed to have sex with white women.

Ms. Howard laughed. After all Jeff, you didn't rape me, it was I who planned this whole thing and it turned out just as I'd hoped it would.

Then Ms. Howard told Jeff her story which we find most erotic. She had sucked her first Cock when she was fourteen and had loved it. She and some other kids were playing Doctor in the shed behind her parents house and one of the boys was showing off what he thought was a BIG Cock. The girls were giggling and watching the boys jack off. "One of the boys was fifteen and able to shoot a nice stream of cum, so he became the center of attention as he pounded away. One of the other boys was a cute kid from across the street. He had heard of oral sex and began asking the girls if they wanted to suck his Dick? The girls were shy, none wanting the others to know that they were nasty little girls. Finally one of the girls said. I will if you will? With that, three little girls knelt before three little boys and began to suck three little cocks. Wow this is fun. Ms. Howard confessed that she didn't know what direction the other little girls took, but for her, sucking a Cock was the most exciting thing she'd ever done. The kid couldn't cum, but the fifteen year old said, Come suck me, I can Cum. She did, and he did, not only in her mouth, but all over her pretty dress.

She was hooked. She could not get it off her mind. Night and day she thought about performing oral sex on men and boys. All through high school she had a boyfriend who loved the feel of her warm mouth. She kept him sucked dry several times a week. Then the boyfriend went into the service and she went away to college.

College to her was one gigantic meat market. She chose not to go steady with any one in particular. Instead she was a freelance Cocksucker and talk about…supply and demand? This was the free market in its purest form. No shortage of Cocks to suck and she was there to please.

Sorry Coco, I got sidetracked there for a moment. Jeff told us that from that rainy afternoon beginning he had a white lady who could not get enough of his Black body. She sucked him dry several times a week and their sex sessions became a routine. She taught him the sensitive spots on a woman's body. They sucked, they fucked. She taught him the joy of eating a woman's pussy. They did it at home, in open fields in the country. In the back of her van. At the drive in movie. He became her sex slave and she his. They couldn't get enough of each other and as he got older his Cock began to grow and by the time he was eighteen, he had a whopper. They met for the last time when he turned nineteen and was leaving the following day for the Army. Now you may think this is the end of the story, but it has a nice ending that we only learned when we met Jeff at Walmart. Jeff served his time in the service for four years and when he was discharged he went to trade school and became an all round handy man. He could repair most anything, electrical, plumbing, building. Name it, Jeff could do it. That was about the time we met him and began our relationship.

Now, turn the clock forward thirty years. Ms. Howard is now past seventy. Jeff took a job as Maintenance man in an assisted living Rest Home in our community. He'd been there a few days when the work order came to adjust the AC in room 220.

Jeff adjusted his tool belt as he made his way down the hall to room 220. He knocked on the door and a pleasant voice said, come in. He noticed that the lady in the wheel chair was a nice looking woman, but paid little attention to her as he went about his business of adjusting the AC and changing the filter. Then he froze.

Is your name Jeff? Why yes, I'm Jeff, how did you know? Then it hit him hard right between the eyes. He turned to face Ms. Howard. Sure enough it was her, still pretty and pleasant, but the effects of a stroke had left her no movement on one side and she was wheel chair bound.

Jeff knelt beside her and gently kissed her on the forehead. Tears came flowing from her eyes as the years faded away and both were transported back in time to the kitchen table so long ago. She held his hand and asked "Do you remember when you were a boy and mowed my lawn on Saturday?" Yes, I sure do, you made the best lemonade and cookies I ever ate. "Do you remember what else we used to do?" Yes, how could I ever forget. You taught me the ways of the world and I loved being your pupil. "I really missed you when you left. I dreamed every night that you were there, a strapping young boy feeding me hard Black Dick." I still rub my clit at night when I go to bed and pretend I'm back home sucking my Black Adonis while I get a good climax. Even at my age and general health, my sex organs work just fine. "I'd like to have a boyfriend in this place to suck on, but I doubt there is a hard one in the whole damn place. I've looked them all over pretty good and I don't see anyone that looks healthy enough to get it up. She laughed.

"Would you do an old friend a favor?" Of course I would, what can I do for you?

Step over there and lock the door, then bring that black meat back over here, I'm hungry.

Jeff locked the door and moved in beside the wheel chair. Ms. Howard unzipped his pants and reached inside to find his Cock was already beginning to get hard. She just held it and looked at it for the longest time. Then, she started to stroke it up and down. "It looks just like it did the first time I ever sucked it except it is bigger I think. Hand me my lipstick from the dresser, I want to paint these lips a bright red for you. Jeff got the lipstick and she put on a heavy coat. Just stand there and let me enjoy this. Jeff closed his eyes and let the years roll away. He was once again fifteen years old and a white woman was worshiping his black Cock. But there was something different about it this time. Ms. Howard had removed her dentures and was sucking his Cock with a smooth mouth. He never felt anything so wonderful. She took it all down her throat and pressed those red lips into his pubic hair. The sight of that Black Cock and those red lips was almost as much as he could stand. He started to push her away, but just as in the beginning, she pushed his hand back. "Give it to me Black Man, Give this White Slut your seed." Jeff shot his load into her sucking mouth and again watched traces of jism running down her chin, just as it did thirty years ago. She swallowed his load and wiped the drops from her chin and smiled. "Can we do this again and often?" I don't see why not?

This brings us up to the meeting with Jeff at Walmart. We sat in the car in the parking lot and listened to every word. Not only was it nice to find an old friend, but the second and most recent chapter of his story seemed as exciting as the first that we heard thirty years ago.

Yes, Jeff is making house calls several times a week to room 220. Seems like everything in that room needs fixing. Every house call is the same. Lock the door, stand beside the chair and get a blowjob from an expert. Sometimes when time permits, Jeff will suck her nipples and even kneel in front of the chair and lick her clit to orgasm. Yes, that part of her still works fine.

So, you see Coco, we old Dolls still like a nice firm Black Cock. One doesn't have to be young to appreciate the feel of REAL meat. We envy all those young white girls who have already discovered the joy of a Black Cock. They have a lifetime ahead of them to enjoy the ultimate Fuck. We were middle aged before we found out how exciting a Black Man can be. Oh, so many Cocks and so little time.